Loyalty Essay, Research Paper Examples

Internet-Based Loyalty Programs

Introduction Marketing is one of the most important managerial functions in every business. It helps companies to communicate their value propositions to the existing and potential customers. In the contemporary business environment, customer relationship management (CRM) has emerged as one of the most essential marketing roles. As competition intensifies in most industries, businesses are increasingly […]

Customer Loyalty

Introduction Most businesses formulate their marketing strategies targeting new customers. While it is important to increase the customer base, businesses must not overlook the critical role played by existing customers in the company’s growth. Customer loyalty is often connected to the inclination of a customer to continue associating with the company. This paper looks at […]

WeChat Users’ Motivation, Satisfaction and Loyalty

Introduction The introduction of the internet has greatly changed many aspects of people’s life, including the way individuals communicate and interact nowadays (Nimrod 2015). Such change has been instigated by the availability of numerous social media platforms through which people can communicate easily with one another, such as the Instant Messaging (Pun 2015). Instant messaging […]

How can Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty Stimulate Customer Involvement: Zara

Background In recent years, one of the recurring debates in the business field concerns the critical role played by marketing strategies in enabling business entities to accomplish their set objectives, including maintaining competitive advantage in the market place (Scramm-Klein et al, 2008). A rapidly shifting economic environment epitomized by such phenomena as turbulences in the […]

‘The Effect of brand image on the customer loyalty and satisfaction in the context of a telecommunication company’

Introduction Brand image can be termed as evaluating the beliefs and the perception of the customers with regard to a specific product, a service, or a company (Kahle & Kim 2006, p. 4). The theory has become one of the most accepted forms of marketing, as it involves satisfying the customers with their psychological need. […]

A Research on Store Loyalty Card

Introduction and Background of Research It is a primary goal of any company to develop customer’s loyalty and this has been achieved through loyalty programmes for customers. These programmes encourage the customers to purchase products offered repeatedly since they are rewarded (Saxena, 2009). There are different loyalty card programs depending on the type of service […]

A research investigation on purchasing intentions and customers loyalty towards Michelin in China

Abstract When customers in a business firm are loyal, they make the organization to attain uninterrupted flow of income and relatively lower costs of production due to favorable economies of scale. The improved income is usually as a result of increase in production whereas the cost of production is cut down due to the decrease […]

Various internal and external stakeholders and the duty of loyalty to them. On the example of the hospital.

Different categories of stakeholders can be identified in the case study. Ideally, organizations must have both internal and external stakeholders (Coombs & Holladay, 2012). The five thousand employees in the hospital are the first important internal stakeholders. The president of the hospital must recognize their importance. Basically, the management must adequately consider their welfare. As […]

Behavioural brand loyalty requires deep attitudinal attachment to the brand

Every company would like to develop and maintain a strong brand. A strong brand name is a marketing tool whose benefits accrues for a lengthy period; these benefits include customer loyalty, positive responses to changes in prices, minimization of marketing risks and offers a chance for brand-extension (Ehrenberg. and Scriven, 1996). Behavioural brand loyalty is […]

Implications of Loyalty Program Membership and Service Experiences for Customer Retention and Value

Introduction The article selected for this critique is titled, “Implications of Loyalty Program Membership and Service Experiences for Customer Retention and Value”. The authors of the article are Ruth N. Bolton from the University of Oklahoma, P. K. Kannan, and Matthew D. Bramlett, from the University of Maryland. The article was published in the year […]

Consumer Behavior Group Project (Loyalty Program)

Company Background Apple is a multinational corporation from America that is in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling personal computers, software and consumer electronics. Its headquarters are based in Cupertino, California. The company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. It is unimaginable that both gentlemen were college drop-outs. Consequently, many […]

The Impact of Brand Loyalty on New Product Launches

Abstract Establishing brand loyalty for a new product launch in the jewelry sector in Taiwan is an extremely challenging component of developing marketing campaigns. Whether the new product is a novel entity or one that adds value to existing products, a vital aspect of such functions is the prevalence of a hypercompetitive environment. As this […]

