Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Gender Studies: Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

Introduction In spite of being a highly modernized country, Saudi Arabia has some of the most restrictive laws for women. Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are greatly influenced by the religious beliefs of the country’s population. The country is predominantly Islamic with about 97% of the population practicing this religion. Islam plays a significant role […]

Cultural Studies: Australian Folk Songs

Introduction Folklore has always been used to pass culture and historic information of communities from one generation to another. According to Bohlman (78), folklores were used to entertain the audience, pass cultural practices, and impart desirable knowledge to the young members of the society. Members of society used folklores to educate the younger generation to […]

Steve Martin’s Critical Incident Application

Steve Martin, a police officer of the Wichita force, shot himself on Halloween 2005. He was 44 years old when he committed suicide (Ritter, 2007). He had separated from his wife Debbie and had developed severe drinking problems. According to his wife Debbie, Steve displayed several “warning signs” clearly indicating a risk of suicide. Rheam […]

City of Newark Public Water Supply System

Source: University of Delaware Newark City is one of the areas in New Jersey, which has managed to maintain an efficient water supply system for many years. The initial commissioning of Newark’s City water system was done in 1888 when the first city residents got to use the services of this crucial system (University of […]

Autism Disease

Introduction Autism is a disease related to the impairment of neural development. This disease is detected in children in their early stages of development especially from between two to three years. The disorder is characterized by its effect on the social development of the child and in most instances poorly developed speech. The infected child […]

The Peace Corps Mission and Contribution to the Society

Every day, millions of citizens around the world feel a need to channel their social and moral values through occupation. Some of them choose professions connected with helping people. Others participate in social movements or become members of charitable and nonprofit organizations. Sociologists define this sort of social commitment (altruism) “as behavior that is motivated […]

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

A storehouse of knowledge and useful information – an immensely valuable tool, which is the Internet – allows all people to almost instantly access any information that interests them. Every day, users come there to chat with friends on social networks, play games, read something, or watch, and therefore, for many people, almost all their […]

Grief: Stage Theory and Stages of Grief

Grief is one of the strongest emotions a human being may face. Hence, its nature has been extensively studied by scholars. Nowadays, Stage Theory is one of the most practical and widely applied models. Despite the theoretical base of the Stage Theory has been disputed in recent years, it still holds a strong position in […]

Gender Inequality as a Global Issue

Gender inequality is a global issue where men and women enjoy different levels of representation in various spheres of life. Generally predisposed against females, multiple factors conspire to limit their opportunities for education and employment, as well as, in more extreme cases, lead to violence. The causes of such inequality can stem from biology, culture, […]

Cruelty to Animals – Causes and Effects

Animal abuse means acts of neglect or violence that cause the pain and suffering of domestic and wild animals. With the development of modern civilization, this problem and the attention to it have been continuously increasing. According to Tanner (2015), today, “condemnation of cruelty to animals is virtually unanimous” (p. 818). Despite the public disapproval […]

Causes and Effects of Child Labor

Introduction As a rule, people start their professional careers when they are of full age. In this case, they can work full-time, while employers do not face any significant issues with workers of this group. At the same time, many people start working, either legally or not, when they are younger than 18 years old, […]

The Main Causes and Effects of Youth Violence

Introduction Youth violence is not only a widespread social phenomenon but also a significant health problem. Homicide is the fourth most common cause of death among people aged 10-29 (Golshiri et al., 2018). Apart from this, the experience of violence may lead to other severe mental and physical disorders. Young people can also be involved […]

The Problem of Overpopulation

Overpopulation has become one of the main challenging trends over the past centuries. Governments accept the fact that they are no longer capable of managing this problem. According to Rieder, the significant aftermath of this event is that “the Earth will, at some point, be unable to provide for our population, even without more growth” […]

Procrastination and its Causes

Every person occasionally postpones tasks at hand for various reasons, such as fatigue, unwillingness to engage in it at the moment, or lack of spare time to spend on the issue. However, some people get into the habit of delaying things that they have to do, thus disregarding deadlines and causing troubles for themselves and […]

Cultural Identity: Problems, Coping, and Outcomes

People’s awareness of their belonging to a community, which allows them to understand their place in sociocultural space and to navigate in the world around freely is connected with the concept of cultural identity. In its essence, cultural identity is a sense of belonging to a particular culture. Each person needs a certain regulation of […]

