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122 Freedom Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

10 Tips for Writing Essays on Freedom

Freedom essays are common essay assignments that discuss acute topics of today’s global society. However, many students find it difficult to choose the right topic for their essay on freedom or do not know how to write the paper.

We have developed some useful tips for writing an excellent paper. But first, you need to choose a good essay topic. Here are some examples of freedom essay topics:

  • American (Indian, Taiwanese, Scottish) independence
  • Freedom and homelessness essay
  • The true value of freedom in modern society
  • How slavery affects personal freedom
  • The problem of human rights and freedoms
  • American citizens’ rights and freedoms
  • The benefits and disadvantages of unlimited freedom
  • The changing definition of freedom

Once you have selected the issue you want to discuss (feel free to get the inspiration from the ones we have suggested!), you can start working on your essay. Here are 10 useful tips for writing an outstanding paper:

  1. Remember that freedom essay titles should state the question you want to discuss clearly. Do not choose a vague and non-descriptive title for your paper.
  2. Work on the outline of your paper before writing it. Think of what sections you should include and what arguments you want to present. Remember that the essay should be well organized to keep the reader interested. For a short essay, you can include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  3. Make preliminary research. Ask your professor about the sources you can use (for example, course books, peer-reviewed articles, and governmental websites). Avoid using Wikipedia and other similar sources, as they often have unverified information.
  4. A freedom essay introduction is a significant part of your paper. It outlines the questions you want to discuss in the essay and helps the reader to understand the purpose of your work. Remember to state the thesis of your essay at the end of this section.
  5. A paper on freedom allows you to be personal. It should not focus on the definition of this concept. Make your essay unique by including your perspective on the issue, discuss your experience, and find examples from your life.
  6. At the same time, help your reader to understand what freedom is from the perspective of your essay. Include a clear explanation or a definition with examples.
  7. Check out freedom essay examples online to develop a structure for your paper, analyze the relevance of the topics you want to discuss, and find possible freedom essay ideas. Avoid copying the works you will find online.
  8. Support your claims with evidence. For instance, you can cite the Bill of Rights or the United States Constitution. Make sure that the sources you use are reliable.
  9. To make your essay outstanding, make sure that you use correct grammar. Grammatical mistakes may make your paper look unprofessional or unreliable. Restructure a sentence if you think that it does not sound right. Check your paper several times before sending it to your professor.
  10. A short concluding paragraph is a must. Include the summary of all arguments presented in the paper and rephrase the main findings.

