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109 Procurement Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Procurement Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Contracts and Procurement Case Study
    The concept is highly compromised but comparing the outcome to the status of the firm provides this as the better option. Management enables the business to meet demands and the pressure associated with profits and […]
  2. Procurement and Contracting Process
    The outsourcing process will enable the company to invest the available capital in the core of the business. The outsourcing contract has to be designed in a way that it secures the company’s independence in […]
  3. The Evolution of US Military Logistical Procurement
    The success of the revolutionary war was attributed to the logistics employed by the George Washington as he coordinately combined the continental army and local militia and focuses his attacks on the weakest points of […]
  4. Procurement Strategies for Companies when Encountering Natural Disasters
    The concept of procurement directly relates to the process of acquiring goods or services whether in a way that enables a company to meet the needs of its clientele in terms of the quality of […]
  5. Benefits of the Public Private Partnership Procurement Model
    Furthermore, the public-private partnership has been able to utilize the qualifications of the management improving the efficiency of the private sectors, with maintenance of the output’s quality standard.
  6. Project Management Procurement: Supply and Purchase
    It is proper for the managers to establish the evident gaps and varied needs in the institutions that require integration before the initiation of the procurement process.
  7. Contract and Procurement Management
    The plan identifies the products and services needed for the project, the types of contracts to be used for the entire project or in parts of the project, the approval of the contact, coordination of […]
  8. Procurement Plan Between Silwan Food International and AGS Logistics LLC
    The main reason why companies outsource the services is to enable them to concentrate on their core activities of meeting the needs their customers and also in meeting the objectives of the firm.
  9. Development Opportunities in Procurement Service
    We will work hand in hand with our customers to add value and surpass their expectations by enhancing our customer service, tools, organization, and the proficiency of our personnel.
  10. The Proposal for an Internet Based Procurement Service
    The company targets clients from all over the world and hopes to be a major global online procurement service provider in the near future. Therefore, the company will be able to facilitate the purchase of […]
  11. IS/IT Procurement: How Automation of Invitation Tender Can Support and Assist Companies
    The slowest to move in to automation is the industrial and manufacturing world, but this trend has changed as more and more of these companies seek improvements on their services and production. In essence, the […]
  12. Procurement and Acquisitions
    The Federal Acquisition Regulations requires that the Federal agencies should influence the acquisitions of the various agencies in fostering markets in order to enhance sustainable materials, technologies, services, and products.
  13. The Added Value of Procurement
    However, in business procurement, researchers conceptualize value in business relationships in terms of the value of the supplier bundle of products and services that is exchanged at a price to the purchaser and the long […]
  14. Procurement Management
    Whichever the option, a well managed procurement department and processes are beneficial to accompany in the following areas: The quality of a company’s products and services is subject to materials used in the production.
  15. Terms and Conditions in Business Relationships
    As to the ensuring aspect, the supplier is to take the responsibility for providing the described quality of the goods, which means that one is equally in charge of the production of the item and […]
  16. The Effect of Market-Type Procurement on the Public Sector
    In this particular context, the UK government chose this procurement model because it has the ability to increase choice for consumers, the rate of effectiveness as well as responsiveness of the service providers.
  17. Procurement to Build New Auditorium
    Documentation of the relevant issues pertaining to the project will be undertaken by competent procurement managers to plan and organise all the materials and resources required for completion of the project.
  18. UPS Procurement Strategy Analysis
    According to the UPS Supply Chain Solutions, ‘the company spent billions of dollars in a state-of-the-art tracking system and in the investment of some of the latest technologies in the industry’.
  19. Public Procurement – Post Disaster Development Haiti
    In the event of deprivation of the natural resources, the investors will return to their mother country and leave nothing for the locals.
  20. Tendering and Procurement in the Construction Industry
    The complex nature of the collaborative construction contracts also poses the issues of mistrust, and the scandals concerning the accountability of the parties involved in the contract agreements.
  21. Procurement and Its Role in the Organization’s Processes
    Created by Aiden Platt, the presentation titled “Procurement: An Emerged Profession” concerned the specified phenomenon and covers the significance of procurement within an organization, as well as defines the role of the former in a […]
  22. Procurement Cycle for Purchases
    However, the HP management was later faced with anxiety due to a high degree of uncertainty of the demand and supply of the flash memory, which in turn affects the prices of the printers.
  23. Effects of Procurement Fraud on the US National Economy
    However, it is apparent that the increased movement of personnel from the private sector to the public sector and likewise from the public sector to the private sector heightens the risk of fraud.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Procurement

