Film Studies Essay Examples and Topics

“The Mirror Has Two Faces” Film Analysis

Introduction “The Mirror Has Two Faces” is a film that deals with an issue that is not usually talked about in the open. It is about how a married couple, both university professors, typically happy together despite their agreement not to consummate their marriage. This sexless marriage set up was initiated by the husband, Gregory, […]

“The Butler” by Lee Daniels

The Butler, by Lee Daniels, focuses on the Gaines’ family and its interaction with the various presidential families that the main character served in his time as the White House butler. However, it also chronicled the burgeoning movements of the civil rights era that were taken across the United States. Gaines has been taught that, […]

“The Wizard of Oz” by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Film Analysis

Abstract The Wizard of Oz is a comical movie released in the year 1939 (Mayer, 1939). Metro Goldwyn Mayer is the director of the movie. The movie is based on a novel written by Frank Baum during the early 20th century. The Wizard of Oz featured Judy Garland as Dorothy, Ray Bolger as Scarecrow, Jack […]

Memento by Christopher Nolan Film Analysis

Christopher Nolan, one of the most celebrated films directors and producers, has attempted to depict a wide range of social and cultural aspects of modern society in his films. From moral responsibility to justice and personal identity, the director’s themes attempt to capture some of the social issues facing individuals, families and the society in […]

“300” by ‎Zack Snyder Film Analysis

Summary The movie “300” is a retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae where King Leonidas fought against the incursion of the Persian army into Greece. Initial Impression I have to stay that the movie was incredibly impressive since, from a cinematography standpoint, it was unique due to the manner in which the locations, characters and […]

“Erin Brockovich” Movie Ethical Dilemma

The main ethical dilemma in the film When watching the film “Erin Brokovich”, the main ethical dilemma that can be identified is the action of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) wherein they purposefully hid the fact that their operations within Hinkley, California resulted in the release of toxic chromium into the town’s water supply which […]

Film Studies: “One Fine Spring Day”

What is the main idea explored in “One Fine Spring Day”? The main idea explored in the movie is the fragility of affection and the sufferings it causes. The author of the film explores the idea that love affairs are limited in time and often result in sufferings of one of the partners caused by […]

“Minority Report” by Steven Spielberg Film Analysis

The movie presents Captain John Anderton (Tom Cruise) as the head of the Washington D.C police force. The law enforcing agencies apply one of the most sophisticated technologies in preventing crime. The technology makes it difficult for murderers to accomplish their objectives making the city crime-free. Unfortunately, the head of the police service is an […]

“Memento” by Christopher Nolan Film Analysis

Memento is a film written and directed by Christopher Nolan about a man named Leonard Shelby, seeking revenge for the rape and murder of his wife. He himself was injured in the crime committed as he tried to save his wife, causing him brain damage that resulted in ‘severe anterograde memory dysfunction’ or short-term memory […]

War Horse Film Analysis

The desire to bounce back is most notable in the life of Ted Narracott. For instance, he is unable to pay rent because he bought an expensive horse. He also sustained injuries from the Second Boer war in South Africa even after attaining several medals (War Horse, 2012). Perhaps, his state of hopelessness explained why […]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Film Analysis

For this paper I decided to choose the film by Terry Gilliam called “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. I picked this movie because I have never watched it before and because I have heard a lot about it from my friends. The fame of Johnny Depp these days makes all movies with him highly […]

Movie “When a Man Loves a Woman”

Why I chose the film The film “When a Man Loves a Woman” is a masterpiece that treats alcoholism as a problem affecting our society. I chose the movie because it explains why many people ignore the dangers of alcohol. The film helps us understand why alcoholism is a disease that can affect every family. […]

“City Lights” by Henry Clive Film Analysis

Introduction The movie, City Lights (1931), is an American movie written by Charlie Chaplin and directed by Henry Clive, an Australian director of art. The movie focuses on romance, as its main subject and comprises of characters such as Charlie Chaplain, the main character. Other characters in the film include Virginia Cherill, who plays the […]

