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85 Newspaper Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Newspaper Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Newspaper Reactions to Brown V. Board Of Education
    It is therefore incorrect to note that the difference in Newspaper reaction to the Brown V. Board of education case was a representation of the difference in opinion between the Southern states and other states.
  2. The Newspaper Critic on Gender Inequalities in Canada
    Jasmeet Sidhu says in his article in the Star ‘Gender inequality distorts Politics,’ that since Canada elected Agnes MacPhail into the House of Commons in 1921, the country has made major steps in bridging the […]
  3. Newspaper Response on Buddhism
    Finally, the author estimates that harmony is the “essential ingredient” of all religions and it is a guarantee of the welfare of all nations.
  4. Newspaper Industry and the Internet
    Most of the readers are now finding the news in newspapers somewhat stale considering that the news on the internet is instant, fresh and immediate.
  5. Unemployment, Labor, and Government Economic Forces
    The article, “The State of Economics”, is an article that discusses the turmoil between economists of the current age in trying to reconcile economic principles with both the classical and Keynesian economic theories of the […]
  6. Product Reassessment in Newspaper Positioning
    A research may be carried out to ascertain what percentage of the population still buys a newspaper and the reason for doing that. It is crucial to keep a database of the places to deliver […]
  7. The Newspaper Publishing Industry in Australia
    The fate of newspaper publishing industry across the world and in Australia continues to be unknown. Demographic segmentation enables the industry to succeed in formulating products and services that cater for the needs of customers.
  8. Printed Newspapers in US
    This paper looks at the characteristics of the target market that could be the reason, highlights the author’s reasons to believe that this product is declining in appeal, makes recommendations, and discusses a turnaround strategy.
  9. The Decline of Newspapers in the US
    The decline of newspapers in the US is attributed to decrease in readership of newspaper across the country. The increasing economic challenges experienced by newspaper companies have made the prices of their stocks to decline, […]
  10. Michigan Newspapers’ Biased Coverage of Jewish Persecution in Germany
    In the period of 1933-1939, which encompasses Hitler’s rise to power that saw a sustained persecution of Jews in Germany and the pogroms, which culminated in the Night of The Broken Glass, the reception of […]
  11. Constitutional Rights for Campus Newspaper Editors
    The code of conduct should always be in line with the provisions in the constitution of the country especially in areas where the rights of the students are likely to be affected or are threatened.
  12. Media Convergence and Newspaper Publication
    The convergence of media that resulted in the digitized form of The New York Times and Washington Post is the testament to the power of Information Technology and the changing needs of people. In this […]
  13. Newspapers Are Under Attack From The Net. What Strategies Might Be Followed To Survive?
    The way to go for the newspapers is to provide the detailed facts that blogs and short articles on the internet do not provide.
  14. Ideologies in Newspaper Writing
    On the contrary, ideology is linked to the ruling system since the distortion implicated on the ideology reflects the interest of the rulers.
  15. Raw Materials for Newspaper Manufacturing
    Resins bind other components of the ink and form a film for binding the ink and the paper. Transportation of wood, paper fiber, and ink is also necessary to deliver the raw material to the […]
  16. Newspaper Report and TV Report: Comparison and Contrast
    Conversely, the audience relates to the story through the tone of voice of the reporter as well as the appearance of the characters in the TV report.
  17. Newspaper Readership Decline Factors
    Basing on the apparent trends of newspaper readership, the media systems predict that the future of newspapers seems untenable because of the increasing decline in newspaper readership.
  18. Newspapers’ Discussion: School Desegregation
    In spite of the fact that many newspaper authors covered the school desegregation events rather subjectively, the approaches to discussing the process of school desegregation in the American states are different in relation to the […]
  19. Financial Times Newspaper Brand Marketing
    The Financial Times is a British newspaper that is published in London that primarily focuses on the financial market in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
  20. Local Newspaper and Its Social Media Advertising
    The exploration of the role of advertising on the Internet in the process of raising the profitability of the company contributes to a better understanding of the mechanism used by the World Wide Web for […]
  21. Newspapers, Books, Magazines as Media Forms
    The aim of the current research is to analyze the role of the media and assess the importance of newspapers, books, and magazines as media forms.
  22. Newspaper Industry and Its Challenges
    Nowadays, the majority of researchers who are concerned about the problem of the dissemination of information in the modern world acknowledge that news organizations are having significant financial troubles related to changes on a global […]

