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Logistics Essay Examples and Topics

Green Supply Chain Initiatives for Competitiveness

In summary, the study has found that most firms' employ a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach in the adoption of green supply practices practices, most organizations are aware of GSCM practices and adopt [...]

Logistics and the Royal Navy of Oman

Today, the efficiency of the military forces is highly dependent on the efficiency of the logistics department. Military logistics is the planning, coordinating, directing, controlling, transporting and management of the movement and maintenance of military [...]

From the USA to China: Tires Export

Even though the given event is going to take place relatively soon and there is little time to get ready for the show, the scale of the given event provides a pool of opportunities for [...]

Structure of the Seven-Eleven Japan Supply Chain

In order to become responsive, a supply chain for convenience stores can be organized using three main models: the dependence on distribution centers, the direct provision of goods, and the local production of fresh foods.

Logistics Service Providers and Automotive Supply Chain

These companies offer logistics services in South Korea and have close-knit logistics networks in Northeast Asia, enabling them to provide speedy assistance to shippers at an affordable cost both in the region and throughout the [...]

Cold Chain Logistic in Chinese Medical Industry

China is known to be lagging in the construction of facilities on cold chain logistics that has led to a considerable amount of pharmaceutical wastage in addition to hindering the speed with which the country's [...]

Marketing Channels and Logistics Networks

Because it is very expensive and time-consuming for manufactures to transport their products directly to their customers, they make the use of intermediaries which are generally very efficient and economical.

Green Procurement and Its Development in Hong Kong

The topic, which is widely linked to the wider agenda of sustainable development, has in the recent past been a point of interest for many businesses, governments, organizations and other stakeholders.

Economic Order Quantity Model in Stock Management

It is the summation of lead time demand and the optimal safety stock. The formula is important as it assists the company to analyze the transport costs, lead times, and order quantities of different suppliers.

Feets Stores: Supply Chain Dilemma

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the company's scheduling model, operational model, and supply chain in order to provide potential solutions based on principles of lean management as well as assess the parameters [...]

Cold Chain Logistics and Its Infrastructure

Cold chain logistics is the maintenance of a constant temperature of products throughout the demand-supply chain right from the time of harvesting to when the product reaches the consumer.

The Impact of Supply Chain Efficiency on Food Losses

According to Kummua et al, some of the emerging global trends have a significant impact on the food supply chain and the losses that occur at stages of harvesting, processing, transporting, and making the products [...]

Medicine Supply Chain in Kenya

The project uses the ISO 9001 approach to strengthen the supply chain, expand the supply area, and provide medicines to the diseased people of Kenya on time.

Fetchr: Innovative Courier Service in the Middle East

The company's objective is to serve the demands of last-mile delivery services in the United Arab Emirates market while enhancing the growth of e-commerce through the improvement of service delivery.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chains’ Evolution

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the supermarket revolution and analyse the evolution or development of the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in regard to analytical frameworks associated with the management of [...]

Alibaba Company’s Supply Chain

The statement that Alibaba has potentially higher prospects for success in developing countries than in developed ones is considered to be logical and reasonable from the point of view of modern market trends.

Amazon Company’s Supply Chain

While Amazon invests in the growth and development of new facilities to cover new areas and increases the effectiveness of its operations, it also seeks ways to decrease their cost.

Lean Supply Chains and Organisational Success

However, the overall traditional features of the industry, including high-volume production, low variety, and repeatability of processes played a role in determining the success of lean practices in Toyota as well. In spite of underlying [...]

Green Logistics for British Business

The researcher would formulate the hypothesis of the study and then observe the patterns that will then be analysed to fulfill the hypothesis that confirms the economic theory.

Procurement Function’s Role in Company’s Success

It is possible to define procurement as the process of purchasing goods and services which are needed in order for the business to function; it should be pointed out that this term describes the full [...]

Al-Futtaim Conglomerate Logistics Quality

Global exports and indicated as a percentage of GDP, the direction of the strong growth of the mid-1980s of the last century and until the beginning of 2008.

Apple’s iPhone Supply Chain

For this reason, this paper is devoted to a comprehensive investigation of the supply chain for Apple's iPhone as a factor, as mentioned above, that contributes to the company's outstanding results.

Yamato Transport Company’s Logistics

The Logistics network of Yamato Transport covers the entire territory of Japan, allowing the company to deliver to the customers located anywhere in the country.

Agri-Food Supply Chains Stakeholders

The following technical report provides an overview of two major issues of the meat supply chain and outlines the opportunities for improvement in the identified areas.

