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Political Sensibilities in “My Own Private Idaho” Film

In this paper, the possibility to transfer one's political sensibilities, the correlation between movie texts and feature-length non-documentary texts, and the way My Own Private Idaho has influenced my personal political sensibilities are examined.

The Best Scenes in the Movies

I believe that the best scene in the movie is the part where Travis confronts the pimp, the gangster and the bouncer in the brothel, shoots them, attempts to commit suicide, yet finds out that [...]

The Poster of the 2015 Film Trainwreck

The most notable of them is the image of the character of Amy, who drinks some hard liquor straight from the bottle, wrapped in a paper bag in the same way that it is being [...]

The Film “Chinatown”: Lawlessness Symbol

Polanski utilizes the city of Los Angeles, particularly the neighborhood of Chinatown, as the symbolic representation of all that is "...unknowable, terrifying..".and beyond the scope of law and order.

“Danny the Dog” a Film by Luc Besson

It is quite possible to find many films that were released in the first half of the twentieth century, and they were affected by stereotypes and prejudices against Chinese people. In particular, the protagonist of [...]

Korean Popular Culture: “Boomerang Family”

The picture keeps an eye on the steps of the day-to-day existence of a dysfunctional family, where the three brothers and a sister one by one decided to return to their family home and live [...]

“Race” Biographical Movie: Jesse Owens’ Motif

Therefore, the main motif of the movie is the internal and external struggle of the African-American male with the existing biases. The first scene in the movie immediately introduces the motif of struggle to the [...]

The Movie “Normal” Analysis

It is very much tied to the message of the movie, which is to educate people that there are individuals who struggle with the problem of acceptance and reassurance from others.

Gender Differences in James Bond Movies

The validity of the suggestion can be well illustrated in regards to the recently produced 'Bond movies', which appear only slightly less sexist, as it used to be the case with the same category of [...]

Presenting Freudian Concepts: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Discussing the movie from the viewpoint of Freudian identification, the main protagonists have been the brightest examples of expressing two opposing instincts, or drives, existing within the human being those of creativity, sexuality, and construction [...]

Characters in the Movie “V for Vendetta”

Barthes noted that the primary goal of wrestling is to demonstrate the irrelevance of the purely moral concept of justice. The concepts of social injustice and wrestling as the best way of understanding things offered [...]

The Greatest Movies: Godfather and the Gold Rush

Speaking of the issue that must be the one of the most interest to the audience, that is, the episode with the crosscutting, it must be noticed that it was not the initial idea of [...]

“City of God” a Film by Fernando Meirelles

To evaluate the role of City of God in forming the audience's vision of the favelas' reality, it is necessary to focus on such criteria as the depiction of the film's characters, specifics of cinematography, [...]

“Sometimes in April” by Raoul Peck

He was aware of the tension that was brewing in the military and in the country at large. The director of the movie managed to bring to focus on the activities that led to the [...]

Fight Club by David Fincher

I agree with the author, as I also think that the movie is a set of ideas and opinions that are still in the air.

The Film “The Social Network”

One of the most important characters in the film is Garfield who plays the role of Saverin, the only friend Zuckerberg had while in college.

“Ali: Fear Eats the Soul” Film Cinematography

Angst Essen Seele Auf is known as Ali: Fear Eats the Soul released in 1974 is a beautiful direction of Rainer Werner Fassbinder who has sketched the entire movie as direct as the scornful glare [...]

Scientism in the “Inherit the Wind” Film

In the film, Brady and the residents of the Hillsboro region are fundamentalists in the evangelical sense. The form of authority perceived by Brady in the Bible, to Drummond is just a body of words [...]

Michel Gondry as a Contemporary Filmmaker

According to Gondry, Melies was "one of the first guys to see the first screenings of the film, and he was the first guy on the earth to think of the camera as an extension [...]

“Drop Squad” by David C. Johnson

It depends on the period of time in which an individual is exposed to the interactive process and level of internalization of the subculture.

Frame 3a from Zhang Yimou’s “Red Sorghum”

It is important to note that color also contributes greatly to the creation of the meaning in the frame. The use of light, shadow, and color helps the director to tell his ode to life.

“Death of a Salesman” by Volker Schlöndorff

As critics go on debating whether the play should be a tragedy or not, a moving social documentary, a confirmation of the spirit of Americans, or a conveyance of the salesman's life, people in the [...]

“The Grapes of Wrath” by John Ford

The plot of the story is set up in the great depression. Joad gets back home to discover the astonishing effects of the depression on every person in the area.

