Healthcare Institution Essay Examples and Topics

Patient Classification System

Applying to Patient Classification System in a Practical Setting Managing and controlling costs is indispensible to regulating profits and expenses at the healthcare organization. Therefore, it is crucial to select an appropriate model for handling input and output operations within the hospital. Having a rich experience in monitoring the flow of patients, along with the […]

Teams and Communication in Healthcare

Introduction The article, titled “Importance of Good Teamwork in Urgent Care Services”, makes reference to a case study to investigate the topics of teamwork and communication in a London emergency department (ED) resuscitation unit, and also to draw conclusions regarding the factors that might inhibit and encourage effective communication, leadership, interaction and collaboration among team […]

Training programs for semiliterate and illiterate populations in Swaziland

Health Communication: Training Programs for Semiliterate and Illiterate Populations – Swaziland Case Study Health communication focuses on the solution of health issues through the dissemination of selected messages to communities. Most organisations apply various means to spread health messages including the use of social media and personal interactions with target audiences. Although communication plays a […]

Organizational Assessment of Queens Hospital Center

Introduction to Queens Hospital Center Queen’s hospital Center was established in 1935 to serve the community and provide affordable health care to people from all walks of life. This is a nonprofit making organization aimed at reaching all members of the community with health care services whether they are able to pay or not. This […]

Heritage Healthcare Agency

This paper will focus on Heritage Healthcare Agency, which is located in New Mexico. The core business activity of this organization is to provide medical services to patients in their homes. The organization’s target market is the adult and geriatric populations that live in New Mexico and Arizona (Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice, 2013). The […]

Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design

Executive Summary Business environment and the way business is carried out in the modern world are changing at faster rate. Globalization and other factors have been identified to be the key agents to these changes. These changes have not isolated the health care industry, where today, for efficiency and productive health care delivery, there is […]

Innovation In Health Care

Introduction Health care providers are under pressure to improve the safety and quality of the services offered to patients. Health care institutions are striving to cut on costs, reduce patient cycle times in hospitals, improve laboratory and post care services. Change and innovation do not fail because the new strategies and goals are inappropriate but […]

Increasing Effective Communication in Healthcare

Abstract Efficient communication is necessary in the healthcare sector. Health practitioners are working collaboratively in order to enhance their success in handling vital medical matters. This paper critically analyzes the provisions of communication in providing quality patient-centred healthcare services. This occurs with reference to existing literatures, government policies, various publications, released reports, and other relevant […]

Physician Group Practice

What does this research indicate about trends for physician group practice? The article “Physicians Moving to Mid-Sized, Single Specialty Practices” examines the new trend in healthcare practice. New group practices “are experienced in different regions” (Tollen, 2008, p. 4). The “number of solo physician practices has decreased significantly in the past few years” (Sultz & […]

The Balancing Professional Duty and Personal Life

The act of balancing professional duty and personal life is always a delicate matter for most people. This is especially when it comes to those who work in the healthcare industry. This is due to the long working hours, the concentration required, and the high stakes involved. Notably, physicians have a strong desire to have […]

Sustainable Solutions: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Proposal Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the company proposed for analysis in terms of its profitability, sustainability, and overall effectiveness with the help of different tools such as the SWOT analysis, sustainability analysis, value chain analysis (, 2007), and a number of other different methods that can contribute to the overall image of the organization. […]

Core Competencies in Health Sector

Core competencies are key management tools that are applied in most business settings today. This refers to the unique abilities or capabilities that are established by organizations, with the aim of gaining a stronger competitive advantage in business. These capabilities are crucial in creating and delivering value services to customers or clients in any chosen […]

Contemporary Healthcare Initiative

The Health Care Initiative My place of work is a military college for health sciences. The college constitutes a part of Saudi’s armed forces medical services in the ministry of defence. The college receives funds from the ministry of defence. Therefore, its budget must be developed in accordance with the national funds that are allocated […]

Growth of Urgent Care Centers

Abstract The need for urgent care in the current health care system is irresistible. Various reasons have been cited to be the cause of increased demand for urgent care centers including crowded hospital emergency departments, insufficient clinicians to provide primary care as well as the rising health care cost. Most importantly, the inefficiencies and long […]

