Social Media Essay, Research Paper Examples

The Social Media Essay Structure

Before starting your social media essay, you need to organize your themes and ideas in a way that will make writing much easier. To structure an essay on social media, go through the following steps:

  • Step 1. Check the instructions to understand what is expected of you. There are numerous different types of essays, such as persuasive, argumentative, or informative. The particular type of essay required by your tutor determines its content, so make sure that you know what you need to write. Some tutors will provide examples of other students’ work, and it is helpful to read those, too.
  • Step 2. Choose a topic that sounds compelling. This might be the most challenging process if your tutor didn’t provide a list of possible topics to explore. To assist you in narrowing down social media essay topics, browse sample papers online, and see if they give you any inspiration.
  • Step 3. Research the subject well. While personal opinions and experiences may be relevant, you should always support them with high-quality research data. Social media is a prominent scholarly area, so there are a lot of studies that you may find useful. For example, if you need to write an essay on social media and its impact, read research on the positive and negative influences of social media.
  • Step 4. Write out the key points. These items may include your opinions, research results, and other relevant information. Take note of any new thoughts that come to mind in relation to your chosen theme.
  • Step 5. Create a powerful thesis statement. Based on all the things you’ve read, what will be the most significant idea of your essay? Do you want to write an essay on social media disadvantages? Or have you found that social networking is far more useful than people think and can be used for good? Writing a thesis that narrows down the focus of your essay creates a foundation for its structure.
  • Step 6. Double-check your points to see if any of them don’t fit in with the thesis. Removing these points will help you in making sure that your essay is well-organized and focused. For example, if you want to explore bullying on social media, don’t write a separate section about the educational uses of social media. Irrelevant statements could confuse the reader and may cost you a couple of extra marks.
  • Step 7. Write section titles that correspond to your main points. Writing the title of each section will help you to put your points in a logical order. This will ensure that your essay has an excellent flow and is enjoyable for the reader. If certain points don’t seem to fit together in one section – move some of them around or replace them with related statements.
  • Step 8. Avoid adding any new information into the last section. A social media essay conclusion serves to summarize your points and show how they support your thesis. This should be the final section you structure. Do not introduce any new information here because it will confuse your readers and make the essay seem unfinished.

The steps described above will help you to structure your essay and receive high marks for it. If you need a great social media essay example to get started, check our website for free samples and tips!

Social Media Data Analysis

Web 2.0 refers to all the major technologies that allow people to create and share online information. The method is ideal as companies and people do not have to create websites. The main communication methods used include blogs, wikis, tweets and social media. An organization can retrieve a lot of information from these sites. Blog […]

New Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing involves a process that focuses on creating specialized programs and websites that attract customers. A corporate message that is spread through these tools also encourages online users to share this content with their social networks. Social media is regarded as a platform that provides an access to internet content and ensures close […]

Social Media as a Way to Capture the Present-Day Reality

Introduction: When Social Media Offers More than One Can Consume In the modern world, when social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, it seems practically impossible to imagine the humankind without the blogosphere, the existing social networks which can be considered another place for people to discuss and evaluate current events. However, […]

Social Media Use in Internal Communication in Dubai Public Sector Companies

Introduction Nowadays, social media are used by managers in order to inform employees about the coming events, post updates regarding different projects, and initiate discussions (Mount & Martinez, 2014). Therefore, it is possible to speak about the active use of social media to change the patterns of internal communication. This topic needs to be discussed […]

Social Media Monitoring

Introduction The emergence of the internet has significantly transformed the business environment. One of the ways through which this has occurred relates to the ease with which businesses can undertake marketing communication. Integration of effective marketing communication is one of the elements that contribute towards business success. There are various mediums of communication which organizations […]

Social Media Marketing/Promotion

Many people consider social media as a new marketing tool. An organization can utilize online social platforms to either market or promote its goods and services. Online social platforms centre on relations with friends, prospective clients and existing clients. Basically, when an organization begins to embark on social platform, it is unsure where to begin. […]

Privacy and Security in Social Media

Introduction Over the past century, the invention of the computer and the subsequent creation of the internet have been among the major accomplishments in terms of communication advancements. These two entities have been used extensively to revolutionize the world in regard to information processing and communication strategies. One of the areas that have recorded significant […]

Social Media Crises

Introduction Social medial crises are on the rise in the recent past. The crises have impacted negatively on corporate public relation activities which call for a focus on how best the company can protect itself from the consequences (Owyang, 2011). A case to note as an example involves Nestle Company which recently was confronted by […]

How will social media change the future of international politics?

