Society's Imperfections Essay Examples and Topics

Capitalism in Canadian Society

Introduction When it comes to defining what the concept of social class stands for, one will be much better off sticking with the Marxist interpretation – social class, is the spatially extended group of people, whose existential stances in life reflect what happened to be these people’s place in the hierarchical structure of a particular […]

Socialization and Social Interactions: The Case of Chinese Support Group

Introduction Socialization is a sociological aspect involving social interactions, in which cultural continuity is achieved. Human beings belong to societies that are further split to smaller social entities. Society is a system with different actors, with different roles and contributing in various ways to the cohesiveness of the system (Hebert, 1956). It is in this […]

The Role of Resocialisation in Society

Resocialisation can be described as the change of existing social roles with new ones (Ferrante, 2010, p. 139). People are made to adapt to the new roles because of the situations they get themselves in. Socialisation involves making people more aware of their roles in the society. The process of resocialisation occurs in many areas […]

Socialization in Malls in the 21st Century

Introduction Humans are social beings. It is a part of their culture to come together and interact with each other (Peterson 110). The modes of socialization vary depending on place, time and culture. The way people socialized in the 19th and 20th century is different with the way people socialize in the 21st century. Also, […]

Karl Marx, Max Weber and Talcott Parsons Contributions in Sociology

Introduction The nineteenth century witnessed the existence of some of the most revolutionary minds in sociology. During this era, Karl Marx and Max Weber stand out as the most instrumental conflict sociological theorists. These two sociologists attempt to elucidate social change and its impact on society. Another great sociological theorist, who took a structural functionalist […]

Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Society

Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes the strategies companies use to ensure their operations are eco-friendly, adhere to ethical principles, and beneficial to the society. It is argued that CSR is a company’s contribution to the growth of the society. The critical areas that CSR managers focus on include the conservation of the environment, the […]

The Problem of Social and Economic Inequality in Modern Society

Introduction Nowadays, we have the opportunities to be the active participants of the social problems solving. In the past, people struggled for gaining these opportunities. However, it does not mean that the nature of social issues changed dramatically. Quite the opposite, the nature is, essentially, the same but the methods of their solving and the […]

The Historical, Present, and Future Perspectives of the Social Security Program in the US

The concept of social security system is complex, although understandable under rigorous exertion. Various socioeconomic factors inspired the concept of social security system. This essay discusses the historical, present, and future perspectives of the social security program in the US. The starting point of Social Security lies in anticipation of how an individual or a […]

Existence and Continuity of Social Groups

Group dynamics regulate external and internal relationships in a given social group. Since social groups share common values such as beliefs, roles, norms, morality and needs, both external and internal influences make these groups to respond collectively to imminent challenges that affects them. External influences that threaten continuity and existence of a given social group […]

Social Network in Sports

Introduction One of the best ways to understand how people, groups of people or a social entity relates to one another is through social network analysis. This concept has been used for many times in analyzing the relationships between individuals or a group with the aim of either improving the performance of such groups or […]

Role of Politics in American Society

Introduction America is a federal nation whereby there exists a written constitution that outlines the powers of the central government and that of regional governments. Each of these two forms of government has officials and laws that act directly and independently on the American citizens. The president, the congress, and the Judiciary share power reserved […]

Inequality in Society

Introduction There is no question that inequality is prevalent in all sorts of human society. No matter the level of human development, inequality seems to be existent. It is even present in simple cultures where there is minimal variation in wealth. Some individuals in such cultures may have privilege because of their prowess in certain […]

How Facebook and other social networks promote Narcissism Culture and other dangers in the U.S

Introduction In the current rapid development of social networks, is the Internet safe? Well, Narcissism is a culture that is spreading so speedily especially in the US. It mainly depicts those individuals who only care about themselves; as a result, they experience a constant need for approbation and mostly relate to their peers. This attribute […]

The Sociology of Religion: Childhood Indoctrination

Childhood indoctrination is one of the ways how one become religious where people are brought up and grow old while still in a given religion and always believe it. This becomes difficult to overcome because people are born and told that a certain religion is the true one making it difficult for them to question […]

