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75 Data Mining Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Data Mining Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. A Discussion on the Acceptability of Data Mining
    Today, more than ever before, individuals, organizations and governments have access to seemingly endless amounts of data that has been stored electronically on the World Wide Web and the Internet, and thus it makes much […]
  2. Commercial Uses of Data Mining
    Data mining process entails the use of large relational database to identify the correlation that exists in a given data. The principal role of the applications is to sift the data to identify correlations.
  3. Data Mining: A Critical Discussion
    In recent times, the relatively new discipline of data mining has been a subject of widely published debate in mainstream forums and academic discourses, not only due to the fact that it forms a critical […]
  4. Data Mining Technologies
    According to Han & Kamber, data mining is the process of discovering correlations, patterns, trends or relationships by searching through a large amount of data that in most circumstances is stored in repositories, business databases […]
  5. Data Mining: Concepts and Methods
    Speed of data mining process is important as it has a role to play in the relevance of the data mined. The accuracy of data is also another factor that can be used to measure […]
  6. Data Warehouse and Data Mining in Business
    The circumstances leading to the establishment and development of the concept of data warehousing was attributed to the fact that failure to have a data warehouse led to the need of putting in place large […]
  7. Data Mining Role in Companies
    The increasing adoption of data mining in various sectors illustrates the potential of the technology regarding the analysis of data by entities that seek information crucial to their operations.
  8. Ethical Implications of Data Mining by Government Institutions
    Critics of personal data mining insist that it infringes on the rights of an individual and result to the loss of sensitive information.
  9. E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence
    The method allowed the use of Intel and an example to build the study and the literature on data mining for business intelligence to analyze the findings.
  10. Data Mining and Customer Relationship Management
    As such, CRM not only entails the integration of marketing, sales, customer service, and supply chain capabilities of the firm to attain elevated efficiencies and effectiveness in conveying customer value, but it obliges the organization […]
  11. Canadian University Dubai and Data Mining
    The aim of mining data in the education environment is to enhance the quality of education for the mass through proactive and knowledge-based decision-making approaches.
  12. Ethical Data Mining in the UAE Traffic Department
    The research question identified in the assignment two is considered to be the following, namely whether the implementation of the business intelligence into the working process will beneficially influence the work of the Traffic Department […]
  13. Data Mining Techniques and Applications
    The use of data mining to detect disturbances in the ecosystem can help to avert problems that are destructive to the environment and to society.
  14. “Data Mining and Customer Relationship Marketing in the Banking Industry“ by Chye & Gerry
    First of all, the article generally elaborates on the notion of customer relationship management, which is defined as “the process of predicting customer behavior and selecting actions to influence that behavior to benefit the company”.
  15. Data Mining in Healthcare: Applications and Big Data Analyze
    Big data analysis is among the most influential modern trends in informatics and it has applications in virtually every sphere of human life.
  16. Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Prediction and Analysis Using Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence
    This paper aims to review the application of A.I.in the context of blockchain finance by examining scholarly articles to determine whether the A.I.algorithm can be used to analyze this financial market.
  17. Levi’s Company’s Data Mining & Customer Analytics
    Levi, the renowned name in jeans is feeling the heat of competition from a number of other brands, which have come upon the scene well after Levi’s but today appear to be approaching Levi’s market […]
  18. Data Mining and Analytical Developments
    In this era where there is a lot of information to be handled at ago and actually with little available time, it is necessarily useful and wise to analyze data from different viewpoints and summarize […]
  19. Large Volume Data Handling: An Efficient Data Mining Solution
    Data mining is the process of sorting huge amount of data and finding out the relevant data. Data mining is widely used for the maintenance of data which helps a lot to an organization in […]
  20. Issues With Data Mining
    It is necessary to note that the usage of data mining helps FBI to have access to the necessary information for terrorism and crime tracking.
  21. Ethnography and Data Mining in Anthropology
    The study of cultures is of great importance under normal circumstances to enhance the understanding of the same. Data mining is the success secret of ethnography.
  22. Data Mining in Social Networks: Linkedin.com
    One of the ways to achieve the aim is to understand how users view data mining of their data on LinkedIn.
  23. Summary of C4.5 Algorithm: Data Mining
    5 algorism: Each record from set of data should be associated with one of the offered classes, it means that one of the attributes of the class should be considered as a class mark.
  24. Data Mining Classifiers: The Advantages and Disadvantages
    One of the major disadvantages of this algorithm is the fact that it has to generate distance measures for all the recorded attributes.
  25. Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms
    The shortest distance of string between two instances defines the distance of measure. However, this is also not very clear as to which transformations are summed, and thus it aims to a probability with the […]