Social media is one of the technological advancements that have made a great contribution to the process of globalization. Social media in this case refers to the likes of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo and many others, with many more being developed on a daily basis. Through this, people are now able to communicate across continents […]

Social Media and the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Lately, social media sites have grown enormously in terms of usership and popularity. As a matter of fact, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are slowly replacing traditional forms of internet communication such as email. They have become important tools for people to stay in touch, meet new people, and share […]

How Internet Communication, and Social Media influences Politics and Social awareness in the World

Introduction The invention of the internet revolutionised politics and social awareness across the world. The social media has flourished immensely since the inception of the internet. The internet stimulated the formation of web communities. It is these communities that communities that created avenues for communication across the globe. The internet connection enables people to convey […]

DOD Policy on Social Media Concerning Military Members and Government Public Administration

Abstract In the current era of digital technology, the government has a duty of ensuring that the department of defense policy on social media addresses the use of invented technologies of communication within and outside the workplace by the public service and the military. The main challenge is to discover the policy that can fit […]

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Introduction Coca-Cola Company is a manufacturer of soft drinks and has several lines of products with its own sub brands. This company operates globally and currently occupies more than 70% of the soft drinks market share in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and other continents (Treadaway, 2010). The brand ‘Coca-Cola’ was recently ranked the strongest brand […]

Social media and ethics

Executive Summary This report presents a synthetic study on ethical issues in social media. Social media is an emerging media that has revolutionized the sharing of information taking it to a different level. It is being deployed in various areas to bring unfathomable profits. One of the major areas where it has being used is […]

Social media effect on the purchase decision of the young generation in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have gained a lot of popularity in recent years among the young generation. Due to this popularity, social media has had a lot of influence on major decisions made by the young generation. An increasingly higher number of individuals are now relying on social media […]

How Models of Audience Research Inform Debate on the Use of Social Media

Introduction The brave new world of social media has captured the attention of academics and media industry players around the world, in large part due to its spectacular growth and the public attention commanded (Perez-Latre et al 2011). Social networks such as, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have broken the conventional communication mode, bringing about a […]

Social Media and Arab Uprising

Introduction World transformation has been a long but intensive process affecting various persons and their activities. The issue of globalization is observed to be divided into various types, which are dependent on the activities that actually transform the human existence at a time. The initial stages of globalization dates back to the thirteenth century when […]

Effect of Social Media on Depression

Mock Data Analysis In research on the effects of social media on depression, the results from the questionnaire can be analyzed to facilitate the answering of the research questions and interpretation to make appropriate conclusions. In the research, a sample that represented the population under study was selected for a number of reasons. According to […]

The Freedom of Speech in Social Media

Introduction The freedom of speech is one of the crucial features of the democratic society. The personal liberty cannot be achieved without the ability to express your thoughts freely. It also means the opportunity to participate in the discussions and debates. George Orwell said, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to […]

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Introduction The business realm across the world has been undergoing enormous transformations and one of the foremost changes in the entrepreneurship sector is the emergence of technological advancements (Evans & McKee, 2010). Modern technologies have been integral in supporting the growth and development of rapturous networking activities and Social Media (SM) has presently become one […]

Impact of Social Media on Society

In the recent years, social networking and social media have become important topics. Any site that enhances social interaction including MySpace, face book and twitter is considered a social media (O’Keeffe & Pearson, 2011). Other virtual words and gaming sites including Second Life, Club Penguin, Sims, You tube and blogs also offer opportunities for social […]

The Huffington Post’s Marketing Strategy

Abstract This essay looks at how the Huffington Post was able to succeed by using its blog and the marketing strategies it employed. The paper also looks at how Turbo Tax Experts have embraced the social media not only as a marketing strategy, but also as an avenue of assisting their customers with tax issues. […]

Social media and its drawbacks

The development of technology has drastically changed the world. As people are unable to calculate the rates of progress, it is impossible to determine what changes will be brought about with an even greater increase in technological advancements. The use of social networks has added to the hardships of life, as people endanger their personalities […]

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are platforms that offer free interaction between people on the internet. People can engage in one-on-one conversation, share, and discuss different information using multimedia formats like pictures, audio, video, and words. There are different common social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, You Tube, MySpace, and Second Life among others (Curtis n.d.). […]

Social Media Overview

Social media has become an important tool in the current society. They provide means through which people can share information in a societal set up with the help of internet connection using such devices as phones and computers. Facebook, YouTube and Tweeter are the three most common types of social media. Facebook has attracted massive […]

The Influence of Social Media on Communication

1. So, the impact of social media on changes to society during the recent Egyptian uprising is really great. Egyptians use all forms of social media to share the events, which take place in the country. Moreover, people got an opportunity to express their own points of view; so, one may affirm that social media […]

Social Media Networks

Introduction Social networking is the interaction among people who come together through a medium in order to share their experiences with one another. Such media where people meet to socially interact are commonly referred to as social media. The term social media networks therefore refers to the media that connect individuals who intend to interactively […]

Social media effects

Introduction Social media is no longer a new thing in our society and this is a fact that we all need to agree to. This means that social media has become part of lives and this is expected to increase as time goes b y. In this case, our lives revolve around social media. As […]

The Role of Social Media in Modern Society

The recent developments in wireless technologies have introduced new means and directions of communication. Million of people all over the world are now engaged in political, economic, cultural, and educational discourses due to the vast expansion of the World Wide Web. Indeed, social media has transformed people’s lifestyles and has introduced a new pattern of […]

Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

Introduction Social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Linkedin and FourSquare) have become an intimate part of our everyday life. The World Wide Web has significantly popularized social media networks. The World Wide Web provides a platform upon which social media networks enable people to interact. This interaction has turned the world into more of […]

The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy

Current generations are using the internet as their mode of communication and passage of information; Twitter is the world’s second largest social network. When using the site, users get a chance to communicate with other accounts holders as well as limit the number of people to communicate. This paper, written from experience and some literature […]