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🏆 Best Freedom Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Nelson Mandela “Freedom in Africa”
    For example, the struggle for freedom in South Africa is one of the best examples of freedom in Africa so far.
  2. Freedom of Speech
    The paper will look at the human nature that necessitates speech and expression, freedom of speech as applied in different countries and limitations that freedom of speech faces.
  3. The meaning of freedom today
    In order to come up with an agreeable and logical definition of freedom as it is in the contemporary society, people have critically analyzed the input of these philosophers and their definition of freedom in […]
  4. Fighting for the Right to Choose: Students Should Have the Freedom to Pick the Courses They Want
    Consequently, students should be allowed to pick the subjects which they are going to study together with the main one. Thus, students should be allowed to choose the subjects they need in accordance with their […]
  5. Twilight: Freedom of Choices by the Main Character
    The ideas of free will and the abilities to choose something in accordance with personal ideas and interests are considered to be one of the major ones in many Sartre’s works and writing.
  6. Voices of Freedom
    The history of the country is made up of debates, disagreements and struggles for freedom that have seen the Civil War, and the Cold War which have changed the idea of freedom in the US.
  7. The Free Exercise Thereof: Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment
    The Freedom of Religion clause in the First Amendment represents one of the few official documents on the planet that corroborates free will, specifically, the right to choose, in the arena of religion.
  8. American History: Freedom and Progress
    More over, it will seek to establish the comparison and contrast of the visions about freedom and progress of America, as well as the idea of civilization that has occurred in the distinct ethic communities[1].
  9. The meaning of the word “freedom” in the context of the 1850s!
    In the 1850s, the word “freedom” was increasingly gaining new meaning to different people as the American society felt the need to avoid oppressing some of its members.
  10. Why Free Speech Is An Important Freedom
    Freedom of speech is an important aspect of social life in a civilized and democratic society. Although there has been debate on the justification of freedom of speech, it is important to realize that society […]
  11. Freedom of speech, religion and religious tolerance
    As stipulated in Article 19 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration, the pastor has the right to share ideas and information of all kinds regardless of the periphery involved and in this case, he should […]
  12. Freedom of Religion in the U.S
    The new religious pluralism, in the American context, guarantees religious tolerance and religious freedom, which has transformed the religious landscape to allow the coexistence of many religious standpoints.
  13. Human Freedom and Personal Identity
    In demonstrating a working knowledge of psychoanalysis theory of consciousness and personal identity it is clear that being conscious of my personal endowments, gifts and talents, in addition to the vast know how and skill […]
  14. Benefits of Post 9/11 Security Measures Fails to Outway Harm on Personal Freedom and Privacy
    War on terror and the countermeasures on terror threats such as security appraisals have pushed citizens to a point of critically analyzing the benefits and outweighing them against the compromised privacy and personal freedom.
  15. Women in Early America: Struggle, Survival, and Freedom in a New World
    The writer shows that women had the same capacities as those of men but were not allowed to contribute their ideas in developing the country.
  16. Freedom of the Will
    His appeal is on behalf of not just the unsuccessful and downtrodden but of the criminal and degraded classes and a condemnation of what passes for ‘justice’, divine and human.
  17. Freedom of Speech: Exploring Proper Limits
    In this respect, Downs mentions the philosophy of educational establishments, where “the function of the University is to seek and to transmit knowledge and to train student in the process whereby truth is to be […]
  18. Government’s control versus Freedom of Speech and Thoughts
    One of the most effective measures that oppressive regimes use the world over is the limitation of the freedom of speech and thoughts.
  19. Television Effects & Freedoms
    This raises a lot of concerns on the negative effects of TV content on the behavior and health of children. In summation, airing of violent and sexual content on TV in both Italy and the […]
  20. Freedom of expression
    For one to be in a position to gauge the eventuality of a gain or a loss, then there should be absolute freedom of expression on all matters irrespective of the nature of the sentiments […]
