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Global Communication and Media: China and Hollywood

The modern understanding of media and communication policies is directly linked to the phenomenon of the Internet that increases the amount, and the quality of misunderstandings and disputes about the way communication and media should [...]

TV Content: “The Walking Dead”

The essay analyses the content of six episodes in the first season of the television drama The Walking Dead. Consequently, the presence of violence in the program is in the storyline as it is the [...]

Event Management in the UK and Russia

Furthermore, the analysis of the relevant and credible sources helps to provide the rationale for the assumptions and prove the hypothesis stating that the despite the tendency towards the rapprochement, the cultures adhere to a [...]

McDonald’s Company: Bandwagon Technique

For instance, McDonald's company is one of the companies that have traditionally used the approach to attract more customers. This approach is quite effective in creating a positive appeal on various products because most people [...]

YouTube and Citizen Journalism in the Arab Spring

The success of the protesters in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and other Arab countries shows how much new media contributed to the protests. This makes it hard for new technology to take the place of traditional [...]

Salem Cigarettes Ads and Rhetorical Appeals

The advert is trying to persuade both the male and female of the tender age that it is fashionable to smoke cigarettes.'If one can smoke Salem and look handsome and cool why not me?' that [...]

Chicana and Latino Actors in Hollywood Movies

For the duration of Hollywood's existence, the role of Chicana and Latino actors in the industry has been extremely marginal even though these people make up the majority of the population in California.

Digital Video Production in Australia

The discussion covers the following issues: Digital video production, recording, and HDTV implementation in Australia; Impediments of HDTV in the market; Australian HDTV system; How to make HDTV system interactive and lastly we will describe [...]

Social Networking Threats for Children

Inappropriate Content: The Internet offers easy access to all type of content, including pornography, horrific images, inducement to indulge in criminal acts etc, which may not be appropriate to children as they are not endowed [...]

The Rise of Digital Influence

PlayStation is a worldwide brand that illustrates how individuals associated with it become influential in terms of marketing, how the capacity of influence is recognized, what effects the digital word-of-mouth has, and how successful engagement [...]

Neural Networks Used in Social Media Industry

Despite the fact that neural networks can be useful in data analytics, they can have a negative impact on users of social media due to the fact that they can be used for data mining [...]

Media as an Agenda-Setting Tool

The efficacy of the type of media used depends on a variety of factors that should all be analyzed to ensure that the most applicable choices are made.

The Documentary “Nas: Time Is Illmatic”

In the documentary film entitled Nas: Time is Illmatic dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Nas' debut album, the history of the musician's life and the album is revealed to the viewer.

The Documentary “Muscle Shoals”

The challenge of the musicians described in the movie was that they struggled to find their own styles and sound to compete with the mainstream music of the time.

Video Games as a Legitimate Sport

The opportunities for memory development and the further enhancement of the relevant skills acquisition must be regarded as the key characteristic that makes video games a legitimate sport.

Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport?

The lack of physical exertion in video games denies them the opportunity to be considered a sport. Video games should not be considered a sport because they neither involve physical exertion nor the application of [...]

Newspaper Industry and Its Challenges

Nowadays, the majority of researchers who are concerned about the problem of the dissemination of information in the modern world acknowledge that news organizations are having significant financial troubles related to changes on a global [...]

Pop Cultural Influence on American Youth

According to Bennett, there is sufficient evidence to state that both criminals actually enjoyed the process not least of all due to the glamorization of mass murders in music and cinematography.

LinkedIn Network’s Success and Functional Area

At the time of the service's arrival to the scene, the online domain was already familiar with the concept of social networks, mainly due to the massive success of platforms such as Facebook and MySpace.

Viacom MTV and Its Influence on World Culture

According to Mirrlees, this phenomenon means the expansion of the interests of a particular country and the introduction of its cultural ideas, which today, as a rule, are expressed in the form of films and [...]

When Gaming Is Good for You?

The author has used diverse strategies to gain the trust and readership of the audience. Conversely, the author warns that gaming is dangerous.

“Slavery by Another Name” Documentary

To assure the existence of the social and historical support, the movie is presented in the form of the documentary and can be viewed by an extended audience to spread awareness about the drawbacks of [...]

“Wild Carpathia III” by Charlie Ottley

This area can be named the heart and soul of rural Romania because ancient traditions and customs are carefully kept there despite the globalization and modernization of the world. There is no spirit of death; [...]

