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  1. The Tort Law and Liability Insurance System
    The changes in the insurance system made it more accessible and enabled poorer people to buy insurances and get costs in case of insured accident.
  2. All You Need to Know about Long-Term Care Insurance
    In addition, different states have different home care and assisted living facilities and these vary the cost of the long-term care insurance.
  3. Long-Term Care Insurance
    It is important to note that the services and products of long-term care insurance will be much expensive than today majorly due to the inflation.
  4. Insurance and Negligence
    When signing an insurance policy, there are some conditions that are special to a particular case, in the case that they offer some duty of care to the policyholder, then in case of an incidence […]
  5. Employee Benefits, Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation
    Employee benefits are not counted as part of salary or wages earned by the employees and are provided to the employees in exchange for their contribution towards the organization.
  6. To Be or not to Be an Insurance Agent: On the Peculiarities of the Liability
    It is reasonable to mark that the profession of an insurance agent requires the skills to sell insurance and promote the services of the company for the probable clients to apply.
  7. Federal versus State Regulation of Insurance Industry in United States
    The national government, also known as the Federal government is headed by the President of the United States and is composed of the Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary.
  8. Insurance Benefits in Bahrain
    The kingdom of Bahrain is endowed with the local and international insurance service providers who are able to give a range of insurance services to the clients at the local and international levels.
  9. The Tawuniya Health Insurance Company
    It is based on this that this study will examine the Tawuniya health insurance company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in order to determine the extent of customer satisfaction with the company’s services and to determine […]
  10. Healthcare Insurance in the United States
    On the other hand, individual insurance is much expensive in terms of premiums, thus it is a disadvantage to the employee.
  11. Technological Insurance: Investigating Potential of South Korea for Promoting Products
    In order to define the success of the proposed venture, attention should be given to the research and analysis of scientific and technological development in South Korea.
  12. Insurance for Camels (Alba’Aeer)
    A marketing manager should focus on the current and the future situation of the market of the Alba’aeer and not historical to ensure that the right price is set for the product.
  13. Organizational Behavior Management at the Travelers Companies, Inc.
    The management at the company is such that there are a wide array of services and packages offered for businesses and individuals.
  14. The Basic Elements of Health Insurance
    Cost sharing is essential in provision of health insurance to the poor and uninsured. Stakeholders involved should review the existing health insurance programs to identify and address the gaps in accessibility of services.
  15. Health Insurance and Mandatory Requirements
    Of course the mandatory criteria will be decided according to the amount of income and in case insurance the sum is not of significant amount, these individuals will be exempt.
  16. National Health Care System for Insurance Program in America
    The ever increasing cost of health care is believed to have led to the existence of scores of uninsured Americans. The heavy allocation of the national budget to the provision of health care services certainly […]
  17. The Nature of Health Insurance in the U.S
    This debate has been caused by the availability of two contrasting health insurance policy proposals in the United States that claim to solve the health care crisis in the country.
  18. Unemployed Insurance in Social Security
    The unemployment benefits given to those who have lost their jobs are usually on a basis of insurance systems that are made mandatory by the government.
  19. Health Insurance Schemes
    Leastways 75% of a small employer’s qualified workers have to take part in the health scheme for the employer to acquire coverage.
  20. Inequality in U.S Healthcare: The Americare Insurance System
    The other insurance is the Medicaid that covers the poor and the unemployed people. This means that the better option of insurance is a universal insurance plan that caters for everyone.
  21. Risk Management and Insurance
    Liability policy that was taken in the amount of Property Damage $50,000 will be used to compensate for the $31,000 loss of the car.
  22. International Dentists Insurance Company
    Another threat is handling IDIC clients, MIC has to facilitate the change, and not all stakeholders will be willing to co-operate, IDIC records are kept in files hence MIC will need to access the clients […]
  23. Premiums in XYZ Health Insurance
    The major aim of this analysis is thus to give reasonable estimates of using statistical tools based on the given data and other external factors to determine the most appropriate premium amount in dollars that […]
  24. Compensation System of State Farm Insurance
    With the philosophy, State Farm should provide insurance brands to students and young adults falling in this age gap in order to detach them from other insurance and make them independent.
