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Film Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Hercules (1958): Movie Review

The 1958 film Hercules is an adaptation of the original Greek myth that portrays Hercules as the main character of one of the myths while following the story of it in some aspects.

The Movie “Wag the Dog”

The movie "Wag the Dog" is one of the most important cinematic works of the 20th century, as it greatly raised the political awareness of an average citizen not only in the USA, but also [...]

The Film If Not Us, Who? by Andres Veiel

It was also a terroristic group, and after series of bombings and shootings in West Germany, the key RAF activists, including Ensslin, were sentenced to life imprisonment and later found dead in their cells.

Women in “Girlfriends” Film by Claudia Weill

In the film Girlfriends, Claudia Weill created a realistic portrayal of the emancipated women, Susan, Ann and their acquaintances, by using the emancipation discourse, motifs of loneliness and search for personal identity and moral support [...]

“Zombieland” a Film by Ruben Fleischer

Ebert made his observations known through sarcasm when he wondered about the logic of creating a zombie with instincts of a vicious killer and the skills of terrifying predator inside the body of one of [...]

The Rebellious Daughter Archetype in Movies

As the name of the archetype suggests, the "rebellious daughter" is typically a young female character, whose rebellion is usually defined by her relationship with a parent, who represents an authority figure in a position [...]

The Film “World Trade Center”

The main actor of the film works at the Port Authority, where he's working day began when the initial attack on the World Trade Center buildings referred to us as the Twin Tower building, started.

“The Mummy” a Movie by Shadi Abdel Salam

The movie is set on the background of the desert, mountains, and the ruins, of the old temples. The achievement of the success in the expressiveness is possible only through the efficient collaboration of the [...]

The Movie “Crash” by Paul Haggis

This is the key point that the director of the film seeks to-drive-home; people are time-and-again swayed by their presumptions concerning other people and people's mindsets and behaviors are affected by the situations they find [...]

“The Whole Equation” in Fitzgerald’s Idea

Speaking about the particular opinions on the professional integrity of ones related to the cinema, it is necessary to pay attention to Fitzgerald's idea involving the notion of "the whole equation" that can be understood [...]

Beginning Film Studies: Drama

The genre of the film that I have decided to direct is drama; it appears that the genre is attracting considerable interest both from the critics and academics, as well as from mainstream viewers.

The Movie “Glory Road”

In the movie, the aspects of socialization are eminent when the coach introduces the African Americans into the team. In the movie, the inclusion of the Blacks in the team proved that they are as [...]

Visual Effects and Sounds in Cinematography

Considering the cinematography of The Third Man, the paper is aimed at exploring the lighting and color, the sound, the location, the camera angles, and character's movement to explain the state of mind of the [...]

The Film “In a Better World”

It is possible to note that the main pillars of modernity are globalization, violence, and law. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the main pillars of modernity are globalization, violence, and law.

The Movie “Into the Wild”

Overall, the evaluation of the two works of art suggests a conclusion that the book is more focused on demonstrating the main character's inner world along with the implications of his world vision that led [...]

Hays Code in “The Public Enemy” Film

While the foreword at the beginning of the film claimed that the sole purpose of it was to "honestly depict an environment that exists today in strata of certain American life, rather than glorify hoodlum [...]

The Neorealism Movement in “The Bicycle Thief” Film

When discussing the main ideological attributes of neorealism, the following characteristics can be outlined: a new essence of democracy emphasized by the significance of simple people; a compassionate view on the world without lightweight judgment [...]

Film Studies: “Toni Takitani”

During his time in the Chinese prison, Shozaburo began to reminisce about his life; about the tons of women he had slept with, a lot of good food had eaten and the good times he [...]

“Young and Restless in China”

The movie also underlines some changes in the culture of young people, who got access to mass media and the Internet and the way they are influenced by traditions and believes of the West.

“The Man Who Was Almost a Man”

During the night, the mother confronts Dave and demands to be given the gun; however, Dave lies that he left it outside and thus he can only retrieve it in the morning. Hawkins, but he [...]

“The Lion King” by Disney

Almost immediately after the ceremony, the main villain and the key antagonist of the lead character, Uncle Scar, the brother of King Mufasa and the uncle of the newborn lion, Simba, was revealed.

“You Got Served directed”

This is one of the aspects that people should take into account while watching this film. To a great extent, these people played a critical role in illustrating the complexity and beauty of this dancing [...]

Descartes’ Epistemology in “The Matrix”

The present paper analyzes Descartes' epistemology in the light of the tripartite theory of knowledge and uses a science fiction film The Matrix to understand Descartes' influence on the human understanding of reality.

“The Hundred Foot Journey”

The foundation of the media and concept theory generated from his unending research and argument on the importance and significance of the theory in communication.

“Crimson Tide” by Tony Scott

The captain chooses to ignore the command while the executive officer thinks that they should first evaluate the message and decide what to do after through evaluation.

“The Barn Burning” by Peter Werner

Intensely affected by his father's behavior, Sarty does not pause to look back and return to his family"."Barn Burning" reveals class conflicts, vengeance, and the influence of fathers that the viewer observes through the third-person [...]

Lighting in the “Captain Phillips” Film

The scenes of the film mainly represent the situations on Maersk Alabama ship, and they are focused on the interaction between Captain Phillips and the Somali pirates; thus, the light is used extensively to reflect [...]

“The Fall” a Film by Tarsem Singh

The film was directed by Tarsem Singh, and the actors Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru were in the lead roles. One of the major features of the film that sets it apart from others is [...]

Film Studies: “Temple Grandin”

According to Jackson, the student life of Grandin, the film is an illustration sufficient to confirm the old adage 'Disability is not inability.' The film is a journey through the life and calling of Temple [...]

“The Pursuit of Happyness”

In the following paper, the lessons of success from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness will be characterized and evaluated. It is a challenge to become successful in the sphere of professional sales.

Film Studies: “City of Life”

That is why, it was quite logic that the increase of the demand for oil led to the development of this industry and, as a result, regions where it was produced obtained the new stimulus [...]

“12 Angry Men” by Sidney Lumet Film Analysis

Referring to the topic of the juror system in the USA, Lumet discusses such problems as the personal responsibility, fair trial, justice, and reasonable doubt; and the director emphasizes the importance and controversy of the [...]

“As Good as It Gets”

The film "As Good as It Gets" is, no doubt, one of the examples that fill the bill of pop culture in the African American context.