  21. Free Exercise Clause: Freedom and Equality
    Due to the fact that the Muslims have a number of rituals and traditions that could threaten the safety of other individuals, the prisoners’ religious rights should be reconsidered in accordance to the Amendments and […]
  22. The Freedom Concept
    The thing is that there are societies in which the individual freedom of a person is practically non-existent, for instance, one can mention North Korea.
  23. Psychological Freedom
    Wilson’s experience relates to the experience of Cory and his father Troy in the play. The play exhibits determination that Troy employs as he faces numerous challenges in life that prompt him to endure and […]
  24. The Ideas of Freedom and Slavery in Relation to the American Revolution
    Although many Founders discussed the phenomenon of slavery as violating the appeals for freedom and liberty for the Americans, the concepts of slavery and freedom could develop side by side because the Founders did not […]
  25. Satre human freedom
    Sartre continues to explain that freedom is the central factor in human beings and it is permanently connected to the “for-itself” or consciousness. In the end, Sartre’s definition of freedom is that it is the […]
  26. Hegel’s Ideas on Action, Morality, Ethics and Freedom
    Nonetheless, the duties and the very morality developed in one society can significantly differ from the norms accepted in another society, so it is impossible to state that ethical norms of a society correspond to […]
  27. Personal Freedom in A Doll’s House, A Room of One’s Own, and Diary of a Madman
    In Chapter Three of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, the protagonist attempts to make sense of the nonsensical elements of female history, namely, how it could be that “in Athena’s city, where women […]
  28. Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right
    This reveals the nature of the interrelatedness of the whole boy of human rights and the need to address human rights in that context.
  29. Culture and the Black Freedom Struggle
    The need to have a political structure that advocates the needs of the black community has also played a big part in the shaping of black culture.
  30. Rousseau and Kant on their respective accounts of freedom and right
    The difference in the approaches assumed by Kant and Rousseau regarding the norms of liberty and moral autonomy determine the perspective of their theories of justice.
  31. Gender and the Black Freedom Movement
    One main reason for the lack of popularity of women in the black freedom period is the fact that the roles of women in the movement forced most of them to stay in the background.
  32. Freedom and equality
    According to Liliuokalani of Hawaii, the conquest contravened the basic rights and freedoms of the natives and their constitution by undermining the power of their local leaders.
  33. Freedom and Determinism
    On the other hand, determinism theory explains that there is an order that leads to occurrences of events in the world and in the universe.
  34. Controversies over freedom of speech and Internet postings
    It must be noted though that despite the Freedom of Speech being a first Amendment right, subsequent amendments to the constitution as well as various historical acts such as the Sedition Act of 1798 and […]
  35. The Efforts and Activities of the Paparazzi are Protected by the Freedom of the Press Clause of the Constitution
    The First Amendment of the American constitution protects the paparazzi individually as American citizens through the protection of their freedom of speech and expression and professionally through the freedom of the press clause.
  36. Human rights and freedoms
    It was successful because it has several divisions, such as The Constitution itself, the Bill of Rights, basic Articles of Confederation and the government’s guarantee and responsibility to uphold the laws of a person.
  37. Freedom versus Order
    Political freedom is where the members of the different parties are free to make their own decisions: a few members of the Democrats and the Republicans agree with legitimization of the PRISM.
  38. The required Freedom and Democracy in Afghanistan
    The government of Afghanistan deserves to promote and encourage the minorities’ rights as provided for in the constitution. Access to justice and the rule of law is appropriate for the Afghan government in the wake […]
  39. Human Freedom as Contextual Deliberation
    Causal determinism is based on the fact that for every effect there is always a cause and the cause informs the nature of the effect.
  40. Freedom of women to choose abortion
    As a result Sulzberger provided enough information to keep the reader occupied for days to come while Moran was able to appeal to the emotions of the readers, inspiring those who are on her side […]

