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130 Contemporary Art Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Contemporary Art Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Theory of Modern Art: Rationalization
    Buchloh observes the cyclical appearance of action and reaction in art since the advent of Cubism, and infers from this that art reflects somehow the state of society.
  2. Theory of Modern Art: Theory of Realism
    The proper use of art, according to this declaration, was to document “a true picture of the events” and shape the mind towards the revolutionary ideal[7].
  3. The Museum of Contemporary Art
    Each exhibition at MOCA is a unique opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty of the world they live in and to see how the professionals recognize the main aspects of the modern world.
  4. Theory of Modern Art Institutions
    His proposals fit into a continuum of detachment from the real and the concrete that has been evident in the art and the writing on art in the 20th century.
  5. Exhibitions of Contemporary Arts in Three Different Museums
    This discussion looks at the exhibitions of contemporary arts in three different museums namely Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  6. Contemporary Design Issues in Film Industry
    It is used in the film with an objective of closely aligning the audience with a serial killer. They both do this by providing the resolution expected by the audience at the end of a […]
  7. “Theory in Contemporary Art Since 1985” Summary
    The article has laid out that the persona’s decision to stick to his race would take a two fold interpretation in which some of the whites who are closely tied to him and his work […]
  8. Modern and Postmodern Art: The Book Theories of Modern Art
    Naum Gabo in his essay on neoplasticism and constructivism published in the book Theories of modern art tries to analyze the changes that have taken in the art world in modern years.
  9. The Contemporary Artists and Their Contributions
    Since childhood, she admired the work of Mexican and Southwest artists and this drove her to apply their employment of warm colors in her individual paintings.
  10. Postmodern and Modern Art: Essays by Claes Oldenburg and by Ad Rheinhardt
    Harrison and Wood observe that “The history of art is that of a long series of attacks upon social and aesthetic values held to be moribund, although the avant-garde position is frequently nostalgic and absolute”.[1] […]
  11. Modern Philosophers: Martin Luther, Erasmus, Leonardo Davinci and Thomas Biley
    A fiery critic of the Papacy doctrines, Martin Luther believed that any good choice made by man has to be founded on God’s principles and not from institutions like Roman Catholic Church, which was based […]
  12. Jeff Koons’ Contemporary Artwork
    The common artwork of the artist include the inflatable balloons toys and the pink panther, beside the life-size ceramic model of the late pop star Michael Jackson holding his favourite pet, chimpanzee babbles as shown […]
  13. Music as a Contemporary Art
    Creativity involves manipulating words to appeal to the audience and for the audience to be able to relate to the music easily.
  14. Modern Art: From Impressionism to Contemporary
    This color unifies the parasol and the grass on the hill, creating a flow of the eyes from one point to the bottom.
  15. The Artistic Life of Xu Beihong and His Influence to Modern Art in China
    Xu Beihong was a major player in the revolutionalization of Chinese art. The dissenting voice was however that of Xu Beihong who was convinced that the answer to Chinese art was in the 19th century […]
  16. Contemporary Graffiti as Political Art
    Banksy’s graffiti art work is still considered as one of the best way of protesting against the government in order to remove the CCTV cameras from the cities or to use those cameras in proper […]
  17. Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock: The Revolutionary Modern Artists
    The essay addresses the contribution of these famous artists to their particular art movements and in general, the world of art.
  18. Role of Modern Art Museum
    From the above we can say that the modern art museum acts as memory banks for all events and objects in the society which is of great utility to the members of a given social […]
  19. Post-Colonial and Contemporary British Muslim Artists
    The art presented by these Muslims bears the attitude portrayed by the British society towards them and the Islamic religion as a whole and the artists’ own views on Islam.
  20. Modernism in Art and Painting
    Paintings done in the past about the state of people and past society presently help to give direction to in the world of art.
  21. Recent Modern Art Exhibition: Projects 89
    Art exhibitions are the places, which will be interesting to people of any age and any gender any time.”A natural effect of the Museum exhibition will be to lead the public to enquire why it […]
  22. Impact of Digital Technologies on Contemporary Art
    On the contrary, digital art has been applauded in that it is fast and flexible in the sense that artists get to finish their jobs fast.
