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158 Social Media Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

The Social Media Essay Structure

Before starting your social media essay, you need to organize your themes and ideas in a way that will make writing much easier. To structure an essay on social media, go through the following steps:

  • Step 1. Check the instructions to understand what is expected of you. There are numerous different types of essays, such as persuasive, argumentative, or informative. The particular type of essay required by your tutor determines its content, so make sure that you know what you need to write. Some tutors will provide examples of other students’ work, and it is helpful to read those, too.
  • Step 2. Choose a topic that sounds compelling. This might be the most challenging process if your tutor didn’t provide a list of possible topics to explore. To assist you in narrowing down social media essay topics, browse sample papers online, and see if they give you any inspiration.
  • Step 3. Research the subject well. While personal opinions and experiences may be relevant, you should always support them with high-quality research data. Social media is a prominent scholarly area, so there are a lot of studies that you may find useful. For example, if you need to write an essay on social media and its impact, read research on the positive and negative influences of social media.
  • Step 4. Write out the key points. These items may include your opinions, research results, and other relevant information. Take note of any new thoughts that come to mind in relation to your chosen theme.
  • Step 5. Create a powerful thesis statement. Based on all the things you’ve read, what will be the most significant idea of your essay? Do you want to write an essay on social media disadvantages? Or have you found that social networking is far more useful than people think and can be used for good? Writing a thesis that narrows down the focus of your essay creates a foundation for its structure.
  • Step 6. Double-check your points to see if any of them don’t fit in with the thesis. Removing these points will help you in making sure that your essay is well-organized and focused. For example, if you want to explore bullying on social media, don’t write a separate section about the educational uses of social media. Irrelevant statements could confuse the reader and may cost you a couple of extra marks.
  • Step 7. Write section titles that correspond to your main points. Writing the title of each section will help you to put your points in a logical order. This will ensure that your essay has an excellent flow and is enjoyable for the reader. If certain points don’t seem to fit together in one section – move some of them around or replace them with related statements.
  • Step 8. Avoid adding any new information into the last section. A social media essay conclusion serves to summarize your points and show how they support your thesis. This should be the final section you structure. Do not introduce any new information here because it will confuse your readers and make the essay seem unfinished.

The steps described above will help you to structure your essay and receive high marks for it. If you need a great social media essay example to get started, check our website for free samples and tips!

