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“Moms Demand Action” Print Advertisement

The analysis concentrates on characteristics including the colors, portrayed message, ad relevance to the target audience, ad set, characters in the ad, and the way the ad provokes the emotions of the audience and drives [...]

The Documentary “The Murder of Emmett Till”

The current paper discusses a documentary, "The Murder of Emmett Till," which presents the story of the death of Emmet Till, one of the most known victims of racial violence in the USA, and briefly [...]

Sociological Perspectives on the Mass Media

In the conflict theory, it is stated that the mass media may appear autonomous but it is really focused on the capitalists who have monopolized media houses. Functionalism, interactionism and conflict theories all accept that [...]

Facebook Network Globalization

Perhaps, due to its easy and wide access to many people and the availability of web-enabled cellphones, Facebook has been a target by some authorities, mainly China and a host of Arab countries. In fact, [...]

The Effects of Social Media on Egypt Revolution

It will examine the communication strategies employed by social media experts to magnify the evils of the ruling regime to warrant its expulsion from power. This author conducted research and provided information about the effects [...]

The Art of Persuasion: Social Media Relations

Since the main mission of RL Solutions lies in enhancing the security and safety of our clients integrating a healthier environment, the availability of social media is vital for expanding the company's influence inside the [...]

Reality Television Definition and Impact

The article is about the nobility of scientific or investigative television shows, such as "CSI" and "Numb3rs". According to the author of this article, television is the biggest storyteller in the world.

Devices Used by Sport Media

In this respect, the readers are able to connect the meaning of the news with their understanding. Modes of sports writing- In this respect, sports media uses various modes of sport writing to make the [...]

Personal Media Inventory Form

This paper includes an inventory of personal media consumed over two days, including the Internet, print media, radio, entertainment media, television, and mobile devices. Be sure to attach your "Personal Media Inventory Form" to the [...]

Saudi Female Students’ Facebook Usage

In one case, the husband of the respondent encouraged her to join the SNS and in other cases, brothers, cousins, and uncles of the Saudi women were active participants of the SNS and this encouraged [...]

Online Videos and Public Discourse Rights

In addition to that, social media provides the baseline for educating people on their civil rights, thus enabling them acquire the necessary capacity to explore their opportunities and the potential to demand, irrespective of the [...]

Aquabumps Company’s Website and Advertising

To market the site to various advertisers, the company can come up with banner programs that will entice more visitors. The site has 35,000 readers and this offers them a very large base to their [...]

Business Articles and Arguments Comparison

The author of the article argued that the personalization of corporate and the boards of directors works in managing the institution for their own benefits without considering the status of other stakeholders.

Chapters 7-9 of “Youth Media” by Bill Osgerby

Another example in adopting this fusion happens in Algerian; from these examples, it is justified to conclude that youth play a vital role in adopting and configuring global media to suit the relevance and values [...]

“Super Size Me” Documentary by Morgan Spurlock

The movie is a documentary on an experiment conducted on filmmaker Spurlock by himself so as to reveal the effects of eating fast foods. The movie concludes by authoritatively stating that fast foods are hazardous [...]

“Born into Brothels” Documentary Analysis

Title of the film: Born into Brothels: Calcutta Red Light Kids Date released: January 17, 2004 Producers: Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman I selected this movie due to the controversies that surround it.

Media Release Objectives

The issue concerning the search for new means of promoting charity among the members of the modern society will also address the incorporation of the latest technology in the charity related processes as the means [...]

Ads: Attracting Attention or Generating New Values?

In this instance, despite using advertisements to attract the attention of the customer, the dramatic dehumanization of the rights and values of the women is portrayed to underline materialism as one of the fundamental values [...]

Social Media Benefits for Non-Profit Organizations

Being a relatively liberal platform, the use of social media like Facebook do not surcharge to gain exposure among the target audience and double as an advocacy tool to champion issues that are of interest [...]

Default: The Student Loan Documentary Critique

The documentary features personal student stories, as well as professional comments from the Student Loan Justice official, emphasizing that it is rather corporate than personal irresponsibility to blame for the existing situation.

The Power of Advertising

The author explains that advertisements circumvent protective or rational parts of the brain, in order to get to underlying motives, insecurities, and longings. As the name of the article suggests, John Hood, wanted to discuss [...]

