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  1. Hip Hop Influence on Youth: Statistics and Effects
    Hip hop music is also said to perpetuate the rise in criminal activities among the youth. It is therefore recommendable for the youth to shun away from the vice brought about by hip hop music.
  2. Subculture Theories: Response to the Dominant Culture
    According to Hebdige, subcultures develop as a response to the dominant culture and exist in situations where there is recognized and organized collection of actions, values, as well as behavior that differ from the customary […]
  3. Roman & Greek Mythology in Pop Culture: Examples, Referenses, & Allusions
    One of the most famous examples of the use of the characters taken from Greek mythology in pop culture must be the mentioning of the famous goddess, Venus, in advertising, which is, in fact, based […]
  4. Hip-Hop and the Japanese Culture
    The prevalence of soul dancing in Japan in the earlier years also formed the basis for the wide acceptance of the hip-hop culture into the Japanese culture because soul dancing was common in the streets […]
  5. Hip-Hop in Japan
    However, this was not the case, most of the artists focused on refining their music in the Japanese languages to give it a Japanese flavor.
  6. Adolescents and Popular Culture: A Critical Analysis on Blogging Culture
    It is the purpose of this research paper to critically evaluate the popular culture of blogging among adolescents with the premise that it reinforces pro-social activities and self esteem among the teenagers.
  7. Popular American Culture: Development and Changes
    In nature, human beings are social animals; therefore, they would seize any opportunity to socialize and this explains why many people are members of one or more social networking sites.
  8. Socio-Political Foundations of Hip-Hop
    This presentation is connected to a state of exploitation that continues in the world that has deprived people so much, yet the struggle continues.’The sociology and history of African American’ brings out the theme of […]
  9. The Subculture of Designer Toys
    The unique feature of designer toys is that they have re-defined the meaning of ‘toy’ as such and appear to have combined toys with the notions of art and design.
  10. Hip Hop Dancing: The Remarkable Black Beat
    Because the drum beats was the most danceable segment of the hip hop music, the hip hop musicians increased their focus on the quality of drum beat sequence.
  11. Analyzing Graffiti as a Subculture
    Contemporary theoreticians dispute the origin and meaning of subculture as a social phenomenon, analyzing the sociological parameters of the groups of population and their primary motivation for deciding on self-expression in the form of subculture.
  12. Popular Culture of TV Watching in USA and China
    However, as compared to USA culture, watching television programs in China is controlled and regulated by the state, a situation that has forced some young people to resort to internet television where they watch downloaded […]
  13. The Hip-Hop Genre Origin and Influence
    Hess, in addition, notes that from 1970s, the development of Hip-hop as a culture has been very complex due to immigrants from different parts of the world, who in one way or another equally contributed […]
  14. Popular Culture and Teenage Pregnancy Among Americans
    This has been the case particularly in regards to the Western society of the early to the middle 20th century and the up-and-coming international normalcy of the late 20th and 21st century.
  15. Similarities between Ballet and Hip Hop
    Dance is and always shall be a form of expression where the movements performed speak volumes of the emotions and feelings that the dancer is trying to impart to the audience.
  16. Different Subculture: Norms and Values
    A subculture is a group of individuals characterized by different norms and values that is unique to the rest of the broader society it constitutes.
  17. Jazz and Hip Hop: Similarities and Differences
    Both hip hop and jazz are closely linked and for that matter there are a number of similarities they share prompting some individuals to pronounce that hip hop is ‘the jazz of young individuals in […]
  18. Popular Culture and Daily Life. Electric Shadows by Xiao Jiang
    As a matter of fact, this is the strength of popular culture where an individual seems to have been changed by the turn of the events that are happening in his life.
  19. Grunge, Riot Grrrl and the Forgetting of Women in Popular Culture’: Article Summary
    The author uses the Grunge era of the 1990’s in her analysis as the point of reference. The survey makes a clear reference to the Australians that were living in the era at the time.
  20. American Popular Culture: The Influence of Stereotypes
    In dance for instance, ballet is believed to be a preserve of affluent people in the society and predominantly white while ‘break dancing’ is believed to be a preserve of African-Americans in less affluent sections […]
  21. Popular Culture: The Use of Phones and Texting While Driving
    Given that rituals and stereotypes are a part of beliefs, values, and norms that society holds at a given instance of history, the use of phones in texting while driving has rituals and stereotypes associated […]
  22. The Lizzie Borden Case in American Popular Culture
    The purpose of the paper is to establish the contribution of the case to the current popular American culture and art.
  23. The Role of Popular Culture in the United States of America
    The popular culture has changed the way people dressed and dressing the way most people on the music videos do is cool, no matter how irrelevant a piece of clothing is to the situation.