🥇 Most Interesting Freedom Topics to Write about

  1. Coming Of Age in Mississippi: The Black Freedom Movement
    The book tries to highlight the lives of black American in the state of Mississippi, and in particular the day-to-day life of a girl child and women in general through the mind of a child.
  2. Freedom of the Press
    The first amendment to the US constitution states that: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; […]
  3. Journey towards Freedom
    All of the slaves desired to have freedom, but the means of attaining that was still unknown. His intention was to kill all the slave owners in Charleston and free the slaves.
  4. The S.E.C. and the Freedom of Information Act
    This report highlights three different business statutes that currently function in the business communications environment of the United States: the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and the Freedom of […]
  5. Colonial Women’ Freedom in Society
    Thus ‘colonial women’ are the women who lived in the above mentioned territories during the colonial era. Religion on the other hand inspired women to fight for their rights and freedom.
  6. Freedom of Speech in China and Political Reform
    Although the constitution of China has the provision of the freedom of speech, association, press and even demonstration, the freedom is not there in reality since the constitution forbids the undertaking of anything that is […]
  7. Leila Khaled: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?
    This essay elaborates her intentions with the support of academic sources and her movie in order to demonstrate her cause of action as a freedom fighter for her country and not a terrorist as perceived.
  8. What freedom entails
    This led to the start of the protestant churches, which were opposed to the ideologies of the Roman Catholics and the church or England.
  9. Four Freedoms by President Roosevelt
    Throughout the discussion we shall elaborate the four freedoms in a broader way for better understating; we shall also describe the several measures that were put in place in order to ensure the four freedoms […]
  10. “To oppose WikiLeaks is to be against press freedom and free speech” by Chris Berg
    From this analysis therefore, we see that, state interference in the wiki leaks saga was unwarranted, and it amounted to a breach of the freedom of the press.
  11. Native Americans transition from freedom to isolation
    From the arguments of many anthropologists and archeologist, the first people to arrive in America most probably arrived during the last ice age period of about 20,000-30,000 years ago when they used the bridge at […]
  12. Is the Contemporary City a Space of Control or Freedom?
    The paper posits to investigate the intricacies of the contemporary city with a focus to establish whether the contemporary city is a space of control or freedom.
  13. What is ‘Liberal Representative Democracy’ and Does the Model Provide an Appropriate Combination of Freedom and Equality?
    Freedom and equality are guaranteed under this form of democracy because they are enshrined in the constitution which is always the supreme law of a given country.
  14. Human Freedom in Relation to Society
    Human freedom has to do with the freedom of one’s will, which is the freedom of man to choose and act by following his path through life freely by exercising his ‘freedom’).
  15. Degrees of Freedom
    England established thirteen colonies in North America in the course of the 17th century. They were denied the freedom of land ownership and voting rights.
  16. Review of “Freedom Writers”
    In fact, Gruwell taught students using the book of Filopvic Zlata and Anne Frank in order to educate students about importance of open-mindedness.
  17. Freedom and responsibility
    The farmer desired to do a variety of things that he had no legal right over this is because, the government in the region had restricted on the type of food the people in the […]
  18. Freedom Writers
    The movie portrays a strong and civilized view of the world; it encourages development and use of positive moral values by people in making the world a better place.
  19. Freedom and Responsibility
    As a human being, it is hard to make a decision because of the uncertainty of the outcome, but it is definitely essential for human being to understand clearly the concept and connection between freedom […]
  20. Media Freedom in Japan
    Moreover, the government works to ensure that the country upholds and respects the freedom. The use of journalist clubs denies foreign reporters the freedom to cover political and government news in Japan.
  21. “Freedom Riders”: A Documentary Revealing Personal Stories That Reflect Individual Ideology
    The ideal of egalitarianism was one of the attractive features of the left wing for many inquiring minds in the early decades of the 20th century.
  22. Freedom of speech in the Balkans
    Freedom of speech in Montenegro In Montenegro, the practice of the freedom of speech and press were restricted to some issues by the law.
  23. Freedom and the role of civilization
    The achievements demonstrated by Marx and Freud play a significant role in the field of sociology and philosophy indeed; Marx believed in the power of labor and recognized the individual as an integral part of […]
  24. The Freedom of Speech in Social Media
    Gelber tries to say that the history of the freedom of speech in Australia consists of the periods of the increasing public debates on the issue of human rights and their protection.
  25. Dr.Knightly’s Problems in Academic Freedom
    The 1994 statement policy did uphold the importance of academic freedom, the freedom of inquiry and research, the freedom of teaching, and the freedom of expression and publication as part of its key elements.
  26. Freedom of Information
    If the government aspires to manage and share information with members of the public, it would improve the lives of the majority, as well as the welfare of society.
  27. “The Freedom of the Streets: Work, Citizenship, and Sexuality in a Gilded Age City” by Sharon Wood
    In the book, ‘The Freedom of the Streets’, Sharon Wood explores the socioeconomic challenges of Davenport’s women in the aftermath of the Civil War.
  28. Multicultural Education: Freedom or Oppression
    It is apparent that the level of school dropouts in the education system is still affecting the minority in the society.
  29. Freedom of Speech and Expression
    This implies that autonomy is the epitome of the freedom of expression in many ways. Perhaps, this is the point of diversion between autonomy and restriction of the freedom of expression.
  30. “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela
    In the fast developing world, advances and progress move countries and nations forward but at the same time, some things are left behind and become a burden for the people and evolution to better life […]
  31. Kuwait’s Opposition and the Freedom of Expression
    The political system in the country has played a major role in limiting the freedom of media because the royal family is very keen on thwarting any form of rebellion against the government.
  32. The Jewish Freedom Fighter Recollection
    We are in urgent need of a nation of our own, but must be willing to respond to the issue of Arab inhabitants within our territory.
  33. How the Law Limits Academic Freedom?
    The majority of academicians treasure the protections that are as a result of academic freedom. Academic freedom is only permitted in the higher institutions of learning.
  34. Advertising and Freedom of Speech
    According to Liodice, the marketer should provide the best information to the targeted consumer. The duty of the marketer is to educate and inform the consumer about the unique features of his or her product.
  35. Philosophy in the Freedom of Will by Harry Frankfurt
    Why? Frankfurt’s arguments are very applicable to the case of the ‘Amputees by Choice.’ His first argument is that of persons and nonpersons.
  36. Philosophy of Freedom in the Apology
    Socrates’ friends requested him to accept the charges, as they were willing to pay the expected fines, but he refused and insisted that he was ready to die for the sake of justice.
  37. “Human Freedom and the Self” by Roderick Chisholm
    According to the author, human actions do not depend on determinism or “free will”. I will use this idea in order to promote the best actions.
  38. Fighting for Freedom of American Identity in Literature
    Loyalty is one of the themes in the story, as the boy is confused on whether to side with the family or the law.
  39. Freedom in Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” Literature Analysis
    In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, the main character, Nora is not an intellectual, and spends no time scouring books or libraries or trying to make sense of her situation.
  40. The Life of a Freedom Fighter in Post WWII Palestine
    As World War II was coming to an end, the Zionist Movement leaders were hopeful that the British government would amend the White Paper policy, allow the Jews to migrate to Eretz, Israel, and govern […]

