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99 Public Relations Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for inspiring public relations topics? This field is really worth exploring!

In your public relations essay, you might want to focus on mass communication or media relations. Corporate PR is another current public relations assignment topic. In this article, we’ve gathered hot PR topics that will be suitable for essays, research papers, presentations, theses, and other projects. A collection of public relations essay examples is a nice bonus!

🔝 Top 10 Public Relations Topics

  1. Public relations in business
  2. History of public relations
  3. Crisis management in political public relations
  4. Public relations in non-governmental field
  5. Ethical issues of public relations
  6. Public relations and advertising: compare and contrast
  7. Social media marketing as one of the key PR tactics
  8. Audience targeting as a PR technique
  9. Public relations campaign: the main stages
  10. Classification of the publics in PR

🏆 Best Public Relations Essay Examples

  1. Integrating Public Relations in Market Communication
    The objective of the public relations campaign was to communicate the value of Dawn to the customers as being a strong dishwasher.
  2. Public Relations Plan for Regent’s College
    In Regent’s College case, the primary objective is to increase the visibility of the school to the public, as well as raise the profile of the institute.
  3. The History of Public Relations
    The intention of these drives was to cultivate a favourable image in the eyes of the public and especially to the consumers and to the society in general.
  4. Public Relations Strategies and Tactics
    The process of communication involves the sender encoding the message and sending it through a medium to the receiver, who is required to decode the message. The practitioners in this case are the senders of […]
  5. Career Path Paper in Public Relations
    For an individual to successfully acquire a job opportunity in the field of public relation, the specifications depend on the level of the job.
  6. Public Relations Campaign
    To understand the problem at hand, it is important to give a brief overview of the project and the need to launch the campaign.
  7. Fire and emergency public relations management
    The video publications are significant in the provision of information to the public and employees as well as educating the fire service employees on issues concerning fire and emergency management.
  8. Impact of Social Media on Public Relations Practice
    Many organizations in the modern world have employed PR personnel to improve the company image and products to the public in a bid to improve the reputation and performance of the firm.
  9. Public Relations and Relationship Marketing
    The organizers of the 2011 Mobile Research conference should consider using public relations and relationship marketing in order to ensure that the event promotion is successful.
  10. The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing
    Unlike the firms in the industries that deal with tangible goods, the firms in the service industry highly depend on their relationships with the customers in order to survive in the market.
  11. Public Relations and Ethical Decisions
    Basing the discussion on the fact that public relations and ethics include “the client good that is served by professionals public relations, and the principle ordering the theoretical ground of public relations the public pledge […]
  12. Regent College Public Relations
    This includes the definition of the problem, the definition of the audience, identification of the communication avenues and finally employing the best tactics and strategies to ensure that the project is successful.
  13. The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of an International Event
    Due to the size and the caliber of the fair, the event attracts world renowned media houses such as BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, among others.
  14. Public Relations
    However, it is important to understand that balancing the company’s need and those of the customer is a crucial step, and any strategy used by the company in the marketing process must be guided by […]
  15. Public Relations Plan – New Startup Company
    The revitalization of the image of the company will be helpful in attracting customers and improving the performance of the company. The chief objective of the company is to restore the image of the company […]
  16. Relationship Between Public Relations And Crisis Management
    The significance of developing a CMP lies in the fact that it aids in the process of collecting the necessary information to deal with the crisis.
  17. Public relations and sales promotion
    It will analyze them based on the regularity of the chosen strategy, the target audience which covers the customers, the potential customers and the community and also PR and its impact.
  18. Strategic Planning for Public Relations
    BP oil’s public relations team had to work round the clock to disseminate information, answer questions and win the hearts and minds of the people closest to the site of the accident.

