Events Essay Examples and Topics

When writing essays on Events, you might get carried away by details and mess up the structure of your essay. You can easily prevent this by writing a detailed outline with topic sentences.

Start with a list of ideas for the title and topic of your essay. For some Events essays, you might be required to write a rather personal reflection on a life changing experience.

Others might need you to explore more general ideas, such as globalisation. If you find this step challenging, try searching for current events essay topics online to help narrow down the possibilities.

Begin the outline by writing down three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. If you are writing a school assignment, you probably don’t need subheadings.

For a college level paper, subheadings are usually required, so try to think about which themes connected to your main topic would go into each section.

To ensure that your paper flows logically, write topic sentences for each paragraph of the essay. A topic sentence presents the idea that will be explored in each paragraph.

By writing a list of topic sentences, you will be able to see how they fit together, which will help you move the themes around as needed to establish a logical sequence.

If you don’t know how to describe an event, writing down topic sentences in relation to it will also aid you in producing a detailed account. For example, one topic sentence could be about the event’s date and nature; the second could focus on its effect, and so on.

An essay structured based on an outline with topic sentences are always well-organized and pleasant to read, and thus it will earn you a good grade! Check this link for some sample topics in current events.

Events: E3’s and Comic-con’ Conventions

Introduction Entertainment is a crucial component of modern society, and people spend significant amounts of their discretionary income for entertainment purposes. Some of the most popular means of entertainment are movies, comics, and video games. These three have become a foundation of the modern entertainment media landscape. Their popularity has led to the growth and […]

Events: Expo 2020 in Dubai

Definition of Expo with a focus on a previous event World fairs are large public exhibitions that bring together participants from all over the world. Expos take place in different parts of the world as it has been decided by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The events are decided and approved by the BIE, […]

Music Event: Eurovision Song Contest 2014

One of the most discussed events of the world this month is an annual song contest called Eurovision. The contest is held every year in one of the cities of the motherland of the last year’s winner. This year the event was received by the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. The singers from all around […]

Race Event Plan

Summary statement Due to the rise in the number of needy students in need of funding to raise their school fee, I have proposed that we organize a five-kilometer race for life event for the school that will assist in raising the fee for orphaned and needy students in the school. The event will also […]

Woodstock Music Festival

Abstract Woodstock Music Festival was a three day event that took place in 1969. It involved a “throng of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll–plus a lot of mud.” Woodstock has turned out to be a 1960’s hippie counter-culture symbol during one of the most unstable years in contemporary history. In this paper, theories regarding […]

Event Concept Plan

Overview of the Special Event There is a space of about 1500 square feet outside the Stamford Residences and this will be used for selling casual apparels to the middle class. The retailing event will target young people between the ages of 21 years and 35 years, who are evidently thrilled by designer and casual […]


Introduction Festivals have been part of our culture since time immemorial. Every community in the world has a variety of festivals whereby its members celebrate a unique occurrence or happening. In modern times, several annual festivals are celebrated in different communities all around the world. Different festivals are usually carried out for different reasons. Therefore, […]

Wedding planning project

Introduction The job under analysis is a wedding planning project that lasted for 10 months. The concerned couple chose not to hire a wedding planner, so they shared all the planning responsibilities with the bridal team. The following people were involved in the project: the bride, groom, groomsmen (the best man led his group), bridesmaids […]

The Washington DC Auto Show

Overview of the Event The Washington DC Auto Show is always a huge event because it symbolizes the country’s boldest and brightest dreams of the automotive industry. The show is also an avenue to celebrate the industry’s growth and transformation. Since 1921, the show has helped many companies come up with modern technologies and ideas […]

Winchester’s Bid to Host the 7th World Summit on Art & Culture 2017: A Critical Analyses of Strengths & Weaknesses

Introduction Cities are not only increasingly competing to host international cultural events to improve their image and stimulate urban infrastructural development, but also to revitalize their economies and attract more visitors and investment. This phenomenon can be associated with the effects of a globalized world economy (Hede & Kellett, 2011), as well as a general […]

The Geneva International Motor Show

Introduction The 81st Geneva International Motors Show 2011 was conducted on 13th March at Geneva, Swiss. This event was one of the most significant motor shows across the world, as it was attended by more than 735,000 people. As an implication that this event was highly valued globally, the attendance was about 6% higher, above […]

Attend a Cultural Event

Culture refers to ideas, social behavior and customs of specific people or society. It’s an element that is widely used by different ethnic communities to define them. Culture can be expressed in different versions and this includes music, dances, food, arts, child naming methods and even dressing code. A cultural event therefore is the one […]

Woodstock: Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll

Introduction When speaking about 1960-70s, many people think of the times of freedom, love and peace. Of course, it is important to note that people longed for freedom, love and peace, but there were wars, hatred and restricted rights for many people across the world. Therefore, it is possible to claim that 1960-1970s were the […]

Lantern Festival and Rice Ball

Introduction The Lantern festival that is also known as Shangyuan Festival. A celebration takes place on the 15th of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is celebrated to mark the first full moon night in the lunar year and it symbolizes the return of spring. The festival brings together family members. […]

Third Annual Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show

Those who believe that booking travel tours online is much more compelling and fascinating are mistaken. In fact, the World Wide Web provides you only with also necessary information about the itinerary you are going to choose to enjoy the trip. Recently, I have visited Bay Travel and Adventure Show to take a look at […]

Organising A New Year Party

What I did I organised a New Year Party at my home for my friends-they were twenty in number. My invitations were sent one month before the actual New Year because I was well aware that my potential guests would start making New Year plans at around that time. I gave them a taste of […]

Festival in Greektown, Chicago:

It is known that first Greeks appeared in Chicago more that 150 years ago (Chicago’s Greektown, 2010). It was far 1840s when Greeks were able to inhabit Chicago and promote the development of one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. A festival within the chosen community is a unique chance to demonstrate how […]