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68 Business Intelligence Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Business Intelligence Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Business Intelligence Approaches
    Business intelligence is a term used to refer to a collection of applications that aim at keeping and making available a data bank in a certain industry or organization; the bank is referred to when […]
  2. The Distinction Between Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Sales Forecasting, Market Research, and Common Sense in Business
    In addition to this, businesses and companies tend to use business intelligence to bring about consistency in decision making, emphasize on incorporation of business information and analytical technique into tactical decisions and strategic processes and […]
  3. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing System
    The name business intelligence is a name that was formed in the mid 1950s to describe the act of changing un-grouped data from a company’s or an organization’s contrasting functional data into a common data […]
  4. Business Intelligence Solutions in UAE Companies
    An organization seeking the best intelligence vendors in the market should evaluate other business intelligence organizations on the bases of their BI vendors and should also seek the opinion of other successful BI enabled companies […]
  5. Current and Emerging Technology in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
    To help address this need, business have developed a desire for data warehousing tools that designed to offer flexibility in terms of decision making by the management and chief information officers.
  6. Business Intelligence and Decision Making
    As can be deduced from the preceding discussion, both the IBM and SAS Business Intelligence solutions have a variety of benefits to offer to business enterprises.
  7. Cloud Business Intelligence in SMEs
    Cloud business Intelligence allows SMEs to enjoy the benefits of the process in a short amount of time. In the past, this involved all the expenses entailed in the purchase of the license for the […]
  8. The Importance of Business Intelligence
    Intelligent decisions needs to be made to drive business forward thus the importance of business intelligence which is the computer based applications and technologies for gathering, storing and analyzing business data such as sales revenue […]
  9. E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence
    The method allowed the use of Intel and an example to build the study and the literature on data mining for business intelligence to analyze the findings.
  10. The UAE Traffic Department’s Business Intelligence
    The primary purpose of the paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of the business intelligence for the Traffic Department of the United Arab Emirates.
  11. Business Intelligence Systems and Data Organization
    The hypothesis of the study is the following: the integration of the BI systems in the police working process impacts the data organization in a positive way; as a result, it may increase the working […]
  12. Mobile Business Intelligence Trends
    The use of foresight theory and practices to identify future trends in business processes has allowed firms to adjust their business activities.
  13. Decision Support System and Business Intelligence
    The inability of an organisation to prepare users adequately for the system change is the major cause of DSS/BI failures in many organisations.
  14. The Use of Competitive Intelligence in Business
    The process directed at the acquisition and collection of the data concerning the advantages and disadvantages of a business and its competitors is referred to as competitive intelligence.
  15. Business Intelligence and Analytics
    The obvious benefit that the utilization of business intelligence and analytics can bring to an establishment is, as said, the improvement of decision-making.
  16. Business Intelligence: Create, Implement, Use
    The position taken on business intelligence is that BI is a process that is created, implemented and practiced using business analytic tools to analyze past and present data and enable effective decision making at all […]
  17. Business Intelligence Strategy and Framework
    Most importantly, the BI strategy framework monitors the alignment of the corporate mission to the current business strategy that leads to resilience.
  18. Business Intelligence in Healthcare
    The given essay discusses the current benefits of BI and possible breakthroughs in preventative health, which may come about because of the use of such technologies. This may lead to the betterment of health management […]
  19. Google Analytics as a Business Intelligence Tool
    Google Analytics is considered a powerful freemium tool for Web site and mobile app analysis, making it one of the most successful BI tools with superior return on investment.
  20. Saudi Arabian Companies: Business Intelligence System
    These people must be able to make recommendations about the functionality of the BI system and its design. They can rely on the experience of other companies, which tried to implement BI system, and avoid […]
  21. Intelligence and Communication in Business Settings
    Consequently, in an attempt to retain efficient and effective communication, the communicator’s substantial knowledge of the language, as learning styles, largely aid in creating awareness of the need to select words precisely during communication.
  22. Business Intelligence Strategy: Online Music Store
    Every day I had to get up in the early hours of the night to log on to http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100 to be able to see which new songs have come into the chart and know how […]
  23. Building Business Intelligence Using SAS
    The respondents were chosen to provide an answer on the questionnaire; the results of the answers are the following: It is evident that the system used by Traffic Department should keep pace with the progress […]
  24. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Business
    The connection of AI and the business strategy of an organization is displayed through the ability to use its algorithm for achieving competitive advantage and maintaining it.
  25. Significance of Business Intelligence
    This use of the term BI reached its height of popularity, as measured in a number of publications and studies, during the 1970s when it was viewed as an effective new way for organizations to […]
  26. The Importance of Business Intelligence Industry
    Creative agility on the part of Procter and Gamble will be critical to the launch of the new product and this includes creativity in promotion and advertising, reaching the target consumers, packaging, outwitting the competitors, […]
  27. WidgetSupplies Business Intelligence Requirements
    WidgetSupplies’ business needed a simple system to easily record sales and to compare the projected sales and the actual which the system could not provide. In a nutshell, it is important to acknowledge that as […]
  28. Business Intelligence System in the Jefferson Medical Centre
    The increase in competition in the business environment has mandated business organizations many business organizations to initiate a policy of Business Intelligence system into their business strategic decision to enhance business competitive advantages.

