Logistics Essay Examples and Topics

The Impact of IT on the Logistics Industry

Introduction Information technology has transformed the way operations are carried out in the logistics industry. A well-designed information system is an important component in management, operation, and the running of a profit-making or non-profit making entity. Benefits that are associated with the application strategic management in developing information technology systems play a big role in […]

Supply Chain Concept in PBS Series America Revealed

In the last twenty years, the manufacturing business in America has transformed enormously. However, the country has encountered several obstacles during this revolution. Despite this fact, America has successfully managed to stay on the frontline of the manufacturing sector in the world. This paper will discuss one of the episodes of “PBS America Revealed” which […]

Logistics: Supply Chain Infrastructural Improvement

Research has revealed that more than 80% of expenses incurred in the execution of supply chain operations result from poor infrastructure (Ayers 46). The quality of decisions made by managers has little effect on the effectiveness of supply chains. However, the quality of supply chain infrastructure affects the impact and type of decisions. For instance, […]

Managing On-Shelf-Availability by Grocery Retailers

On-Shelf-Availability (OSA) touches on the ability of retailers to bring the inventory closer to the customers. Effective management of inventory throughout the supply chain requires tactical and strategic approaches coupled with right tool-set, information, knowledge, and skills (On Shelf Availability 2013). Supply chain planning systems have assisted retailers in balancing inventory across the supply chain […]

Walmart’s Supply Chain

Introduction Wal-Mart has gained the reputation of being a global retail leader. The company has received a lot of praise regarding its corporate strategy that has seen it become among the largest retail stores in the world. After receiving numerous accolades for being among the fortune 500 companies, Wal-Mart has consistently made billions of dollars […]

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Discussion Lean manufacturing has become one of the biggest trends in the development of supply chain management. Traditionally, organizations faced challenges of increasing wasteful production throughout their operations (Brian, 110). Following this need, stakeholders across industries have focused on development of production approaches that would enable firms to minimize on the costs resulting from wasteful […]

Supply Chain Game

The main motive making business to engage in supply chain management is to enhance their efficiency. In this case, the need to reduce costs and increase efficiency is the core factor driving a group to enter into the supply chain game. Basically, supply chain management entails the identification of potential suppliers or business partners who […]

Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company Supply Chain Management

Introduction The purpose of this report is to recommend a selected company “Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO)” to develop supply chain considering collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), green supply chain, vendor managed inventory (VMI), free zones in the UAE, disaster management using supply chain, cold chain logistics, third party logistics, cloud computing applications […]

Global Supply Management

As businesses becomes before and more aligned to a completely global mode of operations, many organisations representing a number of disparate industries, including manufacturing, service, public service, social enterprises, NGOs, pharmaceuticals, food service and construction firms now run their businesses using a network of global suppliers. Operating a global supply chain has become a highly […]

South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Supply Chain

Introduction Traditionally, SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model was used to analyze commercial activities. The model was employed widely as a tool to aid in the evaluation of the supply chain. The application of the model is dated back to the date when the Supply Chain Council (SCC) generated the model. In the last few […]

UPS: Transforming Business Through Information Technology

Introduction Over the years, United Parcel Services (UPS) has been the world largest packing and delivering company. By 2002, its senior management implemented strategies that fostered the growth of the company to be one of the largest global businesses. Before then the firm had been growing and expanding in both its principal dealings together with […]

Gate Gourmet Management

Executive Summary Gate Gourmet is the world’s leading company offering catering services to airline companies. In order to improve the efficiency of its business processes, the firm introduced a Scala system to help in integrating various processes in the supply chain. The firm also introduced e-gatematrix to help improve communication within the new system. This […]

Enterprise System Management

The article called “Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology” by Andre McAfee explores the outcomes of the rapid technological development in the contemporary world and the influences it produces on the dynamics within the world of business and management. It goes without saying that the contemporary business organisations need to become tech-savvy in response […]

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Introduction The aim of the paper is to understand supply chain management (SCM) and operations management (OM) as strategies to gain sustainable competitive advantage. A brief review of the two is conducted ton SCM and OM literature. Then, two case studies – 1) supply chain strategy of Wal-Mart and 2) operations strategy of Toyota are […]

