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60 Internet Privacy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Internet Privacy Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. What Are the Causes of the Increased Lack of Internet Privacy?
    Although every individual has the right to accuse the government and internet service providing companies over their failure to protect their customers’ privacy, individuals should recognize, they have a crucial duty to play as far […]
  2. Web Privacy – Reliance on Internet
    Internet regulation imposes strict policies regarding the nature of the data collected, the specific purpose that does not serve to violate the interest of the users and using the data without the knowledge of the […]
  3. Privacy and Safety on the Internet
    The user should have knowledge of how his or her information is being collected, the purpose of collection and how the party is going to use the information. The final security measure to ensure safety […]
  4. Privacy on the Internet: A Critical Analysis
    The present paper looks into the issues of privacy on the Internet by analyzing literature on how to protect your computer and confidential information from such vulnerabilities.
  5. The Privacy and Trust for Wireless Network Security
    Aim The aim of this project is to design and implement a completely secure wireless sensor network into each node of the wireless sensor network.
  6. Computer Science: Threats to Internet Privacy
    Allegedly, the use of the Internet is considered to be a potential threat to the privacy of individuals and organizations. Internet privacy may be threatened by the ease of access to personal information as well […]
  7. Government Internet Surveillance: Privacy Threat
    Perhaps the most troubling applications of the internet in current times are the mass surveillance efforts by the US government. The internet age has dramatically increased the ability of government to engage in surveillance.
  8. Effects of Social Networking on Privacy
    This has been attributed to the fact that on social networking sites, people do not need to meet physically to communicate.
  9. Social Network Services: Privacy Issues
    Drip’s first point is that the owners of the SNS can use targeted advertisements to gather information about users for greedy marketers, and the user is not protected against this.
  10. PIPA and SOPA’ Decision on Internet Privacy
    The right to access information is fundamental in any open society, the and so is the protection of intellectual property. Gillmor’s sentiments are on point and I agree that the intention of the lawmakers was […]
  11. Web Privacy: What’s Happening Now?
    In addition, he has noted that the government and other stakeholders are not in a position to control or regulate the use of the internet in their area.
  12. Internet Usage and Privacy in the Army
    Historically, the army had been banned from the use of the internet for communication or for socialization. From this time onwards, the army has been able to use the internet for communication and well as […]
  13. Privacy Threats in Internet, Work and Drug Testing
    The analysis of the factors mentioned above and exploration of the way they influence one’s life is crucial to understanding the scope of activities violating one of the primary human rights the right to keep […]
  14. Internet Issues: Teens, Social Media and Privacy
    I argue that it is our understanding of privacy that provides the solution and that the Internet is the biggest factor that influences it.
  15. Facebook as a Social Network and Its Privacy Policy
    The case study explains that the privacy policy and privacy settings on Facebook are such that they considerably violate the privacy of the social network’s users by selling their data to third parties for a […]
  16. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Children’s Internet
    Another negative aspect that raises opposition to COPPA and CIPA is the impossibility of controlling children in places other than home or a school library.
  17. Personal Privacy of Employees at Workplaces: Internet Usage
    It is thus highly important that the employees of an organization understand the importance of the internet as a resource and efficiently utilize it for the betterment of the organization.
  18. Privacy and Fair Use Issues in Social Networking Sites
    Conceptually, section 2i of the “Terms of Use” grants Classmates.com the sweeping right to use any and all personal information in advertising on third-party sites: “Classmates may create applications or other tools for use on […]
  19. Ethical Issues of Internet Privacy
    Some of the methods include the use of interview schedules, where respondents are asked questions and the respondents respond directly while the researcher records the answers.
  20. The Decision of PIPA and SOPA and Internet Privacy
    Timm Trevor uses a lot of arguments against PIPA and SOPA and aims at the reader’s persuasion of the importance of this issue and he wants to impel the public to stop these bills.

💡 Good Research Topics about Internet Privacy

  1. Anonymity and Internet Privacy: Reality or Myth
  2. Internet Violacy and the Threats of Internet Privacy
  3. Computer Ethical Controversies: Porn and the Right to Internet Privacy
  4. The Problem of Cookies and Internet Privacy
  5. Controversies About Cyberbullying and Internet Privacy
  6. The Relationships Between Cyberspace and Internet Privacy
  7. Correlation Between Data Protection and Internet Privacy
  8. Digital Freedom: The Question of Internet Privacy
  9. Reasons Why America Needs Internet Privacy Laws
  10. Google and Its Role in Internet Privacy
  11. Realtions Between Internet Privacy and Business Ethics
  12. Overview of Internet Privacy and Email Issues
  13. Internet Privacy and Its Effects on the Internet
  14. The Link Between Internet Privacy and Personal Rights
  15. Internet Privacy and Its Importance
  16. Collisions of Internet Privacy and Personal Safety
  17. The Relationships Between Internet Privacy and Social Media Websites
  18. Internet Privacy and Security in the Digital Age
  19. The Problem of Internet Privacy Cookies and Privacy on the Internet
  20. Internet Privacy Concerns Versus Behavior: A Protection Motivation Approach

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Internet Privacy

  1. Analysis of Moral Issues With Internet Privacy
  2. Internet Privacy, Cookies, and Data Mining Practices
  3. Perceived Internet Privacy Concerns on Social Network in Europe
  4. Internet Privacy: The Case of Edward Snowden
  5. Conflists Between Personalized Ads and Internet Privacy
  6. Evaluating the Importance of Regulating Internet Privacy
  7. Internet Privacy: Government Should Not Regulate Encryption or Cryptography
  8. Linking Social Media Postings and the Internet Privacy
  9. Internet Privacy: How Long Until We Lose It All
  10. Stronger Internet Privacy Laws Are Unnecessary
  11. Internet Privacy: How Secure Are You When You’re Browsing the Internet
  12. The Digital Panopticon: Foucault and Internet Privacy
  13. Internet Privacy Policy and the Job That the Government Is Taking On
  14. Overview of the Issue Around Internet Privacy
  15. Internet Privacy: Analysis of Pros and Cons
  16. The Role and Importance of Internet Privacy Policy
  17. Internet Privacy Protection Laws: Have They Been Useful
  18. Why Internet Privacy Matters to Consumer
  19. Internet Privacy: Should More Be Done to Protect Privacy
  20. Internet Privacy vs. Job Seeking: Analysis of Contradictions

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