  23. Visual and Contemporary Arts: My Bed by Emin Tracey and Nan and Brian in Bed by Nan Goldin
    The bed is a work of art used to identify the life situation of the artist in the wider context of the society.
  24. Effects of World War I on the Development of Modern Art
    For the artists and most of the people in Europe, the time that preceded the World War I, the actual war period and the aftermath of the was presented a period of profound disillusionment 13.
  25. Authenticity in Contemporary Design
    One example of contemporary design that incorporates the aspect of actual handcraft is films production.”Films incorporate the aspect of nostalgic impulses, and as such it increases the film’s authenticity and production”.
  26. Design Activism to Contemporary Designers
    As a result, scholars have coined the term “design activism” to enhance the role of designers to the society. The rise of many designers as a profession has been in a crossroads to decide on […]
  27. Modern Approaches to Creating of the Artwork
    The technological peculiarities of the installation are characterized by the fact that the author uses a projection screen and a room with four specific zones for producing of the effect of interacting with the characters […]
  28. Contemporary Art in China
    However, the fruits of the struggles are worth the effort, if the current fame and reputation of China as a beacon of contemporary art is anything to go by.
  29. Modern Ceramic Art: Beatrice Wood and Bernard Leach
    She was widely exposed to art and yearned to run away to France which charted the direction of her life as she thwarted her mother plans for “coming out” into the society and leading a […]
  30. Exploration of Artwork From Modern Art History: Fauvism
    This painting by Henri Matisse was his first work that portrayed impressionism and also the advent of colored painting by the Fauvists.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Contemporary Art

  1. Zhao Zhao and the Chinese Contemporary Art
    It is considered to portray the repression of the artist and Ai Weiwei by the authorities in China. The marks of the brush in Sky No.
  2. Modern Arts Development in the USA
    The research explores how the social status, the cultivation of esthetics, and attendance of artistic events affect the inherent attitudes of the cultural policies in the USA.
  3. Modern Art: A Cultural-Aesthetic Movement
    The problem of defining of the term Modernism created much difficulty for artists, philosophers and writers of the 20th century. In the course of time, the aspect of realism came into consideration to change a […]
  4. Artistic Modernism and Art Nouveau
    The opposition of mass production to the handmade artistic work can also be regarded as the opposition of the inhuman and soulless to the infinite and spiritual that is comprised of beauty.
  5. Modern Art Works: Painting, Sculpture and Vintage Illustration
    The aim of this essay is to describe the painting Joy of Life by Henri Matisse, the sculpture The Kiss by Constantin Brancussi, and to present the vintage print illustration of 1930s.
  6. Modern Art: Condensation Cube by Hans Haacke
    Thus, obviously being the bright example of the modern art, Condensation Cube helps to author to introduce several questions which are interesting to him and raise the question of the relations between art and science […]
  7. Contemporary Art at Saatchi Gallery of London
    The work states the idea that the “location of the soul was not necessarily in the body”, and the focus is not on the man trying to breathe above the water, but on the vivid […]
  8. Modernity Development in Art of 18-20th Centuries
    In turn, romanticism and realism are aimed at showing that modernity can be viewed as the search for new topics or questions that have not been examined by the representatives of the previous cultural movements.
  9. Classicism, Realism and Contemporary Art Paintings
    In my opinion, this difference is concerned with the fact that, whereas, many artistic works of the past can be enjoyed by just about anyone, this is far from being the case with the examples […]
  10. Pregnant Female Body in Renaissance and Modern Art
    Thus, he considered Mona Lisa to be a symbol of the origin of life, and the female image as a symbolic source of natural powers of creation and destruction.
  11. Contemporary Female Artists in Turkey
    The secrecy associated with Islam and gender roles in some parts of Asia has further compounded this mystery because few people know what to make of the place of women in traditional Islamic societies and […]
  12. Greek Mosaics in Later Greek Art and Modern Art
    For instance, all the decorated floors were usually confined to a unique principle whereby the dining room and the anteroom were considered.
