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Business Essay Examples: Free Samples on Business Topics

If you need to write an essay on business, we highly recommend looking at the examples. With their help, you can:

  • Get inspiration to start writing.
  • Examine the format and structure required for different essay types.
  • Choose a topic for your business essay.
  • See how to develop argumentation and give examples correctly.

Our experts have selected and written these business essay examples so that you won’t struggle with your task. Check out the samples and tips for writing below.

Tips on Business Essay Writing

In this section, you will see the top recommendations for business essay writing. All our tips are listed primarily for argumentative and persuasive essays since these are the most popular formats for such assignments.

1. Pick a topic or analyze a given one.

If you’re free to choose one, select a topic that you find intriguing or at least can write about. After that, identify one relevant central idea to discuss. When writing an essay on an assigned topic, determine the exact question that needs to be addressed. Also, find out the type of paper you need to compose.

2. Research and take notes.

Research the topic to get a better understanding of the specific field. After identifying a central idea of the business essay, carefully search for the information relevant to your paper. While researching, take notes to find the source and data later.

3. Create a reference list if you need one.

In most essays on business, you’ll have to illustrate your points and provide credible sources. In this case, collect the bibliography to indicate all the required citations. This way, you will not rush into formatting in the end but deal with it right away.

4. Write a thesis statement and outline.

Before actually writing an essay, create a draft. Outline the key arguments and come up with a thesis statement. Make sure that your points and supporting evidence correspond directly to your central idea.

5. Revise and edit.

Having finished composing your paper, take some time to read it out loud. If something sounds off, change its tone. Check the punctuation and correct the grammar mistakes. Plus, rewrite all the sentences that sound unclear.

Business Essay Structure

In the previous section, we mentioned the outline you need to write for a successful business essay. Therefore, here we will analyze the essay format in more detail.

In essence, business essay structure consists of the following:

1. Introduction. Explain what the topic is about and provide a thesis statement. Identify the central elements of the essay. You may include specific definitions to give a better understanding of the subject.

2. Background. Give information about the organization or situation that needs to be covered in the essay. Specifically, if you’re writing a case study, relevant background data is necessary here.

3. Main Body. Using the selected sources, create a detailed analysis of the topic. Make sure to include:

  • Arguments as a way to make your readers agree with your opinion.
  • Examples as evidence to support the argument with quotes from relevant sources.
  • Counterarguments as evidence that you’ve examined the topic from different viewpoints.

4. Conclusion. You should conclude by using logical reading and concise discussion of the separate points. Make sure that it relates to the purpose presented in the introduction.

Thanks for looking at our recommendations. Below you will find business essay examples on different topics. Good luck writing your assignment!

19751 Best Essay Topics on Business

Customer Management Strategy

O2 is the trademark used by Telefonica U.K. Limited and one of the largest telecom companies in Europe. It is part of the global telecommunications group Telefónica S.A.

Richard Branson’s Leadership Style and Traits

Therefore, although a leader might have an excellent vision, at least in his opinion, he will be required to use the appropriate styles and skills to obtain a high commitment from the people he is [...]

Mambourin Organization’s Operational Costs Issues

A critical analysis of the macro-environmental factors affecting the organization was done to evaluate strategies to improve the performance and reduce operational costs. The living standards of the people in the country are acceptable, and [...]

Online Social Networking in Job Search

To the employee, the online social networking helps in easy identification of employment opportunities in different organizations in different parts of the world where the job vacancies and the qualifications and experience needed are stipulated [...]

Pygmalion Effect in Human Resource Management

However, the results of the poor performing employees declined even further due to the low expectations. The way managers treat their employees is critical to high expectations, and by extension, enhanced performance.

Materials Manager’s Functions and Importance

A material manager must interact with the sales and marketing department to understand the market forecasts for the company's products. Material managers are responsible for the storage of company materials and assets.

Strategic Change Tools in the Organizational Context

It is the purpose of this report to identify some of the strategic change tools and models and demonstrate how these tools are applied in the organizational context to ensure the successful implementation of the [...]

