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Sidra Digital and Social Media Strategy Proposal

Additional comments

These are additional comments whai are based on the digital and social media strategy presented to Sidra Company. Generally, this strategy is developed to assist Sidra in enhancing efficiency in its operations by increasing contact with customers and employees through social media interaction. This is an important strategy due to the increase in the Internet usage and subscription.

Moreover, the strategy is important because customers and employees use the social media frequently, which makes digital and social media the best place to communicate with employees and customers freely and easily.

Additionally, digital and social media strategy will enable the company to enhance public relations because it will provide the organization with the possibliity to respond quickly to inquiries from clients. It will also enable the company to conduct reliable and quality survey research based on customer feedback (Wasserman and Kibani 67).

How to secure the social media accounts

The use of technology is on the rise, this has led to negativity and an increase in hacking. Several companies and individuals have been victims of hacking, which affects the operation of business organizations in the social media networks. The organization should make it a priority to secure the social media accounts to verify that customers and clients trust their communication through online channels.

There are several methods that the company may use to secure its social media accounts, for instance, assigning a specific employee the duty to manage the accounts. Social media accounts should be managed by one person in the organization to ensure the administrator of the page is the only person who knows the password. This will protect the password from easy access by unauthorized persons.

Secondly, creating a sign in seal will also improve safety of the account. Additionally, sign ins from other devices whach are not authorized by the organization should be detected and alerts ahould be sent to the administrator’s account. These will certify the safety of the accounts (Erik, Muntinga and Moorman 73).

How to integrate social media with website contents

Integration of the social media and website should be a priority for the organization. Integrating social media with the website content increases traffic and communication in social media. We will design and integrate social media icons on the website that will lead to the official social media pages of the organization.

This will enable clients and other interested parties to easily interact with the company from their official social media accounts and pages. We will also design a page section displaying recent and important communication from the social media to enable customers who visit the website to view the trending topics about the organization on the social media (Erik, Muntinga and Moorman 81).

Social media account set up

Setting up a social media account is challenging because customers communicate with the company using Arabic and English. Social media accounts allow communication in any language because translation is available using Google.

Therefore, the organization will have to register with Google to be on Google maps, and enable the administrator to use Google translator to translate any communication from other languages he or she does not understand well.

Moreover, liaising with other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be important because it will enable the organization to gain authority to use icons and logos of these social media sites on the organizational website.

Generally, the organization has to subscribe with Google affiliate and other social media companies as a business, thus it will be required to incorporate their icons and logos on the company’s website to enable easy access and communication between the company, employees and customers, as well as among other stakeholders (Wasserman and Kibani 28).

Engagement with audience

Monitoring engagement with the target audience on the social media is a challenge that most people face and companies is not an exaption. Companies use social media networks as a way of enhancing efficiency in operation. Similarly, Sidra intends to increase efficiency in operating by improving communication with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

We require a program that monitors traffic on the site and social media sites, account and pages of the company to record engagement with clients.

Determining the level of engagement with the target audience is important because it will enable the organization to evaluate the impact of the digital and social media strategy that is in use. Moreover, it will enable the organization to easily review the impact of the strategy and make relevant and necessary changes to maintain quality operations (Wasserman and Kibani 94).

Response to feedbacks

Using social media sites is challenging because clients may post positive as well as negative feedbacks. These are important to the development and growth of the company sinse complany will be able to adapt to cliens’s demands and thus improve its services. Furthermore, quality improvement is based on the feedback given by customers. It is easy for customers to provide feedback through social media communication.

The administrator of the account should respond to both positive and negative feedback. It should be the priority of the organization responding to negative feedbacks. Response to negative feedbacks is a credit to an organization because it is an easy way to clarify on the issues. We will install a program that filters negative and positive feedback to ensure that the administrator of the account easily views the communication in categories.