  25. Service Quality Gap: Oman Insurance Company
    The data used in the calculations was obtained from the analysis of the responses from questionnaires issued to both the customers of the insurance company as well as the employees.
  26. Quantitative Techniques of Mitsui Sumitomo and Asahi Insurance Companies
    A dependent variable or orientation variable is the characteristic which the researcher studies to record the effects of the independent variable on the conceptual model; staff qualification is the independent variable since the researcher seeks […]
  27. Risk Management: Insurance Industry in Queensland Australia
    It also involves the strategic application of the available resources in an effort to reduce, scrutinize, and manage the probability and effects of the risks while at the same time trying to maximize opportunities for […]
  28. Issues Facing Medicare – Program Established to Provide Health Insurance
    This is because of the high cost of health care and the increased number of baby boomers in the United States.
  29. Marketing Research and How Marketing Information system is Organized in Middlesex Insurance Company
    Middlesex Insurance Company’s research plan guides the collection and analysis of data in the following ways; the research team outlines the research objectives, the audience, and how the results will be used.
  30. Excluding Health Insurance from Social Security Act
    This paper will explore the effects of excluding health Insurance from Social Security Act. This is mainly due to exclusion of health care insurance from Social Security Act.
  31. Tawuniya Insurance Services: A Case Study
    It has managed to set new standards in the market of insurance, regularly introducing new products in the market that are responsive to the needs of the consumer.
  32. Insurance in the UAE: Drivers’ Single Database
    In that regard, the database will provide information that will help insurance companies to determine the level of risk associated with each applicant.
  33. Job Analysis: Assistant Insurance Salvage Evaluation Manager
    Besides, the treatise identifies stages involved in the job analysis process of the assistant insurance salvage evaluation manager who is expected to perform the role of assistant managers in the accident salvage department.
  34. The Importance of HRM Within the Insurance Industry
    First, the company undertakes a rigorous procedure to ensure that the jobs that have been designed specifically meet the needs and requirements of the firm and its clientele and most importantly, the job description attracts […]
  35. Health Insurance Importance
    The importance of health insurance to the health status of Americans necessitated the formulation of various laws to control the industry.
  36. Organizational Behavior in Insurance Marketing Group
    The paper assesses how the organization’s behavior has been influenced by different components, which include the organization’s culture, internal communication, motivational techniques, nature of authority, areas of emotional quotient embraced by the organization, and the […]
  37. Life Insurance Ethical Issues
    In the assessment of the JPMorgan Chase, the mysterious death of employees and the continued embrace of corporate insurance life policies come out as serious ethical concerns in the operation of the company.
  38. A Comparison of Construction Surety Bond and Insurance
    Performance bonds These bonds are designed with the objective of “protecting project owners from financial losses that might occur in the event that the contractor fails to execute the project in accordance with the predetermined […]
  39. Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation
    The first guideline is setting the right rules in order to make the process successful. The first step of the negotiation process is planning.
  40. The Issues in RACQ Insurance
    This paper discusses the aspects that led to this issue, which consist of placing the clients of RACQ at the core of its operations, the requirement for the company to administer capital and risk coupled […]
  41. Company Analysis: Aviva Life Insurance Company
    Directors and management of a company are interested in its efficiency to generate profits, the company’s viability from the investor’s point of view, the company’s ability to generate sufficient returns to investors and gearing ratio […]
  42. The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies – Managers
    They can also opt out of the program with no conditions.”Snapshot”, according to the company is another “first” from Progressive Auto Insurance that is in line with the company’s culture of innovation and better customer […]
  43. Strategic Plan of an Insurance Company in the UAE
    Firstly, the plan should highlight the vision and mission of the company i.e.what it is aimed for and what are its objectives and also highlight ways by which the company plans to generate handsome and […]
  44. Risk Management: Types of Insurance
    Even though insurance cannot avoid the occurrence of bad things, it has the capability of transferring the financial consequences of the events to an insurance carrier, thus limiting the financial commitments of the insured firms.
  45. General Organization for Social Insurance
    The safety and welfare of the people is the prime objective of the Kingdom that abides by the principles of Islam.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Insurance

  1. Corporate Demand for Insurance on Risks
    In addition, empirical studies indicate that the capability of firms to self-insure decreases the demand for corporate insurance coverage for other policies apart from the property exposure.