Health Care in California – Managed Care HMO

Abstract This paper comprises of two sections. The first section entails an in-depth discussion of Managed Care and other Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) within the health care sector in California. The second section entails a detailed research on LaSalle Medical Associate, one of the vibrant health organizations offering community services in various countries in the […]

Micro and Macro-Cosmos in Medicine and Care Models for Prevention of Diabetes

The Western Care model, including American and European care models, reflects the holistic, humanistic image of the man. Such image derives from Christianity, which serves as the basis for defining the specifics of human nature, which unites soul and body. While the mentioned care models pay much attention to the microcosm of a human body, […]

The Medical Imaging Market

The purpose of this detailed report is to present various elements of the medical imaging market that CME should pursue (Yock et al. 182-214). Segment The market is segmented based on product, technology and geographical regions. Product The main products are X-ray Devices; Ultrasound Systems; Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment; and […]

Dr. Wilson’s Prescription for the Healthcare System

Private sector According to Dr. Wilson, the private sector, which consists of insurance companies, health plans, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, has a critical responsibility in the healthcare system reforms. These stakeholders offer products and services that have direct impacts on lives and health of patients. Wilson recognizes that these stakeholders have responsibilities beyond business in […]

The Role of the Hospitalist Today

Introduction The number of hospitalists is on the rise. Such professionals are presenting the best health care to many patients. According to Kripalani, Jackson, Schnipper, and Coleman (2007, p. 316), “a hospitalist is a caregiver who takes care of patients in different healthcare facilities”. Such caregivers provide their services in different healthcare facilities. These hospitalists […]

Capstone Problem Statement

Dallas Hospital plays an important role in responding to cases of medical emergencies in this region. In the current society where there has been emergence of deadly diseases such as Ebola, the hospitals are very important in ensuring that the lives of the Americans are protected. Ebola is a clear case of a disease that […]

Benefits of Simulation Based Medical Education

The history of clinical simulation in medical education can be traced centuries back; models have been used to teach anatomy for many years. The development of the application of clinical simulation in medical education is divided into three major movements: the invention of the firs resuscitation manikin, the development of high-fidelity models and the period […]

Universal Healthcare in The United States

Is Universal Healthcare right for America? Even with the introduction of Medicare program in the United States, the debate for and against universal and comprehensive healthcare still rages on in the country. Against the backdrop of the many discussions in the globe, the right to access medical care regardless of one’s socio-economic status in the […]

Bronson Methodist Hospital

Introduction Organizations consider getting prestigious awards as one of the means of improving their performance and market rating. Most of them have embarked on ensuring that they attain the awards. This effort has led to a number of changes. The most significant award that organizations strive to achieve is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), […]

Mafraq Hospital

Introduction Mafraq hospital was open in 1983 and is located in united Arab. Mafraq hospital provides services like medicine, obstetrics, paediatrics, as well as surgical and critical services. In addition, Mafraq hospital also provides training of physicians and nurses. Mafraq hospital has been awarded for its quality services provided to its customers thus is the […]

The Retail Clinics

Introduction The development of retail clinics has been in the increasing end in most jurisdictions. The retail clinics provide convenient, cost effective, timely and quality medical services that satisfy patient’s needs. However, the concept has been receiving criticism from doctors and nurses who doubt its credibility. This explains why institutions, such as US pharmacy chain […]

Healthcare System on Indian Reservations

Executive Summary Indian reservations are designated areas for the Native Americans (Indian American and Alaska Natives). The areas were designated through an executive order after the natives surrendered their lands and this entitled them to free health care service under the Indian Health Care system. The Indian Healthcare System has been facing a major challenge […]

Innovations in Healthcare Service Delivery

In medical context, innovation refers to the development of new services, technologies, and ways of working within the healthcare settings (Edwards & Grinspun, 2011). Over the last century, the expansion of service sectors has been attributed to the increase in the adoption of innovations and technologies. From the early 1980s, the adoption of innovation in […]

Organisational Structure of a Rehabilitation Center

A rehabilitation center is a very sensitive organisation to run in the community. It is a very important organisation in the community and, therefore, tactics must be used in relation to ensuring that every member finally goes through the entire process. The target of the institution is rehabilitating people from their addictive behaviors like drug […]

