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102 LGBT Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best LGBT Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Gay in the military
    To do this, an employees’ profile is required, which should have a full image of their workforce and the way diversity has been reflected especially in the main occupations.
  2. Gay Marriage Legalization
    From this paper, it can be authoritatively stated that the denial of marriage rights for same-sex couples is unjustifiable and as such, the government should overturn this discriminative policy.
  3. Social Justice and Gay Rights
    This perception of gays was radically reformed thanks to the efforts of gay rights movements which trace their roots to the 1960s and the Stonewall Riots of 1969 which marked the birth of the gay […]
  4. Philadelphia: Prejudice about Homosexuality
    Philadelphia is the movie that touches upon numerous themes, and one of them is the development of the relations between two men with absolutely different interests and principles: one of them is Andrew Beckett, who […]
  5. Gay marriage and homosexuality
    Much as this form of homosexuality has come out in many civilizations in the course of time, not until in recent times has the term ‘lesbian’ referred to a set of individuals Towards the end […]
  6. The Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage
    Counteracting the argument that prohibition of gay marriage appears similar to discrimination is the idea that marriage, in the traditional understanding of the word, is the union of necessarily different sexes, a man and a […]
  7. Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal
    Therefore, because marriage is a consecrated unification of a male and a female, ready to sacrifice all that is at their disposal for the continuation of the human species and societal values, I believe all […]
  8. A Critical Evaluation of Historical & Scientific Standpoints on Homosexuality
    Religion and heritage are two historical perspectives that have contributed immensely towards the development of a worldview that homosexuals are evaluated in society especially in regard to sexual behaviors.
  9. Gay Marriage in the U.S.
    In this case the Supreme Court judges ruled that States that wished to continue banning gay marriages “must show compelling interest in prohibiting same-sex marriages” thereby shifting the burden of proof to the State and […]
  10. Must gay marriage to be legal?
    The importance of legal recognition of marriages is to establish secular means of supporting a culture that relates to support of life like the religious setting.
  11. Adopted children with gay parents have better chances of succeeding
    Consequently, gay parents taking care of adopted children tend to build a strong attachment with their children and other adoptive and heterosexual parents who are sharing the same experience and vision for their children.
  12. Media and Homosexuality
    Homosexuality has a huge role in the way society defines gender roles and this outlines the framework to this study because it defines the impact homosexuality and the media has on our understanding of gender.
  13. Castro Gay Village’ Gentrification in San Francisco
    However, these days, the process of urban gentrification which, affects the lives of people and enhances the property values, raises fears among the gay leaders concerning the preservation of their gay community.
  14. Should We Allow Gay Marriages as Civil Unions?
    Traditionally, the marriage institution consisted of only heterosexual unions but things have changed and with modernity and civilisation the issue of what constitutes a marriage has been questioned as more people strive to have the […]
  15. Gay Marriages: Why Not Legalize Them?
    The purpose of the essays is to cast light on the essence of the gay marriages and provide evidences that same-sex marriages have right to be legalized.
  16. Should Homosexuality be Legalized?
    This is because homosexuality is inborn and hence cannot be reversed, it is just like any other expression of love and interest and finally, it cannot be discouraged by law.
  17. Young Opinion on Homosexuality
    The Role of Religion: although homosexuality has gained a lot of publicity in the recent past, Young argued that the practice is not new to humanity.
  18. Position of the Christian Church on Homosexuality
    The aim of the paper is to prove that the church in general does not have any reason to bar homosexuals from the church since no relevant scriptures oppose the practice.
  19. Arguments for Gay Marriages
    This is also supplemented by the fact that these people have weighed the pros and the cons of their decisions and have come to the conclusion that their decisions are the best.
  20. Gay Denied their ‘Rights’ in Australia
    Therefore, it is extremely correct for the gay couples to be denied the right to marriage because it is illegal and violation of religious rights.
