Film Studies Essay Examples and Topics

“Aliens” Movie

“Aliens” is an upshot of the movie Alien that was produced and released in 1986. This outstanding work of Cameron has been faced with critical comments since its release. A very high status had already been set by the precedent movie Alien produced and directed by Scott. The status attached to this series has broken […]

Problems of the Movie Industry

Introduction While many people consider moviemaking art, it is still largely an industry and is, therefore, powered by the same principles as any other business is. Just as competitive and as dependent on internal and external factors as any other industry, moviemaking seems to be facing a number of problems at present, which is likely […]

The film Kramer vs. Kramer directed by Robert Benton

This paper is aimed at discussing the film Kramer vs. Kramer directed by Robert Benton. In particular, it is necessary to examine the way in which the concept of family is portrayed in this movie. Much attention should be paid to such issues as gender roles, the responsibilities of parents, and other questions that are […]

Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Introduction Western movies are a genre of the film production in America. They mostly capture the unrefined America between its civilization and traditions. They are filmed on basis of war, discovery, personal journeys and romance. They are the oldest and most flexible genre of films (Howard, 1996). Evolution of the western movies over time The […]

Late Spring Movie

Introduction The traditional Japanese cinema is very different from the Western tradition of movie making. Late Spring is one of the masterpieces created by Yasujiro Ozu. Taking into account rather unusual representation of the idea and shooting techniques, the film is considered to be a unique phenomenon in the movie making of the world. The […]

Sisters of Gion: A Conflict of Value Systems

The film Sisters of Gion directed by Kenji Mizoguchi in 1936 shows the way in which two women cope with the experience of being a geisha. It should be borne in mind that the main characters are sisters who have different educational backgrounds and values. In this movie, the director confronts two opposing views. In […]

Transformation and Change in Australia Between 1850-1945

Australian theatre and film can be traced way back to the year 1850. It began as a theatre industry majorly characterised by short, simple and live stage performances which involved a limited number of actors. The modern industry is now characterised by documented films and movies with complex themes and large cast crews. The industry […]

Nowhere in Africa. Movie Analysis

The movie begins in Germany during the Nazi period when Jews were being persecuted by Hitler regime. Walter, a very successful and established lawyer is forced to flee with his family to a remote area in Kenya a country in East Africa. All Jews were perceived as enemies of Germany thus they were rounded up […]

Love and the girl child in “The King of Masks”

“The King of Masks” directed by Wu Tianming is a kindhearted Chinese melodrama that renders a clear understanding of the theme of love. The film begins with Wang Bian Lian (Zhu Xu), an old street performer frantically searching for a male heir to teach him the face changing techniques according to the Chinese culture. In […]

Horror Movies: We Are What We Are

When marketing a horror movie, it is essential to take into account a number of peculiarities of this genre. Horror movies have specific audience and tend to explore certain topics. As far as Jim Mickle’s “We are what we are” is concerned, it requires special attention. First of all, this horror movie is a remake […]

Examination: “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott

The Setting of Blade Runner The movie is set in a gloomy futuristic city, a metropolis in a period of societal decline. The opening remarks tell the audience that the setting of the movie is Los Angeles and the year is 2019 (Blade Runner). At the beginning, this industrialized city appears wet and overpopulated; its […]

Film Analysis Essay -Cinderella Man

Introduction Director Ron Howard and Producers Brian Grazer, Penny Marshall had all the ingredients of a clichéd film. First, they selected an award winning actor to play the lead role in ‘Cinderella Man’. Then they chose to focus on a storyline that others have done countless times in Hollywood; a boxing championship. Furthermore, the events […]

A Film Analysis on Titanic

The film “Titanic” represents the ship that was deemed unsinkable and occurrences on her 1912 maiden journey from Southampton, in the United Kingdom, to New York City, in the United States. On the ship was a girl (Rose DeWitt Bukater, acted by Kate Winslet) engaged to a rich man (Caledon) that she never loved. Despite […]

Film Analysis Proposal: The Other Son – Directed by Lorraine Lévy

Introduction The Other Son is a poignant film about two boys, Joesph (Jules Sitruk) and Yacine (Medhi Dehbi), 18 years of age, who discover that they had been accidentally switched shortly after birth. The film exposes the sensitive issues and the consequences for the boys and their families as a result of this switch (“The […]

