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Business Essay Examples and Topics

Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant’s Analysis

Considering the situation at Papa John's Pizza, the paper aims at exploring the current issues, the strategic intent of the company, its difference from the rivals, conducting SWOT analysis, and proposing the alternative course of [...]

Teamwork for Organizational Efficiency

In order to improve the efficiency of teams, it is important to enhance the effectiveness of teams. In Ruth Wageman, Heidi Garner, and Mark Mortensen's article entitled Teams Have Changed: Catching Up to the Future, [...]

Carrena Bakers Limited’s Business Plan

The main goal of this marketing plan is to attract the youthful clients to the Carrena Bakers Limited through the company website, where customer will get baking services and skills all-under-one-roof just by a click [...]

Innovative Aluminum Closets Company’s Business Plan

The firm will not only ensure that its closet systems offer efficiency with reference to storage but also address the customers' aesthetic needs. Therefore, the firm's will ensure that its closet systems are customized effectively [...]

Creative Closets and Custom Cabinets Companies

Canada and the UAE are some of the countries that are experiencing remarkable growth in the interior designing sector. The integration of the top-down, inside, and bottom-up perspectives is essential in organization's quest to formulate [...]

Dubai Airports Company’s Innovation Strategies

The details of the initiative were presented to the public in 2014 as Dubai Airports Company revealed the plan of investing $32 billion in introducing the innovations and expanding the structure of Dubai World Central [...]

Squeeze Ball Product Development and Marketing

Thus, the findings of the market research were to generate insight on the prevailing gaps concerning the available products in the market with the aim of fostering the intellectual, social, and physical development among children.

Human Resource Management Assessment Tools

Human Resource Management is a role in the establishments that is intended to exhaust the possibilities of the worker enactment in the provision of a manager's tactical and planned purposes.

Three-Skills Approach to Student Leadership

This approach identifies three essential skills that a leader must possess in order to be effective technical skills in the field required for performing the task and grading performance of the subordinates, human skills necessary [...]

Etihad Airways Training Programs

In 2013, the company established the Etihad Flight College, the purpose of which, according to the company's CEO, is to "produce the best pilots to support our rapidly expanding fleet [and] underpin the growth and [...]

Long-Duration Contracts and Accounting Standards

The undertaking selected for this analysis is the Insurance Targeted Improvements to the Accounting for Long-Duration Contracts. In addition, the board decided to limit enhancements of disclosures for long-term indentures.

Men’s Responses to Fashion Advertising

Analysis of information found in current marketing, sales, and branding resources and juxtaposing it with the marketing campaign recommendations provided in the article of central interest of this research has suggested a conclusion that customer [...]

Orange PLC Company’s Human Resource Management

There is need to transform human resource management from purely operational and administrative functions into a broad and holistic talent management to ensure that the labor function in an organization is sustainable.

Job Satisfaction: Values, Rewards and Work Conditions

The authors used the model suggested by Kalleberg, Griffin, and Loscocco to prove that both the objective nature of the positions that employees take and the subjective interpretations of the staff's workplace responsibilities constitute the [...]

“Ways Women Lead” by Judy B. Rosener

The strengths of the article lie in the description of innovative leadership approaches and strategies. The article has shown me that the flexibility of leadership is important and beneficial.

Etihad Airways’ 2016-2026 Destination Statements

In the customer sphere, Etihad maximizes the effectiveness of on-ground specialty commodities for customer's comfort and safety and extends the range of available in the air facilities and commodities to cater to the needs and [...]

Phillips 66 Company’s Financial Information

However, the history of the company began as long ago as in 1875, when the inception of Conoco, a predecessor of today's enterprise, took place; the company became one of the first marketers that dealt [...]

Apple Inc.’s Brand Position in 2014

The enterprise always endeavors to provide its clients only with the products of the best quality, with no exception; the firm strives to create the very best product that is possible to imagine.

Green Logistics and Organizational Performance

The goal of the paper is in the identification of the main constructs of the green logistics concept. The main aim of the study is the detection of interrelations between the green logistics principles integration [...]

UAE vs. Saudi and Qatari Insurance Market

The UAE is one of the dominant states in GCC, and its insurance conditions remain to be the most successful. The peculiar feature of insurance brokers in the GCC is their decision to capitalize on [...]

Corporate Governance: Fraudulent Financial Statements

The key purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and the fraudulent financial statements or misappropriation of assets through an in-depth analysis of the existing studies on the relevant [...]

Team Dynamics and Decision-Making Process

Indeed, a closer look at the situation that could be observed at Company X will show that it was the inability of the participants to avoid a culture clash that led to misunderstandings, conflicts, and [...]

Andrew Chreng and Panda Restaurant Group

The chain has become the largest fast-food restaurant in the United States that offers Chinese food. The entrepreneur has also helped in understanding that minimal funds can be used to start a business.

New York Shoe Company: Business Plan

In addition, investment freedom scores an index of 70.0. The target group in France values: Modernity and variety in life Humanism and care Key features of the company's target group Ethics and values guide the [...]

Starbucks Company’s Trade Theories

The firm was the first to present a revolutionary approach to coffee consumption in the US. According to the theory, Starbucks operates in a competitive and profitable industry.

“The Essential Drucker” by Peter Bucker

The chapter explains ways of improving the capabilities of the individual in management. Due to the essence of the knowledge workers in the contemporary workplace, this chapter explains the ways of optimizing the abilities of [...]

Risk, Insurance, and Third-Party Administrators

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the term 'risk' and associated insurances, focus on the concepts of the 'third party administrator' and areinsurance,' and report on the financial results of the major insurance [...]

Sun Peaks Resort from Consumer Perspective

Sun Peaks Resort with its mountain views, various opportunities for skiing, sledding and engaging in other winter sports, alongside the availability of sports school, private lessons, festivals, and events create a unique appeal to diverse [...]

Operational Risk Within Lloyd’s Insurance Market

The article entitled, Operational Risk within an Insurance Market reflected the ideas of Manning and Gurney when it comes to the development and implementation of risk management within Lloyd's insurance market. The article's objective is [...]

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Future Trends

In order to show leadership in a complex business environment, it is necessary to practice aspects of guidance that different balance dimensions of power in order to minimize the gap between supervision and perception of [...]

The WRSX Group’s Business Strategy

The formulation of the appropriate strategic objectives, the maintenance of sound interrelations and communication between the organisational units, goal-oriented execution, elaboration of tactics for the strategy implementation, and the level of employees' commitment influence the [...]

Apple Incorporation’s Stocks and Bonds

The changes in Apple's stocks are reasonable, as the stocks have a tendency to rise due to the presence of the intensified competition and the escalating stock values of the primary adversaries.

Nike’s Brand Association with Michael Jordan

Brand value constitutes the ability to assist in the retrieval of information, ability to differentiate the product, capacity to provide the customer or retailer with a reason to buy, and the capacity to create positive [...]

Apple Company’s Financial Statement Analysis

Its annual report for the previous year contains plenty of business-related information and is divided into four major parts: Part 1 encompasses all the background information about the company, the history of its development, its [...]

Euro Rail Company’s Culture and Performance

The organization studied by the authors of the case study is one of the famous railway companies in Europe; the number of specialists working in the discussed company exceeds one hundred and fifty thousand.