In the society it is very common to see that people interact well with some society members and not all. It is therefore, not a miracle to see people always walking and enjoying in groups and chatting while laughing their lungs out. Every person in the world has someone with whom he or she is […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship and how they translate to employability

Introduction Skills such as problem solving and handling of crises are vital for a person working for any organization. This is because problems and crises in life are bound to occur in the course of one’s duty. Problem solving and crises handling skills are developed as one encounters different situations in their private lives that […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship

Introduction Compared to the past century, women in Australia have more rights and privileges and their status has risen higher. The transformation that is now being witnessed among the Australian women came about as a result of hard fought political and social battles by movements advocating for change in women’s roles both. In the past, […]

Interpretation of Friendship among Confucian and Neo-Confucian writers

Abstract The Confucian system encompasses five human relationships. These relationships include father and son, ruler and minister, husband and wife, older and younger brother and friendship. There are varied perspectives among scholars on the interpretation of friendship as presented under the Confucian system. In his article “The Fifth Relationship; Dangerous Friendships in the Confucian Context”, […]

Women and Friendship

Introduction A controversy exists in terms of gender stereotyping when it comes to friendship. Women relationships are conceived to be more phony and unreliable compared to men. Women are viewed differently. For instance, they are conceived as being always in competition with one another and disloyal to those whom they view as friends. On the […]

Woman intimacy and friendship with the appearance of social media

Social media has provided a platform for women to communicate about intimacy in a way that was never possible before. Across all races and gender, social media has promoted cohesion by driving spontaneous affection, intimacy and informality (Zacharias and Arthurs 214). A majority of studies reveal more women than men use social sites. It has […]

Aristotle’s ideas on civic relationships: happiness, the virtues, deliberation, justice and friendship

Introduction Aristotle is one of the most influential legendary philosophers that ever lived in the world’s history. Despite him being a Greek, his philosophies have influenced the way of life for people across the whole world. His ideas touched on almost all aspects of life whether in law, science, ethics, and philosophy among others. However, […]

Defining Friendship

Introduction Human beings are social animals that depend on each other to live. Whatever thing man needs can only be gotten from another human being. That is the reason why we are constantly reminded that no man is an island. This means that man needs his fellow human beings in order to live a comfortable […]