Advertising Essay Examples and Topics

Toscani Company’s Product Advertising

It is necessary to note that Toscani showed the products first and people learnt about the company and its clothing. However, soon the Advertising man focused on the idea rather than products. There were no products in the advertisement. However, it was still easy to recognize the brand as Toscani always used the company’s name […]

Measuring the Impact of Social Media: Challenges, Practices and Methods

Abstract As a consequence of social media coupled with the direct and indirect persuade of social media promoters, in the present day clients are expected to make purchases on what they read and see in forums referred to as ‘social’. However, this can only happen if the information is brought forth by an individual or […]

Ad Comparison: Domino Pizza in India and in the USA

In the modern globalized world, companies are selling products in different countries and in different parts of the world. It is but natural that each region has certain peculiarities and companies have to take them into account. Advertising is the sphere where cultural peculiarities can be evident as within a short time only particular features […]

Advertising Concept and Campaign

Advertising agencies are varied from small organizations to large and well established firms that employ hundreds of workers. Hence, it is important to note that the structure of such agencies also range from simple to complex systems depending on the size and activities of the business enterprise. Advertising agencies have six key departments namely production, […]

Advertisement «Refresh on the Coca-Cola side of life»

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among advertisers to go about increasing the commercial appeal of the advertised products by the mean of emphasizing the pathos and ethos related subtleties of these products’ discursive positioning. The reason for this is simple – by taking advantage of this specific advertisement-strategy, advertisers are able to ensure that […]

Social Media – Facebook

Facebook is among the most popular social media networking sites in today’s times. Facebook is highly popular due to its multiple applications and ease of communication it offers to the user. It allows users to share pictures, events and statuses in a single platform. Facebook has a number of benefits such as the ability to […]

Effects of media messages about gender roles

The media is always known to be pervasive since agents of socialization such as the peer, the family, the polity, and the school largely influence it. In the modern society, children are vulnerable to the media messages since they tend to believe what they see in various television programs. Many individuals do not have the […]

7Up Advertisement Campaign

Introduction For this analysis, I have chosen an advertisement campaign for the 7Up soft drink. The company released a series of advertisements meant to present the product in positive light effectively making the viewers interested enough to try it out. The particular advertisement in review presents the image of a child, drinking from a 7Up […]

Coca Cola Company’s Communication Message

Introduction The Coca Cola Company is one of the multinational firms that have learnt the art of passing communications to their clients in the form of advertisement (Gerber 2008, p. 78). One of the most interesting advertisements that this firm has used is the one targeting the African market. In this advert, this firm has […]

Advertising Strategy for Cartier Bridal

Introduction Cartier is one of the largest companies that engage in the manufacture of jewellery. Wedding and engagement rings are the major products of the company. However, stiff competition in the industry necessitates the company to engage in extensive advertising campaigns. Tiffany is one of the major competitors of the company. Cartier uses multichannel advertising […]

Advertisements Analysis and Comparison

When it comes to ensuring the commercial/aesthetic appeal of an advertised product, it is crucially important to remain thoroughly aware of what accounts for the specifics of the targeted audience’s consumer-behavior. In their turn, these specifics are best discussed within the context of how the targeted consumers’ cultural affiliation affects their cognitive leanings/existential attitudes, in […]

Strategic Plan – Social Media in Women and Child Hospital

Introduction Instagram is a service that is quintessential to all companies and individuals in the globe. It offers its users online photo-sharing and social networking services, such that they can take photographs and apply digital filters to them (Tutaj & Reijmersdal 7-15). Thereafter, they can share these pictures with their friends and colleagues in other […]

Advertising for a New Dance School

Introduction Launching a new product or service is a process. Its success entirely depends on the reception it gets on the market. It is important to know that the new dance school will be entirely a service-based industry and the advertisement campaign will be based on different elements as will be discussed in this paper. […]

Co-operative Advertising

Co-operative advertising is one of the advertising tools that have received much recognition from many industries in the contemporary society. It involves the sharing of the advertisement costs among different parties. There are two main types of cooperative advertising (Trehan, and Trehan 15): Vertical cooperative advertising: just as the name suggests, different channel members share […]

