African-American Women and the Civil Rights Movement

Without doubt, Paul Hendrickson, Bernice McNair Barnett and Danielle L. McGuire assert that Black women made noteworthy contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. As Barnett (163) notes, Black women were at the forefront of formulating tactics and strategies, initiating protests and securing resources such as communication networks, money and personnel that necessitated the success of […]

The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement in its modern form was characteristic for the development of the American society during the period of the 1950s-1980s. The movement was started as the reaction of the African Americans to the social segregation and discrimination. The protests against segregation and discrimination were actively supported by the public, and President Kennedy […]

The contributions of Richard Wright and Gwendolyn Brooks to the civil rights movement

For the longest time in the history of the American society, black people faced severe discrimination from the white community. They were denied of their basic rights and they faced segregation, marginalization, maltreatment as well as poor working conditions. Other than these, slave trade which involved the dehumanizing sale of African Americans thrived and black […]

Civil Rights Movement

Between mid 1950s and late 1960s, civil rights movements in America were at its peak. The civil rights movement was sparked by various factors that undermined and oppressed the black population. As a matter of fact, blacks were treated like half citizens, and they had no right to complain. For instance, the South had devoted […]

Civil Rights-Black Power Movement

Introduction Black power moment started in 1960s. It had interest of bringing black American together in fight for equality among black and American. Black power movement was formed to fight for racial pride and joint interest. It was against multiculturalism. It aimed at protecting black people from racial discrimination. It supported formation of separate social […]

Music of the Civil Wars, Civil Rights & Freedom Movements of Europe, Africa, North & South America during the 20th Century

Introduction The 20th century has been characterized by not only huge advances by the human civilization but also periods of turbulent wars and conflicts between various parties. These conflicts include: civil wars, civil rights and freedom movements and their occurrence is not limited to specific geographical locations. While these conflicts were primarily characterized by war, […]

Impact of Civil Rights Movement

Introduction More than five decades have passed since the monumental occurrences of the Watershed Civil Rights Movement (CRM) of the 1950s and 1960s in the United States. This period was marked with events that challenged racial prejudice against African-Americans before and after the start of the twentieth century. The Black Americans agitated against inequality, oppressive […]

Dr. King’s role in United States civil rights movement

Martin Luther King (Dr. King) is perhaps the most renowned personality of the civil rights movement in America. King was practically the leader of the civil rights movement. His popularity started after he led other activists in boycotting the services of the Montgomery Bus Service in the year 1955 after an incident of open discrimination […]

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Act The Civil Rights Act is a milestone element of American civil rights legislation that seeks to prohibit discrimination based on a number of aspects such as gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, and race. Although the Civil Rights Act has undergone several amendments, the Civil Right Act amendment of 1964 was the main amendment […]

Civil Rights Movement

These are protests that came to prominence in the course of 1950s, which raised concern against the incessant discrimination and racial segregation experienced by the American Africans and other marginalized groups in the southern America. Continued oppression against people of different color, race, politics, or even religion had inspired many young American Africans to join […]

The Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement marked the period in American history when African-Americans vehemently fought against white supremacists to demand full legal equality. Prior to the civil rights movement, people of color faced discrimination in employment, housing, education, and transportation in the US, particularly in the South. Consequently, segregation became a major barrier to unity throughout […]

Civil Rights Movement

Introduction Background of the study The civil rights represents the basic rights that are enjoyed by the people in any given country. These include the right to property ownership, the opportunity for citizens to vote, the rights to freedom of speech and expression among others. These rights protected by governments are in place in order […]

Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement is an era that was dedicated for equal treatments and rights to the activism of the African American in the US. In this period, people were united for the political, legal, cultural and social changes to end segregation and prohibit discrimination. The civil rights movement spanned following the decision in the […]