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Healthcare Institution Essay Examples and Topics

The Potential Breach of HCC

In the recent past, the HCC Security Operations Center has perceived of malware and policy transgressions within its Intrusion Detection System. File a threat intelligence, which HCC will use in the face of a future [...]

The Mayo Clinic: Website Analysis

The Mayo Clinic website provides the public with a lot of information on the services and research realized by representatives of the clinic as the medical research organization specializing in treating problematic cases that require [...]

Hospital Readmission Causes in Australia

This study is based on the question, "Can addressing the main causes of high readmission rates and the establishment of relevant mechanisms improve this outcome in Australia?" In this concern, this paper discusses the need [...]

Alberta Health Services

The report provides an overview of the institution, my roles within the organization, and the major activities I undertook. I was also tasked with searching the records in the database to retrieve the missing information.

The New Healthcare Organization Perspectives

Degree in nursing; Financial and organizational skills. Managing the nursing staff; Distributing roles and responsibilities to nurses; Drawing workplace schedules; Managing interactions between staff members.

First Home Care Agency: Goals and Evaluation

The first goal of the agency is to preserve and strengthen family unity using solution-based services. The institution has a president who monitors most of the operations and services available to different people.

First Home Care: Program Evaluation

According to the existing definition, autism is a mental health disorder that can be characterized by the presence of massive impediments in communication for a patient.

Atrium Health Organization: Leadership Theory

The variability of approaches allows achieving the productive results of training, and one of the principles promoted by the company is the use of a democratic leadership style as one of the successful leadership practices.

Forest Hills Hospital: Patient Safety Improvement

After the identification of the problem is performed, the paper will observe the implementation of the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis framework to determine possible solutions for the issues related to patient safety.

Accountable Care Organizations

Considering the potential advantages of ACOs and the suitability of the community and the hospital for the arrangement of such an organization, I would argue in favor of the initiative.

Disease Control and Prevention Centers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the leading agencies in the United States that track, monitor, and evaluate emerging health problems. Such measures continue to meet the health needs of more [...]

American Healthcare as a Right or a Privilege

Personally, I agree with this position and support the opinion concerning the role of healthcare as a human right due to the importance of health services and the outcomes of improving access to them.

Mercy Hospital’s Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Claims denials and penalties tied to the length of stay and readmission rates have led to a more accountable, patient-centered care in facilities. The healthcare setting used in the PFCC is Mercy Hospital, which is [...]

Gloucestershire Hospitals National Health Service

Moreover, the strategy is designed to correspond to the values, mission, and vision of the trust. A major part of GHNHS OM is healthcare service, which includes the quality of care, the safety of patients, [...]

Gloucestershire Hospitals: Operations Management

The capacity management, which can be defined as the management of the production ability, is also closely connected to the workforce of GHNHS since the trust searches to improve its productivity by ensuring the attraction, [...]

RWJBarnabas Health Facility’s Communication Issues

The purpose of this paper is twofold: to prove that RWJBarnabas has communication problems in the Medical-Surgical Unit and to identify the recommendations that may be given to improve the work of the chosen healthcare [...]

New Orleans’ Central Emergency Care and Strategy

New Orleans' Central Emergency Care is a healthcare facility that serves the population of the Central Business District with the general purpose to treat critically ill patients, avoiding complications and reaching positive health outcomes.

Ancillary Service of Hospice Care

The philosophy of hospice care is built on the belief that patients and their families can live more fully thanks to the personal care and care of others.

Marie Stopes International: Balanced Scorecard

These financial targets can support the organization to achieve its overall objectives set out in its 'Power of 10' strategic plan. The effective management of excessive cash is crucial for the organization to achieve its [...]

Layout at Arnold Palmer Hospital’s New Facility

In order to address capacity issues in the new facility, the administration came to the idea that changing the form of the layout from the rectangular to the circular type would significantly increase the overall [...]

Biohazards and Safety in Clinical Laboratory

The only way to avoid incidents, according to Sample, is to ensure that the design of lab operations is safe and that all staff is adequately trained to adhere to all of the guidelines.

St. Leo University’s Anger Management in Patients

By working with adults with autism and autism spectrum disorders as a volunteer, I learned a variety of important techniques and acquired the information that will help me create efficient treatment strategies in the future [...]