  21. Gay Marriage and Decision Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
    He insinuates that the acts of crime and chaotic life experienced in today’s world, are a result of broken homes which are largely contributed to by same sex marriages.
  22. BEAR Magazine: Lifestyle Entertainment for Gay Men
    Gay culture of bears was born in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the U.S.as a response to traditional public stereotyping of homosexuals and showing them as effeminate men.”If most gay people felt isolated, […]
  23. Arguments for and against Homosexuality: A Civil rights & Liberties Perspective
    In many countries globally, the convention of civil rights and liberties demands that each individual is entitled certain fundamental and inalienable rights and freedoms under the Constitution, such as the right to life, right to […]
  24. Gender Studies: Gay Rights
    The second article, is ‘Gay Rights: A World of Inequality,’ penned by Zoe Williams and published in “The Guardian” on the 13th of September, 2011, uses statistics to show that a greater part of the […]
  25. Should gay marriages be allowed?
    However, there has been increased advocacy for the definition of marriage to include same-sex unions due to the prevalence of homosexual relationships in the society as well as the overwhelming acceptance of gay relationships in […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on LGBT

  1. Argument for Gay marriages
    Enacting laws that recognize gay marriages would be beneficial to the society in the sense that it promotes equal rights among members of the society.
  2. Gay Marriage and Parenting
    Despite these difficulties, same-sex partners deserve the right to get married and legitimize their relationships for the benefit of their children.
  3. Gay Marriage as a Civil Rights Issue
    The gay civil rights movement has been particularly fuelled by the fact that there has been inequality between the property rights of heterosexually married couples and people in gay unions.
  4. Why Gay Marriages should not be Legalized
    Bush who acknowledged the importance of the traditional marriage institute for the welfare of the children and the stability of society.
  5. Gay Marriages in New York
    Thus, the passing of the New York legislation that supports marriages between people of the same sex is contrary to the teaching of the bible and wrong.
  6. Homosexuality in the Contemporary Society
    Most of the people receive the news with feelings of abhorrence and indignation and they are not hesitant to express their feelings even if it means beating the hell out of a gay person.
  7. Gay Marriage Laws
    To them, gay marriage is completely out of context and they cannot even imagine that people of the same sex can marry.
  8. Concepts of Gay Marriage
    Gay marriage is an institution of marriage where people of the same sex cohabit together. These benefits are the one that make people to defend gay marriage in a court of law.
  9. The New Gay Teenager
    He explores how the concept of being gay is slowly changing as a result of pop culture influences brought about by the media which in effect has created a whole new generation of gays completely […]
  10. Relation of Gay Marriage to the Definition of Marriage
    The authorities should be aware of existence of marriage so that to solve the problems of inheritance in case of uncertainties such as divorce and death of a spouse.
  11. Defending gay marriage
    This means that they should be given the same credit and faith that they possessed in the same courts or states that they were created.
  12. Homosexuality: Why only some intimacies are labeled as homosexuality
    This shows how much the majority in society prohibit male homosexuals as compared to those that prohibit female homosexuals. Use of the term homosexuality has been utilized mainly when referring to male homosexuals.
  13. Discrimination, Social Exclusion and Violence among the LGBT Community
    The worst of the discrimination is violence or the gay killings that are found in many cities. Amongst the females, the main forms of violence and discrimination relate to their sexuality where 20% of males […]
  14. Gay marriage’s rights
    Normal couples are not discriminated upon in relation to their marital status and this should be extended to gay marriages as a right that they are entitled to.
  15. Prejudice against Homosexuality
    Society and religion Many people from different society levels have different views on homosexuality with religious leaders and followers arguing that the practice is disrespect to God and immoral assault to the society.
