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Reasons of the High Homosexual Marriage Rate Essay


I chose this discussion topic for I wanted to explore why we have a high homosexual marriage rate while other families lives in difficult, and how all these affects children’s involved. In addition, the topic will cover support for the gay marriage and reasons against homosexuality in our society and look at the attitudes, beliefs, values systems and behaviors that unify a family.

Union in marriage

Marriage as a union between two people from different sex, who are in love, makes one another commend each other for the rest of life. It is also defined as interpersonal relationship with governmental, social or religious recognized union of a different sex who promise to live together.

A good number of Americans believes that marriage is a personal life goal, which last for lifetime. In marriage institution, the couples are tied by vows to live strong together in times of difficulties and goods and be a companion to each other. Nevertheless, the actual behavior of the American is diverging sharply from these beliefs.

Therefore, marriage has declined primarily because we do not respect and value the institution as highly as it should be. Our cultures have become dubious of marriages and other social institution and instead we put a much higher value to individual life, choice and unlimited personal liberty.

Responsibility of homosexuals

However, homosexual parents have understood themselves and in the twentieth century, around ten million gay and lesbian parent families in United State were raising more than fourteen million children, mostly in recognized gay families.

Majority of these kids were born in either heterosexually married parents whom of them later become a gay or a lesbian. Although by the end of twentieth century, numbers of same sex couples children have increased and they are really facing many challenges in forming and securing their families.( Sullivan 406)

Despite the facts that “heterosexual marriage is more recognized in American society, homosexuals are capable of proving that they can also be as responsible to their families as it is to the normal one.” (Sullivan 405) They have bid their sacrifice, commitment and responsibility to the marriage and their children.

It is very odd to learn that “some of the American cities have already set their by-laws to protect legal gay marriage and their domestic partnership. These domestic partnership laws allow the homosexuals couples to register with them and be able to access the benefits that a heterosexual marriage enjoys. “(Sullivan 405)

Although Andrew argues that there is “no evidence that shows that deleterious impact on a child brought up by two homosexual parent”, children needs to be brought in a sober environment to make their future brighter also conservatives will never value homosexuality in our society.( Sullivan 406)

Reversing homosexual unions

Despite the barriers, increasing number of homosexuals began raising children through donor insemination performed at both homes and hospitals by medical experts. In early twenty first century, increasing number of lesbian and gays began using other means to have children such as foster parenting, adaptation and even surrogacy means.

This according to me acted as a major challenge to the heterosexual marriage, for it limits the need to form a straightforward marriage in a mission to raise your own children as provided by the law and religious teachings

As early as 1980s the gay, lesbians, and bisexual groups has formed a number of local and national organizations to protect, support and advocates for the homosexual parents and their children.

For example in 1982, The Sperm bank of California was established as the only nationwide nonprofit sperm bank aiming to serve lesbians and bi-sexual women and by 2001 more than one thousands children had been born through their services.

Additionally children brought up in these families suffer from psychological trauma trying to associate with the other kids and might suffer from the role played by the non-biological parenting.( Bennett 437)

On the hand, allowing gay and homosexual marriage is believed to be a major challenge that affects the marriage institution today. “By allowing homosexual marriage, it would do and have noticeable long-term social harm” (Sullivan 404) to the current generation and future of our society. Recognizing the legal marriage of gay and lesbian would define the meaning of the term marriage and indeed would be the most drastic step to be taken in deformation of our society’s most significant institution. (Sullivan 404)

With the fragility of the institution, adding of homosexual marriage in the list would stretch it to unrecognizable state where even brother and brother; sister and sister marriages would be experienced. It is our responsibility as the society that value culture, integrity and good will to stand up and shout a big no against legalizing homosexuality

If today happens and homosexuality is legalized, there will be numerous repercussions in many areas. To be precise lets take learning institution curriculum for example the sex education would have to be altered with and expected to teach that heterosexual and homosexual marriages are equal and this will equally confuse our children.

Secondly, gay and lesbians will have equal rights with heterosexual couples when claiming children adoption. I think it will be better for a child to be brought up by mother and a dad rather than being raised by two male or women homosexuals.


Marriage has been and should remain to be the paramount segment of every society and by denying it the value and integrity that it poses will make no good to our society and nation as whole. Marriage institution is already in a mess because of what you call sexual revolution, numerous divorce and children out of the wedlock.

It is therefore required for all of us to volunteer and conduct civil education on morals and integrity of an individual to safe guard our future.

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