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Healthcare Institution Essay Examples and Topics

BadgerCare – Health Care System in Wisconsin

The objective of the study is to identify different categories of people especially the less fortunate in the society who are likely to seek constant medical assistance to be offered by Badgercare health service.

Red Cross as a Global Organization: Ethical Issues

Unlike any other nonprofit organization, Red Cross is the oldest nonprofit organization in the United States that has played a huge role in helping the victims of natural disasters and human conflicts for over a [...]

Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center

The information available in the healthcare systems such as the electronic health records, diagnostic imaging, and the health analytics and information equipment of the Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center is on the increase.

Central Michigan Hospital Changes

The structural changes include the performance of extensive sensitization programs to enlighten employees about the need for change. The management of the hospital also plans to amend the institution's financial policy.

St. David’s Healthcare Wins the Baldrige Award

The reward is named in honor of Malcolm Baldrige, who was 26th Secretary of Commerce and was known for his unique managerial excellence that became the cause of significant improvements in the government.St.

Healthcare Organizations’ Risk Management

The "term risk management refers to the process of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating uncertainties in every kind of investment". Financial managers and accountants should focus on the best strategies in order to deal with every [...]

Fulton County’s Health Department

The above response plan makes it easier for the county to address the needs of more people. New resources can therefore be added in order to improve the effectiveness of the county's disaster response plan.

Patient Classification System

Having a rich experience in monitoring the flow of patients, along with the supplies of medication and maintenance of equipment, I realize that the introduction of patient classification system contributes greatly to identifying patients' needs [...]

Teams and Communication in Healthcare

The article, titled "Importance of Good Teamwork in Urgent Care Services", makes reference to a case study to investigate the topics of teamwork and communication in a London emergency department resuscitation unit, and also to [...]

Heritage Healthcare Agency

In this regard, the organization intends to improve the productivity of its employees and to reduce the cost of its services in order to make them affordable to the majority of the citizens.

Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design

Coordination is likely to be achieved in provision of health care services, and health care information systems are likely to deliver health care services in the most appropriate way, at reduced cost, and to the [...]

Innovation In Health Care

Instead, face to face workshops after the initial training would have been used such that the employees would have to fit into the new system rather than fitting the new system into their existing structure.

Increasing Effective Communication in Healthcare

The essence of communication in the healthcare context is to promote inter-professional relationships and consolidate varying experiences in order to enhance efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare services.

Physician Group Practice

More physicians in these specialties are coming together in order to provide the best patient care. In conclusion, more physicians are joining different groups in order to offer the best medical care.

The Balancing Professional Duty and Personal Life

Despite the low number of women in leadership, the health care industry has a significant number of women in leadership positions. In this case, rising to the top requires a lot of dedication and sacrifices [...]

Sustainable Solutions: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the company proposed for analysis in terms of its profitability, sustainability, and overall effectiveness with the help of different tools such as the SWOT analysis, sustainability analysis, value chain analysis, [...]

Core Competencies in Health Sector

The core competencies of Clinical Educators and Clinical Practitioners would tend to be similar in some cases, since the two sectors share a common objective of advancing the goals of health care in the society.

Contemporary Healthcare Initiative

Considering that the new programme requires the pledge of high financial and human resources, especially where technology-enhanced simulations are to be incorporated, the participation of the political regime in decision-making is critical to the success [...]

Growth of Urgent Care Centers

Purpose of the Study The major aim of the study is to determine factors that contribute to the growth of urgent care centers.

The Medical Imaging Market

The current dynamics and needs in the medical imaging equipment market are driven by new technologies, increasing incidence of disorders and incomes for better healthcare and quality services.

The Role of the Hospitalist Today

Many hospitalists liaise with their patients in order to achieve the best medical outcomes. These hospitalists visit their patients frequently in order to offer the best patient care.

Capstone Problem Statement

The IT department should have full information about the activities at this unit so that it may find a way of improving the communication system, especially when handling delicate scenarios such as Ebola outbreak.

Benefits of Simulation Based Medical Education

The development of the application of clinical simulation in medical education is divided into three major movements: the invention of the firs resuscitation manikin, the development of high-fidelity models and the period of educational reforms [...]

Universal Healthcare in The United States

Against the backdrop of the many discussions in the globe, the right to access medical care regardless of one's socio-economic status in the society became one of the most important issues.

Bronson Methodist Hospital

The hospital was ranked among the 5% best performing hospitals in the country.'Health Grades' has also awarded the organization a number of awards in the year 2011 and 2012.

Mafraq Hospital

The Mafraq hospital has established the channel through which the policies of the organisation are communicated to the stakeholder. The customer care unit has also helped the Mafraq hospital to increase the market share of [...]

The Retail Clinics

As indicated, the key stakeholders who hold strong interest in the legal and regulatory standards in a retail clinical setting include the nurses, physicians and patients.

Healthcare System on Indian Reservations

Indian reservations were established in the early 1850s after the passing of the appropriation bill and the executive order which allowed for the creation of reservations for the Native Americans.

Health Care Career Trajectory

To become an assistant administrator or a health care administrator, it is necessary to develop skills and improve knowledge in the field of health care administration in order to be able to control the quality [...]

Healthcare in China

Health Indicators According to a research conducted in 2005, it was estimated that the population has a fertility rate of 1. Healthcare System The availability, accessibility, and capabilities of healthcare professionals determine the efficiency of [...]

Long-term Care Unit

The findings of the study will be of great importance in the implementation of long-term care unit programs in the hospital and in the country at large.

