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72 Loyalty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Loyalty Motivation in “Best Places to Launch a Career” by Tanaka
    It is based on such factors that a company needs to take into consideration the changing face of workplace loyalty in order to make the appropriate type of hiring decisions and to understand the necessity […]
  2. Father-Son Relationships in Hamlet – Hamlet’s Loyalty to His Father
    In the case of Hamlet, he surrenders his own life and future to the will of his father, albeit following significant hesitation, not to mention the passage of an entire play.
  3. The Effect of Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction and Switching Costs On Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study Of Hypermarkets In Taiwan
    This is a summary of the article “The Effect of Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction, and Switching Costs on Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Hypermarkets in Taiwan, by the authors Tsai, Ming-Tien; Tsai, Chung-Lin; Chang, […]
  4. Examples of Loyalty in The Kite Runner [Essay]
    After all it is after having proven his loyalty to Hassan by the means of bringing his son Sohrab to the U.S.that the novel’s protagonist Amir was able to attain inner peace hence, providing a […]
  5. The Question of Loyalty and Patriotism
    Considering the fact that the alien country, is where one lives and has accumulated most of her/his wealth, it becomes reasonable to show loyalty to the country though this action can also result into negatives […]
  6. Marketing Research: Customer Loyalty at Al-Marai Company
    This is given the fact that customer loyalty is one of the features that defines this company in the market. The following are some of the assumptions made in the study together with the scope […]
  7. Earning Loyalty and Trust
    Leadership should also ensure that what it expects the employees to accomplish is made clear to the employees and that they are empowered to do that.
  8. Japanese Americans: Loyalty and Betrayal
    Following this attack, the United States of America in retaliation, placed all Japanese Americans in internment camps popularly known as ‘War Relocation Camps.’ Nevertheless, the aftermath of this exercise presented one big irony of all […]
  9. Recommendations to Enhance Coffee Bean’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
    Given that majority of the consumers are young, hence own computers that they use to study and work while in the cafes, the customer relationship department has to move swiftly and employ a fulltime specialist […]
  10. Loyalty Schemes: Information Management, Financial Management and Human Resources Management on Examples of Starbucks and Nectar
    The main function of the customer information management is to facilitate the operation of customer segmentation strategies by figuring out the values and preferences of customers via customer loyalty schemes.
  11. The Challenges Facing Marketing Managers Who Have the Strategic Intent to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Trust, and Loyalty
    That is because of the stiff competition in the world of business, in the world of selling whatever there is to sell.
  12. The effect of retail service quality and product quality on customer loyalty
    The link between product quality and customer loyalty is evident: when a product satisfies customer’s needs, and thereafter, a customers communicates the positive aspect of that products to others, thus showing a high degree of […]
  13. Reinartz, W. & Kumar, V. “The mismanagement of customer loyalty”
    The researchers point out that it is believed that loyal customers tend to pay more, to require less attention and to be word-of-mouth marketers.
  14. Customer Loyalty and Relationship Management
    The goal of the report is to present the research findings on the issues surrounding loyalty programs and an analysis of the Southwest Airline rewards program.
  15. Ways of Screening Employees for Security and Loyalty
    The loyalty and security checks instill a lack of trust in the employees and this is likely to affect the performance of the employees.
  16. The Impact of Brand Loyalty on New Product Launches
    The marketing team will have to devise a problem statement that defines the unmet needs of the market in the given product category and the advantages that will accrue to consumers, emotionally and physically, by […]
  17. Consumer Behavior Group Project (Loyalty Program)
    Apple Company is one of the leading organizations in terms of profitability. In 2012, for the third time, Apple was awarded as the most innovative company in the world.
  18. Implications of Loyalty Program Membership and Service Experiences for Customer Retention and Value
    Another excellent example of the application of loyalty programs in the service industry includes the co-branded credit card program that has been launched by General Motors, a program that seeks to allocate 5 percent of […]
  19. Behavioural brand loyalty requires deep attitudinal attachment to the brand
    To attain brand loyalty, a company must ensure its products are differentiable in the market; this call for high quality good and making brand salience, the brand should be on top of a consumers mind […]
  20. Various Internal and External Stakeholders and the Duty of Loyalty to Them, on the Example of the Hospital
    As the president of the facility, the doctor has important obligations to all the stakeholders. The president has the responsibility to present progress reports and attend to the demands of the board of trustees.
  21. A research investigation on purchasing intentions and customers loyalty towards Michelin in China
    The latter was found to be necessary in the new market in order to boost the performance of employees and overall brand image of the company in the new competitive and dynamic market.
  22. The Importance of the Customer Loyalty and the Ways to Increase E-loyalty
    The rapid development of the principles of retailing and the active usage of the innovative technologies and the Internet resulted in the fact that today it is possible to use the notion of the customer […]
  23. A Research on Store Loyalty Card
    In order to do so, the nature of the research to be conducted will seek to answer the following questions; 1.
  24. ‘The Effect of Brand Image on the Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction in the Context of a Telecommunication Company’
    Thus, the researcher will be in a position of criticising the academic literature on brand image, with a focus on the role of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the in the industry.