Efficiency of Supply chain Management

Executive Summary The effectiveness and efficiency of a supply chain leads to satisfied clientele. Achieving an efficient Supply chain is critical. The article by Lichocik & Sadowski (2013), studies this concept. Strategic management strategy encapsulates Supply chain Management. To achieve the desired efficiency, the authors propose a number of factors use of IT control systems, […]

Good Food That Does not Grow on Trees: Analyzing the Key Supply Chain Issues

Introduction: The Food on the Table People rarely question where the good and services that they use come from. As a result, natural resources, as well as the efforts of many people providing the environment for these resources to flourish, the process of transporting these raw materials to the manufacturer and the people who deliver […]

Information Technology and Logistics Management

Abstract Information technology is a factor that no firm can afford to ignore given the wake of globalization. Each firm is going global and management of every sector is not as simple as it used to be in the past. Moreover, efficiency and effectiveness as regards delivery of services are given much weight than they […]

Supply Chain Management Techniques

Introduction One of the most outstanding innovations in the contemporary corporate management is supply chain management. Innovation, unlike the prior management techniques embraces the management of all players in the supply chain right from the supplier of the raw materials to the distributor. This change in management techniques has proved worthwhile in helping organizations to […]

Reverse Logistics at the Planning

Reverse logistics is the course of planning, controlling and implementing the course of stock and finished products from the manufacturer, distributer or through the use of point to point recovery or disposal point (Spicer & Johnson, 2004). Products recall, wrong deliveries, commercial returns, warranties, refurbishment, repairs and end-of life returns are few of the many […]

Operations and Supply Chain Strategies of Wal-mart and Toyota

Introduction There are several examples of very successful companies that became the leaders of various industries due to their effective supply chain and operations strategies. For instance, one can mention Wal-Mart and Toyota. These organizations represent different industries, namely retailing and automobile manufacturing, but their performance indicates the optimization of supply chain and manufacturing procedures […]

Nescafe Champs Leysin Logistics and Supplies

The Nescafe Champs Leysin is the oldest snowboard competition in Europe. The event currently takes place annually in the Swiss resort of Leysin. The first Nescafe Champs Leysin event took place in 1990. The three main areas of interest in the event are athletics, art, and music. The athletes involved in the event compete for […]

Sustainability in Modern Supply Chains

Introduction The most crucial aim of an effective supply chain management arm of an organisation is to ensure that the supply chain management system reduces the cost associated with supplies. For this research, sustainability is defined as a matter of concern for many businesses that influences their supply chain when it comes to the costs […]

Problems with Transportation and Logistics Management

Despite the changes in technology that have rendered some aspects of transport meaningless, this remains to be a lucrative area whose services will always stand the taste of time. Technology has simply come in to boost the transport and logistics industry by making it easier to monitor and track products on transit. However, with each […]

Business Modeling: Customer Value Proposition, System Building and Its Analysis

Business Innovation and Value Add Proposition Reconsidering some of the recent events that shook the business world either with a dazzling performance of some of the mature entrepreneurs, or with a rapid downfall of the world’s renewed companies and business people, one must mention the notorious Harvey Norman Model (Roth, 2011). It has not been […]

Green Purchasing in Furniture Company

The Herman Miller Furniture Company was established in the year 1923. The company deals with wide range office products such as home furnishing equipment and furniture. Since its establishment, Herman Miller Furniture Company has realized a considerably growth that has enabled it to become an influential and prolific producer of high quality modern furniture. Examples […]

A Critical Debate on Key Management Success Factors for Various Sporting Events

Brief introduction and general overview This essay is written to demonstrate the various management success factors for the many sporting events. The current competitive business environment has created abundant challenges for event managers in ensuring success for their various sporting events. As was established, from sprinklers to corporate boxes, toilets to food outlets, media to […]

Concepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics

Introduction As a result of the numerous calls to save ‘mother nature” from destruction and the ever-increasing diversity and complexity of organisations, currently numerous organisations have adopted various mechanisms of reducing the negative effects of their supply chain on the stability and wellbeing of the environment. Majority of organisations have achieved this through establishing strong […]

Supply Chain Management in Sainsbury

Overview of the Sainsbury and its operations Sainsbury Ltd, which is alternatively referred to as Sainsbury, is one of the largest chains of supermarkets located in the UK (Gilpin 1994, p.9). It has a share of 16.5% for all the UK’s supermarket industry market share (Finch 2007, p.11). Established by John James Sainsbury and his […]

