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Coca-Cola Company: Multicultural Advertising Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Mar 24th, 2021


This homework is a study analysis of modern multicultural advertising in conjunction with the dynamics engaged. In a compact description, advertising encompasses the publicizing of products and services alike by way of marketing and promoting brands via broadcast, print, and social media. The stimulus behind brand promotion entails leveraging product awareness and creating interest to lure clients towards your business. On the other hand, multiculturalism refers to the distinctive aspects of society such as race, color, religion, age, and ethnicity. This essay investigates multicultural advertising with particular attention to the Coca-Cola soft drink brand over the years.


Background: The Coca-Cola Brand

Coca-Cola is a carbonated liquid refreshment globally merchandised in restaurants, stores, and vending machines. It is undoubtedly the most cherished and highly regarded soft drink internationally. The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, US, sells the beverage universally to over 200 countries, excluding only North Korea and Cuba. By virtue of its global recognition, its stakeholders expedite cross-cultural advertising campaigns to achieve profitable marketing and sales. Below are excerpts that explore the course of these advertisements and enclosed are examples of Coca-Cola ads.

Why Did the Coca-Cola Company Choose to Change the Ads?

Over the years, the Coca-Cola Company has remodeled its slogans and ad campaigns to be in tune with the advancing multicultural society. The restyling aims at adapting to the ever-evolving consumer landscape whose values and ethics metamorphosis nearly every day. The antecedent for the “Happiness Machine” consisted of assisting the Dubai migrant laborers to call home, by taking bottle caps in place of coins.

By contrast, the ad experts tailored the “America the Beautiful” ad to serve as a unifying factor of the seven distinct American languages. It features multilingual Americans who sing to emphasize the moments of happiness experienced from drinking Coca-Cola. The “Ahh Effect” on the other hand, intends on resonating with teenagers who seemingly have a very short span of attention, by assimilating online games and social media to engross the players.

What Does a Company Need to Keep in Mind When Advertising Across Cultures?

There are certain variables that a company should apprehend when advertising internationally, such as language, communication style, contextual cues, and cultural values to ensure a successful drive. In addition to ethnic values, multiculturalism also embodies the demographic set up of a community, including schools, businesses, nations, and cities. These entities indulge in different contexts, meanings, beliefs, values, and attitudes that influence the means and methods of advertising, with respect to humor, objectives, message appeals, and sexual orientation. For example, advertising in Japan requires less persuasion as compared to the US. The reason is that the Japanese audience responds positively to explicit communication on products, unlike in the US, where people favor trials that are more direct.

What are Some Common Cultural Differences Required in Advertising?

The key cultural differences that have a direct influence on international advertising include basic consumer needs, communication, body language, gender views, ideologies, and decision-making. Communication is crucial in any enterprise, especially in cross-cultural contexts, to overcome language barriers in the countries of operation. As regards consumer demands, appreciation of diverse cultural backgrounds enables an advertiser to communicate their message quickly. Body language, ideologies, and decision-making are equally important in the advertising differences, for example, between Germany and Japan. In Germany, the masses have a propensity for speaking loudly unlike the case in Japan.


In a thumbnail, multicultural advertising entails the globalization of markets and thus necessitates customization of messages to target audiences. The Coca-Cola Company is universal, and its products are cut across many different cultures. This universality has called for remodeling of ad campaigns to take into account multiculturalism to ensure successful marketing promotions. The firm has changed its ads severally to adjust to the intercultural consumer landscape, keeping in mind that communication, body language, and gender roles play a critical role in effective campaigning.

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