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99 Contract Law Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Contract Law: PepsiCo and a Harrier Jet Contest Prize
    The theory of objectivity in a contract implies that for an offer and acceptance to take place, the reasonableness of the offer and acceptance should be considered, thus other than the mutual consent of the […]
  2. Rescission of a Contract in the Law of Contracts
    In the law of contracts, when a contract is rescinded, it means that the two parties to the contract have been relieved of their obligation in relation to the initial contract entered in the initial […]
  3. Contract Law Dispute: Defendant’s Motion
    As the judge in the case, I would rule in favor of the plaintiff and oblige the defendant to pay for the damages as requested.
  4. Contract Law: Breach of Contract and Remedies Available
    For any claim to contractual material breach to be successful, the injured party must establish that: indeed there was a contract; the defendant is indeed the right party to bring a claim, the contract was […]
  5. Contract and Sale of Goods Law
    It is clear that Blackboard was aware of the purpose that PostersPLUS intended to use the vinyl film at the time the contract was entered into between the two firms.
  6. The English Contract Law: Terms and Classification
    To determine a legal contract, the courts look for the following into the contract; the transaction stage, which the transaction took, place, the importance that the representee connected to the declaration together with the skills […]
  7. Business Management Affairs: Contract Law
    This report highlights the requirements and content of the contract, as well as the consequences for breach of contract by the judges.
  8. Essential Contract Law: History and Theory
    The fundamental nature of a contract is a legally binding accord, that is, a reciprocal appreciation among the parties, in regard, to the essence of the contract.
  9. English Contract Law: Fundamental Principles
    The buyer has an obligation to pay the price and the seller is obligated to transfer ownership to the buyer. Acceptance of the offer implies that there is an objective expression, by the recipient, of […]
  10. UAE and UK Contract Law: Misrepresentation and Duress
    Contract law is the agreement that should clear identify the situation and help the parties be equal; misrepresentation and duress can influence the quality of the contract and have to be properly understood by the […]
  11. Contract Law in the United Arabs Emirates
    To understand the contract law through the prism of the UAE legal system, it is important to discuss the principles of the laws and provisions of a contract.
  12. Minors and Contract Law: Hallman v. Lemke
    But if Jeremy’s actions and the act of entering into the contract was overseen with his parents or guardians in the presence of the sales personnel, the company will be able to sue for damages […]
  13. Business Ethics and Contract Law
    While analyzing the nature of relationships between the supplier and Don from the ethical perspective, it is necessary to support the cessation of doing business with Don.
  14. Promissory Estoppel in English Contract Law
    In regards to the case between Brian and Harry, Harry won the case in which he claims a breach of contract by Brian.
  15. Contract Law: Main Line Pictures Inc. vs. Basinger
    In maximizing /minimizing the loss profit incurred, this amount should not be included because the film was not produced so the actual loss caused by Basinger not taking part in the film cannot be traced.
  16. Contract Law: Nike, Inc. vs. Eugene McCarthy
    The United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit affirmed the decision of the district court that Eugene McCarthy violated the agreement, provided potential harm to the company, and had to leave the position offered by […]
  17. Contract Law and Its Management
    Consideration means what is exchanged between the parties to a contract to make the agreement valid. The contractor agrees to do the work by the set date and the client promises to compensate him for […]
  18. Contract Law: Car Buying Agreement and Fraud
    When considering the purchase of a car, one must be aware of the legal specifics of the process, as the case of Jim and Laura shows quite clearly.
  19. Contract Law: Foodmart Inc. vs. Masterpiece Construction
    The client will therefore have the right to repudiate the contract on the basis that the terms of the agreements have not been upheld.
  20. English Contract Law: Gibson vs. Manchester City Council
    Rather, it merely stated that the house “may be prepared to sell” and that the letter was not a “firm offer of a mortgage”.
  21. Contract Law: Refund for Cancelled Trip Payments
    The problem was in the fact that Burt decided to cancel the vacation, and he needed to receive the refund related to the reservation payments.
  22. Contract Law: Offer in the Acorn Computers Case
    It is a general rule that when an offer is made as was done by B supermarkets, the contract becomes binding the moment an acceptance is made by the offeree.
  23. Contract Law: Legally Binding Agreement with Minors
    However, the law allows a minor to enter into contracts for the supply of necessities if no adult can provide the necessities.
  24. Contract Law: Breach, Mutual and Unilateral Mistake
    The implication of this is that the contract would have ordinarily remained valid until the time the plaintiff moved to have it avoided.
  25. Contract Law and Agreement in Business
    As the partnership involves financial issues, it is advised to create a contract to secure the operation and have a legal basis for possible complaints.
  26. Contract Law in Different Countries
    The applicability of certain laws therefore becomes the basis of a legal system and how this can be utilized in the greater complexity of certain involvements and participations. Lastly, conflicts of law and harmonization process […]
  27. Three Articles on Contract Law Comparison
    The article examines substantial body of case law in the UK on the interpretation of Articles 3 and 4 of the Rome Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations which emerged in 2000.
  28. Law of Contract: Aspects of the Lease Issue
    Manchester Citi Council, it was reaffirmed that although the Council may have not signed and delivered the documents, whereupon the customer had signed and delivered the documents for onward transmission to the buyer, the contract […]
  29. Contract Law: Sand Diego Case
    In this case the old contract is discharged and there is a substitution of anew contract By vicarious performance: It is open to the parties to have their contract performed vicariously by another person, provided […]
  30. Misrepresentation Under Contract Law
    This case is a case of negligent misrepresentation because the finance officer made the statement without knowledge of the capacity because he had not gone to the building to ascertain the facts of what he […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Contract Law

