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Oil Refinery Industry Risk Assessment

Resting on these facts, it is possible to choose a certain industry and use the risk management approach in order to obtain the idea about the main peculiarities of its functioning and the ways in [...]

Career Development in Saudi Arabian Organizations

Saudi Arabia is regarded as a high-income economy because of the attractive wages that the organizations pay the employees. A significant challenge that faces the programs is the willingness of Saudi nationals to take up [...]

Developing Skills for Business Leadership

The personal level of self-management that was obtained throughout the model was mainly in the area of time management. It is through participation in teamwork that the skills of inter-personal relationships were learnt.

Etihad Airways’ New Destination Analysis

In particular, the company should focus on the availability of flights to the new destination. It should be noted that nine major companies serve this destination, and one can assume that the market share of [...]

Negotiation Process and Its Five Stages

The investigation process is the stage of gathering information on the agenda and the desired outcome of the negotiating parties. From the above example of the investigative step in the negotiation between the US and [...]

Walmart Company’s Threats and Challenges

Wal-Mart's declining sales are a significant source of threat to the company's long-term growth. The team discovered that it is not practical to develop a benefits strategy aligned towards Scott's initiative.

Marks & Spencer Company’s Strategic Planning

To create an in-depth understanding of the processes of developing and implementing a strategic plan, it is important to consider understanding the concept of strategic planning. A significant aspect that reveals itself in their procurement [...]

Lululemon Company’s Operations Strategies

Currently, the company's mode of operation has limited both the size and the location of its stores. Furthermore, Lululemon's marketing strategy prompts the company to organize and sponsor community-based events.

Online Shopping Service

Online shopping is the method of selling goods and services that allows individuals to sell goods directly over the internet. This mode of operation is better than the use of door-to-door sales people who can [...]

New Phone, Inc. Company Analysis

As a result, the organization will be capable of enhancing the existing system of audits by acquiring the equipment that was created with the help of the latest technological advances in order to carry out [...]

Resistance to Change in Banking Orhanisations

The employees working in the banking sector are often reluctant to accept organisational change, even if this transformation can improve the performance of a business. These are some of the improvements that can be achieved [...]

Call Center’s Employee Performance: Control Measures

In case of employees' performance, the main criteria include the quality of their work, the efficiency of performed tasks, the orientation to the organizational goal, the level of job satisfaction and organizational commitment, the level [...]

Organizational Design: Elements and Types

In turn, centralization, chain of command, and span of control have been important for the implementation of decisions. Finally, one should speak about divisional design, which means that the enterprise consists of units that are [...]

Employee Rights and Safety

The employment-at-will doctrine is one of the worst employment laws that facilitate the development of a poor relationship between the employer and the employee.

Change Initiatives for Microsoft Company

Microsoft needs to change the patterns of its cooperation with customers and employees to ensure that none of the stakeholders feels discriminated or lacks effective involvement in product development.

Microsoft Company as an Open System

They try to maintain effective relations with the environment and use the information they obtain in the course of their performance to strengthen their market and organizational position."Open systems theory is a modern systems-based change [...]

Google Company’s Situational Leadership

The current CEO of Google, Larry Page, is a considered a great leader because of his ability to apply situational leadership skills in resolving some of the problems that threaten the success of the company.

Developing Team Leadership

It is important for leaders to enlist workforces that appreciate diversity and the ability to coexist with people from other backgrounds.

Nissan Company Organizational Changes Theories

In contrast to the described above statement, the theory O suggests development through the experience, the changes are impossible without the participation, and the help of the external consultants seems to be not needed.

Hyundai Company Strategic Market Planning

As the newly appointed chief executive officer at this firm, he quickly diagnosed the issues affecting the firm and realised that Hyundai was poised to lose about $ 2 billion within the next financial year. [...]

Rent the Runway Company: Management Issues

Identifying the primary problem, one must point to the fact that the leadership strategy has not been fleshed out properly in the organization, which has led to the inability to manage the designers working for [...]

BBC Radio Leeds: Mission and Values

This involves all the actions mentioned above; by introducing the world to the Yorkshire and Yorkshire to the world, BBC Radio Leeds is fulfilling its part of the BBC Purposes.

McDonald’s Company Brand Refinement

One of the biggest strengths of McDonald's is the low price of the products. Regardless of all the innovative meals and foods McDonald's offers, the consumers keep choosing the Dollar Menu items because being cheap [...]

E-Commerce Role in Business Environment

In E-business, by a click on the mouse, a potential customer is in a position to access exact product and make comparison on prices without having to appear physically in shops and stalls in the [...]

Market Basket Company Information

To provide a report concerning the past, current and future performance of Market Basket, Inc, it would be advisable to start with the company's background that can be found on the company's website as well [...]

The Proper Quality Tools Adopting

Because of the current arrangement of the staff's locations as well as the obvious problems regarding the staff's concept of quality, the number of the rejected items, etc, there is a clear need to reconsider [...]