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Alternative Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Tai Chi Practice Impact on Adults With Insomnia

The goals of this project include the evaluation of the effectiveness of Tai Chi, the examination of its frequency and other sleep patterns, and the analysis of the recommendations that may be given to patients [...]

Healing Beliefs and Practices

When communicating with Indians, nurses should keep an arm's length distance between themselves and patients.'Namaste' greetings are preferred instead of handshakes and other greeting gestures; it is important not to touch someone's head since it [...]

“Medicine in China” by Paul Unschuld

The most interesting part of the Chinese culture described in the text is the partially social nature of the illness. Because the dead were, according to the belief system, dependent on the living regarding their [...]

Modern Medicine and Herbs

The author argues that an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of natural methods of treatment, the characteristics of herbs, and their possible roles in disease prevention and treatment may help medical professionals and patients [...]

Gua Sha in Cancer Therapy Against Myalgia

Despite the fact that the use of convenience sampling may have contributed to the creation of research biases, the choice of the Laser Doppler imaging as the means of retrieving the relevant data along with [...]

Therapeutic Horse Riding

You always have to remember that you are the only one who is accountable for your horse's health, beauty, mood, and everything connected to it.

Massage Therapy for General Pain Management

Massage is highly beneficial due to its universality and applicability to a wide range of problems and body parts. Versatile forms of massage can be used for a wide range of groups of muscles.

Cannabis and Its Medical Worth

Thompson, Flom, and Schmarzo underline the importance of statistics in the analysis and the implementation of the description as the main method to introduce a concept and develop its urgency.

Emotional Problems

The main limitation of this research is that the author does not identify a wide range of variables that influence the wellbeing of a patient.

Health Benefits of Tea

In the past, the majority of researchers dwelled on the common types of tea, viz.black and green, which are believed to contain higher percentages of the ingredients associated with health benefits than other forms.

The Role of Music Therapy as Alternative Treatment

Music therapy is the use of music interventions to achieve individualized goals of healing the body, mind, and spirit. Thereafter, several developments occurred in the field of music therapy, and the ringleaders founded the American [...]

Traditional Medicine in Thailand and India

The advent of Western medicine in Thailand did lead to some reduction in the popularity of traditional medicine; however, during the last decade, it went through a period of revival.

Asian Medicine: the Ying and Yang Concept

This paper will discuss how the influence of the concept of yin and yang in the traditional Asian patient will affect his view of the healthcare treatment of flu, childbirth, appendectomy, and foot amputation due [...]

Healing Meditation

While the Western health practitioners start comprehending the function of the mind in health and illness, there is more concern in the utilization of meditation in medication. Some of the examples of inclusive meditation are [...]

Effects of Massage Therapy

According to the study carried out in 2003, massage therapy treats recurring pain in the back. Massage is a very old practice in the history of humankind.

Healthcare Marketing: John Hopkins Hospital

Promotions The hospital doubles as a research institute for John Hopkins School of medicine; this makes the experts to interact with the outside world around the hospital and in other places in the world.

Humanistic Image of Managing Diabetes

Thus, this paper's objective is to analyze the interdisciplinary nature of the application of holistic medical treatment, to study traditional and modern methods of implementation of the mind-body medicine to diabetes, and investigate the techniques [...]

Assimilation of Spirituality in Hong Kong Clinical Practice

However, many are times when the concept of spirituality is distorted and misdirected to beliefs, attitudes and behavioral activities that result to hopelessness, oppression and discrimination in the society. Spirituality and religion in the health [...]


Shamans are personal beings who are involved in the practice of treating the spirits in a world beyond human understanding. Shamans are able to do this as they have the capacity to take a journey [...]

Laughter is the best medicine

Kristine Nyhout writes about the importance of laughter to the health of the human body. She also argues that this leads to the increase in T-cell activity that is crucial in the avoidance of diseases.

Family Communication

Furthermore, the only efficient way of passing family information from the elder generation to the younger generation is effective communication between the source of the information and the recipient of the information.

Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication

The choice between the two approaches depends on the type of items being marketed and the nature of the market. In the case of a hospital, rational logic assures potential clients that the facility in [...]

Healthcare Marketing

The differences which can be determined in relation to food production marketing and health care marketing are affected by the challenges of the health care industry.

Concept and Treatment of the Alzheimer Disorder

This implies that cognitive and natural therapies are highly perceived to be effective as opposed to pharmacological treatments. One cannot ignore the fact that both cognitive and natural therapies have become widely accepted in treating [...]