Health Care Career Trajectory

Health care is the developed filed which changes according to the requirements of the modern society. To manage these changes inside health care organizations, it is necessary to have the advanced skills in health care administration and management (Shi, 2012). The career of a health care administrator provides a person with the great opportunity to […]

Concept of Therapy in Treatment

Introduction Therapy refers to any type of treatment that does not involve surgical operation. There are two main forms of therapy: psychotherapy and physiotherapy. Therapy has been used for a long time to care for numerous ailments and disorders all over the globe (Young, 2009, p. 22). The principal objective of different types of therapy […]

Healthcare in China

Introduction China is one of the most populated countries whereby demographics shown that there were about 1.351 billion people in 2012. It was also estimated that Chinese’s people have a life expectancy of approximately 79 years and a population growth rate of 0.5 percent per annum (Hannum & Park, 2010). The massive population, controlled growth […]

Long-term Care Unit

Abstract When people approach the end of their lives, probably because of sickness or age, they develop a need for respect, compassion, and dignity. In a long-term care unit, people who are terminally ill and mostly in their last six months of life are provided with a 24-hour medical care, psychological support, and emotional support. […]

Quality Health Care in Brazil

Introduction Brazil is one of the biggest countries in South America. It had to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was started by the United Nations in 1948. The United Nations declaration entitled every human being to living in conditions that enabled them to acquire good health. There were three conditions necessary for […]

The Practicum Project in Nursing

The Practicum Project demonstrates Bedside Shift Report that is aimed at widening nurses’ knowledge and experience to carrying out a patient observation, in accordance to principles and rules. In addition, the project is created for other nurses to gain awareness of the necessity to improve shift reporting and ensure comprehensive and accurate information exchange. In […]

The benefits of implementing Global Standards (GSI Health Care) at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

Background and Introduction World Health Organization (WHO) requires medical facilities to offer high quality medical facilities; to attain this noble objective, system within medical facilities must be operating effectively. Procurement and stocks management play vital role in the entire medical service delivery; to ensure efficiencies medical facilities need to have current/modern management systems that are […]

Centre for Disease Control (CDC) communication plan

A communication plan is a tool used to reach certain audiences by means of information channeling and dissemination. A good communication plan guides an organization in its endeavor to reach its target audience. It must give in detail the methods and timelines to be used so as to accomplish its objectives. It gives an organization […]

Healthcare provision to the aged people

Healthcare provision to the aged people forms one of the most important aspects that dictate the ability of the latter group to effectively carry out their task and continue living healthy lives. Its provision therefore requires careful consideration of their health status, inabilities and planning as well as provision of adequate resources to support the […]

The Concept of Skill Mix in the Health Economy

Abstract This paper describes the concept of skill mix and evaluates its adoption in the health economy. A theoretical approach has been applied to explain skill mix in the healthcare sector. Various examples have been provided to show how skills mix has been applied in the economy. A discussion about the topic has been provided […]

Internal medicine residency program

The article starts by exploring how the hospital-based health practitioners are slowly being replaced by physicians assistants. In this regard, the authors have provided different reasons for the development of this innovation in medical employment, such as the misdistribution of physicians causing service gaps; changes in the federal rules and regulations with regard to the […]

Professional Communication with General Practitioner GP

Effective communication is necessary if efficiency in the provision of healthcare services is to be attained. Nevertheless, effective communication is hampered by the fact that healthcare professionals work autonomously. To address this and other communication barriers, demonstration of certain communication skills is required for every healthcare professional. The acquisition of these skills is necessitated by […]

MIS Project: SEHA – Abu Dhabi Health Services Company

Executive summary This paper provides a brief but comprehensive analysis of SEHA- Abu Dhabi Health Services Company by looking at various critical elements including its competitive advantage, e-commerce policy, and relationships between the organizations and its suppliers and customers. A review of the recently implemented IT infrastructure portrays SEHA as a globally competent healthcare provider, […]

A new alcohol and drug-abuse rehabilitation center in Liverpool Hospital, Sydney

Liverpool hospital in Sydney is a leading public healthcare facility that has served the people of Liverpool for the last two centuries. Over the years, the hospital has been undergoing various phases of upgrading to ensure that it is able to meet people’s health needs. Besides, the hospital has embraced technology in full measure, upgrading […]

