Interior Design Essay Examples and Topics

Designing Children’s Environments

Children’s playing environments are crucial in helping them to improve their physical strength as well as their intellectual growth. The design of the playing environment is crucial in helping children to learn positive outdoor activities that can help to grow better. The time that children spend playing outdoors can be made more valuable for their […]

Indian Furniture and Finishes

Introduction Furniture is a commodity that every house requires. Good artisans make furniture that is appealing to the eyes and tastes of users. The quality of skill that Indian designers use in making their furniture is very appealing, and people compete for their products in the whole world. The designers make furniture from wood, metals, […]

Interior Design: Indian Art, Craft and Color

The Indian culture of using art and craft to decorate the interior aspects of buildings such as palaces, temples, royal houses and residences of the wealthy and noble individuals is an old practice but continues to thrive in the modern world (Barnard 13). The aesthetic quality of color, patterns and craftwork used in traditional Indian […]

Tables Vs. Cascading Style Sheets

Introduction Tables have been used in creating web pages for very many years, and even as new design systems come to the fore, they remain a favorite of many designers. This has been attributed to their ease of use. Today, more than two thirds of all websites utilize tables for laying out the various components […]

The floor plan of a proposed spa

Introduction The purpose of this assessment is to examine and critically review the floor plan that has been presented for assessment by an architect for the purposes of facilitating guest satisfaction and profitability when the spa is finally built As it is, there are several partitions in the current design which are a mechanical room, […]

Human Response to Physical Structures

Human beings are known to react differently to the existing conditions in their lives. These reactions are put together to make up human behavior. Environmental psychology deals primarily with how human beings behave in response to the environment surrounding them. In our everyday life, physical structures are inevitable; they include both residential and commercial buildings. […]

History of Interior Design

Interior design is a multidimensional profession that entails the application of creative and technical skills in an interior space to create an effective environment that can accommodate a range of human activities (National Council for Interior Design Qualification, 2004). These undertakings are not only meant to be of visual value, but are also meant to […]

Science Center NEMO: New Look

Introduction Several years ago many people argued that business and design do not go hand in hand. For instance, Richard Sapper, German designer, stated that in many firms “design decisions are in the hands of people without the slightest knowledge of the subject”. [1] Nowadays corporations address professionals to make their spaces profitable. It is […]

Material Selection and Process: Office Chair

Introduction It has been argued that the success of a product depends heavily on its industrial design through visual and emotional appeal to the customer. This conclusion can be drawn based on the role of technical design which in turn relies on sound information on material (Ashby and Johnson 56). For this reason the material […]

Picture of a House

It is said that every family has skeletons in the cupboard. If only old houses could speak, they would tell a lot of fascinating stories about bad and good times of their inhabitants. At first glance, an old house in the picture may seem to be a mere building consisting of walls, windows and doors, […]

The Future of the Home: Houses in 2030

Introduction The achievements in the sphere of design and building show that within a short period of time, certain changes in house constructions may take place. One of the most spread thoughts is offered by Gerald Stryi-Hipp (2006): in 2030, the vast majority of homes will be heated by means of solar thermal only. Such […]

Design of Upholstered Furniture for a Family

Upholstered furniture is one of the most popular and reliable types of furniture that is mostly used by families in different countries. Its reliability is closely connected to its framing, material, quality, and comfort (King 54). As a rule, people would like to have such upholstered furniture in their dining rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. […]

Design in “Cradle to Cradle” by McDonough

Introduction Today people are raising many concerns over the extensive direct impacts of industrialization on the environment, for instance the building and construction directions, materials and designs. The resources in question include the energy, raw materials, water and even the waste materials. The common unique challenge faced by the building experts, designers or owners include […]

Materials for Interiors: Wood

Hardwood Wood is the oldest construction material known to humanity. Before man had made advances enabling him to use brick and mortar, wood presented the viable stating place because of its relative abundance and ease of working. Almost all cultures have a history of working with wood for various applications. In ancient times, the Chinese […]

Design Concept for a Convention of Medical Doctors

To provide a successful entertainment party for 500 medical doctors, it is very important to consider a number of steps: to choose an appropriate convention center, to evaluate the building and think about proper lighting and decorations, to understand how it is better to locate tables, and to occupy the guests with interesting and funny […]