  1. Michael Porter: Procurement is Vital for Businesses
    Due to synergy in procurement process, the support of other companies is important to allow the procurement function to evaluate and bargain the prices with the suppliers across the market in search of the most […]
  2. Procurement Practices for Efficient Procurement Processes
    The author draws parallels between the procurement practices in the two companies in a bid to find out which set of procurement practices is best suited to a company.
  3. Strategic and Operational Roles of Procurement within DHL
    As a multinational company, DHL relies heavily on the effectiveness of its procurement department to access all the supplies that it requires to meet the needs of its customers.
  4. Hong Kong Textile and Apparel Industries Procurement
    The article “Strategic Procurement in Textile and Apparel Sourcing Companies in Hong Kong: A Practitioner’s Perspective” identifies different elements of procurement and strategic sourcing.
  5. Saudi Aramco Company Procurement Process
    It is the work of respective managers, who are required to assess the viability of the procedure before recommending the appropriate action to the department.
  6. Fauquier Gas Company’s Procurement and Purchasing
    The manager for supply and purchasing, Bill Murphy, is concerned with the provision of the required tubes within the given time, although it is possible that the company will not be able to make the […]
  7. Public Procurement in the Czech Republic in 2008-15
    The goal of this report is to measure the CRI with references to the identified risk indicators associated with public procurement in the Czech Republic during the period of 2008-2015.
  8. Company Procurement Management Plan
    The aspects of time, cost, and performance form a triangle demonstrating the cycle of the development of the project, which is rather challenging to stay within for a planner due to the uniqueness of most […]
  9. Procurement and Supply in Managing Expenditures
    The first section entailed the analysis of the practical roles of stakeholders in the process of procurement. The final section entailed the application of the 5-R model to examine the aspects of the purchase that […]
  10. E-Procurement in Purchasing and Supply Management
    People start spending less time on the recognition of their needs, the identification of possible suppliers, the analysis of the opinions, the determination of delivery issues, the processes of placement and payment of their orders, […]
  11. Project Procurement Closeout Plan
    Contract close-out is the responsibility of both of the sides to ensure that all the terms outlined in the contract were followed, and all the deliverables are exchanged by the parties.
  12. Abu Hail Health Center: Materials Management and Procurement Process
    The purpose of this paper is to map out and analyze the materials management and procurement processes in Abu Hail Health Center, Dubai, identify the gaps and redundancies in their current SCM and propose a […]
  13. Industrial Purchasing and Procurement Website
    This supposition is based on the fact that after the purchase of raw materials the latter will be converted to the finished product. The suppliers can connect to the customers and offer their services on […]
  14. Procurement Trends in the Aviation Industry
    Elements of performance-based contracting that have changed the procurement trends in the aviation industry include the need to achieve maximum levels of quality during delivery, and the provision that remuneration applies only to goods and […]
  15. Organ Procurement Organizations’ Activities
    By doing so, they can ensure that donor organs are put to the best possible use and that the recipients will, in turn, live more fulfilling lives because of them.
  16. Contracts and Negotiation in Aviation Procurement
    The procurement department has to be keen during the identification and eventual provisioning of the goods or services to ensure that the management makes strategic decisions.
  17. Airlines’ Practical Guidelines in Procurement Process
    This paper examines how airlines can maximize the usefulness of practical guidelines that can be used to implement a performance-based contracting approach in their procurement process and the value the aviation industry will acquire in […]
  18. Rügen Bridge: Plan Procurement Management
    During this time, the company in charge of the project had not only built a bridge, the core part of which is 4100 meters long, but also contracted other businesses to prepare the surface, smooth […]
  19. Max Bögl Company’s Procurement Management
    The list of the identified risks is provided in the following table where each risk factor is rated on a five-point scale according to the likelihood of its occurrence and potential impact on the project […]
  20. Kayan Petrochemical Company Procurement and Supply
    The study was conducted to determine the procurement and supply chain of polymers by SABIC through the dedicated function of Kayan that specializes in the development of the polymeric material as a feedstock for the […]
  21. Procurement Methods of the Construction Projects
    The vital significance of procurement in the success of any project necessitate for deliberate measures and consideration in the selection of the most appropriate procurement method.
  22. H&M Company: Procurement and Supply
    H&M has to devote substantial attention to the ability of a supplier to ensure the quality and compliance with H&M’s social responsibility strategy and the Code of Conduct. Simultaneously, it is vital to assess the […]
  23. Durable Vinyl Siding Corporation’s Procurement Costs
    The aim of this paper is to examine a case study of a siding manufacturer, Durable Vinyl Siding Corporation, and to provide its director of sourcing and procurement with extensive information on methods for reduction […]

