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Gender Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Careers of Women in Punjab and Modernization

The structural and cultural change has provided equality of opportunities to women in education employment and political participation and with the help of these changes exploitation of women, to a great extent, has reduced.

“The Business of Women” by Melanie Buddle

The author is specifically targeting women in business with the need to conceptualize the trend of business history in Canada. It is also crucial to note that the book explores the lifestyle of entrepreneurial women [...]

Gender Division of Labor and Work Geography

The shifts of paid work away from fixed work locations into the home, along with the advent of the Internet, potentially have implications also for the role of networks in shaping work and communities.

Heterosexism and Its Explanation

It never seemed to occur to them that we were capable of defending ourselves and our work to editors. They were to avoid participating in any organization's attempt to dictate which reporter would be assigned [...]

Gender and Communication Within the Workplace

In this case, various theories have been formulated to explain the activities of women in organizations. Radical feminism theory relates to the problems of women to the capitalistic economy that is controlled by men in [...]

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual Transsexual Gender Issues

It is rather interesting to note that society today has such a well-established preconception regarding genders that when presented with alternatives to such established norms the result has been subject to confusion, disdain, at times [...]

Depictions of Family Life

It is based on such representations, which are prevalent in present-day popular culture media, that the concept of women as having equal status as men is still far from being a realized reality.

Ageism and Feminism in Career and Family Expectations

Interviewer: "According to your opinion, does providing a woman with higher education strengthen or weaken marriage?" Interviewee: "I am of the opinion that education plays a critical role in strengthening marriage because a woman is [...]

Masculine Disciplines Role in Boys’ Life

There is a strong imposition to follow a symbolic boy code described by William Pollack according to which boys have to be "stoic and independent, macho and athletic, powerful and dominant, and phobic of anything [...]

Traditional Boy Code vs. Male Becoming

One of the modern methods aimed at the formation of men and the education of strong defenders is the traditional boy code that stimulates the training of young Chinese men for adult life.

Gender Relationships and Behavior

In general, it is hard to deny the fact that it is necessary to consider quite a wide range of disciplines to examine the problem and develop new solutions aimed at decreasing the influence of [...]

Women’s Power and Its Manifestation Aspects

The issue of power is often associated with political authority and is typical of men. In some conventional societies with long cultural traditions, the power of women is realized in the domestic or private sphere.

Gender Images Problem in Sports Films

The research addresses three problems: the utilizing of traditional gender behavior in sports films; the reaction of the intended audience to the film: and the implication of sexuality of athletes.

Barriers for Women in Saudi Arabia

Segregation leads to a multitude of problems for women who seek to make a career in Saudi Arabia, but due to modernization, the attitudes towards women and their roles in society are changing.

“The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir

In this paper, jealousy and domination will be discussed and interpreted as the pathologies of love to comprehend if they differ between men and women and if there are some social institutions that may be [...]

Gender, Size Discrimination and Fatphobia

The issue of fatphobia, fat-shaming, and the societal perceptions of excessive weight is covered in "Size 6: The Western Woman's Harem" by Fatema Mernissi and "Ideal Weight/Ideal Women: Society Constructs the Female" by Nita Mary [...]

Confronting Gender Stereotypes

It is imperative to confront the careless use of male and female stereotypes in order to preserve decency, community, and the lives of children and teenagers.

Transgender Issues in Modern Society

The legalization of gay marriage in many countries did not lead to the eradication of homophobia, protection of women's rights did not eliminate sexism and gender inequality present in many aspects of life, and the [...]

Women in the UAE: Changing of the Roles

Moreover, the government of the state accepts the responsibility of protecting and cultivating the status of women and provides them with equal opportunities and working conditions.

The Necessity for Gender Roles

The potential change from the elimination of the differences in gender may affect every perceived part of one's life. Such factors as one's occupation, status, and appearance may also contribute to the creation of stereotypes.

