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Role of Women in Society Definition Essay

A woman is opposite sex of a man. Women have been of great importance for many generations. Women play the role of wives and mothers in any society. Some religious principals such as the Christians do believe that a woman was created out of man and was given the mandate of giving companionship to the man.

This principal has some truth in the fact that in our society we see women giving companionship to men by being their wives. Apart from this, the woman is the one who gives new life. She posses a womb that a man does not posses. The womb was specifically created for the development of the baby. After this, she gives birth and becomes the mother to the baby.

Women are more responsible when it comes to matters related to the family; they have to ensure that every thing is running smoothly as expected. Not only are women concentrated on matters of the family but in today’s generation, they are also a key player of the economy in different ways.

In the past, the woman was seen as an inferior person who was only expected to remain at home, do the household chores, and take care of the babies. The man was the one to go to work and provide the daily bread for the family, which made men mistreat their wives because women had no power to raise their views or opinions but rather they had to submit to their husbands’ orders. Nevertheless, in today’s world, women go to work and earn money that they join with that of the husband to keep up the family.

In addition, the small girls were also gender biased in the fact that they were expectected to remain at home and help their mothers in the house chores while the boys went to school to get education. This left the female child with no option but to remain uncivilized in her entire life. However, in today’s generation, the female child goes to school and acquires the same education as the male child.

It is considered unethical if the parents of the female child fail to take the female child to school and in some countries it is punishable by law. This has led the female child to develop into a very civilized woman that is well updated with the current matters that surround her.

Today it is not a shock to see a woman driving good cars, building modern houses because they have become capable to do so. They benefit the economy of a particular country as stated earlier in the fact that they become tax payers which adds a certain percentage of revenue to that particular country.

They are also helping to solve the problem of unemployment because they are day by day becoming more innovative and establishing new businesses and companies that create job opportunities. This stance is really helping the respective state and that is why the government of a particular country is protecting the rights of the women in their countries.

The woman of today has been given the freedom to exercise their views and opinions concerning political matters. They can even try themselves for any parliamentary seat as long as they meet the legal requirements as stipulated by the constitution of that particular country.

This has really contributed to the development of countries because men in power are aware of the present competition and criticism if they fail to deliver their mandate effectively. Women are also becoming key players in technological advancement all over the world, they possess innovative minds, they are developing machines and other related gadgets to reduce the manual work of human labor and increase the use of machines. This creates employment to the people that will be handling the machines.

Women are also human beings that are identified by beauty. it is said that a woman can take 50 percent of her time to look appealing. If a woman does not look beautiful, she faces discrimination in the society. This makes the women all over the world place their beauty as a priority and not as an option.

Every man in the world desires to marry a woman that is envied by the society, therefore, the woman who does not maintain her beauty is at the risk of being left unmarried. It is important that all women should ensure that they maintain their inward and outward beauty if they have to be considered as beautiful and responsible in the society.

Being a woman also has its disadvantages in various ways such as in the birth stage. Some women hate when they are pregnant so they try to avoid this stage and prefer an operation, which is costly and dangerous. Women also are disadvantaged when they are undergoing menstrual cycle because it is accompanied by some specific features.

Another disadvantage that the majority of women hate is the issue of being submissive to their husbands. Although they may prefer to remain independent, they have no option but to get married because they need a man to bear and have a child. Even if they decide to get a child out of marriage that will affect their child or children lacking a father being part and parcel of normal upbringing.

Being a woman is full of responsibilities because they did not elope from household chores even though they live in a civilized society. In fact, their responsibilities have increased because they have to perform their household chores as they still have to perform their household responsibilities. They also have to leave some spare time for spending with their families. That is why a research that has been conducted demonstrates women as people who can multi task unlike men who can only do one thing at a time.

From the above essay, it is evident that women are creatures of great significant in our society today. They should not be prejudiced by anyone in the society. Women are continuing to establish roots and fight for their rights by developing their organizations that do fight for their rights. It is my hope that each woman in the world will embrace the traits discussed in the above essay to ensure that they truly know the value of being a woman.

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