Entertainment & Media Essay Examples and Topics

Documentary The Lost Boys of Sudan

After having watched the documentary The Lost Boys of Sudan, I was able to gain a number of insights, as to what can be considered the actual significance of the featured individuals (such as Peter and Santino) having been brought to the U.S. and set on the path of pursuing the ‘American dream’. These insights […]

Water Crisis in the Documentary “Chinatown”

One of the primary needs that support human life is water. The film “Chinatown” explores a series of conflicts and disputes in Los Angeles. The Water Department (WD) undertakes different measures to divert water from the existing reservoirs. This practice is the leading cause of conflicts in the movie. Water is a critical commodity in […]

Advertisements Usage in Consumer Manipulations

Abstract Globalization and technological advancements continue to revolutionize business structures and cultures across the globe. Competition for rapidly growing market base coupled with reducing purchasing power compel business firms to engage in several strategies to win hearts of the consumers. Internet and social networks sites rapidly takes centre stage in providing ample avenue for advertisement […]

“Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson

The process of watching TV shows and series is usually discussed as an easy entertainment for the audience. In his work “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”, Steven Johnson claims that certain TV shows can be discussed as “a kind of cognitive workout, not as a series of life lessons” (Johnson 171). As a result, watching […]

Social Media Marketing Attitude Survey

To carry out the attitude survey, I chose an area of interest that is related to examining attitudes of consumers towards social media marketing through Facebook by different fashion brands. In recent years, many fashion brands started using Facebook as a marketing tool for their products (Indvik, 2011). These fashion brands are investing heavily on […]

Bright House Networks Company Advertising

Introduction Bright House Networks is one of the largest operators of multiple cable systems in the United States. It serves millions of customers in Florida, California, Alabama, Indiana, and other major cities. Its corporate offices are located in Florida, but customers across all regions can readily access their products and services through their online shop. […]

How Advertisements Affect Teenagers?

Introduction Advertising affects teenagers in various ways, many of which are negative. Teenagers become attracted to various forms of advertisements. As they grow older, they encounter more advertisements, thereby affecting their personalities. Children are surrounded by advertisements during every stage of development. Extensive research conducted has revealed that teenagers play a key role in various […]

Advertising Effectiveness in the Twentieth Century

Introduction Advertisement media offers a wide range of communication tools that ride on the social dimension of client experience. The communicative power of the advertisement media has essentially replaced much of the traditional tools particularly in the world of traditional communication such as word of mouth during the 20th century. In order to increase credibility […]

Television Show “What’s My Line?”

Introduction What’s My Line was a television game show in the early 1950s to the late 1960s. The show was a hit in the US and was aired in the CBS Television. The game consisted of celebrity panelists actively probing contestant to establish their occupations. The show has the record of having been the longest […]

International Cultural, Sports and Business Events

International Cultural Event The Circus at Piccadilly was a cultural event which took place in London on the night of Sunday 2 September 2012. The United Kingdom has a number of cultural events which are celebrated on different days. The circus is one of the oldest events and it has remained popular for centuries. Although […]

Documentary “Inside Job”

Background information The documentary “Inside Job” provides an eye-opening perspective on the events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis (Ferguson, Beck and Bolt). Starting with an examination of Iceland’s disastrous outcome from deregulation of both their banking and environmental situation, it follows the cascade of events unfolding in the USA as well. It begins […]

Social Media Benefits: Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus

Introduction Modern technological aspects have brought immense benefits to the current generation in a number of ways. For example, apart from just transforming the way we do things and bringing entertainment at our disposal, modern technologies have gone a step further in making our lives more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, today, humans are […]

“Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple” Documentary

Religion has played a central role in people lives for centuries. People need it to feel more complete and have a purpose in their lives. They want to become a part of something bigger. Notably, all religions have certain features in common as they affect people in a very similar way. The film Jonestown: The […]

Contraceptives in the Movie “The Pill”

Despite the fact that contraception as a phenomenon has been in existence for centuries, it was the introduction of the pill contraceptive that stirred a sheer outrage in the United States. While the idea of planned parenthood was understandable and acceptable at the time, the concept of a pill as the means of birth control […]

“Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson

Introduction Steven Johnson in his essay “Watching TV makes you smarter” presents the notion that the general consensus that television is actually detrimental towards intellectual development and is a waste of time is actually nothing more than a myth. He proves this point by stating that the increasingly complex plotlines present in modern day television […]

What Was the CNN Effect?