Chain Management and the Creation of Competitive Advantages

Introduction Successful supply chain management and creation of competitive advantage requires effective demand and supply chain management. Supply chain management can be described as the cumulative process that involves different players who are involved in the delivery of a product to its final destination. Supply chain management involves coming up with deliberate measures by the […]

Integrating Building Information Management (BIM) into Construction Supply Chain Management

Introduction Traditionally, construction of a given facility is largely based on two dimensional architectural plans. In the past, there were a myriad of challenges that accompanied this kind of construction. With the rapid growth in the construction industry, there have emerged systems that make the process of construction fast and efficient. Some of the processes […]

Global Transportation and Logistical Risks

Abstract The global transportation and logistics industry is among the most important industries the world. The implication therefore is that global trade is possible. The study identifies six major aspects of risk in global transportation and logistics ranging from inadequate security to logistics volatility. Land congestion and lack of inventory have also been discussed as […]

International Business Administration

Retail entry into India India’s retail sector is one of the most robust, and the country’s major economic pillars. This is in terms of the number of retailer outlets, country’s total GDP, and the people working in these outlets (Branch, 2008). However, despite the robustness of this sector, there are various restrictions that have been […]

Michael Porter. Procurement is Vital for Businesses

Introduction In an article titled, Competitive Advantage, which was published in 1985, Porter dismissed the role of procurement/purchasing and articulated that it played a supportive role in an organization. While that was the case then, the role of procurement in contemporary business environment has changed. Indeed, Porter agrees with the assertion by saying that procurement […]

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Abstract Many present organizations have adopted ERP systems due to the need for these organizations to remain relevant in the market and compete globally. This paper explores the significance of ERPS systems in organizations, problems that may be encountered due to lack of these systems, how ERP systems address these problems as well as benefits […]

GB Events Technology Management

The director of mechanical engineering at GB Events Technology held a meeting where he described the services and products the company produces. GB is a large global company that makes large equipments along with industrial materials and products. The company has expanded its business to provide industrial software applications. It uses the state of the […]

Supply Chain Integration

Introduction United Parcel Service (UPS) is a delivery and logistics company based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the company has operations in various parts of the world. UPS delivers an average of 13.6 million packages on each business day. It has more than 8 million global customers (Niemann, 2007). Although the company’s core business is in […]

Managing Contemporary Warehouses

The dynamics of a globalizing world continue to press operations and supply chain managers to realizing efficiency in moving and receiving goods (Anonymous, 2002). In the Twenty First Century, modern warehouses present many challenges that lead to loss of time and business opportunities or competitive edge (Leinbach & Capineri, 2007). A major challenge presented by […]

United Parcel Service Logistic Issues

Introduction Transportation of packaged goods from one destination to another is a very common activity in our world today. Billion of goods ranging from small parcels to heavy machineries are being delivered physically or mechanically everyday. Companies in charge of such services use different modes of transport, for instance, air, road, rail, and sea. The […]

The Appeal of Enterprise Resource Planning

Executive Summary This paper presents a comparative case study of two companies that had adopted an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Companies were evaluated based on their ERP integration process. Both companies had to overcome integration issues of three kinds: those linked to the design of the enterprise resource package, those linked to the integration […]

Supply Chain Management and Modern Technologies

Introduction The requirements of the marketplace when conducting supply chain management is largely dependent on whether an organisation is in need of pursuing either the lean or agile paradigms. The two supply chain parameters are distinctively different. For instance, in terms of the market winner, the agile paradigm is tagged on availability while the lean […]

Supply Chain Principles

Introduction The supply chain of every organization has an impact on the overall success of the organization. The efficiency of the supply chain is dependent on the structure of the supply chain and the nature of the products that are involved. The technology adopted also has an impact on the overall optimization of the business […]

Enormous Challenge in Agility DGS

The problem Agility DGS is currently facing an enormous challenge; the court has suspended its contract with DLA. Consequently, the firm has reported minimal revenue and even had to layoff seventy percent of its employees. The incident ruined the trust that the company worked so hard to build with DLA. Furthermore, the organization is already […]

