Business Essay Examples and Topics

Management: Massive Open Online Courses

Introduction Following the proposal to research the introduction of MOOCs at UMUC, the taskforce on program implementation recommends further studies on MOOC for climate change. Concerning findings submitted on the research report, UMUC needs to conduct a unique course offering interaction with real global issues. Aware of the urgency of climate change awareness and the […]

Schlumberger Limited Analysis

Executive Summary This is a coop report that focuses on Schlumberger Limited, its competitive advantages, strategies, history, and an internship project in Hub Web site development. Schlumberger Limited is an industry leader. Hence, it provided the best opportunities for internship experiences. The company has relied on its products, services, and solutions to remain competitive and […]

Personal Model of Leadership

Introduction This personal model aims at creating a conceptual map from an individual perspective. Leadership is a process of social influence in which one person can influence the behavior of others. It is, therefore, apparent that there must be the leader and followers (Clark, 2003). The leader must be influential and directive to the people. […]

Blackfield Hawaii Corporation Analysis

Strengths Blackfield Hawaii Corporation (Hawaii) boasts of its experienced staff in various investment activities. The team is led by a dedicated management that has experience in developing commercial and residential property. The management developed strategies that ensured it invested in unique hotels and resorts. The decentralised system of management adopted by this company ensured that […]

Domino’s Pizza Company Analysis

Domino’s Pizza is a fast food chain of restaurants that is headquartered in the United States of America, but it has a large network of international branches worldwide (Abc News, 2013, para 5). The firm was established in 1960 by two brothers, Tom Monaghan and James Doyle, following the duo’s successive takeover of Dominicks. The […]

Management: Lean Operations and Production

Introduction Entrepreneurs have always sought the means of maximizing the output and reducing the number of costs to zero. In the 21st century, in the realm of globalization and technological breakthrough, the philosophy of lean production works was the key tool for achieving the above-mentioned goal. Lean operations, traditionally identified as the philosophy aimed at […]

Business Theory and Theoretical Constructs

Weick (1995) explained that the formulation of a new theory results in the emergence of several other theories that are mere approximations of the original theory (p. 385). He argued that most theories do not have strong ideas since their main ideologies have just been borrowed from other actual theories. He believes that those theories […]

King Fahad Medical City’s Background and Development

Institution’s background, key strengths, weakness and the project’s development King Fahad medical city (KFMC) is a health institution that was started with a core mission to provide best healthcare solutions to patients. The medical center has been instrumental in providing quality services that are tailor-made towards improving an individual’s health standards. In particular, it focuses […]

Strategies for Managing a Group of Business

Introduction Diversification is a marketing strategy that lies in expanding market segments or sales volumes by introducing new product lines. At a business level, it implies creating new industry departments entering the manufacture of a new product. It can also imply entering business whose goals are beyond the existing business strategies. The diversification strategies form […]

Job Skills in Business

Adaptability Through the work of Green (2012), it was noted that adaptability when it comes to skill training, technology immersion and horizontal transfers within a corporation was one of the skills most sought after in present-day job applicants. One of the reasons behind this level of desirability is connected to present day HR practices wherein […]

PEST Analysis Definition

Pest Analysis PEST analysis is a strategic management tool used to analyze the political, economic, social, and technological environment in the operational setting of a business (Daughtry & Casselman, 2009). The political environment that surrounds the marketing of the Nissan GTR in the Middle East varies depending on the country. The Arab spring upset the […]

Managing Information System Change in Supply Chain

Introduction Every organization needs to improve its market competitiveness in the 21st Century. It needs to embrace flexibility and improve its responsiveness to the ever-changing market demands. Flexibility and responsiveness are closely linked to information technology. Al Tayer is a company that operates in twelve countries within the Middle East and also in other parts […]

Management: Executive Development

Executive development is an important part of talent management in modern organizations. Organizations that perform well in the market place train their executives. Also, such organizations respond better to changes in the business environment. Executive development is not limited to commercial enterprises. The benefits of executive development programs make the programs attractive to all types […]

Taxation in the United States

With reference to tax law, the term nexus refers to the quantity and extent of business activity, which must exist before a state can charge levy on the business income. Nexus is established through income taxes and sales taxes. In New York State, all businesses are required to reimburse state franchise taxes (Karayan 34). The […]