Promotional and Advertising Strategies – Automotive Industry

Introduction This paper compares and contrasts the marketing and advertising strategies of Audi and BMW. Both companies are German-based and sell their products in the luxury car market. The two companies have a history of marketing and advertising rivalries that have manifested through public advertising wars (Kumar 9). The same rivalry has manifested through the […]

Advertising to Elderly Consumers

Advertising to older people has always been a challenge to many organizations. The challenge is due to the fact that those advertising do not like taking the aged as target group by itself (Zhang & Harwood, 2006). The size, diversity and complexity provided by the elderly people make business people believe that it is hard […]

Framing and its Role in Social and Political Marketing Campaigns

Introduction There are numerous definitions of the term ‘framing’ in social sciences. The many definitions arise from the fact that the term is used in various aspects of life. Framing is not only commonly used in social sciences, but it is also used in communication, marketing, business, and advertising. Hurlstone et al. (2014) explain that […]

Samsung Advertising its Brand Using Pancakes During the Pancake Day

Situation Analysis February 17, 2015 was the World Pancake Day, and thus a number of organizations took the day to advertise their brands. However, Samsung carried the day. The campaign aimed at familiarizing its customers with different brands because hostility on any product could be converted into sympathy. The self-doubters would accept the company and […]

Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies

An Audience Study on the Effectiveness of Using Facebook for Multinational Cosmetics Companies to Target Local Emirati Females Living in Dubai. Introduction Research question and sub-questions Social media influence many aspects of the people’s life, including the persons’ purchasing behavior. In this context, it is important to conduct a research on the role of Facebook […]

The 7Up Advertisement

One of the categories that Erving Goffman used to describe gender roles in advertising is the family. According to Goffman, proper positioning of the different members of a nuclear family can be used as a symbolization of the family’s social structure. As far as the presentation of family in commercials is concerned, Goffman concluded that […]

Advertizing Campaign: Mountain Dew Wants Some Street Creed

Targeting a specific audience has never been easy for any company; involving not only a thorough analysis of what the target audience can be hooked with, but also working on the development of the brand awareness and creating a positive legend which people can relate the product in question to. Considering the recent promotional campaign […]

Advertising Campaign for Mountain Dew

Market Segments for Mountain Dew Mountain Dew is a unique drink produced and marketed by Pepsi Company. The advertising campaign for Mountain Dew targets consumers in the right market segment. Pepsi is also using the best campaigns in order to attract more customers. The “current strategy seeks to attract more customers in Nebraska and Dakota” […]

The Marlboro Ads as a Propaganda Advertising

Propaganda advertising refers to the process of advertising, which is aimed at influencing consumers towards the consumption of products through the presentation of one side of an argument. Advertisers cautiously select information to present to the public by omitting counterproductive information. As such, the target of information presented is to alter the attitudes of consumers […]

Advertisement Recreation: The Black and White Hand

Introduction Based in Italy, the Benetton Group is a fashion brand that is recognized in the global apparel industry. In the past, the company was associated with very controversial and silent advertisements consisting of pictures meant to send messages to clients. Specifically, in the year 1990, the company spent more than $8 million in advertisement […]

Two Step Flow of Information: Facebook

Introduction Essentially, the two step theory suggests that dissemination of information takes place in two stages. In this light, the theory contends that the social structure comprises of the opinion leaders and the general public. According to the theory, the opinion leaders are the people who get first hand information about the eventualities that take […]

The advertising of Pfizer

Underlying message The message of the advertising is that Pfizer is a company that cares for its consumers. It is committed to their overall well being and does not just limit itself to the medication it sells. The company probably offers solid customer care as well other services that show how holistic it is (Pfizer […]

Range of Champagne

Building a strong customer relation with a product requires competent personnel to enable it thrive in the present dynamic and competitive business settings. For continuous and sustainable brand success, specialists should carefully select and position the products to the target market. The Champagne house has many skilled brand managers; they took different approaches and attempted […]

Advertisement Examples: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser

The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser can be discussed as a bad example of the advertisement which is broadcasted with the help of such social medium as the video-sharing website YouTube. The advertisement was presented for the first time on January 18, 2012 (The bark side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day commercial teaser […]

Integrated Advertising: America Alcohol Industry Case

Introduction Integrated Advertising refers to the promotion of a certain product using a variety of media. Since the inception of Internet and the subsequent generational change, there has been tremendous change in the manner in which companies place their advertisements. The use of mobile advertising is quite popular with studies showing that it will be […]