Citizen Kane and The Verdict

Introduction Creating a compelling and interesting character is a complicated task. Perhaps, one of the greatest challenges regarding the process of character development is to allow the audience relating to the character. While it is very easy to create a perfectly flawless and bland character with a personality of a hairspray can, which every single […]

Film Discussion: “Diva” by Jean-Jacques Beineix

France has always been associated with such concepts as love, beauty, art, culture and carefreeness. However, the end of the twentieth century was the period when the humanity faced the issues related to upcoming globalization. That was the period of certain confusion and even despair, anger and hope. The image of France as a land […]

Little Buddha: The Path of the Enlightenment

Despite the fact that Bertolucci’s movie has a number of flaws, historical inaccuracies and a rather jumbled plot, it can still be considered a rather impressive and memorable interpretation of Siddhartha and the Four Noble Truths. The first noble truth, i.e., the truth of dukkha, or suffering and anxiety, is shown in Siddhartha’s battle with […]

Blade Runner Movie

Ever since the movie Blade Runner was first launched in 1982, the question on minds of many has been: Is Deckard really a replicant? Currently, majority of people who have watched Blade Runner believe that Deckard, just like Rachael, is a replicant who consider himself a human being. To some people, Decker’s glowing eyes (a […]

Prime Suspect: The Peculiarities of the Conflicts

Our everyday life is full of different challenges and issues. These challenges can be the results of our interactions with people, of the peculiarities of our private life or our career. There are a lot of tensions and pressures in our everyday reality and our task is to cope with them successfully. In 1991 Lynda […]

“Blood Diamond” Movie Analysis

The film “Blood Diamond” is an excellent example of an international system that is based on neoliberal institutionalism which is a system that acknowledges states as the primary actors within international relations yet places institutions as the means by which international cooperation can be attained. When looking at the conflict within the film, what must […]

“Casablanca” Movie

Introduction Casablanca rightfully deserves to be one of the best motion pictures ever to come out of Hollywood. It is mysterious, idealistic, humorous, cynical, ambiguous and most importantly engaging. Analysis The film was everything that others had said about it and more. One feels lost in the storyline from the moment the narrator describes the […]

“Lola” Movie

Introduction The film Lola is part of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s BRD Trilogy. It is the second in the said trilogy with The Marriage of Maria Braun being the first and Veronika Voss the last. The story is about corruption. Ten years after the World War 2 in West Germany in the city of Coburg we […]

Evaluation of the Movie “A Beautiful Mind”

Hollywood has provided the rest of the world with various films which can shape people’s perception of the world. One of these films is A Beautiful Mind (2001). This film touches upon a number of important issues to consider and discuss. For instance, it tells a story of a great love as the protagonist’s wife […]

Social and Political Reflection on Korean Films

The historical background The first cinema to exist in Korea was the Tongdaemun motion picture studio, which started its operations in 1903. Thereafter, the Dangsung-sa cinema was opened in 1907 in Seoul and it commenced its operations immediately. Earlier on, before the domestic film industry was formed, the country imported films from America and Europe, […]

Movie Erin Brockovich

The movie Erin Brockovich is a 2000 chef-d’oeuvre piece of art, which highlights effects of environmental pollution by industries across the world. The environmental issue raised in this film is water pollution by hexavalent chromium used by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in Hinkley, California. In addition, the movie highlights an occupational health issue where […]

Analysis of the Film “The Iron Lady 2011”

The purpose of this paper is to examine the historical accuracy and academic worthiness of the 2011 film “The Iron Lady”, a British-American movie that attempts to portray the life and political career of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving and only female prime minister of the United Kingdom. First, the paper develops a brief but […]

Film “12 Years a Slave”

Introduction 12 Years a Slave is a dramatic chef-d’oeuvre film that highlights the brutal experiences that slaves underwent in the hands of their masters in the Southern America. Undoubtedly, the movie reinvigorates the debate on the historical significance of slavery in the contemporary United States. Critics shift the debate from the historical significance of slavery […]

The Movie “12 Years a Slave”