🏆 Best Social Media Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Effects of Lack of Social Media Marketing on Papa Pita Bakery
    It is quite evident that the failure by the Papa pita bakery to market its products through social media has affected it in diverse ways.
  2. The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy
    When doing this, users can keep track of what is happening in their world as well as that of their friends Twitter has brought the idea of crowdsourcing so real and quick when using the […]
  3. Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool
    To bring out this significance of social media networks, the article will highlight the popularity of social media networks, how they can be used to collect views and how they can be used to show […]
  4. The Role of Social Media in Modern Society
    Nowadays, Facebook has become one of the largest networks in the world by means of which people can share and exchange views, images, and photos.
  5. Social Media and Stalking
    My opinion on viewing other people’s information on a social site is that all information on the social site should be accessible to all people.
  6. Management Problems in Social Media
    It is therefore the duty of the management of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and You Tube to protect themselves and their users from infringement of privacy.
  7. Social media effects
    Social media and politics Social media has had a lot of impacts on the political happenings that have been witnessed in recent months.
  8. The Effects of Facebook and other Social Media on Group Mind and Social Pressure
    Members of a particular social network have to conform to certain principles that define the social group despite the difference of opinion.
  9. Does Social Media Influence Activism and Revolution on the World Stage?
    Social media still has a lot to prove in terms of its effect on activism and revolution on the world stage at this point in time.
  10. Social Media Networks
    The question as to whether or not the social media networks should be regulated or remain neutral should depend on the responsibility of the social media networks as well as the efforts that the networks […]
  11. Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships
    This has made some of the relations blossom It can be concluded that social media has both positive and negative effects on relationships.
  12. The Influence of Social Media on Communication
    One of the most important points, which is to be taken into account, is that social media helps to speed up the revolution. However, it seems that the means of social media are difficult to […]
  13. Social Media in Enhancing Social Relationships and Happiness
    Social media and technology assist to foster and maintain relationships where the people live in different geographical regions. There is a major concern that social media and technology poses a threat to the traditional fabric […]
  14. Real Estate and Social Media
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the history of real estate and social media, the position of social media over the last years, importance of technology to improve business, the best ways to […]
  15. The Use of Social Media in Marketing
    There is every indication that social media marketing is rapidly replacing the conventional marketing platforms that have been used for a long time. The dissemination of marketing messages is the main principle behind viral marketing […]
  16. Social Media Overview
    For an individual to share a video through YouTube there will be need for the individual to sign up for an account with YouTube.
  17. Social Media: A Force for Political and Human Rights Changes Worldwide
    In this essay, I will discuss the effectiveness of traditional media and social media, and how social media has a better participation in changing the world in terms of politics and human rights.
  18. The Application of Social Media Promotion of Organizations’ Businesses
    The application of social media promotion of organizations’ businesses has led to the diminishing trend in the application of traditional forms of marketing.
  19. Domino’s Pizza: Social Media Case
    Such are the threats the crisis signify to the organization, the surprise element the crisis present and the limited time within which the management is to make decisions.
  20. Social Media Marketing Merits and Demerits
    The easy access to the internet can increase the use of the social networks. Subsequently, the access can enhance the sharing of information among the users of the social media.
  21. Social Media Sites
    Therefore, the essay will categorically expound on the numerous benefits that these social media sites have brought to the world. The large market that social media sites create also results to increase in the number […]
  22. Effect of Social Media Sites on Our Lives
    Social networking sites aim to promote the establishment and maintenance of networks of friends over the Internet and allow individuals to easily connect with one or all members of their social networks, regardless of time […]
  23. Social Media – It’s Real Value
    This is to expose the real value of social media as it is used today in our social lives as well as in the workplace, so as to be able to fully exploit it.
  24. The Role of Social Media in Recruitment
    The human resource department policies, if well and effectively applied, will lead to effective and productive contribution of the employees to the overall mandate and goals of the organization.
  25. Concept of Online Social Media Marketing
    The link to the company website should be offered. The clients should be encouraged to visit the company website.
  26. The Effects of Technology on Humans: Social Media
    In order to differentiate between social media and other forms of interactive media, one can look at the kind of language used; for social media there is no official language or professional language to be […]
  27. The Impact of Social Media on Food Culture (preferences) in America
    A study conducted in the US in 2012 to assess the impact of the social media on food culture revealed that the use of social technology has a great impact on many aspects food culture.
  28. Personal Information in Social Media Platforms
    The storage of this information does not give one an option to reinvent him or herself to a new beginning and overcome the checkered pasts.
  29. Social media and its drawbacks
    The use of social networks has added to the hardships of life, as people endanger their personalities and reputations by their postings to the public.
  30. The Huffington Post’s Marketing Strategy
    For instance, the staff of the Huffington Post was assisted by identifying exciting material on the internet which was in line with the blog’s left wing inclination.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Impact of Social Media on Public Relations Practice
    Many organizations in the modern world have employed PR personnel to improve the company image and products to the public in a bid to improve the reputation and performance of the firm.
  2. The Impact of Social Media within the Workplace