Public Service Broadcasting in America

Public Service Broadcasting is a broadcasting program meant for the public, financed from public funds and commercial undertakings. Companies that offer broadcasting services of this nature are mostly state owned or non-profit organizations. Public broadcasting is mostly employed by governments for educative reasons, quality programming and informative purposes, which is not always the case in […]

Advertising across Different Countries and Cultural Contexts

Abstract This research proposal is designed to help us better understand the effectiveness of advertising strategies applied across different countries with similar cultures. Using a survey consisting of Likert items and corresponding scales, subjects consisting of advertising executives from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom will be asked to rate their responses regarding […]

Critical/Contextual Analysis

Advertisement is a form of non personal communication of which the main purpose is to entice sales. It also promotes sales of ideas, services and goods to corporate or the general public. There are several forms of advertisement, which include print media, television, radio and the internet. Advertisements are effective as they are intended to […]


Billboards also commonly referred as hoardings are large structures used for outdoor advertising/ marketing (Katz 12). In most cases, billboards are found on streets and busy roads especially highways (Illegal Tender). Billboards are placed in high points where they can be easily viewed by passing pedestrians or drivers. To attract people, billboards are designed in […]

The Impact and Effect of Social Media on a Brand, its Image and Reputation

Executive Summary Social media is one of the most important instruments for the generation of the brand image and higher revenues. Nonetheless, it is apparent that not of the companies pay significant attention to the social media campaigns, as it still remains a novelty. The primary goal of this study is to underline the importance […]

Water Advertisement

The advertisement will focus on water and its necessity, as well as the want for water. It is needed by the human body to carryout life processes but it is also psychologically refreshing and pleasurable. After any physical activity or long presence in the sun, water is used to hydrate the organism. Any additions to […]

Brand Extension in High End Fashion Industry

At the beginning, it is essential to admit, that currently the fashion industry is being completely committed to fierce and long-standing rivalry. Making one’s business successful and profitable, managing this market competition requires implying new programs, developing projects, that enable to acquire desirable receipts by gathering a considerable amount of target customers around one’s product. […]

Online Advertising

Apply a theoretical framework for explaining how sale promotions work in your case study Scientific and technological innovations and invention have devised new marketing, communication, and selling strategies; to remain competitive in modern business environment, a company need to adopt modern systems of operation. Sale promotions are used as promotional strategies whereby customers are persuaded […]

Power Mixed Martial Arts School for Kids advertising plan

Executive Summary Martial art has become very popular with many people because of various reasons, some of which include: physical fitness, defending oneself against an attack and spiritual reasons among others. Initially, many considered this practice to have the sole purpose of self defense but since it emerged that it could be used for other […]

Absolut Vodka

Executive Summary The report entails an analysis of how Absolut Vodka which operates within the spirits industry intends to succeed through creation of effective market awareness. The report illustrates the advertising plan that Absolut Vodka intends to utilize. An analysis of the external business environment is conducted using the PESTLE model. A competitive analysis is […]

Use of Social Media In The Police Force In Queensland

Introduction Social media is a fast growing type of technology used for social interaction. It entails the use of internet based and mobile technologies for effective dialogue. It is capable of reaching a large number of the target audience at a short period of time. Though most of the social networking was an attraction to […]

Role of advertising in launching a New Dance school

A dance school is an institution that students interested in dancing can learn more about ballet, including rehearsal. Different dance schools provide a variety of dancing styles. In order to launch a new dance school in the US, it would be necessary to analyze the market. This would include in-depth assessment of various dance schools […]

Advertising’s Unintended Consequence

Introduction Advertising is a way in which a company generates interest in a particular product line in order to encourage greater sales within specific markets, but also to generate a certain degree of “hype” and product patronage for the products/services that the company is offering. In some product markets though, certain types of consumer goods […]

Social Media and the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Lately, social media sites have grown enormously in terms of usership and popularity. As a matter of fact, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are slowly replacing traditional forms of internet communication such as email. They have become important tools for people to stay in touch, meet new people, and share […]

White Female Stereotypes in Media

This paper tries to explore the white female stereotypes in the media and thereafter gives the consequences. However, before the explanations, it is necessary to give the meaning of stereotype. It refers to a belief about a certain group of people with regard to their style of doing things. White females are perceived to be […]

Effects of food advertising in Australian Television on Children aged 5-12 years.