Introduction The American society has encountered many upheavals and changes within the past three centuries. Such developments have resulted in different social and political relationships in the country. Different conflict theories examine the origin of social struggles and disagreements. Such theories also explain why many people disagree with their leaders. Human beings require specific rights […]

Cold War Paranoia in “Captain America” and “Batman”

Introduction The prevalent mood across the United States after the Second World War was rife with optimism and unparalleled success. The middle class “rapidly expanded, unemployment was low, and the United States (the only country with a nuclear bomb) became the most powerful country on earth” (Burr par.14). Unfortunately, this mood lasted for a short […]

Countertransference analysis: “Enough Said”

In the movie “Enough Said”, the central female character, Eva, is a masseuse. As such, although she is not a counselor in the usual sense of the word, she can be asserted to have a therapeutic relationship with her clients. She listens to them, no matter how boring their utterances, and no matter her own […]

An Example of True Fidelity with the Source Text: A Scanner Darkly

Up until comparatively recent times, it used to account for a common assumption among critics that, in order for cinematographic adaptations of a particular literary piece to be considered successful, they must be thoroughly consistent with the original literary work’s discursive aspects. This point of view, however, can no longer be considered as such that […]

Slaughterhouse-Five Movie

The movie Slaughterhouse-Five is one of the most intriguing films that have been released so far. The twists and tales in the film that revolve around the life of Billy Pilgrim are riveting and leave the mind begging for more. The adventures that Billy Pilgrim goes through are quite exhilarating. This happens mainly because these […]

The Railway Station Sequence from Casablanca

Casablanca is a 1942 romantic drama movie revealing a story of an American expatriate Rick Blaine meeting his ex-lover in unoccupied Africa. The main hero had to decide what is more important to him – to stay with his beloved or perform his duty. He must help either his lover’s husband, Czech Resistance leader to […]

What is Eating Gilbert Grape

Introduction Lasse Hallstrom directed the film “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” in 1993. The film revolves around the experiences of the narrator, Gilbert. In the film, Gilbert Grape tells the audience about his town and family. Gilbert has two brothers and two sisters, who live with their obese mother in a depressed town called Endora. Their […]

Non-Linear Structure Film and Unity of the Film Story

Creating a coherent, easy-to-follow story has always been considered the sign of good filmmaking; in fact, the given rule has been pushed to the point where breaking it would be in a bad taste. However, the few movie directors who dared to transcend the boundaries between what is accepted and what is not manage to […]

Cultural Revolution in China in “Hibiscus Town”

Where the Wind of Change Blows: Cultural Revolution in China Portrayed in “Hibiscus Town” Introduction: Hibiscus Town through the Lens of a Foreigner. Summary A seemingly simple movie, Hibiscus Town tells a story of a young woman named Hu Yuyin. She has a nice family, a successful small business and the support of her trusted […]

Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter is a 2012 fantastic horror movie that provides an unconventional interpretation of the political and social life of the 16th President of the United States. The plot focuses on the sinister plan of the vampire world to take of the control over the Untied States and, therefore, Lincoln decides to […]

Role of the Subtext

There are a lot of particular techniques which help the movie makers to create specific structure of the movie, to make it interesting and capturing. Moreover, many directors refer to the special way of telling the background information about the characters, substituting the boring flashbacks and description with the subtext. Subtext is the specific technique […]

“Erin Brockovich”

The movie, “Erin Brockovich”, is based on a real life story and stars Julia Roberts (known as Erin Brockovich) as the main character. Erin has been divorced twice and has three children. She experiences a streak of bad luck. However, she finally manages to browbeat her lawyer: Ed Masry, who had seen her lose a […]

Critique Erin Brockovich movie

Erin Brockovich movie was released on 17th March 2000. The movie involved six actors and became the best movie in the same year, a fact that brought speculations that the movie industry was going to gain more profits in the years that were to follow (Todd, 2000). After Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) lost her lawsuit […]

How does the Makeup Help to Define the Character

Watching a movie we pay attention to the most important aspects of composition of shot – makeup and costumes the actors wear. These two aspects help us to create overall look on a movie and a special mood. Sometimes makeup can change an actor’s appearance totally – from handsome blond man to fat an ugly […]

