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81 Emergency Department Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Emergency Department Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. A Hospital Emergency Room
    General processes in the emergency room are kept at a minimum in order to attend to patients as soon as possible.
  2. Emergency Room Equipments Industry Profitability
    Medical patient’s demand for emergency room services resulted into claim for equipment and, consequently, the process led to increased profitability in the equipments industry.
  3. Nonurgent Emergency Room Visit’ Effects
    They also indicated that the in-flow was more than out-flow, and this strained EDs, implying that they could not cater for the large number of patients.
  4. Waiting Time Reduction in the US Emergency Rooms
    Inpatient, services are a major cause of the increase in waiting time in the emergency rooms. This factor has led to a substantial increase in the number of patients visiting the emergency rooms.
  5. Patient Length of Stay in Emergency Department
    The problem of the significant patient length of stay in ED is also observed in Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, and it can be addressed with the help of applying the appropriate handoff protocols […]
  6. Head Nurse’s Role in Emergency Department
    The ultimate role of the head nurse is to lead and direct the activities of other healthcare workers in the emergency department.
  7. Emergency Department Head Nurse’s Responsibilities
    The combination of their detailed knowledge of the work of an ED nurse and the position of a manager and leader results in the ability of HNEDs to successfully manage the department and improve the […]
  8. Health Authority – Abu Dhabi and Emergency Department
    Due to the fact that the trend of the growth of emergency situations, the issue of enhancement of the preparation for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations remains.
  9. Emergency Nursing Disaster Preparedness: Teaching Plan
    The topic that will be covered in the teaching session is “Emergency Nursing Disaster Preparedness”, and the time allocated to cover the topic is 30 minutes.
  10. Emergency Department: Leadership Strategy
    The given paper discusses the approach to leadership and the strategy helping to reduce the number of avoidable ED visits. In the case under consideration, the task of a nurse leader is to invent and […]
  11. Emergency Department and Applied Systems Theory
    Burnout is also related to the mental and physical health of the staff since it can lead to emotional exhaustion, potential bullying, nonsupportive working relationships, etc.
  12. Nursing Emergency Room Training Program
    The course is intended for new nurses, who will be operating in the emergency department. Students will be able to: Design and implement nursing strategies adequate for emergency department patients;
  13. Emergency Room Head Nurse in Saudi Arabia
    The present paper considers the role of an Emergency Room Head Nurse, which combines leadership and managerial responsibilities, specifically within the settings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  14. Expressive Writing Against Critical Care Nurses’ Burnout
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention aimed at reducing burnout and increase ICU nurses’ job satisfaction.
  15. Education Program for Emergency Unit Nurses
    By the end of the program, all the nurses will report improved preparedness to and confidence in managing the issues related to the three topics as evidenced by the self-reported preparedness element of the final […]
  16. Emergency Room Patient’s Health History and Care
    He appeared in the ER because he had his finger amputated accidentally. The patient claimed that he noticed the problem immediately and it got worse before he received treatment.
  17. Nurses’ Role in Emergency Preparedness and Care
    The present paper will discuss the nurses’ role in disaster preparedness and outline how various concepts and frameworks apply to nursing care for vulnerable populations.
  18. “Communicative Process in the Emergency Department Between Nursing Staff and Patients: Social Representations” the Article by Zani, Marcon, Tonete, and Parada
    It raises one of the essential topics in nursing, in particular, and health care, in general: the importance of patient communication with professional nurses for the quality and speed of recovery. The article fully corresponds […]
  19. Political Function of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
    The same applies to the relationship between policy and legislation, on the one hand, and health care and nursing, on the other.
  20. Medication Error in the Emergency Room
    However, the complexity and fast-paced nature of care provided in the emergency department enhance the probability of errors occurring. In 2001 alone, more than 2,000 cases of medication errors and emergency room cases were reported […]
  21. Nursing. Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters
    To effectively respond to accidents, it is extremely important to learn more about the reasons for natural disasters and the way the staff makes emergency decisions.
  22. Workplace Violence in the Emergency Department
    Thus, the purpose of the current paper is to present a PICOT question on the issue of reporting violent accidents as present evidence to supplement the research on the topic.
  23. Team Role in the Critical Care Unit
    A team that has negative interactions between its members also shows that the flow of information across the team is not complete, wherein only a few members are knowledgeable of the details and even the […]
  24. Geriatric Critical Care in the Emergency Department
    As he explained to the elderly man, in the case of the provision of intubation, it would take time to get him off the ventilator.
  25. Benefits of Telemedicine for Emergency Departments
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the article by Zachrison and others and evaluate the advantages of telecare on the example of the functioning of emergency departments in the USA.
  26. Critical Care and Advanced Practice Nurses
    Abstract Critical care and advanced practice nurses have a significant role in the creation of safe passage for patients in the hospitals in the United States Methodology This article written by three registered nurses have […]
  27. Nursing Personnel’s Response to an Emergency
    The public health inspectors are involved in inspection of food premises and of vendors to ensure that they are licensed and have a valid license to operate; they also inspect the sanitation and hygienic conditions […]
  28. Pain Management in the Emergency Department
    Downey and Zun conducted a study to identify the relationship between pain management in the emergency department and patient satisfaction. By including studies that focus on these two different approaches to pain management in ED, […]
  29. Should Family Witnessed Resuscitation Be Allowed in the Emergency Department?
    This section also highlights the instruments that were used in the study and the pilot testing of the instruments. Demir conducted a study to examine the opinions of nurses about family presence during resuscitation.
  30. Facility Planning – Emergency Room
    The first stage in the design and equipment of Anaheim Memorial Medical Center was to identify the needs of stakeholders and satisfy them in the best way.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Emergency Department