Sociology Reflection Paper

The sociology of religion is the study of how different sets of people in religious groups interact and how their behavior is influenced by these interactions. People’s religious practices, norms and behavior are influenced by interactions they have with each other in their religious groups. Religion is a collective set of beliefs and practices with […]

Taking Social Entrepreneurship Seriously

Synopsis The current social and environmental conditions in the world demand that the level of social entrepreneurship to be improved as it is yet to get to the desired level. This is due to the fact that there are still pertinent issues that affect the world population. These issues include; poverty, curable and non curable […]

Agents of Socialism

Introduction Children acquire social experiences from the society, and this helps them to live and interact well with other people. Socialism refers to the process that enables people to learn their culture, language and other aspects of their society. This process starts from the time a child is born and continues until when it matures […]

Consumerism is Beneficial to U.S Society

Consumerism thrives on the notion that individuals should have what they want in excess. This has led to a situation in which consumers acquire products in constantly increasing quantities. Perceived classiness appears to be the driving force of consumerism. That is, consumption of luxury products is thought to elevate a consumer’s social class. Consumerism thrives […]

Is technology a positive or negative aspect of the society and culture?

As the world develops, technology also grows. Technology can be defined as an adoption of improved machinery that makes work easier. An example of technology is evident in computers or a procedure discovered so as to achieve a certain goal like a medical procedure. Technological developments take place across all fields which include science, agriculture […]

Sociology of Sport: The Bulls vs. the Nets on April 22, 2013

On April 22, 2013, the Brooklyn Nets met the Chicago Bulls during the NBA basketball game in the eastern conference playoff. This was the second game in the series, and the players and the audience focused on the game’s results in order to predict the success in the next games after the win of the […]

Nuclear Family and British Social Breakdown

Introduction One of the biggest concerns of the contemporary British society is the issue society breakdown. This matter has attained the attention of not just sociologists and anthropologists but the general public as well. Many factors have been attributed to this social problem. Different theories have been fronted to explain the origin, causes and effects […]

Modern-Day Heroes in Society

Introduction Who is your hero? Most people when presented with a scenario to answer this question would think of a selfless character that braved the odds and rescued a situation that was getting out of hand. A hero is a person who is well-liked due to their successes and noble characteristics (The hero). The likes […]

Has the internet had an overall positive or negative effect on the society?

Introduction The internet is arguably the most influential invention made in the last half a century. This creation has had immense impact on the world with person’s personal and professional lives being influenced by this innovation. The internet has invaded most aspects of human life with its use spanning from industries as diverse as health […]

The Sociology of Religion Aspects

Discussing the aspects of sociology of religion, it is necessary to refer to the religion as the social phenomenon when the religious groups can be determined and analyzed as any other social groups according to their specifics and goals. The sociology of religion as the sphere of knowledge is developed by sociologists in relation to […]

Introduction to Sociology of Religion: When Religion Defines the Moods in Community

Introduction: The Sociology of Religion as a New Interpretation of Theological Issues Weirdly enough, the idea of studying human race in general and the phenomenon of society in particular is rather recent. Having appeared in the XIX century, however, it has become one of the major fields of social sciences. Indeed, researches on the subject […]

Religion in Society

The questions of the people’s social interactions are discussed within the context of sociology, and the persons’ religious beliefs and attitudes are the subject matter of the religious studies. Nevertheless, sociologists accentuate the fact that religion can develop only as the social phenomenon that is why it is important to study religions and the people’s […]

About the Sociology of Religion

What is the Sociology of Religion? Sociology of religion entails the study of cultural beliefs, practices, and forms of organizations. The study is undertaken using the established tools and methods in the field of sociology. Scholars may employ quantitative or qualitative designs to understand how religion affects human behavior. In particular, polling system, surveying, the […]