Abstract This research is an in exploratory examination of the possible correlation between TV food adverts targeted at children aged between 5-12 years and their parents being persuaded to purchase the advertised products. It uses a content analysis of a sample of ads aired on TV during children’s programming and interviews with 50 parents to […]

Advertising of American Express Company Products

Marketing is an integral part of a company; after goods and/or services have been produced, a company needs to embark on massive selling campaigns using effective combinations of tools of marketing. In the 1970s, American express company had the highest market share in the credit card industry, it leadership in the industry had been attributed […]

Pepsi commercial made

When the television was invented no one knew how it was going to change the way people live. No one considered how it can radically alter the way information is shared by many people all over the world. But it has to be pointed that the television was not an overnight success. It took years […]

Advertising Message around the Globe

Many multinational organizations view the world as a single market. This phenomenon is the result of sustained action by forces driving globalization (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011). With technological advancement, reaching consumers in any part of the world is very easy. As a result, “international trade has boomed over the last three decades” (Armstrong & Kotler, […]

Comparing advertisements from The Time

This report will analyse the eight advertisements retrieved from the two numbers of the Time Magazine. The Time Magazine is a weekly news periodical, one of the largest in the world distributed globally among the audience of up to 25 million. The analysis in the report will highlight the major characteristics of the advertisements, namely […]

Promotion of Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal for Both Adults and Children

The advent of the internet and the rapid changes in the technological environment has led to the need to reconsider advertising strategy. Two major consideration advertisers have to contend with are the advertising cost versus reward, and the increased number of “customer touch points” occasioned by technology (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011, p. 409). In recent […]

Smoking Ban in the State of Florida

Florida enacted a policy to regulate indoor tobacco smoking in July 2003. The aim of this policy was to outlaw smoking in some specific enclosures except in private residences and other selected areas. The state spends about $ 60 million yearly in controlling tobacco and its related diseases. There is room to reduce this amount […]

Advertising Theory and Practise

“…ethics and social responsibility can be seen as the moral obligation of the advertisers not to violate our basic economic assumptions, even when there is no legal obligation” (Arens, Weigold and Arens, 2011, p. 76) There exists a tendency in the contemporary world to blame advertising for many social evils ranging from low public manners […]

Platinum Communications

Introduction Advertising is a well-designed means of non-personal communication that contains crucial information that is highly persuasive in nature, about companies, goods, services and ideas that is paid for by identified sponsors via diverse forms media such as TV, Newspapers and internet. Advertising is a critical part of the society and therefore it is important […]

Study of Video Advertisement of Coca-Cola and McDonalds in Russia

Introduction In a world that is increasingly becoming global, where each company has a touch in every continent, building a name is one objective that is widely pursued for quite some time now. With advanced technology, advertisement has evolved over the years to be able to capture the whole the world in a way that […]

“How the fashion industry is embracing social media” by Hitha Prabhakar

Fashion and women clothing commands respect worldwide. Women fashion contributes to the world economy. Market analysis reveals the rise in the production of women fabrics. The flow of information influences the production index of women clothing. In time past, fashion events were open to few designers. The parade of trending fabrics was secretly uploaded to […]

Egypt Unfinished Business

Following a successive revolution in Tunisia where protesters forced the then president Ben Ali out of position, it seemed as what people called an Arab revolution. However, in perhaps the most unexpected development in the modern Egypt history, the Egyptians also decided to follow the road used by Tunisia to end the 29 years dictatorship […]

PJ’s Smoothies: Advertising Executions

Essence of advertising Petley (2003) presents one of the clearest and informative ideas, regarding advertising as “the means by which goods or services are promoted to the public” where “the advertiser’s goal is to increase sales of these goods or services by drawing people’s attention to them and showing them in a favourable light” (p. […]

“All Colours”- an Advertisement for “HTC Phone” Brand

Introduction In many advertisements, the use of images has been found to be more powerful in persuasion and information provision than mere words. This is due to their ability to reach a wider audience base, including those who are unable to read or write. Since images produce clear mental images than mere words, their massive […]