Career in Biomedical Sciences (Opportunities & Prospects)

Introduction After completing my studies, I would like to take up a career in Biomedical Sciences because since childhood it has been my passion to contribute in the discovery and development of cures for different ailments. Secondly, I consider myself a very keen learner and I know that in the medical field this is one […]

Effects of Globalization in Health Care Administration

The problem Globalization is a critical provision in the current world. Its positive effects on healthcare administration are numerous. For example, IT has enhanced the connectivity and exchange of information among the health practitioners. Additionally, globalization has led to the establishment of international standards to unify the healthcare system suitably. It has integrated national economies […]

Standards of medical care at Dr. Christopher’s orthopedic clinic

Changes that could be made to maximize patient throughput, surgeries and revenue without compromising the quality of medical care. There are several changes and options that could help maximize patient throughput and revenue without compromising the quality and standards of medical care at Dr. Christopher’s orthopedic clinic. These options include hiring more surgeons, reducing the […]

Comparing the U.S. and Canadian Health Care Systems

The USA and Canada are two countries which are closely located to each other. It is essential to know that having a similar border, these countries also have a number of similarities, however, the differences are so numerous, that it is impossible to dwell about any similarity. It is possible to dwell upon many different […]

Universal Health Systems

Executive summary During the year 2008, the government of Jamaica decided to remove the fees on the health sector for the users, which has increased the rate of demand on the healthcare services by the citizens. The ministry of health in Jamaica is also trying to restructure the processes within the health sector to improve […]

Is universal healthcare a right?

Universal healthcare Support for universal healthcare is based on the argument that health insurance for all increase access to healthcare. With universal care, patients will comply better with treatment regime and, overall, the cost of providing care to the economy will be lower. According to international human rights treaties, such as Article 25 of the […]

Critical Analysis of Health care system in Canada

Health care is a basic social necessity that is critical for people to acquire good health status despite their difference in social, political, and economic levels. The health care system in Canada has made significant steps in ensuring that Canadians receive health care services without undue discrimination. Accessibility, universality, portability, comprehensiveness, and public administration are […]

The Health Care Industry

Introduction Health Care is a term used to refer to all duties geared towards provision of necessary measures concerned with human health. Such duties and services are normally provided through professionally trained medical personnel (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). However, provision of medical services always requires adequate finances from the recipient for health […]

Health Information Jobs

Occupational therapist job In pacific North West, the psychiatry department requires an occupational therapist to work with them in Tacoma, Washington. The job is specifically within the sphere of acute-care facility. The job requires candidates who are incredibly dedicated and ready to provide both indirect and direct services related to occupational therapy. According to Healthcare […]

Emergency Room Equipments Industry Profitability

Introduction Emergency rooms have been incorporated in healthcare establishments as preliminary management stage for sicknesses and wounds. Persons with convoluted medical conditions were generally admitted into emergency rooms departments of the healthcare organizations. The casualty units in healthcare institutions served as admission places for severely hurting patients. Emergency rooms were intended to serve patients twenty […]

Health Care Provision of the United States

Health care provision in the United States is one of the world’s most advanced. It has witnessed significant transformation over time in terms what the private sector and the government provides (Baicker & Chandra, 2007). The provision of health insurance, in particular, has drawn a lot of interest from all sectors. The essay discusses the […]

Implications of Managed Care

The provision of appropriate healthcare services for the people in the United States has been a major issue for a very long time. The government and the private sector have put forward concerted efforts to enhance the quality of services offered by this crucial industry (Baicker & Chandra, 2007). The essay describes the contribution made […]

The Problems in Healthcare Systems in US

Healthcare systems should ensure the provision of high quality healthcare services to the people. A number of healthcare systems exist in the United States and are run by the federal government and the private sector (Sultz & Young, 2005). The stakeholders are usually involved in the planning of the various healthcare systems in order to […]

Following the Path of a Diversional Therapist: A

Introduction: South Eastern Sydney Local Health District NSW Health. South Eastern Sydney local health district. The chosen organization can be referred to as the St. George Hospital of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. It is a state organization that provides healthcare services to the citizens of Sydney. As one might have already guessed […]

Burjel Hospital in Abu Dhabi (Consumer Behavior)