  24. Gamer Subculture: The Most Common in the World
    What must be understood is that considering gamers as belonging to a particular subculture is not a widely accepted notion by the general public since they consider gaming as nothing more than hobby, however, gamers […]
  25. Police Subculture: Culture’s Factors and Performance
    The group of people that adopt a sub culture may or may not have the same goals and beliefs as the rest of the organization or community.
  26. Popular Culture in the History of the USA
    The problems discussed in the movies and considered in the TV shows and newspapers were connected with the war battles with the representation of the life of the soldiers.
  27. Jenny in the Gamers Subculture
    Notably, she does not think she is “much of a firework” and she feels like remaining in the crowd rather than “leading the way”.
  28. The Tibetan Subculture: Beliefs, Practices, and Communicative Gestures
    It depends on period of time in which an individual is exposed to the interactive process and level of internalization of the subculture. Reflectively, Lee has a rich sense of culture and is proud of […]
  29. Pop Culture Aspects and Role in the United States
    The sports culture portrays the excellence and contribution of the blacks as a whole and this has even increased their popularity in the media.
  30. Cultural Production and Popular Culture Development
    Considering the popular culture of the period after the World War II, the increase of the interest to the cinematography and music may be remembered.
  31. Angels and Insects: The Issue of Incest in the Pop-Culture
    In the first novella entitled Morpho Eugenia, the author has examined the nature of the human soul including how it relates with the other people.
  32. History of Hippie’s Culture
    The most recent guesses as to the number of communes were in the low thousands. There is no doubt that publicity in Time, Newsweek, and Life encouraged the growth of the communes.
  33. The Beginnings of Hip-Hop
    Within the course of three decades, hip-hop has become a part of the mainstream culture. This is one of the details that should be considered.
  34. Billboard as an Element of the Popular Culture
    Creators of the high culture have been on the quest to appeal to the wider public through the mass media and that is where the billboards come in.
  35. Movies in the American Popular Culture and American Society
    Economic, social, and political changes played a considerable role in affecting the scope of movies. Changing social and individual preferences helped the integration of the movies with other social features.
  36. What Is the Relationship Between the Social Definition of Deviance and the Media’s Role in the Dissemination of Popular Culture?
    The main function of news media is to offer mass audience with information and account of events that occur in the world.
  37. Hip Hop Infiltrates Asian Music Industry
    Therefore, if American hip hop music genre infiltrated Asian music industry and an Asian hip hop music variety was invented then hurdles in Asian hip hop can be conquered.
  38. Roles and Functions of a Supervisor in Popular Culture
    They must therefore work hand in hand with the supervisors of the contracted company in order to ensure that the quality of the results of the project is achieved as desired.
  39. Popular or Mass Culture: Mimetic Analysis, Semiotics and Narrative
    Hence, it is relevant to analyze the lyrics of the pop music video.[Marx, 2008] First, one has to admit, that the lyrics of the song is the perfect accompaniment to the video visualization and completely […]
  40. De Certeau’s Politics in Everyday Life in Relation to Popular Culture
    Hence, according to De Certeau, everyday life operates in the same manner by poaching and grabbing in the territories of others, applying the products and rules that are already in existence in a particular culture […]

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  1. Russian Popular Culture: History, Development, and Effect of Technologies
    Nevertheless, this was not to continue in the 20th century following the emergence of the communist ideology that played a major role in the culture of the Soviet Union like no other part of the […]
  2. Fashion Controversies about Hip Hop Garments
    The paper will look into controversy that arose over hip hop garment design with the aim of identifying the source of the controversy, key players in the controversy as well as political, social and economic […]
  3. Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap
    This will be addressed in this book review as we look at how the author represents his views, interpretations and research about the hip-hop culture2 In this book, Ogbar explores the lyrical world of rap […]
  4. “Hip Hop“ Subculture: Music, Vocabulary, and Roots
    Based on an interview with a member of the subculture, the paper will discuss some of the terms used in the subculture, how its members dress and look, as well as how they act.
  5. Hip Hop Dance
    The TV shows such as the Wild style, Soul Train and Breakin, Beat Street also contributed in showcasing hip hop dance styles during the early periods of hip hop hype.
  6. Analysis of “Yuri” Manga as a Peculiarity of Japanese Popular Culture
    Conclusions of the analysis indicate that yuri manga is not limited to lesbian culture, moreover, it is a significant element of Japanese popular culture.
  7. Hip-Hop: News From a Ghetto’s Point of View
    Youths living in the ghettos have had Hip Hop as one of the most effectual means to voice the social injustice that they experience.