The PETA print advertisement

Print advertisements usually have a complementary image and text. Popularly rhetorical figures are used in the copy that helps in persuasion of the readers. Tropes are usually used in advertisements to convey the meaning of the text in a non-standard way. Visual rhetoric and use of metaphors in advertisements is a common tool used by […]

Electronic Advertising

Introduction In electronic advertisement, business enterprises take hold of the opportunities presented to them through the Internet and the World Wide Web to promote their respective businesses. Electronic advertisement involves the use of these and suchlike platforms to deliver marketing or promotional messages to potential customers. Electronic advertisement is performed through search engines, social networking […]

International Graduate School Exhibit Shows

Introduction One of the most popular marketing communications campaigns of promoting a masters degree program to potential students has been through the use of educational exhibits that are done in cooperation with the British Council. The British Council (not to be confused as a government entity) is an international education marketing service that enables schools […]

Women’s Sexual Objectification

Sociologists and psychologists use the term objectification in order to describe the treatment of an individual as some inanimate commodity that can be owned or manipulated, but not as a living being with dignity, emotions, feelings, or self-esteem (Gervais, 2013, p. 99). Much attention is usually paid to sexual objectification or representation of a person […]

Advertising Strategy and Campaign for Hershey Kisses

Introduction Advertising campaign strategies can significantly increase sales and profits of a company if the management implements the process successfully. In developing an ad strategy firms have to know their target audience, their preferences, and likes, in order to design their strategies that fascinate or attract their desires and emotions. The report takes a case […]

Is TV advertising dying as mass media in the EU?

Introduction Advertising is a vital aspect in any business and thus firms choose to incur the costs associated with it because through it, they establish links with their customers and consequently capture their share of the market. Huge sums of money are spent on advertisement as firms endeavor to reach out to consumers. With the […]

Tobacco Industry Advertising in the EU

Introduction Tobacco consumption is the leading avoidable cause of death in Europe. Traditionally, the tobacco industry in Europe was left to regulate itself since tobacco use was viewed as a matter of personal choice and government regulation was weak. The tobacco industry argued that intense government regulation was unnecessary for a legal product that was […]

Persuasive portfolio of Net-A-Porter and Samsung Smart TV

Piece One Chosen Service: Net-A-Porter, an online luxury fashion retailer (Net-A-Porter 2013). Target Audience: Online female customers, 18-55 years old. These women belong to the middle and upper-middle social classes, the customers are employed, and they have little time for shopping. The potential and existing female customers pay much attention to their look and appearance. […]

Monsanto Evil Company and Media

Introduction Monsanto Corporation is an agricultural firm that dedicates itself to the biotech production of herbicide and GMO (Genetically Modified) products. The company produces readily dilapidated seeds and roundup herbicides with modified heredity. The company aspires to reveal seeds that endure the appliance of herbicides and resist insects by inserting inherited genes in order to […]

Persuasion Techniques in Dwayne Johnson’s “Got Milk?” Advertisement

Introduction The “Got Milk?” Campaign features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a well-known actor and WWE Champion. Dwayne collaborated with the Mustache Company to demonstrate that milk should be an essential priority for all parents. The advertisement was aired during the 2013 Super Bowl Commercial. The famous “Got Milk?” Campaign dates back to 1993 (Sunset, 2008), […]

The Italian Candy Council

The new advertising manager for the Candy Council, Antonella Severino, has to choose among three agencies in order to get the most appropriate one for advertising candy in Italy. Therefore, to choose the best agency among Creative Concepts, New Century Advertising, and Impact Advertising, she must take into consideration some beneficial strategies before making the […]

Organizational Communication Case Study

Abstract The Tylenol crisis faced by the Johnson & Johnson Company is one that revealed a communication dilemma in the company. The problem caused by the presence of poisoned products in the market left the company with the only option of analyzing its communication strategy and having to streamline it to conform to friendly means […]

Advertisements should be controlled by law and business regulatory bodies

Introduction In this essay, I argue that the government and business regulatory bodies should control advertisements to protect customers from being deceived by businesspersons. The marketing managers have the responsibility to develop high quality advertisements that will increase the market share. Digital photo enhancement technology helps to enhance images making them appealing to customers. However, […]

Can Advertising to Children be Ethical?