The Wizard of Oz

The well-known movie called “The Wizard of Oz” was released in 1939. The film is recognized as a musical fantasy. It is based on the novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” written by Frank Baum in 1900. The film has millions of admirers all over the world. The creators of “The Wizard of Oz” applied […]

All the King’s Men Film Analysis

Directed by Robert Rossen in 1949, All the King’s Men, is a chef-d’oeuvre film adapted from Robert Penn Warren’s award winning novel by the same title. The film chronicles Willie Stark’s journey in politics from a small-town lawyer to becoming the Louisiana’s state governor. The movie dramatizes chapter one of the book by highlighting Stark’s […]

Movie “Dead Poets Society” by Peter Weir

Dead poets society is a movie created in the US in 1989 with Peter Weir as the administrator and Robin Williams thrilling. The movie shows an English teacher inspiring students through poetry. Some of the senior learners in the academy are Charlie Dalton, Todd Anderson, Gerard Pitts, Knox Overstreet, Richard Cameron, Steven Meeks, and Neil […]

Macbeth Versions Comparison Film Analysis

Introduction Macbeth is one of the exciting plays of Shakespeare that deal with tragedies such as murder, violence, and witchcraft. Several artists such as Roman Polanski and Geoffrey Wright have produced different versions of Macbeth, but they have tried to retain its originality. In their versions, the artists have tried to present the originality of […]

Horror Film Studies: “Let the Right One In”

Introduction The role of proper parenting in the contemporary times cannot be over emphasized. Unfortunately, the majority of parents have become busy with work and other life activities, and in the process, they have forsaken their roles in the growth of their children. Parents should protect their children from the vagaries of societal ills and […]

Horror Film Studies: “The Ring”

Introduction The Ring is a 2002 American horror film directed by Gore Verbinski. Horror films are among the most popular types of films in the United States. Therefore, The Ring provides the public with various forms of illusion, which are portrayed in the movie. The main issues of interest in this movie include cultural prohibitions […]

“The Vow”

A Constructive Health Situation The movie “The Vow” narrates the story of Leo and Paige Collins. Leo and Paige are involved in a grisly accident. A truck hits their vehicle from behind. The two are rushed to an Emergency Ward (EW). The doctors give the best medical support to these two patients. However, the doctors […]

“35 and Ticking” by Russ Parr

Synopsis The film opens with four childhood friends, Victoria, Zenobia, Cleavon and Phil, departing from school. The next scene is a flash forward of the four working against their biological clock to find the right partners for marriage. Victoria is already married, but her husband does not want to have a child with her. Zenobia […]

Relationships in the Films: Fools Rush In and Mrs. Doubtfire

Introduction This paper will analyze the concepts of marriage, relationships, and commitments. The films, Fools Rush In and Mrs. Doubtfire, will be analyzed in a bid to elaborate the aforementioned topic. This goal will be achieved by engaging events that reflect and build the topic. According to Chambers (86), marriage is one of the remarkable […]

Film ‘Outsourced’ by John Jeffcoat

The film Outsourced introduces viewers to the customs of the Indian culture through the experience of the principal character, Todd Anderson. The film underscores the need for foreign managers to respect the local customs in order to be successful leaders. In my view, the film excels in showing that ethnocentric behaviors do not foster a […]

Sicko by Michael Moore Film Analysis

Introduction The solution to the problems of the healthcare system is important for every country because it is the sphere the quality of which directly influences the life span of people and the quality of their life. The much-talked-of film Sicko by Michael Moore touches upon the issues of the American healthcare system. Moore brings […]

Christianity in “the Avengers”

Introduction The Avengers is an American superhero film that was produced by Marvel studios in the year 2012 (Surrell 30). The movie includes several seasoned actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, and Clark Gregg among others. It revolves around a team of heroes created in order to stop an evil force […]

