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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Tri-Council Policy Statement and Informed Consent

Thus, the ethical principles provided in the definite articles of The Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement concerning the issue of the participants' consent can be discussed as the moral protection for persons against the inappropriate usage [...]

The Economics of Immigration

People in the host country are often hostile to the immigrants' cultures and want their complete assimilation while the immigrants find strength in their cultural background.

Disabled People and Society’s Attitudes

Available literature demonstrates that the phenomenon of disability in a society is as old as the history of humankind, though a lot of people are yet to come to terms with the fact that people [...]

White Privilege: History and Understanding

That said: White privilege is an institutional set of benefits granted to those of us who, by race, resemble the people who dominate the powerful positions [and] have greater access to power and resources than [...]

Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: Articles Evaluation

The article highlights the importance of coming up with sexual health services and contraception methods, which are community-based for the benefit of the young people in a bid to counter the seemingly never-ending menace of [...]

The Universality of Human Rights

In contrast to the other institutions that suggest a single form of the notion existing in the given society, the area of human rights allows to switch the shapes of the very notion of human [...]

Moral Relativism in American Society

The principle of moral relativism and its application in moral decision-making suggests that universally lawful moral principle is nonexistent. The principle of moral relativism maintains that the establishment of moral standards that apply to their [...]

Inclusive Communication in a Sales Company

He or she passes the message across to the recipient, or the person receiving the message. Inclusive communication is essential in passing such information to people in the corporate businesses.

Muslims in the US: Prejudice and Discrimination

In the United States, for instance, the whites discriminate the black people to shield them from political positions, access to employment and health services, and other opportunities that are freely and easily accessible to the [...]

Reality Construct and Perception of Others

On the other hand, reality construct is a sociological concept that explains how people perceive and present themselves in a social context. One of the best arenas for observing culture in action is a business.

Abortion in the Middle East

A recent study of the subject matter has shown that the rates of unsafe abortions in Middle east are getting increasingly high: as the official data states, out of 1,000 women ages 15 40, 11 [...]

Death with Dignity as a Social Concept

At the same time, there is no such thing as death with dignity because it relies on a social construct of perceiving the human body and, as a result, the concept of the dignified and [...]

Human Rights and Resistance of South Asia

To get an in-depth understanding of the question and discuss it appropriately, we will refer to the status of women in South Asia where women's rights are still discriminated in the light of social and [...]

Property and Cultural Possession

It is impossible to predict a global understanding of regular purchasing in the absence of first of all understanding the interpretation that consumers connect to possession. According to this theory, possession/ownership is the basis of [...]

The African American Woman’ Identity

The paper will bring out the meaning of interlocking nature of oppression in relation to African American identity and how racial identity intersect with other aspects of identity such as gender and sexuality.

US Invasion of Iraq and Its Ethical Aspects

Many analysts have argued that the events of September 11 catalyzed the US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The issue of global terrorism is widely used by many Americans to explain why the invasion and [...]

Personal and Professional Ethics Analysis

The researchers, Osmo and Landau, sought to examine the relationship between the prevailing ethical theories, the existing ethical dilemmas, and the increase in ethical issues, the idea of ethical decision-making, and the existing problems in [...]

Violence in an Adolescent Relationship

With this in mind, the given research is significant because it will reveal the factors that influence violence in adolescent relationships, and provide a basis to alleviate the situation for the affected parties. The independent [...]

Social Science Theory and Methodology

The question chosen for analysis is "How do violent video games affect family members' perceptions of teenagers?"This question will be particularly important to society because it might provide an explanation for increased separation of the [...]

Emotional Intelligence in Social Workers

As Poulin explains, listening is one of the basic tools for building a link between the patient and the social worker and, therefore, contributing to the development of emotional intelligence in the former.

Investigating the Value of Children

The research shows that intergenerational relationships, the presence or lack of the intergenerational support and reciprocity are one of the most powerful impacts on the fertility patterns and the value of children.

Fate of Friendship and Contemporary Ethics

Is friendship possible in the modern world dominated by pragmatism and will it exist in the future? For instance, Cicero takes the point of view of the social entity, in other words, he defines friendship [...]

Children of Alcoholics and Substance Abusers

The presence of an alcoholic or substance abuser is a family that leaves an imprint on the relationships inside and outside of a family, as well as on the child development and the mental health [...]

Asian Assimilation in United States

The assimilation of Asians in the United States has been one of the most common themes among artists who try to bring out the life of Asians in this country and some of the challenges [...]

Negative Public Opinion Toward Immigrant

The major argument of anti-immigration appeals resides in the assumption that newcomers deprive the locals of the workplaces and have a negative impact on the level of wages in the job market.

Cyber Practices and Moral Evaluation

Because of the current technological progress, there are many cyber practices that may not show due moral regard for stakeholders and lead to the problems of low respect and the inabilities to gain the required [...]

Women’s Difference: Sex Discrimination

Whereas Dworkin provides a very personal and emotional account of how persisting inequality affects women's lives, MacKinnon presents a conceptual analysis of the current approaches to gender equality.

The Issues of Human Rights

The scope of this review starts from the history of Labour Human Rights and examines how various authors have presented their case studies regarding the effectiveness or lack of it of the policies that govern [...]

Culture in “Youth Media”by Bill Osgerby

One of the issues that are often explored in mass media is the aggression, violence, and depravity of young people. One of the arguments which are expressed by many people is that the subcultures of [...]

Sexuality According to Playboy

Sexuality is defined as the way of how people are able to experience themselves as sexual beings and show the others the things that can prove that the chosen experience is deserved to be called [...]

Gun Culture and Masculinity in the US

This article will argue that the society's conviction about the threat or actual usage of guns is a constructed notion of masculinity and the message relayed to the public following the use of a firearm [...]

To What Extent Is Sexuality Socially Constructed?

The notion that sexuality or sexual expression is a social construct stems from the observation that gender socialisation defines what roles one takes in the society. Some scholars observe that sexuality is the sexual potential [...]

Food Shortages in the Republic of Malawi

There are various reasons that have been cited for the food shortage in the country. It also explains the reasons that have been given for the shortage and the suggestions presented to help the situation.

The International Fields of Justice

The inefficiency of the justice system, the location of the courts, and the absence of transparency are some of the factors that have increased the double standards in the international bodies of justice.

Cultivation Theory Definition

The danger of cultivating a belief that is influenced by watching television is that it leads most of the viewers to have a negative perception of the society.

Human Rights and Climate Change Policy-Making

Advocates of the inclusion of human rights feel that there is an important link between climate impacts and human rights and as such, integrating the two would promote the formulation of the best policies. Specifically, [...]

The Principle of Bills Paying in Restaurant

Specifically, they are oriented on the influence of dressing on the general impression about the couple, the strategic behavior of a waiter, who considers the gender-related orientation of two people, the style of communication between [...]

The Concept of Ethics in Groups

Understanding group dynamics plays a crucial role in increasing the level of success in a group. Second, group members should conduct themselves in a manner that promotes the values and interests of their group.

The Protest Raising in Ontario 2014

Raise the Rates protest opposed the Government of Ontario's proposal to merge and Ontario Disability Support Program and bring the delivery system to municipalities.

Nature and Nurture Influences

In other words, gender identity originates from the combination of both nature and nurture conforming people to certain temperate and experiences of gender.