  2. Consumer Behavior in Insurance Positioning
    The role of a positioning strategy is to prepare the mind of a consumer. Since this is not an essential product, a number of factors influence a customer’s decision to buy insurance from a particular […]
  3. Nationwide Auto Insurance Product – Marketing
    A successful marketing strategy driven and influenced by internal elements such as attitude, lifestyle, and motivation provide the marketer with the best components to formulate the right marketing strategy to address the marketing needs of […]
  4. Gulf Countries’ Social Insurance
    Social Insurance: Social insurance is the type of compensation that is offered and controlled by a government for the people who are aged, handicapped, or unemployed.
  5. Direct Channels Impact on Insurance Industry
    Hence, the proposed item is both progressive and innovative, which correspond to the strategic vision and mission of the insurance company.
  6. Contract Doctrine: McLain Versus Great American Insurance
    The author further notes that an implied contract case may be valid if a specific promise was made to the employee, if the employer’s entire course of conduct is consistent with the promise made to […]
  7. Health Insurance Exchange: Obamacare Program
    The artificial raising of customers’ demand minimizes the regulation power of clients in price setting due to the fact that the level of competitiveness in the insurance market will sag significantly.
  8. Takaful Insurance Company in the UAE
    The Malaysian Takaful operator, Syrikat Takaful Malaysia, illustrated the swift growth of the first Takaful portfolio in the country, all based on a model which served as a platform for expansion to the other countries […]
  9. Health Insurance Cooperatives
    In the United States, nonprofit health insurance cooperatives have been recommended as the third option to the tradition private health insurance and the newly suggested public health insurance.
  10. Insurance Agency’s Organizational Behavior
    To achieve the objective of determining effective usage of human skills in management, the top manager, Miss Kally, was interviewed about of the company.
  11. Constructit & E-editor Companies’ Health Insurance
    Changes to the Castor health insurance strategy result in the development of the Castor Enhanced Minor, which is most appropriate for the E-editor employees.
  12. The World Insurance Partnership: Ethics Program
    The Ethics Program for the World Insurance Partnership is designed to declare the company’s core values, to promote the ethical principles and standards among the stakeholders with the focus on principles of transparency, integrity, and […]
  13. Health Insurance in the UAE
    In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the policy started in 2014 and it is expected that the majority of people living in the UAE will have obtained the health insurance by 2016.
  14. Life Insurance Policy Choice
    Whole life insurance is a fixed premium insurance policy which covers the lifetime of the insured, as long as the premiums are paid.
  15. Oil Drilling and Oil Services Insurance
    It is important to analyze the role of insurance in the development of the Oil Drilling and Oil Services industry in the United Arab Emirates and examine its basic principles in the local and international […]
  16. Ethics and Issuing a Health Insurance Surcharge
    The primary reason for companies to refuse to issue a health insurance surcharge to employees who smoke or drink against medical advice is the fallacious argument that such employees in the work environment are conscientious […]
  17. Council of Cooperative Health Insurance: Performance Management
    The PMS underscores the need to measure these outcomes as a vital component of evaluating the value of employees and management activities in assisting the agency to assume a proactive and client-focused approach in regulating […]
  18. BP Company’s Insurance Strategy and Risk Management
    BP was the largest company in the UK in the 1980s and 1990s. To the extent of such potential losses, BP has to buy insurance in exchange for loss settlements should the risks occur.
  19. Kaiser Permanente’s Healthcare Insurance Program
    One possible solution to this would be to create a similar system as seen in the case of Kaiser Permanente wherein through its network of 36 medical centers and 14,000 medical professionals it does allow […]
  20. The Children’s Health Insurance Program in the US
    The Children’s Health Insurance Program is one of the current and robust healthcare policies targeting children in the United States. The main goal of the Children’s Health Insurance Program is to offer medical insurance coverage […]
  21. Unemployment Insurance Policy in the United States
    Despite some of the efforts embraced by different communities, the issue of unemployment has continued to affect the welfare of many citizens in the country.
  22. Economics of Cyber Insurance
    This led to the need of protecting the Internet users standing through other means, the foremost among them being the cyber insurance policies.