🕵 Current Public Relations Topics to Research

  1. Propaganda, Persuasion and Public Relations
    For example in the case of the Australia’s cancellation of the Fuel Watch program Senator Xenaphon utilized propaganda stating that Fuel Watch was not an effective means of helping consumers stating the need to tackle […]
  2. The Coca Cola Company Public Relations Strategy
    The Coca Cola Company is an international firm based in the United States and is one of the leading manufacturers of soft drinks and other related products.
  3. Public Relations Campaign Strategy: Newlandia Education Foundation
    The aim of communication campaign among people in these regions will be to enhance public awareness of NEF activities, increase public participation in activities of NEF, outline the various ways donations and support for NEF […]
  4. Essential Foundations of the Public Relations
    According to Curtin and Gaither, there exists four main criticisms of the paradigm of the public relations: “the definition of public relations as a management function; the reliance on functional, transmission models of communication; the […]
  5. Discussion on Grunig and Hunt’s Public Relations Model
    In regard to this model, Grunig and Hunt propose that communication is two-way between the organization and the public. In these models, the writers present communication to the public and the organization and therefore the […]
  6. Public Relations and Relationship Marketing in Business Organisations
    One of the factors behind this dynamism is the change in the means of communication, the rate of dissemination of information and the advancement of technology.
  7. The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of Winbeldon Championships
    This is referred to as the relationship marketing and is aimed at achieving the objective of creating customer loyalty for products offered by the company, interaction between the company and the market it serves, and […]
  8. Effectiveness of Public Relations & Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
    To conclude, it is evident from the assessment that public relations and relationship marketing are effective to the successful promotion of international events.
  9. A Public Relations Campaign Plan
    In the USA, for example, there have been complaints regarding increased healthcare costs, a lack of stringent rules to guide people, especially the young, on proper usage of prescribed drugs, inability to take care of […]
  10. Public Relations Theory And Campaign
    These tools assist in conveying a message to the public, and in return, the public begin to act according to the influence of the communication.
  11. Importance of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing
    The study also intends to incorporate relationship marketing theory to further the understanding of how the organization can manage to achieve the desired goal in a manner that would be convincing to all the stakeholders […]
  12. Advertising, Publicity, and Public Relations
    Publicity is the act of drawing the attention of the media in order to improve the visibility of a brand, product or a company in the public. Second, publicity is cost-effective and provides a lot […]
  13. Strategic Communication in Public Relations
    Slogans, staged events, and being the first to reach the public and using a sustained approach to saturate the public with campaign messages are old tricks that have passed on from the informal forms of […]
  14. Solving Ethical Dilemmas in Public Relations
    In the case study, the main problem arises from the client’s deceit concerning the independent nature of the scientist testing the products in a bid to ensure a favorable public image of the products to […]
  15. Public Relations and the Big Brother Legislation
    The current developments in technology that have warranted the development of the internet has reduced the amount of money invested in communication as well as increased the number of people that are communicated to and […]
  16. How Does Internal Public Relations Impact the Employee Productivity and Loyalty in Saudi Arabia?
    This study therefore intends to synthesize the issue of internal public relations and how it impacts the productivity and loyalty of employees in Saudi Arabia.
  17. Apple and Samsung Companies Virtual Public Relations
    According to Gregory, a website is like an ambassador of the firm to the world, and the impression it gives will be assumed to be the real image of the firm it represents.
  18. Breast Cancer Public Relations Campaign
    Audiences It is clear that the breast cancer campaign will target at women in their 30-40s as this is one of the most vulnerable categories of women as they often pay little attention to the […]