Butterfly Effect with Premarital Sex

According to Klein (16), premarital sex has severe consequences that can result in lifelong pain. An individual who engages in premarital sex may not be in a position to understand these effects at the right time. This behavior is associated with physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage. Bancroft (175) notes that several people involve themselves in […]

Dubai Trade in the Private Sector

Introduction The research will relate to Dubai Trade in the private sector. People will be asked of their involvement and knowledge of the workplace, as well as behavior and attitude patterns, will be established to come to specific results. As it is much involved in international business, people of different ages and backgrounds will come […]

Social Issues: Challenges Facing Young Immigrants

There are myriads of challenges that young immigrants face when they visit the United States of America. According to a survey conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2004, young immigrants in the United States face a lot of impediments even as they attempt to transmit to the American culture far away from their […]

Social Issues: the Freak Shows Popularity

The term “freak” came into popular usage during the Victorian era about people who had severe deformities (Tromp 1). The term came into popular usage because doctors and freak show producers referred to the cases of severe deformity as freaks of nature (Tromp 6). The intended meaning was that these persons had features that were […]

Group Therapy

Introduction Group therapy is a very effective avenue in the treatment of addiction and compulsive behaviors. Through group therapy, individuals receive specialized care and support about their prevailing conditions. During group therapy, individuals relate their predicament to group members in reaching a viable solution. Group therapy involves the process of group development (Berg, 2006). This […]

Water Distribution in Boston

Water distribution in Boston dates back to the time of Early Settlers when private suppliers could deliver water through wooden pipes from Jamaica Pond. Earlier, the natives were using water from spring, rain barrels, and local wells. Pollution became common in the Jamaican Pond. Equally, the capacity could not serve the then population. The rapid […]

Creating a Group in Society

Group Population Students at risk are those vulnerable to expulsion owing to their weak academic performance. In the recent past, scholars have been engaging in constant research to establish some of the factors that predispose students to poor academic performance, which dispose them to risks of being expelled from school. It is established that some […]

Racism in American Schools

Introduction Since its inception, the program ‘No Child Left Behind’ (NCLB) has received mixed reactions from various groups. Some are applauding the program while some are cynical about the idea. The program core mission is to map the education curriculum of different states to know what kids are taught from kindergarten to 12th grade. Afterward, […]

William Paley’s Philosophy Argument of God’s Existence

Paley’s argument for God’s existence is a substantial work. The argument is based on multiple points because the philosopher tried to answer to all possible criticisms to his ideas. Paley’s work contains multiple objections and counter-arguments defending the philosopher’s way of thinking. In his work, Paley uses a teleological argument based on the watchmaker analogy. […]

Social Issues: Racism in America

Human beings have different characteristics from each other. The way that one person is socialized is not the same way that another person will be socialized. Cultural backgrounds are different, and people tend to stick to their cultural teachings. It is important to note that ethnocentrism is the fact that each human being is unable […]

Adler’s Individual Psychology

Abstract The field of psychology has benefited from the works of many theorists and scholars. The paper discussed Alfred Adler’s contributions to the field through Individual Psychology. A brief history of Adler and his connection with Freud is given. The major principles of his theory are given, and the importance of human strive for superiority […]

Nurture and Human Development

Introduction There are diverse factors, which influence the progression of early human development. Nurture is one of those factors. This incorporates the process through which parents influence the growth and development of their younger children. It is notable that other arguments have suggested that nature plays a critical role in the early development of children. […]

Honor Killings

Introduction People have reasons to support these killings and justify why the victims deserve to be punished. This paper examines the origin and beliefs surrounding honor killing and how this practice can be managed in modern societies. Definition Honor killing is an old practice that was performed to cleanse the community or family from any […]

Child Attachment

Introduction Psychologists define the term attachment as a situation whereby an individual feels emotionally attached to another individual. The attachment is common among children who are below five years of age. Several reasons are responsible for the attachment. Psychologists have revealed that caregivers who devote a lot of time to their children help to instill […]

Social Psychology Concepts

Social Psychology Social psychology is one of the primary subdivisions of psychology that tries to understand human behavior, through uncovering the effect of the social and cognitive process on human actions. That is, through the application of scientific research insights, it tries to understand how different individuals think, perceive their immediate environments, and react to […]

Social Issues: Women and Divorce in China

Introduction Divorce has been on the rise in China for the last decade. According to Walton (2014, p. 280), the increasing affluence of many families and westernization of the Chinese culture has reduced stigma that was always associated with divorce. In the past, women divorcees were stigmatized as per the traditional culture of the people […]