💡 Good Essay Topics on Data Mining

  1. Applying Data Mining Technology for Insurance Rate Making: Automobile Insurance Example
  2. Applebee’s, Travelocity and Others: Data Mining for Business Decisions
  3. Applying Data Mining Procedures to a Customer Relationship
  4. Business Intelligence as Competitive Tool of Data Mining
  5. Overview of Accounting Information System Data Mining
  6. Applying Data Mining Technique to Disassembly Sequence Planning
  7. Approach for Image Data Mining Cultural Studies
  8. Apriori Algorithm for the Data Mining of Global Cyberspace Security Issues
  9. Database Data Mining: The Silent Invasion of Privacy
  10. Data Management: Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  11. Constructive Data Mining: Modeling Consumers’ Expenditure in Venezuela
  12. Data Mining and Its Impact on Healthcare
  13. Innovations and Perspectives in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  14. Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods for Cyber Security Intrusion Detection
  15. Linking Data Mining and Anomaly Detection Techniques
  16. Data Mining and Pattern Recognition Models for Identifying Inherited Diseases
  17. Credit Card Fraud Detection Through Data Mining
  18. Data Mining Approach for Direct Marketing of Banking Products
  19. Constructive Data Mining: Modeling Argentine Broad Money Demand
  20. Data Mining-Based Dispatching System for Solving the Pickup and Delivery Problem
  21. Commercially Available Data Mining Tools Used in the Economic Environment
  22. Data Mining Climate Variability as an Indicator of U.S. Natural Gas
  23. Analysis of Data Mining in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  24. Data Mining-Driven Analysis and Decomposition in Agent Supply Chain Management Networks
  25. Credit Evaluation Model for Banks Using Data Mining

✅ Most Interesting Data Mining Topics to Write about

  1. Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Multiple Linear Regression
  2. Cluster Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
  3. Data Mining for Fraud Detection Using Invoicing Data
  4. Jaeger Uses Data Mining to Reduce Losses From Crime and Waste
  5. Data Mining for Industrial Engineering and Management
  6. Business Intelligence and Data Mining – Decision Trees
  7. Data Mining for Traffic Prediction and Intelligent Traffic Management System
  8. Building Data Mining Applications for CRM
  9. Data Mining Optimization Algorithms Based on the Swarm Intelligence
  10. Big Data Mining: Challenges, Technologies, Tools, and Applications
  11. Data Mining Solutions for the Business Environment
  12. Overview of Big Data Mining and Business Intelligence Trends
  13. Data Mining Techniques for Customer Relationship Management
  14. Classification-Based Data Mining Approach for Quality Control in Wine Production
  15. Data Mining With Local Model Specification Uncertainty
  16. Employing Data Mining Techniques in Testing the Effectiveness of Modernization Theory
  17. Enhancing Information Management Through Data Mining Analytics
  18. Evaluating Feature Selection Methods for Learning in Data Mining Applications
  19. Extracting Formations From Long Financial Time Series Using Data Mining
  20. Financial and Banking Markets and Data Mining Techniques
  21. Fraudulent Financial Statements and Detection Through Techniques of Data Mining
  22. Harmful Impact Internet and Data Mining Have on Society
  23. Informatics, Data Mining, Econometrics, and Financial Economics: A Connection
  24. Integrating Data Mining Techniques Into Telemedicine Systems
  25. Investigating Tobacco Usage Habits Using Data Mining Approach

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