  1. Contract Law: Introduction to Legal Analysis and Writing
    It is on the basis of this information and other materials not mentioned in the case that he manages to convince Mr.
  2. Contract Law: Promissory Estoppel and Part Payment
    In the case of promissory estoppel, consideration has centered on the notion of exchange or bargain as a reasonable basis for the elucidation of what is meant by promissory estoppel in payment of consideration under […]
  3. Criminal and Contract Law in the Healthcare Sector
    It is therefore important for healthcare professionals to conform to the criminal laws and the terms and conditions of their contracts.
  4. Avoiding & Settling Disputes Under Sales Contract Law
    The major peculiarity of this problem lies in the following: the seller of the car officially disclaimed any liability for the injuries and repair costs caused by defects in the vehicle.
  5. Joint Liability Under English Contract Law
    If this is a case of common co-debtorship, D will have to sue A, B, and C jointly to claim the horse.
  6. Acting in Good Faith: Contract and Agency Law
    To start with the validity of the contract should be analyzed; and in this case, the two contracting parties had agreed mutually to reduce the amount to a nominal amount of $150.
  7. Law Illustrations, Legal Rights, Law of Contract
    At the same time, the customers of the company, and Thomas and Peter in particular, considered the advertisement to be an offer to the world at large.
  8. The Contract Law: The Case of James and the Pet Toys
    There is a distinction between the day and moment that the advertisement was posted in the newspaper and the time that was taken for the letter to get to the manager.
  9. Contract Law in Business and Consumer Protection
    When the couple approached the hotel manager, they were referred to the terms and conditions form they had signed as they checked in and one of the terms and conditions read that the hotel will […]
  10. Contract Law and Legally Binding Relationship
    The analysis of this case will tend to advise him on the next reaction relating to the competition which was in place, the contract and the letter that he received from the solicitors.
  11. Law of Contracts: Case no. CA06-1281 in Arkansas
    The most important aspect of a contract is the offer and acceptance where one party offers an agreement and the other accepts.
  12. Business Law: The Contract and Tort Law
    Under the contract of CG and Cambridge city, the offer was given by the city to the CG to collect the garbage in the area of 3000 households for three years with the expectation of […]
  13. Different Types of Contracts in Law
    It is a defense in the sense that the two parties had agreed to perform the contract but had not factored in such other contingencies that could render the whole or part of the contract […]
  14. Government Contract Law: The Case of Boston Shipyard Corp.
    MSC was aware that at the time of the formation of the contract, BSC was proceeding with a bankruptcy arrangement yet it signed the contract.
  15. Contract Law: Case Brief on Fiona vs. Black Tie
    The elements of a contract were all present in the contract that was between the Black Tie Dry cleaning and Fiona and based on the arguments and explanations the company is not liable to any […]
  16. Contract Law and License: Review
    But there is also the matter of usage of already existing material and the contracts that are drawn up by companies to make a profit.
  17. Contract Law: Huang vs. Bill the Builder
    The main purpose of seeking compensation of damages resulting from a breach is to put the innocent party in its initial position if the breach had not occurred in the first place. Huang had clearly […]
  18. Importance of Role of Contracts in Sports Law
    One of the laws which play a truly vital part in the regulation of sports activities is the law of contract.
  19. Consideration of the Law of Contract
    In this case, John failed to fulfill his share of the contact thus Chen has this as a basis of not paying the high labor cost, the case says “John builds the extension but does […]
  20. Law of Contract: The Case of James and the Kitchen Wizard
    Even though this was not included in the contract, the fact that James was made to believe that he was purchasing the items that he had wanted by the salesperson gives validity to the feelings […]
  21. Contract Law: Selling Legal Encyclopedias
    Normally, a contract is established when the offeree and the offeror agree to the terms of their negotiation. In the above case, Carrie made an offer to sell a set of encyclopedias to Antonio.
  22. Contract Law: The Impossibility of Performance
    The paper will include a discussion of the elements of the impossibility of performance and the three situations where the defense can be used; and a discussion of commercial impracticability and its application to the […]
  23. Researching the Law of Contract
    The offeror entails “the party making the offer while the offeree refers to the party to whom the offer has been made and a serious and objective intention on the part of the offeror must […]
  24. Singapore Contract Law Analysis
    Therefore, D & D shopping mall would be exempted from the damage of the car because they had referred to the clause in red.
  25. Contract and Agency Law: Overview and Analysis
    In the case of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company, the court of appeal held that the advert made had all the requirements of an offer and was, therefore, an offer in itself.
  26. Contract and Agency Law: Restraint of Trade
    A typical restraint of trade clause on an employment contract will be: The employee agrees that he or she will not, after the termination of the employment contract with the employer, either directly or indirectly, […]
  27. Contract Law: Alpha Bookstore’s Delivery Issues
    The area of law that this case relates to is contract law, and the bookstore has remedies for the problems with the contract and lost chance.
  28. English Law of Contract: Theory and Examples
    This means that the finding of the painting preludes the obligation for paying the reward without the necessity of proof of offer acceptance.
  29. U.S. Contract Law: Basics
    A significant role in the emergence and development of the theory of the U.S. contract law belongs to the American jurists Langdell and Holmes.