Enterprise Management System

Introduction Despite the view that companies established in a particular industry might specialize in the production of identical products, their operations differ significantly. Uzekici affirms that the operational differences arise from the adoption of inimitable business strategies, policies, and principles (519). The reason for such variations is to attain a high competitive edge. One of […]

Procurement Cycle for Purchases

Introduction Procurement cycle is part of an organisation’s process since it ensures cost effective ownership of products for a company. The various processes involved while carrying out procurement normally challenges and pressures the managers’ values and beliefs. New approaches are called for when a company adopts to new procedures and practices. These approaches should aim […]

Implementing ERP in an Organization

Introduction Currently, most business enterprises have embraced technology in managing their resources. Such a move entails a crucial step toward reducing the expenses of running organizations. Furthermore, the systems of managing the resources of a company contribute to the efficiency of an organization. Efficiency entails a company’s tool to edge the soaring competition in the […]

Wawa: Supply Change Management

Issues Some competitors such as Tesco and Sheetz are making Wawa’s supply chain system less flexible. The company’s supply chain cannot produce the best goals. The company wanted New Jersey Distribution Center (NJDC) to become the best model for collaboration and learning. The supply chain system is currently unsustainable. Wawa Company is planning to come […]

Understanding Supply Chain of Lenovo

Introduction Lenovo is one of the most renowned multinational companies that deal with computer technology, design, and the IT software. It operates within major regions of the world and sells its products in more than 160 countries (Lenovo Group 2013). According to the Lenovo Group (2013), most of Lenovo’s production deals are done to consumers […]

International Container Terminal

Attachment stripping is one of the most important tasks at our International Container Terminal. The management appreciates that this task is strenuous and poses a number of threats to our clients. However, it is also a fact that out terminal is under a great pressure to meet higher targets in our attachment stripping. Our current […]

Arabtec Operation Management Project

Current Operation Management System Inventory management is one of the most important operation management activities that define the ability of a firm to achieve success in the market. According to Murthy (45), “Inventory can be visualized as stacks of money sitting on forklifts, on shelves, and in trucks and planes while in transit.” Management of […]

Power Relations in the Oil Supply Chain

Introduction Supply Chain Management [SCM] is a fundamental strategic management element not only in enhancing flow of products and services, but also in assisting organisations to cope with volatile business environments (Lin, Tsao & Lin 2013). Power is a fundamental element in supply chain because it influences various actors. Cox et al. (2003, p. 3) […]

New Ideas for Improving the Company

Introduction Inadequate analytical dimensions of supply chain such as business responsibility, customer service quality and cost may compromise the functionality of a supply chain in the company. From a theoretical perspective, the value creation model cannot align cost effectiveness when the logistics of operation are inadequate. For instance, lack of strong control systems and poor […]

Different Analytical Frameworks to Global Supply Chains

Introduction The movement of goods and services from one point to another is one of the major factors that contribute to the success of organisations. Organisations need to ensure that goods and services are at the right location, at the right time so that customers can access them easily and conveniently. Goods are moved from […]

Enterprise Resource Planning

Abstract The article revolves around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and its importance in organizations. Additionally, the article presents the components that make up the ERP system and the methodology that organizations can use to implement it. From the article, change management, process flow, customer mindset, and software are components of ERP that need integration with […]

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of globalization of logistics and supply chain management. It explores the topic using Wales as a case study. The paper is divided into two parts namely part one and part two. Part one is an overview of the current rail system in Wales. Part two is a […]

Cinnabon International Incorporation

Abstract This paper reviews Cinnabon International Incorporation in an effort to understand the dynamics that the firm encounters in its operations and how it has survived the industry changes. First, the paper assesses the market dynamics with reference the operational structures. The analysis shows that Cinnabon operates in a monopolistically competitive market, which underscores the […]

Relationship Between Buyer and Supplier

Introduction In today’s contemporary world, business environment is quite competitive and more sophisticated than it was in the twentieth century. Successful business organisations need strong external relations to gain competitive advantage. Various foreign relations that are attached to enterprises should always be good for the success of enterprises. However, supplier and buyer relationship is the […]

Globalisation of Logistics and Supply Chains

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of globalisation of logistics and supply chains. It seeks to establish whether Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) can operate an integrated global business strategy in more than one country. It is argued that operating such a strategy is a reality for MNEs which are able to match their globalisation […]

How an Organization Can Implement an Enterprise Resource Planning System?