Leadership Qualities, Skills and Principles

Ferguson's philosophy of developing a foundation to build a club, rather than a team can be applied to the business world, whereby leaders should look into developing long-term goals in their acquisition of human assets.

Coca-Cola Company and Consumer Behaviour

The value associated with the consumption of the new brand of Coca-Cola is a major concern because internal influences such as psychology and personality of the consumers may impede the initiative.

Transformational Leadership Learning

It also focuses on the highest level of the followers' potential and the changes that can happen to people when they want to achieve a goal and succeed in the work done.

Significance of an Event-Driven Process Chain

To be more specific, the specified strategy defines the very course of the further workflow and, therefore, creates the premises for easier management of the company's key processes: "Subsequently, the processes and sub-processes identified and [...]

Leadership Lessons from Self Assessment

The purpose of the paper is to assess and develop the best leadership qualities. The leader needs to motivate the followers to work towards the achievement of the company's goals.

Engineering Management and Problem-Solving

Through this, I demonstrate what I have learned in my placement, how I have progressed through the semester, and how I have enhanced these skills outside the coursework.

Engineering Management and Priorities

For this purpose, an elaborate hierarchy will have to be introduced to the team; as a result, the members of the team will be able to identify the key objectives and strive for their accomplishment.

Leadership Learning

As a future leader, I will focus on the issues such as motivating employees by using the transformative leadership strategy, inspiring them to grow professionally with the help of metacognition and self-directed learning, and promote [...]

Leadership Practices Inventory

With the help of the discussions I was lucky to participate in and a chance to share my own, I turn out to be more ready to the challenges of leadership and the necessity to [...]

Team Interactions

Therefore, all the members understood the purpose of the team. Secondly, the team recognized that achieving the common outcome depended on the level of collaboration amongst the members.

Leading and Managing People: My Style

I will also explain how I plan to make use of the ideas presented in this course and what I want to change or retain in my leadership and management approaches.

Mobile Grooming Industry in the United States

However, it is important to note that start-up companies in the sphere of pet van business are expected to have only $20,000 a year as the net profit because of the necessity to advertise the [...]

Professional Competencies: Conduct and Leadership

Being aware of the importance of self-management and its basic elements, I have been focused on the development of my own emotional maturity and critical thinking for the last several years.

Musanada Company’s Recruitment Practices and Ethics

The line manager conducts the interview with the assistance of the director of the related department and the recruitment specialist. When the interview panel approves the candidate, the recruitment specialist calls the candidate to request [...]

Grocery Shopping Business: Feasibility Analysis

Once the business is up and running, it will require a little cost to operate because a majority of the products will be in the grocery and our work will only involve supplying the products [...]

Corporate Culture: Lunch Is More Than Just a Meal

The pharmaceutical representatives use the free lunches to the staff as bait to serve their self-interest of increasing sales of their products at the center, irrespective of the views of the physicians.

Managerial Transformation of Employee Attitudes

Essentially, the attitudes exposed by employees can be utilized in predicting the workplace behavior, and consequently design strategies to control the situation.

Snack Bar Café’s Business Process Map

The quantity and the proportion of different dishes depending on the pattern with which the food is being ordered by the waiters.

Corporate Power Research: Verizon Communications

The main idea that I will aim to promote, throughout the paper's entirety, can be formulated as follows - to be able to come as a winner, out of the ongoing competition with its closest [...]

Procter and Gamble Company’s Innovation Strategies

The use of this approach enabled the company to strengthen the loyalty of clients and derive extra revenues. The emphasis on innovation is critical for the sustainability of this organization.

Last Mile for E-Commerce

The phenomenon of the last mile is traditionally referred to as the IT sphere and is supposed to denote the distance between the user and the IT company.

Auto Industry and Dell’s Model of Virtual Integration

In the same vein, Dell's model of virtual integration will assist companies within the auto industry to minimize the amount of finished product inventory by sharing information with customers in real-time to manufacture vehicles to [...]

Best Practices of Comment Card Design and Administration

The questions in the documents were brief, legible, and phrased to avoid wastage of time whilst filling in the questions. Just as in the HCC, the cards should be colorful and attractive to motivate students [...]