  13. The Body in Contemporary Art
    Finally, the art of performance includes the human body in its motion; in this role, the body is viewed from a variety of angles and perspectives and in the combination with what is happening to […]
  14. Contemporary Art Practices Essay
    Speaking about contemporary art, people usually mean the objects of art and artistic techniques that began to be used in the middle of the twentieth century.
  15. Contemporary Installation Art Changes from the 20th Century
    Quite the opposite, art serves as the means of rendering the alteration and the challenges that people face in the identified realms, therefore, portraying the process of the evolution of the humankind.
  16. Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art’s Exhibitions
    In terms of mission, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal is dedicated to revealing to the world the crucial position that the present-day art holds in the community.
  17. Visual Analysis of Nature in Modern Art
    In the age of modern arts, when both the creators and the audience is less concerned with the physical form and more with the underlying messages and feelings that art invokes, the multi-faceted topic of […]
  18. Ideas in Neo-Expressionism and Contemporary Art
    The insights of identity can be seen in the artworks of many contemporary artists. The majority of them try to reveal their philosophical views and attract the public’s attention to those issues they consider to […]
  19. Zhuang Huan’s “Poppy Fields” in Modern Chinese Art
    Zhang Huan disclosed the meaning of his art, and particularly, of this series in several interviews declaring that these “paintings represent the hallucination of happiness and the hallucination of fear and loneliness in this life […]
  20. Modernity in Traditional Islamic Building Design
    The bifurcation of scholarly opinions on the place of modernity in traditional Islamic building design is a testament to the complexity of the issue.
  21. Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography
    Duchamp and his work have a connection through the refusal to accept the views of the majority of artists and art lovers.
  22. Australia’s Aboriginal and Modernist Visual Arts
    Indigenous Australian art is characterized by a lot of imagery that depicted the origin of the artist and the themes in the paintings.
  23. Modernist Revolution in Art History
    Simultaneously, the works of Karl Marx challenged the assumption of the relative nature of the shortcomings of capitalist society and suggested its fundamental flaws and inherent contradictions as reasons for the current social issues.
  24. Paintings: Emotional Intensity of Modern Art
    Name: Hong Seung-Hye Title: “More Interesting than War” Year: 2008 Gallery: Kukje Hallery Exhibition: Debris Materials: Polyurethane on acrylic Method of construction and dimensions: 14 x 18 x 27 cm, 14 x 20 x […]
  25. Art-Society Nexus in the Museum of Modern Art
    Whether it is in the genesis of individual works, the act of reception, or the course of the history of style, the dialectical development of art does not proceed from the antagonism between social and […]
  26. Art Exhibition in Contemporary Society
    One of the key roles and benefits of the art exhibition is that it helps to advance and promote the value of different aspects of art, thus enabling artists to achieve their goals in those […]
  27. Early Modernist Art and Sociopolitical Climate
    The political uprising of the 1900s gave the artists of the time room to experiment. For the first time, artists felt that they could break the rigid rules established by the academies without any negative […]
  28. Modern Art in Actions, Events, Performances
    The relationship between the audience and a work of art was drastically transformed from observation to involvement as for the first time the viewer was placed in the art context.
  29. Cultural Encounter: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    As I learned from the description of the exhibition by the SFMOMA and the video called “Julie Mehretu: Politicized Landscapes,” Mehretu painted with ink on the background of the blurred 19th-century paintings of the American […]
  30. Cubism in History of Modern Art
    Cubism has become one of the iconic art movements of the twentieth century that had a profound effect on the development of art.

📌 Most Interesting Contemporary Art Topics to Write about

  1. Russian Avant-Garde in History of Modern Art
    The Russian avant-garde is a massive wave of non-traditional, experimental, and innovative art that covers the period from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century in Russia.