Media has the ability to shape the public opinion meaning it influences the views, perspectives, and the reasoning of individuals in society. In many parts of the world, it has been utilized effectively to control the behavior of individuals in the sense that it determines what they consume in the market, the type of leaders […]

Ronald Reagan Cigarette Advertisements Pics Analysis

Advertisements promoting the use of tobacco products have long been prohibited by policy-makers in the United States as well as other countries (Warner 353). This paper is aimed at examining one of such advertisements featuring Ronald Reagan1. In particular, it is necessary to show how the designers persuade the audience to purchase cigarettes, namely Chesterfield […]

“Secrets of the Viking Sword”

The documentary “Secrets of the Viking Sword” has lots of terms and concepts related to marketing. They are not openly named or used but it is clear that the concepts existed in the Middle Ages even though people did not give names to them. For example, the concept of the product as the most important […]

Hot Coffee Documentary

Introduction Tort reform remains a widely contested issue in the United States and across the globe. According to Schmerler (2011), this reform refers to the new changes proposed to reduce tort damages, lawsuits, and laws. The documentary “Hot Coffee” offers a critical analysis and discussion about tort reform in the country. The film discusses how […]

IAMS Cat Food Commercial and G Magazine Comparison

Introduction Recently, companies have dedicated much of their efforts in coming up with effective adverts to attract the attention of potential clients. Adverts enable people to gain knowledge of a variety of everyday life options. Similarly, adverts enhance the economy by encouraging competition and creativity. Based on these illustrations, it is apparent that advertisements must […]

Media Convergence Effects on Journalism in Egypt

Introduction The media played an important role during the Arab Spring, and this showed the world the need to use various communication tools to influence people (Khalil 11). This part will present a general picture of the Egyptian Revolution and explain to the audience how the events of this period were disastrous yet unexpected. The […]

Twitter and Instagram Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction The growth of the internet has led to a surge in the development of online applications. Twitter and instagram are examples of social media applications that are widely used by internet enthusiasts. Both applications are great tools that have eased communication between people in different parts of the world. They have created a phenomenon […]

Aljazeera Satellite Media Channel in Saudi Arabia

The closure of BBC’s Arabic T.V station paved the way for the birth of Aljazeera Satellite Channel, which became operational in November 1996. BBC’s Arabic station ceased its operations in Saudi Arabia due to unfavorable political economy. The Saudi Arabia government was keen on suppressing information on the numerous cases of human rights abuse including […]

“The Harvest-La Cosecha” by Angus McLennan

Introduction In the documentary, The Harvest-La Cosecha, Angus McLennan reveals the struggling lives of thousands of immigrant children who have turned into farm workers in the US. In the article, I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave, by Mac McClelland reveals the gruesome working conditions and low wages in the online-shipping warehouse. Just as is the […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Documentary “Transcendent Man”

Introduction Artificial intelligence basically refers to the intelligence that is created in the softwares or machines by mankind. Over the last three decades, the field of research on robots and softwares has resulted in an explosion of artificially intelligent machines. For instance, across the globe, there are machines that can think, read, and react within […]

The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy

Television is now playing an important role in people’s lives. At present, people can hardly imagine their lives without numerous products of the industry. However, the 1950-60s was the period that can be regarded as the dawn of television. Notably, many products created back then are still seen as exemplary. Thus, such sitcoms as The […]

The United Kingdom Media Trends

Introduction The United Kingdom (UK) also referred to as Britain is made up of Northern Ireland and Great Britain; these landmasses are mainly bordered by large water masses, namely North Sea, English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. The only land border that borders the UK is the Republic of Ireland. In terms of its geographical […]

Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at Wired.com

The main concept Charles Siefe, the author of Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at Wired.com, talks of the many journalistic improprieties that Jonah allegedly committed during his tenure at Wired.com. Jonah apparently committed the two cardinal journalistic offenses, viz. plagiarism and fabrication. Under plagiarism, Jonah uplifted content from other sources without giving the proper due credit […]

Does TV Shows Have a Negative Influence on the Children?

