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89 Infant Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Infant Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Concepts of Prenatal Drug Exposure vs Poverty on Infants
    In conclusion parents are of great influence to the development of their children character. Drugs use and poverty are all parents fault, and has nothing to do with the child but they are a major […]
  2. Development Stages in Infant-Father Relationship
    In addition, the research will aim at answering the following questions: What is the importance of bonding between the father and the infant?
  3. Infant Competence in The Piaget’s Stage Theory
    We shall examine the evidences showing that the development of an infant is more competent that the suggestions made by the Piaget’s theory.
  4. Infant Sleep Disturbance (ISD)
    The uniqueness of this study stems from the fact that it would provide a clear understanding of the most effective intervention/basis for physicians and parents to pursue in the management of sleep disorders among infants […]
  5. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Most of these studies focused on the incidences of SIDS, factors that are responsible for the condition, and the possible measures that could be put in place to reduce the incidence of the condition.
  6. Tracking Infant Development
    Ideally, the disparity in levels of development is not supposed to be big among normal infants of the same age. The importance of using milestones in determining the development records of infants lies in the […]
  7. The High Infant and Perinatal Mortality Rates in Chicago
    The objective of the current study is to describe how the application of qualitative methods and internet-based methods can be used encourage community outreach workers to participate in community-based research in the assessment of public […]
  8. Brain Maturation in Infants
    It should be mentioned that the exposure to language is crucial for the linguistic growth of a child. This is one of the main aspects that can be identified.
  9. Baptism in the Modern World
    This argument is based on the teaching of the scripture that views baptism as a contract between God and the person being baptized.
  10. Parent Interview and Infant Observation
    Describe your diet regimen during pregnancy The mother ensured a steady and consistent intake of a balanced diet during pregnancy. According to her, the intake of a balanced diet helped in reducing the effects and […]
  11. Infant Developmental Theories – Psychology
    It should be stated that at the infant stage of development, Vygotsky considers the separation of a child from the mother and the creation of the basis for the further development of a human being.
  12. Infants’ Psychology and Development
    A baby is not aware that they are a separate person; this awareness is a result of a separation-individuation process which begins when the infant finds out that they cannot always be with their mother, […]
  13. Aspects of Parenting Infants and Toddlers
    It is obvious, that there is a great number of different approaches to the issue of development of an infant and the author suggest only some of them.
  14. Early Stage of Walking Patterns
    Adhesive tapes were placed around the wrist by the experimenter to analyze motor skill development. Infants refused to walk during the first and second weeks of trials.
  15. Infant Motor Development: Walking Experience
    To test the assumptions stated above, the article will review the experiment carried out on newly walking infants. The experimenter observed the participants at the onset of their walking experience.
  16. “A Biographical Sketch of an Infant” by Charles Darwin
    The child also “showed feelings of sensitivity when touched at the sole, by curling the toes and jerking away”. However, the child was amused by his image and that of his guardian in the mirror.
  17. Infants’ Understanding of Social Gaze
    The main research question in this study is whether the infants appreciate the intentional, target directed nature of social actions through the application of social gaze in third party interactions.
  18. The Impact of Media on Infants Development
    The main research question that will be covered in my thesis is, ‘Does exposure to television or video media affect the development of infants and children aged 0-3 years?’ The impact of media exposure to […]
  19. Continuous Positive Airways Pressure for Infants
    The Continuous Positive Airways Pressure, also known as CPAP, is a kind of ventilation that is done to the respiratory system whose major purpose is to treat sleep apnea. The implication of this is that […]
  20. Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Infants and Children
    Subramaniam and Girish introduce the article where they discuss the peculiarities of iron deficiency anemia in children and the promotion of different measures that can be used to decrease the level of problems and offer […]
  21. Premature Infants and Their Challenges
    Most of the body systems of preterm born infants are not well-developed, which serve as the cause of problems in the functioning of the organism.
  22. Gravity Model and Infant Industry Policy
    According to the gravity model, the trade flow between two countries can be statistically predicted from the size of their economies and the geographical distance between the countries: F = / D, where F is […]
  23. Infant Mortality in the US and Western New York
    Haider goes further to indicate that the rates of infant mortality and preterm births in the country continue to expose the nature of disparities affecting the healthcare sector.
  24. The Effects of Maternal Communications on Infant Responses
    Also, Hornik and his colleagues aimed to determine the ability of infants to distinguish the different affective messages, the duration which infants’ response to a particular kind of affective communication lasts, and the influence of […]
  25. Infant Feeding in Developing Countries
    Gibson, Ferguson, and Lehrfeld carried out this research in developing nations with the view of assessing the nutrient and energy sufficiency in various complementary foods given to children during winning period.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Infant