Negotiation Process in the “12 Angry Men”

The Architect, Davis (the diagram scene) In the diagram scene, Davis’ actions throughout the discussion portray him as a very wise man. He analyzes everything with objectivity. He does not have a fixed position on any of the testimonies in the case. His wisdom comes out very clearly in the scene involving the diagram of […]

Billy Holiday in “Lady Sings the Blues”

Billie Holiday is known to be one of the greatest jazz singers of all times. Obtaining the unique character and rather interesting biography, she gained the world-wide popularity. She left the great mark in the history of jazz. Being the great figure in the world of music, her life and songs could not live the […]

“500 Days of Summer” by Mark Waters

The opening images of the film 500 Days of Summer are of Tom and Summer, who are sitting on a park bench. This is on the 488th day. As they hold hands, the focus shifts to the image of Summer’s engagement ring, which represents the wide rift between the lovers. Tom, who works in a […]

“Mother Dao – the Turtle-like” by Vincent Monnikendam

Introduction This paper analyzes the film, “Mother Dao – the Turtle-like.” The film depicts life in colonial Indonesia by highlighting the class differences that existed between the colonizers and their subjects. Developers of the film made the documentary by merging a collection of internationally acclaimed film excerpts shot by Dutch filmmakers from 1912 to 1932 […]

Film Studies: Girl Interrupted by Susana Kaysen

Introduction The film, Girl Interrupted, provides personal experiences of the author, Susana Kaysen, at the McLean Hospital. The film shows cultural context within her life and the people who shaped them. This film is done by merging events and characters without following a strict linear timeline. She voluntarily commits herself after developing extreme depressive moments, […]

Film Studies: Peter Pan

Peter Pan was produced in the early 20th century and is based on music and lyrics. Although the play was performed for the first time in 1904, the musical component of the production was acted on stage in 1954, particularly in New York. After the musical performance on stage, there was a series of other […]

Film Studies: “The Physician” by Philipp Stölzl

Since the invention of motion pictures in the late 19th century, the film has grown to become an important tool not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes (Pattison 1492). However, the increase in the importance of film, especially in the educational realm has sparked debates about their appropriateness. Concerns have been raised about […]

Film Studies: “Out in the Night” by Blair Doroshwalther

Introduction The film, Out in the Night, highlights the case of a group of four young African-American lesbians from New Jersey who go out for a night in the West Village streets. The four women, viz. Venice Brown, Terrain Dandridge, Renata Hill, and Patreese Johnson, pass by a man by the name Buckle, who is […]

Serials’ Analysis: Friends and Pretty Little Liars

Two of the most successful TV series in recent history is the TV series called Friends and the TV series entitled Pretty Little Liars. The TV sitcom Friends is the story of four individuals that consider themselves friends. They live in a Manhattan apartment. Most of the scenes in the said TV sitcom were shot […]

Propaganda Techniques in Movies: Light, Camera, Action

Though the concept of propaganda does not necessarily imply negative connotations, the very concept of it is traditionally considered with a grain of salt. There are good reasons for that – unlike objective reasoning, propaganda affects people on the subconscious level, implanting specific ideas into their heads without the audience’s recognition of the process. However, […]

Film Studies: “Invincible” by Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is one of the filmmakers that rejected the standard techniques of verite in cinema. Instead, Herzog is devoted to exploring the truth, reality, and its limits. This film director’s works are filled with altered realities and stretched time and space boundaries. Reality and truth are abstract notions for Herzog. They exist in tight […]

Film Studies: “Jesus Camp” by Rachel Grady

The acclaimed documentary called “Jesus Camp” that was released in 2006 and filmed in 2005 divided the United States and its audience into the people that perceive “Jesus Camp” as a revealing creation that debunks Evangelical Christian summer camp and its main preacher Becky Fisher, and the people that view this film as a twisted […]