Introduction Background Information Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is commonly defined as the software that is designed to address the various business functions in an organization. According to Zeng and Skibniewski, the system is used to manage information and other related activities within a firm (333). Traditionally, ERP is associated with operations in the manufacturing and […]

Role of Supply Chain Management in Countering Importation or Exportation of Counterfeit Goods

Introduction The world is increasingly getting sophisticated. There are various technological advancements taking place that have helped improve various sectors in the world. Supply chain management is one of the best beneficiaries of these technological advancements. The process of handling goods from one place to another has improved, as the world embraces this new technology. […]

Management Information System: Cisco Systems

Software applications provide a platform that supports various business practices. Therefore, it is vital for an organization to have efficient software applications. The efficiency of software applications determines the ultimate efficiency and competitiveness of the organization. Therefore, companies spend huge sums of money in implementing software applications that support their business operations. However, implementing IT […]

Supply Chain and Challenges

There are a lot of different ways of moving a product from a supplier to the customer. The process of organization of different elements involved in the delivery of the product from the supplier to the customer is called a supply chain. Grieger (2004) in his dissertation defines supply chain management as “the integration of […]

Role of Learning Organisation Concept in Improving the Performance of Supply Chain Companies

Introduction The learning organisation concept refers to an organization’s ability to promote learning and development (Nzuve & Omolo 2012 p. 46). The concept gained momentum after the publishing of “The Fifth Relationship” by Peter Senge in 1990. Therefore, to address poor organizational performance, organizations must introduce a systemic approach to change. A systemic approach establishes […]

Introduction to Management Science in the Context of Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Management Science Management science is described as the use of scientific approaches to decipher and solve managerial problems. The concept is widely used in a variety of contemporary organizations. It entails the use of logical mathematical strategies in solving problems encountered in the running of contemporary organizations. Management science originated from management information […]

Supply Chain Risk Management

Introduction Risk is one of the concepts that continuously attract the attention of business administrators and scholars. This paper is aimed at discussing this notion within the context of supply chain management. In particular, it is necessary to examine the theories and models that can be used to manage risks and increase organizational resilience to […]

Measuring Supply Chain Efficiency from a Green Perspective

Introduction Logistics has attracted growing interests from numerous scholars and organizations, due to its contribution in changing human lives. However, little focus has been directed to its impact on national and global environmental sustainability. Researchers aim at developing green concepts in logistics management with an aim of developing an efficient green supply chain. Kim and […]

Supply Chain Risk Management

Introduction Supply chain plays significant roles in the domestic and the global economy. Each passing day, business processes, and operating environment are increasingly becoming complex. They hence require attention. This requires an effective supply chain that is able to respond efficiently to disruptions from unexpected events. Supply chain needs to be streamlined to be more […]

The Role of Supply Chain Risk Management in Ensuring Smooth Functioning

Introduction A number of issues such as changes in product design, branding and employee are likely to cause risks that threaten supply chain. Risk management in this field is a fundamental activity at the executive level in most organizations. Several studies have developed various models and theories that attempt to provide an explanation of the […]

The concept of management

Introduction Management is the concept of running an organization along with the available resources into the achievement of stakeholders’ objectives. The concept involves various aspects of leadership like effective communication and risk management as the means to improve on the operations (Albrecht, 2005). Managers are required to bring together skills and match them to tasks […]

UPS Procurement Strategy Analysis

Executive Summary The following paper is a presentation of procurement strategies as well as procurement tools within a selected organisation in the logistics industry. The paper begins with a detailed profile of the procurement process and function in the organisation as informed by a number of documents on the company obtained through relevant databases over […]

Simulation and Supply Chain Management

Introduction In the current global economy, organisations become successful depending on how well they are in a position to utilise and manage their supply chain. Supply chain forms a vital component of flow of materials in any organisation. A majority of the organisations has developed policies aimed at supply chain management, which work differently in […]

Logistics operation: Tesco and Sainsbury

Introduction Logistics management has been the industrial success driver for a long time, and thus organisations have been investing on it over the last century. However, the current organisational supply chain management is focused on the increasing consumer expectations with regard to the choice and delivery of goods and services. Due to the high competition […]

