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Literature Review of MNCs & Culture

Discussion Multinational corporations operate in environments where they deal with different cultures. Multinationals serve customers from various cultures and their workforce is also culturally diverse. The management has to deal with the diverse culture of the organizations to succeed in the global scene. The challenges that managers encounter when managing diversity will be assessed in […]

Dance Education and Culture

Executive Summary In contemporary sociological usage, the term culture refers to the sum total of all knowledge, customs, beliefs, attitudes and values shared by a large group of individuals with other common linkages. Theories formulated by David Carr suggest that culture can also be described from an evaluative point of view as the things that […]

Google’s Corporate Culture and its Success

Google’s culture can be analyzed through evaluating various artifacts. However, of great essence is the fact that Google corporate culture is integrated and constitute of four major elements namely reward, mission, fun and innovation. This corporation’s corporate culture has extensively depicted success and the significance of adopting a strategically suitable culture. The culture at Google […]

The Main Distinctions of Popular Culture and Its Growth

Introduction Such a phenomenon as popular culture is regarded by many scholars as a mass-marketed phenomenon that is essentially a product of capitalist development (Rhodes & Westwood 2008, p. 7). Moreover, this concept often has negative connotations and it is often used as a reference to something rather primitive and populist. This paper will discuss […]

Diamond Bank Plc Culture And Its Impact On The Success Of Set Strategies

Introduction Modern organizations are characterized by the use of dynamic technological developments, intensified by the existence of competition and self-enhancing values. Organizations can only retain their competitive edge by changing their operating systems in such a way that they can meet the wants of the business environment (Anderson, 2007). Strategies that improve learning and knowledge […]

Neolithic pottery and art Culture

Introduction The Neolithic period is one of the most fascinating periods in the Chinese history; a period believed to have started in 10,000 B.C. and came to an end eight thousand years later. This period was characterized by a population, which solely depended on crop and domestic animal farming as opposed to gathering and hunting […]

Across Cultures Marketing

Purbeck has an established market for ice cream in the UK. However, with changes in the economic structure of the world, the company has decided to undertake geographic diversification and enter new markets. As Asia is one of the largest and strongest developing markets, the company has decided to enter Thailand. However, cross-cultural marketing considerations […]

Corporate Culture, Employee Motivation and Workforce Diversity

Introduction Researchers agree that successful businesses depend on the effective management of corporate culture, employee motivation, and workforce diversities (Dipboye & Halverson 2004; Ackroyd & Crowdy 1990). This agreement stems from successive years of research, which have studied employee-company relations. For example, successive neo-liberal governments in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) […]

Organization’s culture

Introduction Culture in an organization refers to the values, beliefs, history and attitudes of a particular organization. Culture also refers to the ideals of an organization that dictate the way members of the organization relate to each other and to the outside environment. An organization’s culture defines its values; the values of an organization refer […]

The accuracy concerning various dimensions of Culture

Introduction There is increased interaction among people from all around the globe compared to the twentieth century. Globalization has, In turn, influenced the culture and well-being of people in their communities. This paper examines the various dimensions of culture and the influence of cross culture communications on global business operations. Communication and culture According to […]

Gender and Consumer Culture

Marketers, industrialists and other beneficiaries of consumer culture are aware of the multifaceted nature of gender in a modern, western state. However, they opt to stereotype masculine and feminine characteristics in order to perpetuate insecurities that stimulate the purchase of more of their goods. To understand how these stereotypes of gender came about, one must […]

Extent and Implication of Organizational Culture Management

Introduction Organization culture is collective behaviors that are exercised by existing members within an organization (Cameron, 2005). Employees in workplace commonly state the term culture often, and few of them know what it entails. Culture is paramount as it enables the organization to achieve its goals effectively (Hofstede, 2010). When an individual want to manage […]

How has Immigration Transformed the Life and Culture of London over the Past 150 Years?

