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Marketing Communication Essay Examples and Topics

Marketing Relationship and Communications

To measure the strength and weaknesses of their arguments, one needs to look at the results of the use of unusual creative tactics.

Communication Strategy in Promotional Campaigns

Above are a few of the benefits of a sound communication strategy that are detailed in this memo. A sound communication strategy will be crucial in the promotion of new products that this entity wants [...]

Toyota Company’s Public Relations and Marketing

The recall crisis has led to the development of a negative perception and public image of Toyota Company. The internal society within the Toyota Company forms the first and most important stakeholders in this campaign.

Kellogg Company’s Brand and Marketing Communication

By supporting and sponsoring breakfast clubs in the country, Kellogg's will become a brand associated with comprehensiveness according to the opinion of customers.

British Airways’ Advertisements and Press Release

The sea has branded the Sea of Tranquility and the island has been named the Isle of Comfort. In the process, the airline entered the Guinness Book of Records for holding the 'World's Highest Concert'.

Sales Promotional Mix and Advertising

Sales promotion and management of sales communication with the potential and existing clientele is vital to raise the sales performance of the company.

Motor City, Honda and Toyota Websites in Marketing

Although most of the content for Motor City and Toyota can be found after navigating the interior of the websites, Honda seems to have concentrated most of the content on the home page, by providing [...]

TAG Heuer Company’s Marketing Communications

The company has to know the characteristics of most likely individuals to purchase the watches. The market has to be divided into sections to meet the needs of the various target groups.

Social Marketing: The Truth Anti-Smoking Campaign

The agreement of November 1998 between 46 states, five territories of the United States, the District of Columbia, and representatives of the tobacco industry gave start to the introduction of the Truth campaign.

Obama Campaign vs. Save the Children Initiative

Save the Children organization focuses on the future and the context needed to improve the lives of children in the US and worldwide.

Live Streaming Services for Business Marketing

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the competitive advantage a company can achieve when utilizing social media, in particular, live streaming services for video content.

Blogging for Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

One of the evident benefits of utilizing a blog for DTCM is the attraction of visitors to the main website. A blog is a relevant new media for DTCM because it allows commenting on the [...]

Hunter Valley Wine Company’s Media Plan

The guideline will provide a walkthrough on the evaluation and later recommendations on the media advertising options viable for the Hunter Valley Wine Company to consider and probably adopt in the process carry out outreach [...]

Search Engine Optimization and Future Marketing

The core feature of the Internet as a virtual and limitless space the capacity for immediate access to and reproduction of information has led to the development of new knowledge base and creation of a [...]

Advertising Strategies for Business in Australia and Europe

Furthermore, the increased sophistication of the modern market preconditions the fundamental need for its comprehensive investigation to understand the main forces that impact it at the moment and perform the appropriate actions to increase the [...]

Nivea Skin Care and Mortgage Shop Ads for Consumers

This report attempts to identify the demographic market segments that the advertisements target and relate the findings to the consumer buying decision process and other theories of consumer behavior.

“Tweeting for Profit” by Jeniffer Alsever

By embracing twitter as a marketing tool, the only overhead cost that Drey hopes to incur is the time that he spends tweeting.

Toyota Company: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

Of particular interest is the emphasis on the hybrid powertrain which is one of the product's selling points and adds to the uniqueness of brand associations.

Public Information Officers in Mediatization Age

In these circumstances, the role of PIOs becomes crucial to a wide variety of businesses, as they can promote effective communication with the media and the public, therefore influencing the perception of the company.

Conceptual Metaphor for Brand Image in Advertising

It is not a rare case that conceptual metaphors are used in advertising as they are capable of increasing the perceived value of this or that product or service.

Systemic, Adversarial and Image Crises in Business

Secondly, a PIO also needs to define the organization's motive and the adversary's motive, as this will help to choose the best course of action.

Negotiations and Cross-cultural Approaches

The factors contribute significantly to understanding the systems and key figures in a country that are relevant to the business. Standard of living in Israel is high, and the majority of the populations live in [...]

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz: Promotion and Advertising

The essay compares and contrasts the different advertising, promotional, and pricing strategies employed by the two companies that make them able to compete favorably in the market.

World Cup 2010 and 2018 Advertising Campaigns

Marketers in the Russian FIFA 2018 World Cup should focus on culture to draw the personal feelings of the citizens towards a brand.

Kalimah Brand’s Facebook Networking Group

The garments are modified with embroidery and print to add the value and quality of all the company's merchandise. By using the site it is easy to know the number of people liking your product [...]

Victoria University’s Internet Marketing

Creating a website is the first step; generating traffic to the website is the second and the most important thing in internet marketing.

Colgate Brand’s Promotional Strategy

The objectives of its strategy are to leave a striking image in the customer's mind as well as create a lasting connection between the Colgate brand and professional dental care.

Grammy Company’s Digital Media Use

According to Wesley and Rohm in the article, 'Social Media and the Grammy Awards: The 'We are all Fans' Campaign', only 14% of its viewers were found to be in the said age bracket.