⭐ Good Research Topics about Business Intelligence

  1. Strategic Management Using Business Intelligence Tools in Metallurgical Plants
  2. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Differences
  3. Customer Data Analysis Model Using Business Intelligence Tools in Telecommunication Companies
  4. Supply Chain Issues and Business Intelligence Technologies
  5. Business Intelligence and Data Science
  6. Sustainable Knowledge Capability Through Business Intelligence Design
  7. Improving Business Intelligence Traceability and Accountability: An Integrated Framework of Product and Meta Content Map
  8. Business Intelligence Tools for Improve Sales and Profitability
  9. Applying Business Intelligence Techniques to Businesses Using Google
  10. Business Intelligence Management and Leadership
  11. Increasing the Business Performances Using Business Intelligence
  12. Mobile Business Intelligence: Allocation of Mobile Workers for Competitive Information Gathering
  13. Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Industry
  14. Business Intelligence Support for Project Management
  15. Decision Trees: Business Intelligence, Data Latency, and Data Mining
  16. Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning
  17. Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics
  18. Optimizing Business Intelligence Results Through the Strategic Application of Software Process Model
  19. Predictive Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence
  20. Big Data Mining and Business Intelligence Trends

👍 Simple & Easy Business Intelligence Essay Titles

  1. Improving Customer Relationship Management Through Business Intelligence
  2. Intelligent Analytics: Integrating Business Intelligence and Web Analytics
  3. The Border Between Business Intelligence and Psychology: Segmentation Based on Customer Behavior
  4. Business Intelligence, Accountant, and Marketing Intelligence
  5. Managing Sustainability With Eco-Business Intelligence Instruments
  6. Systems in Business Intelligence and Information Systems
  7. Business Intelligence: Applications, Trends, and Strategies
  8. Agile Development for Service-Oriented Business Intelligence Solutions
  9. Success Factors for Business Intelligence System Implementation in Public Sector Organization
  10. Business Intelligence, Retail Industry, and Multi-Market Competition
  11. Best Practices When Offshoring Business Intelligence
  12. Natural Intelligence Applications for Business Intelligence in Online and Catalog Retailing Firms
  13. Methodological Aspects and Case Studies of Business Intelligence Application Tools in Knowledge Management as Corporation’s Strategy Development
  14. Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms
  15. Open Information Enterprise Transactions: Business Intelligence and Wash and Spoof Transactions in Blockchain and Social Commerce
  16. Real-Time Business Intelligence in Agent-Oriented Supply Chain
  17. Multidimensional Modeling for Social Business Intelligence
  18. Organization Effectiveness and Business Intelligence Systems
  19. Rationalizing Business Intelligence Systems and Explicit Knowledge Objects: Improving Evidence-Based Management in Government Programs
  20. Enterprise Business Intelligence: Data Mining & Machine Learning

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