  16. Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Parenting, And America’s Children
    The key concept of this reflective treatise is an explicit analysis of same sex marriage and parenting in order to establish possible reasons for their increasing number in the modern society and how the same […]
  17. Legalizing Gay Marriage
    Same sex marriage should not hurt anyone or the society since marriage is a union and a relationship between two people who love each other. If gay marriage is legalized in the society, it will […]
  18. Views of Young Australian and Chinese Adults on Homosexuality
    The study shows that the increasing rate of homosexuality among the young adults in China is attributed to foreign movies and pornographic literature. The results from the interview further reveal that the perception of the […]
  19. The Issue of Gay Marriages: Meaning, Importance and Cons
    Importantly, the definition of marriage is essential in understanding the importance of marriage and why gay people are getting accepted in the world today.
  20. Gay Marriages and US Constitution
    37 % of voters in the United States of America are of the opinion that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry legally.
  21. Is Homosexuality a Psychological Condition?
    Romantic attractions as well as sexual acts are usually categorized as heterosexuals or homosexuals and depending on the biological sex of the individual; the person may classified as gay or lesbian.
  22. Transgender issues in “The Crying Game” and “M. Butterfly”
    The acceptance of the phenomenon of transgender status in contrast to widely spread stereotypes on it is one of the central themes and moral messages of the 1992 movie The Crying Game and the 1993 […]
  23. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Sexuality in the Hispanic Culture
    Men are the breadwinners of the family, a duty that requires men to play the father figure role in the family.
  24. Transgender Students on Colleges: Needs and Challenges
    In order to accommodate all the involved groups of people, there is no attributed definition of transgender due to the diversity of the subject.
  25. LGBT Labor and Employment Issues
    From this perspective, the research paper focuses on comparing experiences of lesbian and gay workers in public versus private sector, and then analyzes the policies of different organizations regarding gay and lesbian workers, both in […]

📃 Interesting Topics to Write about LGBT

  1. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Labor and employment issues
    The relevance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered labor and employment issues is conspicuous in contributing to organizational success by considering the evidence of discrimination from the perspectives of sexual and gender orientation of the […]
  2. Why Homosexuality Should Be Illegal
    The decline of the Roman Empire saw more tolerance of the people and the authorities for homosexuality except the church and Visigothic Spain.
  3. Homosexuality, Religion and Atheism
    The debate in this work is whether the act of the same sex marriage and other related sexual orientation is acceptable in the society or not.
  4. Gay Marriages
    Critics of gay marriages in the United States point out that the practice is morally wrong because the purpose of a marriage is to portray a relationship between a man and a woman and the […]
  5. Is homosexuality an Innate or an Acquired Trait?
    From the biological view of things, any trait in an individual comes because of the interaction of genes and the cells embed in the body.
  6. Gay Marriage in The UK
    The proposed law in UK will permit one to have equal access to civil marriages for same-sex couples instead of civil partnership as is available now.
  7. Members of the LGBT Community
    The momentous variances in type of religious family upbringing and LGBT community are critical in reflecting on the underlying factors that promote the way social beliefs influence how this population is viewed.
  8. Gay Marriage’s Social and Religious Debates
    However, whether one is for or against gay marriages, the paper argues that, depending on the angle from which one would look at same sex marriages, he/she needs to do a careful scrutiny of the […]
  9. Globalization and Gay Tourism: Learning to Be Tolerant
    Comprising the experience of different nations and creating a peculiar fusion of traditions and customs, globalization has touched upon one of the most controversial issues of the XX and XXI century, namely, the question of […]
  10. Homosexuality in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    However, at the same time, these breaks from the traditions incited a response reaction in favor of more traditional social roles in other areas, such as the refutation of male sexual relationships to the extent […]
  11. “Gay Marriages” by Michael Nava and Robert Dawidoff
    The authors assert that the upbringing and socialization of Americans creates the same concept of the reverence and respectability of marriage among both heterosexuals and homosexual.
  12. Queer Activism Influences on the Social Development of LGBT
    The strength of the research question is that it shows a different direction to the queer movement as a social movement and its effect on identity creation of the LGBT community.
  13. Xaniths as a Transgender in Omani Culture
    The Xaniths are the third gender within the Omani social system. The Xaniths represents the transsexuals and homosexuals within the Omani society.