🎓 Simple & Easy Freedom Essay Titles

  1. Philosophical Approach to Freedom and Determinism
    The rationale is that Dave’s action was not the outcome of who he was and what he believed, the values he held or his desires.
  2. Gilded Age and Progressive Era Freedom Challenges
    They used that fact in their attempt to argue that the slavery of African Americans was natural as well and that it should not be abolished.
  3. Religious Freedom and Labor Law
    Therefore, it is important for the human resource managers to come up with ways of addressing religious requests in relation to the current labor laws.
  4. Thomas Jefferson’s Views on Freedom of Religion
    In fact, the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was about the relation between the state and the church and the ability to provide people of different faiths, Catholics or Jews, with the same opportunities and […]
  5. US Progress in Freedom, Equality and Power Since Civil War
    When it comes to the pursuit of freedom and ideals of democracy, progress since the Civil War can be seen in the establishment of a sufficiently capable Federal government, efficient judiciary and presidency systems with […]
  6. Political Freedom
    In addition, this paper also shows that ordinary people claim the freedom to shape politics because politics influence human rights, and the violation of human rights in one part of the world affects another.
  7. Do Urban Environments Promote Freedom?
    Lastly, it is the heterogenic environment that contributes largely to the cultivation of the feeling of freedom in the inhabitants of urban cities.
  8. Freedom of Speech: Julian Assange and ‘WikiLeaks’ Case
    Another significant issue is that the precedent of WikiLeaks questions the power of traditional journalism to articulate the needs of the society and to monitor the governments.
  9. Social Values: Freedom and Justice
    It is evident that freedom and justice are mutually exclusive, as “the theory of justice signifies its implications in regards to freedom as a key ingredient to happiness”.
  10. Fighting Terrorism: “Iraqi Freedom” and “Enduring Freedom”
    One is bound to be encouraged by the fact that the general and both his immediate and distant families had dedicated their services to the military of the USA and had achieved great heights in […]
  11. The United States Role in the World Freedom
    The efforts of NATO to engage Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents in the war resulted in the spreading of the war into the North West parts of Pakistan.
  12. The Freedom of Information Act
    The Freedom of Information Act is popularly understood to be the representation of “the people’s right to know” the various activities of the government.
  13. Military Logistics in Operation “Iraqi Freedom”
    It was also very easy for the planners to identify the right amount of fuel needed for distribution in the farms, unlike other classes of supply which had a lot of challenges. The soldiers lacked […]
  14. The Story of American Freedom
    The unique nature of the United States traces its history to the formation of political institutions between 1776 and 1789, the American Revolution between 1776 and 1783 and the declaration of independence in 1776. Additionally, […]
  15. The Pursuit of Freedom in the 19th Century Britain
    The ambition to improve one’s life was easily inflated by the upper grade that focused on dominating the system at the expense of the suffering majority.
  16. Mandela’s Leadership: Long Walk to Freedom
    The current paper analyses the effectiveness of leadership with reference to Nelson Mandela, the late former president of South Africa, as depicted in the movie, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.
  17. Doha Debate and Turkey’s Media Freedom
    He argued that the Turkish model was a work in progress that could be emulated by the Arab countries not only because of the freedom that the government gave to the press, but also the […]
  18. Expression on the Internet: Vidding, Copyright and Freedom
    It can be defined as the practice of creating new videos by combining the elements of already-existing clips. This is one of the reasons why this practice may fall under the category of fair use.
  19. Freedom: Definition, Meaning and Threats
    The existence of freedom in the world has been one of the most controversial topics in the world. As a result, he suggests indirectly that freedom is found in the ability to think rationally.
  20. “Advancing Freedom in Iraq” by Steven Groves
    The aim of the article is to describe the current situation in Iraq and to persuade the reader in the positive role of the U.S.authorities in the promoting of the democracy in the country.
  21. Singapore’s Economic Freedom and People’s Welfare
    Business freedom is the ability to start, operating and closing a business having in mind the necessary regulations put by the government.
  22. Anglo-American Relations, Freedom and Nationalism