Wolf Creek: Movie Analysis

Introduction Wolf Creek is a 2005 horror film that dwells on real events that took place in Australia. Liz Hunter, Kristy Earl, and Ben Mitchell are backpackers who go into the wilderness to see a crater dubbed wolf creek. Upon visiting the site, they return to find that the car they used for the voyage […]

Ethics in the Film “A Time to Kill”

One of the main characters in the movie “A Time to Kill” is Carl (, 2013). Carl realizes that some goons have assaulted his daughter sexually, a few hours after it occurred (, 2013). He immediately runs home to rescue the young girl from the traumatizing experience. It is upon arriving home that he faces […]

The Grapes of Wrath: movie analysis

The Grapes of Wrath film was produced in 1940 after the publication of a novel with a similar name. The movie talks about one family in Oklahoma that lost its belongings in 1930 due to the Great Depression. The family migrated to California and depended on wages from landowners for survival. In the movie, the […]

Welcome to Your Nightmares: The Weird Appeal of Horror Movies

Introduction: When the Lights Are out Fear is a good feeling to experience. It stimulates the brain, helps to put oneself together and act fast yet efficiently. However, one would not expect that people would want to experience fear. However, they do, which the rates of classic horror movies show. Although people generally consider horror […]


Introduction Moneyball is a movie about an Oakland baseball team that is in serious trouble and is losing series in the American League division. The team is also in serious financial trouble. This report looks into the review of the movie through the eyes of management. Management is the reason the A’s are in so […]

A Tree of Life film Analysis

American drama The Tree of Life is a 2011 film directed and produced by Terrence Malick. The film takes the audience through a middle-aged man’s childhood memories of 1950s. The film combines the childhood thoughts of origins and meaning of life with imagery of the origins of the earth and the beginning of life. Terrence […]

Movie Review of Movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird”

The movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird” was filmed from a 1960 Novel of the same name by Harper Lee. This movie is a semi-autobiographical presentation of a small city in Alabama, a widower attorney, and racial unrest setting. This movie presented a timely reflection of the extent of deep racial problems and social injustices […]

Tony Takitani

Tony Takitani is a film that captures the melancholy of Murakami’s short story of the same name. Tony, the main character, a mechanical illustrator by profession, is a son of two Japanese parents. He grew up alone with a caretaker in his tender age since his mother had died a few days after he was […]

Fashion and cinema: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Introduction Fashion especially in Hollywood films has become one of the most significant elements that have been used to draw more appealing features in cinema. One such example of fashion and its expression of character and practice have been clearly depicted in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany. Fashion signals an individual’s status in a social […]

Analysis: “Blue Velvet” by David Lynch

Blue Velvet by David Lynch is full of scenes which make the viewer feel uncomfortable and even disoriented. The film can be regarded as “the interpretation of the benign surface and malignant depth of an over-controlling rationality” (Nochimson 101). One of the scenes which disorient is the one in the car. The director uses a […]

“Devil in a Blue Dress” By Carl Franklin

“Devil in a Blue Dress” is a movie produced in 1995 depicting the dramatic experiences of an African American novice private eye in 1948 Los Angeles. The movie falls under the Neo-noir category as it is set in the classic era between 1940 and 1950 and has the characteristic neo-noir theme of a major African […]

Classical Argument Paper: Antony from film “Crash”

Introduction Paul Haggis’ film “Crash” is a deliberate attempt to examine racism following the lives of people from different ethnic groups, like Los Angeles, which collide one fateful day. Haggis portrays the racial tension, as it stands in the modern day Los Angeles, by seemingly suggesting that every individual is racially prejudiced. The film is […]

“Voyage to the Moon”: The Fantastic Dream of Georges Méliès

The silent film Voyage to the Moon directed by Georges Méliès represents an important landmark in the development of cinematography since it incorporates a variety of techniques that were revolutionary by the standards of the early twentieth century. For a long time, the color version of the film was believed to be irretrievably lost. However, […]

The Function of Place and Space in “Days of Heaven” by Terence Malick

Film theory deals with the exploration of the nature and essence of films, their influence on the audience, relationships of the film context and scenes with reality, society, its history and culture. Films use specific “means of expression”, such as camera work, lightning, shots, sound. Place and space are ones of the most influential means […]

Mise-en-scene, shots and sound: Hitchcock’s spare use of cinematic repertoire in Sabotage’s murder sequence

