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How to Write a Communication Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

People talk, write, and leave various messages for each other with ease. Even the act of writing an essay counts as a pathway between the author and the reader that allows the transfer of knowledge. Thus, writing a communication essay may seem redundant to some, but only if they do not understand the specifics of the subject’s topics.

Recognizing the dos and don’ts of writing about the communication process helps essayists understand them better and attain an overall higher level of writing.


  • Do your research and construct an outline before you begin writing. This prewriting stage should set the foundation for your future paper and help you orient yourself in various communication essay topics, not only your own, which may help you in the future.
  • Mention what kind of communication means you are going to talk about in your paper. Whether you are talking about virtual or international verbal communication, your readers should be fully aware of your central theme. Specifying your topic may seem like a redundant piece of advice, but it helps you open your thesis statement and sets the scene for your readers.
  • Explain the background processes behind the issue you are tackling. Doing so includes outlining the prerequisites for a problematic subject, for example, a lack of intonation transferability in social media platforms. Every issue arises from other events, on which you should have comprehensive knowledge.
  • Use your communication essay conclusion as the place to tie together the various bits of information that you have mentioned. Furthermore, you should have it mirror your thesis statement, demonstrating its soundness.
  • Write multiple communication essay titles at the end of your working process. The process of getting your readers interested should begin from the first words of your work that they see. Choose the one that best reflects your content, demonstrates your subject, and your approach to it to your audience.

Do not

  • Approach historical and modern means of communication similarly. The first telegram was sensational, even if now people think of it as an outdated and useless practice. Recognize that each technology had its golden age, and take into consideration the historical period to which your essay pertains.
  • Use book and journal titles that are not credible. During pre-writing, you should compile a bibliography that will help uphold your paper’s credibility. Assess every source critically to avoid using those that will put your work under scrutiny.
  • Plagiarize from others’ work. Reading sample essays is an excellent way to begin writing your own, but copying from them is not a good idea. Doing so will demonstrate a lack of professionalism and academism, as well as an inability to generate ideas of your own.
  • Skip out on brainstorming and pre-writing. Essay writing may seem as easy as penning paragraphs one after the other, but an outline is indispensable to a smooth narrative. Writers who put a lot of thought into both their structure and the included information all create excellent paper examples.
  • Go against your instructor’s guidelines. You should respect your word count, central theme, and any other aspects that may affect the grading rubric. You may write an excellent essay, with great points, and readily presented counterarguments, but if it goes against the outlined rules, then you may not get the grade that you deserve.

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Significant Principles of Management Communication

Introduction The success of a business organization lies heavily on proper communication mechanisms within its structures. There are many publications and articles describing the effects of communication on businesses. In any trade, communication is an important ingredient for significant accomplishment. Even though the existence of specific communication norms contributes to the successful business operation, several […]

Communication Problems and Solutions

Introduction and Background Organizational integration, which is achieved through coordinated communication, is very important for organizations that do business in a competitive environment. In a competitive environment, effective communication of an organization both internally and externally is considered as a core requirement which assists the organization to compete against rivalry (Jackson, 2006). By identifying the […]

Communication and Trust

One of the most important aspects of building a strong and effective organizational culture that guarantees success is cultivation of trust. Trust between employees and the management is very important. An environment that lucks trust is characterized by hostility, lack of cooperation between employees, dishonesty, and low productivity (Gilbert, 2002). The attitudes and interactions of […]

HR, Communication, and Integration Management

Executive Summary On 19th July 2007, the Victorian government made a formal announcement that it intended to develop a 150-gigalitre desalination project. After feasibility studies were conducted, the project was declared feasible. The government made its final decision to commit its financial resources to develop the project scheduled for completion by December 2011. Although the […]

Security in the information communication technology

Abstract Organizations must put control measures to protect their information systems from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. The top-level management of the organization must devise security mechanisms and policies. This enhances the effectiveness of such policies since it enables the organization engrain such policies in the organizational culture. Organizations also use other security mechanisms, such […]

Communication Gaps in the Organization

According to human resource management experts, communication gap refers to the condition in which poor communication hinders work efficiency and relations within an organization (Caputo & Palosaari, 2003). Communication gaps result from misinterpretations, one-way communications, late communications, or poorly worded communications. In our everyday lives, there are several instances where the lack of effective communication […]

Information and Communication Technologies in Education

Introduction Modern educators focus on finding the most appropriate and effective means to teach students and guarantee the active teaching and learning processes. In this case, the developed information and communication technologies (ICT) provide a lot of possibilities to plan and implement the effective teaching and learning methods and techniques. The sphere of ICT develops […]

