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Analysis of Modern Interior Design Style Essay

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Updated: Aug 14th, 2022

Interior Design Style

The interior design style has changed significantly throughout history. Many various styles have been applied in interior design, and all of them go by different names and usually come from some specific place or time period. This paper demonstrates today’s interior design style, which is called modern. The name of that style comes from the French word moderne, meaning new, contemporary. However, it is essential to understand that modern and contemporary are different terms when it comes to interior design style. Modern is the name of a particular style, whereas contemporary stands for the style that is currently popular or often used. In this paper, significant factors that have influenced the modern interior design style are explored. In addition, the paper contains primary characteristics of the style that have shaped it and made it special.

Modern Interior Design Style Influences

The first section of this paper explores the significant influences that have contributed to establishing the modern interior design style. The world nowadays is rapidly changing, impacting all aspects of people’s lives. Interior design is no exception since it is influenced by many various elements of the civilization’s development. These include the development of the economy, scientific and technological advancement, and the impact that some aspects of interior design might have on human health. The factors mentioned above and the interior design style are associated because the industry of interior design is a broad discipline that combines knowledge and technologies of many fields. It is crucial to understand that interior design is a matter of not only external beauty but also comfort and practicality. Therefore, people apply the combined knowledge gained through the years in interior design to satisfy their needs.

Development of Economy

The first major factor that has influenced the modern interior style design is the development of the economy. As the level of people’s material life increases, the basic needs of consumption level are rising as well. These include the demand for housing and a comfortable living environment, which has led to the promotion of the rapid development of the interior design industry. Nowadays, people have more opportunities to design their living places as they desire because of the economic advancements in the civilized world. As it is known, any design concept is people-oriented, meaning that each element of design, including the application of color, line patterns, and others, aims to satisfy people’s needs. Therefore, since the development of the economy expands the variety of opportunities to make the living environment as comfortable as possible, this factor has a significant influence on the interior design styles, including the modern style under discussion.

Development of Science and Technology

Another significant factor that significantly influences the development of the interior design industry is scientific and technological advancement. The rapid development in this field has led to the discovery or creation of new materials that can be used in interior design. These include artificial lighting, artificial leather, floor heating, air conditioning, and other human-made materials and technologies. In addition, the number of modern facilities rises that specialize in producing the materials mentioned above with the application of modern technologies. Therefore, those materials become more available and easier to purchase, meaning that it is less challenging for people to obtain them and design the interior of their living place according to their needs and desires. Moreover, technological advancements simplify the building processes, so it takes less time to decorate the house or the apartment compared to the former times.

Impact on Human Lives and Health

The final significant influence on the interior design style addressed in this paper is the significance of the design specificities for human lives and health. As it is known, the importance of decorating the indoor environment lies in beautifying and protecting the living place, including its surface and interior space. For these purposes, decorative materials and items should have particular characteristics so the people living in the place can feel both comfortable and safe. That way, designers seek to protect the building’s main structure, improve its physical performance, and make the indoor environment comfortable and beautiful. Human health is also a significant factor in interior design as many synthetic materials can negatively impact health when used in the indoor environment for the long term. Additionally, people’s psychological health is also a concern as the interior design style should meet their psychological needs. Overall, the modern interior design style addresses the human taste of life, health, and comfort and satisfies the corresponding needs.

Characteristics of Modern Interior Design Style

As with any interior design style, modern has its particular characteristics that define its uniqueness and specificities. The second section of this paper addresses the four modern interior design style characteristics that can be traced within the buildings, including houses, apartments, and offices. These characteristics represent a unique marker that allows determining the modern design style and the corresponding interior specificities. The characteristics include the expression of a natural fashion, functionality, aesthetics, and adherence to the practical principle. For each characteristic, several images are presented for the detailed illustration of the modern indoor environment.

The Expression of a Natural Fashion

The first characteristic of the modern interior style design is the expression of a natural fashion. To a certain extent, the pursuit of the highest fundamental standards of design is natural. Modern interior design integration involves the use of natural materials and natural colors. As researchers claim, the purpose of such integration is to create a comfortable natural style, improving the indoor environment for people and making them feel the recovery of their soul and spirit returning to original simplicity. The simple natural style is the most prominent specificity of the modern interior design, which involves using bamboo, wood, stone, and similar materials. Although such materials can seem relatively rough, they can also efficiently adjust the temperature and humidity indoors, which is highly beneficial for human health. In addition, the colors and texture of natural materials, make people feel fresh and renewed.


One more characteristic of the modern interior design style is functionality. Researchers state that “all interior design and decoration of the design theme and objectives are around the use of the function of the room.” For instance, the bedroom wall decoration with warm colors reflects the function of warmth and quiet. The decorations of bathroom walls are used to adopt water-resistant tiles using gluing technology, which reflects the waterproof function. In addition, the functional requirements of the modern interior design style imply spatial positioning, so the decoration specificities mentioned above are not lost, and their functions are complete. In other words, the decorative design performed with different materials, colors, and methods should meet the different functional needs of people.


The following essential characteristic of the modern interior design style is aesthetics. Researchers claim that “Architectural interior decoration should also adapt to the architectural modeling, focusing on the aesthetic and artistic value.” There is even an opinion that the core values of the decoration process cannot be addressed if it does not mean the beautification of the design in addition to landscaping. The modern indoor decoration should be further enhanced according to the aesthetic principles and highlight the aesthetic nature of the design. The natural style of the modern interior design also helps highlight the details of the decoration process, whereas the random use of colors and materials is not appropriate for the modern indoor environment. Overall, the complete interior decoration in the modern style requires achieving the aesthetic principles of modern design in full.

Adherence to the Practical Principle

The last characteristic of the modern interior design style is its adherence to the practical principle. Researchers state that with many years of experience and practice, modern designers have concluded that applying the proper construction technologies is the key to the success of the design process. According to recent studies, design is a human activity aimed to satisfy humans, so the designer should consider ergonomics and environmental psychology according to the people’s actual needs. These elements are critical when it comes to creating a comfortable and practical design of the indoor space environment. In other words, the modern interior design style should adhere to the practical principle to meet people’s material and spiritual needs. Therefore, adherence to the practical principle is one of the key features of the modern design of the indoor environment.

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