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Healthcare Institution Essay Examples and Topics

Marie Stopes International: Balanced Scorecard

These financial targets can support the organization to achieve its overall objectives set out in its 'Power of 10' strategic plan. The effective management of excessive cash is crucial for the organization to achieve its [...]

Layout at Arnold Palmer Hospital’s New Facility

In order to address capacity issues in the new facility, the administration came to the idea that changing the form of the layout from the rectangular to the circular type would significantly increase the overall [...]

Biohazards and Safety in Clinical Laboratory

The only way to avoid incidents, according to Sample, is to ensure that the design of lab operations is safe and that all staff is adequately trained to adhere to all of the guidelines.

St. Leo University’s Anger Management in Patients

By working with adults with autism and autism spectrum disorders as a volunteer, I learned a variety of important techniques and acquired the information that will help me create efficient treatment strategies in the future [...]

Patient Length of Stay in Hospitals

The system aims to redistribute and lower the costs, particularly on a case-by-case basis, through a variety of methods such as decreasing the average length of stay.

Trover Health System Organization

In the essay above, we will discuss how scenario analysis can be used to access the eventualities that may occur to www.trover health system organization by identifying the key drivers and how they will impact [...]

Alabama Department of Public Health

The Alabama Department of Public Health is the main state health agency of the government of the US State of Alabama responsible for providing various public health services to Alabama residents.

Hillsborough County Home Health Agency’s Challenge

From the information obtained from the Middleborough community, the health challenges that the Hillsborough County Home Health Agency might face in the next ten years is the inability to satisfy the demand for health services [...]

Making a More Efficient Hospital

Through the efforts of a philanthropist Samuel Mather and a number of people from the community, the hospital was able to temporarily move to a building next door.

Free Clinic in American Neighborhood: Program

The mandate of the provision of healthcare services lies with the central government; however, it is the responsibility of the citizens to play their roles in "inspiring" the government to achieve its objectives of universal [...]

Suadi vs Australian Aging and Occupational Therapy

Therefore, the objective of the given paper is to investigate the current system of occupational therapy operations in Saudi Arabia and identify the gaps to fill. The focus of the study is occupational therapy for [...]

Outpatient Health Services: Reasons for Popularity

There is no single cause of the phenomenon instead, the growth was triggered by the combination of technological and scientific advances coupled with financial concerns and limitations of the inpatient segment, and, to a lesser [...]

Mercy Corps’ Influence on Global Health

One of the significant events of the twenty-first century is the foundation of Mercy Corps in 1979. The influence of Mercy Corps is different in the developed and developing world.

Healthcare Market in the State of Georgia

The state's health care accessibility rankings are already quite low: "The state ranked in the bottom 20 percent on 12 of 44 measures, faring worst in terms of uninsured adults and adults who went without [...]

La Verne Medical Hospital Center Project

The paper presents the requirements to facilitate the initiation of the project in the new complex. The Affordable Care Act has allowed the citizens access to medical services through expansion of the insurance services.

Dallas Hospital’s Emergency Preparedness

The load dock area should be free from the access of the public to minimize chances of intruders accessing the hospital compound. The individual should avoid the use of elevators that are in the facility.

Caring Angel Hospital’s Goals and Action Plan

The purpose of this report is to propose specific actions that can be taken to achieve the goals set by Caring Angel Hospital: to increase the organization's value, to improve the quality of care and [...]

Udayan Care: Indian Culture Care Community

The analysis started with a narrative of the background of Udayan Care, especially as compared to the institutionalized care given by the government and private homes in India and the West.

Ancillary Services for HIV/AIDS Patients

The second trend having a direct impact on case management programs for people with HIV/AIDS concerns the fact that comprehensive care is now needed more than ever before not only due to the increasing complexity [...]

German and American Healthcare Comparison

The present paper is devoted to the comparison of the healthcare systems of Germany and the US. There is less price regulation, and, as a result, the prices for healthcare in the US are noticeably [...]

PineBreeze Medical Clinic Quality Management

Some of the frameworks are briefly discussed below: Established in 1987 by the United States Congress to set a national-wide standard for quality excellence, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is specifically "...designed to promote [...]

Dayton Children’s Hospital and Community Service

Dayton Children's is committed to improve quality of life of people living in the community. This report provides more detailed information on the organization's activities and monetary amounts of community benefit.

Impatient Rehabilitation Center’s Services

In the end, the ability to enhance the delivery of this service will improve the quality of the services in this rehabilitation center and cultivate the trusting relationship with the members of the society and [...]

Managed Care and Health Maintenance Organizations

As a result, this method led to the structuring and restructuring of the traditional method of health care service delivery, especially to eliminate bureaucratic rules that required physicians to consult for administrative acceptance in the [...]

