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Capstone Problem Statement Argumentative Essay

Dallas Hospital plays an important role in responding to cases of medical emergencies in this region. In the current society where there has been emergence of deadly diseases such as Ebola, the hospitals are very important in ensuring that the lives of the Americans are protected.

Ebola is a clear case of a disease that does not only pose a threat to the affected person, but also to the medical staff and any other person who may have a direct bodily contact with the patient. This new delicate situation has complicated issues at many healthcare centers in this state. At the emergency department in Dallas Hospital, the staff has to deal with these cases on a regular basis.

The emergency department nurses have to coordinate closely with the emergency department physicians to ensure that patient management is done in an efficient and effective manner.

It is worrying that in the modern society where technology has become a defining feature in communication, the management of HCA EFD has not considered adopting some of the emerging technologies in its communication system. It is apparent that there is confusion at the Dallas Hospital, especially in the emergency department.

It has come out clearly that there is no proper communication between the Triage Nurses and Emergency Department Physicians. It has been established that the nurses have no proper communication system that can help them coordinate closely with the physicians at the emergency department.

This is a very delicate situation, especially when addressing the deadly communicable diseases such as Ebola. According to Scarlat (2012), communication at the emergency department is very important not only in protecting the lives of patients, but also in managing the possible spread of a disease when dealing with communicable diseases.

In some of the leading hospitals in this country such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, technology has been used to integrate communication system for effective service delivery. However, the management of this hospital is yet to realize the importance of doing the same.

It is recommended that the management should improve communication at the first point of contact using Electronic Health Records, but this can only happen if there is a good will on the side of the leadership of this facility (Schanhals, 2013).

Such a sensitive facility not only needs an electronic health records that will help the physicians and nurses coordinate, but also enhance close corporation between the leaders, the marketing unit, and the IT department. A leader should be aware of the events taking place at this first point of contact so that he or she may make informed policies concerning the unit.

The marketing manager must ensure that it promises the clients what the firm can offer. For this reason, the manager should have full knowledge of the activities at this unit, and all other units within the hospital.

The IT department should have full information about the activities at this unit so that it may find a way of improving the communication system, especially when handling delicate scenarios such as Ebola outbreak.

Such an effective communication system is lacking at this facility, the fact that makes service delivery very complex. The management should find a way of installing electronic health records at this unit.

The nurses, physicians and other professionals should also be subjected to some form of training in order to enhance their capacity to handle the new system. This will be a long-term solution to the current problem.


Scarlat, A. (2012). Electronic health record: A systems analysis of the medications domain. Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis.

Schanhals, R. (2013). Electronic health records: Understanding the medical office workflow. St. Louis: Elsevier.

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