Game Theory Decision Making Model

Game theory is a crucial approach used in decision making, in organizations; the theory underpins some vital aspects of decision making in business. The game theory is based on the development of appropriate strategies, which will lead to sound business decisions. With the use of game theory, organizations can come up with logical interpretations of […]

Safety of Chinese Imports

In the last ten years, there has been a steady increasing in the value of Chinese imports in the United States. Chinese products have various features that enable them to be competitive. The low price of Chinese products is one of the major factors that have increased its competitiveness in the American market. There has […]

Jordan’s Restaurant Customer Service

Jordan’s Service Experience Positive service marketing experience encountered was at Jordan’s restaurant in Murrumbeena. Jordan’s Restaurant displayed the best customer service ever to be experienced. The restaurant is located on a quiet shopping strip with a railway station nearby. As we walked in together with my friend, we had minimal expectations. However, we were greeted […]

Hotel Industry Operations Planning

Introduction The tourism sector has undergone remarkable growth since the beginning of the 21st century. Some of the factors that have stimulated the growth include the high rate of globalization and market liberalization. Therefore, the intensity of competition has increased significantly. The support industries in the sector such as the hotel industry have greatly been […]

Computer Science Corporation Service Design

Introduction Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is a renowned American company that started its operations in the year 1959. The company that has its headquarters in Virginia US was started with a core mission to provide quality information and technology (IT) services to individuals globally. It has been able to achieve its mission through the adoption […]

Charter Team Work

Mission Statement To succeed in the chosen activity, each member of the group has to be ready to work hard, gather and evaluate information, follow the necessary document format, and comprehend the main mission of this project that is the demonstration of the best qualities required for total quality management and readiness for work in […]

Timberlake Soap Manufacturer Business Plan

Executive summary Timberlake Soap Manufacturer will be involved in high-quality soap manufacturing. The company will make sure that all stakeholders benefit through high performance. At the same time, it will lead the fight against communicable diseases. Hand and body hygiene need to be enhanced to curb this menace. Timberlake soap products will be guided by […]

Columbia Plastics Company Competitiveness

Introduction Columbia Plastics is a leading producer and seller of skylights and a variety of plastic fabricated building materials. The company is a subsidiary of Fraser Company. Since its inception, the company managed to retain its position as the leading producer of skylights in Seattle, Washington for fifteen years. However, new entrants in the market […]

Joining a New Organization

Introduction In the modern day business environment, organizations are constantly forced to exhibit innovation and enhanced performance to remain relevant and profitable in an ever increasingly competitive arena. The input of both the individuals and groups in the organization is invaluable towards the achievement of organizational goals. Whereas the potential of groups and teams is […]

Pak-Suzuki Company’s New Technologies

Abstract Companies like Pak-Suzuki are always on the lookout for new technologies, which can fit into their organizations to leverage their competence in the competitive business market. On noticing the increasing demand for innovation, Pak-Suzuki integrated information systems and established innovation systems to remain competent in the market. The demands for the new technologies have […]

Trade Economics in “Periplus of the Erythraean Sea” by Seland

Such works and documents as Periplus of the Erythraean Sea play an important role in forming the public’s vision of the development of the Indian Ocean world during the period of 50-100 CE. That is why the work by Seland (2010) which discusses the aspects of Periplus of the Erythraean Sea while focusing on the […]

Rossman and Vessey’s Theory

Authors’ Broad Idea Rossman and Vessey (2008) propose an idea that aims at taking research to a completely new level. In this paper, they introduce an idea that will assist researchers in improving the relevance and reliability of their studies. As a result, the results of the studies will be more practical and applicable to […]

Meg Whitman’s Leadership at eBay

Today’s extremely arduous business environment compels leaders to implement radical changes within their organizations. For instance, to promote the company’s steady development, Meg Whitman, the former president and CEO of eBay Inc., initiated transformations that corresponded to the organization’s objectives and market-associated challenges. This paper will discuss Meg Whitman’s leadership and measures undertaken through the […]

Training and Development in International Organizations

In the modern world, quickly developing technologies and innovations are an essential part of any successful business. To stay competitive, organizations need not only to invest in cutting-edge equipment but also to engage their employees in lifelong learning to ensure that workers possess the necessary knowledge and practical skills to thrive in the world of […]

