Alternative Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Asian Medicine: the Ying and Yang Concept

Introduction The concept of Yin and Yang is fundamental to Chinese medical philosophy. This concept expresses duality with the two forces of yin and yang being opposites, yet complementary. The body organs are categorized as either yin or yang organs. Lloyd (2009) reveals that yin is held within the inner body to nourish the organs […]

Healing Meditation

Introduction Meditation is a process of a determined focus on a sound, thing, movement or just attention to enhance awareness of the current moment, decrease anxiety, boost recreation and uphold personal and spiritual advancement (Seaward, 2012, pp. 67-74). Even if meditation is a significant religious endeavor in some religions and customs, it could be carried […]

Effects of Massage Therapy

Introduction Massage has been in practice for many centuries and refers to manipulation of external and deep-seated levels of muscle and adjoining tissue through different methods in order to improve their function, quicken a healing process, reduce reflex activity in tendons, prevent motor-neuron vehemence, and enhance relaxation and general well-being as well as a pastime. […]

Pseudoscience and Alternative Medicine

Health is considered to be one of the most important human possessions and people have been using the healing power of nature since the beginning of time. Modern science and medical advancements have largely developed drug treatment, thus complementary and alternative medicine is thought to be ineffective and is distrusted by doctors and patients. The […]

Healthcare Marketing: John Hopkins Hospital

Introduction In 1960’s, a marketer by the name E J McCarthy came up with a marketing mix strategy to be used in business when marketing and making marketing strategies. The name of the strategy is called 4Ps; these are initials for product/service, price, promotion and place. Alongside this marketing mix, a company should choose an […]

Humanistic Image of Managing Diabetes

The problem of a growing number of people suffering from different types of diabetes is becoming one of the burning issues in the modern world. That is why it is important to approach this problem from its both ends and pay attention to preventive measures, as well as finding more efficient means of treatment. One […]

Assimilation of Spirituality in Hong Kong Clinical Practice

Introduction Canada and Furman define spirituality as the heart of helping, which entails act of empathizing and caring for another human being. It is having the pulse of compassion that drives the energy of service delivery. There is a tie between spirituality and healing. Spirituality is the driving force of the social workers and strengthens […]


Who are shamans? Shamans are personal beings who are involved in the practice of treating the spirits in a world beyond human understanding. Shamans are able to do this as they have the capacity to take a journey into the world of spirits. They enter the world of spirits where they are able to master […]

Complementary and Conventional Medicines: Choosing the Most Reasonable Option

Introduction: Traditional Methods versus the Alternative Medicine No matter how hard people will try to put a stop to the existing diseases, there will always be illnesses to battle with. At present, there are two basic ways of curing diseases, which are conventional medicine, which involves taking pills, and complementary medicine, which presupposes an alternative […]

Review: “Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships” by Guerrero, Andersen and Afifi

Introduction This paper considers the book Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships by Guerrero, Andersen and Afifi. The authors of the book look at interpersonal communication by adopting relational approach from Human Services (counseling) perspective. They highlight how one can understand close relationships between families, romantic partners, and friends. They also emphasize the essence of communication […]

Laughter is the best medicine

Kristine Nyhout writes about the importance of laughter to the health of the human body. She argues that instead of trying to exercise more or eating healthy foods in order to stay healthy, people should try laughing more. She argues that many health professionals are now resorting on the use of laughter as an alternative […]

Family communication

Introduction Family communication necessitates the expression of one’s feelings about someone else or something through both verbal and non-verbal communication among family members. Effective family communication is central in the creation of healthy families and strengthens the bonds of love among family members. Communication within family members helps in early detection of family differences among […]

Horticultural Therapy in Alternative Medicine

Currently, the use of horticultural therapy as an alternative form of treatment is being acknowledged in our society unlike in the past. This has led to the establishment of more therapeutic gardens. When setting up these gardens, certain considerations should be made concerning the capturing and engaging of client’s five senses. Because of their varied […]

Employee Use of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine

It is difficult to notice the work related effects that health care practitioners go through. Health care personnel who take care of mentally or physically ill patients tend to experience symptoms which resemble post traumatic stress disorder. This happens because of the trauma that employees develop as a result of investing long hours at the […]

Placebo Theories and Mechanisms

Introduction The use of placebo and the consequent placebo effect in medical practice have elicited a mixture of reactions for many years. For instance, there are those medical practitioners who argue that it is a significant practice which has brought immense health benefits such as improved patient recovery process, emotional and physical well being of […]

Integrating Western medicine and Indian Beliefs

Introduction Many cultures of the world embrace traditional healing as either an alternative or an adjunct to Western biomedicine. This is particularly the case for Native American tribes. However, traditional healing and modern medicine should be integrated in addressing health needs of the AI community despite the differences that exist between them (Taylor, 2006, p. […]

Robbinsdale Hospital Marketing Communication

Advertising is a vital element in the running of any organization. Through effective communication, the target population learns about the existence and benefits of a particular product. There are several communication methods that can be used to awaken consumers’ desire in certain products. These methods can be classified as rational logic or emotional appeal depending […]

Healthcare Marketing

The focus on a marketing strategy is important for any company which specializes in providing definite products or services because marketing is the key process not only to promote different products and services but also to contribute to the effective company’s performance and competition within the industry. In spite of the fact that the main […]

Concept and Treatment of the Alzheimer Disorder

Alzheimer is a mental complication that results from progressive impairment of the memory (Small, Rabins & Barry, 1997). This complication results into difficulties in communication, ability to recall as well as personality and behavioral related disorders. In most cases, these difficulties are used for diagnosing the disease. There are several factors such as aging, heredity, […]

Two Communication Rules in My Family

Family communication is important in fostering intimacy and accumulating resources. They also help in raising children as independent people capable of interacting with other human systems. The family communication rules are guidelines that govern what is to be expected of all communication in the family, what is allowed and what is prohibited under given circumstances. […]

Good parent-children relationship

Relationships are a very important part of human life. Regardless of the success of any human being, relationships are an essential key to a better life and their ignorance could have the most serious repercussions. Family members should strive as much as they can to relate well with each other. This is particularly crucial for […]

Instruction Manual: How to Apply Kinesio Tape®

The Kinesio Taping Method is a procedure based on the natural healing process of the body. This method was invented about two decades ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase (Japanese chiropractor) and has turned out to be the most preferred form of therapeutic rehabilitation (Knight 1). Kinesio taping has attained popularity among ATCs, DCs, PTs, MDs […]