  8. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation
    The book Ca not Stop Wo not Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation brings out the history of the United States from the eyes of a person who would have been considered a loser […]
  9. New Media and Popular Youth Culture in China
    New media have created a popular youth culture that encourages diversity and development of voices and cultural styles, hence giving the youth the ability to challenge the subversive cultural-political beliefs in the society.
  10. Key Characteristics of Political Subcultures
    On the other hand, change is inevitable and, therefore, a traditionalist political culture cannot work in most states in the US.
  11. Ideologies and Popular Culture: A Popular Television Commercial
    The humorous nature of this commercial might appeal to many cultures and people. In addition, the commercial has the ability to formulate a new ideology among men and women.
  12. Media and Popular Culture in East and South East Asia: Kyoung-hwa
    The author underscores the fact that the use of mobile phones in transmitting messages in the Japanese society is in the increase.
  13. Leadership & Organization Development by Lok, Peter and John Crawford
    In this article, the researchers attempt to describe the relationship between organizational commitment, culture and subculture and their impacts on leadership style and job satisfaction in organizational development and change.
  14. R&B and Hip-Hop Effect Western Music
    The music that Michael Jackson released was not based on gender but was based on truth and hope to the people and this gave him a lot of influence in the community reason being that […]
  15. Elazar’s Political Subcultures
    If the same view is applied in public health policy, the subculture gives a platform for the policy makers the privilege to make policies that will improve living conditions in the society.
  16. Hip-Hop Music
    Other creations of hip-hop are the components of the hip-hop lifestyle. A number of unacceptable behaviors in the society have been encouraged by hip-hop leading to a conflict between the ambassadors of hip-hop and the […]
  17. The Main Distinctions of Popular Culture and Its Growth
    To get a better understanding of this issue, one should first look at the definitions of culture and popular culture. This case illustrates an idea that it is rather difficult to establish the boundaries of […]
  18. Identity in Pop Culture: Asians and Females in US Society
    It is possible to trace the influence of media on communication strategies analyzing representation in terms of ethnicity and gender focusing on such group as Asians and females in the US society. Of course, it […]
  19. Popular Culture – Madonna’s Significant Impact
    In fact, it is true that the changes in the societal equilibrium and forces form the basis for popular culture. In fact, Madonna uses most of the ambitious views as well as body images to […]
  20. Robert Altman and Global Popular Culture: ‘The Player’ and ‘Gosford Park’
    After all, as it can be seen in the film, it is such their sense that weakens their ability to act as the agents of progress, which in turn undermines the integrity of the American […]
  21. The Effects of Modern Popular Culture on Personal Beliefs and Values
    I persisted with this behavior until I was admitted to the university where the modern culture dwells on wearing casually. This essay has showed that modern popular culture changes the beliefs and behaviors of people […]
  22. “Pop Music, Pop Culture” by Chris Rojek
    The title specifically prepares the reader for the interconnection between culture and popular music, as it is one entity that is a great part of human society and the music industry.
  23. Michael Jackson’s Pop Culture: Characteristics and Importance
    Besides the desire to generate revenue, ‘pop music and culture have been very helpful in consolidating the efforts of the black population’.
  24. Women in Hip-Hop Music: A Provocative and Objectified Gender Roles
    It is one thing that men want women to be in music videos and play a particular role, but women are willing to participate in the videos.
  25. Hip-Hop Music and the Role of Women in It: Fight for Women’s Rights in Society
    While looking at the various roles of women in hip hop and rap, it is also important to note that the way women are presented has various effects on society.
  26. Religious Subculture: Arrow of God
    The interviewed member acknowledged that “the rector interviews potential members and administers the special sacrament, which is intended to bind the recruits to the oath of secrecy, religious cleanliness, and submission to the rules and […]
  27. Sex and Violence in Pop Culture and Their Influence on Society
    Analyzing the articles it is possible to come to certain conclusions about the ways and facts the authors choose to convey the topic and how they contributed to the understanding of the question.
  28. Popular Culture and Electronic Media: The Impact of Electronic Media Advertising
    Each type of electronic media contributes to influencing communities and societies around the world, a thing that has led to the alteration in popular culture to this day.
  29. Pop Culture and Print Media: Trends Propagated by the Print Media
    The mass media has greatly influenced the way of life in the modern world. Americans tend to identify themselves with the idols found in the magazines and other print media and aim at achieving a […]
  30. Popular American Culture Concept and Religious Trends
    Popular culture is commonly defined as the totality of ideas, attitudes, perspectives, and other features shared among the people in a particular culture that and often take shape through informal consensus in the society.
  31. Hip Hop Music as Media Influence on the Youth
    Personally, I love listening to rap music, which many people claim that it has led to the spread of violence among young people.