Walmart Company’s Problems Action Plans

One of the causes of the negative image of Walmart is the dissatisfaction of employees who have to work long hours but get quite a little money compared to other retailers.

Leadership Cases Analyzing: Companies Ethics

For example, hiring managers and giving them the responsibility of turning the company around without fully compensating them, would be tantamount to wanting the best from the managers, and not willing to compensate them for [...]

Amazon.com and Business Transformation

In the initial period of the company's operations in the online platform, it failed to develop a large market share. The development in IT influenced the company to assume diversification in its processes to harness [...]

Economy of Iran: the Oil Industry

The future of economic growth in Iran depends on the country's ability to develop the oil industry and other sectors of the economy.

International Human Resource Management: Andreas’s Case

In addition, the company did not have a reentry program for its staff on international assignments. Andreas's former employer did not have a proper compensation plan for its expatriates on international assignments.

Berkshire Hathway Company’s Portfolio

The success of Berkshire Hathway is largely due to the decision made by Warren Buffet to shift the company's focus from textile to insurance.

HTC Corporation Organisational Development

To strengthen the production department, we must effect a change. The change in organisational strategy will reduce employee's performance.

Hotel’s Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

24/7 phone and online support and communication to be developed because people may ask for such relaxing services any time, and if the hotel wants to work with non-hotel guests, it has to be available.

Hotel Services and Pricing Strategies

The suggested bundle would include a sauna, spa treatment, massage therapy, and paddle boating/kayaking on the river and would have a price of $170.

Personal Selling Under Web-Technology Influence

For instance, in the past, personal sellers had to constantly communicate with their clients, and, while the relationships between the seller and the customer probably could be friendly in many cases, the sellers would still [...]

Emirates Airline’s and Microsoft Company’s Leadership

In guiding the Microsoft Company to become a giant firm in the tech industry, Bill Gates made me understand the dynamics of effective leadership from the aspect of adhering to values and norms of an [...]

Abu Dhabi Airport Manager’s Ethics & Leadership

The manager will have to apply the core values and virtues of the department to ensure that the leadership style follows the principles of the corporation to the letter.

Conflicts and Disagreements Between Co-Workers

Encouraging employees to work as a team reduces the chances of conflicts. One should approach conflicts like any other challenge expected in the job environment to promote peaceful relations among the employees.

Training and Development Practices and Influences

The researchers reviewed training system materials and interviewed training and development executives to understand and explain how their training and development programs promoted the strategic leadership agenda.

Aravind Eye Care System and Service Marketing

In most cases, Aravind clinic provided free treatment to the patients who could be able to raise enough money to pay for their treatment and this, in turn, earned Aravind Eye Care Clinic a lot [...]

Insider Trading and Related Moral Problems

Insider trading is a form of trade that involves parties who have the advantage of access to materials and information that is not available to the public.

Human Resource Management in the UAE and Iran

The United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East region. This has necessitated a proper human resource policy which best fits the diversified economy of the country and which can [...]

Tesco and Sainsbury Companies’ Capital Structure

The study is based on a comparative analysis of historical data on the capital of the two companies. It is also specified on the analysis of capital structure, which has to do with debt on [...]

Netflix Company in the Movie Industry

The organization is hence involved in the provision of services that allow clients to select the movies of their choices from any of the sources they can use, and then they request for the delivery [...]

Happiness vs. Production in the Workplace

I think that good leader has to clarify the possible levels of the job performance of their employees to understand what kind of work may be expected when goals can be achieved, and what rewards [...]

Workplace Values and Collaborative Approach

I believe that in the age of information when the hierarchical model of leadership is being widely replaced by the collaborative approach, the team becomes one of the core values for any organization.

Female Leadership Style and Competence

Its also elucidates that there is a rise in female leadership and attributes that rise to qualities that women exhibit in leadership that are befitting to contemporary organisations.

Blackberry Company: Market Structure and Characteristics

One of the factors that affect the demand for blackberry is the change in consumer tastes and preferences whereby consumers want phones with more applications. This will lead to a decrease in the supply of [...]

The Strategic Importance of Maintenance and Reliability

The objective of maintenance and reliability is to maintain the capability of the system. There are four essential reliability tactics that can help support the maintenance of the production system.