  14. The Evolution of the LGBT Rights
    The paper will focus on the socio-political and religious implications facing the world due to the legalization of the LGBT rights.
  15. Legalizing Gay Marriage in the US
    If anything is to go by, the foundations of gay marriage uphold the belief that couples who have shown the purpose for their commitment should take to the aisle and commit their pledge before the […]
  16. Gay and Lesbian Relationships’ Nature
    This is the case because the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community is opposed to the ideals and norms supported by the contemporary society.
  17. Homosexuality Issues in the Film “Milk” by Van Sant
    In its turn, this confirms the validity of the idea that, contrary to what the advocates of political correctness would like people to believe, the notion of gender is not merely a social construct.
  18. Gay Judge’s Ruling
    The opponents of single sex marriage must show due respect to the court by not putting the judge in a position that would compromise his integrity.
  19. Challenges for Educators: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Families
    Most of the class readings have examined the challenges faced by educators and parents in the country. The article by James Sears offers some of the best theories and concepts to address the problems faced […]
  20. Parenting: Learning that an Adolescent is Gay or Lesbian
    On the parents’ end, Saltzburg notes that feelings of shame, loss, guilt, cognitive and emotional dissonance are some of the major forces that have, so far, been reported to regulate the lives of parents in […]
  21. Sexual Strangers: LGBT Politics in United States
    By considering the concepts of citizenship and cosmopolitanism, the two works explain why inclusion, participation, and perception of the LGBTQ community in the United States is problematic.
  22. Age Bias, Disability, Gay Rights in the Workplace
    The article emphasises on the importance of paying attention to the language people use in the workplace and the effects that the misuse of language may have on the company.
  23. British vs. Japanese Homosexuality Criminal Laws
    Nowadays, it is used in most of the countries that want to emphasize the diversity of the issue. It was not until the 1960s that the prominence of liberalisation of sex activity started to be […]
  24. Homosexuality in Natural Law Theory
    The aim of this paper is to explore the concept of homosexuality from a philosophical context. According to the conventional natural-law argument on homosexuality, homosexuality involves a misuse of one’s sexual organs.
  25. Transgender Inclusivity in Higher Education
    The individuals and organizations opposing trans inclusion in higher education stress that one of the main purposes of all-female colleges is to ensure the safety of the female students.

🔍 Good Research Topics about LGBT

  1. Transgender People in the USA
    The statistics are impressive and, no matter how unpleasant it is to some of us, we have to face the reality that quite a large number of people in our society can be classified as […]
  2. LGBT Literature: “The Picture of Dorian Gray”
    The chosen book is Oscar Wilde’s 1891 classic: The Picture of Dorian Gray; a story carefully fashioned to affirm the tilt youths have toward beauty, and the extent most could go to retain that unique […]
  3. Gay Marriage and Its Social Acceptance in the US
    It is due to this greater level of social acceptance as well as government support of gay marriage that Clinton changed his position in 2013 regarding his support of the Defense of Marriage Act by […]
  4. Women and Homosexuality in “Pariah” by Dee Rees
    The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the image of women and homosexuality in modern cinema by analyzing the film titled “Pariah” by Dee Rees and compare it with the standard staples of […]
  5. Women in Sports: Policy for Transgender Players
    Drawing from this elucidation, the proposed policy statement on transgender participation in mixed leagues will not require transgender athletes to prove their gender identity through the testimony of professional experts and psychologists; on the contrary, […]
  6. Transgender Bathroom Rights and Needed Policy
    In both articles, the subject of the study is the right of transgenders to access bathrooms according to the preferences of these people.