  23. Pediatric Health Care and Insurance in the USA
    Despite the efforts of the U.S.government to ensure a thorough health care coverage for all children who are residents of the country, there remains a number of children who are uninsured and have no access […]
  24. Blafax Insurance Group’s SWOT Analysis
    Therefore, the customers of the company range from the US citizens to those across the globe, particularly in Europe and Asia.
  25. Unemployment Insurance Extension in the US
    In this way, extended UI lets them realize that they are not forgotten by the rest of society, and there is still an opportunity to find an appropriate job.
  26. Insurance: Purchasing Trends on Consumer Behavior
    These aspects have been seen to create dynamics for marketers in the insurance sector because they have continuously influenced the psychology and expectations of insurance consumers across the world.
  27. Preventive Healthcare or Insurance Access Policy?
    It is possible to pay attention to some features of the current policy to find a way to effectively solve the problem of access to health insurance.
  28. Operational Risk Within Lloyd’s Insurance Market
    The article entitled, Operational Risk within an Insurance Market reflected the ideas of Manning and Gurney when it comes to the development and implementation of risk management within Lloyd’s insurance market. The article’s objective is […]
  29. Risk, Insurance, and Third-Party Administrators
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the term ‘risk’ and associated insurances, focus on the concepts of the ‘third party administrator’ and areinsurance,’ and report on the financial results of the major insurance […]
  30. UAE vs. Saudi and Qatari Insurance Market
    The UAE is one of the dominant states in GCC, and its insurance conditions remain to be the most successful. The peculiar feature of insurance brokers in the GCC is their decision to capitalize on […]
  31. Personal Financial Planning: Insurance Case
    Given the fact that the rent for the house is comparatively low, as well as the fact that there are valuable personal possessions, it will be reasonable to spend a significant number of the financial […]
  32. Insurance Premiums in Relation to the Driver’s Age
    Drivers who are 16-19 years old are more likely to be involved in a car accident; at the same time, drivers who are 60 years old or older also pay more for their insurance compared […]
  33. Driver Insurance, Its Gender and Age Factors
    To prove the importance of high rates of insurance for young male drivers, it is necessary to think about its benefits.
  34. Insurance Company’s Advantage and Competencies
    Regarding the source of differential advantage for the new insurance company, such a source as the targeted segment may be applied to the current case.
  35. Prospective Insurance Company: History and Information
    Its vision and mission is to be the best insurance organization in the world and to positively impact on the community through the provision of effective financial security planning.
  36. The UAE’s Healthcare System and Insurance
    The UAE has made incredible progress in its healthcare sector, owing to the government’s plan to establish comprehensible health initiatives and programs that target both private and public health sectors. The World Health Organization now […]
  37. Healthcare Availability and Insurance
    Regarding the ACA health insurance, it is defined as the lack of information available to insurers to make an appropriate decision.
  38. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    There is also a Security Rule that is also created to guarantee the protection of crucial information and provide specific safeguards that are needed to prevent the appearance of different complications.
  39. Pearl and Mutual Benefit Insurance Company’s Turnover
    The result is the recruitment of individuals that may not fit in the organization, leading to a high rate of turnover. It is important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment process.
  40. Mandatory Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
    As a way of providing effective mandatory health insurance policies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the administrations should focus on the overall cost, localities of coverage by the insurance policies on the insured and the […]
  41. Malpractice Insurance for Nurse Practitioners
    The author goes further to indicate that NPs should be willing to analyze the role of license insurance coverage. Studies should also be undertaken to analyze the nature of different malpractices and liabilities associated with […]
  42. Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and Its Influence
    Employer-sponsored health insurance has a long history in the United States and remains the main form of individuals’ access to medical services in the country.
  43. Health Insurance Provision in the USA
    In the first drafts of this major document, a health care reform was proposed as a way to change the insurance policies and provide people with more opportunities to get access to healthcare.
  44. Green Health Company: Dropping Insurance Products
    Paul, the vice president of Small Group Products, understands the risks of dropping the most popular programs in the state and notes that the losses for the business may be more significant than estimated.
  45. Islamic Finance and Takaful Insurance
    Takaful is the Islamic version of conventional insurance. The Islamic form of insurance or Takaful discourages the levying of interest and gambling.