    To some extent, the kind of communication between the employees and the allies should be of little concern to the employers.
  3. Woman Intimacy and Friendship with the Appearance of Social Media
    The anonymity provided by the social media makes this medium very appealing to both women and men as they are able to “reconstruct” themselves to a level they deem “cool” enough to garner more desired […]
  4. Impacts of Social Media on Lives
    Some of these ages are regarded as revolutions because of the impact they had on the general life direction of the population.
  5. Memo for Presentation: Social Media
    The main idea of the discussion is to present the social media and its connection with the business. Therefore, the main idea of using the social media is to advertise the company and its products.
  6. Social Media Issues Relating To Race and Religion
    The social media is the most recent of the forms of communication. Social media has allowed people world over to share and through this, knowledge is passed from one corners of the world to the […]
  7. Impact of Social Media on Society
    The continued use of social media will have a great impact to the society. Social media will have a great impact for the training of medical professionals and other operation efficiencies.
  8. Impact of online social media in conflict situations
    A study commissioned by The George Washington University indicates that determining the actual effects of the new media in conflict situations is cumbersome due to methodological challenges and the newness of the subject. The use […]
  9. Employee Recruitment Through Social Media
    The only thing that the employers need to do to reach the potential employees is to post the jobs on the social media sites.
  10. The Biggest Collaborative Projects that Exist Because of Social Media
    Both the company and the social media provider are able to benefit from the online advertisements. The use of social networking sites is growing rapidly in the marketing, consumer, and social sectors.
  11. Social Media amongst the Student Population
    For the purpose of this report, there is also a discussion of some of the changes that have been observed in the past five years regarding the way students receive information and news.
  12. Is Social Media A Useful Tool For Brand Promotion?
    The social medias are the new experience to connect people from all over the world through online presence, it turned into a charismatic feature of the marketing mix by modernising the technique of the companies […]
  13. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    Modern technologies have been integral in supporting the growth and development of rapturous networking activities and Social Media has presently become one of the main issues in the business paradigm.
  14. The Freedom of Speech in Social Media
    Gelber tries to say that the history of the freedom of speech in Australia consists of the periods of the increasing public debates on the issue of human rights and their protection.
  15. Is it Ethical for Employers to Search Social Media for Information about Applicants for a Job?
    In the context of the codes of ethics of the ACS, using social media to acquire information about a given job applicant implies that the recruiting team would use the media to draw inferences and […]
  16. Effect of Social Media on Depression
    The number of friends that the participants of the mock study had in their social sites was also related to the degree of depression that they experienced.
  17. Social Media Marketing Plan: Subway Fast Food
    Attract The main objective of this digital marketing plan is to attract the younger customers’ market through the Subway’s website and a twitter fun page in order to increase the customer traffic in its stores.
  18. Social Media and Arab Uprising
    The initial stages of globalization dates back to the thirteenth century when it was entirely based on the globalization of countries. The internet which has been the backbone of revolution was invented in globalization 2.
  19. “How the Fashion Industry is Embracing Social Media” by Hitha Prabhakar
    The publicity of a firm’s product and services can be extended using the social media. The cost of production can be reduced using social media adverts.
  20. How Social Media Network Can Change the Attitude of Australian youth
    Potential of Social Media Networks The change we want to explore is the role of social media networks in influencing the attitude of Australian youth towards poverty through the Make Poverty History campaign.
  21. Internet Marketing: Use of Social Media by Artists to Market their Music
    Today, the success of an artist is not directly related to the number of albums they have sold but rather to a number of combined factors including: ticket sales, Internet hits and the amount of […]
  22. The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior in Electron Sector
    This is because of the capacity of the social media to go beyond the limits of a company’s web pages, the ability of social media to enhance awareness of a product through attraction, as opposed […]
  23. Ethnicity and Self-Representation in Social Media: When Cultures Merge
    Analyzing the ways in which and the means with the help of which people manifest their ethnicities in the social media, one can comment on the tendencies in the intercultural communication and the changes which […]
  24. How Models of Audience Research Inform Debate on the Use of Social Media
    From the analysis, it is clear how both Encoding/Decoding model and Uses and Gratifications theory could be used to inform debates on the use of social media.
  25. Social media effect on the purchase decision of the young generation in Saudi Arabia
    The study shall endeavor to explore the following objectives: To examine the effect of social media on the purchase decisions made by the young generation in Saudi Arabia To assess the level of use of […]
  26. Social media and ethics
    In the initial stages of social media, it was easy fro companies to brush aside the idea of social media and have nothing to do with it, hence, risk being victims of the two risks.
  27. Developing a Social Media Strategy
    The social media offers the best way through which the company and the customers can interact in an effort to creating products, which are to the expectations of the market.
  28. DOD Policy on Social Media Concerning Military Members and Government Public Administration
    In the current era of digital technology, the government has a duty of ensuring that the department of defense policy on social media addresses the use of invented technologies of communication within and outside the […]
  29. How Internet Communication, and Social Media influences Politics and Social awareness in the World
    The significance of the widespread use of internet in politics and social media is the subject of my research project. The analysis of the election points out to the extensive use of the internet.
  30. Banning of Social Media Such as Facebook from Schools
    Students, who spend most time using social media, such as Facebook and twitter, find it hard to concentrate in class because of the addictive nature of the social media.