👍 Interesting PR Topics to Write About

  1. Public Relations: Omnicom Group Website Analysis
    It is also involved in the control of the flow of information from the client to the media or the public.
  2. Public Relations in the United Arab Emirates
    The Middle East Public Relations Association is a not-for-profit establishment with the sole prerogative of securing the welfares of the public relations industry in the region.
  3. Rex Harlow as a Historical Figure in Public Relations
    Rex Harlow is considered one of the most influential pioneers in the history of public relations. Harlow’s involvement in the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and experience in publication provoked a public relations interest.
  4. Public Relations in Not-For-Profit Organisations
    In the context of non-profit organisations, PR departments can be viewed as semi-autonomous systems that can make their independent decisions with regard to the type of information that should be shared with the public. It […]
  5. Effective Writing Skills in Public Relations Writing
    Same as writing style, the length of a public relations writing is determined by the nature of the message in terms of content, and the need for an in-depth explanation.
  6. Public Relations and Cultural Intermediation
    The significance of PR studies as such is both theoretical and practical; as for the narrow topic of the study, the primary importance of recognising PR as a cultural mediator, in the view of Edwards, […]
  7. Photography Company’s Public Relations Campaign
    The accomplishment of each aim will be performed following the specificity of the targeted audience that is supposed to be composed of the middle-class population of the Seattle Area. In the meantime, they expect that […]
  8. Wind Future Company’s Public Relations Plan
    In support of Windy City Council marketing objectives and community relations, the following objectives of its PR plans are: To increase the council’s recognition and credibility.
  9. Etisalat’s Entrepreneurial Decisions and Public Relations
    The full title of the company is Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, its headquarters are situated in the UAE, and, at the moment, it appears to provide more than a half of all the telecommunication, mobile, and […]
  10. Public Relations: Media Tools and Communication Technology
    The central goal of transparency is it to ensure that all the critical information about the company is available to consumers, and it helps to increase the level of trust.
  11. Excellent Public Relations: Organizational Factors
    The chapter supports the view that PR is not only to be appreciated and valued by the C-suite but the representatives of PR departments should also be present in the dominant coalition.
  12. Job Advert for a Public Relations Manager
    This paper, therefore, addresses the implications of the operational gap and provides a memo to a hiring manager to solve the issue.
  13. E-Newsletters: Online Public Relations
    Further, the emergence of the internet has provided a wide variety of approaches that organizations can use to reach their customers and potential users of their products in the market.
  14. The Online Public Relations Concept
    Organizational transparency can be measured by identifying the degree to which it shares the information and to which it allows contact with people who can provide this information.
  15. Press Secretary Profession in Public Relations
    This study aims to research the history of the public relations industry and to examine the effects of government regulations, the internet, and the international community on the industry.
  16. Public Relations and Marketing History: The Stages of Development and Progress
    It is reasonable to review the literature on this subject matter to get a better understanding of the stages of development and progress that was shown over the years.
  17. Public Relations in Healthcare and Their Features
    Practically, healthcare PR has many objectives, the most vital of which are the improvement of the quality of care, the establishment of a good reputation, and the reduction of cost of care.
  18. Public Relations: Ethics, Technology, Communication
    The study addresses the problem of ethics in public relations by proving that it is a global issue and is implemented worldwide.

🔥 Hot Public Relations Assignment Topics

  1. Public Relations Practice Improvement by Public Opinion
    In order to understand how this happens, it is necessary to define a public opinion, examine its connections to public relations, describe what improvements in public relations mean, and explain the ways in which understanding […]
  2. Augmented Reality in Public Relations Domain
    The rationale behind this suggestion has to do with the fact that the integration of AR into the very philosophy of PR is fully consistent with the most fundamental principles of the human brain’s functioning.
  3. Public Relations in Canada and the United States
    Practicing public relations in Canada and the United States has both differences and similarities in terms of educational orientation, required skills, and constructs involved in communication and public relations integration.
  4. Canadian Public Relations and Management Functions
    The functions within this specific field of study can make or break a particular person or corporation since it has been noted that the perception of the general public towards a particular entity can result […]
  5. Sunrise Ltd.’s Public Relations Management
    In the aspect of the power of buyers, it is clear that Sunrise Ltd.is under threat, considering the value of the houses that are traded to the real estate clients.
  6. Toyota Company’s Public Relations and Marketing
    The recall crisis has led to the development of a negative perception and public image of Toyota Company. The internal society within the Toyota Company forms the first and most important stakeholders in this campaign.
  7. Public Relations Plan Implementation
    The interview is to be properly developed, the questions are to be directed at understanding why people still refuse to use the services of the company and to buy their products rather than search for […]
  8. Australian Volunteers International: Public Relations
    The intention of this proposal is to endorse a conservation volunteer campaign that is aimed at reducing the pollution levels in China, which is among the countries that have high levels of environmental degradation in […]
  9. Public Relations: Profession and Practice
    2 This gives a good image of the company since the community feels part of the organization, and, therefore, the community supports fully the activities of the organization.
  10. Public Relations Strategy and Campaigns
    The main aim of the strategy is to build a viable relationship between a company and its target audience. The main goal of the strategy was to increase the sales of soda globally.
  11. Obesity: Public Relations Campaign
    It will aid in educating youths about the dangers of childhood obesity and the factors that expose them to the condition.
  12. Public Relations and Sponsorships: Emirates Airlines and the NFL in 2020 Super Bowl
    Super Bowl is often held in the first week of February and it involves the winners of the National and American Football Conferences.
  13. Effects of Public Relations in the United Arab Emirates
    Arguments made in the essay will support the premise that public relations are equally important in the strategic positioning of countries on both the global and regional levels.
  14. Aramco Company’s Public Relations Department
    Considering this, the establishment of a public relations department in Aramco is important, and the present report aims to demonstrate why the launch of such a unit can provide the company with advantages in dealing […]
  15. Public Relations: a Method to Organize and Boost Sales
    In any business situation, the public relations role is to harmonize the internal and external workings of an organization. To enhance the corporate image of the organization and boost the sales of the products and […]
  16. McDonalds-Public Relations Practice in Global Contexts
    Like other retail organizations, McDonald’s believed that they have a social and moral responsibility for the people around the world to produce a positive impact to the stakeholders although the bottom line is the concern […]
  17. Public Relations Efforts Evaluation
    Taking into account the objectives of the rideshare week, it is necessary to emphasize, that the increase of participants may be defined either using the registration data of Ohio Rideshare, or arranging surveys and questionnaires […]
  18. Model of Excellence Theory in Public Relations Department
    For the public relations department, establishing good relationship with the clients and people associated with the company is most important and more important is the way to retain this relationship.