Communication Plan of Blu E- Cig

A communication plan refers to a road map that is aimed at passing messages to the audience. The communication plan is an extremely vital tool when dealing with a novel product. This is because it influences the public relations management, corporate affairs, human resources, and marketing. Therefore, Blu E- Cig will spend adequate time planning […]

Importance of Effective Communication in BPM Projects

Introduction Business project management (BPM) refers to an approach that involves synchronization of business processes and operations in order to satisfy the needs of customers (Chong, 2010). Its main role is to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and effectiveness of businesses processes through innovation and incorporation of technology. In order to achieve success during BPM projects, […]

Children Develop Speech, Language, and Communication through Plays

Introduction Every child is unique and develops and learns in different ways and rates. Early years practitioners can only support children’s individual learning and development if they know about their personalities, interests, developmental levels, skills, and their learning dispositions. Dispositions must be included among the goals of early childhood education. Practitioners must demonstrate sensitivity so […]

Importance of Communication in Making Decision in Organizations

Executive Summary The report entails evaluation of the role of communication in making decisions within an organization. The correlation between decision making and communication is underscored in the background study. Some of the key roles of communication in decision making are identified. The importance of communication in identifying the complexity of the intended decision is […]

Verbal and non-Verbal Communication Styles across Ethnic and Cultural Background

Introduction Cultural competence has become an important factor to success of a therapist because of demographic changes in the country. It has become common for a psychology therapist to encounter clients from different ethnic or cultural background in either individual or group setting. The situations where a therapist and client have different cultural background require […]

Poor Interoffice Communication

Introduction Communication is one of the key aspects that are of great significance in any organization. It refers to the continuous process through which an individual or group conveys information to a second party-recipient. According to Hargie and Dickson, communication refers to the process of sharing information, feelings and meanings through the exchange of both […]

The Concept Politeness in the Cross -cultural Communication

In the contemporarily civilized society, politeness defines the integral aspect of interactive communication to positively facilitate life effectiveness and promote social life interaction. Since the world consist of many cultures, a universal definition of the term politeness is not possible since it depends on the communicative dialects and symbols employed by each culture. As a […]

Galveston Independent School Effective Leader

The business narrative advanced by Bloom’s and Kolb’s theories relates very perfectly to my work as an office manager of special initiatives in Galveston Independent School. According to Bloom, there exists three spheres of influence in experiential learning which are the cognitive that involves the mental skills or Knowledge, the affective which involves growth in […]

Information communication technology

Introduction The term ICT, or Information communication technology, refers to communication devices and communication applications. These encompass mobile phones, satellite systems, radio, computers and network hardware, television, etc. ICT is currently among the most important drivers of retail logistics. It has also become an indispensable part of contemporary homes and retail businesses (Kuppusamy and Santhapparaj, […]

Culture and Communication: Egypt

Introduction Egypt is the origin of the earliest civilizations and has taken an important position in the Middle East as the connection between the Arab and Europe regions. Egyptian culture and practices are greatly influenced by Arab, African, and Mediterranean cultures, and it is a distinctive mixture of modern and traditional cultures and behaviours. Most […]

The Application of Seven Communication Traditions

The Phenomenological Tradition It is a theory that deals with personal experience. People have a way of interpreting the things around them and coming up with a formidable experience (Griffin 2009). The attributes can develop even from the time a person is young (Adler & Rodman 2003). After examining things and testing them, then one […]

Communication and Integrated Management

Executive Summary In the report the merger project between HP and Compaq is discussed in the context of communication and integration management. The communication needs between the stakeholders of both companies is discussed. This shows the communication adopted by the management of both companies in informing the stakeholders about the merger. The merger applied the […]

The Role of Culture and Communication in Work Places

Introduction In a work set up, it is always necessary to consider employees or business associates’ communication and cultural diversity (Kottak & Kozaitis 2003). For instance, in Australia, individuals seeking employment are expected to promote themselves explicitly and show that they can work in an environment of diverse cultures. This is done by requiring them […]

New Media and Political Communication

Abstract Media refers to the use of various apparatus as a means of information delivery from the source to the recipients. It is a broad field categorized into social media, broadcast, electronic and digital media. In the 20th century, politicians used their power and wealth to acquire the government positions. The new mass media techniques […]

The Use of Gamification to Improve the Internal Communication

The Use of Gamification to Improve the Internal Communication between Nationals and Expatriates in the Private Sector Companies of Dubai Introduction The improvement of internal communication between representatives of different cultures is a challenging task to address by managers. In Dubai, the percentage of expatriates working in the private companies is extremely high (Srimannarayana & […]