🎓 Simple & Easy Social Media Essay Titles

  1. Impacts of Globalization on Social Media
    It will look at the advantages and disadvantages of globalization and the response of social media to the global phenomena. This paper sets out to expound on the many positive and negative impacts of the […]
  2. Social Media and the Hospitality Industry
    As the world of online marketing continues to expand, and innovative ways of communicating with the target customers come to the fore, social media has withstood the onslaught of critics and emerged out strongly.
  3. The Educational Promise of Social Media
    The use of social media can only be useful if the students or children are closely watched and guided on how to make use of it for positive development.
  4. How will social media change the future of international politics?
    Besides this, social media has also contributed greatly to the development of international politics by increasing the knowledge of politics in different parts of the world and encouraging more young people to participate in politics.
  5. Social Media Crises
    The visibility of these profiles differs from social site to the other and also depending on the preferences of the user.
  6. Privacy and Security in Social Media
    The pros and cons of social media shall be discussed and solutions to curb the security and privacy issues proposed. Despite the fact that social media has helped people stay in touch regardless of various […]
  7. Use of Social Media In The Police Force In Queensland
    The disaster however has changed the belief and with the above disaster scenario in mind, it will be important to state the benefits of introducing use of social media in the police force.
  8. Social Media Marketing/Promotion
    In conclusion, like the other firms operating in the clothing sector, Rock and Diesel are struggling to retain their market share.
  9. Social Media Monitoring
    Social media monitoring provides organizations with an opportunity to address negative comments regarding the organization which might be posted on the social media.
  10. Social Media Use in Internal Communication in Dubai Public Sector Companies
    This problem of the limited use of social media in internal communication in governmental organizations can be discussed with references to specific research questions: Research Question1: Is there a relationship between the approach to using […]
  11. Innovative & Emerging Technologies: Leveraging Social Media
    There are three main readings that can help to comprehend the development of the technological aspect and discuss social media as the means to find and exchange information.
  12. The Effect of Social Media on Saudi University Students
    Is there any statistically substantial alteration in Saudi university students’ attitudes towards learning English language and the impact of the social media by the area of study?
  13. The effect of Social Media on today’s youth
    This theory is useful in the explanation of the impact of media during crisis, and will also be useful in the analysis of the impact of social media on the youth of the UAE.
  14. Social Media as a Way to Capture the Present-Day Reality
    Whether the new media will be used for the benefit of the company depends on the policies within the firm once the head of the company treats the employees good, there is no reason to […]
  15. Social Media: Negative and Positive Impacts
    It is evident that social media has negative and positive impacts on the lives of many people. Social media has enabled many people to get connected in many parts of the world.
  16. New Social Media Marketing Tools
    There are a great number of new media tools for marketing and advertising through social networking, including blogs, social bookmarking sites, and famous social networks. Social bookmarking is a process that provides a quick access […]
  17. The Impact and Effect of Social Media on a Brand, its Image and Reputation
    Consequently, the research questions are: ‘Do some companies underestimate the importance of the social media?’, and ‘Does the social media has a vehement impact on the business’ revenue, success and brand image?’ The significant features […]
  18. Social Media as Part of PR & Marketing Strategy
    However, the organization can use social media to persuade the public to buy its products, to use its services and to trust its brand. Using social media as a means of public relations can, therefore, […]
  19. Social Media Data Analysis
    For the company storage purposes, information in wikis is stored in a chronological order and may be used to build the company’s knowledge.
  20. Social Media Networks’ Impacts on Political Communication
    The influence of social media in the UAE political space associates with several political and social factors, like the acceptance of divergent political views, the support of social and political changes, people’s empowerment, and the […]
  21. Social Media in the Workplace
    What must be understood though is that such characteristics are dependent upon the type of technical teams that are the backbone of the company wherein through the utilization of a variety of management practices a […]
  22. People’s Responsibility in the Social Media World and Its Effects on the Reputation
    Knowing how to protect the privacy on social media is vital and can be achieved by practicing the following good practices. These theories tend to assess the effects of social media on groups, individual and […]
  23. Social Media
    The platform has changed the lives of many across the world. This move is therefore a clear indication of the magnitude these social media are doing to the society.
  24. Changes in Social Media
    The essay seeks to find out the changes in the social media in the last decade, and the future of this industry.
  25. The Future of Social Media
    With the development of this technology, people will be able to have a look at the content of a product without opening the package.
  26. The Impact of Social Media on Political Leaders
    Therefore, through the understanding of the impact of social media on political leaders, the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s court can better understand how to improve the interaction/communication between the president and the citizens of the […]
  27. Social Media Strategy – eTourism
    Target Audience The target audience of the project is males and females aged 18-35, interested in the aspects of the food tourism, the Chinese culinary traditions, the Chinese culture, visiting Chinese restaurants in China, in […]
  28. The Role of Social Media
    The approach will also encourage more companies to embrace the use of social media. The above discussion explains why companies should use social media to improve their HR practices and business performances.
  29. Social Media Platforms Effects on Social identity
    The social media, whose reach and influence is global, is one of the most common avenues that are used to shape and enhance the concept of identity nowadays.
  30. Mobile Social Media Marketing
    The advancements in the service sector, therefore, have occasioned the increased attention to the modern implementation of the mobile social constructs as better ways for companies to develop and enhance the global marketing trends.