  32. Straight Edge Subculture: Hardcore Punk Music and Abstinence From Alcohol
    In Straight Edge subculture, music forms the realm of the group’s values as it is the fundamental basis of its ideology through the message conveyed through the lyrics.
  33. “Reflections on Hip Hop” by Eric Dyson
    In the first place, it is necessary to note that prison is seen as the most important factor affecting development of black males’ identity and three types of experiences are singled out.
  34. The NBA 2K Game as the Element of Popular Culture
    Despite the original aim of producing the series of popular video games NBA 2K is a popularization of basketball among the representatives of the modern situation, the release of the series also focuses on advertising […]
  35. Politics: Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens by Cathy J. Cohen
    In Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens, the reader is introduced to the politics of racism in the United States. According to the author, queer politics is not radical enough to address the challenge of dominance […]
  36. Mass Society and Popular Culture Theories
    Both the popular culture and the mass society are theories that are used to explain perspectives in media. For some scholars mass society is a menace since it can destabilize the differences established amid the […]
  37. Hip-Hop Subculture as Answer to Social Inequality
    One of the most notable aspects of a contemporary living in America is the fact that, as of today, the sub-culture of Hip-Hop had ceased being considered in terms of a largely marginalized socio-cultural phenomenon.
  38. Blacks’ Prison Experiences in Hip Hop Culture
    Though considering the controversy that has been the “elephant in the room” for quite a time, Dyson clearly takes his argument to an admittedly high level of convincingness, it is not only the consideration of […]
  39. Culture, Subculture, and Their Differences
    The different activities that people across the world engage in lead to the existence of different. When people develop negative impressions of the activities that their society undertakes they are said to be in a […]
  40. The Arab-American Subculture: Societal Factors
    It is likely that the lack of statistical information on the group in the first half of the 20th Century may have led to their low-profile status in ethnicity discussions.

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Subculture

  1. Hipster Subculture in Polhemus’ and Haddow’s Views
    It is quite impossible to find the exact meaning of the appearance of this or that tribe and the idea that stands behind each of their rituals.
  2. Korean Popular Culture and National Identity
    The story of Jin-tae and Jin-seok portrays the kind of struggles experienced by many people in the country especially during the Korean War. The people have been using different movies to present the Korean national […]
  3. Blue Wall of Silence in Police Subculture
    Nevertheless, the problem remains topical, and it is necessary to resolve the issue so that the members of the LA department could accomplish their tasks and, at the same time, make sure that the representatives […]
  4. Pop Culture in “Young and Restless in China” Film
    The film Young and Restless in China is a documentary highlighting the struggle of nine Chinese youths who face different challenges and opportunities in the new China society.
  5. Folk and Popular Culture in Demick’s and Kershaw’s Views
    Many people in the world have presented their views regarding the traditional practice of eating dogs. More people will embrace modern marriage practices in the future.
  6. Korean Popular Culture and Western Influences
    In this paper, the evaluation of the relations of power between the western impact and Korean popular culture in terms of Asian countries will be offered to demonstrate how competitive and independent the Koreans can […]
  7. Pop Subculture’s Features and Traits
    The members of this subculture use the internet to socialize like any other teenager; however, they go further and come up with innovative ways of making money on the internet.
  8. Hippies, Punks, Skinheads Subcultures in the US
    The term “subculture” refers to a part of the culture of the society that is clearly distinct from the mainstream culture, as well as to the groups of bearers of this culture.
  9. Hip-Hop and Politics Correlation in the USA
    The author outlines the life and the creative process of Clive Campbell or otherwise known as DJ Kook Herc, one of the most influential figures in the early history of the hip-hop genre.
  10. Hatshepsut’s Life and Her Image in Pop Culture
    To ensure the continuity of the kingdom, Thutmosis II married Hatshepsut. When Thutmosis II died, the legitimate heir of the throne, Thutmosis III, the son of Hatshepsut, was only 7 years.
  11. Old School Hip Hop Versus New Hip Hop Music
    However, although today’s hip hop music does share some similarities with old school hip hop, it is much more superficial and generic, compared to the timeless music of the old school hip hop.
  12. Pop Culture as a New Tool of Imperialism
    From the first standpoint, most of the experts agree upon the point that the effectiveness of pop culture as one of the instruments of the so-called “soft power” is unquestioned.
  13. Hip Hop Definition
    In fact, many authors underline the fact that commercialization of hip-hop has changed its essence considerably and deprived modern people of the possibility to understand the essence of hip-hop and true reasons for its appearance. […]
  14. The Documentary “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes”
    Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes is a documentary movie that helps not only to understand the nature of hip hop but to connect a single style of music with the necessity of such crucial issues […]
  15. Planet B-Girl: Community Building and Feminism in Hip-Hop
    The main idea of the article under analysis is the intentions of female hip-hop artists to prove their choices and demonstrate their abilities by using the same rights male hip-hop artists have already got.