Needs Analysis There are different consumer needs that include functional, symbolic, emotional, and social needs (Verma, 2008). Functional needs are those that consumers prioritize depending on the situation. For example, sick people need medication; during rainy seasons, individuals demand umbrellas and warm clothes. Symbolic needs are those that consumers prefer to be associated with such […]

Organization of a Hospital Activity

A hospital is a network of many different departments that need proper communication and cooperation. When the system breaks down, there are many problems for both staff and patients. The quality of service begins to suffer, and the environment becomes stressful and unhealthy for healing. The provision of healthcare has always been an important and […]

Impact of IMCI Implementation in Kenya

Introduction Increasingly, a number of parents are reported to be seeking children healthcare provision in hospitals, healthcare centers, traditional healers, and doctors just to mention but a few. However, research report affirms that many children are insufficiently attended to by the aforementioned providers and their parents are not well educated in the process (WHO 1). […]

Concept of Terminal Illness in Medicine

Introduction Terminal illness is a term used by medical practitioners to describe a disease that cannot be cured. When a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it means that the patient will have to cope with the situation until his /her death. Terminal illness may not stay for long because it results in the […]

Communication Modality Used For Marketing in Health Care

Introduction Many individuals are involved in taking care of patients and have access to information about the health care needs. The services offered require communication technologies for effective delivery at the convenience of consumers. Communication in health care involves exchange of messages between two parties where feedback is expected. The information conveyed should serve the […]

Care of the stroke patients

Many health experts have discovered that stroke is the main reason of deaths in the world, which may also cause disability in case a person survives. Due to the brain damage accompanied by the stroke, the victim needs long-term personal care to increase his/her chances to live a long life (Evashwick, 2005). Although stroke victims […]

A hospital emergency room

Most people go to a hospital emergency room when they have been in a serious accident. They also do so when they have broken bones or other body parts that are out of place. Regardless of their justification for visiting an emergency room, most patients require immediate attention in order to capitalize on the opportunity […]

Healthcare Innovation: Ground Source Heating & Cooling Equipment

Today, owing to advances in information technology, the healthcare sector has experienced an explosion of innovations aimed at not only improving life expectancy and quality of life of patients, but also diagnostic and treatment options, disease control, as well as the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the healthcare delivery system (Omachonu & Einspruch, 2010). However, opinion […]

Medical terminology

Introduction Medical terminology can be described as a language used by the medical professionals in the course of their work. It refers to terms used to define the human body. Medical terminology is widely used in the medical profession. In most cases, the medical terminology uses words created using prefixes and suffixes in Latin and […]

Medical terminology errors

Introduction Medical terminology errors are a key instrumental tool to many hospital mistakes which affect the health of people and can even lead to loss of lives. More than 400,000 people die every year in America. The deaths are caused by a number of reasons of which the medical errors are inclusive. Using of medical […]

Medical terminologies for dummies

This site is dedicated to helping dummies understand the terminologies used in medicine. It is suitable for anyone new to the field of medicine, as well as anyone with an interest of the medical language and or medical education. The authors explain that knowledge of medical terminologies will only start by knowing the system of […]

Мedical professionals test

Methods of assessing medical terminology The medical staff can be assessed using the Occupational English Test. In this case, the likely performance of the medical professionals can be determined (McNamara 21). In addition, there is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, which can be used in the assessment of the medical terminologies. This […]

Patient Care Improvement

The rising complexity in health care has compelled practitioners to learn, as well as understand ways to improve the patient’s care based on the medical terminology. In this respect, this paper considers the system-based practice/program. This is one of the key competencies where medics should be proficient in order to deliver quality and safe patient […]

Effective Communication in Healthcare

Effective communication is a vital aspect of healthcare. According to Namrata Palta (2006), effective communication in healthcare provides practical ways of enhancing communication between health professionals and patients. Swayne et al. (2012) argues that healthcare organisations are adapting to structures that provide the design of both the functional structure and lateral structure. According to Swayne […]

Hospice – Dying with Comfort and Dignity

From early childhood, it becomes clear to every person that their time on this planet is limited, and that they will have to die one day. This realization, however, in most cases, does not manifest itself in everyday life because most people find it much more comfortable to disregard that fact and live their lives […]