📌 Simple & Easy Loyalty Essay Titles

  1. How can Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty Stimulate Customer Involvement: Zara
    One of the fundamental priority areas that have been targeted by companies in the fashion industry as a matter of urgency is the creation of brand awareness among customers and the reinforcement of customer loyalty […]
  2. WeChat Users’ Motivation, Satisfaction and Loyalty
    H3: Satisfaction has a positive impact on WeChat users’ loyalty Motivation Just like in the case of any other media platforms, users of WeChat ought to have a positive attitude and the desired motivation for […]
  3. Customer Loyalty
    Contingent on the type of business the organization conducts, the company is likely to sell more products to a loyal customer than to ten first-time customers.
  4. Internet-Based Loyalty Programs
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the application of internet-based loyalty programs in the context of the hospitality industry.
  5. “Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention in Professional Services” by Trasorras, Weinstein, and Abratt
    Thus, the purpose of the research is to state the absence or presence of the relationship between the value and customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction in the context of professional services.
  6. Behavioral Patterns, Trust and Loyalty-Building In China
    Among the issues appearing to cause variations in the purchase of clothing and apparel by online platforms included the price, discount, sales volume, size, styles and designs, user recommendations, product authenticity, changes on the actual […]
  7. The Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs
    The accents on the advantages in the form of rewards and discounts for customers are the direct way to contribute to the customer loyalty in relation to the definite hotel and increase the company’s profits […]
  8. The Concept of Loyalty
    The aim of the paper is to understand the effect of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty specifically in case of Starbucks.
  9. How Does Internal Public Relations Impact the Employee Productivity and Loyalty in Saudi Arabia?
    This study therefore intends to synthesize the issue of internal public relations and how it impacts the productivity and loyalty of employees in Saudi Arabia.
  10. Whistle-blowing and Employee Loyalty
    The supervisors at the company ‘forced the employees to keep quiet about the problem’. The whistle blowers also ‘sacrificed their careers in order to achieve justice’.
  11. Airline Loyalty Programmes in Customer Patronage
    The first is the benefits that can be obtained through the frequent flyer loyalty program of airlines while the second is the affordability that low-cost carriers offer.
  12. Shoppers’ Satisfaction Levels and Store Loyalty
    The objectives of the research included: Defining the correlation between the store attributes and shopping behavior and customer satisfaction. Finding out if the satisfaction factors contribute to the loyalty ones.
  13. Emirates Group App’s Influence on Clients’ Loyalty
    Therefore, the primary target of this research is to assess the extent of the impact the introduction of progressive mobile apps has on the clients’ loyalty.
  14. Loyalty in “Hard Times” by Charles Dickens
    For instance, the author ridicules this blind loyalty to Gradgrind’s philosophy and outlines various ways it has affected the lives of his children and people that surround him.
  15. Loyalty in “The Gift” by Rosario Ferre
    In general, loyalty is considered to be a state or a feeling of devotion and faithfulness that is oriented to a particular person, a group of people, cause, or country, etc. Exclusionary one presupposes that […]
  16. Workplace Loyalty Improvements
    The usual assumption by the management is that if the company is successful enough, the employees are happy to be a part of it.
  17. Loyalty Cards’ Effectiveness in Supermarkets
    Due to the recurring recession and the poor economic conditions all over the world, it has become pertinent for all the supermarkets and hypermarkets to be competitive. The loyalty cards present a platform for the […]
  18. Price Management for Customer Loyalty
    In the MSNBC interview with Bob Prosen, the concept of the methodological price increase was discussed. The given example illustrates the importance of open communication and trust in the workplace.
  19. UK Beauty Industry’s Quality and Customer Loyalty
    According to Reason, irrespective of the market segment that a firm serves in the beauty industry, service quality is increasingly becoming an important factor that these firms must consider when delivering their products to the […]
  20. Zara Fashion Retailer: Brand Awareness and Loyalty
    Discussion: This chapter of this study will organise considering the research question, such as it will describe Zara’s marketing strategies to develop brand awareness and customer loyalty; Conclusions: Finally, the chapter six will scrutinise all […]
  21. Tourism Satisfaction and Loyalty: From UK to Shanghai
    One of the theories applied in the study is the theory of reasoned action, which focuses on the prediction of behavioral intentions, which result from the attitude one develops towards a destination and the intention […]
  22. Service Quality and Customer Loyalty in China’s Hotels
    The primary aim of the proposed study is to critically analyze how service quality affects customer loyalty and customer repeat intentions in hotel settings in China.
  23. Loyalty Programs in the Airline Industry After 2008
    As such, this paper will attempt to answer the question: are loyalty programs still an effective method of maintaining consumer patronage in the current airline industry?
  24. Store Loyalty Cards and Their Effects on Retailers
    The second last section of the report focused on the shortcomings of loyalty cards to consumers and they included gradual price increases, a phenomenon of exclusivity, and disincentives for consumers.