  46. Emotional Appeal in the Insurance Advertising
    The centrality of the word, as well as the uniformity of the blue background, forces the viewer to notice it and probably remember it for a long time, given the jolt of transition.

📌 Most Interesting Insurance Topics to Write about

  1. UniFirst and Progressive Insurance Corporation’s Technologies
    The use of PDA and IRV systems by both UniFirst and Progressive Insurance have enabled the businesses to expand, increase their output and customer base.
  2. Car Insurance Charges and Gender and Age Factors
    In this regard, the majority of insurance companies prefer that drivers wait until they attain 25 years of age for them to start paying normal adult insurance rates. It is sensible for insurance companies to […]
  3. Business Insurance: Best Ways to Protect Companies
    This category of business insurance is tricky because there is a lack of coverage when it comes to losing information and not all insurance companies agree to take the risk. The list of possible business […]
  4. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company’s Finance
    Based on the income and expense statement, net income, the loss ratio, the expense ratio, and the combined ratio have been calculated.
  5. Healthcare Insurance for Domestic Partners
    Healthcare benefits are just part of the benefits offered to domestic partners of employees in US companies. According to some findings, more than 13 percent of the employers in the country were offering benefits to […]
  6. Disability Insurance Plans in Canada
    Disability insurance is the type of insurance that provides you with financial security when you are unable to work and earn an income due to an accident or illness.
  7. Insurance in Developing Social Responsibility
    Though insurance is all about covering and managing risks, the contribution of the collective and obligatory social insurance systems towards developing social responsibility on every individual of a society is not only built up to […]
  8. Role of Insurance in Economic Development
    The importance of the insurance sector in the economic development of the country is being increasingly felt, due to the continued increase in the contribution of the insurance sector to the overall financial sector.
  9. Home Insurance Increase in Florida
    Home insurance increases in Florida, and more and more people have to sell their homes because of high insurance rates and fraudulent actions of insurers.
  10. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Issues
    The survey consisted of 20 questions and wherein they assessed the procedures in place for HIPPA compliance, the involvement of the Health Information Managers with regards to setting HIPPA policy, the incidents of confidentiality breaches […]
  11. The Concept of Taxation and National Insurance
    In general, it can be said that taxable income is the portion of an individual’s income that is the subject of taxation according to the laws that determine what is income and the taxation rate […]
  12. Critical Illness Insurance
    Critical Illness insurance is a pretty new form of insurance in Canada and pays you a benefit if you are stricken by a critical illness such as cancer or heart attack.
  13. Sompo Japan Insurance Incorporation in the US
    The insurance rate though is vital for the determination of the amount which is called as the premium which has to be changed for a particular amount of an insurance coverage.
  14. Personal Injury Insurance Adjuster in North Carolina
    But it is not always that the first person to arrive to your case will be a lawyer but most of the time it is an insurance adjuster who arrives first in a bid to […]
  15. Oman Insurance Company: Case Study
    According to the requirements of combining information technology and information system relating to the internal and external environmental elaboration and development purpose, critical analysis of technological background and overall judgment of competency regarding the selected […]
  16. The Captive Insurance Services: Different Types
    Captive insurers are insurers who are owned in part or in full by companies in the business of insurance. Captive insurance in Bahrain is well defined and in this country they have a number of […]
  17. Healthcare Trends and Implications. Insurance
    Affordable health care insurance needs to become a top priority and this article talks about the attempts of various states to increase health care coverage by providing greater access to healthcare and public coverage to […]
  18. Introduction to Insurance
    The main aim of Insurance is to minimize the risks involved in various aspects of life and to cover and compensate the owner for any loss is suffered by the owner.
  19. Ethical Issue Facing Health Care: Healthcare Insurance Issues
    These problems can range from whether or not the person has healthcare insurance to the doubt that whether or not the insurance providers are going to pay for the medical treatments.
  20. Programs of Social Insurance
    The category that is highly represented in this group of the uninsured is the working population basically due to lack of coverage for health insurance by their employers and also due to the amount of […]
  21. Reiki Therapy: Why It Should Be Covered by Insurance
    It is success that counts most in this world and it is the system of Reiki holistic healing that is the success story of the day and under such conditions it should be covered by […]
  22. Historical Development of Insurance
    This is the paper that will be briefly discussing the history of insurance along with the needs of insurance that has been realized in the past.