  7. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender at Life Stages
    In general, all people are claimed to be equal in the USA, however, there is a high possibility to lose a job or fail to be applied to it if one is a representative of […]
  8. Transgender Issues in Modern Society
    The legalization of gay marriage in many countries did not lead to the eradication of homophobia, protection of women’s rights did not eliminate sexism and gender inequality present in many aspects of life, and the […]
  9. Gay Society and Challenges in “Gay” by Anna Quindlen
    It explains that they have to accept the profound sexual differences that arise between them and their children. It has also disclosed the fact that men find it difficult to accept their gay children since […]
  10. Homosexuality in “Laura” and “Brokeback Mountain”
    1 It may seem that the representation of Waldo embodies the features of sexual perversion and decadence, as expressed by the sexual intercourse of the young men with the older man along with the unusual […]
  11. The Problem of Discrimination Against the LGBT Community
    Subsequent stages of work in this direction can include the following steps: Making a presentation on the topic of the equality of people regardless of their religious, racial, and sexual background.
  12. Gay and Lesbian Adoption Issues
    The end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century are prominent in the evolution and empowerment of the LGBTQ movement.
  13. Children in Gay and Lesbian Couples
    These techniques of getting children not only provide gay and lesbian couples with an ethical method to have children, but they also provide them with a chance to raise children for the donors.
  14. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual Transsexual Gender Issues
    It is rather interesting to note that society today has such a well-established preconception regarding genders that when presented with alternatives to such established norms the result has been subject to confusion, disdain, at times […]
  15. Sociological Imagination of Homosexuality
    This is due to the commonality of problems that we may have as members of a given society. I did not know whether the signs I was exhibiting were that of a homosexual or it […]
  16. Gender Studies: Lesbian Sadomasochism
    She insists critics of sadomasochism only see pain and humiliation yet the people involved consent to it because of the strong connection they feel.
  17. Indians in the 19th Century vs. Gay’s Struggle Today
    The plight of American Indians in 19thcentury The present plight of the gay struggle for acceptance Legislations The Dewes Severalty Act of 1887 was passed on February 8th, 1887, with an intention to allot lands to individuals (Nichols 125). It was perceived that by allocating lands to Native Americans, the government would not have to […]
  18. Vladimir Putin’s Government: Controversial Anti-Gay Law
    The aim of this essay is to analyze the news of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin passing the controversial anti-gay law.
  19. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Subculture
    The pioneers of such campaigns disagree with the ideas and behaviors associated with the LGBT Subculture. These celebrations “have also made it easier for different members of the subculture to network and exchange their views”.
  20. The Discovery of the ‘Biological Marker’ of Homosexuality
    The discovery of the specific biological cause of homosexuality in one sex, but not the other, will most likely result in the following set of effects on people’s understanding of gender, sex and sexuality: The […]
  21. Health Care for Transgender Individuals
    However, the medicalization of transsexualism made it more difficult to receive the treatment as individuals have to prove that they have such problems, and it is not just a temperate state of their mind that […]
  22. Transgender Bathroom Rights and Legal Reforms
    One of the themes that deserve discussion is the possibility of creating transgender baths and the rights that can be given to this category of the population.
  23. Gay Marriage: Societal Suicide
    While Colson and Morse cannot neglect the need to oppose gay marriage because it destroys human society, the tone, references to the law, and the language chosen for the article help the reader understand the […]
  24. Growing Up Transgender: Malisa’s Story on NBC News
    It is essential to develop a better understanding of the concept of gender in relation to children and their development to ensure the protection of the interests of all people and, thus, improve their lives.
  25. Ethical Issues of the Transgender Rights
    One of the most significant burdens transgender people experience is the recognition of their identity. Therefore, to increase the chances for transgender adults’ health care, it is important to pay thorough attention to any signs […]
  26. Durable Inequalities in Relation to the LGBT Community in the United States
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the phenomenon of durable inequalities with reference to the LGBT community in the US society to understand how four aspects of this concept are reflected in LGBT […]
  27. Feminism: Liberal, Black, Radical, and Lesbian
    2 In the 1960s and the 1970s, liberal feminism focused on working women’s issues and the impact of experiences that females of any race could have.

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