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105 Censorship Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for censorship topics for research papers or essays? The issue is controversial, hot, and definitely worth exploring.

Censorship implies suppression of public communication and speech due to its harmfulness or other reasons. It can be done by governments or other controlling bodies.

In your censorship essay, you might want to focus on its types: political, religion, educational, etc. Another idea is to discuss the reasons for and against censorship. One more option is to concentrate on censorship in a certain area: art, academy, or media. Finally, you can discuss why freedom of expression is important.

Whether you need to write an argumentative or informative essay on censorship, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve collected best internet censorship essay topics, title ideas, research questions, together with paper examples.

🏆 Best Censorship Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Censorship for television and radio media
    This paper seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of censorship with the aim of determining the extent to which content on broadcast media can be censored. A good example of a situation in which moral […]
  2. Need for Internet Censorship and its Impact on Society
    The negative impacts of internet have raised many concerns over freedom of access and publishing of information, leading to the need to censor internet.
  3. Censorship in Advertising
    One of the most notorious examples is the marketing of drugs; pharmaceutical companies have successfully convinced a significant number of people that drugs are the only violable solution to their health problems.
  4. Chinese Censorship Block Chinese People from Creativity
    With the development of the country’s first browser in the year 1994 and subsequent move by the government to “provide internet accessing services” in the year 1996, the use of the technology began to develop […]
  5. Media Control and Censorship of TV
    The second type of control imposed on the media is the control of information that may put the security of a country at risk.
  6. Internet censorship in Saudi Arabia
    The censorship is charged to the ISU, which, manage the high-speed data links connecting the country to the rest of the world.
  7. Should Censorship Laws be applied to the Internet?
    On the other hand, the need to control cyber crime, cyber stalking, and violation of copyrights, examination leakage and other negative uses of the internet has become a necessity.
  8. Censorship vs. Self-censorship in the News Media
    Assessment of the appropriateness of the mass media in discharging the above-named duties forms the basis of the ideological analysis of the news media.
  9. Aspects of Internet Censorship by the Government
    When one try to access a website the uniform resource locator is checked if it consists of the restricting keyword, if the keyword is found in the URL the site become unavailable.
  10. Censorship and Banned Books
    Based on what has been presented in this paper so far it can be seen that literary freedom is an important facilitator in helping children develop a certain degree of intellectual maturity by broadening their […]
  11. Censorship defeats its own purpose
    Is that not a disguised method of promoting an authoritarian regime by allowing an individual or a group of individuals to make that decision for the entire society The proponents of SOPA bill may argue […]
  12. Government Censorship of WikiLeaks
    In my opinion, the government should censor WikiLeaks in order to control information content that it releases to the public. In attempting to censor WikiLeaks, the US and Australian government will be limiting the freedom […]
  13. Censorship of Social Networking Sites in Developing Countries
    Censorship of social media sites is the control of information that is available to users. The aim of this paper was to discuss censorship of social media sites in third world countries.
  14. Censorship on the Internet
    Censorship in the internet can also occur in the traditional sense of the word where material is removed from the internet to prevent public access.
  15. Media Censorship: Wikileaks
    Wikileaks just offers the information which is to be available for people. Information is not just a source of knowledge it is the way to control the world.
  16. Literature Censorship in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
    The issues raised in the novel, Fahrenheit 451, are relevant in contemporary American society and Bradbury’s thoughts were a warning for what he highlighted is happening in the contemporary United States.
  17. Internet Censorship: Blocking and Filtering
    It is the obligation of the government to protect the innocence of the children through internet censorship. In some nations, the government uses internet blocking and filtering as a method to hide information from the […]
  18. Censorship Impacts on Civil Liberties
    In the US, the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of expression; it is one of the main democratic rights and freedoms.
  19. Societal Control: Sanctions, Censorship, Surveillance
    The submission or agreeing to do according to the societal expectations and values are strong under the influence of both official and informal methods of control.
  20. Censorship of Films in the UAE
    Censorship of films in the United Arab Emirates is a major ethical dilemma as reflected in the case study analysis because the practice contravenes the freedom of media.
  21. Internet Censorship and Cultural Values in the UAE
    Over the past few years, the government of the UAE introduced several measures, the main aim of which is to protect the mentality of people of the state and its culture from the pernicious influence […]
  22. Censorship and the Arts in the United States
    The article titled “Censorship versus Freedom of Expression in the Arts” by Chiang and Posner expresses concerns that the government may illegitimately censor art to avoid corruption of morals and avoid subversion of politics.
  23. Creativity and Censorship in Egyptian Filmmaking
    The intention of the media laws and other statutes censoring the film industry is to protect the sanctity of religion, sex, and the overly conservative culture of the Egyptian people.
  24. Censorship in China: History and Controlling
    This is especially so when the government or a dominant religious denomination in a country is of the view that the proliferation of a certain religious dogma threatens the stability of the country or the […]
  25. Censorship, Its Forms and Purpose
    The argument here is that censorship is a means being used by conservative persons and groups with distinct interests to make life standards so difficult and unbearable for the minors in the society, in the […]

