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83 Award Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Award Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Comparisons between “Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award” and “King Abdul-Aziz Quality Award (KAQA)
    In addition, the award was also meant to improve the awareness on the significance of maintaining high performance. After the establishment of the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 1987, the first recognition was won by […]
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of the Baldrige Award
    The same is extended to sectors of the economy, as it is applicable to both the public and private sectors of the economy.
  3. UK Excellence Award: British Quality Foundation
    The study underscores the importance of participating in the UK Excellence Award regarding the recommendations of the British Quality Foundation, which examines and makes a follow up of the EFQM Excellence model.
  4. Awards Programs, Advantages, and Disadvantages
    However, the functionality and reliability of safety incentives programs to promote safe work practices have proven tricky for many organizations in the United States leading to the establishment of various safety administration institutions such as […]
  5. Irish Libel Suit Earns Record Damages Award
    Kinsella filed the suit in response to a press release issued by Kenmare which made no reference to the fact that Kinsella was sleepwalking at the time that he visited Corcoran’s suite.
  6. An Academic Analysis of Zhang Yimou’s Award Winning Debut Feature “Red Sorghum”
    The man is the protagonist, while the film illustrates the effect of circumstances and the presence of liquor on the life of the man’s mother.
  7. The Dubai Quality Award: Case Study of ENOC
    The report covers various aspects of the Dubai Quality Award and the journey of ENOC towards winning the award. The fourth reason that leads to the choice of the Dubai Quality Award is the ease […]
  8. WaterForPeople.org Tech Award Application
    The business model innovations for the FLOW project include the ease of project monitoring, and the use of the Google Earth to facilitate easier passing of data immediately as it is happening.
  9. The Best Global Awards for Call Center Services
    The World Airline Awards pay attention to the quality of the services, the timeline of the offered service, the time spend on the problem solving, the politeness and qualification of the call center employees, etc.
  10. Quality Management Awards
    The Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers expects the Deming final award to encourage award holders in enhancing quality control of earlier recipient of the award. The European Quality Awards The European Quality Award became […]
  11. Eco-Auditing Report for the Green Impact Awards
    This report aims at reviewing the impact and level of individual change of personnel in one of departments of Anglia Ruskin University in terms of the environmental concerns and the impact of this change on […]
  12. Baldrige Performance Excellence Award
    Premier Inc Services 2005 Richland College Education Park Place Lexus Small Business 2004 The Bama Companies Manufacturing Texas Nameplate Company, Inc.
  13. Working Capital and Monetary Feasibility: SABIC and B&W
    It is important to ensure that the purchasing role in the organisation is well conceptualised and run by a group of staff members as opposed to a one-man show as witnessed in the case of […]
  14. SABIC Practitioner Corporate Award
    Further, it allows the organisation and its suppliers to work closely in the process of producing the required supplies while meeting the expectations of the organisation and hence allowing it to attain its quality specifications […]
  15. The Dubai Quality Award
    In addition to recognizing the top achievers in the various sectors, both private and public, the award aims to foster a culture of excellence by inciting the players in the industry to aspire to continually […]
  16. “Dizzy Gillespie” by Tony Gentry
    Stepping after the author page by page, the reader can know not only the life of the American jazz player but to trace the roots of the modern jazz.
  17. St. David’s Healthcare Wins the Baldrige Award
    The reward is named in honor of Malcolm Baldrige, who was 26th Secretary of Commerce and was known for his unique managerial excellence that became the cause of significant improvements in the government.St.
  18. Business Process, E-Business and Quality Awards
    The core processes are the basic activities that have to be carried out by the business to provide the good or service to the customer.
  19. European Foundation for Quality Management Awards
    The European Union sponsors the award and the governments in countries falling under the EU have committed themselves to support this excellence award in various ways to make it achieve its intended vision.
  20. Motorola Company: Reasons for PBSO Award
    The history of Motorola Inc.is dated back to 1928 when two brothers Joseph and Paul Galvin founded the company in Chicago, the USA, calling it Motorola founding company.
  21. Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award Model in the UAE
    The need for European Foundation for Quality Management in the UAE arose due to a gap in financial performance and stakeholder demand for businesses and public organizations in the country.
  22. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
    The award is given as a sign that the government of the United States has recognized the effort made by the organization in managing the current trends in the business world.