Zara, H&M and Benetton Companies: Supply and Distribution

This is opposed to Benetton and H&M that depend on the market changes and designers' skills to create new trends. Through its market specialists and customers' specific demands, Zara is able to determine new trends [...]

The Importance of Supply Economy and Supplies Conservation

The outline of the essay seeks to highlight the importance of supply economy and conservation of supplies. In addition, the framework seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply economy improvement and management.

H&M Company: Procurement and Supply

H&M has to devote substantial attention to the ability of a supplier to ensure the quality and compliance with H&M's social responsibility strategy and the Code of Conduct. Simultaneously, it is vital to assess the [...]

Al-Futtaim Company’s Logistics

The last bit of the reported proposal outlines the timeline that will be required to complete the entire research Global exports as a percentage of GDP indicated a robust growth trend from the mid-1980s of [...]

High Competition and Supply Chain Problems

In the case of Panera Bread, it would be useful to develop a promotional strategy that would attract younger populations, such as teenagers and young adults.

Kayan Petrochemical Company Procurement and Supply

The study was conducted to determine the procurement and supply chain of polymers by SABIC through the dedicated function of Kayan that specializes in the development of the polymeric material as a feedstock for the [...]

Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain

It is significant to draw the line between insourcing and outsourcing because understanding the nature and peculiarities of both strategies together with the accurate estimation of a company's resources determines the future of the business.

The Sourcing Shifts in Fashion Industry

The paper at hand is aimed at analyzing the impact that the innovations in the artificial intelligence field are likely to have on the fashion industry in general, and supply chain management, in particular.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Trends, Recalls and Returns

Pharmaceutical industries are some of the many companies that work under the influence of reverse logistics. Pharmaceutical products are recalled when they are discovered to be harmful, cause side effects, or below the stipulated standards.

Reverse Logistics Role in Business

Besides, a customer who discovers some problems with a good should go to a retailer who is responsible for the organization of the process and initiation of the procedure of reverse logistics.

Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The optimization of the links between production and distribution processes is the most critical regarding the possibility of improving a particular enterprise's supply chain for the purpose of its sustainable development.

Product Returns Processing

The last dramatic changes in the market and business world conditioned the increase in the importance of customer satisfaction and the quality of suggested products.

Closed Loop Supply Chain Process

The fundamental purpose of the paper is to discover the return process in the closed-loop supply chain process. As a matter of fact, it resulted in the creation of the closed loop supply chain management [...]

Third-Party Logistics, Trends and Designs

Christopher adds that third party logistics mixes the elements of expertise, process efficiency, and technology to create a strong logistics operation 3PL providers are able to support supply chain requirements across the product lifecycle of [...]

Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment

The role of this function is to establish the location of various facilities in relation to the network. When developing a supply chain network design, it is important to find out the nature of customers.

Green Logistics and Organizational Performance

The goal of the paper is in the identification of the main constructs of the green logistics concept. The main aim of the study is the detection of interrelations between the green logistics principles integration [...]

Automated Inventory Management System

This maintenance is easy to schedule and implement; it is not expected that, with the recommended low-cost inventory management system plan, maintenance will be an important issue.

Richard & Trench Company’s Logistic

The former relies on lean management and tight coordination between the production team and the suppliers to bypass the need for warehousing, while the other operates within the confines of the standard supply system but [...]

Green Logistics Implementation on Ecological Basis

And one of the major functions of logistics as a system is the integration of the multiple logistic operations aimed. However, like any other business and economic activities, logistics contributes to the deterioration of the [...]

Spatial Strategies for Auto-Parts Retail Network

The author gives concrete and elaborate findings that if an auto-part retail shop adopted an area-based delivery strategy, the store would be able to improve on its efficiency, and, at the same time, bring a [...]

Safety and Profits in Freight Logistics

The industrial revolution in the early twentieth century changed the world in terms of production and distribution of the products to consumers.

Supply Chain: Technology-Based Strategic Sourcing

According to Hugos, having the raw materials or items needed for the normal operations of a firm at the right time, in the right quantity and quality has become one of the management areas where [...]

Farm-to-Table Approach and Supply Chain Management

Also, when it comes to supply chain management, it should be stressed that the farm-to-table approach to purchasing products for cafeterias, restaurants, and so on ought to allow for a simplified supply chain because the [...]

Infrastructure and Influence on Competition

The occurrence of bottlenecks in a supply chain process is something that affects the performance of every organization. The importance of reverse logistics to the competition: Businesses should eliminate bottlenecks in order to achieve cost [...]