🔍 Interesting Topics to Write about Procurement

  1. Procurement Function’s Role in Company’s Success
    It is possible to define procurement as the process of purchasing goods and services which are needed in order for the business to function; it should be pointed out that this term describes the full […]
  2. McLaughlin & Harvey Firm’s Cement Procurement Strategy
    Negotiation is a critical instrument outlined in this document to develop the sourcing plan and is useful in improving some of the rights that stakeholders wield in the larger procurement and supply model.
  3. Procurement Opportunities in Construction Management
    The choice between the four types of procurement available in the construction industry leads to a sharp rise in the quality of the result.
  4. Saudi Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Due to the high level of dominance that Saudi has in the oil industry, the country plays a critical role in the determination of the world oil prices.
  5. Green Procurement and Its Development in Hong Kong
    The topic, which is widely linked to the wider agenda of sustainable development, has in the recent past been a point of interest for many businesses, governments, organizations and other stakeholders.
  6. The BBC Company Procurement Strategy Analysis
    While collaborating with the BBC Technology in order to enhance the quality of the services provided by the organization seemed an obvious solution to the company’s concerns, the decision to be made was fraught with […]
  7. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations’ Procurement & Supply Contracts
    The issues include “performance of the Services, acceptance of the Services by ADCO, and the right to require the correction of faults and deficiencies in any part or all of the Services which is not […]
  8. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Procurement & Supply
    The procedure involved is critical in ensuring the maximization of profits and the reduction of the cost of production. The price mechanisms applied must conform to the situation of the industry and have the ability […]
  9. Rugia Bridge Project: Conduct Procurement
    Max Bogl, a steel engineering and construction company, is in need of corrosion protection and hazard analysis for the Rugia Bridge project and is accepting proposals in response to this RFP.
  10. Procurement Planning in Companies
    The objective of a procurement manager should be to avoid such issues and report them when necessary to the company’s executives.
  11. Contracting Excellence in Procurement and Supply between ADCO and Emirates Transport
    Also, the contract is beneficial to the service receiver in terms of knowledge power since it grants ADCO the right to access and audit the contractor’s facilities and information peculiar to the provided services.
  12. Western Australian: Contract Management and Procurement Principles
    The planning stage and pre-award stage of the project should include the outline of the project’s scope and assessment of possible risks, which can be addressed in the post-reward stage.
  13. General Electric Company: Procurement and Acquisition Practices
    Currently, GE deals in a wide a range of products and services spanning from aircraft engines and parts, medical imaging, financing and power generation to industrial products, and oil and gas production implying that the […]
  14. Ethical Issues in Procurement Management
    The Purchasing Managers’ Index is grounded on a monthly investigation of associates of the Swiss Association for Materials Management and Purchasing.
  15. Off Season Fashion Sales: Procurement in Retail
    Karakul’s 2008 article “Joint Pricing and Procurement of Fashion Products in the Existence of a Clearance Market published in the International Journal of Production Economics, cites that in the apparel industry, the dilemma of always […]
  16. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Procurement and Supply
    Before choosing the type of sourcing for a particular product, the organization has to consider the state of the market for this good and determine its competitiveness, quality and cost margins, and significant players.
  17. Procurement in Project Management
    This is one of the systems that are commonly used in procurement of various projects. When this system is used there is reduction of impact of work changes to work nature in the management of […]
  18. E-Procurement and It Application in the Grant Group
    The model for the interactions conducted through the electronic data interchange for e-procurement can vary depending on the requirements of the parties and the business.
  19. Government and Commercial Procurement
    Originally, procurement is the government consumption of goods and services aimed to serve the requirements of the community. The procurement of merchandise and services by government structures for their own aims is a central component […]
  20. Procurement and Production in Planning Cycle
    This objective is achieved by curtailing the collective allotment cost of allocating goods to the clients based on the worthiness of the services.
  21. Project Procurement & Ethics
    Success and sustainability of the project is a key factor to the realization of the set project, both to the department and the project implementers.
  22. The Importance of Procurement in Public Organizations
    The primary goal of public procurement is to “obtain the right goods, capital assets or services…in the right quantity, for delivery at the right time to the right place, from the right source…with the right […]
  23. P&G Procurement Automation: A Pioneering Story of Technology
    In order to terminate the supply chain inefficiencies connected with “the high inventory and transportation costs and the variability in shipments”, the two companies agreed on eliminating the intermediary chain and introducing a revolutionary information […]