🚫 Internet Censorship Essay Topics

  1. Modern Means of Censorship
    In his article Internet Censorship neither by Government nor by Media, Jossey writes about the importance of online political communication during the elections and the new level of freedom provided by the Internet.
  2. Music Censorship in the United States
    Censorship is an act of the government and the government had no hand in the ban of Dixie Chicks songs, rather it was the fans boycotts that led to a ban on airplay.
  3. Balance of Media Censorship and Press Freedom
    Government censorship means the prevention of the circulation of information already produced by the official government There are justifications for the suppression of communication such as fear that it will harm individuals in the society […]
  4. Censorship in the United States
    Thus, the rationale of censorship is that it is necessary for the protection of the three basic social institutions; the family; the religion; the state.
  5. Censorship: For the People, or for Controlling
    The main aim for this art in our societies is to restrain and conceal beneath the disguise of defending the key fundamental public amenities that are; the State, families and churches.
  6. Censorship, Holocaust and Political Correctness
    In this paper, we will focus on exploring different aspects of formal and informal censorship, in regards to a so-called “Holocaust denial”, as we strongly believe that people’s ability to express their thoughts freely is […]
  7. Pornography and Censorship in Society
    Admittedly, sexual explicitness has risen to new levels in the last few years, due in part to changing attitudes toward sexual behavior and the desire for more personal flexibility in the making of moral decisions.”The […]
  8. China Intellectual Property Research on Censorship
    To prove the importance of the China’s intention to set the internet censorship, it is necessary to mention about rapid expansion of online technologies has made the internet one of the effective means of communication […]
  9. Censorship of Pornographic Material
    Effects of pornography are broad and the consequences are hazardous as it affects the moral fiber of the society. Censorship of explicit and pornographic material should be encouraged as we cannot imagine the catastrophe that […]
  10. Art and the Politics of Censorship
    The final act of the film is the most vital of all the scenes because the subject of the dispute elucidates the disparities between the director, producer, and censors.
  11. Pros and Cons of Censorship of Pornography
    This is due to the fact that pornography is all about exploitation of an individual in maters pertaining to sex as well as violence exercised on females by their male counterparts.
  12. The Issue of Parents’ Censorship
    Filtering the sources of information by the adults is like growing the plants in the greenhouse, hiding them from all the dangers of the surrounding world.
  13. Art and the Politics of Censorship in Literature
    The inclusion of the novel in classroom studies in the early 1960s especially 1963, spurred criticisms due to the issues of contention addressed by the novel.
  14. Freedom of Speech: Is Censorship Necessary?
    One of the greatest achievements of the contemporary democratic society is the freedom of speech. However, it is necessary to realize in what cases the government has the right to abridge the freedom of self-expression.

