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Use and Abuse of Drugs in New York

To limit drug abuse To protect innocent people To save the communities To control the use of drugs and prevent their usage New York drug offenders have been arrested an average of 10 times;

Erving Goffman’s Self-Presentation in Everyday Life

The proposed research will focus on Erving Goffman, and his vision of the self within the communication with the outer world; the theory will be demonstrated using the example of a teacher and their interactions [...]

US Issues in Karl Marx’s Economic Critique

The problem of class segregation is worsened by the fact that racial issues are still present in the country, and it is especially easy to notice in the workplace.

Coverage of Immigrants in the Israeli Media

Observers position the role of the media at the center of this debate by highlighting its role in propagating the negative perceptions of immigrants in Israel.

Belief Systems in Generation X and Millennials

As the purpose of the project consists in analyzing various belief systems pursued by Generation X and Millennials, it is purposeful to represent photos, statistics, and graphs uncovering the percentage characteristics in terms of the [...]

Ethics: Concepts and Cases

On the other hand, when I do something that is in line with my ethical code, I feel happy and proud of myself.

The Restricted Status of Women in Pakistan

The working force in Pakistan is low, the level of unemployment is too high and much of these problems exist due to the detrimental influence of the restricted status of women in the country on [...]

Powder Cocaine Abuse and Its Social Impacts

Often, this is not the case, but the message is clear that the more people use drugs, the more influence there is on those who are in close proximity to people and drugs themselves.

Diversity Organizations and Gender Issues in the US

A lot has changed with regard to the status of women in the United States in the recent past. In the past, GLBT people had no say in society and in other parts of the [...]

Zimmerman vs. Martin Conflict and Its Resolution

A sufficient resolution prevents further worsening of the situation and prolonging a disagreement considering the conflict between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin; we can assess the effectiveness of a conflict resolution process at the following [...]

Crack Cocaine Abuse and Its Social Effects

The media and a number of celebrities reinforce the view that crack cocaine is harmful to health, and people should not fall victim to the usage of the drug.

Gender Discrimination in the United States

Although the principle of equality is proclaimed as the democratic value in the USA, the gender differences are still accentuated with references to the woman's role in the society and woman's participation in the activities [...]

Activism and Career in the Self-Discovery Process

The main argument that can be put forward is that both career and activism are the results of a developed self, but at the same time, they can change people's perception of themselves and their [...]

Human Rights and Dignity: Non-Western Conceptions

It has been accepted that human rights are the notion which was developed in the West, however, some scientists tried to contradict this idea presenting the arguments that many nations battled for human rights many [...]

Inclusion Melbourne Organization’s Project Brief

In the context of such a project requirement, I believe the incorporation of concepts of cooperative in the implementation of this project is not only necessary but also warranted because cooperatives give room for people [...]

Technical Writing and Its Types

As a form of technical communication, Technical Writing is applied in such spheres as computer software and hardware, and other technical fields, including engineering and machinery. Technical writers apply a presentational approach while delivering technical [...]

Homosexual Relationships: Ethical Reflection

That is why it is useless to hope that the discovery of some genomes, which could be taken as the sign that the preferences of these people are the result of physical development, can improve [...]

Public Speaking and Audience Analysis

To begin with, the speaker may be directly invited by an organization, which may be a business conglomerate, a school, community, a political party, or a religious institution to make a public speech on a [...]

Text Messaging as a Communication Form

The authors try to analyze the phenomenon of the "communication imperative" realized via modern technologies and to understand whether its language is as unintelligible as one claim.

Helping the Homeless in the Community

The main task during the two hours is preparing cutlery and to serving the food to the homeless people. We particularly have to focus on the living conditions of the homeless people to highlight the [...]

The Cultural Communication Function

Pat did not take his time to listen and use his skills as a leader to understand the meaning of what was communicated.

Alcohol and Youth Perception

Topic: What is the perception of the youths, who drink alcohol and work within the New York night-time economy, on the state legislative changes to reduce alcohol-related violence in the inner city?

Confrontation: Connecting and Engaging

Why did you tell my colleagues that you would leave me because I have refused to help you? I advise you to think and reflect on the effect of your words before you talk.

Deviance’ Definition and Aspects

On the other hand, the crying of men in public places amounts to deviance in some societies, as it is against the norm for men to cry.

The Power of Peer Pressure

In this essay, I have used the concepts of the Asch's experiment to explain how the power of peer pressure has influenced my life.

Urban Life and New Forms of Sexuality and Leisure

Most of the employees in these cities would engage in new activities during the weekend. The youth are taking advantage of these cities in order to engage in new sexualities.

The Art of Rhetoric

On the whole, in his books, Aristotle argues that rhetoric can be defined as the ability of a person to choose a technique that can best influence the audience.

Empowerment of Women

Hence, a female starting her political career has to make sure that she will gain the necessary support and that the sociocultural environment is favorable.

Immigration Effects on the Median Household Income

To address the current immigrant trends appropriately, it is necessary to answer the following research question: Is there any association between the number of immigrants and the dwellers' household income in the US metropolitan areas?

Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

It should not be forgotten that it is a cause of numerous tragedies. Also, some studies show that the use of marijuana is especially dangerous for young people.

Ethical Issues Related to Competency

It may be difficult for some, but one needs to be able to decide if he or she can handle the assessment of possible risks.

Romantic Movement: Typical Features and View of Animals

The court and the maid looked for nightingale and informed her about the request of the emperor. Hence, personification is a feature of the Romantic Movement that is evident in the interaction of nightingale and [...]

Sexual Desire and Pervasion in T. Nagel’s Theories

Nagel claims that sexual desire is associated with the person's relations in the external world, and it is not a simple expression of the person's attitude in spite of the fact that this phenomenon is [...]

Social Work Profession-Related Change on the State Level

It happens due to the combination of such factors as the increased demand for services provided by these specialists and the general improvement of the quality of life of people in the majority of states.

Meaghan Daly’s Speech on Aboriginal Exclusion

Daly's passion for financial literacy and her interest in Aboriginal and First Nation issues, she decided to dedicate her enterprise to the problems of social exclusion from a business.

Group Dynamics and Leaderships

The nature of the population in the group has been described in addition to the reflection on the possible challenges that triggered the formation of the group.

The Problem of Sex Trafficking

The proposed study will compare the accuracy of news media in the portrayal of sex trafficking victims to what the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act constitute as a victim.

The Population Pyramid in Mexico

The indicator of life expectancy is highest in the developed country followed by developing country and least in the underdeveloped country.

How Inequality Is Reproduced in Everyday Life?

It was for the purposes of arranging people in the society in accordance to their social status and positions that social scientists borrowed the term.

International Migration Flows in the Philippines and Mexico

Another example that showcases economic pressures as the most important factor when it comes to international migration can be seen in the case of the Central African States and the establishment of the Economic and [...]

What Motivates Gen Y and Boomer Talent?

In other words, they want to work on the tasks that help them expand their outlooks. In other words, these people tend to concentrate on the tangible benefits that a company can offer to them.

Why Abortion Is Immoral?

Thompson accepts that every individual has the right to life, that is, the fetus has the right life, and also the mother has the right to life.

Anthropological Perspectives on Children’s Lives

The meeting premeditated on the aided conception and the restrictions of preference as well as the expectant woman's independence in an epoch of escalating existence observation and understanding to fetal damage.

Public Relations: Profession and Practice

2 This gives a good image of the company since the community feels part of the organization, and, therefore, the community supports fully the activities of the organization.

The Issues of Non-Heterosexual Individuals

Secondly, developing a campaign to educate the members of the society and compel them to accept the non-heterosexual individuals would also eliminate the prejudice and discrimination subjected to the victims.

Travel and New Land: Immigration Experience

I have shared my thoughts with many immigrants and found out that many of them have the same feeling of the obligation to stay loyal to the political machine of this country due to the [...]

Human Sexuality: Male, Female and Other

Men have a need for sex more than their women counterparts, and it is also clear that the issue of prostitution is propagated from the fact that men require sex more than women, and they [...]

Policy, Ideology and Backlash in Canadian Context

The purpose of this discussion paper is to summarize and analyze the class reading and make conclusions regarding the significance of its contents for understanding the theme of the week "Program of Action on Diversity [...]

Claiming of Identity

In line with the author's ideas, claiming of identity is the taking up of unique life styles that relates to the advantage at that moment or a different lifestyle from what you are, in dressing, [...]

Dress Practices of Saudi Adult Men and Women

On the other hand, literature mapping is the first step in literature review and it entails a set of maps that represent different ideas, concepts, definitions, and methodologies used in relevant research materials.

Concepts About Ethics

It is the assessment of human behavior while referring to their deeds thus includes the correct and wrong that occurs in their life.

Campaign against Domestic Violence: Program Plan

In addition, men who used to witness aggressive behavior at home or in the family as children, or learned about it from stories, are two times more disposed to practice violence against their partners than [...]

Second Wave of Feminist Movement

The reason why the movement emerged in the 1960s was that females began to reconsider their position in the society that was established after the war.

Ethics and Decision-Making in Public Safety

This project aims to study the importance of ethics for public safety and explore how political changes and ethical decision-making in public safety are interrelated.

Human Rights Issues During the Holiday Season

Should we stick to the habitual "Merry Christmas" and stay loyal to the traditions of the majority or embrace a more neutral "Happy Holidays" and show respect to the cultural diversity?

Spies Like Us: Studies Analysis

The guinea was engaged largely in fishing activities leading to Ellis giving them the nickname 'Fishnecks' to conceal their identity in her study report. The study helped to show the poor living conditions and quality [...]

Sociology of Asian Americans: Terms

Social movement theory: This is the examination of the dynamics of movements of people, and the motivation and consequences of such movements.

Basic Ethics and Business Ethics Issues

The tight relationship between the two is that legal and ethical considerations lead to the success or failure of an organization within a certain locality.

The Quality of Family Planning Programs

One of the advantages of NGOs in funding health programs is that they are highly accountable compared to the local or state authorities.

