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Events Essay Examples and Topics

When writing essays on Events, you might get carried away by details and mess up the structure of your essay. You can easily prevent this by writing a detailed outline with topic sentences.

Start with a list of ideas for the title and topic of your essay. For some Events essays, you might be required to write a rather personal reflection on a life changing experience.

Others might need you to explore more general ideas, such as globalisation. If you find this step challenging, try searching for current events essay topics online to help narrow down the possibilities.

Begin the outline by writing down three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. If you are writing a school assignment, you probably don’t need subheadings.

For a college level paper, subheadings are usually required, so try to think about which themes connected to your main topic would go into each section.

To ensure that your paper flows logically, write topic sentences for each paragraph of the essay. A topic sentence presents the idea that will be explored in each paragraph.

By writing a list of topic sentences, you will be able to see how they fit together, which will help you move the themes around as needed to establish a logical sequence.

If you don’t know how to describe an event, writing down topic sentences in relation to it will also aid you in producing a detailed account. For example, one topic sentence could be about the event’s date and nature; the second could focus on its effect, and so on.

An essay structured based on an outline with topic sentences are always well-organized and pleasant to read, and thus it will earn you a good grade! Check this link for some sample topics in current events.

23 Best Essay Topics on Events

Business Plan: Event Management in Bottaccio

Besides, there would be admission fees for visiting this art exhibition and it is expected to host a large turnout during the 30-day tenure of this exhibition in London.

Entertaining Process and Requirements

The result of an enabling atmosphere can be accomplished using various ways, such as the invitation of guests and meeting their expectations.

Dubai Jazz Festival Press Release

James Blunt, who will be in Dubai for the third time, will perform on the first day of the festival together with Christina Perri.

“The World of Dance” Event

As we have already stated, the World of Dance is a unique event in the sphere of art that tries to attract the attention of people across the world.

Richmond Folk Festival

The major goal the organizers of the festival pursue is to present the best traditional musicians found all across the country and to let the audience enjoy their unique talents.

Event Planning and Implementation: Wedding

The major issues are the transportation of the guests, their placement in the hotel, the selection of the hotel, and its readiness to host a wedding matching the unique requirements of the planned event.

Henna Night Event Cost Estimation

Expenses of the food served to guests will equal about 40 000 AED due to the significance of the given part of the celebration.

Made in America Musical Festival Planning

Overall, festival planning involves many steps and stages that are crucial to the success of the event, as well as to the safety and security of all visitors.

Event Management in the UK and Russia

Furthermore, the analysis of the relevant and credible sources helps to provide the rationale for the assumptions and prove the hypothesis stating that the despite the tendency towards the rapprochement, the cultures adhere to a [...]

Public and Private Sector Events Organization

It was held at the end of November with the primary aim to promote manufacturers presented in the area and support their products by demonstrating them to members of the community.

Festival Organization Challenges

The increasing number of festivals in both Europe and other parts of the world reduces the efficiency and organisational mechanisms of the events leading to the emergence of other organisational bodies such as the American [...]

The 2014 Joondalup Festival Details

In addition, the report focuses on identifying the theme of the event, objectives associated with the event and the philosophy of the event, among other event aspects.

Event Planning: “Portfolio in Motion Uncut”

The mood of expectancy was evident in the room right from the start of the event. The event started in time and therefore the curiosity of the attendees was satisfied without delay.

National Day of the UAE at Zayed University

The participants had to memorize something in Arabic and to declare to the audience; they had to prove their awareness of the culture, politics, and history of the country.

Events: E3’s and Comic-con’ Conventions

The videos, comic, and video games conventions are large meetings of industry personnel, fans, and creators in the different genres of entertainment. Conventions create a sense of community for the fans of the movies, comics, [...]

Events: Expo 2020 in Dubai

American organizations and citizens will have to attend the 2020 Expo in Dubai to gain more knowledge of modern commercial ideas and aspirations that are likely to arise from the exhibition.

Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2014

The contest is held every year in one of the cities of the motherland of the last year's winner. Yet, the excitement about the contest and the energy of it are amazing.

Race Event Plan

Due to the rise in the number of needy students in need of funding to raise their school fee, I have proposed that we organize a five-kilometer race for life event for the school that [...]

Woodstock Music Festival

Even though the Woodstock Music Festival was intended to be a ticketed event, ultimately, the planners stopped collecting the tickets because the crowd started to cut away and to trample the fences which made even [...]

Event Concept Plan

The image below has is one of the images developed for use in the media campaigns and will appear next to the event them of 'casual is a look'.


To ensure that festivals are successful in the end, they have to abide by the rules and regulations of the local authorities of the towns or cities and nations that they are in.

Wedding planning project

The mother and father of the groom and bride handled the financing of the wedding. In the last week of the fourth month of planning, the team sent out cards that identified the date of [...]

The Washington DC Auto Show

The purpose of the 2014 Auto Show was to promote public policy and tackle most of the issues affecting the automotive industry. The planners of the show had to put in place the best amenities [...]

The Geneva International Motor Show

According to Geneva Palexpo, the community participated a lot in enhancing the maintenance and balancing of all logistics necessary for successful accomplishment of the anticipated goals and objectives of the entire event.

Attend a Cultural Event

The warm and incredible welcome of the Turkish citizens adds spice to this event and helps the visitors to be more enthusiastic throughout the festival.

Woodstock: Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll

The assassination of the President Kennedy and the Cold War contributed greatly to the rise of people's concerns. Of course, the involvement of the country in the war in Vietnam was criticized by the majority [...]

Lantern Festival and Rice Ball

Moreover, the rice balls are an essential component of the Lantern festival because they are the reason why the fire goddess spared the city of Chang'an.

Organising A New Year Party

From this event, I can say with certainty that my job related skills dramatically improved because there were plenty of things that I had to work on in order to get to the results that [...]

Festival in Greektown, Chicago:

Due to the fact that this district is one of those that make up the community area, the festival offered to its citizens has to be community based. It is necessary to take care of [...]
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