Introduction Television shows are very popular with children in the modern society. These shows have overtaken the outdoor games as a favorite leisure activity, especially among the children below twelve years. Games such as hide-and-seek, athletics, and football are not common among children in the current society. Those who live in urban centers have been […]

Advertising: Popular Culture and Electronic Media

Describing advertisement in a book entitled “The Media Monopoly”, Ben H. Bagdikian said, “advertising is the art of arresting the human intelligence just long enough to get money from it” (Jeff, 2010). The advertisement has been around from as early as 3000 BC, where store signs were used to promote goods and services by Babylonians. […]

Advertising: Objectives and Tactics

Abstract Effective communication is one that reaches its target audience and produces the desired results. This paper will review three objectives belonging to both motivational and informational objectives and the tactics that will be used for each objective to reach as many people as possible. Introduction In communication especially public relations communication, the objectives have […]

Documentaries: “Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City”

Introduction The documentary “Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City” made its debut in 2012. It was aired to an audience of more than 260 million households. The documentary portrays Baltimore as a city full of young men wasting their future in bleak street corners. It creates a picture of a city characterized by blocks of […]

Mass Media Types

In contemporary society, people live under high pressure of different types of mass media. Men are surrounded by streams of data, and it is possible to become lost. It should be mentioned that the digital revolution also influenced the development of means of advertising. It is possible to say that advertisers now use different digital […]

Events: E3’s and Comic-con’ Conventions

Introduction Entertainment is a crucial component of modern society, and people spend significant amounts of their discretionary income for entertainment purposes. Some of the most popular means of entertainment are movies, comics, and video games. These three have become a foundation of the modern entertainment media landscape. Their popularity has led to the growth and […]

Media Representation of Black Woman

Introduction African-Americans in the US have often suffered from negative stereotypes, as portrayed by different media outlets. Gedeon (4) says that common adjectives used by the media to describe African-American women include “gold-diggers,” “baby mamas,” uneducated, angry, mean, and unhealthy. These adjectives reinforce the views of a study conducted by Meyers (143), which sampled a […]

Advertising Principles

Companies use different media in advertising their products. Their ads use certain principles in delivering their messages. Many of them appeal to certain desires among different members of the audience (Egendorf 18). Hence, the analysis of ads is important to both the audience and companies because it helps the audience understand the ads, which enhances […]

Documentaries Comparison: “Chronicle of a Summer” and “Titicut Follies”

This paper is aimed at discussing two films that represent different approaches to documentary cinema. In particular, one should first focus on Chronicle of a Summer directed by Edgar Morin and Jean Rouch. Secondly, it is necessary to examine such a movie as Titicut Follies by Frederick Wiseman. Overall, they represent such genres as cinema […]

Advertising’ Damaging Effects in Society

Introduction Specific groups such as listeners, readers, and viewers form a large part of consumers and are referred to as the audience. In order to improve the volume of sales, business organizations are usually obliged to launch marketing campaigns for their products. The campaigns are known as advertisements. Hence, consumers can be manipulated, persuaded, and […]

Challenges Facing Women in Sports Media

The suspension of Baltimore Ravens Running back Ray Rice for domestic violence involving his then-fiancé in July sparked a flurry of activity in various media platforms (Laird, 2014, par. 1). The bulk of the action took place and was covered by sports media. During this period, however, an unprecedented attack on female media presenters who […]

The iPad Air Pencil Advertising

Description of the ad The iPad Air Pencil television commercial of 2013 is one of the most successful television commercials of the recent time. The commercial starts with soft music on the background, then a male voice makes this statement, “It is an extremely simple tool, but also extremely powerful” (iPad Air Pencil par. 1). […]

Documentaries as a Education Tool

The use of a documentary as a tool of education is considered an advancement of contemporary teaching strategies. However, it is important to acknowledge that a documentary is classified as alternative visual rhetoric. The use of media such as film, television, and hypertext in conveying the documentary’s content is intriguing. In this context, the importance […]

History of Documentaries

In the first half of the 20th century, documentaries aimed to exemplify the reality through the study of the indigenous population. Tribal people were considered uncivilized when compared with whites. Filmmakers produced films on tribes by using anthropological approaches. Robert Flaherty believes in this philosophy of film production. He aimed to portray the real life […]