Advertising, Its Language and Psychology

It is the means of the achievement of its main goal, which is the maintenance of the company's competitiveness. Advertising uses its own language to make the potential customers aware of the product.

TV Visual Analysis: Boardwalk Empire

The plot focuses on the society that underwent a drastic change after the entry of Prohibition providing responsibility for the production and sale of alcoholic products. Wool jackets, often with lapels and collar with the [...]

Youth’s Aggression and Social Media

The problem is in the fact that posts and messages in social media that have followed shootings include images, slogans, and texts provoking violence and aggressive behaviors in young people, and more attention should be [...]

Snapchat: Causes of Success

The recent trends of online communication, as well as the existing ethics of online messaging, are at least in part responsible for the Snapchat's status as one of the most frequently used mobile app of [...]

“The Cove” a Documentary by Rick O’Barry

In a bombshell revelation, the documentary purports that the Japanese populous is mostly unaware of the activities that go on in the cove. In the end, O'Barry has to be escorted out of the meeting [...]

Media in the Middle East

The extent to which the Islamic Republic of Iran exercises "unrivalled" media coverage is manifested by the creation of a monopoly by the IRIB.

Online Society and Its Consequences

Although the social network users are all exposed to enormous and constantly updated data flow, it can be argued that the global community going online results in the limitation of the users' knowledge, the degeneration [...]

Douyu TV and Young People in the Virtual Community

The virtual community that is associated with sharing and watching the live videos broadcasted with the help of streaming platforms similar to Douyu TV is characterized by features typical of other virtual communities, and it [...]

Social Networking, Statistics and Interview

This paper aims at two primary concerns with the question: the privacy security, and the usability and convenience, by analyzing the responses from three interviewed persons, and show that they display the concerns which are [...]

Mass Shooting and Media Reporting Relationship

In the 21st century, one of the best ways to reduce the incidence of a mass shooting is to persuade mass media organizations from sensationalizing news coverage of this type of criminal activity.

Korean Popular Culture and Western Influences

In this paper, the evaluation of the relations of power between the western impact and Korean popular culture in terms of Asian countries will be offered to demonstrate how competitive and independent the Koreans can [...]

American Indians in Mass Media Representation

In the mass media, the image of the Native Americans is primarily defined from the Western point of view and according to their ideologies and perspectives on the historical events and culture. And it may [...]

Superhero Captain America in Marvel Comics

Captain America was intended to be a loyal super soldier who clashed the Axis influences during the World War II over and over again and appeared to be the most prevalent character for the duration [...]

Reality Shows Influence and Culture Corrosion

We are in the twenty-first century, and the reality shows in the media are proverbial and trendy and very entertaining. The scenario in most of reality shows is that we are competing to be happy [...]

Facebook Effects on Our Self-Esteem

The title of the article "Facebook envy: how the social network affects our self-esteem" speaks for itself: the author Andrea Shea reflects on the impact that the social media has on its users, and in [...]

Snapchat Company’s Violation of Media Law

From the dramatic developments in technology news, the FTC insists that if Snapchat used privacy and security as key points in its sales pitch to consumers, the company had to honor these promises. The privacy [...]

The Right to Privacy is Not a Right to Facebook

Through the article The Right to Privacy is Not a Right to Facebook Castro tries to explore the issue of online privacy by focusing on a Facebook company that recently came up with new privacy [...]

Immigrants’ Urban Life in “Entre Nos” Film

This is in regard to the growth, evolution, and advancement in the cities, the neighborhood concept, people-orientation, and density. In the center of all the anxiety and confusion, people value close friendship as the social [...]

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

In order to achieve a greater understanding of MMORPGs as social-cognitive phenomena, it is important to analyze the factors of their functioning and development that commenced with the attempts to transfer physical-reality role games to [...]

Mass Media Role in Crisis Resolution

They think that such a portion of knowledge is enough to believe in the power of mass media and its ability to provide people with enough experience to solve conflicts, resolve crises, and stabilize the [...]

Students’ Virtual Lives in Social Media

With the rise of social media and the appearance of modern gadgets such as laptops, computers, and smartphones, many young men and women are far more attached to the World Wide Web than they would [...]

Afro-Americans in the “Do the Right Thing” Comedy

Spike Lee's movie reflects the problem of ethnic stereotypes by depicting the way in which Afro-Americans defend their right to equality, showing how biases can be confronted, and exemplifying how the political sensibilities can be [...]