Social Issues: Muslim Immigrants in the UK

Introduction Muslims appear as the largest faction amongst the minority religions in Europe. Muslim migrants who settled in the European countries did so after the Second World War. In the United Kingdom, the history of Muslims who migrated from all corners of the world is long. As a result, the populations living in the UK […]

Women and Engineering in North America

Introduction There have been low levels of enrollment of women in science, math, and engineering fields of study for an extended period in history to the extent that these fields have been considered to belong to men. This emanates from the precedent number of men in these fields of study, which is far much higher […]

Social Issues: Freak Shows

Since time immemorial, curiosity drove a man to seek experiences with unnatural phenomena. Freak shows arose from the counterintuitive natural human desire to see the unnatural. Freak shows were a commercial response to this desire. The shows gave audiences something they craved, and the audiences gladly paid the organizers for putting up the shows. This […]

Community Program for Little Rock

Abstract In 1996 Congress passed and enacted the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program was further enacted to ensure the regular provision of financial aid to welfare recipients and facilitate their transition back into the workforce. Nevertheless, many social problems continue to persist. The goal of […]

Stress Management

Stress is one of the challenges that have affected humans for ages. People are mostly stressed about problems occurring in their lives, responsibilities, and busy schedules. Many specialists have attempted to help people solve stress-related problems by writing articles that suggest things that stressed-out people can do to reduce their levels of stress (Posen, 1995, […]

Social Issues: The Effect of the Divorce on Children

Introduction The divorce is the issue, which goes beyond the boundaries of the problem of a single family. It is the issue, which touches upon the whole society and the future of the young generation. Undoubtedly, divorce makes an impact on children. However, it is arguable whether it is better for them to live in […]

Culture of an Individual from Kenya

Overview, Inhabited Localities, and Topography Culture or simply a set of values observed by people seems dominant in each society differing from tribe to tribe. As a result, it sounds rather interesting to engage an individual in an interview where you expect him/her to give you at least a hint of his/her culture based on […]

Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Introduction Understanding the dynamic nature of human personality has become a complex issue in the contemporary society owing to numerous factors such as nature, genetic makeup, and the social environment that control and influence individual’s behavior. Sociologists argue that human behavior, besides being influenced by the environment, is also controlled by certain aspects such as […]

Homelessness in the US

Introduction Homelessness is a state of affairs in which an individual lacks a place that he/she calls home. It is a major problem in the United States because of its profound effects. The issue disturbs policy makers because of its vast effects that affect nearly every person in society. It is also true that deformed […]

Undocumented Childhood in the United States

Introduction Each year, over 65.000 students graduate from American high schools. However, these students, regardless of their grades, cannot join colleges or work in the military just because they are first grade immigrants. Culturally, these students are Americans because there is very little they share with the country of birth of their parents (Immigration Policy […]

Why there are Few Women in Telecommunications Industry in Europe and Middle East

Introduction A decade into the 21st century, women in nearly all progressive countries across the world continue to be disadvantaged in their careers relative to men. Despite sustained efforts by governments and industry to promote gender equality in the workplace, women persist to experience occupational segregation, wage disparities, fewer promotions, and less significant wage increases […]

Sociological Theories and How They Contribute to Our Understanding of Education

Introduction Different scholars look at education functions from different perspectives depending on the theory they deploy in interpretation of their perceived features of education. The theories that tend to explain the sociological functions of education are collectively termed as sociological theories of education. Young posits that sociology of education entails the study of the manner […]

Globalization and Gay Tourism: Learning to Be Tolerant

According to the existing evidence, globalization has triggered a number of changes in the modern world, convincing people to be tolerant towards the representatives of the other nations, races, political ideas, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Comprising the experience of different nations and creating a peculiar fusion of traditions and customs, globalization has touched upon […]

Advertising and Body Satisfaction in Women

Introduction The role of women in advertising has remained a contentious issue in the contemporary society. For many years, advertisers have used women as advertising objects thus triggering debates and research interest to unravel the unknown truth behind women and advertising. With most adverts carrying the image of women, it is clear that they usually […]

Reducing Violent Street Gangs and Delinquent Activity in a Cost-Effective Manner

Introduction The expansion of youth gang and crime problem supports the intention to analyze the phenomenon and to devise the effective and sustainable intervention protocols. The problem of urban gang and gang affair has been documented in various studies, surveys and reports des. A wide range of studies have provided substantial volume of knowledge applicable […]