Coca-Cola’s Advertising: Media and Cultural Criticism

Introduction The presentation of appealing and attractive products to customers is a factor that cannot be exempted in the marketing norms. Essentially, these attributes are facilitated by appearance and its segmentation through the use of a unique feature that targets customers with a distinct taste. There are various concepts and methods applied to reach organizational […]

“Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination” by Steven Greenhouse

“Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination” is an exposé in the New York Times written by Steven Greenhouse. Greenhouse, a journalist with the paper, asserts that people are treated differently based on their physical attributes. He also maintains that most retail stores such as Abercrombie, Fitch, and L’Oreal hire people based on good looks. […]

Advertising of the Kia Soul: Hamsters Campaign

Kia Motors Corporation is known for its new design and efficient, as well as innovative technology. The Kia Soul: Hamsters Campaign has added to the popularity of the brand name by using modern techniques in advertising and product promotion. One of the key solutions in the success of the campaign was the implementation process. A […]

The American Culture in the Article by Horace Miner

Who is Miner really talking about in this article? In the article, the author is actually referring to a certain tribe in America that performs unique rituals. The major factor that stands out in the Nacirema tribe is that when the name is spelt backwards, it turns out to be American. As such, the author […]

Critique of the Article ‘In Praise of the Urban Sandbox’

The article, In Praise of the Urban Sandbox, tries to bring forth the significance and roles of computer games in educating, informing, and exploring planning initiatives. Using computer games to change the minds of city planners on the future state of an urban centethe r requires in-depth simulation of life. For instance, real-life zoning and […]

Journal Article: Study the Effects of Structuring Tools on Results

Introduction: Summary of the Main Points The paper analyzes the article Structure in creativity: An Exploratory Study to analyze the Effects of Structuring Tools on Scenario Workshop Results written by Vliet, Kok, Veldkamp, and Sarkk. The authors have introduced scenarios by describing their purpose together with when they can be used. In this case, scenarios […]

The Article “Putting Greenways Firs” by Arendt Randall

Introduction Planning is one of the most important activities in urban design. Through planning, the available resources are used in the most efficient way to create appropriate designs. The complete product is able to adequately fulfill the needs of the community. Over the past few decades, there has been a shift towards designs that are […]

Advertisement: ‘Budweiser: King of Beers’

The advertisement message, conveyed by the ‘Budweiser: king of beers’ print-ad is object-oriented. The depicted bottle of beer is meant to emphasize both: the promoted beverage’s coldness/tastefulness and the fact that it is specifically Budweiser that ‘reigns’ over the rest of the beer brands. This is also the reason why the bottle’s lid is flipped […]

The Nivea Skin Care Product Advertisement

This advertisement has a complex presentation, and it directly appeals to women across the globe. Perception of the mind is often ignited through a series of propaganda initiatives aimed at the awakening involuntary desire to posses or associate with a product or service. The advertisement is meant for the western market since the picture in […]

Documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” by Davis Guggenheim

The problem of environmental protection is one of the most controversial and significant questions in modern society because today people need to realize the negative consequences of their activities on the environment and the planet. In 2006, the former Vice President of the USA Al Gore and filmmakers Davis Guggenheim and Lawrence Bender produced the […]

Television Commercial

TV commercials of the twenty-first century do not simply persuade potential consumers to buy particular products. These commercials reveal characteristic features of the present-day society. Irrespective of the product advertised, commercial makers follow the trends which exist in society. Admittedly, commercials appeal to a particular audience, but this appeal helps understand the peculiarities of this […]

Media Industries Aggregation

Introduction It would appear as though the increase in conglomerates within the media industry is a natural result of market pressures. Some would argue that the economic benefits which accrue from such patterns are beneficial to stakeholders. However, a sociological analysis of the same phenomenon reveals the dominance of conglomerates places too much power in […]

Procter and Gamble Advertising Analysis

Introduction Advertising requires the marketer to target a section of a community or the entire community by providing convincing information to create some “sense of need.” The “need” can only be satisfied by a product or service being marketed. The message in this context is the most important aspect of advertising. It is offered in […]

The YouTube Media Channels Phenomenon

Introduction The YouTube channel has been in existence since early 2005 and has over the years been gaining prominence as more online users get to use it on their day-to-day activities (Elliott para 1). Owned by the leading global internet search engine Google, the YouTube website provides a platform for individual users to upload video […]