Simulation and Supply Chain Management Parsley Pallets

Summary It is evident that simulation facilitates modeling of the production processes, which allows quantitative analysis of the system performances. In this paper, the Simul8 simulation model presented examines the possible benefits of adjusting the current processes at Parsley Pallets (LLC.). The Simul8 model facilitates decision-making by allowing prior assessment of the production processes. In […]

Durable Vinyl Siding

Adapting towards changes is not an easy task, especially in the XXI century, when a company must keep in pace with both technological and business innovations. At present, it seems that DVS is facing three key issues, which are sourcing, procurement and the problem of overcrowding. Despite the fact that the three concerns mentioned above […]

The North Face

The North Face (TNF) was a market leader in the manufacture and marketing of outwear clothing, sleeping bags, and tents. TNF was also one of the major companies that engaged in the manufacture of backpacks. The company had dedicated sales representatives that provided it with a competitive edge over other companies in the industry. In […]

In the Rhythm of Rock: Supreme Sound Explosion

Logistics must be one of the most complex issues in the production process for any organization that is trying to expand into a greater marketplace. Seeing how it involves a careful consideration of the existing resources, the careful evaluation of all possible transportation issues, the comparison of the costs for transportation and the self-cost of […]

Briefing the CEO on the Organization’s Financial Status

Financial performance is the measure of a firm’s success as shown by its financial records over a given period. In the evaluation of the financial performance, all the organization’s financial records should be cross checked in order to extract its current financial situation for comparison with the initial records. The business’s fiscal performance can also […]

Global Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management should be understood as a system that entails organization of human labor, individuals, practices, knowledge, and resources that are necessary in ensuring that goods and services are moved from one place to the other, particularly from the manufacturer to consumers at the right time. Globalization presents several challenges to supply chain management, […]

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain refers to the management of interrelated networks, which are involved in provision of important goods and services to customers. The process is extensive, involving storage of raw materials and manufactured products and transportation of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of utilization. Logistics and supply chain […]

Containerisation, International Transportation and Trade

Introduction Transportation has always been regarded as a crucial component of global commerce. For centuries, transportation managers and engineers had to use inefficient and expensive methods of transporting goods from one location to the other. This changed in the mid 1950s when the concept of modern containerisation was successfully implemented by an American entrepreneur. Since […]

Natural Disasters and Supply Chains

Abstract This paper examines the system of procurement and supply and the effects natural disasters have on supply chains and buyers. It elaborates on the situations that manufacturers face when encountering natural disasters. Finally it elaborates on possible supply chain strategies that can be employed in order to avoid future problems as a result of […]

Supply Chain and Logistics in Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc

K&S is a company that was involved in the production and supply of semiconductor device assemblers, although the company’s main market space was wire bonding. Semiconductors business became increasingly competitive from the year 2000 when the manufacturing industry shifted to Asian and Pacific nations. This increased the level of competition among European companies since the […]

Quality in Supply Chain Management: Maersk

In all organizations, supply chain management plays the pivotal function of ensuring that products and services are availed whenever they are required in a manner that will sustain the increasing number of products that need to be availed in the market. Such sustainable ways require incredible observation of quality standards in the supply chain operational […]

Supply Chain Management as a Value Driver

Introduction Supply chain management is an integrated process that ensures proper distribution of goods and services to consumers. It involves holistic integration of activities from the point of acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution to the end users. Indeed, the process that requires managers to execute effective planning, designing, control and monitoring of supply […]

Supply Chain Management as a Value Driver

Introduction Supply chain management refers to various stages involved between acquisition of raw materials and availing a finished product to a consumer. It involves different players including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Supply chain management involves administering of resources, data and finances as they progress from a supplier to a consumer. Supply chain management […]

Radio Frequency Identification in Supply Chain Management

Introduction Every product passes through various stages and through different organizations or departments before getting to a consumer. These departments or organizations form the supply chain. Supply chains have existed for ages, but the art of managing and controlling the entire process has improved since organizations focus on every stage in the manufacturing process. The […]

Customer Loyalty

Introduction Most businesses formulate their marketing strategies targeting new customers. While it is important to increase the customer base, businesses must not overlook the critical role played by existing customers in the company’s growth. Customer loyalty is often connected to the inclination of a customer to continue associating with the company. This paper looks at […]

