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Review of “Freedom Writers” Essay (Movie Review)


This paper analyses a movie review “Freedom Writers”. The movie discussed how a tutor and one-hundred and fifty students utilized education to transform themselves and the surrounding world. Actually, the debate was a true incident.

“Freedom Writers” was an account how Gruwell, a high school tutor, trained students who were perceived illiterate. In fact, Gruwell taught students using the book of Filopvic Zlata and Anne Frank in order to educate students about importance of open-mindedness.

Students countered such lectures through making notes in their dairies. Moreover, students learnt how to handle violence and other pessimistic issues in their lives. Students made notes based on analysis they derived from the book of Zlata Filopvic and Anne Frank.

Actually, the movie was significant in teaching performance for multicultural education in United States. America has experienced increase of international students who need to pursue high quality education.

In fact, such response called for educational reforms in order to support all students from different cultural backgrounds. Indeed, Gruwell employed instructional polices which empowered every student to attain open-mindedness.

Freedom Writers” was a film that intended to promote multiracial social rights that called for integration of international social values. Actually, Swank Hilary represented Gruwell in the film as a high school teacher. Swank was disappointed when she realized that her students were unteachable.

Moreover, Swank emphasized integration policy in education. Unfortunately, assimilation of various ethnicities discouraged students who eventually declined to attend lectures (Bennett, 2010). In addition, Swank encountered challenges with her fellow teachers who never allowed her to use the book of Filopvic Zlata and Anne Frank.

In fact, Swank was advised to teach students on discipline issues only. Actually, Swank discouraged racism through mentoring students about Holocaust experiences to the Jews in Germany. In fact, Swank captured students’ attention that began to writes note in their dairies.

Moreover, Swank invited several Jewish survivors to share their experiences with students. Holocaust experience was so negative that many Jewish people suffered because of racial prejudice. Swank encouraged students to continue their studies post high school level (Bennett, 2010).

Swank also emphasized need for cultural integration. Actually, people should not repeat Holocaust experience when Nazi regime persecuted Jewish community because of racism.

According to Bennett, Swank emphasized on multicultural education to develop democracy (2010). Actually, multicultural education was focused to promote high quality of academic attainment to all learners.

Indeed, Swank thought that multicultural education would promote optimistic self-value through provision of insight concerning cultural background, past information and importance of diversified society (Bennett, 2010). In fact, multicultural education would build prospect of American community to be pluralistic in nature.

In the modern world, students came from diverse languages, collective and cultural settings. Actually, there was a need to promote English in the multicultural education since the language has been commonly used as a second language both in remote and town regions.

Moreover, Swank viewed that multicultural education would enhanced critical analysis while discouraging cultural inequality. In fact, Bennett viewed that multicultural education would reform education programs to provide learners with equal opportunity for learning experiences and employment opportunities (2010).

Actually, Swank stressed on multicultural education that would promote five objectives: cultural integration, development of insight processes, discouragement of prejudice, empowerment of social values, and equality in educational opportunities.

Indeed, Bennett expressed that multicultural education has developed a notion that learners and their cultural experiences and backgrounds simultaneously are key focus in multicultural education (2010).

Actually, such kind of education needs to be adopted in a social context which promotes an integrated perception of knowledge. Multicultural education was therefore a device for instilling learners with self-esteem and empowerment of special and varied cultural origins.

Furthermore, Swank viewed that multicultural education adopted globalization as a social tool that integrated human being from various cultural origins (Bennett, 2010). Indeed, multicultural education emerged as a need for globalization in the entire world.

Indeed, multicultural education has offered a fairer education atmosphere for international students. Moreover, such education was important to enable international students to easily get engaged in new environment.

In fact, such kind of integrated education enabled international students to get opportunities in order to develop their knowledge (Bennett, 2010). Furthermore, when teachers endeavored to promote multicultural education, international students would definitely receive global perspectives.


Hilary Swank acted such kind of the movie to influence people positively in order to develop open-mindedness that would embrace globalization.

The aim of multicultural education was to train teachers to give out an effectual and useful knowledge to all students. Indeed, multicultural education was focused to provide holistic and integrated kind of education to every student (internationally and domestically) with equal opportunity to acquire global knowledge, regardless of cultural origin.


Bennett, C. I. (2010). Comprehensive Multicultural Education: Theory and Practice. 7 ed. Boston: Pearson College Div.

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