Mapping Digital Media in the UAE

Media firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) apply a range of business models, including subscription model, advertising model, and venture capital-fast growth-exit model. The subscription model is whereby users register for online services at a particular fee. It deals with premium content such as market surveys and business intelligence, which is inaccessible through all […]

Advertisement Techniques and Its Effect on the Public

The media and companies use different techniques to advertise different products. The method used to advertise a productthe or service depends on target customers and response expected from customers. Channeal of advertisement includes television, radio, cinema, the internet, billboards, and posters (Allen and Semenik 45). These channels are readily available to many people around the […]

Media’s Role in the Book “Mediated” by Thomas de Zengotita

Mediated is a factual book written by Thomas de Zengotita. The author holds a PhD in anthropology. Mediated was published in the year 2005. The book focuses on the impacts the press has had in the developed world (Zengotita, 2005). Other than presenting handy answers to tackle the infringement of too much media in our […]

The Article “The Truth About Mass Shooting and the Gun Control” by Benjamin Domenech

Written by Benjamin Domenech, the article, “The truth about a mass shooting and the gun control”, unravels the mysteries behind mass shootings and the ever-controversial topic of gun control. Gun control defines the regulation of who can sale, own, and/or use a gun. Domenech strongly opposes the killing that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school; […]

Mass Media Effects and Evaluation

Purpose of Report The creation of new media has spawned quite a discussion both among average people and those who are somehow related to the new media content creation or processing. The arguments on whether new media does more harm than it changes people’s lives for the better will, probably, never cease to exist. One […]

The Oprah TV Show

Television talk shows began airing in the 1950s. One of the most influential and successful talk shows is the Oprah Winfrey Show that aired between the years 1986 and 2011 (Timberg & Erler, 2002). It is rated as the most influential show in the history of American television because of its wide viewership and great […]

Film Reflection: Behind the Labels

Behind the Labels is a very impressive production of investigative reporting. It exposes the unknown secrets of labor and immigration cruelties in a region known as Saipan. Saipan was a United States Commonwealth region that was cut out from the Northern Mariana Islands. The film chronicles the tale of unchecked corporate voracity and the insensitive […]

How Body Image Affects Teens in Media?

Introduction In this modern era, most teens are exposed to a variety of media outlets. Different researches indicate that mass media such as movies, TV, the internet, and magazines pervade the daily lives of individuals, especially that of the teens across the world. Tiggemann and Slater (2013) argue that one of the effects of this […]

Media Influence on People

Introduction It is an unarguable fact that the media makes a significant impact on our life. The companies use it to promote their brands through advertising. The images of the perfect body, which they try to maintain in our minds, are aimed at creating the demand for their products. The aim of this paper is […]

Television Desensitizing of Modern Children

The norms and values of a person are shaped by various agents of socialization, such as parents and educators. Nevertheless, mass media also play an important role because they can set behavioral examples that can be followed by an individual. Moreover, their messages can be seen by millions of viewers, including children. Much attention should […]

Multi-channel Environment and Alternative Programming

There are three powerful forces that are shaping the cable TV industry. First, there is a powerful force coming from the owners and executives of cable TV networks. Second, there is an equally powerful force coming from the customers. Finally, technology is another important factor that is shaping the cable TV industry. An overview of […]

Events: Expo 2020 in Dubai

Definition of Expo with a focus on a previous event World fairs are large public exhibitions that bring together participants from all over the world. Expos take place in different parts of the world as it has been decided by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The events are decided and approved by the BIE, […]

Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2014

One of the most discussed events of the world this month is an annual song contest called Eurovision. The contest is held every year in one of the cities of the motherland of the last year’s winner. This year the event was received by the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. The singers from all around […]

Digital Media Impacts on Television

Introduction In the past ten years, there has been an increase in the number of people who consume digital media content across the world. More people find it easy to interact and access different news, business, and entertainment content through various digital media platforms. Digital media can be defined as media platforms which are based […]

All the President’s Men

Political thrillers based on non-fiction books are oriented to represent the plot events extremely closely to reality. However, the reality in All the President’s Men (1976) is depicted vividly and completely, and it is possible to speak about the successful representation of the documentary facts in the context of the highly artistic work. The plot […]