Vendor-Managed Inventory: UAE vs. International Contexts

Introduction and History Supplies to firms contribute to high costs, which eventually affect the competitive position of the firm. Firms have, in turn, adopted supply chain management practices to enhance the efficiency of their supplies-related costs and thus improve their positions competitively. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs are one of the tools that firms use […]

Marine Corps Logistics

Introduction Technology is advancing and many organizations have realized that it is important to adopt emerging technologies as a way of remaining relevant in various fields. The Marine Corps has been faced with a lot of challenges, especially in managing logistics when the officers are in operation. According to Dombrowski and Gholz (2006), the warfare […]

Supply Chain Management in the Fashion Industry

Introduction A supply chain is a network that demands from all parties that are involved to satisfy the customer’s request. As a rule, every single stakeholder, starting from suppliers and product developers up to warehouses, investors and customers, is taken into account when developing a supply chain network for a particular company. Traditionally, a supply […]

GenRays: IT Project Management

Every project needs a robust project management structure. The GenRays HRIS project is no exception. There is need to establish a strong project management team that will deliver on the expectations of all project stakeholders. This paper outlines the project management structure and proposes the best people from GenRays to take up the positions. HRIS […]

Outsourcing Seats to Turkey

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the influence of outsourcing on VDL Group’s supply chain strategy and processes. In addition, a plan to outsource CAD conversion services to Outsource2india will be presented. Outsourcing refers to the process of “contracting with a third-party service provider for the management and completion of a certain […]

Business Process: Supply Chain Management

Introduction A business process is a well coordinated sequential task, undertaken to fulfill certain set objectives. Every stage is managed as it contributes to attainment of the set goals and objectives. Generally there are three sets of business processes they are; managerial processes, operational processes and supporting processes (Slack, Chambers & Johnston, 2010). This papers […]

Introduction of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers to PriceSmart Inc.

Introduction This is a marketing plan for a new product for PriceSmart Inc., a membership shopping club with warehouses situated in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Its growth is unprecedented in this sector and attributed to the kind of business strategy that the company has being applying through the years. First, we carried […]

Information communication technology

Introduction The term ICT, or Information communication technology, refers to communication devices and communication applications. These encompass mobile phones, satellite systems, radio, computers and network hardware, television, etc. ICT is currently among the most important drivers of retail logistics. It has also become an indispensable part of contemporary homes and retail businesses (Kuppusamy and Santhapparaj, […]

Stakeholder Analysis in Event Management

Stakeholder Definition Stakeholders are individuals, groups of individuals or organizations that hold a special interest in an event including its operations and success. Stakeholders are a critical pillar in the success of any event. To a certain extent, stakeholders shape the manner in which event managers conduct an event. Stakeholder analysis is a process in […]

Stock-Outs and Their Impact on the Company’s Progress

Starting a new business venture is never easy; there are a plenty of new issues to address, obstacles to overcome, challenges to face and rivals to compete with. Among the problems that occur most frequently, the case of stock-out must be mentioned. Running out of a specific commodity, especially a crucial one, often becomes a […]

RFID in the Retail Supply Chain: Issues and Opportunities

RFID Technology RFID is an acronym which stands for radio frequency identification. It is a wireless technology which uses electromagnetic fields in identifying animals, people or objects (Violino, 2013). Many authors contend that RFID is a technology that will tend to replace or supplement other technologies such as barcode (Violino, 2013). RFID is composed of […]

Logistics: ATB Manufacturing

Well-developed logistics system has strategic importance in terms of efficient product distribution and supply chain management. However, although mass merchandizing technique allows ATB Manufacturing company to stand the fast-growing competition, it creates challenges for developing appropriate logistics system and inventory control. Within a broader network of a supply chain management, logistics is a multi-stage process […]

The Impact of Radio-Frequency Technology on Retailing and Wholesaling

Technological innovations have altered the business landscapes. Today, for instance, many interactive technologies that rely on Internet platforms have introduced disruptive traditional practices and forced many retailers and wholesalers to review their business practices. Innovative, interactive technologies have provided platforms for new robust business models such as Netflix, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, among others. The […]