WooWoo Company Management: Teamwork and Motivation

Motivation Plan There is a close relationship between employee motivation and productivity. Companies that are market leaders in their respective industries strive to ensure that their employees are highly motivated. This leads to high job satisfaction, low employee turnover, and high productivity. An employee motivation plan is a major tool that enables an organization to […]

TAP Company’s Ethical Culture

The ethical culture at TAP was very weak. This is because it allowed and encouraged workers and business associates to engage in corruption and bribery. Anyone that was not engaged this negative conduct was sneered upon and was regarded a traitor to the system. The culture at TAP appears to have been in alignment. This […]

Sweatshop Concept in Human Resource Management

Historical perspective Historically speaking, the emergence of the term ‘sweatshop’ can be traced back to the 19th century’s Britain and the US, which at the time were undergoing the process of rapid industrialization. The fact that the process in question has always been ‘fueled’ by the abundance of low-skilled laborers, on the one hand, the […]

McDonald’s Franchise Model

Introduction McDonald’s is an international organization founded in 1948. It is a fast food restraint chain outlet serving an average of 58 million customers spread over 118 nations. Its mission is “to be our consumer’s favorite place to eat” (Gilbert, 2008). The food variety it offers ranges from chicken, non-alcoholic beverages and drinks, burgers, chicken, […]

Win-Win Negotiations: Tameer Micro-financial Bank and Telenor Pakistan

Executive Summary People normally engage in some form of negotiation in their daily lives. Successful negotiations are characterized by a situation in which both parties agree on the best solution. Effective negotiations require a cea rtain set of skills from the involved parties. However, professional negotiators have the relevant skills for participating in negotiations. It […]

Ben and Jerry Company’s SWOT Analysis

Introduction Ben and Jerry’s is an ice cream company based in the United States of America. It was founded by two old friends namely Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield after successfully graduating from the University of Pennsylvania State University’s Creamery. The two friends started the company in 1978 with $12000 as capital. In 1979 the […]

Timberlake Soap Manufacturers Initiative and Technology

Options The Timberlake Company has a lot of options while implementing its business plan. First, it has several markets to sell its products. For instance, it has been noted that there are 1000 restaurants, 524 hospitals, and 800-daycare centers. All these markets present a wide range of customers to consume the products of Timberlake Company. […]

Innovation and Creativity in Organizations

Innovation and creativity can be defined as practices that re-develop the means by which current processes, devices and methods of production are done. In short, they can be considered as the means by which current methods/inventions are viewed, potential alternatives thought up, plans made and the application of the aforementioned practices into an output that […]

Employees’ Compensation

Problem statement Currently, many companies and organizations fail to compensate their employees competitively as a way of enhancing job satisfaction. In fact, employees’ compensation stands out as an important component of every organization. The reason is that it shapes other aspects of an organization including efficiency and strategy. Compensation’s main objective is to attract and […]

Emirates Airline Company HRM Process

HRM involves molding and coordinating the human person in an organization towards achieving the strategic business objectives of the organization. HRM has a process that includes recruitment, interview and selection, orientation and training techniques, performance appraisal, and employees’ compensation (“Processes in Human Resource Management”). This essay will analyze the Emirates Airline under the above processes […]

Federal Expenditure Cuts in The USA

Introduction The United States of America is one of the developed countries that are still struggling to recover from the effects of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Although the country has been able to recover from the recession, its economic growth rate as measured by the gross domestic product (GDP) is still very low (DiPietro and […]

Services Marketing

Executive summary Service quality is a very critical aspect of any business. The paper carried out researches on five service-providing firms. The firms included one bank, three restaurants, and a hospital. Many theories and models have been put in place to explain the subject of service quality. The paper links theories such as the attribution […]

ALDAR Company Management Strategy

Executive Summary ALDAR Company is, a real estate company based in Emirates and operates in more than five countries. The company owns more than fifty million square meters of land in some of the strategic areas in Emirate. ALDAR’s strength is ventured in its strong brand name that is internationally recognized. There is wide recognition […]

Management: Workplace Feelings and Their Effects

Introduction It is normal for human beings to have emotional or moral sensitivity, especially about personal principles. According to experts, feelings have numerous effects on an individual in terms of one’s perception of things, people, places, and ideas (Kreamer, 2011). Behavior and attitude are some of the main indicators of the way emotions affect an […]