Tolstoy Adaptation Film

The film will have two parts, the initial part of John’s friend Peter coming to his funeral and the main part describing John’s life since college years till death, focusing on his marriage, career, and values. The main protagonists will be John, a paralegal living a comfortable and good life in a small town, but […]

“Fall of the Romanov Dynasty” by Esther Shub

The film of Esther Shub Fall of the Romanov Dynasty (1927) is one of the exemplary compilation films where archival footage is used in a specific manner. The film dwells upon the last years of the reign of the Romanovs. It is necessary to add that the film is very propagandist as it shows the […]

Film Studies: Groundhog Day

The comedy Groundhog Day depicts the journey through which the protagonist Phil Connors discovers various qualities of his character. In particular, this individual is able to see that he can be caring, tender, and empathetic. Moreover, the protagonist understands that his cynicism serves only as of the shield that hides his vulnerability. To a great […]

Film Studies: “The Letter” by William Wyler

Introduction The Letter is a 1940 film by William Wyler. Its production contains several themes that describe racial relations between white people and the local inhabitants of Malaya (tropical Asians). In line with this observation, this paper shows that the movie promotes white supremacy as its main theme. It uses aesthetical differences, production differences, and […]

Film Studies: “Breaking the Silence” by Gloria Rolando

Gloria Rolando produced the movie, “1912, Breaking the Silence”. The movie elucidates the history of the political party, Partido Independiente de Color (PIC), which initiated a major struggle to achieve racial equality in Cuba. The members of the PIC suffered at the hands of the Cuban authorities, as there was a massacre of several blacks. […]

Film Studies: Types of Montage

The well known Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein distinguished between five different montage techniques, which are metric, rhythmic, tonal, overtonal and intellectual montages. Their techniques were used in Eisenstein’s films and the works of other Soviet filmmakers such as Pudovkin and Kuleshov. Today, these types of montage are also popular and widely applied in modern […]

Film Studies: “Avatar” by James Cameron

The film called “Avatar” created by James Cameron and released at the end of 2009 has quickly won the favor of millions of viewers all around the world. Today, this movie is named one of the most legendary works that made a significant impact on the film making industry and changed it forever. The film […]

The Film “The Agony and the Ecstasy” by Carol Reed

Introduction The film The Agony and the Ecstasy by Carol Reed is devoted to the life and work of Michelangelo Buonarotti, the outstanding Italian artist of the epoch of the Renaissance. The film portrays the conflict of the artist and Pontiff Julius II. The film depicts the atmosphere and spirit of the epoch of the […]

The Movie “Jackie Brown”

The true subject of the film The movie, Jackie Brown, is a crime-drama genre film whose theme underscores how peanut pay contributes to crime. The protagonist, Jackie Brown, is an airline attendant working with an infamous Mexican airline in North America. She earns a meager salary and as a result, she collaborates with Ordell Robbie, […]

The Film “Gattaca” and Genetic Engineering

Gattaca is a science fiction film on genetic engineering that portrays the merits and demerits of genetics in a comprehensive manner. The movie evokes certain questions, such as whether the process of genetic engineering is socially right. With so many opinions on the matter, this field can be considered as a source of controversy. Nevertheless, […]

The Film “Boyz n the Hood”

Introduction The film “Boys in the Hood” happens in Los Angeles, California, and focuses on a set of African American youth that matures together in the same locality. The film gives us an overview of the world and the situation that numerous African Americans have to endure. In the course of the trials, sufferings, and […]

The Film “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”

Analysis of the Setting The film is set within the present and can be considered a fictional representation of a person’s ordinary life where extraordinary events take place. It generally follows a non-linear story progression with time skips and flashbacks meant to represent the different aspects of the main characters life. The general location of […]

Steven Spielberg’s Films Analysis

Introduction The production of a movie is often challenging for directors in the face of rising expectations from the audience. In fact, the directors are faced with the demand to produce movies of better quality than the previous film. This calls for the director to secure a better script leading to the total departure from […]