  1. Psychological Concept of the Infant Attachment
    The processes of bonding and attachment occur from the prenatal period throughout childhood, and they provide the foundation for the physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional development of a child.
  2. PTSD as the Primary Factor Causing Infant Death
    The lack of studies on the issue of expecting mothers and their subgroups needs to be mentioned among the primary issues that hamper the process of addressing the problem concerning high infant death rates.
  3. Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE
    The evaluation of the value of the country depends on the average income of every person in the nation. The total health expenditure of UAE in 2014 is 3.6.
  4. Psychological Science: Fear of Heights in Infants
    The article ‘Fear of Heights in Infants?’ by Adolph et al.shows that the conventional belief is a myth and provides an alternative explanation as to why infants avoid falling off the edge.
  5. Health Informatics in Preventing Infant Mortality
    It suffices not to evaluate the gravity of the issue locally; there is a need to build a national network that could be accessed by health practitioners and policymakers.
  6. Infant-Parent Attachment: Secure or Insecure?
    Overall, it will be argued that a child with secure attachment, also referred to as strong attachment in the paper, is more aware, and easily interacts, with other people and his or her environment as […]
  7. Infant Babbling and Social Skills Development
    Due to such a complex nature of babbling and a child’s social development, a certain attention to babbling and the purposes of this vocal process has to be paid in order to contribute such spheres […]
  8. Sleeping Patterns Within Infants
    Infant A is put to sleep in the bassinet, and the parents use the sleeping bag in order to make the infant’s sleep more comfortable.
  9. The Issues of Infant Mortality and Morbidity
    The purpose of the paper is to examine the article by Stoll et al, and identify how the research can be applied to improve the rates of mortality and morbidity in infant care.
  10. Skin-to-Skin Care to a Newborn Infant
    As such, the article is vital for understanding the psychological processes of both participating parties and remains relevant to increasing the quality of provided post-partum care.
  11. Magnetic Resonance Scanning on Infants and Children
    This paper will briefly discuss the brain imaging researches conducted and being conducted to infants and children through the use fMRI and will closely look at the ethical issues of subjecting the children into this […]
  12. Overview of Sudden Death Infant Syndrome
    The cause of death in SIDS remains inexplicable in spite of a thorough examination of history and a detailed postmortem. In the United States of SIDS is the leading cause of post-neonatal infant mortality.
  13. Secondhand Smoke Effect on Infants and Young Children
    Second-hand smoke can be defined as the inhaling of smoke in the form of burning cigarettes or cigars when smokers have exhaled the smoke.
  14. Infant Deaths Rates in Predominantly African Americans
    The study aims to answer the following research questions: Is there a relationship between maternal education levels and infant mortality rates among the black community?
  15. Mothers’ Decisions Regarding Feeding Choices in Infants
    Meeting the ladies in the period before their pregnancies is another apt time to start talking about the health of the breast and the nipple.
  16. Child Care Centers: Infant Development
    The literature regarding the quality of child care is constantly growing, and in that regard, one of the reasons can be seen in the entrance of mothers into the labor force.
  17. TV Presence in the Life of Infants
    The issue of the effect of TV on the distribution of their attention during the play was raised. During the first half of the procedure, the TV was on, and the rest of the time […]
  18. “The Effect of Nursing Quality Improvement and Mobile Health Interventions on Infant Sleep Practices” by Moon
    The following analysis is related to the article, “The effect of nursing quality improvement and mobile health interventions on infant sleep practices” by Moon et al.
  19. Design Thinking & High Infant Mortality Rates in Uganda
    The essay gives a background to the challenge and highlights some of the things that have been done to lower infant and child mortality.
  20. Postpartum Depression and Its Impact on Infants
    The goal of this research was “to investigate the prevalence of maternal depressive symptoms at 5 and 9 months postpartum in a low-income and predominantly Hispanic sample, and evaluate the impact on infant weight gain, […]
  21. Introducing Infants to Semi-Solid Food
    Psychological readiness is expressed in the child’s interest in solid food and the desire to try it, and physiological readiness may be manifested by the ability to consume and digest food properly.
  22. Infant Mortality in Nepal and South East Asia
    First Author, Name of journal, Year, Setting Cause of Under-five mortality Study Design, Sample Size Key Findings Interpretation of Findings Shrestha, Burn injuries in pediatric population, 2002, Nepal Med Assoc. Pandey, Reduction in total under-five mortality in western Nepal through community-based antimicrobial treatment of pneumonia, 1991, Lancet. Qureshi, Road traffic injuries, 2005, lancet Moriss, Predicting […]
  23. Infant Mortality Rates for the United States and Sweden: A Comparative Analysis
    This paper will highlight the reasons behind the Sweden’s success in the consistent lowering of the infant mortality rate in comparison with the United States; what they do better than United States; and what the […]
  24. Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Syndrome?
    This article states that, breastfeeding and the use of pacifiers have been equally linked with a decreased risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