  16. Hip Hop Duo: Kung Foo Grip
    Though the history of this duo is neither too complicated nor full of some unpredictable and fatal decisions events, it can be used to explain how the lives of two fans of Hip Hop can […]
  17. Hip Hop Culture in “The Otherside” Documentary
    Regardless numerous discussions about Hip Hop, this culture remains to be a considerable part of human life that helps to understand that such issue as racial profiling is not only something that is required by […]
  18. Literature Study on the Hip-Hop Concept: A Social Movement and Part of the Industry
    Hip-hop is a genre that does not obey the taboos but creates new stereotypes, allowing itself to use risky language to convey the text of the songs in a much recognizable and provocative manner.
  19. Popular Culture and Art Definition, Brief History and New Opportunities
    One might argue that the transition from the rejection of popular culture as an element of art to its acceptance and the celebration of the opportunities that the combination of the two may provide is […]
  20. Cosplay Subculture Definition
    Thus, within the cosplay subculture, there are a number of activities for the participants to choose from. A set of values and norms is also present in the cosplay subculture.
  21. The Popularity of Subcultures in Our Time
    In the Goth subculture, black clothes and hair and gender-inappropriate clothing were supposedly symbols of protest against a falsely positive society and were meant to make us stand out of the crowd.
  22. Science Integration Into Popular Culture: The Essence of Science in Popular Culture and Its Influence on Contemporary Society
    More and more people tend to be interested in science due to the availability of information. The information provided by mass media is to be relevant and reliable.
  23. Stereotypes From Popular Culture and Their Effects
    The following paper explores the mechanisms behind stereotyping in an attempt to determine whether it is possible to minimize its adverse effect and which approach is the most viable for the purpose.
  24. Postmodernism Era: Body and Popular Culture
    To understand how the body is constructed and deconstructed in modern western society, it is important to analyze the significance of the corporeal factor in the culture of postmodernism.
  25. Hip-Hop Theory and Culture in the Discography
    G explains the changes in day-to-day living within the ghettos between the artist’s childhood and the present. Most of the lines from the song praise the person that the song is dedicated to.
  26. Pan-Ethnic Hip-Hop in Afro-American History
    1 In the introduction, the author makes a profound comparison and contrast between the treatment of colored people in different historical periods, which helps the audience to realize the importance of the subject.
  27. Market Segmentation Based on Consumer Subcultures
    When a firm takes advantage of the characteristics of a stereotyped group to advertise its product, the message will be received differently.
  28. Trisha TV Show Analysis and Pop Culture Issues
    The factor which contributed to my awareness of the audience is the plot of the show, which touches on family disagreements, deception, and emotions.
  29. Youth Subcultures Causing Moral Panic in Media
    The norm is to compel members of the society to seek newer ideals as presented solutions to the problems identified by the interested parties in the cultural industry.
  30. Social Constructions and Hip Hop Music
    This process involved the description of the things that I saw at the concert. I described the tone, tempo, and style of music that they sang.
  31. Popular Culture in American Society and American History
    These people are sure that the popular culture in this perspective has a positive effect and shows the society its problems, the popular culture directs the situation for better outcomes, for the reduction of the […]
  32. Social Inequality: Hip-Hop Culture and Movement
    When it comes to defining the term ‘social movement’, it is important to understand that the process of a particular group of people striving to have their voice heard in the public sphere, must be […]
  33. The Hawthorne Study: Dominant Cultures and Subcultures
    They also responded positively to change when they realized that the top management is caring about them, and the changes are meant to make the work environment to be more accommodating for them.
  34. Korean Popular Culture: “Boomerang Family”
    The picture keeps an eye on the steps of the day-to-day existence of a dysfunctional family, where the three brothers and a sister one by one decided to return to their family home and live […]
  35. Korean Popular Culture: “In Between Days” and “Public Enemy”
    The social mask of Kang is that of the unpredictable cop who can break the law for making a profit. The concept of “throwness” is used to describe the experience when the person has to […]
  36. Korean Popular Culture: “In Between Days” Analysis
    The hardships of assimilation are put to the fore in the film In Between Days. It is necessary to note that the vast majority of the challenges immigrants face are not in the spotlight.
  37. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Subculture
    The pioneers of such campaigns disagree with the ideas and behaviors associated with the LGBT Subculture. These celebrations “have also made it easier for different members of the subculture to network and exchange their views”.