“Helvetica” by Gary Hustwit

The movie “Helvetica” shows several designers and the work that they have been doing with fonts and designs of graphics. Wim Crouwel is a designer who started his work in the ’60s, and he has a rather interesting point of view towards art. I chose this particular designer because of his forward nature and ability […]

Newspaper Report and TV Report: Comparison and Contrast

A Pakistani girl known as Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban in October. The extremist group opposed Malala’s activism in female education. Authorities flew her to Birmingham for treatment, where dignitaries from different parts of the world visited her. The subject of coverage in The Express Tribune newspaper was the British Foreign Minister’s (William […]

Jay Leno and Gabriel Iglesias: Comparison and Contrast

Two of the best comedians on global television at present are Jay Leno and Gabriel Iglesias; both have their TV shows that play during the much coveted primetime networking hosting spot as well as possess thousands of fans from around the world. Despite their roughly equal status as well recognized entertainers, when compared the best […]

Race Event Plan

Summary statement Due to the rise in the number of needy students in need of funding to raise their school fee, I have proposed that we organize a five-kilometer race for life event for the school that will assist in raising the fee for orphaned and needy students in the school. The event will also […]

Social Media and Democracy

Social media is a method of communication that uses the Internet or mobile phones to interact with people. It has reformed the mode of broadcasting messages to people all over the world. This social communication mode has been used by many countries and has enabled citizens to communicate and exercise their democratic rights. Facebook, Twitter, […]

Advertisement and Its Types

Introduction TV advertisements are aimed at persuading viewers to purchase or attend to the advertisements. Television ads have been a common source of fund for privately owned television companies. It, therefore, adds value to the media industry as sponsors wait on potential buyers from among the viewers. Much has been researched on its viability with […]

Mixed Media Messages on the Body

Eating disorderliness has in the past been such a crisis in the public health sector. Vulnerability to the media (Internet, television, movies, newspapers, and magazines) is related to obesity and unfit body images which usually lead one to disordered eating habits. The media is one facility that is so essential in our day to day […]

The Film “We Were Soldiers”

Directed by Randall Wallace, the film ‘We were soldiers’ was developed and released in 2002 as a dignified reminder of the scenes and issues involved in the Vietnam war and the crop of American heroes that emerged from the war. The film is based on Hal Moore and Joseph Galloway’s book ‘we were soldiers once… […]

Lexus Car Advertisement

Advertisements are the powerful tools to draw the audience’s attention to the definite product or service and influence the customers’ attitude to the brand. Effective advertisements need to contribute to increasing the customer loyalty in relation to the definite product or brand. That is why, much attention is paid to the visual and verbal codes […]

Top Secret America – Washington Post

Top Secret America, being an investigative project, embodies a voluminous and comprehensive reporting. The clinical and wholesome inclusion of all sectors dealing with upholding intelligence information and security puts this project by the Washington post in the same line with the knowledge base that we have learned from the course on intelligence community. Intelligence service […]

“Capitalism: a Love Story” by Michael Moore

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown, when the majority of Americans wanted an explanation as to what had happened to their country, the famous film director, Michael Moore, made an attempt to give an account of all the events that lead to the nightmare America was in. The film, Capitalism: a Love Story, […]

Television Shows and Obscene Language

The media influences people’s consciousness significantly. People are inclined to react to the visual and audio television messages more actively than to the information presented with the help of the other media. That is why all the information discussed in television shows should be assessed with references to certain principles of censorship. Nevertheless, these principles […]

“Capitalism: A Love Story” by Michael Moore

Michael Moore presents an interesting and humorous film that exposes corrupted capitalism and the price the Americans have to pay for their unquenchable love for it (Moore, 2009). Moore’s-Capitalism: A love story-film highlights the evils of capitalism in America. The movie begins with humorous CCTV footage of bank robbery to expose capitalism at work. Moore […]

Toscani Company’s Product Advertising

It is necessary to note that Toscani showed the products first and people learnt about the company and its clothing. However, soon the Advertising man focused on the idea rather than products. There were no products in the advertisement. However, it was still easy to recognize the brand as Toscani always used the company’s name […]