📌 Simple & Easy Infant Essay Titles

  1. Stress and the Commensal Microbiota: Importance in Parturition and Infant Neurodevelopment
  2. Beyond the Words: Comparing Interpersonal Engagement Between Maternal and Paternal Infant-Directed Speech Acts
  3. Growth and Development From Infant to Adult
  4. Breastfeeding – The Perfect Infant Food
  5. Crime and Circumstance: The Effects of Infant Health Shocks on Fathers’ Criminal Activity
  6. Baby Boomers and Baby Health: Hospital Crowdedness, Treatment Intensity, and Infant Health
  7. Auditing Mothers: The Effect of Targeted Alcohol Prevention on Infant Health and Maternal Behavior
  8. Innate and Acquired Immunity and How the Mother-Infant Relationship Demonstrates Them
  9. Cross-National Differences in Infant Mortality Decline: Effects of Women’s Status, Economic Dependency, and State Strength
  10. Lead Toxicity: Its Effects on Fetal and Infant Development
  11. Teen Pregnancy And Infant Mortality
  12. Causality and Innovations Between Fertility and Infant Mortality
  13. Factors Influencing the Infant With a Birth Defect or Disability
  14. Infant and Child Illegal Immigrants: Consequences of Having No Health Care
  15. Attachment Theory and the Mother-Infant Relationship
  16. Association Between Maternal Perceived Stress in All Trimesters of Pregnancy and Infant Atopic Dermatitis
  17. Medical Malpractice Liability and Its Effect on Prenatal Care Utilization and Infant Health
  18. Fetal Brain Development and the Preterm Infant
  19. Adolescent and Infant Poverty: Child Development, School Life, and Home
  20. Helping Mom Help Baby: Nutrition-Based Support for the Mother-Infant Dyad During Lactation

💡 Most Interesting Infant Topics to Write about

  1. Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: A Natural Experiment From Power Plant Desulfurization
  2. Maternal Depression and the Production of Infant Health
  3. Evaluating the Empirical Evidence for the Two-Stage Model of Infant Imitation
  4. Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: The Case for and Against the Supplementation of Infant Formula
  5. Animal Models for Assessment of Infection and Inflammation: Contributions to Elucidating the Pathophysiology of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  6. Dietary Supplements: Infant Brain Development and Cognitive Enhancement
  7. Community Health and Maternal, Infant and Early Child Care
  8. Translational Research Models and Methods for Mother-Infant Interactions and Developmental Studies
  9. Aggregate Economic Shocks and Infant Mortality: New Evidence for Middle-Income Countries
  10. Infant Brain Development and Early Experiences
  11. Acoustic Correlates and Adult Perceptions of Distress in Infant Speech-Like Vocalizations and Cries
  12. Associations Between Infant Feeding Practices and Length, Weight, and Disease in Developing Countries
  13. Behavioral Problems From Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  14. Vaccine Interactions With the Infant Microbiome: Do They Define Health and Disease
  15. Delayed Motor Development and Infant Obesity as Risk Factors for Severe Deformational Plagiocephaly
  16. Worth the Wait? The Effect of Early Term Birth on Maternal and Infant Health
  17. The Mozart Effect and Infant Intelligence
  18. History, Principles and Value of Infant Observation
  19. Causal Relationships Between Infant Mortality and Fertility in Developed and Less Developed Countries
  20. Current Insights Into Adrenal Insufficiency in the Newborn and Young Infant

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