Patient Length of Stay in Hospitals

The system aims to redistribute and lower the costs, particularly on a case-by-case basis, through a variety of methods such as decreasing the average length of stay.

Trover Health System Organization

In the essay above, we will discuss how scenario analysis can be used to access the eventualities that may occur to www.trover health system organization by identifying the key drivers and how they will impact [...]

Alabama Department of Public Health

The Alabama Department of Public Health is the main state health agency of the government of the US State of Alabama responsible for providing various public health services to Alabama residents.

Hillsborough County Home Health Agency’s Challenge

From the information obtained from the Middleborough community, the health challenges that the Hillsborough County Home Health Agency might face in the next ten years is the inability to satisfy the demand for health services [...]

Making a More Efficient Hospital

Through the efforts of a philanthropist Samuel Mather and a number of people from the community, the hospital was able to temporarily move to a building next door.

Free Clinic in American Neighborhood: Program

The mandate of the provision of healthcare services lies with the central government; however, it is the responsibility of the citizens to play their roles in "inspiring" the government to achieve its objectives of universal [...]

Suadi vs Australian Aging and Occupational Therapy

Therefore, the objective of the given paper is to investigate the current system of occupational therapy operations in Saudi Arabia and identify the gaps to fill. The focus of the study is occupational therapy for [...]

Outpatient Health Services: Reasons for Popularity

There is no single cause of the phenomenon instead, the growth was triggered by the combination of technological and scientific advances coupled with financial concerns and limitations of the inpatient segment, and, to a lesser [...]

Mercy Corps’ Influence on Global Health

One of the significant events of the twenty-first century is the foundation of Mercy Corps in 1979. The influence of Mercy Corps is different in the developed and developing world.

Healthcare Market in the State of Georgia

The state's health care accessibility rankings are already quite low: "The state ranked in the bottom 20 percent on 12 of 44 measures, faring worst in terms of uninsured adults and adults who went without [...]

La Verne Medical Hospital Center Project

The paper presents the requirements to facilitate the initiation of the project in the new complex. The Affordable Care Act has allowed the citizens access to medical services through expansion of the insurance services.

Dallas Hospital’s Emergency Preparedness

The load dock area should be free from the access of the public to minimize chances of intruders accessing the hospital compound. The individual should avoid the use of elevators that are in the facility.

Caring Angel Hospital’s Goals and Action Plan

The purpose of this report is to propose specific actions that can be taken to achieve the goals set by Caring Angel Hospital: to increase the organization's value, to improve the quality of care and [...]

Udayan Care: Indian Culture Care Community

The analysis started with a narrative of the background of Udayan Care, especially as compared to the institutionalized care given by the government and private homes in India and the West.

Ancillary Services for HIV/AIDS Patients

The second trend having a direct impact on case management programs for people with HIV/AIDS concerns the fact that comprehensive care is now needed more than ever before not only due to the increasing complexity [...]

German and American Healthcare Comparison

The present paper is devoted to the comparison of the healthcare systems of Germany and the US. There is less price regulation, and, as a result, the prices for healthcare in the US are noticeably [...]

PineBreeze Medical Clinic Quality Management

Some of the frameworks are briefly discussed below: Established in 1987 by the United States Congress to set a national-wide standard for quality excellence, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is specifically "...designed to promote [...]

Dayton Children’s Hospital and Community Service

Dayton Children's is committed to improve quality of life of people living in the community. This report provides more detailed information on the organization's activities and monetary amounts of community benefit.

Impatient Rehabilitation Center’s Services

In the end, the ability to enhance the delivery of this service will improve the quality of the services in this rehabilitation center and cultivate the trusting relationship with the members of the society and [...]

Managed Care and Health Maintenance Organizations

As a result, this method led to the structuring and restructuring of the traditional method of health care service delivery, especially to eliminate bureaucratic rules that required physicians to consult for administrative acceptance in the [...]

Healthcare Systems in the Chicago City

The healthcare needs of the Chicago City are determined by analyzing various factors that include accessibility, cost of services, and sources of funding healthcare in both private and public facilities.