Warehouse Management and Design Tendencies

This calls for a significant reconsideration of existing approaches and also promotes the implementation of new practices that might increase the efficiency of various and vital activities.

Supply Chain Analysis: Owen and Minor Company

Owen and Minor was the leading medical supplier to the acute care hospital. Even with the customers paying a cost-plus fee Michael Stephanie the Owen and Minor cost manager wanted to use the activity-based pricing [...]

The Supply of Nike Company Products

The administration of the Nike Company has come up with a mindset strategy that focuses on the improvement of the form of labor employed by the outsourced contractors.

Depot Repair and Reverse Logistics Operations

A particular focus is likewise put on the analysis of the depot repair structure and the key models of its operation to provide a better idea of the service significance.

LeanCor Company: Standard Logistics Characteristics

According to Coyle, Langley, Novack, and Gibson, the characteristics of a standard logistical company include the quest to achieve maximum customer service, the quest to provide high quality products, a desire to operate using the [...]

Global Positioning System and Its Use in Business

Such companies as Nordic Parcel and ARI Logistics usually use the advanced GPS for navigation of their vehicles in long routes. In this case, the routes for vehicles are applied automatically, and the system can [...]

Whirlpool Corporation’s Supply Chain Management

Following the acquisition of Maytag in 2006 and the financial crisis of 2008-2009, it became clear to the Whirlpool Corporation's top-managers that both of these developments called for many readjustments to be applied to the [...]

Saturn Corporation’s Global Logistics

Inefficient delivery process management, suppliers' irresponsibility, communication problems, and the inability to manage inventories well can lead to the failure to deliver vehicles in time and to adhere to the right sequence of delivery procedures.

Amazon Company’s Logistics Operations

The aim of this paper is to analyze the logistics operations of the largest e-commerce company in the world and identify several areas for improvement.

Project and Supply Chain Management

On the monitoring stage, the technique of project learning can be implemented, with the usage of tools such as recording to systematically retain the project experiences and document the technical aspects of supply.

The Article “There for the Picking”

The purpose of model development was the optimization of gleaning to increase the volume of gathered food. Gleaning with the involvement of volunteers is suggested as one of the possible activities to reduce the loss [...]

Supply Chain Management Theories

The ability of a firm to adhere to the terms and conditions of a contract and to enforce the variables stipulated in the contract ensures adherence to good procurement practices.

Etisalat Company’s Supplier Evaluation

Being one of the renowned and leading suppliers of the internet in the region, Etisalat has to evaluate Huawei, which is one of its suppliers, and asses its performance.

Kraljic Model for Purchasing Strategies

The feature of the model that contributed to its popularity was its simple outlay and accessibility for the professionals as well as the individuals whose occupations are not related to purchasing. The simple outlay and [...]

Procurement and Supply in Managing Expenditures

The first section entailed the analysis of the practical roles of stakeholders in the process of procurement. The final section entailed the application of the 5-R model to examine the aspects of the purchase that [...]

Salmon Supplier Selection Process for Restaurant

The selection of the supplier is connected with various risks and benefits among which there can be the reputation of a business among the consumers and partners, the satisfaction of the stakeholders, the efficiency of [...]

The US Companies’ Distribution: Global Challenges

According to Tovasszy et al, the last couple of years have witnessed a steady expansion of international development in the distribution of goods, triggered by the worldwide growth of the global economy and lessening of [...]

Distribution, Transfer Centers, and Warehousing

In order to understand the significance of this problem, one should mention that the price of a product partly reflects the cost of distribution, while warehouses and distribution centers can be viewed as the central [...]

Logistics Plan: Warehouse Management Issues

It focuses on the problem of labeling and addressing goods correctly, and seeks to present potential solutions to increase the efficiency of the operations of the warehouse.

Sea Transportation and Economics in the UAE

The country has invested heavily in the development of other sectors of the economy, which have further established it not only as an economic powerhouse in the Middle East but also as a major transport [...]

Logistics Industry in China: Issues and Solutions

This paper looks into the logistics industry in China, and the only solution to the problem found are a heavy investment in the betterment of infrastructures such as railways and roads and advanced technology adoption [...]

Inventory Management: Definitions and Concepts

It is important to mention that the online channel and the traditional channel are different in terms of access to information relating to demand and supply, the level of market segmentation, the expected quality of [...]

The Supply Chain Role in Business

The needs for a supply chain of a protein bar and shake have specific qualities that must adhere to a structure and communication within the market.

Reverse Logistics Strategies on Secondary Markets

The secondary market is the market where products are sold after use or after the sales on the primary market. The reverse logistics is often regarded as simply opposite to the traditional flow of products, [...]

