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Logistics Essay Examples and Topics

Green Logistics and Organizational Performance

The goal of the paper is in the identification of the main constructs of the green logistics concept. The main aim of the study is the detection of interrelations between the green logistics principles integration [...]

Automated Inventory Management System

This maintenance is easy to schedule and implement; it is not expected that, with the recommended low-cost inventory management system plan, maintenance will be an important issue.

Richard & Trench Company’s Logistic

The former relies on lean management and tight coordination between the production team and the suppliers to bypass the need for warehousing, while the other operates within the confines of the standard supply system but [...]

Green Logistics Implementation on Ecological Basis

And one of the major functions of logistics as a system is the integration of the multiple logistic operations aimed. However, like any other business and economic activities, logistics contributes to the deterioration of the [...]

Infrastructure and Influence on Competition

The occurrence of bottlenecks in a supply chain process is something that affects the performance of every organization. The importance of reverse logistics to the competition: Businesses should eliminate bottlenecks in order to achieve cost [...]

Supply Chain Analysis: Owen and Minor Company

Owen and Minor was the leading medical supplier to the acute care hospital. Even with the customers paying a cost-plus fee Michael Stephanie the Owen and Minor cost manager wanted to use the activity-based pricing [...]

LeanCor Company: Standard Logistics Characteristics

According to Coyle, Langley, Novack, and Gibson, the characteristics of a standard logistical company include the quest to achieve maximum customer service, the quest to provide high quality products, a desire to operate using the [...]

Whirlpool Corporation’s Supply Chain Management

Following the acquisition of Maytag in 2006 and the financial crisis of 2008-2009, it became clear to the Whirlpool Corporation's top-managers that both of these developments called for many readjustments to be applied to the [...]

Saturn Corporation’s Global Logistics

Inefficient delivery process management, suppliers' irresponsibility, communication problems, and the inability to manage inventories well can lead to the failure to deliver vehicles in time and to adhere to the right sequence of delivery procedures.

Project and Supply Chain Management

On the monitoring stage, the technique of project learning can be implemented, with the usage of tools such as recording to systematically retain the project experiences and document the technical aspects of supply.

The Article “There for the Picking”

The purpose of model development was the optimization of gleaning to increase the volume of gathered food. Gleaning with the involvement of volunteers is suggested as one of the possible activities to reduce the loss [...]

Supply Chain Management Theories

The ability of a firm to adhere to the terms and conditions of a contract and to enforce the variables stipulated in the contract ensures adherence to good procurement practices.

Kraljic Model for Purchasing Strategies

The feature of the model that contributed to its popularity was its simple outlay and accessibility for the professionals as well as the individuals whose occupations are not related to purchasing. The simple outlay and [...]

Procurement and Supply in Managing Expenditures

The first section entailed the analysis of the practical roles of stakeholders in the process of procurement. The final section entailed the application of the 5-R model to examine the aspects of the purchase that [...]

Salmon Supplier Selection Process for Restaurant

The selection of the supplier is connected with various risks and benefits among which there can be the reputation of a business among the consumers and partners, the satisfaction of the stakeholders, the efficiency of [...]

Distribution, Transfer Centers, and Warehousing

In order to understand the significance of this problem, one should mention that the price of a product partly reflects the cost of distribution, while warehouses and distribution centers can be viewed as the central [...]

Sea Transportation and Economics in the UAE

The country has invested heavily in the development of other sectors of the economy, which have further established it not only as an economic powerhouse in the Middle East but also as a major transport [...]

Inventory Management: Definitions and Concepts

It is important to mention that the online channel and the traditional channel are different in terms of access to information relating to demand and supply, the level of market segmentation, the expected quality of [...]

Kroger Company’s Supply Chain Strategy

Speaking about the supply chain, it is possible to analyze it in terms of the functioning of Kroger, one of the greatest US retail companies, which has a great number of various supermarkets in different [...]

DP World Company’s Supply Chain Management

Improved efficiency and effective handling of customers, suppliers and containers at DP necessitates the implementation of the best-of-breed management systems in order to meet the increasing world demand for port services1.

Inventory Turns and Days of Supply

It is measured by dividing the cost of goods sold over average aggregate value of inventory. 2, it can be concluded that the average turnover for company X is lower than that of its competitors.

Walmart’s Supply Chain

The characteristics of Wal-Mart's supply chain, the competitive advantages of the company's supply chain and the incorporation of RFID forms the basis for this study.

