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Artists Essay Examples and Topics

Yayoi Kusama’s Art and Oriental Way of Life

Such a point of view is, of course, is fully legitimate - especially given the unconventional aesthetic subtleties of Kusama's artistic installations, the long history of psychosis, on the author's part, and the fact that [...]

Contemporary Female Artists in Turkey

The secrecy associated with Islam and gender roles in some parts of Asia has further compounded this mystery because few people know what to make of the place of women in traditional Islamic societies and [...]

Marcel Duchamp and His Conceptual Art

Through the baffling ideals presented by Duchamp as a result of the different aspects of the environment he was operating in, art and design were upgraded from the physical to the intellectual realm.

Artist Marcel Duchamp and His Works

Duchamp claimed that the main purpose of art was intellectual satisfaction; he shared that he was tired from the expression "stupid as a painter," and that attitude had to be changed.

Edward Rusch’ Biography

Ruscha was born in 1937 in Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska, and is currently based in Culver City, California. In 1969, Ruscha also worked as a guest professor of art at the University of [...]

Andy Warhol’s Pop Art

This art work represents the classics of the genre of pop art. Poetry as a part of art works would be likely to turn pop art into postmodernism and add depth to the subject matter [...]

Pre-Raphaelite Artists

The Pre-Raphaelites artists opted to go back to the aspects of art that involved copious details, complex compositions of Italian and Flemish art, in addition to the use of intense colors.

Artworks by Jeff Koons

His work represents the mass culture of the beginning of the eighties and the use of readymade goods presents the nature of consumption in a controversial way by comparing usual objects to valuables and paying [...]

The Works by Lu Huan and Wayne Thiebaud

However, in spite of the artist's talent and recognition in China, Lu Huan's fame is not so wide in the USA, and the number of his works remains to be unseen. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of [...]

“The Tragedy” by Pablo Picasso

An impression of three people at a beach on the sea creates an open form, and the artist used blue colour to indicate the beach and the sea. Contour lines bring out the shape of [...]

The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein

Two years after her project received nation-wide recognition, Werthein was able to design sneakers that were distributed to all the people living in Tijuana and others were sold in some of the boutiques located in [...]

Chinese Landscape Painting

The book provides a detailed history of Chinese landscape painting. In addition, the book tries to provide interpretation of various Chinese landscape paintings.

Globalisation and cultural background

In fact, in response to his hometown Quanzhou, Cai asserted that he wanted to mine the small elements of his culture and then present them to the world so the world can understand China better.

Edward Johnson and Typography

Gill is the author of the chapter "Inscriptions in Stone" in Johnson's book "Writing and Illuminating and Lettering". The group, however, grew to become a big movement in Europe, and Johnson was one of the [...]

Paintings by El Greco

The figures of Jesus and the man he heals occupy the foreground, off-center to the left, and form the central part of the composition.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Some people are of the view that the person in the portrait is too old to be Da Vinci. There is great disparity between the age that Da Vinci died of and the age of [...]

Leonardo Da Vinci

It marked the transformation of the continent from the middle ages to the modern era. Leonardo captured the emotion and attitudes of his subject as was expected in the renaissance.

Afrodizzia by Chris Ofili

They create a feeling of systemic and arrangement in the overall structure of the painting. The border lines also bring in a sense of 'security' to the content in the artwork.

Louise Bourgeois’ Art

So, spiders are helpful and protective, just like my mother In her art, it's evident that Bourgeois's dependency on her past life is a significant source of her inspiration.

Thomas Nast Biography

He was widely known as a political commentator, and through his work, Nast managed to impact significantly on political arena. For instance, his work as an artist contributed to the success of Abraham Lincoln's election [...]

Art for the Sake of Art: The Spring Has Come

Because of the context underlying his stunning Primavera, one of the most well-known pictures of his, the grandeur of the artwork increases several times, filling it with the mystery and the magnificence of the ancient [...]

Andy Warhol’s Career

In the year 1963, under the help of Gerard Malanga, an instructor and a mentor, Warhol initiated his own studio where he expounded the art of film making.

Charles Russell

One of the notable works by Russell was the Wild Horse Hunters he painted in 1913. The background of the painting is a tree that Russell sketched back in Judith Basin.

Jean –Michel Basquiat

When his mother realized that his son was a very talented artist he took him into Manhattan to see art and then enrolled him as a junior member of Brooklyn Museum of Art where he [...]

The life and Works of Titian

Other exemplary masterpieces of Titian include the "Miracle Of The Speaking Infant" and the "Miracle Of The Irascible Son" in which the latter has a beautiful background landscape which has captured the eyes of many [...]

Robert Blackburn

In his career, Robert worked in several institutions, where he was a founder, teacher, and master printer. At the age of thirteen years, Robert participated in an official art class, which allowed black artists to [...]

Ribera’s paintings

The subject matter is part of a series of portraits of philosophers that Ribera completed for the Prince of Lichtenstein. This painting shows the skill of the artist in portraying a human face and form [...]

Andy Warhol’s Biography

This essay seeks to examine Andy Warhol and his painting career with a focus on his style, its tenets, and his overall contribution to the art of painting. The public was receptive of Warhol's work [...]

Michelangelo’s Life and Work

Due to his immense skills and wide collection of artistic works, early museums documented his works and as it turns out, he was the most famous artist of the 16th century.

The Lifestyle of Salvador Dali

As such, this paper will expound on the life of Salvador Dali, namely, it will focus on his early life, the impacts that he had on Surrealism, the success of his works, the way the [...]

Anne Truitt: The Columnist

And the only reason I need the gravity is to set the color so it will move the way we do on our feet"[13] One of Anne Truitt's popular exhibitions was in Danese Gallery, New [...]

Peter Paul Rubens

He is one of the famous artists of Baroque period. One of his famous paintings is "The history is the raising of the cross" a triptych, painted in 1609-1610.

Giotto as the First Renaissance Painter

Behind Italian Renaissance was a great painter and architect, Giotto di Bondone, who existed in the 13th and 14th century."The Renaissance was a period of artistic and cultural achievement in Europe from the fourteenth to [...]

Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz

The artwork under discussion, Death takes the Children, depicts the influence of the shadow of death and suffering of women in Kollwitz's world.

Hung Liu and Alice Neal

In contrast, Liu is also attached to disclosing people's fates and their role in culture and history but through the use of drip techniques. Like Neel, Hung is also attached to the power of relations [...]