Over the last one and half centuries, the United Kingdom has experienced a substantial turn up of its immigrant population. Some of the common reasons why people from other countries would move into the UK include; joining family members already living in the country, search for employment opportunities, educational needs, and escape from natural disasters […]

Impact of Culture and Other Macro Factors on the Marketing of Products

Analysis of the children’s market Children’s market can be defined as a sector of market responsible for providing children with essentials such as food and clothes to satisfy their basic needs and extras for their entertainment. Childhood is traditionally defined as the period of life between birth and puberty at the age of 10-11 for […]

Creating a Culture

The introduction Culture is a shared way of behavior and interactions among a certain group of people. Once people live together for long, they develop a common way of doing things and understanding, and that becomes their culture. Through the process of socialization, a bond of interaction develops linking these people with one another. Socialization […]

Ancient Culture Artworks

Introduction This essay compares and contrasts two art works from a collection of ancient arts. The comparison and contrasting is done in view of art aspects such as style, symbolism, materials used, as well as aesthetic issues. The comparison was done on the, ‘Head and Bust (fragment) of a man’ which is believed to have […]

Multiculturalism, the Italian Culture

The concept of multiculturalism has no clear-cut definition due to its varied perceptions within the scholarly, political and social spheres. Critics of multiculturalism perceive it to be the other side of racism. However, scientific discovery that the human DNA and race have no connection turned the debate towards culture and ethnicity as the underlying philosophies […]

The impact of Western society on the music cultures of other societies in the world

Introduction The impact of the Western Society has been argued to be quite in immense throughout the human history. Regardless the magnitude of influence, it is impossible for a person or society to claim immunity against the penetration and ultimate influence on the Western Society. The most amazing thing is that all these aspects of […]

Adaptive culture

An adaptive culture is the ability to change smoothly and swiftly with the changing conditions. In the business sector, a firm is said to have an adaptive culture if it can manage to keep up with the ever-present transitions in the sector. Such a firm is always ready to shift in whichever direction the prevailing […]

Global Culture: Communism Ideologies Relative to Arjun Appadurai’s Argument

Global culture is changing rapidly due to the influence of political, economic, social, religious, and technological factors. Humanity is struggling to build a better society by ensuring that these factors function optimally and collectively towards achieving the millennial development goals and overall growth of nations. In the 19 century, Karl Max and Frederick Engels drafted […]

Youth Culture in the last 20-30 years: New York, London and Tokyo

Introduction Youth culture has been described as the tendency by the youth to differ from their immediate and cultures. Youth culture sprang out as a reaction to the educational, political and economic changes after World War II in Western civilization (Helping youth conference, 2005). Also, pop culture is the short form of popular culture and […]

Saudi Arabian Culture

Introduction Across the world, different countries have different cultures depending on racial and ethnic composition of citizens. Countries that have diverse races or ethnicities appear to have diverse cultures, while countries that have one race or ethnicity have common culture. Normally, the culture of a given population comprises of several elements of culture. Andersen and […]

Language and Culture: Language Acquisition

The Processes of the Language Acquisition Language acquisition is the process of learning a language (native or foreign). Thus, there are two types of language acquisition that are studied by specialists in different areas (psychology and linguistics). The process of the first language acquisition is considered to be a psycholinguistic process, while the second language […]

Concepts of Ancient Greek Culture

The period which is now called Classical Greece was marked by significant changes in political, social, artistic and religious life of people. In particular, one can speak about the establishment of a civic state, the adoption of new approaches to education and science, the development of new artistic forms, and more critical attitude toward those […]

Effects of Organizational Culture on Managerial Decisions

Introduction Culture refers to beliefs, values, and code of behavior upheld by a community that distinguishes that community from other communities. Organizational culture therefore refers to values, norms, principles, assumptions and patterns of behavior that distinguish one organization from another one. Understanding different cultures and their influence on business performance is very important. Management on […]

Popular Culture of TV watching in USA and China

Introduction Popular culture has assumed numerous definitions from being regarded as common culture, folk culture, to popular culture; and all these definitions have varied across time in history (English Department, University of California p.1). The post-War American society has experienced advent and growth of popular culture at almost every point in history of the country. […]

The Concept of Organizational Culture and Its Values

The concept of organization culture refers to the code of conduct of people or groups within an organization as defined by the beliefs and ideas that guide their interaction within the organization and without the organization where they interact with other stakeholders. These beliefs and ideas are the organizational values that stipulate the goals of […]

Culture and Health

Introduction The third aspect of the PEN-3 Model looks at the cultural issues and health beliefs. Planners use this model to create a health education system that is sensitive to the culture of ethnic minority. The PEN-3 Model factors under cultural appropriateness include positive, exotic and negative factors. This essay shall relate these factors to […]