Overcoming Anger to Improve Communication

Communication is an interaction between people, and it is an inseparable part of our everyday life. Sometimes we take interaction with other people for granted and do not understand what great role communication plays in our everyday activities. Interaction with people makes us parts of society. Moreover, successful communication makes a valuable contribution to our […]

Apple and Samsung Companies Virtual Public Relations

Virtual public relation is gaining popularity among large multinational corporations as they seek to improve their communication strategies at reduced costs. Most of these multinational corporations are under pressure to improve on their public relations to manage their customers adequately. However, hiring employees in the public relations department can be very costly, especially if it […]

Violence in Video Games

There is a common opinion that violent video games and aggressive behavior are connected. However, some researchers and public authorities challenge this opinion and argue that there is no relationship between violence and cruel video games (Przybylski and Netta 16). The dispute exists as there is evidence that violent video games may cause severe outcomes […]

How Do Online Travel Sites Affect the Behavior of the Traveler?

Introduction Traditionally, the buying and selling of products and services have always occurred either through a face to face transaction, a letter of intent or even a simple phone call where a person places an order and pays upon delivery (Bennett, 2008). Due advances in technology where the scale and scope of the retail industry […]

Blatter’s Remarks on Ronaldo and Its Impact for Real Madrid

FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s “light-hearted” comments on Real Madrid’s forward Christiano Ronaldo could not have come at a worse time. Although the Swiss have since personally apologized to the Real Madrid player for his “unacceptable hair expenses” comment when he was asked to compare Ronaldo against Lionel Messi during his address to the Oxford Union […]

Advertising Effectiveness in the Business Environment

Introduction The business environment has become increasingly competitive as a result of the increased number of organizations venturing into business, as well as the advancement of technology that has been so rapid for the last couple of decades. As a result, organizations have been finding ways they can increase their performance. One such way would […]

Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a Federation of seven Emirates. The most well known ones are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Abu Dhabi is also the county’s capital. In the past several decades the United Arab Emirates have improved a lot in the sphere of travelling and tourism. The most magnificent cities of the UAE simply […]

Use of Smartphones

One cannot stop wondering how life would be in the past, especially with the advent of modern technologies that have emerged in the world just recently. These rampant technologies are thought to be the mother of modern technological era where life seems to be easier and exciting than ever. Modern generations, especially those who were […]

Advertising for Consuming Kids

Introduction The number of children aged below twelve years in Canada is high and keeps on rising. Over the past few years, child-targeted advertising has become a lucrative industry that is estimated to generate 250 billion dollars annually (Desmond, 2007). It is estimated that young children spend 700 million dollars each year on items such […]

Digital TV and Its Consequences: A Changing Media Industry

Literature review The main idea that is being promoted throughout the article by Gripsrud is that the very paradigm of TV-broadcasting, in the traditional sense of this word, is somewhat inconsistent with the discursive implications of the process of digital television replacing the analog one. As the author noted, “The present technological shift from analog […]

Measuring the Impact of Social Media: Challenges, Practices and Methods

Abstract As a consequence of social media coupled with the direct and indirect persuade of social media promoters, in the present day clients are expected to make purchases on what they read and see in forums referred to as ‘social’. However, this can only happen if the information is brought forth by an individual or […]

Readers and Online News Websites

Abstract This paper will be a case study of News.com.au. The objective will be to use this site to explore some of the factors mentioned above. It will show that the success of online broadcasts relies on more than just the readers. The paper will also take into account the thoughts of the readers on […]

Fast Food, Fat Profits

The documentary film Fast Food, Fat Profits is aimed at exploring various issues such as the underlying causes of obesity in the United States, the eating habits of American people, and the factors that shape their dietary choices. This movie can be discussed with the help of frame analysis developed by Erving Goffman. This approach […]

Sexual Content in Broadcast Media: United States Case

United States Case Study The television was invented around 1925 but became popular in 1950s, and in America, there were more than 50million television sets in use during that period. Nearly every living room in America had a TV. Questions were then raised about the content, whether to regulate it or not, and how to […]

Twitter API Analytics

Abstract Twitter is currently one of the most imperative and powerful social media platforms. Besides, Twitter has become one of the significant new channels for public communications. The studies on the uses of Twitter have emphasized on the isolated and critical events including political and crisis communications, popular culture and events such as sports. The […]