Alfred Hitchcock’s innovative and seminal contributions to cinema are visible all through his films, as evidenced by the fact that his name is associated with at least one zoom technique. The murder sequence in Sabotage is a clear example of this creativity. This segment of the film, which could be merely sensational, nonetheless reveals several […]

Malcolm X

Introduction The paper will argue that the film “Malcolm X” is a fight against the demonization of an African American icon. In light of critics’ remarks in the book “The mistakes of Malcolm X”, the director went beyond propaganda and told the story of a society changer. It will argue that the prison scene in […]

American History X

Introduction There has never been a comprehensive study that clearly captures the nature of human beings. Different studies and depictions have however come up in a bid to explain who human beings are, their behavior and why they do what they do. In a dynamic world laced with numerous social constructs, American History X is […]

“Children of Heaven”: The Children’s Focus on Family Relation

The world seen through the children’s eyes is full of many difficulties, but there are always solutions to the problematic situations which can be found in close relations with relatives. This world view is followed by Ali and his sister Zahra who are the main characters of Majid Majidi’s Iranian film Children of Heaven (1997). […]

Various Themes in the Film “Children of Heaven”

Introduction Children of Heaven is a film depicting different issues facing the society today. The film is shot in a contemporary Iranian setting. It reflects, among others, moral responsibilities, family ties, and survival using limited resources. There are a number of themes appearing in this movie. In this paper, the author will dwell on three […]

Descartes Goes to Hollywood

Samantha Holland’s article addresses the ‘cyborg’ element in modern contemporary films and the philosophy surrounding cyborgs. Holland’s article focuses on Rene Descartes’ philosophy when analyzing the use of ‘half human-half machine’ characters in films. Samantha Holland addresses various angles of the mind-body philosophy in this article including personal identity, dualism of beings, gender, and technology. […]

Genre: Science Fiction Dystopia

Introduction The film industry comprises many types of film products, which are commonly known as ‘movie genres’. A movie genre is conventionally a class under which a movie falls with regard to its characteristics, nature of the storyline, and theme. As different types of audiences have different interests that make them to prefer different movie […]

Nibiru2032-The End of the World

Introduction This work gives an analysis of a small part of the film Nibiru 2032-The End of the World. The work has four parts; the first part is a summary of the storyline of the film; the second part is an analysis of important signs used in the film and their effectiveness in the meaning […]

Hollywood’s depiction of American History limited to that of the White American Male

Introduction The importance of history to humankind cannot be overstated. This assertion is founded on the view that history plays a pivotal role in helping humankind to understand the occurrences of the present times. Mostly, events that occur in the present are connected inextricably with past events. As such, in order to make meaning out […]

The Constant Gardener

The film “The Constant Gardener” explores the unethical practices of a company named “Big Pharma” in Kenya. The protagonist of the film eventually realizes that the drug corporation uses Kenya’s population to test the efficacy of its “questionable” drug. The name of the drug is “dypraxa”. The drug also has numerous side effects thus making […]

“HANA-BI” a Movie by Takeshi Kitano

The movie “HANA-BI” or “Fireworks” tells a story of a retired police officer who has left his work for emotional reasons, due to the accident with his friend. As such, his life has turned into a completely different experience, and he has to adjust to different values and morals. One of the key scenes in […]

A One-Second Frame Worth a Million: A 2010 Perspective on the Algerian War

Representing history is the least gratifying task. No matter what media is used, there will always be numerous inconsistencies, exaggerations and subjective evaluations. While Outside the Law does not exactly fall under the category of documentaries, it still tackles a very complex issue; more to the point, the movie offers a rather unusual perspective to […]

“Hana-b” a Crime Drama Film by Takeshi Kitano

This paper is aimed at discussing the last scene from the film Hana-bi. It depicts Nishi and Miyuki who stand near the sea and look at the girl playing with a kite. This clip is immediately followed by the suicide of the main characters. One can say that this clip perfectly fits the climax of […]

‘Double Suicide’ – By Shinoda Masahiro

Introduction Movies, akin to any other form of art, have been part of our lives since first black and white movie appeared on the big screen. The Chinese and Japanese actors have been strongly engaged in acting for a long time, with their movies carrying important facets of social, cultural, political and even economic concepts […]