Palliative Care Competence

Palliative care, also known as comfort care is a significant care given to people with critical illnesses (Lugton & McIntyre, 1). It prolongs their life and relieve from pain affecting them and their intimates. Its goal is to prevent the symptoms and side effects of an illness besides treatment as early as possible. Palliative care […]

Hospitals in USA

This essay will focus on hospitals in USA. More specifically, the study will seek to answer some questions about hospitals in the United States of America. The essay will analyze the history of the hospitals and how they were structured 50 years ago. The essay will also discuss newer types of hospital structures today, different […]

Corona Regional Hospital

Introduction According to the interviewee, Corona Regional Hospital was established in 1933 to provide health services to community members. Since then, the hospital has grown to meet many of the community needs by providing healthcare services. It has enough qualified doctors and nurses who give medical assistances to both inpatient and outpatients visiting the hospital. […]

The Role of Health Care Systems and Industrial System Engineering in Improvement of Health

Introduction Health Definition Though classical definition of health embraces all dimensions and aspects, there are still needs significant amendments with regard to newly emerged circumstances and contexts. Hence, the World Health Organization defining health “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely absence of disease of infirmity” cannot be regarded […]

Changes in Healthcare Industry

Introduction The healthcare industry has undergone changes in the last one decade. The changes in healthcare have been more than in any other sector in the country. The changes can be attributed to the change in the public’s perception of their health. The public has taken the issue regarding their health more seriously and thus, […]

Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care Provision in the United States

Introduction Universal health care refers to the provision of health care services by a government to all its citizens ( a health care coverage means that each citizen is able to access health care services which are of standard quality. In the United States, about 25% of its citizens are provided with such a service […]

A Behavioural Health Clinic Mission

A Behavioural Health Clinic Description The behavioural health clinic ought to oversee the organization and solution of the mentally related illnesses. The facility regularly administers the retardation cases, disabilities and the substance abuse related problems in the community. As a not-for profit organization, the clinic depends on various services offered by other corporations within the […]

Substandard Patient Care or Health Care Delivery

Introduction The world health organization defines health as a condition of absolute physical, mental and social fitness. Thus, the presence of diseases and infirmities do not necessarily reflect unhealthy status. Nevertheless, such infirmities and diseases can heal if patients subject themselves into health care facilities and services. Perhaps to start with, a health care delivery […]

Health Care Communication Methods

Communication refers to the process of conveying information so as to create a level of understanding among different parties (Walaski, 2011, p.11). Health care communication enables people to identify health risks they face, avenues for help and preventive measures they can use to reduce their vulnerability (Hicks & Nicolas, 2011, p.17). Health care communication ameliorates […]

Hospice and Pain Management

In certain stages of life or in the case a person has terminal illness death is inevitable and for that reason, the only thing that helpsis to control the pain in these patients. As stated by Saunders (2007) most patients at the dying stage will experience symptoms such as pain, vomiting, nausea, respiratory secretions, fatigue, […]

Evolution of Hospice Care

Introduction Hospice is a kind a philosophical care center that diagnoses symptoms of terminally ill patients. The idea of hospice was coined in the United States marked with an England origin. Over the past thirty years, as an NCI-funded-demonstrated project in the new haven Connecticut the hospital has had fundamental development. The hospice movement began […]

Home based and community based services (HCBS)

A common believe amongst many people is that long-term care services are only provided at nursing homes. According to the University of the Rochester Medical Center (2010), Long-term care entangles services such as nursing home care, personal or adult care health care to individuals who have disabilities or above 65 years of age (Para. 1). […]

Long-Term Care Diversification

The unstable operating environment in the United States, especially in the 1990s has made hospitals that provide long-term care services to diversify their products as well as services offered to capture ardently the ever-changing long-term care market. The University of Rochester Medical Center (2010) sees this as arising from the dynamic changing demographic and economic […]

Analysis and Review of the Decisions made in the Simulation of the Lenity Hospital for Advanced Care (LHAC)

Introduction Organizations in the society exist in an environment that requires comparison with other similar organizations for improvement purposes. Depending on the objectives of an organization, performance benchmarking has proved to be an effective way of ensuring that they maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. The health sector is not an exception. Through simulation, […]