Gender Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Gender Role in Sweden Society in Education and Workplace Before and After Globalization

Sweden, one of the countries that enjoy the highest levels of gender parity, has created an optimal environment for both men and women to share influence and power equally, thus leading to a fair, democratic, and just society. Actually, the country has undergone transition from a patriarchal society to the one that accepts both women […]

Gender Bias in Interviews

Introduction Gender bias in the workplace is one of the most challenging factors that affect employers and employees alike. Many employees have lost either a job or experienced a hard time during interviews because of their gender. It is true to state that the female gender is on the receiving end of this bias. Women […]

Political Homophobia Problem

What is political homophobia? The debates about homosexuality have been of interest and causes of conflicts in many cultures across the globe throughout history. The rise of the Nazi in Germany was instrumental to politicization of homophobia. Political homophobia can be described as the ways or strategies in which political figures, governments, religious and business […]

Counseling Jewish Women: A Phenomenological Study

Overview Theory suggests that the complexities surrounding the Jewish women’s identity and perceptions of life are unique, thus having implications for counseling. The Jewish woman’s identity is informed by ethics such as, world repair, history, culture and people-hood. Largely, Jewish women comprise of two ethnic groups, the Ashkenazi and Sephardi. Nonetheless, the identity of the […]

Gender and Media

The modern world has brought about many changes in the way gender roles are viewed by the society. The media portrays women through songs and music videos in a provocative and objectified way, and even some artists themselves seem to support the discriminatory cycle. Most recently, the media, music videos and movies have become much […]

The Politics of Women’s Health

Introduction Background Women experience more health complications than men. This could be as a result of the multi-diversity of their body functions or the kind of gender treatment that they are exposed to. Women’s bodies are more sensitive and fragile than men’s and therefore, require more care. A study on alcoholism for instance, has shown […]

Task of Negro Womanhood

Thesis Statement The Negro woman faces constant contempt from the people who live around her. She rarely experiences joy, peace and happiness. Through all these challenges, the Negro woman stays strong and remains extremely courageous. She has learned to build within herself the needed moral strength to help her rise above those challenges. There exist […]

Gender Communication Differences between Men and Women

Abstract This report addresses the gender communication differences between men and women working for a particular organization. Communication is an important aspect in every organization as it directly affects the way it carries out its operations. For that reason, communication is one of the factors that influence the success of an organization. The gender communication […]

The Sexualization and Objectification of Young Female Musicians in Print Ads

Introduction Sexualization and objectification of women in the mass media has been a common practice by majority of the media outlets in the Western world. This practice has been fueled by the perception that sex sells. Sexualizing images have therefore become prevalent in corporate advertising and popular media. A significant industry that has capitalized on […]

Gender’s Role in the Outcome of Elections 2008 in the America

In 2008, the media influenced the electorate to reject Hilary Clinton as the presidential candidate. Analysts observe that the media brainwashed the electorate to believe that gender affects the performance of an individual in executing his or her duties as the head of state. Anita assesses how the media influenced the electorate during voting in […]

Members of the LGBT Community

Social problems in relation to the LGBT population Several strategies have been embraced by supporters, sympathizes, and activists of gay sex marriage to win support of the public on the need to stop prejudicing gay and lesbianism marriages. For instance, the assimilation approach has resulted in positive results among the gays in America and reduced […]

“Gender and Economic Sociology” by England and Folbre

The author has averred on the idea that education and economy linkage structures do produce variation patterns in the modern or industrial societies. The author conceptualized two education-economy linkages to theoretically examine how the inter-schools, labor division and firms for personal human capital development as well as the recruitment mechanisms structuring people’s movement out of […]

Neoliberal Homophobic Discourse

What is political homophobia? Political homophobia refers to ways used by government figures, religions, institutions, and business organizations to discriminate against individuals systematically basing on their sexual orientation. Homophobic people develop negative feelings and perceptions towards sexual minorities such as lesbians, gay people, bisexuals, and the transgender (LGBT) people among others. According to the lecture […]

Should Obama Nominate Another Woman or Two to Replace Justices Ginsburg and Breyer?

