Business Essay Examples and Topics

Aereo Company Ethical Issue

However, in court, the lawyers to this company claim that if the court rules that the company pays royalties, the cloud companies that provide similar services will be at risk.

Barzan Gas Project Analysis

According to Sharma, the process of identifying risks involves a clear understanding of all activities that are carried out at every stage of the project, and any possible eventualities that may cause some form of [...]

Destructive and Constructive Power of Groups

Individuals in a group often have different personalities, viewpoints, and experiences that lead to conflicts due to misunderstandings. These strategies aim to reduce the intensity of effects that conflicts have on individuals and the group [...]

Global Market and Complexities in Business

These complexities or issues are some of the factors that influence the failure of global trade activities, and are therefore among the many things that companies ought to consider before venturing into global marketing.

ABB Consulting Inc Employee Turnover

It is clear that the continued high turnover of talented female employees is a problem which needs to be addressed to reposition the company and ensure it remains competitive.

Endeca Technologies Market Strategy

Although there was a huge market potential for the software, his strategy did not consider the capability of the market. Investors wished to adopt prices that were in the market.

New Wave Corporation Company Marketing

Similarly, the corporation needs to address the rising numbers of complaints launched by the suppliers and the customers. The above solutions will enable the company to investigate and control Big Data within its marketing channels.

The US Labor Market

The aim is to evaluate the existence of unionization of employees as a factor in the motivation of the workforce at the workplace.

Australian Women Small Business Owners

This paper is a discussion of the available literature on female business owners in Australia, a summary of the views of one female entrepreneur, and recommendations that can be adapted to encourage more women to [...]

Starbucks Company Marketing in Italy

The Italian market sets a areputational risk' for Starbucks, especially as it sets the global standards for the quality of coffee in the world, against which all other coffee is measured.

Big Data in Decision Making Software

To start with, the introduction of the "big data" principle into the company's information management system presupposes that most of the company's processes must be reorganized and restructured.

Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetics Limited Case

Because the Polish cosmetics industry has become saturated with the entry of more players, the firms in the market need to adjust their business strategies both internally and externally, to survive.

Komatsu Company Analysis

At the same time, the appreciation of the Japanese yen and the trade frictions of the decade of the eighties were also major setbacks to the income of the company.

Kmart Company Analysis

Three major business components have been the foremost aspects in many modern businesses include the financial capacity of a company, business stakeholders inclusive of employees, and the market that comprises of the consumer group.

Titan Company Limited Analysis

The company had recognized the significance of marketing strategies in the overall success of the organization. Report Purpose The main focus of the report would be on the recommended target market, the marketing mix components, [...]

Staffing Models – Employees Management

In the business case study described, I would be expected to ensure that my current operation is successful by minimizing the staff turnover so that I can qualify for the loan to expand it.

Tiffany & Co Strategic Analysis

The fact that the company is one of the jewelry industries recognized globally and in the United States is very instrumental in the sale of its products and a wide market share.

Addressing Discrimination at Workplace

This research focuses on how the issue of diversity in the workplace can be addressed in order to improve the workplace environment The American society has been affected by the problem of discrimination ever since [...]

Caterpillar Company Analysis

When it comes to defining the income statement of the company, one may notice that Caterpillar has improved its total revenue in 2013 compared to the results that the company delivered in 2011; however, the [...]

McDonald’s Company Management Principles

For McDonald's retail store to grow, it needs to first understand the importance of culture and religion to the residents of Kuwait. McDonald's corporation should understand the culture of residents to help it in segmenting [...]

Loss Prevention in a Retail Chain

Loss Prevention involves formulation of policies, procedures and practices in organizations to prevent possible losses of inventory and other assets in a retail chain.

Marketing Public Sector Services

The article "Marketing Public Sector Services: Concepts and Characteristics" explains how different Public Sector Organizations in the west turned to marketing professionals in order to emerge successful.

Shopping Malls in Dubai

The main objectives of this research would be as under: To know details of some major shopping malls of Dubai, To identify aspects responsible for shoppers' experience in Dubai shopping malls, To identify the significance [...] Website Products Marketing

Through a comparison of price, delivery time and amount of effort needed in order to purchase a mass produced product or a customized product, it is anticipated that this paper will be able to showcase [...]

Organisation Conflict Resolution

The conflict worsens the result of the organisation's work, and it can be resolved with the help of such techniques as the focus on completing the organisational goal, provision of more resources for working, changes [...]