💡 Most Interesting Loyalty Topics to Write about

  1. Loyalty or Reward Program and Its Aspects
    It is critical to inform the customers about the upsides of becoming a loyal client and expose them to the real value of being a part of the rewards program.
  2. Violation of Teacher Loyalty Rules and Regulations
    According to the New York education laws and regulations, teachers were required to sign a certificate to confirm that they were not participants of “subversive” organizations, one of which was the Communist party.
  3. Customer Loyalty Programs for Business Benefits
    I agree with Jacqueline that a successful loyalty program always adds value to the primary business of the company and is consistent with its brand and vision.
  4. Customer Loyalty and Premature Marketing
    Some of the key issues addressed in this chapter include the expectation of customers in regards to services being offered and the perception of customers.
  5. Plan Care Company’s Management and Employee Loyalty
    The main emphasis of this paper is to understand the extent that managerial behaviors affect employee loyalty and commitment. Through this imbalanced nature of human relationships in the workplace, employees have always expressed their loyalty […]
  6. Subaru Analyzes Customers’ Loyalty and Devotion
    The present case study pursues two goals: to define the role that the marketing research plays in Subaru’s operation and to identify the management-decision problem the corporation faces when assessing the consumers’ needs.
  7. Business and Professional Ethics: Customer Loyalty
    The opposite way out that Peter might choose is to obey his boss’s order despite the personal vision of the situation.
  8. Airline Companies’ Loyalty Programmes and Market Share
    Dreze and Nunes pay attention to the method of differentiating travellers by status and argue that “the influence of tier size” can have a positive effect on interest in a certain company.
  9. The Effects of Online Shopping on Customer Loyalty
    For example, the study by Afrashteh, Azad, and Tabatabaei Hanzayy is dedicated to the concept of online shopping and the use of this electronic marketing technique to influence customer loyalty in conditions of the state […]
  10. The Role of Social Media of Consumers on Cars Brand Loyalty
    The purpose of this study is to assess the role of the social media of consumers on the brand loyalty of cars.
  11. Customer Loyalty and How Marketers Can Use It
    It is necessary to understand, that the retail seller cannot affect the degree of loyalty of the consumer to the trademark of the goods.
  12. Ancient Civilizations: Odysseus’ Loyalty to Penelope
    Homer, in his epic The Odyssey tells the story of the heroes of Trojan wars and the most enchanting of all the themes of the classic work is the loyalty of Odysseus to his wife […]
  13. Brand Loyalty as the Ultimate Marketing Goal
    Brand Loyalty is not a very difficult concept to understand, a person becomes loyal to a brand when he/she is completely satisfied with the performance of the brand. The factor which matters the most is […]
  14. Relationship Marketing: Does Trust Always Lead to Loyalty?
    It is simply the reality that the Internet and highly sophisticated transport systems allowed men and women all over the world to communicate and do business in a scale never before seen or heard in […]
  15. IFRIC 13 Customer Loyalty Programmes
    The recognition of the revenue is to take place at the time when the redemption of the award credit takes place which marks the fulfilment of the obligation by the entity awarding the credits.
  16. Fundamentals of Marketing. Brand Names & Loyalty
    Marketing research consists of a plan that charts how pertinent data is to be collected and analyzed so that the outcomes are useful and appropriate for making marketing decisions.
  17. Customer Loyalty in Prepaid Cell Phone Industry
    The main business focus should be on customer retention and continuous buying by customers, hence in the end organizations will ensure customer satisfaction.
  18. Brand Loyalty Is a Myth: Factors and Examples
    In the marketing world, the term brand loyalty can be defined as the commitment of customers to continue using or repurchase a particular brand and this is normally portrayed by repeated buying of a good […]
  19. Loyalty Programs Encouraging Buying Behaviors
    Grab and go shoppers can be shown by the time spent in the stores by a customer. In the other countries it should be such that one point is collected for an amount equivalent to […]
  20. Retailing Lessons From Loyalty Programs Around the Globe
    This is because the different teams identify the different groups of customers in the same way, that is, according to their needs.
  21. The Kudler: A Growth Strategy, Customer Numbers and Loyalty
    The Kudler is a company that operates three food stores in California; the La jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. The products will then be transported to the outlets by road.
  22. Potential Loyalty: The Most Valuable Employee Criteria
    This means that, in this jet age of ours where most people are chasing bigger salaries, bigger perks, and a lot more, employees jumping ships to new jobs or companies seems to be the order […]
  23. Employee Loyalty and Engagement in the UAE Public Sector
    The background elucidates the need to improve performance in the public sector due to the high rate of development in the United Arab Emirates, which is relevant to the research study.
  24. Factors That Influence Fan Loyalty in Sports
    The author explained in detail the choice of the research strategy, the research methods, the research approach, the methods and instruments of data collection.

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