Introduction Advertising has been known to lead to an increase in the sale of products due to informational and persuasive roles of advertisements. For this reason, many marketers have engaged in advertisement tactics aimed at increasing sales. To market products designed for children, marketers have engaged in widespread child-targeted advertising. Research indicates that advertising target […]

Global Advertising Services Limited

Executive Summary For a very long time, companies having managing marketing and promotion functions separately. This is, however, becoming a thing of the past as many are now realizing that an integrated marketing strategy offers greater returns. This new approach to the art of marketing and promotion is what now referred to as the integrated […]

Advertising: Images, Industry and Audience

Advertising Slim, sleek and smooth; these are not adjectives that describe a human being. These are words presently used to advertise products, be they cars, laptops, mobile phones and the like. How a product is described creates consumer curiosity and this leads to taking a step further in creating the look that goes with the […]

Nana Children’s Home

Introduction Organization Description Nana children home is a non-profit organization with a goal to provide for needy children. They offer God’s love and heal children for the sake of their security, safety and life. The incorporated children in this organization are needy, abused or neglected before the age of eighteen years. The organization is located […]

The Web Site for Online Journalism

Introduction The Web represents the future of journalism, and mainstream media houses have realised this point. The Web is a relatively cost-effective means of distributing information than the traditional printing press and physical deliveries. This is reporting of news on real-time through the Internet. Therefore, the Web site for online journalism must meet some quality […]

Why Zipped Commercials Can Still Affect Viewers

It is agreeable that zipped commercials have considerable impacts on viewers (Rouwenhorst 2009, p. 3). In this context, zipping refers to the fast-forwarding of a television commercial advert. This eliminates the audio elements of an ad while retaining the visual elements (Rohloff 1966, p. 239). Many people have practiced the behaviour. Concurrently, it is still […]

Pfizer- Puffery or Deception

Organizations operate in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, it is critical for an organization to produce high quality products that meet customer expectations. However, production of high quality products is not enough, an organization must engage in extensive product promotion campaigns to increase customer awareness on the products. An organization should formulate a product promotion […]

Ewen And Advertising

In his book Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture, Stuart Ewen accentuates the significance of using advertisements in order to influence consumers with references to advertisements’ effects on promoting. The author concentrates on several influential aspects which can change the standard approaches to developing the progressive marketing strategies. Thus, […]

Advergaming and Mobile Advertising

Computer games can provide a platform for virtual world interaction with brands. Advertisement through computer games can either be Advergaming or In Game advertisement (Sever 2). The Polo Cup in Turkey was used by some brand sponsors as a medium for advertizing (Sever 1). Volkswagen brand used this platform for advergaming. Race paths and cars […]

Procter & Gamble

The modern society is in a constant progress. The growth of new tendencies involves all the aspects of the people’s life, especially those ones which are connected with the technological development. Today, people have the great opportunities to interact with each other and get the necessary information with the help of a lot of mobile […]

Advertisement Description: Critical/Contextual Analysis

In the competitive world, communication is conveyed in several ways. The response of the target audience to a given message will depend on how best the message has been displayed to be analyzed by the said audience. The most common means of communication is through signs and images. Business organizations and various stakeholders apply images […]

Executional Report: Advertisements Testing

The purpose of this final ad testing The study was carried out by students to find out various aspects that contribute to effective marketing communication. These targeted various methods of communicating to customers and evaluated their efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness of marketing communication tools is extremely valuable because it helps marketers to pass the intended […]

Advertising Proposal for EduTot

Executive Summary EduTot is a company that was started in the 1990s to provide a completely integrated education system to students through provision of toys, programs and plays that incorporate play and growth. This is an advertising plan for the company in order to increase its competitiveness in the domestic market and aid the efforts […]

Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook

Introduction Facebook is a social network site with several online users globally. Since its inception in 2004, it has enhanced social networking provisions between friends, families, and communities. Evidently, facebook has grown tremendously over the years. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg (a Harvard University scholar) who, before creating facebook, had intended to create an […]

Digital versus Traditional media in advertising

Introduction A radical change in the media industry is totally transforming the whole meaning of advertising. In light of this, advertising has grown from a mere sub-industry to a very critical sector in the business world. Changes in technology have drastically transformed the manner in which operations are conducted in the world. This new wave […]