Quality Health Care in Brazil

Brazil has tried to live up to the standards during the United Nations declaration and is termed as the second best in terms of the number of hospitals, after the United States of America, which [...]

The Practicum Project in Nursing

In order to disseminate the information exposed in Practicum Project, publication in the form of report fits perfectly the purpose of the assignment.

Healthcare provision to the aged people

Due to the emergence of constraints arising from the high cost of providing the services and care to this group, it is critical for healthcare to be viewed as a necessity.

Internal medicine residency program

In this regard, the authors have provided different reasons for the development of this innovation in medical employment, such as the misdistribution of physicians causing service gaps; changes in the federal rules and regulations with [...]

Professional Communication with General Practitioner GP

The purpose of this interview is to link theoretical assumptions on effective communication, with real life communication scenario within the healthcare industry. Effective communication is required in order to maintain professionalism and efficient service delivery [...]

Effects of Globalization in Health Care Administration

In this regard, it fronts considerable challenges to the healthcare sector in the realms of administration and service provision. It is crucial to understand the provisions of globalization and how they affect the healthcare administration.

Universal Health Systems

The ministry of health in Jamaica is also trying to restructure the processes within the health sector to improve its services to the citizens, enhance service delivery and increase the accessibility as well as accountability [...]

Critical Analysis of Health care system in Canada

Assumptions and stereotypes that health care providers have relating to Aboriginal people determine the nature of treatment that they receive from health care system. Thus, race and racialization are factors that contribute to discrimination of [...]

The Health Care Industry

The chapter focuses on the challenges facing healthcare sector in the process of providing their services to individuals, this includes the provision of health care insurance it's pricing and the effects on population.

Health Information Jobs

According to Health Care Jobs in the US, the job requires credentials such as a bachelor degree and BLS for eligibility purposes.

Implications of Managed Care

The essay also discusses the merits and demerits of exposing the performance of managed care organizations to the employers and the general public.

The Problems in Healthcare Systems in US

A number of healthcare systems exist in the United States and are run by the federal government and the private sector. The major goal of all healthcare services is the provision of high quality care [...]

Following the Path of a Diversional Therapist: A

Because of the lack of cooperation between the members of the staff, which must have been spawned by the cultural differences between the younger trainees and the older staff, there are considerable disagreements concerning the [...]

Burjel Hospital in Abu Dhabi (Consumer Behavior)

With this product, the Burjel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the consumers seek to fulfill functional needs. They can also influence their friends and families to come to the hospital when in need of medication.

Impact of IMCI Implementation in Kenya

The good news to this has largely been that a number of developmental organizations working in the country have training anchored and facilitated to main healthcare workers and managers in most marginalized parts of the [...]

Concept of Terminal Illness in Medicine

Modern developments in therapeutic and care options in trying to alleviate the effects of terminal illness have contributed a lot in the rise of the quality of health care given to diagnosed patients.

Care of the stroke patients

Stroke completely disables a victim as the one is unable to do a thing, and therefore, the patient is useless for a long period or the entire lifetime. Therefore, the only people able to help [...]

A hospital emergency room

General processes in the emergency room are kept at a minimum in order to attend to patients as soon as possible.

Medical terminology

Medical terminology can be described as a language used by the medical professionals in the course of their work. Medical terminology is widely used in the medical profession.

Medical terminology errors

Using of medical terms that are similar and wrong abbreviations are some of the medical terminology errors. Errors in the use of medical terminologies can be attributed to the construction of the medical terms.

Medical terminologies for dummies

The authors explain that knowledge of medical terminologies will only start by knowing the system of the body and recognizing the medical words that are commonly used.

Мedical professionals test

It can be observed that most of the tests developed to assess proficiency in medical language focus on the use of the English language.

Patient Care Improvement

The rising complexity in health care has compelled practitioners to learn, as well as understand ways to improve the patient's care based on the medical terminology.

Effective Communication in Healthcare

The model was also created to facilitate the implementation of strategies that are necessary for achieving the mission and goals of the clinic. Information and Communication technology has also led to effective sharing of information [...]

Palliative Care Competence

The complexity of the situation usually determines if the condition is to proceed to palliative care. Advancement to palliative care can also occur if the treatment given to the patient is not working and causes [...]

Hospitals in USA

Based on this tradition of charity, hospitals developed; efforts of the community to care for the sick, disabled, and deprived also contributed to the emergence of hospitals.Q2. The different types of hospitals in the US [...]

Corona Regional Hospital

The mission of the hospital center is to serve the communities so as to be the healthcare partner of choice for patients, physicians and staff members.

Changes in Healthcare Industry

Changes in the healthcare industry in the last ten years In the last one decade, the healthcare industry has undergone tremendous change as it has been pushed by demand to address the vital areas of [...]

A Behavioural Health Clinic Mission

The mission statement of the Behavioural Health Clinic will be, 'to ensure provision of first-class health care services to mentally and socially related problems.' The focus will be on the wide range of ages and [...]

Health Care Communication Methods

In health care communication, considering the ability of the audience to read, understand and act on health information is essential. The speed and convenience of electronic devices is also important in health care communication.

Hospice and Pain Management

In hospice care, the use of medication is the main method that controls pain even though there are other known methods of pain control.

Evolution of Hospice Care

The role of the social worker is to provide emotional support to the patient and the family as well as the spiritual services offered by the clergymen and women.

Home Based and Community Based Services (HCBS)

According to the University of the Rochester Medical Center, Long-term care entangles services such as nursing home care, personal or adult care health care to individuals who have disabilities or above 65 years of age.