Honesty Essay, Research Paper Examples

Analysis of trends of Academic Dishonesty

Introduction Academic dishonesty encompasses a collection of purposeful but intolerable behaviors that are in opposition to the scholastic rules and regulations of any institution or a given course policy well affirmed in its course outline (Tadesse and Getachew, 2009). It covers three broad areas: writing, miscellaneous group and use of visual or oral communication methods. […]

Dishonesty in Business

Introduction Work ethics are important not only to organizations, but also to the employees. In every organization, there are set values that should be followed by all the employees when carrying out their duties. These values are based on diligence and hard work to help individual employees as well as the whole organization to meet […]

A punitive Environment Fosters Children’s Dishonesty: A Natural Experiment

Purpose o the Study The purpose of the study was to establish how a punitive environment promotes children’s dishonesty. The research accomplished this by comparing three and four year old children from West Africa. These children were either from punitive or nonpunitive typeof schools in order to determine their behavior in lie telling. The study […]

Academic Honesty

Introduction Lately, academic honesty has become a major issue among the elite in the academic environments. It can no longer be simply defined as the carrying of illegal materials into the exam rooms or copying someone else’s work. Indeed, with growth in technology like smart phones and emergence of the use of internet in research […]

Medical Ethics: Arguments for Medical Dishonesty

Introduction American citizens demand ethical medical care besides the ordinary affordable medical care. Ethical principles are prerequisite to ensure patients’ protection, guarantee integrity, to sustain least standards of quality, and to curb extravagant and deceitful expenditure of medical care resources. Therefore, without the protection of ethics, the medical care organization will be an analogy of […]

Maintaining Academic Honesty

How does a student feel when he cheats his way towards academic excellence? What are the consequences of academic dishonesty? Well, these are questions every student must put in mind before engaging in the diverse forms of academic dishonesty. In any learning institution, honesty is a fundamental concept in the process of achieving academic excellence. […]

Honesty in the workplace

Is Business Bluffing Ethical?: Albert Z. Carr Carr argues that bluffing is business is normal. There is nothing novel to it and there is nothing morally wrong to it. He based his argument on the difference between what we consider as normal morality, such as one has come to understand it from a religious perspective, […]