💡 Most Interesting Award Topics to Write About

  1. Arbitral Awards Under UAE Civil Law vs English Common Law
    This report examines specific provisions of the Arbitration Laws that govern the issuance of arbitral awards under the UAE Civil Law and the English Common Law.
  2. Prime Healthcare Group’s Dubai Quality Award
    In particular, the paper examines the impact of the Dubai Quality Award to the operations of Prime Healthcare Group. The Prime Healthcare Group is one of the largest healthcare providers in the UAE.
  3. International and Local Quality Excellence Awards
    The Award is given to organizations that perform excellently and which show proof that their outstanding performances could be maintained in the future.
  4. Deming Prize and Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award
    Deming Prize is awarded in three categories such as a person, the Deming Application Prizes, and the Quality Control Award for the factory. The similarity of the Deming Prize and MBNQA is in the fact […]
  5. Quality Excellence Awards in the Business
    The examination of businesses for awards is a process that may lead to a number of negative effects on firms and the state of the competition.
  6. Malcolm Baldrige and Swedish National Quality Awards
    This quality award is named after Malcolm Baldrige, the Secretary of Commerce in the 1980s, who is known to have contributed to the development of the award.
  7. National and Regional Quality Awards Comparison
    Vokurka, Stading, and Brazeal must talk about the changes that have been occurring to the concept of awards, as well as the implications that awards in the UAE finally gained in the first decade of […]
  8. National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards
    As a result, the necessary funding to provide the organization’s development and communications support is given to the best projects which can contribute to the changes of situation in the sphere.
  9. Award-Winning Teachers in the United States and China
    The main difference is in the context of the delivery system. In the United States, the schools are accountable to the Federal Government.
  10. Business Excellence Awards Article’s Analysis
    The relevance of the presented research in supported by the fact that most of the studies conducted on the topic are do not manage to consider a large number of awards from all over the […]
  11. National and Regional Quality Awards for Business
    Vokurka, Stading, and Brazeal discuss the importance of quality in the business. Quality awards criteria suggest an opportunity to increase the profitability not only for the participants of the contest but for any company who […]
  12. A Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Quality Awards
    Vokurka, Stadig, and Brazeal have provided a detailed evaluation of the key standards and rubrics of such awards as “the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award from the United States, the European Quality Award, the Deming […]
  13. “Coke Habit” Video Ads: 2018 Webby Award Winner
    The authors demonstrate informed us of the contrast of red and black to both ties the events to the product and reflect the mood of the protagonist.
  14. Tarleton University’s Awards for Alumni
    The Alumni Achievement Award is given to one academic in a department and praises the accomplishments of the individual and the impact he or she made on society.
  15. Customer Service Award for Excellence
    The main motive for the creation of this prize is the need to critically evaluate organizations working in the sphere and outline the most effective approaches and models that are used to create excellent customer […]
  16. Abdel Wahed El Wakil: Background, Awards, and Work
    In this department, he studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture and graduated from this university in the year 1965. During his period of lecturing at the university, he had a mentor who […]
  17. Inoui Wins Commercial Interior Design Award 2009
    “Bahraini based and owned company Inoui Designs took home the prize for “Young Interior Designer of the year” as one of the winners of the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2009 held in Dubai on 15th […]
  18. Social Awards in the Context of Social Sustainability
    The development of sports events is traditionally discussed as one of the means used by organizations to address the needs of a community, and much attention is paid to the role of football in realizing […]
  19. Daft Punk Band’s Gershwin Award
    Having discovered the information about the Gershwin Prize, which is awarded only to the outstanding representatives in the sphere of music for their great contribution to the promotion of this kind of art, I had […]
  20. Different Types of Modern Awards Review
    The work should be entered in a specific way, and the author is expected to pay a $75 fee before sending the work. A statue of an astronaut on the moon is given to the […]
  21. A Government Contract Award
    Nevertheless, the former considerably outweigh the latter; thus, the fact that the Department of Defense issued a one million dollar contract to a company specializing in the manufacture of drone navigation systems is likely to […]

📌 Simple & Easy Award Essay Titles

  1. An Endorsement for Emma Sandberg for the Humanitarian Award
  2. The Reward-Award System and the Suffocating Aspect of Expectations
  3. Reflective Account Award In Teaching And Education
  4. The Deming Prize Versus The Malcolm Baldridge Award
  5. Split-Award Procurement Auctions with Uncertain Scale Economies: Theory and Data
  6. The Book Between The World And Me By Award Winning
  7. The Effectiveness of the Young Shakespeare Award in Jamaaluddin School in Terms of Teaching and Learning Vocabulary
  8. The Health Crisis Of The Malcom Baldrige Award Program
  9. American Horticultural Society Award Winner
  10. The Award of a Training Voucher and Labor Market Outcomes
  11. Trefftzs Award: The Variation of the Return on Stocks in Periods of Inflation
  12. Women In Science And Engineering Award
  13. Voting Affect The Level Of Support Constituents Award
  14. Baldrige Award Companies’ Characteristics
  15. Comparison Between Coretta Scott King Award and John Newbery Award
  16. Academy Award for Best Actor and Glamorous Fiction
  17. Controversial Conflicts in Award-Winning Novel The Giver by Lois Lowry
  18. An Analysis of the Topic of the Academy Award for the Worst President in Modern United States History
  19. How Large are the Classification Errors in the Social Security Disability Award Process
  20. Split-Award Tort Reform, Firm’s Level of Care and Litigation Outcomes

👍 Good Essay Topics on Award

  1. Harvard’s Jack Welch Award and Yoga Master Bikram Choudhury
  2. Future of Smart Cities in the Knowledge-based Urban Development and the Role of Award Competitions
  3. The Risk and Reward of Investing a Lost Earnings Award: A Comparison of Stocks, Bonds, and Bills
  4. The Use of the Framework of the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award to Bring About Improvement
  5. The Professional Development Award in Health and Social
  6. The Insider, An Award Winning Film Directed By Michael Mann
  7. Found Money? Split-Award Statutes and Settlement of Punitive Damages Cases
  8. The Importance Of Award Winning Chef Hats
  9. The Relationship Between Brand Image and Purchase Intention: Evidence from Award Winning Mutual Funds
  10. The Honor Roll Award : The Outstanding Achievement Award
  11. The Proof Is In The Award
  12. Doctoral Dissertation Award: The Institute Of Food Products Marketing
  13. Plts Award in Employment and Personal Learning Skills in Health
  14. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  15. The National Sojourners Award
  16. Protesting the Award of a Federal Contract
  17. Ideo Is An Award Winning International Design Firm
  18. Potential Effects of the Affordable Care Act on the Award of Life Care Expenses
  19. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Award
  20. Frozen: Academy Award and Best Animated Feature

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