Macdonald Restaurant’s Moral Problems

Introduction This study has embarked on identifying one of the major companies in the globe with the main objective of investigating some of the moral problems that are facing it. In this light, the writer identified MacDonald restaurant and has discussed the ethical problems that are facing this multinational company. The criticism that has been […]

Enterprise, Resource, and Planning System

An ERP system helps in restructuring the flow of an organization’s data by providing easy access to asset information to the management team. The rapid changes experienced within the competitive market environment calls for the use and application of modern techniques such as ERP systems. The system supports improvements in production and sales within organizations […]

McDonald’s Company and Jan Fields Role in It

Introduction Jan Fields is the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of McDonald’s USA where she is in charge of the strategic decision and the overall business results of over 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants based in the United States. Jan Fields, a military wife, started her career at McDonald’s in 1978 at the […]

Procter and Gamble: Culture and Diversity in Decision Making

A Brief Description of the Organization Procter and Gamble is a consumer goods corporation in America. It produces pet food, personal care products, as well as cleaning agents. Procter and Gamble are known for producing foods and beverages, but the latter sold that production line to Kellogg Company. It has received many ratings including being […]

Human Resource Management Changes in the 21st Century

Introduction Human resource management has undergone numerous changes over the last couple of years in terms of its application, development, and a role in organizational success. Various factors have influenced its development as an organizational concept and a scholarly discipline. Organizational leaders are having a hard time managing human resources in the 21st Century due […]

Performance Management Process

Regardless of the size of an entity or the type of business an organization is involved in, it is very important for any organization to have the required tools to measure the progress and efficiency of its employees, in terms of their work output. Managing employees’ performance should be one of the main duties of […]

Leadership Style: Ellen Kullman

A Brief Background Ellen Kullman is one of the most remarkable women. She is regarded as one of the most influential women in the world by many financial magazines (e.g., Forbes, Fortune, etc.). She was born in 1956 in Wilmington, Del. She got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Tufts University (“Ellen Kullman,” 2013). […]

Human Relations Management and Unions in Modern Society

A new construction company is opening in Cape Breton Island. They plan to build a new factory for three years, and it will cost a lot of money to complete the project. The owner of the company must hire different specialists in the field, and he uses advertisements to seek for construction workers in Canada. […]

Financial Issues: Bank of America

Company Overview Bank of America serves individual customers, small and medium enterprises, companies and governments by offering products that include banking services, investment consultancy, asset management as well as risk management of properties and services (Reuters, 2013). Incorporated in 1998, Bank of America has five corporate sections: client and corporate banking, client real estate services, […]

Multinational Corporations, Globalization and State Sovereignty

Today, more than ever before, scholars and mainstream commentators are in agreement that a substantial component of the globalization effect is the erosion of the power of the nation state, as international actors such as multinational corporations continue to weaken and incapacitate the state from fulfilling its traditional mandate for the common good of its […]

IKEA Company’s Marketing Strategy

Success factors The success of IKEA is attributed to the strict self-service policy. In this context, the concept of flat packages is effective and reduces labor, storage and transportation costs. IKEA allows customers to customize products in a bid to optimize client satisfaction. The introduction of low-priced furniture and discount prices is hailed as the […]

Marketing Mix Recommendation for Nordstrom Inc.

Executive summary The report examines the marketing mix applied by Nordstrom Inc., which is one of the retail chain stores in luxury products. Retail chain is one of the highly competitive industries particularly among firms dealing in luxury and fashionable products. The report provides recommended marketing mix as one of the consumer behavior principles to […]

NIBCO’s Team-playing Environment

Name and describe the leadership approach taken This leadership was unique in that the three top leaders operated as one, even though each one of them contributed differently from the other as they specialized in different fields of business operation. This brought significant success to the implementation of the ERP system. NIBCO did not designate […]

People’s Place in Society

The world is split into developed and developing economies in which the poverty rates vary significantly. In this respect, the governmental policies are not the only ones to blame because individuals’ perceptions of the economic and social environment also play a role in poverty line reduction. In this respect, humble people could also be the […]

RAK Bank Organization in UAE

Introduction The global business environment is dynamic with globalization and technological changes affecting many businesses. Because of these changes, it is necessary that firms establish the best strategies that can sustain their future objectives rather than make them quit the market. Following these challenges, firms have increased competitiveness using strategic planning with the management establishing […]