My Sister’s Keeper

Introduction The past few decades have witnessed monumental advances in the health care industry. Through advances in areas such as transplantation and genetic engineering, physicians have been provided with the means with which to restore the health of critically ill patients. Patients who would a few decades ago have been condemned to death due to […]

“Thunderheart” by Michael Apted

The film Thunderheart suggests that urban and rural environment can reflect various forms of inequality which may exist in modern societies. By examining the life of a Native-American reservation, the authors can give the viewers in-depth insights into the difficulties experienced by the residents of this town. To a great extent, this movie confirms the […]

“Before Sunset”: Paris Is Still the City of Love

The film Before Sunset (2004) dwells upon a story of two people who meet after a long parting in one of the most romantic cities of the world. The movie is about love and it is but natural that it is set in Paris. Notably, a variety of films reveal the romantic facet of the […]

Political Cartoon on Health Care Reform in the United States

Cartoon (Toles 1) The cartoonist portrays the factors influencing the pace of the healthcare reform process in the United States. He suggests that the process has been very slow and has suffered several setbacks. In spite of the fact that the whole procedure of reforming the healthcare sector has covered a period more than a […]

Ethnocentrism, Romanticism, Exoticism, and Primitivism as Depicted in James Cameron’s “Avatar”

Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism refers to the way a given group of individuals critiques another, using its own culture as point of reference. In most cases, ethnocentrism is regarded as the belief that one’s culture is superior to another or is the most preferred compared to the one being reviewed (Lundberg, 2001). Ethnocentric individuals feel that their […]

A Critical Analysis of la Zola

Introduction Contemporary residential premises are characterized by enclosed structures. Housing architecture is replete with security features differentiating it from other forms of urban architecture. In addition, contemporary architecture pays attention to entrances, which are used to control outsiders’ access to the premises (Harvey 2005, 14). The gated community and other issues in contemporary society elicit […]

Gender Propagation in Titanic Miniseries

Introduction Mass media plays a significant role in the any society. The media streams programs to educate and reprimand the society on areas that it goes wrong. Through the social media, one can understand the culture of any society even without having to interact with it (Hines 49). Moreover, by watching a television program or […]

Living the plot

Introduction Effective narratorial voice causes readers to share in an experience and hence feel what the characters are supposed to feel. An essay, novel, short story or any other literary work is a way of embarking on a journey. The narrator must take readers on that journey with him or her. It is never enough […]

Critique the film A Prophet directed by Jacques Audiard

The film A Prophet directed by Jacques Audiard explores the life of a French Algerian who is confronted with cruel prison life that often deprives a person of his humanity. In particular, the authors of this movie attempt to show how an individual can be forced into the conflict between ethnic or religious groups. More […]

Review: “World Trade Center” by Oliver Stone

Introduction The purpose of this study is to analyze the movie World Trade Center (2006) directed by Oliver Stone. The assessment will capture the nature of the crisis presented in the movie, the steps taken to alleviate the crisis and the skills employed in the rescue operations. The study will also assess the development of […]

Looking for a Goldfish: The Loss and Gain of the Irish Representation

Introduction: In a Chase for a Moment to Remember Mirroring the everyday reality has always been an uneasy task, and the invention of cinema has made the creative process a tad easier. However, even in movies, one of the most graphic ways to portray everyday reality and convey certain ideas to the public, the messages […]

Reflection Paper: “Blood Diamonds” by Edward Zwick

Introduction Blood Diamond is a political war film which acquired its title from the diamonds mined in the African war torn areas. The starring in the movie is Leonardo DiCarprio. The movie also features Jenniffer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. The movie is directed and produced by Edward Zwick. There are many themes in the movie. […]

“WALL-E”: Dystopian Narrative

The movie WALL-E is an animated story about a robot named WALL-E who is endowed with irrational feeling despite its programmed nature. The robot falls in love with another advanced robot called EVE regardless the impossibility of robotic love. The story, therefore, uncovers the eternal confrontation between science and nature, reason and emotion, consumerism and […]

The movie Rebel Without a Cause

This paper is aimed at discussing the sequence from the movie Rebel Without a Cause. In particular, it is necessary to discuss the trip to the planetarium that is located in the Griffith Observatory. One should discuss how the elements of the mise-en-scène used in this section of the movie are related to the narrative […]