  23. Insurance Against Weather Conditions
    In Florida, the standard wind insurance payment increased from $723 to $1465 from 2002 to 2007, and in Florida’s coastal regions payments have tripled or even quadrupled. In addition, insurance companies have increased deductibles which […]
  24. Employment Insurance Training Benefits in Canada
    In this regard, those workers that have been laid-off are in a dire need of sufficient benefits for their sustenance and that of their families, as they seek to look for other forms of employment.
  25. Life Insurance: The Key Points
    The ultimate aim of Insurance is without a doubt to minimize the risks involved in various aspects of life and in addition to this, to cover and compensate the owner if any loss is suffered […]
  26. Portfolio Insurance: Types of Risk in Fund Investing
    Their main investment area is the stock exchange that is subjected to external forces that affect the prices of the shares. This is because the factors that lead to it are national and a wise […]
  27. AllSafe Insurance Company’s Ethics and Competition
    In this case, the customers of D & M Insurance Company are expected to buy more policies for the company as the prices of their policies would be expected to be lower.
  28. The Allianz SF Insurance Company and Its Activities in Saudi Arabia
    It should be observed that most of the firms coming from the other half of the world, commit the blunder of imposing the same marketing ploys and campaigns to the Saudi Arabia market; Allianz group […]
  29. Quality Management at Empire Blue Cross Shield Insurance Company
    Boasting of over 75 years experience in the insurance industry, the company has expanded its activities to cover all market segments.
  30. A Flood Insurance Program in Canada: The Way to Protect Lives and Homes
    Floods are the major source of property loss: according to the analysis made by Munich, insurance companies do not want to take all the bills they get and ignore the majority of them.
  31. The Future of Automobile Insurance
    Thus, progressive insurance politics can become a backbone of the safety of Canadian vehicles, while the consequences of the abolishment of insurances through the usage of new technologies are unpredictable.
  32. The Significant Mistakes That Go Against Insurance Policies
    Crastination has not gone to the office for the annual examinations, and the procedures done by Dr. Since the visit was entirely considered a medical treatment, it does not meet the requirements of an insurance […]
  33. A Company Having Healthcare Insurance for Workers: Pros and Cons
    In terms disadvantages, the constant increase in the cost of health insurance is also a factor to consider. In such situations, employees are required to provide a medical certificate, and paid sick leave is only […]
  34. National Disability Insurance Scheme
    The development of NDIS is conditional upon the existence of specific issues related to the provision of healthcare services to disabled people.
  35. The National Disability Insurance Scheme: The Issue of Financing
    Professionals working within the sphere of Aged Care and Disability Services have to collaborate with many organizations in order to ensure that their clients and patients receive the most benefits from the system.
  36. Insurance Barriers in Mental Health Population
    With the help of the Affordable Care Act, access to mental health care among people with low income and from ethnic and racial minorities was improved significantly.
  37. China Life Plots Overseas Insurance Buys’: Article Analysis
    With the current economic down surge, most companies are not able to make investment decisions for fear of uncertainties that are likely to befall them. This is to take advantage of the untapped opportunities and […]
  38. Long-Term Care Insurance for Different Age Categories
    A look at the escalation in premium suggests that purchase of LTC while a person is younger and can afford continuity in premium payments is prudent.
  39. Long-Term Care Insurance Sources
    The reason is the credibility of the brand; it is one of my most well-known service providers and its customers have generally been happy with them.
  40. Implementing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
    However, efficient recording and transmittal of essentially private information over the Internet and even proprietary networks posed a threat to the individual right to privacy of health and treatment information.
  41. Insurance Policies and Covers in the Construction Industry
    This dissertation is aimed at exploring the insurance responses shown by construction firms in the industry in their attempt to reduce their exposure to inherent risks in the industry Insurance is a term that refers […]
  42. Health Insurance in the USA: A Basic Necessity for the Population
    In my view, a good plan to start the solution chain for this problem would be the proper reallocation of federal funds in favor of healthcare research and insurance coverage.

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