Timberlake Company’s Competitive and Management Analysis

The Timberlake Company will compete with the existing companies. For instance, the company will face competition from traditional soap manufacturers. These producers integrate pleasant scents and dyes in their soaps. These factors encourage hand and body washing compliance in the consumers. However, these soaps do not meet the specifications of the target audience. The target […]

The Great Lakes Company

Perform an analysis of the social/Demographic, Technological, Economic, Environmental/Geographic, and Political/Legal/Governmental segments to understand the general environment facing Great Lakes. Describe how Great Lakes will be affected by each of these external factors There were alarming statistics about leaded gasoline. It was said to have a lot of effects on people and society as a […]

Porsche Automobile Holding SE

Introduction Porsche Automobile Holding SE is a German company that holds most of its investments in automobile industry. Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in 1931 by the name of “Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH”1. It is headquartered in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, in Germany2. The company from its inception in 1931 was owned by Dr. […]

Quality Management Role

Introduction The report covers element of quality management in products. It uses Apple’s iPad to highlight various issues, particularly in product quality features and communication to customers. Quality management is an important element for an organization. It ensures that all products and services are consistent with the established standards. In quality management, organizations must ensure […]

Cuba’s Economy

Development Levels of Cuba Despite having a strong health and education systems, Cuba is ranked among developing countries because Cuba has low purchasing power parity per capita. Although recently Cuba has diversified into other sectors like tourism, the country still depends on exporting primary products. The minimum human development index for a developing is 9.0 […]

Jack Welch’s Leadership Style

Introduction The concept of leadership can be broadly defined as the intrinsic ability to internalize a setting with the intention of empowering a group or team to proactively and creatively contribute towards problem-solving. On the other hand, management, in the broad spectrum, can be defined as the process in an organization that is inclusive of […]

Corporate Board of Directors’ Functions and Responsibilities

A corporate board of directors is traditionally organized to represent the interests of shareholders as the main stakeholders within the definite company. From this point, the functions and responsibilities of corporate directors depend on the necessity to regulate the development of the company with references to the interests of all the stakeholders with the main […]

“Trilogy” Organization’s Problems

Introduction This paper is a case study on an organization called Trilogy. The paper aims at discussing ways in which new employees need to change for them to be productive in their new organizations. Some of the issues which are discussed include how Trilogy University (T.U) prepares employees to join Trilogy, whether T.U has been […]

Apple Inc. International Management

Prelude Apple Inc. is a company that designs and manufactures personal computers, phones, software, and other consumer electronic products. The company has grown to be a particularly crucial innovative multinational corporation leading in the production of PCs and software. Its chief products include the “Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad” (Apple Inc. […]

Forensic Accounting

Introduction A Forensic accountant assists an organization in unraveling issues surrounding financial problems. Mostly, his/her role involves analyzing financial information with the aim of unearthing fraud. After analyzing financial information, a forensic accountant is required to summarise and give a detailed report of his/her findings to the responsible party for implementation. Moreover, a forensic accountant […]

Apple Corporation Social and Ethical Responsibility

Introduction The Apple Corporation is a multinational company that specializes in different types of electronics, among them computer software, commercial servers, phones, and also personal computers. In 2006, Foxconn, one of Apple’s final assembly supplier in China, faced press allegations of poor working and living conditions. As a result, Apple had inspections conducted at 11 […]

The Nordic’s Business and Accounting Environment

Introduction This paper provides a complete profile of the Nordic’s business and accounting environment with the focus on Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Nordic countries have common economic interests. These are small countries, which greatly benefit from foreign trade. Rapid economic developments in Nordic countries have made them among the most competitive economies of the […]

The Fairmont Hotels and Resort Market Entry Strategy

Introduction Fairmont Hotels and Resort is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and celebrated brands in the hotel industry worldwide. The brand offers unrivaled high standards to its customers, hence it is the preferred brand among dignitaries and celebrities all around the world (Kotler & Armstrong). Mumbai, India is known for its landscape and weather […]

Apple & Samsung Group Strategic Management

Existing business strategies, domestic and global environments, as well as organizational capabilities According to experts, Apple and Samsung have very different business strategies that have helped them to remain relevant, especially in the dynamic smart phone market. When Steve Jobs started Apple, his main focus was to have a product that will satisfy the needs […]

The Nike Company Market’s Audit

Executive Summary The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS is a wearable technology developed by Nike. Nike is preparing to launch this product to the Australian market. The potential market for the product is 11 million users. The country has a well-developed transport infrastructure that can support a countrywide distribution network. This market is also very culturally diverse. […]