What is sociology of religion

Meaning of sociology of religion Sociology of religion is the process of studying a certain community based on their religion and beliefs (Stotts 1). Besides, it involves a well-organized study of various aspects of the societal life with regard to their religious views. Consequently, sociology of religion majorly involves the entire study of the societal […]

The Social Organization of Religion

Scholars from the social science discipline have focused on the study of religion. Their interests are geared towards understanding the various aspects related to religion. There exist certain social theories to explain this variant form of organizations, movements, beliefs, and religious ideologies. The sociology of religion seeks to find the concept that underlies the complexities […]

Religion Social Organization

Religion usually develops as a social institution and as a cultural system and system of beliefs which are typical for the definite social group. That is why religion can be discussed as a social or group phenomenon. The members of the definite religious group create their own community which evolves according to the certain norms, […]

Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility

People in the various parts of the world have different social and economic status. When we evaluate the disadvantaged, we do it not only in financial terms but also in other aspects of life. There are people who are physically and mentally challenged, others are living in war torn countries, while some suffer from the […]

The Specifics of Society Genetic Constitution

Thesis statement When it comes to discussing what prompts people to behave in one way or another, it is crucially important to understand that, in order for them to be able to effectively interact with the surrounding environment; they must act as socially integrated beings. This is the reason why, as sociologists and psychologists are […]

Sociological Concepts in Shopping Malls

There can be nothing more trivial than a visit to a shopping mall. However, this everyday routine can be seen differently by different people. For some, it can be a torture and for some it can be a way to overcome depression. For a sociologist, this can be a kind of Eldorado where almost all […]

Sociology of Healthcare

The Healthcare industry comprises of institutions that offer health services to the citizens. Such institutions include nursing homes, hospitals and healthcare facilities found in homes among other institutions. The operation of the institutions is either facilitated by the government or by the private sector. They are served by individuals who specialize in various areas of […]

Effects of the SIR on Tradition and Social Mores

Change is a continuous process that is bound to occur as long as there is variation in time. Technology has brought change in the world especially social change. There are several technological advances in the world today which include computers, television, airplanes, fax machines, modems, radios and cellular phones. These technological advances have brought social […]

Interpretation of Social Theories

The study of sociology aims at evaluating and determining the civic and domestic interrelationship of people. During my comprehensive study of this subject, I have come across quite a number of pieces of literature that have enhanced my knowledge and liberalized my notion concerning the subject in question. I have loved some facts presented in […]

Sociology of Gambling

Summary of Reading Gambling has for a long time been regarded to as a social vice (Eagley and Chaiken, 1993). The act of gambling is normally regarded to as immoral. This is because it is addictive and in most cases people tend to lose their money or any other valuable item that was used as […]

Issue of Social Mobility

Social issues are matters that negatively affect the society directly or indirectly (Callahan, 2010). In today’s society, many social issues are affecting community members. Among the many issues, crime, violence, social mobility, and poverty are the most common. The main aim of this paper is to discuss the issue of social mobility and its impact […]

Social and Economic Inequality

Introduction The word is an extremely unequal place, and this is evidenced by the latest trends in social and economic inequality. Today, the richest part of the world’s population own approximately 40 percent of the total global assets, and this is just a top of the iceberg. The richest 10 percent own more than 85 […]

Sociology Midterm

Transition from tradition feudal society to modern capitalist society Karl Marx, Max Webber, Auguste Comte and Durkheim among others are considered to be the fathers of the classical theories and their hypothesizes of the sociology have always had a positive attribute to transformations changes in the society due to the positive ideologies that have been […]

Family as agents of Socialization

Introduction Socialization is a gradual process through which a baby learns the principles, ways of life, conventions, and regulations of his or her society. Sociologists define it as the process through which one inherits cultural beliefs and ideologies of his society. It involves learning of the crucial processes in the society (Mitchell 199). Agents of […]

Definition of Sociology and Its Main Research Methods

Sociology is the study that helps us in understanding the structures and dynamism of the society, how they relate to the patterns of human behavior and the dynamism of human being. The study helps individuals to appreciate how various forms of social structures such as communities, organizations, social categories like race, age sex and other […]