📝 Simple & Easy Contract Law Essay Titles

  1. Agreement and Contract Law in the United Kingdom
  2. Alive and Well: The Good Faith Principle in Turkish Contract Law
  3. Australian Contract Law Should Be Codified
  4. Business and Corporation Law: Contract Law and Dispute Resolution
  5. Contract Law and the Institutional Preconditions of a Market Economy
  6. China’s 2008 Labor Contract Law: Implementation and Implications for China’s Workers
  7. Comparing Chinese Contract Law and English Contract Law
  8. China’s New Labour Contract Law: No Harm to Employment
  9. Conflict Resolution in the Australian Contract Law
  10. Creditor and Debtor Relationship in Contract Law
  11. Contract Law and the Doctrine of Consideration in the United Kingdom
  12. Economic Reasoning and the Framing of Contract Law
  13. Contract Law and the Governance of Inter‐Firm Technology Partnerships
  14. Efficient Third Party Liability of Auditors in Contract Law
  15. Contract Law and the Self-Enforcing Range of Contracts in Agriculture
  16. Embedded Options and the Case Against Compensation in Contract Law
  17. Contract Law: Elements and Specific Terms in Business Contracts
  18. Faulty Goods and Unfair Contract Exclusions: Cases of English Contract Law
  19. Contract Law Enforces the Right of Contractual Freedom
  20. Good Contract Law: Termination or Renegotiation of Contracts

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Contract Law

  1. Contract Law From Christian Worldview Perspective
  2. Insurance Contract Law and the Concepts of Misrepresentation and Non-disclosure
  3. Contract Law From Law and Economics Perspective
  4. International Business Climate and Germany Partnership, Agency, and Contract Law
  5. Contract Law: Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Computing
  6. Law for Engineers: Analysis of Contract Law
  7. Contract Law, Mutual Mistake, and Incentives to Produce and Disclose Information
  8. Multilateral Reputation Mechanisms and Contract Law in Agriculture
  9. Contract Law: Privity and the Rights of Third Parties
  10. Mutual and Unilateral Mistakes in Contract Law
  11. Contract Law: Process, Components, Methods
  12. Quase Contracts Under Indian Contract Law
  13. Contract Law Questions Regarding the UCC and UCITA
  14. The Just Price Doctrine and Contemporary Contract Law: Some Introductory Remarks
  15. Contract Law, Social Norms, and Inter-Firm Cooperation
  16. The Past Flaws and Issues of UK Contract Law
  17. Contract Theory and the Limits of Contract Law
  18. The Postal Acceptance Rule in Contract Law
  19. Understanding Contract Law and How to Form Contracts on the Internet
  20. Comparing Verbal Agreements and Contract Law

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