The Online Public Relations Concept

Organizational transparency can be measured by identifying the degree to which it shares the information and to which it allows contact with people who can provide this information.

E-Newsletters: Online Public Relations

Further, the emergence of the internet has provided a wide variety of approaches that organizations can use to reach their customers and potential users of their products in the market.

Excellent Public Relations: Organizational Factors

The chapter supports the view that PR is not only to be appreciated and valued by the C-suite but the representatives of PR departments should also be present in the dominant coalition.

Prime Gas Company’s Adwords in Marketing Campaign

The keywords we will use will include: "mobile gas," "gas deliverer," and "doorstep gas". We provide doorstep gas to our clients all over the country.

Max Burger Restaurant’s Creative Advertising

Max Burger Restaurant will strive to provide products, which portray the brand statement to the consumers. The hook for the company's products to the target consumers will be based on issue of freshness.

Playstation Online Community in Twitter and YouTube

Playstation Community is connected with the brand's channels on social media such as Twitter and Youtube, so there is a possibility to engage with the content created both by users and the brand.

Eternity Aqua Perfume: Advert and Adbusting

In the recent campaign of 2012 to market the product, Eternity Aqua was advertised and endorsed by the lovely Edita Vilkeviciute and the robust Ben Hill.

YouTube as a Product Promotion Platform

The rapid development of Internet technologies and the emergence of social media structures affect the marketing methods and strategies greatly. The posts and customer reviews create the risk factors for the marketing strategies efficiency, and [...]

Nike’s Margot vs. Lily Ads Series and Marketing

It is easy for a new customer to like and eventually buy the Nike products because of watching Margot vs. Lily series in 'Better for It' campaign by Nike is a creative and persuasive advertisement [...]

Pepsi Poster Ad Development and Analysis

The following is an analysis of the Pepsi ad that captures the attention of the on-lookers as in the figure shown.

Benetton’s Shocking Advertising and Its Ethics

Speaking of Benetton's advertising objectives, the primary goal was to inform the audience about the existence and significance of the social issues, which take place in the world.

Pop-Up Ads as an Innovative Advertising Tool

The aspects allow the establishment of the new approaches to delivering the message to the final consumer. Firstly, the usage of the popup-ads has to be defined and assessed due to their active spread on [...]

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie: Marketing Campaign

Using the hints and references in the prior movies, the creators of the Avengers won the interest of the viewers, making many of the Marvel fans count days till the movie hit the screens.

Goldfish, Pantene, and Heinz Ads Analysis

The emphasis on the quality of the product is clear from the tagline of the advertisement, "Baked with real cheese". The image in the print advertisement tries to emphasize the quality of the product.

Tobacco Advertising and Promotion in the UK

The study's discussion asserts that the current packaging trends are a result of the enactment of the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act.

Rush Restaurant’s Ads and Cultural Values

The presence of children enjoying themselves in the ad is expected to attract the interest of other kids. As such, the restaurant seems to be assuring parents that their children are safe taking the natural [...]

Improving E-Mail Marketing Response

The email's subject line enticed the recipient to open the message; it is therefore up to the first sentence to hook the reader and compel them to carry on reading.

WeChat’s Social Media Audit with Storify

Just next to it there is a page for the nannies. Due to that, WeChat is building a portfolio from its participants and relating it to the country of origin's registrar of births.

Traditional vs. Digital Media Advertising

The biggest advantage of such a method is the opportunity of immediate getting to the audience. Before setting up an advertising campaign, it is necessary to evaluate the company's needs and possibilities.

Taglines in Marketing of Brands and Advertising

The main function of a tagline is to communicate the company's brand and ensure that it sticks in the mind of the consumers unforgettable.

Customer Interview and Closing Techniques

It is a way I can use to reiterate my interest in the company as a salesman. I learned that as the interview draws near to the end, it is important to interject a closing [...]

Search Engine Optimization: Tips and Tricks

One of the most important reasons is that a company might have a perfect website with all the required information for promoting its products or services but unless the website is viewed by the customers, [...]

Integrated Marketing Communication: Benefits and Limits

According to Wehling, IMC refers to the strategic co-ordination of not only the messages that an organisation sends to the public, but also the media that the organisation uses to build its brand image.

Crestview and Briarwood Medical Institutions’ Marketing

In this case, the presence of the banner adjacent to the location of Briarwood Medical Center contributes to the understatement of the historical value of the medical center and underlines the advantages of the hospital.

E-Mail Marketing Response: Design of Experiment

The purpose of this paper is to conduct the design of an experiment to test the relationships between factors and provide recommendations for improving the strategy.

E-Marketing: Banners, Keywords, Page Design

Whenever people start e-marketing, they anticipate lot many things such as: My business site will be on the top on all the major search engines.

Fitness Australia Organization Integrated Marketing Communication

About 10 million people who need this sort of therapy and numbers of adult citizen of the country are classified as "clinically obese" for having the notable impact of stress and disability at a larger [...]