  1. Nurse Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
    Hajj mass gatherings is common in this society and this increases chances that one of the risk factors may occur, which may lead to cases of emergency medical needs.
  2. How to Reduce Patient Waiting Time Mainly in Accident Emergency Department
    The patient waiting time can influence the outcomes of the visit by the patient to the hospital. The comparison of the use of the term “patient waiting time” makes it clear that the use of […]
  3. Improving First Point of Contact Communication in Emergency Department
    Over the past four decades, physicians and nurses have worked to transform the hospital to HCA Hospital Corporation of America. For instance, the Hospital in Dallas played an important role in putting a spotlight on […]
  4. Patient Care in Emergency Departments
    In the current paper, the author examines the process of care at the ED for patients presenting with chest pains. The time metrics for each patient are illustrated in the paper, together with a map […]
  5. The Emergency Nurses Association Development
    The main purpose of the development of the association was to enhance the skills of the emergency nurses and to help them to adapt to changing health care requirements.
  6. Standards of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
    The score on the second phase of assessment will be the full mark that is four out of four, and for the past years I have been in the institution I have learned a lot […]
  7. Disseminating Results Two Stages of the Emergency Department
    When the results of the project are disseminated to the stakeholders involved in the solution implementation, it is necessary to present the findings and discuss the significance of the outcomes in the format that is […]
  8. Emergency Room Budget
    The potential members of the team are the nurses, who know about all processes in the Emergency Room, and the financial workers, who know how to find the best financial propositions to the required services […]
  9. Nurse’s Perspectives on Medication Safety in Critical Care Units in Saudi Arabian Hospitals: A Pilot Study
    In other words, the working conditions of the nursing staff in a hospital are critical for the improvement of the quality of the patient care and the minimization of the number of medication errors.
  10. Personal Protection of Nurses During Resuscitation: A Study in a Major Emergency
    The responsibilities of nurses are directly related to eliminating the conditions putting the life and well-being of the patient at risk.
  11. The Competencies of Disaster Nursing on a Scope of Emergency Department
    That is why the most important competencies in the case of a disaster are the problem-solving skills and critical but flexible thinking.

⭐ Simple & Easy Emergency Department Essay Titles

  1. Emergency Department Information System for Health Care Organizations
  2. Infection Control in the Emergency Department
  3. Building Cyclic Schedules for Emergency Department Physicians
  4. The Demand for Non-emergent Emergency Department Visits
  5. Inadequate Staffing and Capacity of the Emergency Department
  6. The Solution to Reducing Emergency Department Crowding
  7. Emergency Department for Chest Pain
  8. Developing Emergency Department Nursing Team
  9. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Emergency Department Utilization
  10. Collaboration Meeting for Process Excellence in the Emergency Department
  11. Legacy Salmon Creek Emergency Department
  12. Patient Satisfaction in the Emergency Department
  13. Proposal to Eliminate Bottlenecks in the Emergency Department
  14. Forecasting Emergency Department Wait Times
  15. Pain Management for the Pediatric Emergency Department
  16. Artificial Neural Networks and Risk Stratification in the Emergency Department
  17. Implementation of an Emergency Department Computer System
  18. Ethical Dilemmas of Emergency Department Nurses
  19. Hospital Emergency Department and Supply Chain Management
  20. Factors Affecting Outpatient Follow-up Compliance of Emergency Department Patients

💡 Most Interesting Emergency Department Topics to Write about

  1. Echocardiography in the Emergency Department
  2. Associated Factors With Sexual Assaults in a Gynaecology Emergency Department
  3. Speed of Treatment and High Load in the Emergency Department
  4. Predicting Patient Disposition in a Pediatric Emergency Department
  5. Emergency Department Utilization by the Elderly
  6. Patient Confidentiality in the Emergency Department
  7. Emergency Department for Treatment of Unexplained Fever
  8. Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in the Emergency Department
  9. Emergency Department Use Among Adult Medicaid Enrollees
  10. Preventable Emergency Department Visits for Nontraumatic Dental Conditions
  11. Hospital and Emergency Department Crowding in the United States
  12. Delivering Safe and High-Quality Healthcare in the Emergency Department
  13. Method for the Treatment of Skin Conditions in the Emergency Department of a Hospital
  14. Burnout Among Emergency Department Nurses
  15. Secondary Traumatic Stress in the Emergency Department
  16. Aggressive Behaviors and Assault in the Emergency Department
  17. Accurate Emergency Department Wait Time Prediction
  18. Boarding of Critically Ill Patients in the Emergency Department
  19. Drivers of Emergency Department Use and Implications for Policy
  20. The Emergency Department and Its Effects on Health Care

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