Social Media Marketing: Business Optimization

The main problem that is experienced by many companies across the world is the increase in competition from rivals. In conclusion, it is clear that the use of online platforms to market products is gaining [...]

Smart Cup Coffee Shop Business Plan

The Canadian and the US coffee market attributes represent the similar consumption dynamics; only difference is that the juice and bottling beverage and water consumption in the US-market is higher while the Canadian market is [...]

Marks & Spencer Company Compensation

The amount of money paid to the employees is related to the duration of employment at the company, the duration of the contract, job group, and the prevailing rates in the same industry.

E-Contracting Role in Business

The objective of e-contracts is to ensure that organizations involved in e-commerce, for example business-to-business transactions, adhere to the outlined stipulations.

Zara Company: RFID and Inventory Issues

Drawing from this elaboration, therefore, it is evident that Wal-Mart slowed its use of RFID due to supplier concerns, technological deficits, and inability of the chips to achieve 100 percent success in tracking inventory.

Zara Company and the Automatic ID System

For instance, considering the speed of the RFID systems and efficiency, few labourers are required to help along with the scanning job. Due to the speed of the systems, only a few personnel are considered [...]

Risk Management in Financial Institutions

The calculation incorporates three variables, including the probable financial loss, the probability indicating the likelihood of the loss occurring, and the amount of time in which the company may be exposed to the risk.

Reasons for Organizational Change

This change will also ensure the company provides the best services and goods to its customers. The company might also adopt new technologies and programs in order to achieve its goals.

Lezbo Sunglasses Company International Business

Despite the increase in its market share over the past few years, the firm's management team has realized that the cost of manufacturing sunglasses in the domestic market is increasing due to the global economic [...]

E-Commerce in India and China

The economic infrastructures as well as the internet accessibility in the southern cities have contributed to the increased growth and expansion of e-commerce industry.

Edward Jones Company Open Systems

Thus, the company is in a position to benefit from the industrial growth by expanding its scope of operations and the number of financial products and services across the US. Despite the threat of competition, [...]

Why Business Models Matter?

A properly created and thought through model of a business includes a variety of aspects that can be changed and the result of each change can be calculated and studied.

Dishonesty and Warranties

Moreover, I thought initially that companies do all they can to protect the lives of consumers who use their products. I agree with the author that companies should base their strategies on the inevitable failure [...]

Kelly’s Chester Company Analysis

It is important to note that Kelly's Chester Company operates on a platform of reputable heritage that has enabled it to be one of the giant firms in the sensors industry.

General Electric Company Growth Strategy

In other words, Immelt needed to find ways of increasing performance according to the stakeholder's expectations. In an effort to help in the crisis, the firm's donations ranged from financial assistances to medical equipment.

Gap Inc. Management Strategies

The company plans to franchise its supply chain and human resource management in order to ensure efficiency in the use of factors of production and distribution channel, especially in the foreign branches by the end [...]

The Essential Skills for Managing

I learned from the chapter that business is run not only through marketing and branding as it used to be in the past but through the implementation of effective management strategies. For instance, I would [...]

Virgin Atlantic Airways Company Analysis

The firm's ability to achieve its profit maximization objective is enhanced by the recent liberalization of the airline sector in the European region. Subsequently, the firm will be in a position to maximize the level [...]

America’s Strategic Shoe Reserve

In addition, the government is likely to lose in terms of the tax obtained from imports. Another long-term effect of this action is the increase in the demand for raw materials.

Ford Motor Company Analysis

Upon further examination, it can clearly be seen that the current markets of Ford within the U.S.and Europe are far from being ideal and, as such, necessitates expansion into new markets in order for the [...]

Enterprise Resource Planning Efficiency

According to Barker and Frolick, one of the reasons ERP fail is lack of consultation to determine the expectation of the client, capabilities of the product, and overall commitment of the client to the implementation [...]

Formalized Career Development System

A formalized career development system may be helpful to an organization in terms of setting the expectations and reviewing the success through competencies and learning objectives.

Edward Jones Company Analysis

The analysis of Edward Jones in relation to the principles of the open systems theory is based on the discussion of the company's inputs, transformation process, and proposed outputs.

Industries’ and Market Analysis

The goals of the groups are to reduce the poverty level among the children by the virtual of placing them in decent families, which would reduce the children's lifetime suffering.

Training Transfer Process

The training activities would only become useful to the organization if the learned skills and knowledge were transferred to the workplace. The evaluation is done on the cost of the training and how effective the [...]