    Thus, in his reflection on the nature of the interrelations between two powerful empires, which arose at the end of the 19th century, the writer argues that the striving of the British Empire and the […]
  23. Freedom and Liberty in American Historical Documents
    The 1920s and the 1930s saw particularly ardent debates on these issues since it was the time of the First World War and the development of the American sense of identity at the same time.
  24. Canada’s Freedom of Speech and Its Ineffectiveness
    In the developed societies of the modern world, it is one of the major premises that freedom of expression is the pivotal character of liberal democracy.
  25. Jean-Paul Sartre’s Views on Freedom
    For example, to Sartre, a prisoner of war is free, existentially, but this freedom does not exist in the physical realm.
  26. History of American Conceptions and Practices of Freedom
    The government institutions and political regimes have been accused of allowing amarginalisation’ to excel in the acquisition and roles assigned to the citizens of the US on the basis of social identities.
  27. Individual Freedom: Exclusionary Rule
    The exclusionary rule was first introduced by the US Supreme Court in 1914 in the case of Weeks v.the United States and was meant for the application in the federal courts only, but later it […]
  28. Hegel and Marx on Civil Society and Human Freedom
    First of all, the paper will divide the concepts of freedom and civil society in some of the notions that contribute to their definitions.
  29. Freedom Hospital Geriatric Patient Analysis
    The importance of statistics in clinical research can be explained by a multitude of factors; in clinical management, it is used for monitoring the patients’ conditions, the quality of health care provided, and other indicators.
  30. Aveo Group’s Acquisition of Freedom Aged Care Pty Ltd
    The annual report of AVEO Group indicated that the company acquired Freedom Aged Care based on its net book value. It implies that the Aveo Group is likely to achieve its strategic objectives through the […]
  31. Political Necessity to Safeguard Freedom
    He determined that the existence of the declared principles on which the fundamental structure of equality is based, as well as the institutions that monitor their observance, is the critical prerequisite for social justice and […]
  32. 19th-Century Marxism with Emphasis on Freedom
    As the paper reveals through various concepts and theories by Marx, it was the responsibility of the socialists and scientists to transform the society through promoting ideologies of class-consciousness and social action as a way […]
  33. Freedom in the Workplace of American Society
    In the workplace, it is vital to implement freedom-oriented policies that would address the needs of each employee for the successful performance of the company which significantly depends on the operation of every participant of […]
  34. Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox
    Jefferson believed that the landless laborers posed a threat to the nation because they were not independent. He believed that if Englishmen ruled over the world, they would be able to extend the effects of […]
  35. Rousseau’s vs. Confucius’ Freedom Concept
    Similarly, the sovereignty of a distinctive group expresses the wholeness of its free will, but not a part of the group.
  36. Mill’s Power over Body vs. Foucault’s Freedom
    John Stuart Mill’s view of sovereignty over the mind and the body focuses on the tendency of human beings to exercise liberalism to fulfill their self-interest.
  37. The Existence of Freedom
    This paper assumes that it is the cognizance of the presence of choices for our actions that validates the existence of free will since, even if some extenuating circumstances and influences can impact what choice […]
  38. Japanese-American Internment: Illusion of Freedom
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the internment of Japanese-Americans in Idaho as well as events that happened prior in order to understand how such a violation of civil rights came to pass […]
  39. Slavery Abolition and Newfound Freedom in the US
    One of the biggest achievements of Reconstruction was the acquisition of the right to vote by Black People. Still, Black Americans were no longer forced to tolerate inhumane living conditions, the lack of self-autonomy, and […]
  40. Canada in Freedom House Organization’s Rating
    The Freedom in the World Reports are most notable because of their contribution to the knowledge about the state of civil and political liberties in different countries, ranking them from 1 to 7.
  41. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Definition of Freedom
    The case of Nicola Sacco can be seen as the starting point of the introduction of Roosevelt’s definition of freedom as liberty for all American citizens.
  42. African American History of Struggle for Freedom
    The history of the Jacksons Rainbow coalition shows the rise of the support of the African American politicians in the Democratic party.

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