💡 Simple & Easy Newspaper Essay Titles

  1. War and Violence Metaphors in Newspaper Headlines
    For both purposes, the use of metaphorical language in headlines is crucial to catch the people’s attention and to trigger a chain of association that will direct the readers’ focus to a particular side of […]
  2. Chernobyl Disaster in New York Newspapers
    Still, media statements from 1986, and especially the day of the initial report, can be considered the first reaction of the media to the accident.
  3. Portrayal of Ernesto Che Guevara by American Newspapers
    In his article, Llosa remarks that people do not know the real character of Guevara’s actions and therefore “cling to a myth”.
  4. Alzheimer’s Disease in Newspaper Articles
    The number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and diabetes in the United States, and indeed globally, has increased significantly in the last few years. This means that the main interest of such collaboration is to […]
  5. Macroeconomics in 2010 Newspaper Articles
    The article has its basis on the recent global financial crisis, which started in the United States and spread to other parts of the world.
  6. Jonesboro Newspaper’s Budget and Cash Flow
    A budget enables an individual to forecast the amount of money to be realized upon the execution of a given undertaking. A part of the income from the company will be used to cater for […]
  7. How to Identify and Locate a Newspaper in E- Databases?
    The results showed that a search statement consisting of three concepts, features of the search databases, and the use of basic and advanced searches consisting of ley words, concatenated words, and indexing were necessary to […]
  8. Leadership at The New York Times Newspaper
    Wisdom comes in handy when the leader is balancing the interests of shareholders such that the leader’s actions lead to the common good.
  9. News Nowadays: Digitalization of Newspapers
    However, the digitalization of the newspapers has adversely impacted the quality of news, as it has led to the rise of fake news.
  10. Lyme Disease: A Newspaper Article
    During the early stages of the disease, doctors usually investigate the early symptoms of the disease in order to confirm whether you have the disease but during the later stages of the disease, doctors usually […]
  11. Academic vs. Newspaper Article Writing
    In the case of writing an article for the Times Newspaper and academic writing, they both differ in their objectives and in the audience they cater to.
  12. Newspaper Coverage of Japan-America Internment in WW2 and the Civil Rights Movement
    The media covered this because this movement persuaded whites to join them in their mass protests and they were killed in the event.
  13. Newspaper Articles on Financial Accounting Analysis
    Though they are the leading companies in the world they only cover around 1/3 of the Bangladesh market. So in the light of the above discussion it is crystal clear the local firm of Bangladesh […]
  14. Newspaper Accounts of First Nations People
    As the article is overloaded with details, one can assume that the author intentionally directs the reader’s attention to the industriousness with which the entities of judicial and executive power have been trying to keep […]
  15. Internet and Traditional Newspaper Industry
    First of all, in order to understand the major tendencies in changing media popularity, it is necessary to look at the differences in technological processes of news production on the Web and in traditional newspapers.
  16. The New York Times Newspaper’s Strategic Management
    Considering the analysis of the business performance, and the related aspects of the publishing business, there is a strong necessity to emphasize that the New York Times should focus on the issues of strategic management […]
  17. Newspapers: Commercialism and Information
    It is by virtue of this final that it comes evident the lack of government’s support in terms of subsidies to the press in the current regarded capitalist system full of democracy but only makes […]
  18. Past Newspaper Articles Analysis: The New York Times
    In comparison to the previous stories published 100 years ago, New York Times has a habit of making the chaotic and the most important issues, headlines.
  19. Fabricating Facts in a Daily Newspaper
    As the chief editor of a large metropolitan daily newspaper, one is entitled to explaining to the audience the various roles of the media in the society and its capacity of information coverage in all […]
  20. Newspaper Interpretations of Dred Scott v. Sanford
    In retrospect, it is obvious that Northern anti-slavery interpretations of the Dred Scott decision were much more accurate than Southern pro-slavery interpretations.
  21. Internet Impact on Journalism: Print vs. Online Newspapers
    The purpose of the investigation is to examine the impact of the Internet on journalism with the help of analyzing the role of print newspapers, online newspapers, and social networking in presenting the information and […]
  22. “Westside Today” and “Gazette Newspapers”: Comparative Characteristics
    The popularity of newspapers depends on the predominance of certain groups in the area, the values that have established themselves in that particular community and the ability of the newspaper to interest the reader by […]
  23. Biases and Sources in Newspaper Articles About the Coronavirus
    The coronavirus is unpredictable and hard to control, and people have to cooperate, communicate, and exchange available information to predict the growth of complications and health-related problems.