News Websites Comparison

The British Broadcasting Corporation is a news website and is among the biggest news sources in the world. BBC website news is accurate since it reports news as it happens with reporters on the news [...]

Advertising Campaign Questions

However, the interpretation of messages discussed is not inclusive of the interface between the audience, the message, and the existing culture.

Advertisement for Ferrari 458 Italia

At the top left of the advert, Ticky writes, 'Ferrari-Faster, than the Tsunami.' At the bottom of the text, there is an additional expansion of the statement in terms of the vehicle's speed and its [...]

The Benefit From Social Network

As a freelance web designer, I have been able to market my services and generate traffic to my newly created marketing websites with the help of Twitter.

Communicating in a Crisis: Botulism

It is essential for the public not only to realize the importance of this or that news but also to be sure of the validity of data and the reliability of their receipt.

“To Twitter or Not to Twitter?” by Robert Lucky

Nevertheless, the author focuses on the negative effects of Twitter as the author evokes certain ideas and even feelings concerning the dark side of the social network. The author concludes that it is but natural [...]

World War II Facts in Wikipedia Article

This article will use the information from the article written by Harris to evaluate Wikipedia's article on World War II with the aim of establishing if the information from the site can be regarded as [...]

Mass Media Impact on Female Body Image

As emphasized by Jean Kilbourne in "You are Soaking in It," the impact of modern mass media on the generally accepted female body image is far from positive since the notion of the ideal body [...]

Melania Trump and Daily Mail’ Case

The article also had statements indicating that both Melania and Paolo Zampolli, the manager of the modeling agency, had denied the claims, but did not have evidence to support the affirmations.

Fear from Media Reporting of Crimes

The biggest question is whether it is the fact that there are criminals all around us, or it is in the head. The role of the media is quite profound in this.

Camel Product’s Advertisement Deconstruction

In their article, the authors describe this event as an interactive moment where the speaker intends to have the hearer acknowledges that the speaker wants the audience to accept his/her role as the recipient of [...]

Media: Economic Impact versus Event Success

It was established in the search for literature process that the two industries that were often discussed in the context of media and economic impacts as opposed to event success in the UAE were tourism [...]

Social Media Audit

To develop a selection of relevant assessment criteria for the choice of social media channels, it is necessary to consider the findings of recent academic studies. The focus of this section of the report is [...]

Social Media as a New Promotion Tool

Social media has become a necessary part of a marketing strategy for most companies, as indicated by success stories of corporate accounts. The primary difference between traditional media and social networks lies in the degree [...]

The 2008 Banking Crisis in the Documentary “Inside Job”

Using the documentary "Inside Job", the paper presented below asserts that the malpractices of different banking experts, the ethical dilemma revolving around ratings agencies' actions, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the Glass-Steagall Acts influenced the nature [...]

Effects of Media on Social Norms

This paper aims to examine the influence of media on GCC's citizens and international partners to determine ways in which it affects social norm changes.

Non-Traditional Advertising in the Modern World

The increased importance and efficiency of the given tool could be evidenced by the fact that the majority of companies that use non-traditional advertising to attract customers note a significant increase in customers interest and [...]

“Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise” Documentary Analysis

The overall essence of the film can be characterized as musically and visually complex due to the combination of seemingly separate worlds: Ra's deep philosophical monologues and the Arkestra's banter about Ra and his contribution [...]

“Fake News” as a Public Policy Issue

This suggests that the news is not particularly news; they reflect and confirm the model of the world, where only deviations from it are significant, stopping the attention of readers.

Social Media and the Family

In their research, House, McGinty, and Heim investigate the influence of social networking services on the level of satisfaction in long-distance relationships.

The Documentary “Supplements and Safety”

The Frontline documentary, "Supplements and Safety," provides a thorough and insightful description of the main problems existing in the supplement industry: safety, regulation, and efficacy.

Fake News and Unfair Media Portrayal

Lastly, when in the exploration of communication media as a vehicle for information transference, it is important to mention that the choice of a communication channel depends on the message that one is trying to [...]

Social Media Appropriation for Activism

The new practice of socializing via social media allows for building new types of relationships between people, and this phenomenon is actively used by activists to make their ideas attractive to the public and share [...]