Healthcare Systems in the Chicago City

The healthcare needs of the Chicago City are determined by analyzing various factors that include accessibility, cost of services, and sources of funding healthcare in both private and public facilities.

Mid Staff NHS: Governance and Leadership

As Wager and Lee assert, the amount of information available to the public and the relatively liberalised systems of oversight and reporting continue to check the management structures put in place by the private health [...]

SouthCoast Institute hospital: Health Services Planning

The description of the marketing planning process shows that the organization has already identified the main steps: the creation of an aquatherapy program within the next six months, search for the specialists, who can implement [...]

The Burjeel Hospital Outpatient Services Quality

The specified phenomenon can be interpreted as the effect of the improper time management strategy implemented by the hospital staff and the resulting necessity for patients to wait before receiving the needed services and medications.

Burjeel Hospital Outpatient Care Quality

The study will evaluate Burjeel's patient processing systems with a view to propose a workflow improvement plan for reducing wait times and improve the quality of outpatient care.

Local Health Department: Meeting Community Need

The main factors that have a bad impact on the efficiency of the medical care provision in the east region are the lack of equability in the organizations and departments personnel and the lack of [...]

St. Peter’s Health Care Services

The first problem that was noted was the fact that salaries within the hospital were widely considered by the staff as being lower than they should have been receiving, not only that social work positions [...]

Health Insurance Cooperatives

In the United States, nonprofit health insurance cooperatives have been recommended as the third option to the tradition private health insurance and the newly suggested public health insurance.

BadgerCare – Health Care System in Wisconsin

The objective of the study is to identify different categories of people especially the less fortunate in the society who are likely to seek constant medical assistance to be offered by Badgercare health service.

Red Cross as a Global Organization: Ethical Issues

Unlike any other nonprofit organization, Red Cross is the oldest nonprofit organization in the United States that has played a huge role in helping the victims of natural disasters and human conflicts for over a [...]

Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center

The information available in the healthcare systems such as the electronic health records, diagnostic imaging, and the health analytics and information equipment of the Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center is on the increase.

Central Michigan Hospital Changes

The structural changes include the performance of extensive sensitization programs to enlighten employees about the need for change. The management of the hospital also plans to amend the institution's financial policy.

St. David’s Healthcare Wins the Baldrige Award

The reward is named in honor of Malcolm Baldrige, who was 26th Secretary of Commerce and was known for his unique managerial excellence that became the cause of significant improvements in the government.St.

Healthcare Organizations’ Risk Management

The "term risk management refers to the process of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating uncertainties in every kind of investment". Financial managers and accountants should focus on the best strategies in order to deal with every [...]

Fulton County’s Health Department

The above response plan makes it easier for the county to address the needs of more people. New resources can therefore be added in order to improve the effectiveness of the county's disaster response plan.

Patient Classification System

Having a rich experience in monitoring the flow of patients, along with the supplies of medication and maintenance of equipment, I realize that the introduction of patient classification system contributes greatly to identifying patients' needs [...]

Teams and Communication in Healthcare

The article, titled "Importance of Good Teamwork in Urgent Care Services", makes reference to a case study to investigate the topics of teamwork and communication in a London emergency department resuscitation unit, and also to [...]

Heritage Healthcare Agency

In this regard, the organization intends to improve the productivity of its employees and to reduce the cost of its services in order to make them affordable to the majority of the citizens.

Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design

Coordination is likely to be achieved in provision of health care services, and health care information systems are likely to deliver health care services in the most appropriate way, at reduced cost, and to the [...]

Innovation In Health Care

Instead, face to face workshops after the initial training would have been used such that the employees would have to fit into the new system rather than fitting the new system into their existing structure.

Increasing Effective Communication in Healthcare

The essence of communication in the healthcare context is to promote inter-professional relationships and consolidate varying experiences in order to enhance efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare services.

Physician Group Practice

More physicians in these specialties are coming together in order to provide the best patient care. In conclusion, more physicians are joining different groups in order to offer the best medical care.

The Balancing Professional Duty and Personal Life

Despite the low number of women in leadership, the health care industry has a significant number of women in leadership positions. In this case, rising to the top requires a lot of dedication and sacrifices [...]

Sustainable Solutions: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the company proposed for analysis in terms of its profitability, sustainability, and overall effectiveness with the help of different tools such as the SWOT analysis, sustainability analysis, value chain analysis, [...]

Core Competencies in Health Sector

The core competencies of Clinical Educators and Clinical Practitioners would tend to be similar in some cases, since the two sectors share a common objective of advancing the goals of health care in the society.