The Movie “Se7en”

The movie “Se7en” is set in what is apparently a dystopia (i.e. a bleak future) as seen in the city and characters that are within the story. While there is no specific date as to when the film is set, it can be assumed that the events and characters that appear within it are in […]

The Comedy Film “Bad Teacher”

A bad teacher is a comedy that features Elizabeth Halsey as the main character. She is a gold digger who does not care about her job as a teacher to nurture young minds. She is also a frequent user of marijuana. Scott and Russell are Elizabeth’s prospective suitors who constantly fight for her attention. Scott […]

The Movie “If Only” by Gil Junger and Christina Welsh

Introduction The name of the film under study is “If Only”, it was released in 2004, and its director is Gil Junger with Christina Welsh as the writer, while the major actors are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paul Nicholls, and Tom Wilkinson all of whom are famous Hollywood actors. The movie plot revolves around what turns […]

The Film “For Colored Girls” by Tyler Perry

Ntozake Shange tells a story of seven women of color who have to endure lots of constraints. Shange’s play is one of the most powerful works that unveil wrongs of the society where women are exposed to numerous issues. The play is a unique combination of women’s poetic narrations. Admittedly, it is difficult to imagine […]

The Movie “City of God” by Fernando Meirelles

Rio de Janeiro is associated with the life full of sunshine and vivid colors of the festival. The movie City of God (Cidade de Deus) directed by Fernando Meirelles represents the other side of life in Rio de Janeiro which is closer to reality. Rio de Janeiro is characterized by specific planning where the central […]

The Techno Revolution in the Film “Future intelligence”

The twists and turns of technological development are truly fascinating. Just a mere thought that a couple of decades ago, people were afraid of machines and artificial intelligence taking over the world seems ridiculous nowadays, and The future intelligence proves that the positive effect of the techno revolution is bound to be tremendous in several […]

“Little Shop of Horrors” by Howard Ashman

Little Shop of Horrors, the comedy horror musical was written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, was first produced in 1982. The ASUSF College Players’ adaptation is one more interpretation of the musical’s theme and idea which can be discussed as the struggle with the enemy and negative consequences of the attempts to put one […]

Howard Ashman’s Film Comedy “Little Shop of Horrors”

Little Shop of Horrors is a play written by Howard Ashman. The play illustrates a musical comedy about a florist shopkeeper who grows a plant that consumes human blood. I was lucky to be part of the audience when college students were performing the play at the USF’s theater on 27 Feb 2014. The play’s […]

Film Studies: “Argo” by Ben Affleck

Argo depicted the events when many Americans were taken a hostage in Iran after the American embassy was attacked. Some of the hostages managed to flee and seek refuge at the residence of the Canadian ambassador. The Central Intelligence Agency was contracted to secure the hostages and ensure that they arrive safe and sound to […]

Film Studies: “Rain Man” by Barry Levinson

Introduction In this 1988 movie, the story of Charlie Babbit’s discovery of his father’s demise and appearance of his autistic brother is narrated (Morrow & Bass (Producers), & Levinson, B. (Dir.), 1988). In their first encounter at a mental institution, Charlie learns that his brother has a rare mental disorder that makes him have an […]

Bollywood Film Industry Specifics

Although the motion picture industry in India can be traced back to over a century ago, the Bollywood film industry did not blossom until the mid 20th century. From the late 1990s, the film industry became the chief competitor of the Hollywood film industry (Rajadhyaksha &Paul 10). This industry targets both the local and international […]

Film Studies: “City of Life and Death” by Lu Chuan

Thesis Statement The film City of Life and Death is a Chinese movie based on a true story. Produced by the China Film Group and directed by Lu Chuan, the movie was produced in the year 2009. It managed to record good sales within the first two weeks of its release. The movie is based […]