Future Trends in Advertising

Introduction Marketing has experienced radical changes over the past five decades. Soon after the Second World War, there was a serious development in various industries. During this time, companies would produce goods in mass, and the marketing department had to look for the market. This method of marketing is known as inside out approach to […]

Facebook Should Be Banned

Introduction Admittedly, social networks have become an indispensible part of human life. On one hand, such networks as Facebook provide many great opportunities to communicate and share opinions. On the other hand, Facebook may lead to many negative outcomes. Almost unlimited access to information often becomes a great problem for personal and social life. Thus, […]

Advertising and Branding

Introduction Advertising refers to the art of creating awareness about existence of a product to the target populace in a persuasive manner that will generate the desire for the consumption of the product.1 This can be done in a number of ways. The advertiser must first determine the desired message that should reach that should […]

Exposure to mass media proliferate smoking

Albert Bandura theorized this far fetched fact in his modeling theory. The debate carried on this article delineating smoking to be injurious is strongly founded and has far reaching evidence in support of the same. Thesis Statement: Although advertising of smoking is illegal, the media and particularly the actors and actresses have been used to […]

Facebook’s Marketing and Communication Patterns

Introduction One of the most grandeur and influential technologies of the XX and XXI century, Internet has changed people’s lies completely, broadening the horizon of their communication opportunities. Creating the world of their own where they act as semi-gods, people influence the communication patterns and are influenced by the latter; the process if mutual and […]

Facebook Should Be Banned

Introduction For the last five years or so, social networking sites have escalated both in numbers and popularity as millions register at these sites for various reasons. Consequently, several sites have materialized such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, each with its own slant and users’ appeal. However, Facebook has received most attention from over 500 […]

The Chronograph Watch’s Advertisement

Product The product that is being studied is a chronograph, which is timepiece that is supposed to give accurate time. A chronograph is a watch with time keeping, stopwatch, and other functions. These products are priced very high (usually above $5000) and their STP strategy is decided accordingly. The main aim of the advertisement campaigns […]

Johnson And Johnson Company

Johnson and Johnson is a medical company that has been in existence for about one hundred and twenty five years. During this lengthy period, the company has grown from a small single-purposed organization to a global one. It is also involved in multiple activities. Currently, the company is operational in fifty seven countries around the […]

Fear Appeals in Advertising

Advertisers use fear appeals in their commercials to emphasize negative results that can happen unless the consumer changes an attitude or behavior. The use of fear appeals is widespread. Advertisers use fear appeals to encourage social policy issues such change to healthier habits, stopping smoking, engaging in regular exercise, using contraception, eating a balanced diet […]

An Analysis of Facebook and Twitter

There seems to have been a sudden explosion of social networking sites that are all designed to keep people in touch with other at the touch of a keypad. Two of the most notable founders of this new internet media outlet are Facebook and Twitter, both are now billions of dollars worth as a company […]

Woman’s Portrayal in Advertising

Introduction The traditional portrayal of women in advertisements was that of being house helps and dominantly being supported by men. This has undergone transformation in the recent past since advertisements have experienced some shifts from the ancient housewife centric to the modern career women. Women have continued to dominate advertisements. This is largely due to […]

Communications Used in Organizations

Executive Summary Communication in organizations, whether internal or external, plays a significant part in the progress of an organization with respect to relaying of crucial messages that determines the organization’s position in terms of relevance in the industry/market in which it operates in (Coyle & Meier 2009 142). Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, all organizations aim […]

Simple Illustrations Yield Powerful Messages

The advertisement, “SAVE WATER, SAVE LIFE”, is comprised of a dripping water tap connected to a quarter-filled, oval-shaped fish bowl. Within the fish bowl, an orange fish nervously stares at the dripping water tap. The color scheme of the ad is a combination of light and dark greys, yet the orange fish disrupts the color […]

The Use of Sexual Themes in Advertising

Introduction Marketers employ various advertising techniques to change the attitudes of their consumers especially when consumer motivation, opportunity, and ability are low. In so doing, the marketers enable their customers to expend minimal efforts particularly in terms of processing information, engaging in behavioral change relative to product consumption, and making decisions. Normally, most studies show […]