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Gender Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Gender in Atlas of Emotions by Giuliana Bruno

The Carte de pays de Tendre map of the body depicts these experiences through affections noted in the different exploration of gender maps. Thus, mapping offers an insight into understanding emotions, body, landscape, and women [...]

Gender-Neutral vs. Traditional Upbringing

The need to act in a manner that is compliant with the traditional gender roles is stated to make children behave artificially, performing according to these roles rather than simply acting of their own volition, [...]

Gender and Leadership in Millennial Generation

Evaluation of scholarly information along with the employee and manager interviews has demonstrated that despite the fact that men and women have different leadership styles, leadership patterns, and behaviors their leadership performance is comparable.

The Report “Levelling the Field”

1 Importantly, the focus of the report is made not on the lower levels of productivity of female workers but on the constraints that women face in their lives and duties.

Disney Princess at Different Times and Its Impact

Thus, the majority of researchers agree on the point that the characters of princesses in Disney cartoons reflect the key social trends and play a significant role in girls' evolution participating in the formation of [...]

Homosexuality in Natural Law Theory

The aim of this paper is to explore the concept of homosexuality from a philosophical context. According to the conventional natural-law argument on homosexuality, homosexuality involves a misuse of one's sexual organs.

Gendered Division of Labor in History and Canada

The reasons for the inequality of women in today's labor include several historical factors, such as wars, rapid economic development, and the increased consumption of products, the trade-union movement, and the women's movement.

Gender Stereotypes in the Classroom

Matthews notes that the teacher provides the opportunity for his students to control the situation by shaping the two groups. To reinforce the existing gender stereotypes in the given classroom, Mr.

Sexuality According to Playboy

Sexuality is defined as the way of how people are able to experience themselves as sexual beings and show the others the things that can prove that the chosen experience is deserved to be called [...]

Gun Culture and Masculinity in the US

This article will argue that the society's conviction about the threat or actual usage of guns is a constructed notion of masculinity and the message relayed to the public following the use of a firearm [...]

To What Extent Is Sexuality Socially Constructed?

The notion that sexuality or sexual expression is a social construct stems from the observation that gender socialisation defines what roles one takes in the society. Some scholars observe that sexuality is the sexual potential [...]

Gender in Cinema

The concept of gender in cinema refers to the portrayal of female roles in cinemas. These representations of female roles in cinemas show the consistent effort by filmmakers to use cinemas to emphasize the mainstream [...]

“Sex and the City” Concept

Still, such concepts like female sexuality, fame, the desire to achieve something and become someone in the city remain to be of the same importance and are characterized male desire to gain control over the [...]

Patriarchy and Changes in 1950s

The 1950s was the period of time in which America realized the prosperity of the manufacturing of home appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cookers, and many others. Her songs If I were a [...]

Female vs Male Business Networks

In addition, relying on females in managerial position wholly is disadvantageous to the firm since women have been found to be driven by emotions compared with men.

Gender and Sexuality Aspects in Asia

In other words, they are trying to change the gender identity expectation of the female gender to have a more pivotal and recognized position. This is the allocation of different duties to gender groups in [...]

The Global Women’s Movement

The role of women in the family today has changed drastically with more women in the developed and developing nations taking the role of bread winners in their families.

Understanding the Social Element in Gender Roles

When saying that gender is a binary construction, one implies that there are two genders, namely, the masculine and the feminine one, and two corresponding types of social behaviour, which are predetermined by the existing [...]

Chinese Youth Sexual Culture

In the Eastern countries, in Japan, to be more particular, the difficulties of teaching the youth the principles of sexual education stretch to the nth degree, since the tricky issue becomes even more complex when [...]

Monolithic Comprehension of Heterosexuality

She observes that the existing structure, as well as the future agenda of remarkable politics, is based on the unconcealed suppositions of a standardized heteronormativity that have the capability of benefiting heterosexuals.

Sexualities and Cultures in Gender Studies

Gender and sexuality specialty cut across many topics including "The science and politics of sex hormone research, theories of the etiology of sexual orientation, the use of animal models to "explain" human behavior, and the [...]

Sexual Theory: Historical Origins and Current Status

In general, sexuality encompasses the gender roles and gender identities, sexual pleasure and eroticism, sexual orientation and reproduction. The social and cultural influences on sexuality are reflected through gender roles, stereotypes and sexual behaviors and [...]

The Male Role’ Changes

Men are raised to emulate to their fathers, who are expected to be strong and capable providers for their families. The Levant points out to the fact that men are no longer the sole breadwinners [...]

Strategies to Combat Sexist Language

The central antidote to sexist language is the use of epicene. For instance, instead of using the word 'businessman', which conventionally refers to both men and women in business, one should use the word 'businessperson'.

How Political Movement Is Gendered?

The situation is the same in the legislature because women only occupy about 23% of the seats. Around the world, quota systems have contributed to increased participation of women in political systems.

How Is Political Recruitment Gendered?

Terrorists and other belligerent actors in the international system believe that women are soft sports and are likely to be targeted with an aim of intimidating the state and world leaders.

Sexism Problem

This paper is an attempt to understand the attitude of young men today regarding the issue of sexism. The aim of the paper is to understand what perception young men have towards sexism.

Males and Females Differences

Apart from that, it is possible to speak about the impact of mass media on the values of both boys and girls. It is important to speak about the impact of both nature and nurture.

Women’s Studies International Forum

The authors assert that the question of gender policies is located at the intersection of culture, politics, and law which makes it a deeply rooted norm and a part of the Union's identity. The author [...]

Women’s Status in Modern Society

It is necessary to mention that the level of education has increased significantly, and discrimination in the workplace is not as significant as it used to be in the past.

Men and Women Equality in the African Diaspora

Although the historic and social events and changes in the USA typical for the period of the 1960s-1980s contribute to the stating the ideals of civil rights and gender and racial equality, black women in [...]

Historical Definitions of Gender and Sexuality

Male dominance versus female subordination, are among the terms that are popularly used to highlight the nature of the society. Further, women subordination was manifested by the omission of role of female gender in the [...]

Tthe Defense of Marriage

The article by Kilian Melloy provides the discussion of the issue related to the "Defense of Marriage" Act that "denies gay and lesbian families federal recognition and empowers states to ignore marriages granted to same-sex [...]

Gay Judge’s Ruling

The opponents of single sex marriage must show due respect to the court by not putting the judge in a position that would compromise his integrity.

Modern Feminists’ Movement

Is it the tendency affected by the peculiarities of the development of modern society or the result of the movement for equal positions of men and women in it?

Gender Inequality in the Labor Force

The aim of this article is to assess the assertion that gender inequality exists in the labor force. The table below shows global adult employment-to-population by gender for 1998 and 2008.

Feminist Theories in Relation to Family Functions

In a family, the male and female roles are being symmetrical since the males have become active in family engagements. They insist that patriarchy is attributed to male supremacy and therefore should be challenged to [...]

Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices

The best way to proceed with the gathering of information is to arrange for individual discussions with members of the leadership team to discuss the allegations and core issues and values involved.

Film Muslim Women

The author chides the activities of the Western colonies in Afghanistan in restoring the rights of the women of the veil.

Gender Inequality in Afghanistan

Thirdly, there is social gender inequality, which is demonstrated by women being the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, inequalities in education attainment, lack of freedom to marry and divorce, and unequal access to [...]