Gender and Alcohol Consumption Influence on a Date

The third null hypothesis is based on the effect of interaction between the first and second main effects: there is no significant interaction effect between gender and alcohol consumption in terms of the attractiveness of [...]

Personal Perspectives on Difference and Diversity

Robinson and Jones-Diaz state that the word "values" refers to beliefs, philosophies, and missions held deeply by an individual, a group of people, society, organization, or country, and they guide the decisions and behavior of [...]

Reducing the Alcohol Abuse Among the Youth

This paper includes a brief discussion of two possible ways to improve the problem and the justification for the use of one of the options.

Media Blackout Experience

The story of the internet has eventually culminated in the creation of a culture that I found very difficult to live without during the blackout.

Blues City by Ishmael Reed

On the other hand, the analyses the struggles which the residents of Oakland underwent, including gentrifying the town, discrimination, negligence, the gold rushers, and Brown's betrayal.

Why Poor People Stay Poor?

The major aim of rural integration is bridging the gap between the rich and the poor while agricultural transformation aims at improving production in the agricultural sector.

Social Psychology of Modern Slavery

The social psychology of modern slavery holds the opinion that slavery still exists today, contrary to the belief of many people that slavery does not exist in the modern world.

The Linguistic, Cultural and Historical Turns

The author pays attention to discussing transformations of social history and cultural history in order to state that the reorientation of modern historians is important to explain changes in societies from the perspective of the [...]

Leaderless Resistance and Ideological Inclusion

As a result, small uncontrolled groups of individuals such as the one Daniel McGowan belonged to tend to separate from the organization and work according to their own policy and judgment. Such an approach is [...]

Perceptions of Diversity

Lastly, the same term has the interpretation as being the code of ethics that fight for the existence of the minority groups within the society.

Ethnic Conflicts According to Humanistic Theory

The proponents of the humanistic theory hold that cultural diversity is not a justification for conflict but a chance to learn how to appreciate other people's culture so that if all different cultural experiences are [...]

Mayor Henry Agostini’s Speech

This event is significant for all the city because the development of the new Hospital provides answers to such problematic questions as the Bush hospital's impossibility to offer services to the community's population, problems associated [...]

The Rejection of Marriage and Social Stability

The chain of causes which lead to the social instability in the context of the idea of marriage is rather long, and it is necessary to start with analyzing the connection between the rejection of [...]

Animalization as the Social Phenomenon

Thus, animalization is the social phenomenon which can characterize the tendencies of the society's development in relation to the social focus on rejecting the idea of humanity and following the instincts because animalization is the [...]

Failure to Communicate Effectively in Healthcare

In order to understand how failure to communicate effectively presented risky situations to patients, I realised that communication breakdown was the main cause of communication challenges between patients, nurses, and physicians.

Observing and Breaking Norms

I sat next to some people socializing and decided to break the norm. I explained to them I was doing a social experiment of trying to break a norm.

Gendered Bodies: Myth and Reality

Being an Indian woman in the US society, I can claim that the world is ruled by males and this reign is unlikely to cease to exist in the nearest future.

Teenagers Motivated to Smoking

While the rest of the factors also matter much in the process of shaping the habit of smoking, it is the necessity to mimic the company members, the leader, or any other authority that defines [...]

Feminist Approach in Literary Criticism

The reason for this is simple this particular plot's development suggests that, just as it happened to be the case with the functioning of a male psyche, the working of a female psyche implies that [...]

Analysis “The History of Sexuality” by Foucault

Foucault asserts in his seminal text The History of Sexuality the evolution of sexuality and how carnal pleasures gradually became something to look down upon by the society on grounds of impropriety and being against [...]

Domestic Violence and Bullying in Schools

It also states the major variables related to bullying in schools. They will confirm that social-economic status, gender, and race can contribute to bullying in schools.

Illegal Importation of Drugs

The AFP follows the truck to the rear of a building, where they intercept Steve as he begins to unload the goods.

Gender and Perception of Police Work

The deductive approach will be used since the research will begin by the description of concepts such as the relationships between gender and the perceptions of how the work of the police, after which it [...]

Communication Research Theory and Techniques

I should say that in this context the word media refers to a way or method of communicating information to the public, for example, television, radio, Internet, print etc.

Why Is Sociology a Useful Subject?

Sociology as a systematic method of studying the society offers individuals a chance of understanding the significance of different institutions that are the primary building blocks of a society.

Control and Violence in Intimate Relationships

He may use the children to further humiliate the victim. Situational couple violence: this is characterized by the absence of the desire to gain power and control.

Oral Messaging and Interpersonal Skills

I will pick some of the communication strengths that I have and try to reflect on how to develop them; I will choose a role model who will always make me accountable.

Deviant Law Concepts and Contraries to Social Norms

Recently, I broke two norms when my uncle and I went to a movie in a movie theatre. After I had changed my pajamas for nice clothes, some of these people came to compliment me.

Adopting a Pet for a Balanced Life

My main attraction to the dog as my pet of choice is the companionship attribute as well as the loyalty that seems to be innate in all breeds of dogs.
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