🥇 Most Interesting Social Media Topics to Write about

  1. Social Media and Its Impacts on Society
  2. Great Influence of Social Media
  3. Social Media and Social Relations
  4. “How Large U.S. Companies Can Use Twitter and Other Social Media to Gain Business Value” by Culnan, McHugh, Zubillaga
  5. Social Media and Older Australians
  6. Social Media Analysis for Qatar Airways
  7. Strategic Plan – Social Media in Women and Child Hospital
  8. Social Media and NPO’s
  9. Sidra Digital and Social Media Strategy
  10. Do Social Media Affect People in Saudi Arabia?
  11. Retailers Find Social Media Magnify Brand Presence
  12. Social Media and Marketing
  13. Social Media Web Resource Management
  14. New Social Media Platforms
  15. Social Media Marketing Plan
  16. Social Media – Facebook
  17. Case Study: How Organisational Business and Personal Business can use Social Media?
  18. A Day in My Office without Internet and New Social Media Technologies in My Workplace
  19. Men and Women in Internet and Social Media: Real-Life Stereotypes in the Virtual Communication
  20. The Influence of Social Media
  21. Social Media Marketing and Consumer Transactions
  22. Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  23. Significance of Social Media in Business Operations
  24. Social Media Marketing
  25. Measuring the Impact of Social Media: Challenges, Practices and Methods
  26. Social Media and Democracy
  27. Wet Seal Company’s Social Media Marketing Strategy
  28. Nike Company Social Media Marketing
  29. Las Vegas Hotel Industry: Social Media and Marketing
  30. Social Media Benefits: Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus
  31. Social Media Marketing: Business Optimization
  32. Social Media Marketing Attitude Survey
  33. Social Media Websites Effectiveness for EFL Students
  34. Social Media at Cape Breton University
  35. International Social Media Blocked In China
  36. Social Media in Future: Twitter, Instagram and Tango
  37. The Chinese Government Blocked Social Media
  38. Corporate Leaders and Social Media Tools
  39. What the Social Media Will Do in Future?
  40. Networked Dissent: Threats of Social Media’s Manipulation
  41. Social Media and Innovative Technologies
  42. The Effects of Social Media on Society
  43. Social Media: Facebook Problems, Decisions and Actions
  44. Evaluation of Social Media at the Deakin Website
  45. Romania’s Social Media and Technologies
  46. Social Media Industry Environment and Interactions
  47. The Calgary Fire Service Department Social Media Channels
  48. American Cancer Society’ Social Media Networks Usage
  49. What Can the Companies do to Protect their Reputation against Community / Social Media / NGO Attacks?
  50. How to Use Social Media to Create an Identity?
  51. Social Media Replacing Traditional Journalism
  52. Social Media Hazards for Youth
  53. UC Riverside Men’s Basketball Team’s Social Media Marketing
  54. Social Media Crisis: Kitchen Aid Company Case
  55. Social Media Campaign: WATERisLIFE
  56. Social Media’s Role in the Contemporary World
  57. Local Newspaper and Its Social Media Advertising
  58. The Dumbledore Army: Social Media Power
  59. Builder Electro Company’s Employee Social Media Postings
  60. The Effect of Social Media on Individuals
  61. Important Event in the World of Online and Social Media
  62. Ethical Issues Associated with Social Media
  63. The Social Media Advantages for Small Business
  64. Social Media and Public Opinion
  65. Developing Actual Social Media Content and Schedule
  66. Tapioca Express Company: Social Media Content
  67. Social Media for Business Communication: Mayo Clinic Case
  68. Social Media Impact on Students Relationships

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