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Since the inception of the practices of ISO, firms have received pressure to organize their production processes in order to embrace the international standards needed for compliance.

Supply Chain Game

0 1,402 Order point: Calopeia factory to Sorange warehouse. 0 1,409 Order point: Calopeia factory to Sorange warehouse.

Global Supply Management

The answer to this question will also depend on where the company is in terms of setting up its global supply chain, whether at the beginning of the process or well into it, what the [...]

Gate Gourmet Management

The management of this firm introduced scala system to help ensure that the firm gets it right all the time in processes of meeting the dynamic demands of the customers.

Enterprise System Management

The article called "Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology" by Andre McAfee explores the outcomes of the rapid technological development in the contemporary world and the influences it produces on the dynamics within the [...]

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The push/pull view the supply chain with the pull process execution of the supply chain is initiated with the customer order while in case of the push process it is initiated in anticipation of the [...]

Efficiency of Supply chain Management

Balancing control systems, structure, and scope of the supply chain In order to improve on efficiency in the Supply Chain Management, the article recommends improving efficiency through balancing the control systems, structure, scope of the [...]

Supply Chain Management Techniques

Innovation, unlike the prior management techniques embraces the management of all players in the supply chain right from the supplier of the raw materials to the distributor.

Reverse Logistics at the Planning

Reverse logistics is the course of planning, controlling and implementing the course of stock and finished products from the manufacturer, distributer or through the use of point to point recovery or disposal point.

Nescafe Champs Leysin Logistics and Supplies

The music in the event has become a signature trait of the Nescafe Champs Leysin especially because of the concert location named "Place to be". In addition to the competitors, the marketing of the event [...]

Sustainability in Modern Supply Chains

From this perspective, this paper deploys the concepts of supply chain and logistics management to discuss various ways in which supply chain can be sustained in the modern world of excess supply of commodities both [...]

Green Purchasing in Furniture Company

A simple discussion by Burritt describes green purchasing as a process of engaging in purchasing practices that are environmentally-conscious with the aim of promoting the reclamation and recycling of materials purchased by the company.

Concepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics

As a result of the numerous calls to save amother nature" from destruction and the ever-increasing diversity and complexity of organisations, currently numerous organisations have adopted various mechanisms of reducing the negative effects of their [...]

Supply Chain Management in Sainsbury

Through the guide of these principles, the supply chain personnel of the company are obliged to work responsibly in the effort to ensure that goods and services offered to over 17 million customers who visit [...]

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

This paper explores the significance of ERPS systems in organizations, problems that may be encountered due to lack of these systems, how ERP systems address these problems as well as benefits associated with ERP systems.

GB Events Technology Management

Therefore, it has a worldwide supply chain which enables it to move closer to the end users of the products. The company listed in the New York Stock Exchange is well known to the public.

Supply Chain Integration

This is a very competitive industry and in order to remain in the market, UPS has had to integrate information technology into its existing global supply delivery and supply chain network.

Managing Contemporary Warehouses

Warehouse managing is the skill of moving and storing items in a warehouse. Before the introduction of WMS in supplies and operations management, warehouse managers and employees depended on paper and clipboards inventories.

The Appeal of Enterprise Resource Planning

As a result, unlike conventional system development projects where a system is customised to fit the current enterprise needs and infrastructures, packaged system integration involves the clients modifying processes and enterprise procedures with a view [...]

Supply Chain Principles

The efficiency of the supply chain is dependent on the structure of the supply chain and the nature of the products that are involved.

Enterprise Management System

The implementation of the Maximo system will improve the efficiency with which the firm undertakes maintenance management on its system. Despite the Petronas' commitment to implementing the Maximo system, the efficiency of the system in [...]

Procurement Cycle for Purchases

However, the HP management was later faced with anxiety due to a high degree of uncertainty of the demand and supply of the flash memory, which in turn affects the prices of the printers.

International Container Terminal

It is against this background that the management has organized for a competition where employees will be engaged in trying to come up with new innovative ideas that can be used to increase the percentage [...]

Arabtec Operation Management Project

The first stage of inventory management is sourcing for the raw materials needed for manufacturing of the products, while the last stage is the process of delivering finished products to the customers in the market.

Power Relations in the Oil Supply Chain

The power held by the actors has the capacity of influencing the degree of relationship commitment within the supply chain. It is estimated that the NOCs control world oil reserves, and thus they have the [...]