  38. Harry Potter Stories and Impact on Pop Culture
    Harry Potter shows how prejudices, conflict, and social hierarchies work in the community and the role of the moral concepts in struggling with difficulties.
  39. Asian Studies: K-Pop in Japan and in the World
    The goal of the essay is to display a critical analysis of Why Did not “Gangnam Style” Go Viral in Japan: Gender Divide and Subcultural Heterogeneity in Contemporary Japan by John Lie and K-pop by […]
  40. Jazz and Hip Hop Concerts in Comparison
    Two pieces in the second performance, In Germany Before the War and Mysterious Barricades, were well performed during the concert. There was a deejay on the deck and background dancers to back up the performance […]

⭐ Simple & Easy Subculture Essay Titles

  1. Representations of Sex and the City in 1960’s Pop Culture
    While responding to the post on the phenomenon of Bunnies and sexuality promoted in the 1960s, it is important to concentrate on some key points: the perception of women’s sexuality with reference to Bunnies; the […]
  2. The Role of Asian Women in the Popular Culture
    In the given paper, the following points are going to be addressed, and the following issue is going to be researched: 1) the traditional patriarchal role of women in the Asian culture and society, which […]
  3. Korean Popular Culture: “California: Tri Star Pictures”
    What is the main situation of the movie, and how it is related to the immigration problem? The minister of defense Delacourt makes all the efforts to strengthen the control over the unauthorized attempts of […]
  4. Popular Culture Resistance: Causes and Goals
    However, along with the apparent contribution to the development of globalization, this fast rise of popular culture poses the question of authenticity as the unique image of various peoples is being lost.
  5. “Hybridity and the Rise of Korean Popular Culture in Asia” by Doobo Shim
    The investigated article “Hybridity and the Rise of Korean Popular Culture in Asia” by Doobo Shim is also devoted to one of such cultural phenomena as it tends to explain the growing popularity of Korean […]
  6. Korean Popular Culture: Attractiveness and Popularity
    Korean popular culture can be discussed as a strong tool of soft power because of the high attractiveness and popularity of this culture in the world.
  7. Poverty and Hip-Hop: Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy”
    Notorious B.I.G.’s music video for the song “Juicy” was chosen for the analysis because the rapper explored the theme of poverty that deeply affected his life.
  8. The Fashion of the Hippie Culture
    Studying the fashion of the hippie culture is important because it illustrates the changes that society had undergone in the 1960s not only with regards to the style of clothing that people wore but also […]
  9. Korean Popular Culture: Problem Statement
    In this context, the topic of soft power becomes critical since it involves the process of influencing other nations’ preferences and attitudes through the dissemination of various cultural values.
  10. Race in Popular Culture: “Get Out” (2017)
    The themes of white-black relationships and the role of the police in racial judgments comprise the two major topics for a thorough discussion.
  11. Japanese Popular Culture: Anime, Video Games, and the Film Industry
    This report will investigate the growth and influence of Japanese pop culture through anime, video games, and the film industry. The game was created by a Japanese studio and is built on the concept of […]
  12. Race and Ethnicity in Three Pop Culture Artifacts
    The present paper offers an overview of the problem of race and ethnicity as reflected in three pop culture artifacts: a song Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey, the movie In the Heat of […]
  13. Ethnicity in Pop Culture: Historical Perspective
    At the same time, the movie In the Heat of the Night has not experienced any changes in audience, underlining that the issues discussed in the film are still of immediate interest.
  14. Gay Culture’s Influence on Hip Hop Fashion
    Gay men have the influence of female fashion design due to the fact that most of the designers of female clothes are men and most of them are homosexual.
  15. How Social Factors Shape Youth Subcultures
    In most cases, a subculture is in opposition to the dominant culture and the members of a subculture belong to a specific category such as the youth who seek recognition through unique behavior that is […]
  16. Christianity and Pop Culture: ”The Passion of the Christ” Film
    So, the aim of this work is to analyze the views of different authors of the articles dedicated to the film The Passion of the Christ.
  17. The Role of Internet in Formation of Popular Culture
    The computer is a scientific device that accepts the log-in information and thereafter manipulates it to produce the desired result based on the program of instructions on how data is to be processed.
  18. Crime and Subcultures in the Urban Area
    The present paper is designed to use the subculture approach that belongs to the array of ecological theories to explain the emergence of crime in Boyle Heights, composed mostly of citizens of Latino cultural background.
  19. The Idea of Subculture and Understanding the Google Culture
    He is the author of the popular Enterprise Search Report and spent nearly a year and a half researching and writing The Google Legacy.