👍 Good Research Topics about Newspaper

  1. Solution for the Decline of Circulation of Newspaper
  2. Goodwill Hunting and Profit Sharing: Decision-Making in a Newspaper Chain
  3. Prices and Network Eects in Two-Sided Markets: the Belgian Newspaper Industry
  4. The Main Issues Involving The Ownership Of The Canadian Newspaper Industry
  5. Early Colonial Era Newspaper Accounts of Conflicts, Disease, and Westward Expansion
  6. What Effect Does Online News Edition Have On Printed Newspaper
  7. Printted Newspaper vs. Online Newspapers
  8. The Argument Between the Communitarians and Liberals in the Newspaper Article The American Prospect Online
  9. How Internet Affects The Newspaper Business
  10. Difference Between Internet Advertising and Newspaper Advertising
  11. Predicting Bitcoin Returns: Comparing the Roles of Newspaper- and Internet Search-Based Measures of Uncertainty
  12. External Environment Analysis For The Newspaper Industry
  13. Newspaper Reading and Relating to the Human Bill of Rights
  14. Sensationalism, Newspaper Profits and the Marginal Value of Watergate
  15. How the Newspaper and Music Industry Has Changed Because of E-Commerce
  16. Various Analysis Tools Applied To The Newspaper Industry
  17. Circulations, Revenues, and Profits in a Newspaper Market with Fixed Advertising Costs
  18. Uses and Gratification: Nigerian Students Use of Newspaper
  19. Damaging Sexual Stereotypes about Women in TV and Newspaper Ads
  20. Gender Stereotypes and the Credibility of Newspaper Articles Associated

📌 Most Interesting Newspaper Topics to Write about

  1. Newspaper Differentiation and Investments in Journalism: The Role of Tax Policy
  2. Meet the Press: How Voters and Politicians Respond to Newspaper Entry and Exit
  3. Modernism: Newspaper and Miss Representation
  4. Media Bias and Influence: Evidence from Newspaper Endorsements
  5. Lexical Features Structure Features and Rhetorical Devices of English Newspaper
  6. The Newspaper Industry’s Contribution to the Economy
  7. Newspaper Reading Habbit Among School Teachers
  8. Using Newspaper Magazine Articles Online Databases Strayer Learning Resources
  9. Newspaper: How Did the American Newspapers Report on Events Taking Place in Europe During the Holocaust
  10. Newspaper Journalism During The Revolutionary War
  11. Why The Newspaper Companies Are Suffering From Decline
  12. The Real Estate Section of the Local Newspaper
  13. The Newspaper Industry and the Changes in the Last 20 Years
  14. Legal and Economic Aspects in Theft of Newspapers: Using a Model of Newspaper Value
  15. Daily Newspaper Advertising Rates, Local Media Cross-Ownership, Newspaper Chains, and Media Competition
  16. The Scotsman and The Guardian: Which Newspaper Is Better
  17. Scale Economics, Market Power, and Pricing Behavior Evidence from German Newspaper and Magazine Publishing
  18. The Early Twentieth Century’s Immigration and the Newspaper Jobs
  19. Utilizing Newspaper Advertise Women Advertisements Society
  20. Fracking and Metaphor: Analysing Newspaper Discourse in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom

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