Radiology Services of Medical Equipment Company

Andre, Matthias, and Nicolas Weber as the main IT engineer now have a clear idea of a new project and the only problem is to create a business plan and determine the terms of realization [...]

CH2M Hill as the Most Ethical Company

The Ethisphere Institute points out that CH2M Hill is among the leading companies in the world that encourage a culture of transparency and ethical practices throughout the company's departments. CH2M Hill allows its employees to [...]

Business and Academic Writing for Research Report

The structure adopted in academic writing is also different from business writing. The most effective writing for a report for a business unit in an organization is academic writing.

Organizational Communication and Workplace Culture

Organizational communication in the workplace can be adopted to bring about change in organizational culture and behavior of employees. In addition, accommodation and compromise can be part of the communication process adopted in communication a [...]

Transport Pass Credit Card’s Marketing Plan

This marketing plan will enable our company to utilize the resources that we have so that our transport pass credit card will successfully penetrate the targeted Australian market.

Environmental Scan and Operations Decision

Another solution is to replace machinery with laborers if machinery is the cause of the high fixed rates, and if the objectives of the company are for the short-term.

Monopoly Pricing Strategies in Case of Competition

When it comes to a monopoly, the managers should offer a pricing strategy based on establishing the highest possible price that a company can propose with no engagement in price gouging.

Chemicals Leakage and Its Impact on Company Profits

In case the company conceals the information about the leakage of chemicals, it can face the challenge of social corporate responsibility, which can be fraught with serious legal consequences.

Body Language and Its Meaning in the Workplace

A close analysis of the behavior of individuals in the mall confirmed that numerous extra characters are frequently involved in nonverbal cues, although they are narrowly connected to speech disruptions, gaps, reluctances, and hearer replies, [...]

Food and Beverage Server’s Duties and Dependencies

As a food and beverage server, my relationship with the facilities department where I work would primarily consist of coordination regarding the disposal of material waste, bringing in the proper types of beverages that customers [...]

Rahim’s Conflict Management Model in Practice

In addition, they are trained to minimize the degree of differences between the two sides of a conflict and highlighting common points of view that are likely to satisfy the involved parties.

Performing Stage of Team Development

In the "Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing" model of group or team development suggested by Tuckman, the performing stage is the fourth and the ultimate stage at which a team functions as a unit.

McDonald’s Corporation’s Staffing Strategies

This focus of the organisation is important for the firm because it helps to attract a significant number of customers, who increase the sales turnover.

Best Buy Inc. as the Largest Retail Company

The bargaining power of its suppliers is forcing the company to utilize the best business practices. Most of the competitors in the consumer electronics industry are marketing the same products to the existing consumers.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Business Benefits

I agree with Jacqueline that a successful loyalty program always adds value to the primary business of the company and is consistent with its brand and vision.

Business and Customer Interests: Finding Balance

One of the ways to balance the firm's financial needs and customer interests is to create a great working environment and improve employee engagement.

Earth Class Mail Company in “Start-Up Junkies” Video

He does not explain what exactly is going to happen, how the company will gather the mail, how it will be digitalized, what technology will be needed to e-mail this amount of letters and papers [...]

Earth Class Mail as Online Business

The function of the proposed business would be to scan the regular mail and transform the information into electronic records that could be sent to the recipients online thus increasing the convenience of mail and [...]

Defect Rates Reduction in Casting Process

Nowadays, it is paramount for manufacturers to strive to improve the quality of the goods that they produce, not only to reduce the waste involved in the production process but also to be able to [...]

Amazon.com Inc.’s Crisis and Relational Leadership

Select a specific company and identify one potential crisis and gives a summary to the President/CEO of the steps the company should take to prepare for the specific type of crisis.

Competitiveness and Intercultural Conflict in Qatar

With a clear knowledge concerning different cultures and the way they apply in partnerships, the paper also shows why Saran and other women of her caliber can be effective in Qatar and other parts of [...]

Earth Class Mail Start-Up Enterprise

Of course, around the world, there exist a large number of individuals engaged in the delivery of paper mail, and it may be profitable to digitalize this mail, scan the letters and send them to [...]