Understanding Management Strategy

Executive Summary Foxlore is a newly formed company with a vision to become one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture of detergents. With a strong vision and mission statements aimed at service improvements and market domination, its strategic direction is focused on customer satisfaction through service and community aid, with a goal of […]

GCGDA’s Project Management

Introduction Project management plays a foreground role in the utilization of organizational resources and achievement of the organizational goals. Project management inculcates processes, activities, systems, structures and people in the organization. It determines how the interplay between the mentioned factors contributes to the success of this organization (O’Connell 1994). This study highlights the various issues […]

Case Study Research of SHRM (workforce planning) of Ramsay Health Care

Background information on the problem The problem of ageing workforce is becoming a critical issue of management in Australia. Most organizations in Australia are getting overwhelmed by the issue of a rise in the number of ageing employees. Approximately a third of Ramsay Health Care employees are over 50 years. This denotes the likelihood of […]

Walmart’s Supply Chain

Introduction Wal-Mart has gained the reputation of being a global retail leader. The company has received a lot of praise regarding its corporate strategy that has seen it become among the largest retail stores in the world. After receiving numerous accolades for being among the fortune 500 companies, Wal-Mart has consistently made billions of dollars […]

Management in Technology

Abstract In any established technology company, there are unique ways of managing current affairs and changing trends in the field of technology. In this sense, there are only two basic focus of any technology-based corporation in management. These are managing processes and people. Management of emerging technology firms must be different from managing well-established technology […]

How Internet Communication Helps Graphic Designers to Spread Their Art Works to the World

Introduction The internet has entirely transformed the graphic design industry. The number of graphic designers has increased steadily over the recent few years. In fact, this growth is attributed to the development of internet communication (Tufte, 2010, p.5). There are more websites on the net: a number that is estimated to have tripled from the […]

ClubCorp Inc Recommendation

Introduction Problems are inevitable in the process of conducting business. Change has become a part of every industry. Though change comes with its advantages, the major setback that it brings is the urgency to deal with unpredictable phenomenon. Businesses find themselves in the middle of unforeseen competition while others wake up to the reality of […]

Facebook Company

Introduction Facebook Corporation was established by the current chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. In its inception days, the Facebook Corporation membership was limited to Harvard students though it was later expanded to other institutions in the city of Boston (Veer, 2011, p.271). The company operates as a social networking site connecting users with […]

Bilinga, a Growing Suburb in Sydney

Introduction Bilinga being a growing suburb in Sydney, it requires various commercial buildings to cater for the needs of the growing population. The area has a site has been identified as viable for the construction of commercial building that is compliant with environmental sustainability. This construction will involve the conversion of the existing building into […]

Ministry of Sound Strategic Management

Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound was established by James Palumbo as a London Club in 1991, and it has put up a strong and exclusive brand. Ministry of Sound is known for its big name in dance music, and in year 2002, it faced a strategic drift. Fourth Phase at the close of the […]

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Discussion Lean manufacturing has become one of the biggest trends in the development of supply chain management. Traditionally, organizations faced challenges of increasing wasteful production throughout their operations (Brian, 110). Following this need, stakeholders across industries have focused on development of production approaches that would enable firms to minimize on the costs resulting from wasteful […]

Opportunity Development Through Corporate Venturing

Introduction Firms engage in new ventures to remain competitive. New ventures are endeavors in pursuit of new revenue streams. The firm has to consider internal and external factors that are likely to affect the revenue in the process of identifying new ventures (Armstrong et al. 2004). This paper discusses the introduction of a new mobile […]

Organizational Diagnosis: Business Self-Assessment Model

Long-term business performance is significant for business survival as well as sustainability. Organizations always strive to adopt the best strategies to improve their management standards to enable them to achieve their core objectives better. Best practices and organizational diagnosis have often been used to maintain quality in organizations, and as an alternative to rigid legislated […]

Important Role of Leadership

Introduction Leadership plays an important role within any organization. This perhaps helps explain why several approaches to leadership have been developed. Although there are different advantages and disadvantages associated with the leadership approaches, it is worth noting that several factors influence the success achieved within organization. Based on this, thought leadership is put into perspective […]