Reverse Logistics Technologies and Its Forms

One of the ways of RL management and improvement is the development and implementation of advanced technology that is going to be discussed in relation to particular RL forms in this paper.

Kroger Company’s Supply Chain Strategy

Speaking about the supply chain, it is possible to analyze it in terms of the functioning of Kroger, one of the greatest US retail companies, which has a great number of various supermarkets in different [...]

Information Technology Impacts on the Logistic Industry

The advent of information technology has led to the enhancement of organizational services through the adoption of IT. The following objectives will guide the study: Firstly, this paper investigates and reports on the state or [...]

DP World Company’s Supply Chain Management

Improved efficiency and effective handling of customers, suppliers and containers at DP necessitates the implementation of the best-of-breed management systems in order to meet the increasing world demand for port services1.

Inventory Turns and Days of Supply

It is measured by dividing the cost of goods sold over average aggregate value of inventory. 2, it can be concluded that the average turnover for company X is lower than that of its competitors.

Clothing Store Inventory Management System

To be considered relevant for this firm, the system must detect the changes in the inventory in real time, and give a record of the rate at which each product is sold.

The Impact of IT on the Logistics Industry

It has also helped to ensure more disciplined personnel that are motivated to work harder due to the ease of tracking that the implementation of IT has brought with it to their companies.

Supply Chain Concept in PBS Series America Revealed

The supply chain system of Dominos has been discussed and defined with the help of the GPS trackers and monitors fixed on the supply trucks of the company moving across America and also on the [...]

Walmart’s Supply Chain

The characteristics of Wal-Mart's supply chain, the competitive advantages of the company's supply chain and the incorporation of RFID forms the basis for this study.

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Since the inception of the practices of ISO, firms have received pressure to organize their production processes in order to embrace the international standards needed for compliance.

Supply Chain Game

0 1,402 Order point: Calopeia factory to Sorange warehouse. 0 1,409 Order point: Calopeia factory to Sorange warehouse.

Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company Supply Chain Management

At the same time, all exceptions are resolved by immediate communication between the partners, for instance, query shared data and submit results to support the process; Phase III Executing Execution of the CPFR model in [...]

Global Supply Management

The answer to this question will also depend on where the company is in terms of setting up its global supply chain, whether at the beginning of the process or well into it, what the [...]

UPS: Transforming Business Through Information Technology

In particular, the analysis will explore the company growth strategies, the reasons why the company diversified into logistics, the basic tools that were developed by the company and how the tools enable the company remain [...]

Gate Gourmet Management

The management of this firm introduced scala system to help ensure that the firm gets it right all the time in processes of meeting the dynamic demands of the customers.

Enterprise System Management

The article called "Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology" by Andre McAfee explores the outcomes of the rapid technological development in the contemporary world and the influences it produces on the dynamics within the [...]

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The push/pull view the supply chain with the pull process execution of the supply chain is initiated with the customer order while in case of the push process it is initiated in anticipation of the [...]

Efficiency of Supply chain Management

Balancing control systems, structure, and scope of the supply chain In order to improve on efficiency in the Supply Chain Management, the article recommends improving efficiency through balancing the control systems, structure, scope of the [...]

Information Technology and Logistics Management

Logistics management is for that reason, the management of the supply chain system to ensure efficient, smooth running and well coordination of the chain of supply in order to take advantage of it.

Supply Chain Management Techniques

Innovation, unlike the prior management techniques embraces the management of all players in the supply chain right from the supplier of the raw materials to the distributor.

Reverse Logistics at the Planning

Reverse logistics is the course of planning, controlling and implementing the course of stock and finished products from the manufacturer, distributer or through the use of point to point recovery or disposal point.

Nescafe Champs Leysin Logistics and Supplies

The music in the event has become a signature trait of the Nescafe Champs Leysin especially because of the concert location named "Place to be". In addition to the competitors, the marketing of the event [...]

Sustainability in Modern Supply Chains

From this perspective, this paper deploys the concepts of supply chain and logistics management to discuss various ways in which supply chain can be sustained in the modern world of excess supply of commodities both [...]

Problems with Transportation and Logistics Management

Lack of proper guidelines and laws to protect the transport and logistics industry has remained to be a major hindrance to the issue. This is hence a challenge that the transport and logistics industry will [...]

Green Purchasing in Furniture Company

A simple discussion by Burritt describes green purchasing as a process of engaging in purchasing practices that are environmentally-conscious with the aim of promoting the reclamation and recycling of materials purchased by the company.
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