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Parent Interview and Infant Observation Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2020

Parent Interview

This research paper focuses on parent interview and infant observation. The parent interview focuses on pregnancy and delivery, infant’s physical developmental milestones, infant’s socio-emotional milestones, cognitive developmental milestones, and the effects of parenthood on parents.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Describe your experience with morning sickness

The mother explained that she experienced morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. According to her, morning sickness was characterized by nausea and occasional vomiting. The symptoms were present during the early hours of the day and subsided as the day progressed. The mother experienced morning sickness until the 12th week of pregnancy.

Describe your diet regimen during pregnancy

The mother ensured a steady and consistent intake of a balanced diet during pregnancy. According to her, she took food with sufficient levels of proteins and fats. She also took food rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Her diet included a regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet was critical to avoid pregnancy complications such as anemia and mood swings.

A balanced diet helps to regulate levels and activity of hormones during pregnancy. According to her, the intake of a balanced diet helped in reducing the effects and severity of morning sickness. To maximize the benefits of a balanced diet, the mother avoided detrimental habits such as smoking and intake of alcoholic drinks.

Describe your labor and delivery experience

The mother was in labor for 12 hours. She experienced intense pain and discomfort during labor. The mother prepared for labor by attending therapy sessions. During the sessions, she learned the measures she should take to counter the challenges of labor. This helped her to manage her labor pains. The mother had a natural delivery devoid of complications. Her partner was supportive during delivery. She prepared for delivery by talking to a therapist.

The Infant’s Physical Development Milestones

Describe how you fed your baby

During the first four months, the mother fed the baby on breast milk only. After four months, she introduced bottle-feeding. This helped her to orient the baby to other types of foods. However, bottle-feeding was not a replacement for breast milk.

Describe the infant’s stages of motor development

The motor development of the infant was steady and consistent with expectations. At 6 weeks, the baby could hold his head in an upright position. He could roll from side to back. At 3 months, he could hold the head in an upright position for a long period. At 5 months, he could pick objects and place them in the mouth. At 6 months, the baby could sit in upright position, albeit on physical support.

At 10 months, the baby could crawl and sit without physical support. At 1 year, the baby could stand by holding on to furniture and other objects for support. At 18 months, the baby could walk without support from anybody. The baby picks up objects without tripping over. The baby jumps with both feet and can move up and down stairs while holding on rails.

Describe the immunization regime of the baby

According to the mother, the baby has received four immunization vaccines. The first vaccine was at 2 months. The second vaccine was at 4 months. The third was at 6 months. The fourth vaccine was at the age of 18 months. The vaccines help to boost the immune system of the baby.

The Infants Socio-Emotional Development Milestones

Describe the current socio-emotional state of the baby

According to the mother, the baby has normal socio-emotional development. The baby is more tolerant of strangers. He constantly picks and drops toys and other light objects. The baby enjoys playing alone. The baby mimics the behavior and actions of adults. He enjoys the company of other children but does not engage in co-operative play. He constantly troubles other children during play activities.

Does the baby have an attachment to anybody?

The baby has developed a deep attachment to the mother. The baby is comfortable around the mother. He enjoys the company of the mother.

Does the child have a transition object?

According to the mother, the baby has a soft cloth that serves as a transition object. Whenever the mother leaves the baby, the soft cloth keeps the baby occupied.

The infant’s cognitive development

Describe the infant’s cognitive development

According to the mother, the child enjoys to play hide and seek games. The neurological development of the baby is consistent with expectations. The child enjoys perusing through picture books. He identifies everyday objects by names. The child enjoys solving puzzles and other complex games.

Describe the infant’s cognitive development at 12 months

The baby enjoyed hiding and finding objects such as toys. The boy could hold objects in both hands. Such co-ordination is age-appropriate and consistent with expectations. The baby had developed elaborate multi-tasking skills.

Is the child’s cognitive development consistent with expectations?

According to the mother, the cognitive development of the child is normal and consistent with expectations. The mother divulged that the child had undergone several tests that indicated healthy results.

The effect of parenthood on parents

How has having a child affected your relationship?

The mother argued that the child had put a strain on the relationship with her spouse. According to her, she dedicates more time to take care of the baby. This leaves her with little time for her spouse.

How has childbirth affected your sense of self?

Childbirth has improved the mother’s self-worth. The mother has an increased sense of responsibility and willingness to assist other people.

How do you balance work and taking care of the child?

Whenever the mother is away to work, she enlists the services of a trusted nanny. The mother is satisfied with the services of the caregiver — the nanny bonds well with the baby.

Infant Observation

The infant observation exercise lasted for 30 minutes. The exercise focused on the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of the infant. During the observation exercise, I watched baby Mozart with the infant. He displayed signs of interest in the exercise. His attention was scattered and divided towards various directions. The infant could not concentrate for long periods. However, he showed interests in the activities of the exercise. The object permanence experiment produced positive results.

The baby could notice objects and made efforts to follow the objects. After removing an object, the infant stared at the location where the object was. The infant responded to objects and sounds. The infant attempted to reach for objects and items within his range. The baby revealed an item if somebody hid it from him. The infant was less shy and enjoyed interacting through facial expressions. Whenever someone passed in front of the infant, he tracked him or her with his eyes. The baby was actively sucking on objects, especially his thumb.

This behavior is consistent with Piaget’s object permanence stages. When the mother left the room, the baby displayed signs of attachment to the mother. He reacted by crying and throwing tantrums to attract attention. The baby was receptive and open to play. He enjoyed my indulgence in play with him. The baby was upset when I withdrew from play. In my view, the child displayed a healthy development in terms of socio-emotional, physical, and cognitive development. The infant’s development is normal and age-appropriate.

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