🎓 Controversial Public Relations Research Topics

  1. What the Public Thinks About Public Relations?
    Public relations is one of the marketing communications disciplines, best thought of as an arsenal of weapons employed to induce adoption of an advocacy position, trial or purchase of a product or service, and assent […]
  2. Public Relations and Their Functions
    One of the common scenarios with organizations is the characteristic of any organization trying to influence the general public hence the public relations initiatives help the organization to develop a good understanding of the organization […]
  3. Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications in Organization
    Under the globalization regime, with the availability of a wide variety of tools for marketing communication to cater to a diverse target segment located in geographically diverse regions across the globe, an integrated approach is […]
  4. Public Relations and Crisis Plans for Schools
    The members of the school will develop a good reputation with the general community. The idea, operation and basis of the relationship should be well known by the community and school.
  5. Public Relations Law in Australia
    Defamation cases in Australia are said to be too expensive in terms of time, reputation and money. Defamation cases in Australia are said to be too expensive in terms of time, reputation and money.
  6. Public Relations. Press Release of J.Sanisbury
    It is precisely for gaining a larger market share and serving more customers, that JS has launched its money-saving and discount voucher schemes, off the counter to add value to client purchases and offer a […]
  7. The Role of Journalists and Public Relations Professionals in Information Sphere
    Hurst et al noted that journalists are usually concerned with the interests of the public and that they use the media to communicate to the public but for the public relation officers they usually release […]
  8. Roe v Wade: Public Relations Industry
    Therefore, the burden of responsibility lies on this very industry to heal the wounds of the past and address the concerns of rights groups on both sides of the debate.
  9. Public Relations and its importance in Modern Society
    Public relations is the procedure of checking the flow of information between an institution and its community. This became a success and thus led to creation of awareness to the Americans of the influence that […]
  10. Public Relations Campaign Harbour Town Rural Council
    Green Gift group; why are the locals against or in support of the plan; what are the issues in conflict between the locals and the council, the green Gift and the council, the locals and […]
  11. Public Relations: The Four Models
    This is because the three models involve use of a reciprocal communication method that enables corporations to understand the public’s worries while enabling the public to appreciate the firm as a well meaning entity.
  12. Ethics in Public Relations in Three Big Companies
    Lastly, Facebook claims it enlisted the help of the PR company to verify people’s negative attitudes towards the inclusion of their Facebook data in Google’s Social Circles.
  13. Public Relations Agencies in Business Development
    As for the opinions of the heavyweight people and organizations on the agency, they seem to be undivided, and this is a result of the hard work of public relations specialists from Iris PR.
  14. Chemco Crisis Resolution and Public Relations
    In the real estate case mentioned in the case study, it is fundamental to note that the real estate company is in a crisis hence the need to resolve the conflict.
  15. Public Relations Plan: Toyota
    In particular, the most significant among the dilemmas that have currently emerged around Toyota is in serious allegations on the level of quality of automobiles, produced by the company.
  16. Careers in Marketing, Branding & Public Relations
    Among the competencies of marketing, a specialist is the way of presentation of the product, the methods of informing the target audience about it, and collecting and analyzing the data for evaluating the success of […]
  17. Walmart: New Perspectives on International Public Relations
    Walmart is one of the largest multinational corporations, which uses its public relations in order to establish its brand and influence public opinion regarding the company.

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