Looking at the current situation in the political world, it is impossible to omit the election of Barak Obama on the second term. Such forecasts were, however, the American opinion was against Obama. Still, the elections showed that people still support the first African American president and trust him. During the first days of his […]

Women’s Education in Confucian Cultures

Modern historians and sociologists focus on the education of women in Confucian cultures. According to a popular stereotype, it was only supposed to reinforce the strict gender roles of these societies, especially the subservient position of women in families and communities. Nevertheless, this assumption does not take into account the complexities of Asian societies that […]

Gender Role in Afghanistan

Introduction Culture entails defined norms and values of a particular community and serves as the foundation of many issues that constitute the structure of society. Different studies have been conducted by scholars with aim of identifying more variables that are related to culture. Ethnographers learn other people’s cultures by accurate identification of knowledge, behavior and […]

Hookup Culture

Hookup Culture and Women Empowering Hookup culture is disempowering for women even though some women claim that it empowers them. This is so because the incidences that surround it put women at risk of low self-esteem, depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. Some women and feminists may claim that hookup culture is good because it frees […]

Gender and Polygamy in America

Introduction Since polygamy redefines marital relationships, it has created many public debates regarding gender equality in America. More specifically, many people link polygamy with serious gender inequalities, particularly concerning the status of women. Analysts have not only discussed gender inequality in polygamy as a social issue but also a legal one (Zeitzen, 2008, p. 125). […]

Women Entrepreneurship in the UAE

Problem definition Women entrepreneurs in the UAE face a lot of challenges [1]. Studies indicate that despite the rapid growth of women entrepreneurs in both developed and developing countries, the issue of gender equality, particularly within the UAE cultural context, stands unresolved [2]. Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in boosting economic growth. Many developed nations […]

Is homosexuality an Innate or an Acquired Trait?

Introduction Homosexuality describes people who are sexually attracted to members of their own sex. Male homosexuals are attracted to other males, while female homosexuals are attracted to other females. It is a normal phenomenon for people to have sexual attractions to members of their opposite sex, but homosexuals are just puzzling (Horvath, 2000). People have […]

Global Trends of Women in Private Spheres of Business

Introduction Close attention to women in entrepreneurship has emerged from the recognition of the fact that women have become increasingly interested in starting up their own business. Global trends of women in private spheres of business witness the overwhelming percentage of women coming into business; the statistical data shows the female dominance in initiating business […]

Analysis of the Book “History of Sexuality” by Michael Foucault

Introduction Michael Foucault authored the History of Sexuality, which is a three series book designed between 1976 and 1984. The scholar was a historian and a philosopher who tried to conceptualize the issues surrounding sexuality in the western culture (Foucault 1978, p 15). The first publication was titled An Introduction, whereas the second was titled […]

“Relational Practice in the Workplace: Women’s Talk or Gendered Discourse?”

Janet Holmes and Meredith Marra (2004) attempted to investigate the specifics of relation practice in their article “Relational practice in the workplace: Women’s talk or gendered discourse?” published in Language in Society. The authors have managed to create a well-structured and informative article by choosing an appropriate approach to presenting the information and supporting each […]

The Ideal Relationship

In today’s society, both men and women have assumed different roles in their respective families and societies. However, in most cultures around the world men are somehow more glorified than women. In such patriarchal societies, women are expected to serve and respect men. Therefore, women are brought up knowing how to serve and respect their […]

Women in Technology Fields

Introduction As society evolves to become more dependent on science and technology for growth and development, the occupational segregation of women in the sciences relative to men, not only in terms of absolute numbers but also in terms of visibility in the upper echelons of the professions, represents a misuse of scarce human capital and […]

Homosexuality, Religion and Atheism

Introduction Homosexuality draws mixed reaction from across the globe. Issues like cultural values, religious context, atheism, political stability, and economic empowerment of the people in a particular setting would play a pivotal role in accepting this sexual orientation. These factors determine homosexual acceptability in the society, although other forces would have a significant role in […]

How are notions of masculinity represented in advertising

Introduction Diverse notions on masculinity aspects are significantly represented in advertising and promotional campaigns of various products. This is due to their effectiveness in promoting sales of products that in turn leads to high profitability in various institutions. As noted by scholars, the evident notions that appertain to masculinity are credible and relevant since most […]

The Difficulties of Female Entrepreneurs in the UAE

Overview Introduction Entrepreneurs, regardless of their inherent location or gender, share similar problems in relation to properly accessing sufficient capital to start their business, developing a sufficient cash flow to sustain their venture and a variety of other distinctions that are connected to the process of developing a business. With the development of new internal […]

Gender and Politeness

The style of talking significantly reveals one’s gender as well as his/her degree of courtesy. Over the years, many researchers have carried out various researches concerning gender and politeness. There seems to exist a specific style of speech or rather terminologies that people associate to either men or women. Such terminologies further define one’s level […]

Gendered Segregation in Engineering and Technologies Domains

Introduction The present study is focused on the urgent need for organizations to develop and implement strategies and policies that will facilitate the reduction of gendered occupational segregation in engineering and technology-oriented domains, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. Towards the attainment of this broad objective, a survey was conducted on a sample of […]