Film Studies: “The Life of Pi” by Ang Lee

The Life of Pi is a great film based on Yann Martel’s novel which story centers on Pi Patel son of an Indian Zookeeper. Pi’s family decides to move to Canada after the municipality stopped supporting the family Zoo (Ebert n.p.). Pi’s father believes that they would find a place in Canada where they would […]

The Film “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona is aimed at exploring the experiences of a person who lives in an existential world which is dominated by the feeling of loneliness and anxiety. Under such circumstances, people often feel helpless and alienated from one another. In turn, Bergman focuses on the relations between two women, Elisabet and Alma, who […]

Comedy Series ‘Two and a half Men’

Introduction The current paper is based on the American comedy series, ‘Two and a Half Men,’ its characters and the environment set-up, within which the comedy is acted. Aspects of the features of rooms where the comedy series is conducted are discussed in the paper. The conduct of the characters in the form of their […]

Film Studies “Fly, Penguin”

Assignment One: Stories of Human Rights First Response According to the article “If You Were Me: Human Rights Discourses and Transnational Crossings in South Korean Omnibus Films”, an informed understanding of injustice, discrimination, and social marginality will address most of the problems encountered by different citizens. The article by Diffrient goes further to explain why […]

The Movie “Memories of Murder”

It is possible to say the movie Memory of Murder directed by Bong Joon-ho lacks closure because the viewers do not learn the identity of a person who committed horrible murders. More importantly, at the very end, the main character discovers that the serial killer might have recently visited the crime scene. To a great […]

The Korean Film Studies: Memories of Murder

The three-act structure of a narrative seems to have become the staple of not only novels, but also most movies. For the audience to follow the story easily, it needs to have the beginning, the denouement and the closure; otherwise, a movie is most likely to leave the viewers confused and frustrated. However, some of […]

Film Studies: Chilsu and Mansu by Park Kwang-su

The film Chilsu and Mansu directed by Park Kwang-su throws light on the experiences of two men who are both economically and politically marginalized. This movie incorporates the elements of different genres, and this approach can give readers better insights into the worldviews of the protagonists, their emotional problems, and their discontent. Furthermore, this movie […]

Film Studies: Nowhere to Hide and Aimless Bullet

Masculinity The sets of masculinities depicted by the subject characters (Detective Woo, Detective Kim and Sungmin) are coherent with those of the corrupt cops and the robbers as well as the crime incidences. First, the movie titled as Nowhere to Hide relays an outstanding attribute where crimes arise from the male characters. On the other […]

“The Birds”: Movie by A. Hitchcock and Story by D. DuMorier

The well-known film called “The Birds” created by Alfred Hitchcock is based on the story by Daphne DuMorier, which has the same title. Even though both works are named the same way and seem to have the same themes, they are very different. Hitchcock’s film was made in 1963, the story was written in 1952. […]

Film Studies: “Class Action” by Michael Apted

Strategic management refers to the high-level of management that is involved in the decision-making process, implementation of goals and objectives, and in the allocation of resources in the organization. Some of the decisions made by strategic managers are related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which has to be undertaken by the organization. The film “Class […]

Film Studies: “Double Suicide” by Masahiro Shinoda

The film’s director Masahiro Shinoda has done a beautiful job creating his work full of deep meaning and symbolism. The scenes, patterns, lighting, unusual style, and movement make the film stand out. This work is made in black and white. The story portrayed in the movie is set in Japan of the 18th century and […]

Chinese Film: “The King of Masks” by Wu Tianming

Films are crucial avenues about the propagation of ideas in contemporary society. Most films revolve around recurrent issues that manifest among individuals in diverse socio-economic contexts (Stone 3). Through films, people reflect on different contextual thresholds that characterize existence in society. The King of Masks is a Chinese film that highlights diverse historical realities that […]

“Sweet and Lowdown” by Woody Allen

The film Sweet and Lowdown directed by Woody Allen can be interesting from a psychological viewpoint because this cinematographic work can throw light on various mood and personality disorders. Moreover, this movie can show how the distorted perception of reality can affect the life of a person and his/her interactions with other people. This argument […]