The Hours (2002) directed by Stephen Daldry

The problems depicted in movies often reflect the most important and problematic issues which are characteristic for the definite society or period of time. The Hours (2002) directed by Stephen Daldry can be discussed as the movie in which such a controversial moral issue as suicide is presented with references to three main characters who […]

The Portrayal of Otherworldly Spaces

One of the main motivations, which prompt people to read fiction-novels and to watch movies, which contain the motifs of otherworldliness, is the fact that, while being exposed to these literary and cinematographic works, individuals are being often able to confirm the validity of their unconscious anxieties, as to what accounts for the true essence […]

Mortality: film, The Hours

Introduction Mortality is the main theme of the film, ‘The Hours.’ In this film, the main characters have suicidal thoughts because of the problems that they are facing in their lives. To them, suicide is the only way that they can solve the problems that they are facing. This paper will therefore focus on the […]

Film Review: Red Sorghum

Red Sorghum is a Chinese movie directed by Zhang Yimou. The movie depicts a young woman Jiu’er who was forced to marry old owner of winery because of her farther exchanging his daughter for a new mule. Frustrated and overwhelmed with grief, the girl does not afraid of being hunted by the bandit. However, she […]

Visions of the Future in the Film I, Robot

Introduction In the movie I, Robot, the filmmakers present their vision of the world in 2035. In addition to the expected technological advancement and numerous changes in the natural world, the world in 2035 is crucially different from ours in that a clear boundary between human beings and machines no longer exists. In other words, […]

Movie Review: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a 1975 movie that was meant as a parody of the 1940s horror and science fiction movies. The film is an adaptation of the British musical stage play known as “The Rocky Horror Show”. This movie is a story about love, creation, hate, sex, and adventure. The story is […]

Analysis of Group Identity and Norms in Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven movie discloses the brightest example of how group communication and interdependence can lead to the accomplishment of commonly shared goals (Soderbergh, 2001). In this respect, the members of Ocean’s group reveal their ability to think in accordance with group’s objectives and contribute independently to the success of activities they were engaged in. The […]

Chinese Odyssey II: Cinderella

The film A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella (1994) is a fantasy-driven story, starring Stephen Chow and directed by Jeff Lau. Through the film’s plot, several elements help the audience to comprehend the story and characters’ development. A Chinese Odyssey Part Two demonstrates different cinematic aspects that contribute to the nature of each character, and […]

MTV Filming Style: Precious

Precious has a number of features that a peculiar to the MTV filming style. First, specific attention should be given to the dynamic movement of the camera and the accompanying sound tracks. Some of the scenes are deprived of fluid and smooth movements of the camera, as it is presented in the art film style. […]

Film God’s Step Children

Having watched the film God’s Step Children (1938), it is obvious that race discrimination is the stereotype Naomi and Jimme have faced with. However, in spite of the usual problem where an African-American child is discriminated, the situation is different. Naomi is a child of white parents and she is brought up in the family […]

The film “Black Legion”

Introduction Over the years, the perception of the American film industry has been changing from that of production to a representative function of politics. Films provide a means to convey social messages that represent the day to day lives of ordinary people, as well as, the things that concern or oppress them. This paper looks […]

The Image of California in Movies in Falling Down

The film, Falling Down, depicts California (Los Angeles) through several happenings and experiences of the actors (D-Fens), among all of the disunited worlds of the metropolitan area (California) in the impossible unlimited expanse and the hardened main access road that bears important traffic of the Los Angeles broad highway built for high-speed traffic. Falling Down […]

To Live (HuoZhe) Film Discussion

The To Live movie highlights the predicament of a Chinese family in a harsh social, cultural, economic and political environment. These changes were influenced by the Communist ideologies that were institutionalized in 1940s. The political and cultural environment in China is as a result of the Communist revolution initiated by the Communist Party. The movie […]

Movie Analysis: The Long Shorts by Ice Cube

This movie is about a young girl whose talent was discovered at a young age of eleven years and then exploited to success, fame and honor. The movie is based on a true story of a girl called Jasmine Plummer who, at the tender age of 11years, was the first female player at the Pop […]