Cross-Media Communication in Advertising: Exploring Multimodal Connections

Article Summary This article initiated by scientists from Aalborg University, Denmark provides the reader with the information on the research of cross-media communication in advertising. The research was inspired by latter studies connected to this area. It focuses on the television commercial and the website as two separate advertisings connected with each other. Three dimensions […]

Communication Channel Scenarios

Introduction There are many communication channels that managers can use when conveying vital business messages. However, the effectiveness of a particular channel is determined by the level of authority, type of information, urgency of information, the number of recipients among other factors. This paper focuses on three scenarios in which the managers are expected to […]

Cross culture communication

Setting the stage The easy is a critical examination of my account about cross-cultural communication. Globalization is thought of as various mechanisms or processes that aim at creating and consolidating a unified world in terms of economy and culture characterized by a complex link of information sharing that is world wide (Adler & Gundersen, 2008). […]

Communications theory

Whether you are in America or in any other part of the world and working either in local police department or doing business, the way public organization manage information has an effect in every individual. Today, there are new technologies that used to collect data, store information, analyze it and publicize the information. However, the […]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Introduction This paper shall discuss the importance of understanding and appreciating the various IMC tools to those who work in the field of advertising and promotion as well as the challenges faced when doing online marketing. Importance of understanding and appreciating the various IMC tools to those who work in the field of advertising and […]

Integrated marketing communication

Kliatchko (2008) asserts that the primary objective of Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC’s is “for the target audiences to receive and form in their minds a unified and integrated message” and that “if this desired goal is achieved, then integration, at this stage, may be said to be effective.” From a traditional point of view, marketing […]

Effective Communication Methods

Methods of Communications for Internal and Externals Groups Communication is regarded as the process by which individuals send and receive thoughts, ideas as well as feelings in a manner in which the recipient comprehends the message in its intended form. Thus, communication is taken as a two way process where the binding force is assumed […]

Case Study – Cross Culture Communication

The topic chosen for this case study is cross cultural communication (CCC). This occurs in an environment consisting of English speakers and Greek speakers. An interesting thing in this context is the miscommunication aspects due to cultural differences in the realms of non-verbal communication (Gupta, 1998). Personal observation on this issue has revealed the disparities […]

Effective Organizational Communication – A Competitive Advantage

Introduction This paper gives a summary on organizational communication as a competitive advantage based on the provided SHRM article. The article relays essential information on organizational communication with an aim of providing requisite incentives to enable advancement of holistic communication guidelines in institutions. Its discussion is categorized under various sections to aid understanding of the […]

Strategic Role of Communication in A Cross Cultural Project Team

Research Aim The aim of the research is to discover the significance and extent to which communication in multicultural project teams contributes to project success. Many project teams have had an international outlook with firms carrying out project activities in offshore countries away from the country of origin. That is in addition to working with […]

Intercultural communication perspectives

Introduction The ability of an individual to communicate meaningfully is considered a critical aspect of social interaction among people of different cultures. This essay explores various issues pertaining to intercultural communication and its application on the classroom setting. These include the definition of intercultural communication and an overview of the contents involved in teaching it; […]

Communication as an art

Abstract Communication an essential tool not only in business organizations, but also in our daily lives as it provides a framework through which people interact and associate with one another. Communication has continually improved over the past years as technology advancements are being invented hence presenting more and more effective ways of communicating. The topic […]

Narrative Communication in the Teaching and Learning Process

Introduction Narrative communication in the teaching and learning process is an act of enhancing attention of learners through storytelling. Scholars have recently focused on the development of narrative approaches to classroom teaching and learning activities so that learners can understand educational experiences. A teacher’s main objective is to encourage learners to be attentive so as […]

Consultant and Client Communication Strategies

Businesses depend heavily on consultants who are useful in carrying out technical problems or tasks that arise in an organization. Consultants are usually specialists with skills, experience and knowledge used to drive a particular business activity. They oversee the implementation of a business activity that the organisation was unable to carry out or lacked the […]

Techniques for Achieving Effective Communication

Introduction The purpose of this research paper will be to discuss the techniques that are used in achieving effective communication within a project team by focusing on the commercial construction industry. The thesis statement for this research paper will therefore be “to identify techniques for achieving effective communication in the project management of a commercial […]

Internet Communication and Graphic Design

Introduction Wendy and Kati (2002) observe that the invention of the internet is considered to be one of the greatest invention and innovation in the 20th century. The internet has improved the way people communicate and accomplish different tasks. It is one of the greatest tools of communication which enables users to reach a wider […]

Integrated Marketing Communications

Communication effort as a way of marketing a particular brand makes use Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) (Smith &Taylor, 2004). Through this concept, the relationship between the customer and the brand is greatly enhanced. The communication efforts employed here are primarily meant to foster a warm customer relationship so that a particular brand can be consumed […]