Film Studies: “The Truman Show” by Peter Weir

The film called “The Truman Show” directed by Peter Weir and released in 1998 is a beautiful work presenting the description of a reality show. In the nineties, the genre of reality shows started to gain popularity very quickly. The producers predicted that reality television is going to have global success. This genre was relatively […]

Film Studies: “Caramel” by Nadine Labaki

The film Caramel (2007) is a story about five Lebanese women who have their personal problems. One of the females is under great pressure as she is about to get married but she has premarital sexual experience (Labaki, 2007). She is going to marry a Muslim man who expects her to be a virgin. The […]

Film Studies: “Provoked” by Jag Mundhra

The film in question is entitled Provoked and it dwells upon an important social issue (domestic violence). The filmmakers tell the story of a young woman who had been abused for ten years and unintentionally killed her husband in her attempt to protect herself (Mundhra, 2006). Some may say that the issue has been a […]

Film Studies: “The Matrix” by Larry and Andy Wachowski

The Matrix tries to bring out the truth, and the reality of issues that affect the world. The film portrays social difference and inequality, through man and the machine. The machines symbolize change through a technological revolution. Man represents dynamism through social structures. A man may be related to social dynamics. The machines reflect the […]

Film Studies: “A Street Car Named Desire”

The story showed in the film “A Street Car Named Desire” was created by the famous American play writer Tennessee Williams, the author of multiple classical works that are known, loved and read all around the world. The film explores the life of Blanche DuBois. The woman goes through several depressing and tragic events, which […]

Film Studies: “The Bicycle Thieves” by Vittorio De Sica

The Bicycle Thieves is an award-winning film that was produced in Italy in1948 by Vittorio De Sica. This essay offers a succinct analysis of the film in terms of plot and theme developments, character analysis, use of sound and images as well as the overall context. It is one of the typical examples of a […]

Film Studies: The Land Before Time

People have always wanted to lift the curtain concealing the previous eras and explore the past properly. While the task of historical research is complicated yet possible when analyzing ancient civilizations, with the eras when the human race did not exist yet, the task becomes nearly impossible. Nevertheless, a range of theories concerning the prehistoric […]

Film Studies: “La Strada” by Federico Fellini

Perhaps, one of the most controversial characters in Fellini’s movies, Zampano is a very complex one as well. Despite the seeming simplicity of his desire to be constantly at the helm and control the people, who are under his command, his motivations are rather obscure, much like his background. The audience is never told what […]

Last of the Mohicans by Fenimore Cooper

Dealing with the racial issues is not an easy task, especially when it comes to discussing the relationships between the Native Americans and the people who moved to American in search for new opportunities and the need to try his/her luck. The sad outcomes of these relationships have become notorious not only in American history […]

Experience of Making a Film

The course ‘introduction to media” has enabled me to acquire a lot of knowledge that is helpful in film production. I produced a film about switching off the car when one stops at a supermarket to do shop. It was a short film between 5 and 10 minutes. Production involved four crewmembers and three other […]

The Movie “The Gangs of New York”

The movie called The Gangs of New York focus dates back to 1860s, at the threshold of the civil war. At the very beginthe ning, the director depithe cts the confrontation between the Native Americans controlled by the Protestant advocator of native people Bill Cutting and the Irish immigrants headed by the “Priest” Vallon. The […]

The Political Satire Film “Wag the Dog”

Introduction Wathe g the Dog is a 1997 film produced by Barry Levinson starring Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman (Ebert, 1998). It co-starred Denis Leary, Anne Heche, and William Macy. The film focuses on a Washington spin-doctor who hires a film producer to develop a false war in order to direct people’s attention from […]