📍 Censorship Research Questions

  1. Empirical Likelihood Semiparametric Regression Analysis Under Random Censorship
  2. An Argument Against Internet Censorship in United States of America
  3. The Lack of Freedom and the Radio Censorship in the United States of America
  4. Censorship as the Control of What People May Say or Hear, Write or Read, or See or Do
  5. An Analysis and Overview of the Censorship and Explicit Lyrics in the United States of America
  6. The First Amendment and Censorship in the United States
  7. Advertiser Influence on The Media: Censorship and the Media
  8. The Freedom of Speech and Censorship on the Internet
  9. Censorship Necessary for Proper Education of Guardian
  10. An Argument in Favor of Censorship on Television Based on Content, the Time Slot and the Audience
  11. Music Censorship and the Effects of Listening to Music with Violent and Objectionable Lyrics
  12. An Analysis of Controversial Issue in Censorship on the Internet
  13. Consistent Estimation Under Random Censorship When Covariables Are Present
  14. Music Censorship Is a Violation of Constitutional and Human
  15. Censorship Should Not Be Imposed by the Government

💡 Easy Censorship Essay Topics

  1. Internet Censorship and Its Role in Protecting Our Societys Addolecent Community
  2. Against Internet Censorship Even Pornography
  3. The Concept of Censorship on College Campuses on the Topic of Racism and Sexism
  4. Cyber-Frontier and Internet Censorship from the Government
  5. Creative Alternatives in the Issues of Censorship in the United States
  6. Asymptotically Efficient Estimation Under Semi-Parametric Random Censorship Models
  7. Chinese and Russian Regimes and Tactics of Censorship
  8. An Overview of the Right or Wrong and the Principles of Censorship
  9. An Argument Against the Censorship of Literature in Schools Due to Racism in the Literary Works
  10. The History, Positive and Negative Effects of Censorship in the United States
  11. Burlesque Shows and Censorship Analysis

😡 Controversial Censorship Topics to Write About

  1. Importance of Free Speech on the Internet and Its Censorship
  2. Historical Background of the Libertarian Party and Their Views on the Role of the Government, Censorship, and Gun Control
  3. Internet Censorship and the Communications Decency Act
  4. Monitoring Children’s Surfing Habits Is a Better Way Than Putting Censorship Over the Internet
  5. A History of Censorship in Ancient and Modern Civilizations
  6. Censorship, Supervision and Control of the Information and Ideas
  7. Importance of Television Censorship to the Three Basic Social Institutions
  8. An Argument That Censorship Must Be Employed if Morals and Decency Are to Be Preserved
  9. Is Internet Censorship and De-Anonymization an Attack on Our Freedom
  10. Censorship or Parental Monitoring

❓ Research Questions about Censorship

  1. What Does Raleigh’s Letter Home and the Censorship Issue Tell You About Raleigh?
  2. Does Censorship Limit One’s Freedom?
  3. How Darwin Shaped Our Understanding of Why Language Exists?
  4. How Does Censorship Affect the Relationship with His Wife?
  5. Why and How Censorship Lead to Ignorance in Young People?
  6. What Is the Impact of Censorship on Children?
  7. How Does Media Censorship Violate Freedom of Expression and Impact Businesses?
  8. Censorship or Responsibility: Which Is the Lesser of Two?
  9. How Can Censorship Hinder Progress?
  10. How Musical Censorship Related to the Individual?
  11. How The Media Pretends to Protect Us with Censorship?
  12. What Is the Impact of Censorship on Our Everyday Lives?
  13. Is There China Internet Censorship Against Human Rights?
  14. Can Ratings for Movies Censorship Be Socially Justified?
  15. Censorship: Should Public Libraries Filter Internet Sites?
  16. Does Parental Censorship Make Children More Curious?
  17. What Are the Arguments for and Against the Censorship of Pornography?
  18. How Propaganda and Censorship Were Used In Britain and Germany During WWI?
  19. Should the Chinese Government Ban the Internet Censorship?
  20. How Virginia Woolf’s Orlando Subverted Censorship and Revolutionized the Politics of LGBT Love in 1928?
  21. How Modern Dictators Survive: Cooptation, Censorship, Propaganda, and Repression?

🙅 Censorship Topics for Research Paper

  1. What arguments Were Used to Support or Oppose Censorship in Video Nasties?
  2. How Does Media Censorship Violate Freedom of Expression and Impact Businesses?
  3. Why News Ownership Affects Free Press and Press Censorship?
  4. Should Music Suffer the Bonds of Censorship Interviews?
  5. Why Should Graffiti Be Considered an Accepted from of Art?
  6. What Is the Connection Between Censorship and the Banning of Books?
  7. How Does Congress Define Censor and Censorship?
  8. How Does Censorship Affect the Development of Animations?
  9. Why Should Internet Censorship Be Allowed?

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