“Guys and Dolls” a Musical Film by Samuel Goldwyn

Although the film starts with familiar song and entertaining dances, most of the songs are not recognized by the audience, for instance, "Tonight Luck Be lady Tonight", I were a Bell" do not entertain the [...]

The Movie “Lion’s Den” by Pablo Trapero

In Lion's Den, Trapero acts as a representative of the latter category of filmmakers, as he is focused on narrating the story of the main character and not on making the viewer experience certain emotions [...]

Marianismo and Maternity in the Film “Baby Shower”

The author initially explains the concepts of marianismo and mariana identity by stating that they originated in the legacy of the Catholic Church, in which women are seen as "subservient and docile"; the reason for [...]

Crisis Management in the Film “Apollo 13”

However, it was also a success, as, despite major damage to the spaceship, all astronauts returned to the Earth in safety. The film shows that the crew and the team worked hard to develop ways [...]

Assessment and Treatment in the Film “Precious”

Also, to put further reasoning in the proper context, it is critical to notice that the whole assessment and discussion of the treatment plan are based entirely on what is presented in the movie, and [...]

The Film “The World Before Her”

However, she contributes to the development of gender roles by choosing to participate in the camp as a teacher and voicing her desire to have a career in the group.

The Film “Precious”: Claireece Precious Jones’ Case

To resolve the identified problems of the client, the social worker needs to establish consent, discuss confidentiality terms, carry out assessment procedure, and thoroughly address the steps of interventions implementation within the treatment plan.

“The Seventh Seal” as a Self-Realization Movie

Although The Seventh Seal incorporates the elements of tricking death, which would, later on, become rather cliched tropes, the underlying message of studying one's fears and limitations allows delving into the study of the human [...]

Diverse Culture in the “Ongka’s Big Moka” Film

The main point of the film was to demonstrate the social, political and cultural traditions of New Guinea tribes and illustrate the tradition of Moka. One of the main themes in the film is the [...]

Sam Peckinpah and the Western Genre

This essay will explore the defining characteristics of Peckinpah's films that affected the development of the Western genre in the future.

Chinese Fifth Generation: New Wave and Art Cinema

The Fifth G films depart from the Chinese visual arts and the fashion of film narration that prevailed in the domestic market before, yet it is possible to say that the movie discourse of that [...]

Sioux Culture in the “Dances with Wolves” Film

In "Dances with Wolves", one of the most obvious non-verbal cues that occurred in the communication between the American soldier, Lieutenant Dunbar, and the representatives of the Sioux tribe was the greeting.

Social Classes in “Metropolis” Film by Fritz Lang

Some of the most important issues raised in Metropolis are the class division in the society, the gap between the rich and the poor, loyalty, brotherhood, and friendship, the tyranny and autocracy of politicians, the [...]

Ethical Dilemmas in the “21” Movie

At the beginning of the movie, we mistakenly take his attitude for granted, but the development of the plot discloses the negative consequences of the Professor's actions.

Cold War Korea in “Joint Security Area” Movie

Both people and soldiers were taught that the other side is the enemy without a clear understanding of the true nature of the ideological conflict."The ideological training they had received to hate and to kill [...]

“Salaam Bombay!” Film by Mira Nair

Consequently, the story also incorporates a variety of themes and ideas that are interesting to explore in terms of the functioning of the society, the role of the city in marginalization and poverty, and human [...]

The Film “Oldboy”

This made Park Chan-wook a transnational auteur as his vision and style in the movie became symbolic of South Korean cinema as a whole, primarily due to the numerous opportunities to commercialize a phenomenon that [...]

“Daisy” a Film by Andrew Lau

The plot and cinematography maintain a somber tone that genuinely reflects the dark world of the protagonists but is cleverly contrasted with the sentimental symbolism of a daisy flower.

The Movie “Spring of the Korean Peninsula”

Japanese occupation Korea over the course of decades had significant impacts on the country's film industry."This period of Korea's 'occupied cinema' is best understood within these multiple contexts created by the pressures exerted by a [...]

The Film “Chilsu and Mansu”

Rapid industrialization and modernization of South Korea resulted in the class divide and evident social dysfunction as communication became broken down, and the working class was isolated."Tribulations of two young men, symbols of the minjung, [...]

“The Housemaid” by Kim Ki-Young

In the time after the Japanese occupation and the Korean War, the country finally had a sense of peace and began its path to modernization and development, influenced by an influx of Western values and [...]

The Film “Twelve Angry Men”

To begin the discussion, it is important to set the scene for the film: 12 Angry Men is a chamber drama that is explored to the maximum of its potential.

“Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg

There is even more to the film in this regard along with exposing the unsightly aspects of how the Nazis proceeded to implement the 'final solution' of the 'Jewish problem' during the WW2, Schindler's List [...]

The Film “Coach Carter”

The film Coach Carter illuminates the story of a school basketball team and their coach, Ken Carter. As it is demonstrated in the film Coach Carter, this type of structured activities actually helps students excel [...]

The Role of Music in the Film “Lolita”

Besides, Kubrick performed a great task of deciphering the polysemantic code of writing and then, encoding the same message using the means that the movie disposes of the picture, the speech, and the music.

“The Battle of Algiers” by Gillo Pontecorvo

In addition, the viewer also observes the work of the guerrillas, the organization of the underground, and the very scenario of the revolution, which almost turned into a civil war not on the scale of [...]

The Movie “The Words”

Cheating on a test is similar to the movie's situation as one uses the work of another author and presents it as his own.

Civil War in the Film “Gone With the Wind”

The American Civil War and Reconstruction era together had a significant impact on the entire history of the USA and a number of major changes that happened in the states of the Old South.

“Stagecoach” Movie by John Ford

In particular, the film shows the immensity of the Monument Valley, which the viewer can enjoy, and then the scenery is replaced with narrow spaces.

Sanity Theme in “The Walking Dead”

In a post-apocalyptic community that Kirkman created in The Walking Dead, the readers get to have an insight into human behavior by exploring how people unravel, or how they react in the face of death [...]

Violence in Western Movie Genre

The Western movie genre, the main characteristics of which are guns, horses, and cactuses, presents violence that also relates to women and minorities and affects their portrayal in various films. To sum it up, the [...]

“Hidden Figures” Movie

In the essay, two main arguments will be made based on the events described in the movie: while the women's colleagues at NASA did see the potential in them and tried to eliminate barriers that [...]

Movie Analysis: “Slumdog Millionaire”

It is depicted in the assassination of Jamal's mother during the religious conflict and Salim and Jamal running into a rich man, as they try to escape from policemen.

Urban Layer in the Film “The Inception”

Just like the movie, the phenomenon of the city layer is complicated to apprehend from the first reading, as long hours of thorough reflections are needed to become aware of the ideas mentioned both in [...]

Themes in the “McLintock!” Movie by McLaglen

The film follows the everyday life of George Washington McLintock, the wealthiest man in the area. He owns not only the land, the mill, and the mines but also the respect of most people.

Western Films Influence

However, there is a concern that its contents may have negative implications on teenagers in the developing countries because of the fundamental differences between the environment presented in the films and what they have in [...]

Drama Scene in the “Hancock” Movie

Although the key scene of the movie, in which Ray, one of the side characters, reveals to Hancock the reason for his unpopularity is rather straightforward in its message, the underlying ambiguity of the tone [...]

Black Masculinity in the Film “Boyz N the Hood”

Black masculinity in Boyz N the Hood is articulated through the use of idealized images that help to protect an adaptive sense of African-American identity in the framework of certain cultural norms and a class [...]

Group Conformity in the Movie “Fight Club”

Thus, if an individual is in a certain circumstance, which is somewhat similar to a certain group's circumstance, they are more likely to adjust their own attitudes and behaviours and adopt the group's behaviours/attitudes towards [...]

“Gasland” a Movie by Josh Fox

It is the problem of the antagonism of the interests of industries and the nation. It is not a new conflict, but the fact that the gas industry got exempt from the duty of protecting [...]

Music Influence on Feeling Movie Scenes

It is the culmination of the movie, as it sets the foundation for further developments and the conflict resolution between the antagonist and protagonist.

The Film “Tyson”: Heavyweight Boxer’s Life

Mike Tyson is one of the legends of the sports world who has made glorious and notorious things inside and outside the ring. The first scenes of the movie reveal the hardships of the future [...]

The Film “Rear Window” by Alfred Hitchcock

The relationship between the visual participant-interactive or represented- in this film is realized by elements defined as vectors or processes which correspond to a group of action in the surprise of fear.

“The Corporation” Movie: Metaphorical Perspective

Furthermore, the personification allows the corporations to raise money through shares in order to increase the capital of the business. In the case of private business corporations, such information as the name of a business [...]

The Film “What Dreams May Come”

One of the aspects of the grieving process depicted in the movie is the support of close ones. This aspect is properly highlighted in the movie, and the filmmakers manage to show the positive outcome [...]

Criminal Justice in the Film “Gideon’s Trumpet”

The case displayed in the movie could be considered as highly important, as Gideon's complaint changed the whole American judicial system and increased the strength of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments while making judges highly [...]
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