  20. The Study of Mass Communication and Popular Culture
    The contributions of the French sociologist emile Durkheim to the formation of sociology are rather sufficient, as the scientist has studied the ways in which societies could maintain their integrity and coherence in the present […]
  21. Evaluation Argument of a Pop-Culture Text and Its Representation
    To the young generation, this kind of music with simple words and hard-talking lyrics, the mind-blowing and intricately skillful music, and the imagery portrayed by the rock stars appealed in a personal manner and embodied […]
  22. The Zen Subculture: A Lifestyle or Nonsense?
    Reinders wrote that the word “Zen” originated from the “Sanskrit word dhyana ” and that “was transliterated into Chinese as channa and abbreviated to chan; zen is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character chan”.
  23. The Interface of Subcultures and the Use of Cosmetics
    There are numerous factors that influence the process a consumer goes through from the time he or she conceptualizes the purchase of the product through to the actual buying of the product.
  24. Subcultures: The American Football Fan
    According to Anderson, the concept of community was fashioned by regional religious traditions previous to the surfacing of mass access to the printed forms of communication that were not of the church and were written […]
  25. Popular Culture and Contemporary Life. The Matrix
    The movie The Matrix represents a new reality or a new philosophy of the 21st century. The Matrix may be a new mode of transmedia storytelling, as Jenkins argues, but the value of the movie […]
  26. Popular Culture From the Fifties to Heroin Chic: Feminism
    The women have become aware of their legal rights and disabilities as a consequence of the inclusion of educated women in movements to repair the legal disabilities.
  27. Popular Culture Since the 50’s: Drivers for Popular Culture, Music, TV and Literature
    The lyrics of the songs appealed to the common teenager and there was nothing highbrow or high language in the songs and this became a part of the popular culture.
  28. The History of the Hippie Cultural Movement
    It is the evolution of the Hippie culture followed by the formation of the Hippie Subculture. The agitation and opposition to contemporary activities is the one of the main reasons that led to the formation […]
  29. Gothic Lifestyle as a Subculture
    The Goths created their own subculture, as they could not accept the extravagant and extroverted lifestyle of the Punks. The evils, sins and pain of the society are a matter of beauty to the Goths.
  30. Exploration of Popular Culture in 18th Century England
    The special role of England in the history of the European enlightenment consisted first of all, in the fact that it was its native land and in many respects the trailblazer.
  31. Punk Movement Versus Popular Culture: Background and Development
    The Punk movement of the 1970’s is often regarded as a British working class movement, born out of the frustration of the politics that ruled the time and the influx of popular culture most of […]
  32. Transnational Gangs: Description of Skinheads
    The prime purpose of the gang was to uphold and preserve “white supremacy” following the Civil War, fearing the anger and mutiny from the Black population, as the local government in the South was weak.
  33. Hip Hop Culture and Music
    Scratching is a technique which in hip hop culture is used to gauge the expertise of a DJ, as he is expected to produce new sounds simply by moving a record back and forth while […]
  34. Subcultures: Young and Foreign
    The subject for the photo under consideration is the young generation with its unique brand of dressing and interacting; the young who live in a foreign land, who, along with their kindred, have migrated into […]
  35. Media and Popular Culture: Pros and Cons of Technology
    On the one hand, new media and technology allow global society to view and understand political changes and conflicts in these countries and respond to global violence and misbehavior of some nations.
  36. Race and Popular Culture in the United States
    There is a realization that though society has changed its perspectives, it has yet to deal with the social operations and dynamics that dampen the development of the African American sectors in the society.
  37. The Hippie Movement: History and Nowadays
    The hippie movement was a youth subculture that was witnessed initially in the United State and this was during the mid-1960s.
  38. Organizational Subcultures and the Frocky Horror Show
    The application of the body of knowledge on the subject of organizational culture and subculture shows that the different functions, groups and even levels of management in an organization can have different subcultures.
  39. Promotion of Pop Culture in the Mass Media
    Mass media did everything for the purpose of enculturation of this product as a national brand for the American people and as a hint for imitation of proper manners in service and way of eating […]
  40. Formation of Non-White Hip-Hop Women Movement
    Hip-hop culture is one of the music genres which appeared in America in the 1970s. The hip-hop culture increases all the time and the part of women does not reduce, moreover, it increases.

