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Samsung Company’s Financial Performance

The purpose of this report is to present financial analysis of the performance of Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. The current ratio for the fiscal year 2013 and 2014 presented shows that Samsung has a ratio [...]

ING Life Company’s Challenges and Risks

For example, during the process of data transferring, hackers can interfere and obtain the information that is received by the user. It is claimed to prevent unauthorized entrance to the system and stealing of the [...]

ADMA-OPCO Company’s IT Global Strategy

The paper aims to investigate whether the implementation of IT strategies positively affects the work of the ADMA-OPCO. The expansion of the company demands the improvement and innovations of the approaches that are used by [...]

World-Class Organizations: Operational Strategies

Nowadays, in a constantly changing competitive market, the application of technology has become of the most important elements of a company's operation plan since it reduces the costs of labor and material, improves the quality [...]

Apple Company’s Creativity and Innovation

With this in mind, this paper will critically analyze the concepts of creativity and innovation in Apple Inc, the impact of transformational leadership on creativity and innovation, and finally focus on how Apple's transformational leaders [...]

Kiwi Airlines Company’s Challenges

In the case of Kiwi Airlines, such specific target of their operation was the provision of airline services for the cities that were not connected via other rivals in the market.

Financial Management: Significant Factors

A funds flow is a financial statement that is prepared to explain why there are changes in the financial statements between two statements of financial positions. The first step when preparing a funds flow statement [...]

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

According to the report presented by the University of Louisville, workplace bullying is a repeated action of one employee or a group of employees towards another individual or group. Dealing with bullying in the workplace [...]

Nike Shoes’ Marketing and Segmentation Strategy

To make their athletic shoes comfortable for the consumers, Nike has affected the use of air technology in their manufacturing. Demographic factors that affect Nike's athletic shoes include gender and social class which determines the [...]

Contact with Former Employees and Its Benefits

Another group of former employees that employers can use is the retired employees. The retired group can also be used to mentor the new and inexperienced employees so that the performance of the company is [...]

Etisalat Company in the UAE Telecom Industry

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the business strategies of Etisalat Group; as a result, it conducts the industry and company analysis and assesses the strategic options, market shares, sales projections, and various [...]

Urban Plus Infrabuild Company’s Marketing

Urban Plus should consider how to improve trust and transparency to make the employees fair and encourage potential clients to believe the company. The company should be ready to provide documentation and information that interests [...]

Mercedes Company: Leadership and Management Essentials

The idea behind theoretical investigation is to obtain enough background information on leadership styles, which might be applied to analysing the performance of Mercedes Benz in the light of the theory's implications on the practice [...]

The Sourcing Shifts in Fashion Industry

The paper at hand is aimed at analyzing the impact that the innovations in the artificial intelligence field are likely to have on the fashion industry in general, and supply chain management, in particular.

Retail and Service Marketing Understanding

The signing of a deal between Amazon and Morrison, which is among the biggest supermarkets in the UK, has evidenced one of the sporadic efforts by supermarket chains in the western nations to engage in [...]

Strategic Brand and Communication Trends

Numerous start-ups can be regarded as frontiers of the technological development and major drivers of the market as they manage to understand the customer's needs and flexible enough to respond to them quickly.

Nordkalk Company’s Talent Management

The human resource management approach used by Nordkalk as the tool for enhancing employees' performance, however, leaves much to be desired, as it discourages the employees in the way it points to the impossibility of [...]

BlackBerry Company’s Change Management

The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the importance of change management in the company. It is clear that most clients are no longer interested in the physical keyboard, and it is [...]

PharmaCare Company’s Ethical Issues

Besides, the ethical advertisement should cover the interests of the business as well as the customer. Misguided presentation of the products through advertisement happened in the process of communicating to the consumers.

Athleta Company’s Retail Marketing Plan

It also outlines present dynamics in the Canadian domain of clothing retail and provides readers with the insight, as to what should account for the company's marketing strategies in the targeted market. As of 2015, [...]

Reframing Resistance as a Potentially Positive Force

The framework consisting of five crucial components that constitute the requirements for a successful leader is based on a range of change concepts, including the complex nature of change, the relatively secondary role of both [...]

Nordstrom Company: Dissension in the Ranks

The business strategy of Nordstrom tends to focus on the superior customer's loyalty and experience while emphasizing the availability of the best services to generate the company's revenue and enhance the overall performance.

BP Company’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The flawed operational decisions compromised the safety of the rig and affected BP's image of commitment to environmental protection. BP's post-crisis management strategy sought to repair its perception in the eyes of the media, investors, [...]

Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind

Ries and Trout state that the consideration of competitors' presence in the market provides a ground for the development of advertising campaigns, the clarification of product position, and the establishment of the product value in [...]

Human Resources Information Usage and Analysis

Acquiring and retaining different types of data about employees is an integral and essential part of a company's function. Academic record and degrees; Although an employee's academic record does not guarantee performance in the workplace, [...]

International Legal and Ethical Issues of Businesses

The "Department of Labour Protection and Welfare", a department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, has the responsibility of enforcing and administering labor-related laws. The laws related to environmental protection and management in [...]

Improving E-Mail Marketing Response Numbers

It means that the company will focus on determining whether there is the correlation between the type of e-mail headings and e-mail body and the fact that the customers open the e-mail advertisement, i.e.the measured [...]

Social Responsibility in Global Environment

However, the ISO standards can be used to narrow down the definition, describing SR as "the responsibility of an organization for the impact of its decisions". The introduction of SR allows for a range of [...]

SORA Company’s Analysis and Strategic Plan

In this regard, companies at a certain phase of their evolution realize the necessity of the further extension and usage of new more efficient tools to guarantee that the overwhelming pressure of rivals will be [...]

Accreditation, Auditing and Requirements

Nevertheless, in order to choose the method that would be the best for a particular organization, for example, a clinical laboratory, it is necessary to rely on the basic values of a company and the [...]

Henry Ericson’s Problem Case

Department director Mark Simpson, who is also responsible for Ericson being appointed to his current position, presents information to him in a way, as to create a one-sided dilemma, where on the one hand is [...]

Comp Tech Company: Market Research Tools

However, the further research also demonstrates that the Chinese market is one of the largest IT markets in the world, and the provision of more opportunities for Comp Tech to enter this market is important [...]

Ryanair Company’s Staff Issues

The primary issues are related to the lack of the competences in HRM and the inability to develop relevant strategies to maintain the motivation of the employees at the sufficient level.

Organisations in the Global Context

The researchers emphasize the significance of technological advancement, responsiveness of marketing strategies and advertising to interests and needs of local consumers, and efficiency of pricing for the success of internationalisation process.

Haigh’s Company on the Chinese Market

Legal factors: Registration of a company's legal entity, Finding distributors in the Chinese market, certification and licensing of products must be done for products to be sold in China.

Remote Deposit Capture Project’s Risk Plan

Gauging the idea of possible risks the project may suffer involves brainstorming of the scenario of the project's implementation. Based on brainstorming, the lists of possible risks to the project are compiled.

Key Financials for SME Petroleum

The financial analysis of a company is useful to understand how the business has performed in the last accounting period. The information provided by companies in the financial statements is specific to the industry, and [...]