  2. Modernism and Arts and Crafts: Comparison
    Today, critics view modernism as a breakdown of the traditional styles inherent to the Western culture that used to connect the appearance of works of art to the appearance of the natural world. In particular, […]
  3. Interior Architecture in Context: Subjective Well-Being in Modernist Design
    According to Petermans and Pohlmeyer, subjective well-being is an emerging topic of research in the field of design, although, no consensus has been reached in the scientific area as to what represents the essence of […]
  4. Mid-Century Modern Design
    However, the key focus of the style is the combination of function and a unique design that is appealing to the eye.
  5. Contemporary Literature. Poems and Paintings
    The poem and painting chosen for the analysis in this paper belong to the works of the second group, that is the picture came to existence much earlier than the poem which, in its turn, […]
  6. Jenny Holzer as a Contemporary Artist
    Although she lives and works in New York, her work is known throughout the country for its biting reflections on political issues of the day, coupled with her blatant attempt to involve the average consumer […]
  7. Eco-Friendly Design in Contemporary Fashion
    In this case, fibers are plants that need to be treated during processing; designing and they too require the usage of herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that are hazardous to the environment at large.
  8. Classic & Modern Art Classifying and Appreciating
    The classical style of art have been those of portraits, still, life, landscape, and the genre itself were used as subjects for the different forms of artworks.
  9. Foundations of Modern Art: Getty Museum
    Jacques-Louis David’s excellent masterpiece of the young lovers Telemachus and Eucharis was created at the dawn of the artist’s life when the defeat of Napoleon and the return of the monarchy in France forced him […]
  10. The Pregnant Form as Modern Art Form
    However, with the advent of Christianity and the vilification of the female form, it became necessary to hide the woman’s body, especially the ‘grotesque’ form of the pregnant woman.
  11. Modern Art Directions Analysis
    The new art of the 20th century is a variety of sections and directions. The creativity of separate representatives of the avant-garde does not fit at all in the frameworks of any art currents.
  12. Humanities: Modern Culture and the Arts
    In light of the foregoing, the essence of the paper is to zero in on the explorations of the cultural transformations in a particular society substantiating notions that culture is dynamic and is always subject […]
  13. Modern Art: Nature, Life Man and Abstract Exhibition
    The theme for the exhibition is ‘Nature, Life Man and Abstract’ on how various artists have attempted to depict nature, life, man in the abstract form. Featured in this exhibit is one of the works […]
  14. Yue Minjun’s Self-Portraits As Modern Art
    This paper will try to present the aesthetic as well as commercial interpretation of artist Yue Min Jun as an artist, in the eyes of a westerner but with the consideration of personal history and […]
  15. Modern Vision of Art: “Embankment” and “TH.2058”
    On the other hand, I believe that in order to create a piece of art, the author should not necessarily make all components on their own: for instance, when a talented florist creates a composition […]
  16. Modern Views on Aesthetics and Art
    Robert Solomon in his article dedicated to Kitsch, which is often viewed as a degeneration of the present-day culture, states that it also has a right to be called art.
  17. Modernist Typography in Graphic Design
    In the example above, it can be seen that these serifs take on a strong triangular shape, joined to the main stroke with a series of brackets that serves both to fill in the negative […]
  18. Studies in Contemporary Art and Artists
    The paper is claimed to review some of the most known contemporary artists, and define the particularities, that may be regarded as mnemonic traces of their arts.
  19. The History of Modernism Era: The Modern Philosophy of Art
    Modernism is used for the description of the style and ideas of a work of art that was produced during this period or era of modernism.
  20. Animations and Modern Film Designs
    In the film industry, the audience has to be captivated by the proposition in the pictures. In order to catch the attention of the viewers the film has to be striking and enjoyable.
  21. A Work of Modern Art Analysis: “Global Death and Destruction” by Robert Arneson
    This, in its turn, brings about ideas of how precarious the position of man himself is in this world in contrast to the stable and imminent existence of the things created by him: war, and […]
  22. Contemporary Culture and Pop Art
    To understand the essence of pop Art better, the connection between the This is not a Pipe by Foucault and Plato and the Simulacrum by Deleuze and the works of pop art can be of […]
  23. Effects of Globalization in the Contemporary Japanese Art
    They have in turn influenced the art of painting in Japan to develop it and push it to a global level.