💡 Most Interesting Subculture Topics to Write about

  1. The Influence of American Popular Culture on the Heroes of “The Bluest Eye”
  2. Popular Culture in America Today: Evolution, Features, and Impact in Other Parts of the World
  3. MTV Pop Culture: The Lyrics by Dire Straits
  4. Popular Culture for Political, Personal, and Economic Struggles
  5. Marketing Appeal to Asian American Subculture
  6. Multiculturalism in Contemporary German Popular Culture
  7. Gothic Subculture: Interviews With Representatives
  8. “All the Young Dudes: Media, Subculture and Lifestyle” by Osgerby
  9. American Pop Culture Impact on Decision-Making
  10. Hells Angels as a Motorcycle Subculture
  11. Popular Culture – iPods Advertising and Its Impact
  12. Punk Designs of Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood
  13. Analysis of Rap and Hip-Hop Culture: Audience of the Songs and the Purposes of the Singers
  14. Sociology of the Media and Popular Culture
  15. The History of Hip-Hop Culture in the United States
  16. The Impact of American Popular Culture on Society
  17. Consumerism and American Popular Culture
  18. Violence and War in Japanese Popular Culture
  19. Seattle Hip Hop From an Underground Genre Into Mainstream Music: Songs Examples
  20. Hip Hop Music and the Protest Tradition of the 1960’s
  21. The Issue of Sex and Violence in Popular Culture
  22. Disney and Its Impact on Popular Culture and Society
  23. What Is Popular Culture? Definition and Analysis
  24. Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: Structuralism and Post-Structuralism
  25. Political Subcultures Classification and Comparison
  26. Chinese Subculture and Its Function in Canadian Society
  27. Western Pop Culture and Street Fashion of Japanese Youth
  28. The Hacker Subculture Nature and Allure
  29. Seattle Hip-Hop Scene: Michael “The Wanz” Wansley
  30. Understanding Hip Hop Made by Jay-Z
  31. Cosplay: Anime Community Craftmanship
  32. Hip-Hop as a Vehicle for Unification in Beat Street
  33. Hip Hop Evolution and Racial & Political Conditions
  34. 20th Century Dress and Culture – Punk Fashion
  35. Popular and Serious: Modernism, the Avant-Garde, and Punk

🎓 Good Research Topics about Subculture

  1. Haul Girl Subculture minus Self-Consciousness
  2. Subculture and Counterculture and Its Impact on Society
  3. Drainspotting: Japan’s Unique Visual Subculture
  4. Subculture: The Values and Related Behaviors
  5. Skinhead Subculture: Subculture With Aggressively Masculine Dress Styles, Including Shaved Heads and Heavy Boots
  6. From the Spanish Inquisition to Now: Ethnography of the Subculture of Catholicism in Spain
  7. Social Variables and Its Impact on Society and Subculture
  8. Juvenile Subculture: Law Enforcement Subculture and Racial Profiling
  9. Hardcore Subculture and the Punk Subculture: What a Difference
  10. Black Female Gang Members and Their Criminal Subculture
  11. Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, and Subculture
  12. Bodily Modification: The Symbols of the Subculture
  13. The Origin and Development of the Creative Goth Subculture
  14. Hip Hop and Rap Music: Subculture From the Streets to the Mainstream
  15. Reference Groups, Family, Culture, Subculture, and Social Class
  16. Bodybuilding and the Subculture of Bodybuilding
  17. How Cell Phone Use Has Become a Subculture
  18. Amish Teenagers and Their Distinct Subculture
  19. Straight Edge: Subculture and Social Movement
  20. Slang, Youth Subculture, and Rock Music

❓ Questions About Subcultures

  1. Are Social Media Subcultures?
  2. How Are Subcultures Formed?
  3. What Is Included in Subculture?
  4. How Do Subcultures Develop?
  5. How Does Subculture Operate?
  6. Why Does Subculture Matter in Organization?
  7. Why Do Subcultures Form Within a Society?
  8. What Are the Characteristics of Subcultures?
  9. Why Girls Join the Punk Subcultures When It’s Meant for Boys?
  10. What Are Current Subcultures?
  11. What Are the Functions of Subcultures?
  12. What Do Subcultures Mean?
  13. What Is the Role of Subcultures in Society?
  14. What Are the Advantages of Subcultures?
  15. What Makes the Army a Subcultures?
  16. What Are Subcultures in Social Studies?
  17. Were Gay and Lesbian Subcultures From the 1900s to the 1960s?
  18. What Are Five Examples of Subcultures?
  19. How Do Subcultures Use Fashion as a Way of Embracing Their Differences?
  20. Why Is There a Need to Study Subcultures?
  21. What Are Subcultures in Humanities?
  22. What Is Subcultures Analysis?
  23. Is Gen Z Considered Subcultures?
  24. How Are Subcultures Formed?
  25. How Subcultures Are All Around Us and Every Individual?
  26. Are Anime Subculture?
  27. What Are Subculture and Its Examples?
  28. How Has Cell Phone Uses Become a Subculture?
  29. What Are the Types of Subcultures?
  30. Are College Students’ Subcultures?

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