Data Analyst: Job Analysis and Training Needs

Data analysis involves collecting and analyzing data to derive useful insights for decision-making in organizations. A data analyst relies on the technical knowledge of data analysis to manipulate data sets by using advanced computer software.

National and Regional Quality Awards for Business

Vokurka, Stading, and Brazeal discuss the importance of quality in the business. Quality awards criteria suggest an opportunity to increase the profitability not only for the participants of the contest but for any company who [...]

Jack Welch as General Electric Company’s Executive

He was determined to boost the performance of GE that was already below the expected standard. The software initiative and effective management of time were incorporated by the CEO in the facelift program of the [...]

Negotiation Philosophy and Standards

The advantage of the approach in negotiation is that parties could be helped to find their own solutions using different routes.

Starbucks Coffee Company’s Leadership Interview

The respondents explained why Starbucks remains a profitable company in the industry. The leader explained why he always managed change and innovation at the company.

Merger and Its Impact on Employee Compensation

The head of the benefits team stated that it would take the firm more time to create a new benefits plan than merging the benefits plan of both the companies.

Management Accounting: Costing and Budgeting

The breakeven calculation will be used as the key tool for costs analysis, whereas the analysis of the company's transactions and operational processes will be used for data collection.

Pret a Manger Company’s Service Triangle Framework

The analysis of the business model of Pret a Manger using the framework reveals the following: External marketing. The concept "by the people, of the people, and for the people" suggests that the organization has [...]

Leadership and Total Quality Management

The main objective is to critically evaluate the impact of leadership behaviour and management style on the success of Total Quality Management in the retail sector. What is the role of leadership in establishing processes [...]

Travel Healthy Snacks: Business Plan

If they get the right kind of the snacks that caters their different health and nutrition needs at competitive prices they are more likely to go for the enterprise's products because they will provide greatest [...]

Selection Instruments

Eligible candidates for the above-mentioned position are required to possess the following qualities and educational background; Have the ability to read, write, and solve basic arithmetic problems Have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or any [...]

Strategic Management in Guatemalan Businesses

The authors claim that the audience includes "academics, practitioners, investors, and policymakers of the strategic orientation of small retail business in Guatemala".

Car Insurance Charges and Gender and Age Factors

In this regard, the majority of insurance companies prefer that drivers wait until they attain 25 years of age for them to start paying normal adult insurance rates. It is sensible for insurance companies to [...]

Auckland’s Motel and Practicum Experience

The purpose of this practicum report is to explore the industry, review the organizational structure and practices implemented by the company through personal experience, apply theoretical concepts learned during the semester course, and reflect on [...]

Merck & Co.’s Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The introduction of drugs in the market requires the implementation of the product and cycle time excellence process. The main challenge in the case of the Merck Company is the marketing strategy that is facing [...]

Marketing Ethics

The second sacrifice to be made by a company for the sake of ethical restoration is the staff. The company should also ensure that they use a policy of openness and honesty to potential customers.

Electrolux Cleans Up: Departments Collaboration

The Electrolux CEO broke down the barriers of communication that negatively impacted the productivity of workers and the overall performance outcomes of the firm.

Communication Barriers and Bridges in the Workplace

Within the workplace, there exist several communication barriers that can negatively impact the productivity of the employees, as well as the existing association between managers and employees.

Royal Bank of Canada’s Strategic Analysis

In doing this they will provide support for selected non-profit groups working to address environmental issues of importance to RBC and their stakeholders.

Effective Communication and Organizational Behavior

The scenario has so many people who are talking loudly in the office, hence making it difficult for the receivers to pay attention to what is being communicated.

Communication and Misconception in the Workplace

It is essential to mark that in the given video, the major communication challenge faced by the participants of the conversation is to consider the priorities of the conversation and to create a linear conversation [...]

Customer Communication and Barriers

Richards believes that her needs have to be of the utmost priority to the receptionist and other personnel of the hotel.

Effective Communication with Customers

One of the challenges exhibited in this conversation is the lack of parties to pay attention to each other when communicating.Mrs.
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