Introduction to Contemporary Society

Introduction Human societies consist of individuals and groups of individuals with different needs, interests, and aspirations. Furthermore, different individuals are endowed with different qualities. For instance, some are physically stronger than others while others are intellectually well endowed than others. Some have special talents and abilities which distinguishes them from the rest of the members […]

Impact of the Media on Society

Society plays significant role in socialization of young generation by influencing their values and attitudes. Traditionally, socialization process took place under well structured units such as family, religion and schools. However, due to shift towards modern and technologically oriented society, news media is largely controlling socialization process. Over the years, media usage by teenagers between […]

The Significance of Social Networks on Young People’s Lives

Introduction The advent and spread of the computers brought many changes to the world. The first years of computers so their widespread adoption in military and learning institutions as they were considered efficient tools for information exchange. This era was characterized by less computer usage by the civilian population. This was followed by another important […]

Aging as a Social Problem

Aging is one of the social problems that are currently affecting U.S citizens. This problem has affected the social institutions and the lives of people. The social challenges of the old people are further worsened by the economic constrains, and labeling. When we assess the issue of aging from a functionalist point of view, we […]

Why is society stratified?

Sociological theory is a complex theoretical and analytical inquiry that is used to explain a discourse of social study. Sociological study is well constructed under the auspices of sociological concepts. Of all sociological theorizations, the inception and continued stay of class in society has inspired many a theorists. The questions are why there are people […]

Social Problem: Abortion

Introduction From a historical point of view, abortion has found use as one of the ways to prevent births in the society. It was only in mid-nineteenth century that the United States legally prohibited the practice. Until the 1960s, no one appeared to challenge the laws that had been enacted to prohibit the procurement of […]

Contrast Tensions between Religion and Society

Marriage in contemporary America has a very different meaning compared to that in earlier days. The setting is very different now with different types of families emerging. These include same-sex unions, co-habiting, adoption, and the common mother-father relationships. These settings have resulted in dynamic changes in roles of each member of the family and increased […]

Impact of Media in Socialization

Effects of the Media How can the media teach responsible behaviours such as decision-making? The current and almost inevitable behaviour involves periodical flipping of channels using a remote control to find a suitable program. People learn both beneficial and negative practices from the media. Children learn some languages or slangs from the media, and this […]

Concept of Life-Course Perspective in Society

Social work believes that people’s current behaviors are largely influenced by past events and experiences throughout their life-course. Life-course perspective provides a model for understanding human behavior by looking at the series of events and experiences that occur at different stages of an individual’s life cycle. People’s lives are often shaped by the chronological age, […]

Analysis of Michael Foucault’s ideas and methods in social sciences

Michael Foucault was a brilliant researcher and professor with extensive academic publications in the field of humanities and social sciences abode between 1926 and 1984. He was a political activist, who really despised modern life due to the oppression he witnessed. He used his lecturing and academic opportunity as a forum to criticize tyrannical power. […]

Technology and its effect on society

Introduction The world today is experiencing the fastest growth in the technology industry it has ever seen, and this advancement is coming with its own merits and demerits. This technological progress has influenced the co-existence of humans and their environment. Technology does transform people’s way of living by either improving their lives or by further […]

The family from a sociological approach

The family is the simplest form of social interaction; it forms the base of a society. Ideologies, believes, and functions undertaken in family set-up determine the kind of society that emerges in a particular area. Sociological perspectives and theories are used to define different situations in society; they try to give meaning of existence of […]

Social Class and Inequality

Introduction There are several attitudes that the middle class and the rich have towards the poor. These attitudes stem from the belief that the world is a just place and people get what they deserve. If one works hard enough and perseveres he or she will be rich. However, the poor person is in that […]

Influence of Political, Social, and Cultural Issues

Political, social, and cultural factors in the world have significant influence on the economic and security status of a society. The political, social, and cultural factors are parameters that reflect the stability of the local states, nations or the entire world. All countries are striving to shape their economic and security aspects by ensuring stability […]