Ways of Screening Employees for Security and Loyalty

Introduction Tris Coffin wrote the article in 1995. He wanted to address one of the industry’s goals, which is to conduct an employee loyalty check. The government realized that there was a recurring problem in the American business world. This problem was finding an efficient employee loyalty and security check. The security system had improved […]

The article overview: Reinartz, W. & Kumar, V. “The mismanagement of customer loyalty”

The article in question entitled “The Mismanagement of Customer Loyalty” is written by Reinartz and Kumar (2002). The article deals with a very important issue concerning developing relationships with loyal customers. The present research is well-grounded as it is based on the analysis of three companies: “large US mail-order company, a French retail food Business, […]

The effect of retail service quality and product quality on customer loyalty

Summary of Key Issues in the Article The above quality management journal focuses on the effects of retail service quality and product quality dimension, with Hong Kong being its location of study. When the economy faces recession, success is based on how retailers are able to acquire customer loyalty by responding to customers’ demand. Customer […]

The Challenges Facing Marketing Managers Who Have the Strategic Intent to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Trust, and Loyalty

Abstract It is difficult to achieve something in this world, a world they called a global village. There are computers and high technology tools available for us to make like easy. But life has always been difficult, more so with marketers and people who have the intent of introducing or selling a product to the […]

Loyalty Schemes: Information Management, Financial Management and Human Resources Management on Examples of Starbucks and Nectar

Introduction Design and introduction of loyalty schemes can be considered one of the last strategies that a company can apply to its operation in case of failures in all other strategies aimed at incensement of revenue. In other words, potential success from implementation of loyalty schemes can be treated as uncertain due to the ratio […]

Recommendations to Enhance Coffee Bean’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Extending related services and products for Coffee Bean customers The survey conducted identified that majority of the Coffee Bean Café and its competitor Starbucks’ customers are the youth and young adults. Most of them are students, office employees, and young managers. One aspect that has attracted the young generation to Coffee Bean shops in Singapore […]

Betrayal & Loyalty

Introduction On December 7, 1941, American military men at United States naval base at Pearl of Harbor in Hawaii woke to a crude shock; the Japanese army had attacked them, something that invited the United States of America into World War II. Following this attack, the United States of America in retaliation, placed all Japanese […]

Earning Loyalty and Trust

Introduction Healthcare leadership, like any other leadership, is mandated to ensure that employees remain loyal to the organization they (employees) are working for. Loyalty of employees benefits an organization and helps to avoid unnecessary expenses such as training new employees by reducing the turnover rate. Leadership earns the loyalty of employees by first earning their […]

Marketing Research: Customer Loyalty at Al-Marai Company

Introduction Background Information Al-Marai is the largest dairy processing plant in the Middle East. Al-Marai means green pastures in Arabic. The company came into existence in 1976 as a business partnership between three entrepreneurs. The partners were Alastair McGuckian, Paddy and HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer. The chairman (HH Prince Sultan […]

Loyalty Questions

Introduction It is a hard thing to pledge loyalty to a country that is not your own; that is, a country that is not your ancestral or original homeland. This becomes evident with a situation whereby one is required to defend a country in which he/she has acquired citizenship either through birth, registration or neutrality […]

The Effect of Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction and Switching Costs On Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study Of Hypermarkets In Taiwan

Summary This is a summary of the article “The Effect of Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction, and Switching Costs on Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Hypermarkets in Taiwan, by the authors Tsai, Ming-Tien; Tsai, Chung-Lin; Chang, and Han-Chao”. The study was conducted in Taiwan focusing on hypermarkets in retail industry sector, due to their increasing importance in […]

Loyalty Motivation in “Best Places to Launch a Career” by Tanaka

Evaluating the Present Day Generation of Employees As seen in the article “Best Places to Launch a Career” by Tanaka (2008), Generation Y workers value their employee benefits since this generation was among the hardest hit by the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent recession that followed. This was evidenced by this generation experiencing staggering […]