  24. Classical and Contemporary Art as Influenced by Kate Beynon
    In Li Ji’s drawing, Beynon creates the image of a strong, stout and bold warrior completely in control of the mountain next to her.
  25. Hensbergen’s “Guernica” Is a Paradigm of the Modern Art
    Guernica is a depiction of the airborne devastation of a Basque city by the fascists in the period of the Spanish Civil war.
  26. Modernist Art: A Feminist Perspective
    Clarke limited the definition of modernism even further by his restriction of it to the facets of the Paris of Manet and the Impressionists, a place of leisure, pleasure, and excesses, and it seems that […]
  27. Contemporary Moorish Interior Design
    As a result, the Moroccan Style interior design provides a number of possibilities to demonstrate and highlight these nuances and peculiarities that exist in different cultures.
  28. The Influence of Conceptual Image on Modern Art and Design
    If a practical application is concerned, an image is a way of communication, and a designer often plays the role of the mediator between the public and the seller of a product the image is […]
  29. “Salt Shaker” by Stuart Davis and Modern Art
    The Salt Shaker is a prominent example of how most ordinary and banal items may be turned into major art pieces.
  30. The Formation of the Contemporary Art
    The painting created by Wilfredo Lam, one of the famous representatives of Modern Primitivism, represents the image of primitive way of life and depiction of early beliefs of Afro-Cubans.

🎓 Simple & Easy Contemporary Art Essay Titles

  1. Contemporary Art: New Ways of Seeing
  2. The Relationships Between Feminism and the Contemporary Art
  3. Contemporary Art: Work Comparison of Beth Lipman and Josiah McElheny
  4. Link Between Global Markets and Contemporary Art
  5. How Contemporary Art Owes the Renaissance
  6. Malaysia Contemporary Art Issues: Art as Idea-A View From Jalaini Abu Hassan
  7. How Contemporary Art Redefined the Meaning of Art Media
  8. Parallels Between Photography and New Media Concerning Contemporary Art Forms
  9. How the Dada Artists Challenged the Contemporary Art
  10. Consumer Desires and Value Perceptions Regarding Contemporary Art Collection and Exhibit Visits
  11. How Mobile Phones and Internet Changed Contemporary Art
  12. The Relationships Between Postmodernism and Contemporary Art
  13. Pricing Color Intensity and Lightness in Contemporary Art Auctions
  14. Correlation Between Radio and Contemporary Art
  15. Overview of Russian Modern and Contemporary Art
  16. Perspectives of Healing Children Through Contemporary Art
  17. Selling Out: The Financialization of Contemporary Art
  18. Site-Specific Installation Artworks Promote Appreciation of Contemporary Art
  19. Transcending Time and Place: Baroque and Contemporary Art
  20. Why People Don’t Understand Contemporary Art

📃 Good Research Topics about Contemporary Art

  1. Andy Warhol and His Work on the Contemporary Art
  2. Building Consumer-Arts Institution Relationships: Exploratory Study in Contemporary Art Museums
  3. Linking Chinese Contemporary Art and Social Change
  4. Commercial Contemporary Art Market Overview and Analysis
  5. Contemporary Art and Art Theory of Africa and Asia
  6. Gabriel Orozco’s Impact on Contemporary Art
  7. Contemporary Art and Its Influence on Contemporary Culture
  8. The Relations Between Contemporary Art and Political Views
  9. Contemporary Art and the Plight of Its Public
  10. Overview of Contemporary Art From the Middle East
  11. Contemporary Art and the Search for History
  12. Creative Drawing and Contemporary Art and Design
  13. Contemporary Art Issues: Digital Art in Malaysia
  14. Cultural and Contemporary Art: The Nocturne Festival
  15. Contemporary Art Issues: Malay’s Identity in Lat’s Cartoon
  16. Don Thompson: The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: Curious Economics of Contemporary Art
  17. Contemporary Art: Role of Marina Abramovic
  18. Empathic Vision: Affect, Trauma, and Contemporary Art
  19. Contemporary Art Music Within the Music World
  20. Exploring Contemporary Art: Franz West Chameleon 2004

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