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Sociology Essay Examples and Topics

Relational vs. Identity-Based Everyday Life

According to Levinas, an individual's face gives a connotation that cannot be identified with any given context. An interesting part of it is that the signal conveyed by an individual's face might not be apparent [...]

Human Rights of Poor in Developing Countries

Their interactions with those in authority and the decision makers in the society have been marred with many obstacles and denied the rights to freedom of speech and expression that is being enjoyed by the [...]

Methods of Communication

The venue of the interview was a restaurant in her locality and the room was very quiet except for the sounds of utensils, cutlery and hushed conversations.

Asian Americans’ Political Involvement

The first paper covers the politics of Asian Americans, and the other one covers their immigration history. Overall, the paper is an informative piece on population dynamics of Asian Americans.

Culture in Communication

That is, institutions should integrate conventional communication channels to aid execution of activities and conveyance of information. Due to this, it is prudent for communicators to understand the language and gender issues of the audience [...]

Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Human Trafficking

Patterson and Jeste point out that the high prevalence of alcohol abuse will increase in the future. Besides, Hanna indicates that domestic trafficking of girls in the US is a complex phenomenon to understand because [...]

Ethical egoism

He would advise me to take a course of action that would enable me to achieve my own personal interests at the expense of my neighbor's interests.

Importance of Ethics

Ethics differ from the law because they are not recorded in statutes that make it mandatory for all people to observe them.

“Unmarried With Children”: Article Summary

The underlying thesis of the article is that economic challenges, shifts in marital roles, and the setting of a high financial bar for marriage have led to a situation whereby most poor women continue to [...]

“Flat Broke With Children” by Sharon Hays

In the work, Hays refers to the Personal Responsibility Act or the welfare reform along with discussing the real-life cases to analyze the role of the reform for changing the situation within the society.

Depictions of Family Life

It is based on such representations, which are prevalent in present-day popular culture media, that the concept of women as having equal status as men is still far from being a realized reality.

Immigration Threats in the USA

The article gives a summary of how immigration has been a major issue in American history. The author's arguments are not in agreement that immigration poses a threat to the American way of life.

Re-Assessing Family Valuables

According to Cherlin, the change in the social functions that a family has, and, weirdly enough, baby boomers, as well as a shift toward individualism and the lack of family support are most likely to [...]

“Body Art and Social Status” by Sheila Jeffreys

The author believes that this behavior can be the result of continuous abuse or marginalization of "a hetero-patriarchal culture". Furthermore, the author mentions that many of the people, who undergo body modification procedures, were the [...]

Social Factors in the Families

Cherlin also says the three-status groups of people in the society comprise of college-educated, high school educated, and no high school-educated groups. The poverty limit is a measure of income that represents the product of [...]

Moral Issues Analysis

Moreover, the right to abortion is an extension of the right to freedom owing to the fact that an individual should choose what to carry in his or her body.

Memories as a Time Traps

One of the most peculiar things about my experience was that the tenser and the more uncomfortable the environment which I lived in became for me, the more alluring and exciting the world of memories, [...]

Sociological Significance of Family

On one hand, it shows the socialization of children along with the class cohort and on the other hand, it shows the influence of social conformity for parents and children alike.

Housing as a Social Asset in the Real Estate Market

The financial situation in a household directly reflects the well-being and social interaction of individuals. Housing physically provides a space for social interaction and the building of social support mechanisms in a community.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Analisys

Based on these facts, it is possible to draw up an appropriate plan for assessing the effectiveness of the work done and the potential benefits for the members of the meeting.

Textual and Visual Communication

However, one of the key peculiarities of the video is that it is accompanied by a message box typical for most of the chat rooms, with each phrase and emotion of the students in the [...]

Race and Gender Privileges in Society

Based on everything that has been presented in the course materials so far privilege for me can be summed up as a form of "entitlement" which is based on preconceived social and cultural norms from [...]

Treatments for Alcohol Abuse in the Military

It is also notable that the use of illicit drugs and alcohol is not high among military professionals in comparison with the other members of the society. Stress and the nature of the working environment [...]

Immigrant’ Cultural Anthropology Issues

Although epidemiological research into the establishment of nation-states demonstrates that America was built by immigrants, particularly the British immigrants, those who have been to the 'land of opportunity' would readily attest to the fact that [...]

Affirmative Action, Social Movements and Urbanization

Affirmative action, according to Messerli, can be conceptualized as the preferential treatment of minorities in various aspects in the society. The following are some of the arguments supporting and opposing affirmative action in employment and [...]

Poverty and Its Relative Definitions

In addition, although many individuals may define poverty by considering the unavailability of certain basic amenities or means of subsistence, depending on the region and the level of development of that region, poverty can have [...]

Emile Durkheim: Living Beings and Their Needs

For a human, requirements are different from those of other animals because people do not depend on material supplies alone to carry out their daily activities. These forces are noteworthy because they help in restricting [...]

Ageism and Feminism in Career and Family Expectations

Interviewer: "According to your opinion, does providing a woman with higher education strengthen or weaken marriage?" Interviewee: "I am of the opinion that education plays a critical role in strengthening marriage because a woman is [...]

China’s Land Grabs and Human Rights Violation

What interested you about the article and how is the content of the article related to aspects of global citizenship? Upon reading the news article from Amnesty International's website about Chinese officials' land grabbing [...]

French Revolution, Its Social Causes and Legacies

The French revolution owes its occurrence, foremost, to the significant increase of the French population throughout the eighteenth century. The implication of this stratification was the lumping of a majority of the population into the [...]

Poverty in America

In contrast, a considerable percentage of the populations believe the society has the moral obligation to eradicate poverty, and thus, they hold the view that the solution to poverty reduction lies in the socioeconomic policies.

Moral Status of Animals at Factory Farming

Stewart is concerned about the extent to which human beings are willing to mechanize animal farming to meet their needs. As human beings, we are faced with moral dilemmas of whether to compromise an animal's [...]

Leadership Qualities and Women’s Soft Skills

Because of the growing interest in social behavior and the social roles the specific disguise which people put on one of the most important issues in social psychology is forming the students' personalities.

Sociological Aspects and Theories

Of the three dimensions, which dimension is the most influential determinant of social class? Explain the Evolutionary theory of stratification and the Conflict theory of Stratification.

Nature Laws for Managing Human Interactions

Due to the lack of the much difference that is present in many countries, the interaction between mankind would improve with each one providing love and affection to others the same way he would like [...]

Human Communication Developments

In regard to that conjecture the Al jazeera website seems to have thus combined the aspects of theory of organizational communication with the dynamics of theory of mass communication.