Samsung Flat-Screen TVs: Marketing Communications

The first objective of marketing communications is to grab the attention of the customers from the start of the new marketing campaign through various means.

Benetton’s Eccentricity in Advertisement Campaign

Given the discursive vagueness of the above-provided image, it can be used to convey a number of mutually complementary messages to the targeted audiences, so that the latter form a favorable attitude towards the [...]

Airline Marketing, Communication and Management

An analysis of the marketing communication mix is necessary when forming an optimum promotional package to reach out to all the customers targeted by the airline. The percentage of sales method is applied to determine [...]

Branded Entertainment in Coca-Cola Company

In line with the importance of brand entertainment, the aim of this paper is not only to provide the definition of branded entertainment but also describe how the branded entertainment approach is used at Coca-Cola.

Air France Company’s Internet Marketing

Due to the entry of technological advancement in the world today, internet has been the most common means of product and service intake for customers within the air travel industry.

UC Riverside Men’s Basketball Team’s Social Media Marketing

In order to increase credibility and maintain professionalism, the proposed website, twitter fan page, and Facebook channels will encompass processes and features that flawlessly facilitate a healthy lifetime relationship between social media and the UCR [...]

Marketing: Advertising and Customer Perception

Among them, one can distinguish the use of a global theme or a slogan that can appeal to the customers that may come from various countries or cultures.

Integrated Marketing Communications: Media

So Delicious has demonstrated how quickly and rapidly the number of fans and consumers grows once the company has joined its efforts to cover many media means at a time and produce the maximum influence.

Facebook Online Marketing Manager’s Functions

Understanding the underlying subject and the tone of the discussions will help the company adjust to the needs of customers and come up with their best voices in social media.

Marketing Communication: Word-of-Mouth Effects on Sales

Today the word-of-mouth is considered one of the most powerful forms of marketing communication. Before concluding the paper, viewpoints on the application of word of mouth in marketing have also been incorporated in the report.

Marketing Communication and Strategies in Communication Campaign

This has led to development of a great potential market for the products of Abercrombie & Fitch company in China. This made China to have a population wth a high purchasing power necessary for the [...]

Marketing Communication at Benetton and Yeo Valley Companies

However, the management of the company realised that the consumers were unaware of the organic products among other brands. The strategies were meant for changing the viewpoints of the consumers on the products of the [...]

Marketing Communication in Benetton

The advertising objectives of the two companies The advertising objective of Benetton group was to create awareness about the brand and at the same time inform potential consumers about the ideals that the company supports.

Marketing Communication Plan for Pebble Beach, UK

Pebble Beach develops according to such trends in the market as the increase of the popularity of provincial restaurants, hotels, and resort complexes in 14% in 2010, and the overall decrease in the revenues of [...]

Communication Plan of Blu E- Cig

This paper aims at discussing the principal factors in managing and developing a successful marketing communication plan, advertising and promotion programs that will be used, and technology trends that will assist in marketing the new [...]

Social Media as Part of PR & Marketing Strategy

However, the organization can use social media to persuade the public to buy its products, to use its services and to trust its brand. Using social media as a means of public relations can, therefore, [...]

Communications Plan for Gourmet Coffee

The location of the business and the target market for this type of a product makes it reasonable to analyze the application of the following two promotion methodologies.

Advertisements: Positive and Negative Consequences

Some of the benefits of conducting advertising include improving the sale of the product since more people are now aware of the brand on offer, the attitudes and perceptions that customers have on the company's [...]

Advertising principles and strategy report

Marketers of the various cookware items are supposed to have a deep understanding of the essentiality of the campaigns, functionalism of each campaign method, isolation of the sales period, and the critical time to change [...]

Marketing Communications Mix: Apple vs. Samsung

Finally, the paper compares the IMC strategies used by Samsung and Apple Inc to market their products to dominate the laptop industry.


Whichever means preferred to present the advertisement, the sellers or rather the producers of the advertised product must have the target audience in mind.

Customer Driven marketing strategy for Only Oz

The firm understands that to attain its goals and objectives there is need for it to clearly determine the needs and aspirations of customers and deliver goods and services to customers in a manner that [...]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Importance of understanding and appreciating the various IMC tools to those who work in the field of advertising and promotion Understanding and appreciating the use of IMC tools are useful to those who work in [...]

Integrated marketing communication

As such, in the mid 1990s, designers of IMCs had not yet seen the need to make the consumer the primary target of Integrated Marketing Communication programs.

IMC Strategy Development

These objectives are related to the IMC strategy of the organization in the regard that the improvement of revenue, increased output and expansion of the organization will work well within the organizations which puts peoples' [...]

Integrated Marketing Communications

In recap, it is imperative to note that the various marketing mix available as part and parcel of communication efforts to consumers can all be applied differently both at the product and brand level.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Belch and Belch argue that it is a theory of marketing communication framework that acknowledges the value of all-inclusive arrangements that assess the tactical functions of a wide range of strategic areas of marketing such [...]

Marketing Communication

It is upon the management to make a choice in which is the best taking into account the business operations and the needs of the market.