Movies Schindler’s List and Stop-Loss

This essay will examine such movies as Schindler’s List and Stop-Loss. To a great extent, they can be viewed as war films. It is necessary to compare these works in terms of characterization, plot, sound, camera movement, and lighting. These films throw light on the experiences of people, who are affected by war. Overall, it […]

Casablanca: In Pursuit of Humanity

Doubtlessly one of the movies that make the bulk of the American timeless classics of cinema, Casablanca was never actually intended to be that big a hit; though definitely aiming at success, the Warner Bros. never knew that the movie was going to draw such great and different audience in seats and, which is more […]

Face Negotiation Theory in the film “Whale Rider”

The film under analysis is called Whale Rider and focuses on the story of the Maori girl Pai who is interested in becoming the leader of her tribe. Throughout the movie, all the heroes are involved in tense confrontations and conflicts that are premised on cultural communication, loss of identity, and the importance of traditions. […]

Failure of Blockbuster and Movie Gallery

Introduction Blockbuster and Movie gallery companies in the entertainment industry that have been affected by the advent of the digital era. The demise of Blockbusters is an example of a failure to adopt an emergent perspective to planning. The video rental company failed because customers discovered a cheaper and more efficient method of obtaining movies […]

Makeup Techniques: “The Wizard of Oz” by Victor Fleming

Every movie is aimed at impressing the viewers, touching their hearts, and conveying some ideas. Undoubtedly, makeup is one of the most significant tools in this task. Makeup can be subtle or very evident, but in any case, it helps the characters be more bright and specific. This paper analyzes makeup techniques and their effect […]

Comparison of the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest and F. Kafka’s Metamorphosis

Being an individual means making decisions independently from social opinion. At the same time, a strong commitment to society deprives people of individuality and identity. In the movie called One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest, society takes control over people and, using modern technologies, it suppresses any displays of individuality, as well as natural impulses. […]

Movies: “Everyone’s Child” and “Yesterday”

These two movies highlight issues which are faced by many people in Africa. ‘Everyone’s Child’ is a film shot in Southern Africa that shows the lives of four siblings who are devastated by the death of their parents. This movie highlights struggles which children, who get orphaned by AIDS, have to go through every day […]

“Mona Lisa Smile” by Mike Newell

Introduction Mental emancipation is one of the roles played by education. However, many people do not emancipate themselves because of preconceived ideas, beliefs, and values acquired from their parents. Katherine’s efforts to emancipate girls from mental conditioning fail when Betty asks her to obey a decision of becoming a mother, and a wife after graduation. […]

“The Matrix” by Andy and Lana Wachowski

The Matrix is a science fiction movie released in 1999 and directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski. The movie represents a dystopian future in which humans perceive a simulated reality that is created and controlled by artificial intelligence. The sentiment machines use human bodies’ heat and electrical power as the main source of energy because […]

“Black Robe” by Bruce Beresford

The movie Black Robe is a perfect example of early American history that represents the first interaction between the French Jesuit ministers and the Huron Indians of Quebec. It is a seventeenth-century movie that shows the cultural and social differences in two communities referred to as the Algonquin Indians on one side and the French […]

People and Horses Relations: “Buck” by Cindy Meehl

People’s constant attempts to train animals in order to exploit them in the future are based on the definite historical processes and the characteristic features of the social development. From this point, the animals’ exploitation often depends on the usage of rather aggressive methods of training. To find an effective approach to training animals, it is […]

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” by Rupert Wyatt

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011) is the movie which was directed by Rupert Wyatt and presented as the reboot of the popular “Planet of the Apes” series. The movie focuses on the story of Caesar, a chimpanzee who developed his intelligence and speech skills as a result of experiments conducted by Will […]

“Lifted” by Lexi Alexander

Summary of the Movie Lifted The movie Lifted by Lexi Alexander is a description of a boy’s dream and the support which parents may give for making this dream come true. The movie is about a boy, Henry, who has a gift of singing and who gets an opportunity to participate in the competition for […]