Negative feedback should be responded first to establish clarity and enhance public relations with the clients. It is a negative feedback that can affect the operation of the organization, therefore, they require prompt response to maintain good relations with the customers and the general public, while enhancing efficiency and increasing levels of returns.

This plan will enable the administrator to respond to both positive and negative feedback appropriately. Moreover, we will develop specific responses to some feedback to assure timely response. Responses such as ‘thank you’, ‘you will receive a response from the administrator’, and ‘thank you for contacting us’ among others (Wasserman and Kibani 103).

How to address concentration on a specific social media account or site

Traffic and use of social media sites depend on the preferences of the customers and the target group. However, the organization will have to subscribe to an account with the available social media companies. This will enable the company to address the needs and concern of all customers across the region.

It is likely that the social media site that has the highest number of subscribers who are the customers of the organization will lead to active activities and communication between the customers and the organization. However, the most common social media sites used by organizations in communicating with clients and its employees are Twitter and Facebook (Erik, Muntinga and Moorman 38).

The organization may notice over concentration on a specific social media account, for example, Twitter. This can be a challenging situation for the organization. Basically, before implementing this strategy the employees must undergo training on how to integrate this new way of operation into the normal operating method and techniques.

Receiving more response from the target group from Twitter than Facebook will be an evidence for the organization that a large number of the target group are actually subscribed to Twitter.

This will enable the organization to increase its activity on Twitter account to cinch prompt response to inquiries that need quick reply from the organization. Furthermore, the organization will therefore have to encourage its employees to use Twitter to enhance communication with the customers (Wasserman and Kibani 75).

Examples of social media contents

The digital and social media strategy that the organization intends to initiate and implement targets different regions of the globe. Social media sites enable organizations to interact with customers across the globe. This will compel the company to make sure that the contents of the social media being used are relevant to the target group.

The groups that we target are from the European region, Africa, Middle East and Asia among others. Regions such as Canada, Europe and America are not aware of Sidra. Therefore, the media content shared with these regions will focus on informing them more about the organization to enhance their understanding and knowledge.

Although countries in the Middle East are aware of Sidra, they are ignorant of social media. Therefore the contents we share with the customers in this region will be educating them on the importance of using social media and encouraging them to increase subscription to social media (Erik, Muntinga and Moorman 118).

Marketing plan

Marketing is the process that organizations use to inform customers of their new, existing, and future products. Organizations require an effective marketing plan to guarantee addressing the needs of customers as soon as possible. As a company, we will recommend Sidra to establish an effective marketing plan to ascertain that this strategy is appropriately and effectively implemented.

Establishment of an effective marketing plan will require Sidra to conduct extensive research, which will require the services of specialized marketers.

As a company, we cannot offer a marketing plan for the organization, but provide a strategy and it is upon the organization to decide on the company to seek services based on their financial strength. Therefore, the cost of the marketing plan will depend on the provider that Sidra decides to seek services from (Erik, Muntinga and Moorman 110).

Engagement with influencers

Influencers will play an important role in ensuring that the strategy is successfully implemented in the organization. Sidra will engage with them directly to build a direct association. The influencers that Sidra will engage with directly will be the social marketing agencies in Europe, Canada and America to increase awareness about the organization (Wasserman and Kibani 43).

Ketchum Company input and contributions

We, as the organization in charge of developing the strategy, assure Sidra quality services due to the nature of our business and experience in offering such services. We have a good monitoring system that enables the organization to successfully evaluate and supervise the strategy. Our system will enable the organization to communicate with customers in any language.

Communication with any language via the support services will be possible through integration of the Google translator in the system. Moreover, the storage capacity we offer will enable the organization to store reports for the purposes of weekly, quarterly and annual status checking.

Additionally, our program will assist the company in establishing a strategy to aid in client reviews, online status reports and conference calls (Erik, Muntinga and Moorman 107).

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Wasserman, Todd and Shama Kibani. Contemporary Marketing Strategies: Digital and Social Media. London: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.

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