Evolution of Amazon Business Model

Introduction Important questions when looking at the Amazon business model are: What defines core business? Is it the product, intellectual property, process, business design, or the clientele? Many companies today cannot be said to be in a certain business because they have diversified both in product and every other aspect of business. The traditional view […]

Industry Report: Professional Hair Care

Project Background A major dream in every business venture is to expand its jurisdiction and customer base. This is no exception for Professional Hair Care (PHC), a leading business enterprise in Victoria, which markets and sells various hair care products. For a long time, the company has operated without a website, which is essentially a […]

Impacts of Culture on Formulation of International Marketing Strategies

Culture affects businesses and human behavior. Most problems between nations come up from deep misunderstandings between the people of these nations, and most of these misunderstandings are rooted in cultural differences. When we understand the behaviors of people from different nations and the reasons why they behave in a certain way, we are less likely […]

Silver Jet and Transatlantic Airline Market

Introduction The Transatlantic airline market is one of the very competitive airline industries. Among the dominant airline companies in this industry are Delta, which dominates 12% of the market share. British Airways follows with a market share of 11%. In the third position we have two airlines that is, Continental and Lufthansa, which share equally […]

Motivating Employee During the Crisis: Challenges and Directions

Company of Case Study: Dubai Real Estate Corporation, Wasl Properties Using the DREC and Wasl properties case, the company must resolve problems arising from noncompliance with all company policies being implemented (Robbins and Judge, 2007). The research of WASL and DREC is grounded on identifying possible internal conflicts and instituting policies to prevent escalation of […]

TAL Apparel Limited: Stepping Up the Value Chain

What are the benefits to retailers of adopting TAL’s VMI system? The TAL VMI system is beneficial to retailers because they can make replenishment inventory decisions on behalf of consumers. The VMI system also allows retailer to initiate purchase order transactions. Under normal circumstances, the buyer would have to initiate such a transaction. Through the […]

International Distribution Channels

Introduction Using an efficient international distribution channel has become an essential element of strategic management and a key component in supply chain development since it ensures unimpeded and safe provision of products in the markets. Scholars on logistics science point out that there are diverse supply channels in today’s economy, which move products from industries […]

Balanced Scorecard and Performance Measures

The current global knowledge economies dictate innovation, upholding and use of information to establish the rate of success within firms. Organisation enrichment is inevitably enhanced through performance measurements as firms strive to improve their production systems which necessitate application of quantifiable scientific methodology (Irala, 2007). Consequently, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been established as one […]

Heriot Watts University Globalization Strategy

The recent wave of globalization has encouraged worldwide interconnectedness leading to increased competition among businesses. This situation has compelled organizations to adjust their policies to address these new challenges. No organization is invulnerable to globalization challenges, and higher learning institutions are no exception. Although most higher learning institutions are yet to display sizeable effort towards […]

Market Analysis Summary

Market Segmentation Demand for real time application by subway users in the New York City, among Smartphone users is based on frequent commuters who involve students, the working class, and normal citizens. NYC rail time application demand is subject to the usage of Smartphone among subway users. Transit Interactive has developed an improved technology that […]

Knowledge Management Perspectives and Issues

Introduction This essay shall assess knowledge management (KM) in relation to the formation and development of ‘communities of practice’. In this context, KM strives to include any deliberate and systematic process or practice of gaining, capturing, sharing and using valuable knowledge to improve learning and output in organisations. KM aims at developing capabilities in an […]

Marketing Audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University

Executive Summary This report is a marketing audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU). The marketing report evaluates the University’s strategy to expand into the Arab world market and offer customized education program, depending with the changing needs of the business world and the challenges facing the world economy. The marketing audit concludes that meeting […]

The New Zealand International Business

Table 1: strategic characteristics of the industry players Company (market share) strategy price frequency Quality/styling Number of fleet Advertisement ($M) Pacific Blue Low cost Below average limited high 50 1.5 Air New Zealand 10% Low cost below average extensive good 14 6 Qantas airline Low cost Below average limited good 4 6.2 New Zealand market […]

Evaluating the Advantages & Disadvantages of Vendor-Managed Inventory under the Prism of the Retailer

The convergence of technology witnessed in the last two decades has enabled organizations to adopt systems, programs and processes that not only serve to leverage competitiveness, but also improve organizational efficiencies and add value to business partners, supply chains, and customers (Kunsoo et al. 115). The vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is one such program which have […]