Disney-Associated Gender Stereotypes

The evolvement of the princess image in the films of the studio represents the developing position of strong independent women in the society, but the princess stereotypes can harm the mentality of children.

Affirmative Action in Australia

Affirmative action is quite of an issue in Australia, and it should be understood that the solution cannot be found overnight as a set of actions should be applied, but the fact is that the [...]

How Are Women Portrayed?

The portrayal of women in the news, media, fashion, and film industry is usually not the reality, but a " stereotype based on the attitudes and intentions of the producers, targeted audience and their culture".

Removing Gender-Based Labeling in Taiwan

Although the innovations that the above event will trigger in the Taiwan culture are not going to be immediate, they will definitely launch the process of providing the indigenous women with the rights that they [...]

Indian Women’s Technology Access and Literacy

Nevertheless, the gender divide in technological access is substantially lower in the developed countries. Leggon stated, "the divide is more than as issue of access to technology; it is also an issue of use and [...]

Gender in Atlas of Emotions by Giuliana Bruno

The Carte de pays de Tendre map of the body depicts these experiences through affections noted in the different exploration of gender maps. Thus, mapping offers an insight into understanding emotions, body, landscape, and women [...]

Gender-Neutral vs. Traditional Upbringing

The need to act in a manner that is compliant with the traditional gender roles is stated to make children behave artificially, performing according to these roles rather than simply acting of their own volition, [...]

Gender and Leadership in Millennial Generation

Evaluation of scholarly information along with the employee and manager interviews has demonstrated that despite the fact that men and women have different leadership styles, leadership patterns, and behaviors their leadership performance is comparable.

The Report “Levelling the Field”

1 Importantly, the focus of the report is made not on the lower levels of productivity of female workers but on the constraints that women face in their lives and duties.

Disney Princess at Different Times and Its Impact

Thus, the majority of researchers agree on the point that the characters of princesses in Disney cartoons reflect the key social trends and play a significant role in girls' evolution participating in the formation of [...]

Homosexuality in Natural Law Theory

The aim of this paper is to explore the concept of homosexuality from a philosophical context. According to the conventional natural-law argument on homosexuality, homosexuality involves a misuse of one's sexual organs.

Gendered Division of Labor in History and Canada

The reasons for the inequality of women in today's labor include several historical factors, such as wars, rapid economic development, and the increased consumption of products, the trade-union movement, and the women's movement.

Gender Stereotypes in the Classroom

Matthews notes that the teacher provides the opportunity for his students to control the situation by shaping the two groups. To reinforce the existing gender stereotypes in the given classroom, Mr.

Sexuality According to Playboy

Sexuality is defined as the way of how people are able to experience themselves as sexual beings and show the others the things that can prove that the chosen experience is deserved to be called [...]

Gun Culture and Masculinity in the US

This article will argue that the society's conviction about the threat or actual usage of guns is a constructed notion of masculinity and the message relayed to the public following the use of a firearm [...]

To What Extent Is Sexuality Socially Constructed?

The notion that sexuality or sexual expression is a social construct stems from the observation that gender socialisation defines what roles one takes in the society. Some scholars observe that sexuality is the sexual potential [...]

Gender in Cinema

The concept of gender in cinema refers to the portrayal of female roles in cinemas. These representations of female roles in cinemas show the consistent effort by filmmakers to use cinemas to emphasize the mainstream [...]

“Sex and the City” Concept

Still, such concepts like female sexuality, fame, the desire to achieve something and become someone in the city remain to be of the same importance and are characterized male desire to gain control over the [...]

Patriarchy and Changes in 1950s

The 1950s was the period of time in which America realized the prosperity of the manufacturing of home appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cookers, and many others. Her songs If I were a [...]

Female vs Male Business Networks

In addition, relying on females in managerial position wholly is disadvantageous to the firm since women have been found to be driven by emotions compared with men.

Gender and Sexuality Aspects in Asia

In other words, they are trying to change the gender identity expectation of the female gender to have a more pivotal and recognized position. This is the allocation of different duties to gender groups in [...]