📌 Most Interesting Procurement Topics to Write about

  1. Public Procurement for Innovation as Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy
  2. Procurement Strategies: Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. The WTO Government Procurement Agreement and Its Impacts on Trade
  4. Lobbying and Contract Delegation in Public Procurement
  5. Optimal Procurement When Both Price and Quality Matter
  6. Procurement and Acuisitions Management: Fair Housing Internship
  7. Optimal Procurement Mechanisms for Divisible Goods With Capacitated Suppliers
  8. Optimal Cost Overruns: Procurement Auctions and Renegotiation
  9. Methods for Evaluating Proposals Bidding in Public Procurement to Internal Forces
  10. Managing Supply Disruption Through Procurement Strategy and Price Competition
  11. Technology-Based Small Firms and Regional Innovation Potential: The Role of Public Procurement
  12. Production And Procurement Management In Aviation
  13. The Agency Theory Approach to the Public Procurement System
  14. Improving Procurement Lead Times At Hill Air Force Base
  15. Fractional Institutional Endeavors and E-Procurement in Local Government
  16. Managing Electricity Procurement Cost and Risk by a Local Distribution Company
  17. Procurement: the Transaction Costs Perspective in a Globalising World
  18. Quality Management and Procurement in Construction Industry
  19. Procurement: Purchasing Management Association
  20. U.S. Procurement And Strategic Sourcing Activities

💡 Simple & Easy Procurement Essay Titles

  1. Performance Indicators for Monitoring the Public Procurement
  2. Transportation Procurement with Seasonally Varying Shipper Demand and Volume Guarantees
  3. Procurement Outsourcing Strategies: Wonderful Widgets
  4. The Key Procurement Issues For The Client Construction
  5. Supply Chain Risk Management in Procurement and Logistics
  6. Public Procurement and Reputation: An Agent-Based Model
  7. Purchasing And Procurement Strategy In Food Industry Marketing
  8. Procurement with Costly Bidding, Optimal Shortlisting, and Rebates
  9. Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business
  10. Selecting The Most Appropriate Procurement Strategy
  11. The Procurement Strategy Selection Analysis Job Construction
  12. Procurement with Unenforceable Contract Time and the Law of Liquidated Damages
  13. Local Food Procurement and Promotion Strategies of Food Cooperatives
  14. Sequential Procurement Auctions and Their Effect on Investment Decisions
  15. Limited Liability and Mechanism Design in Procurement
  16. Research Design and Methodology for Procurement in Public Sector
  17. Understanding the Innovation Impacts of Public Procurement
  18. Government Procurement and the Growth of Small Firms
  19. Procurement, Conversion And Logistics Management
  20. Reputation, Competition, and Entry in Procurement

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