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112 Social Networking Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Effects of Social Networking Sites on an Individual’s Life
    Students are the most active lot on social networking sites and this means that they have been affected in a broad way.
  2. The Best Social Networking Tool for Me
    Rating of each alternative It is better to explore each tool, analyze the benefits of each tool before making a decision. Nevertheless, a good decision process will always lead to the best social networking tool.
  3. Social Networks Benefits and Disadvantages
    The articles under consideration prove that the use of social networks allows participants to carry out a psychological analysis and define a profile of a person socializing on the Internet.
  4. Social Networking and Marketing
    This is attributable to the capability and effectiveness of the social sites. The ability to use the social sites in providing clients with links to more information about the company is equally an advantage of […]
  5. History of Online Social Networking in Saudi Arabia
    History of online social networking The history and development of the online social networking is closely interconnected with the development of the internet.
  6. Has Social Networking Affected Social Skill of Today’s Generation?
    The research will involve a sample of 300 students currently in the university and the study will also be purposive since only the everyday users of social networks will be considered.
  7. The Significance of Social Networks on Young People’s Lives
    As young people turn to social network to conform to the peer culture and look for information, few are aware of silent risks these networks expose them to.
  8. Social Networks and Youth Empowerment
    The increasing use of the sites has made them good places to train and advertise for various youth programs and activities; ministries of youth have realized the new way of approaching the young and they […]
  9. How Social Network Empowers Youths in the Society
    As it has been revealed, the engagement of youths in poster presentation is one of the most powerful strategies to enhance creativity and development of various communication skills.
  10. Social Networks and Self-Esteem
    Due to this fact, the main aim of this paper it to determine the impacts that social networks have on people and the role they play in the determination of the self-esteem of an individual.
  11. Global Technological Advancements of Social Networking Sites
    Despite the popularity of the social networking sites, I have not considered using any of them in the near future since the use of social networking sites has a negative effect on relationships.
  12. Social Networking Site: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
    Today, social networking sites, such as Facebook, Orkut, YouTube, Tagged, Twitter, and MySpace, are some of the most important forms of communication, connecting billions of people from all corners of the world at the click […]
  13. Social Networking Sites Problems and Benefits
    Despite the advantages documented by proponents of social networks, there have been increasing concerns regarding the harmful effects such networks have on users as a result of the personal information they provide in these networking […]
  14. Effective use of Social Networking Tools for Zappos.Com
    To conclude, it is suggested that SNSs represent the next frontier for growth and competitiveness in this organisation. As more people join SNSs, the organisation needs to put in place strategies that ensure its online […]
  15. Social Networking and Online security: Identity Theft in the Virtual World. Beware the Thieves
    Since in most social networks, users are to specify their actual personal information, starting from the date of birth to the place of residence, the people who have become a part of social networking become […]
  16. Social Networks Are no More Just Fun
    Therefore, people should be aware of a variety of implications of using SNSs as spending time on chatting and sharing images is a mere waste of time in the contemporary world where people have to […]
  17. Overview of Social Networking
    This is achieved by raising the incentives of the internal research teams and reducing the resistance to changes in the organization. Thus, marketers have turned to the social media and are seeing success in the […]
  18. Opportunities of Social Networking for Second Language Learners
    Social networking contributes to the motivation of learners to gain proficiency in the second language. In some social networks, the learner has the opportunity to make friends with fellow learners and they can encourage and […]
  19. The Role of Blogs and Social Networking in Altering Our Daily Usage of the Internet
    The advanced use of the internet or the World Wide Web in the contemporary world has had a revolutionary impact to the people all over the world, thus helping to improve their lives in a […]
  20. Social Network and Personal Loss Among Young Adults With Mental Illness and Their Parents: A Family Perspective
    This leaves the parents of young adults with mental illness depressed and hopeless. In fact, young adults with mental illness and their parents need support from all members of the society.
  21. The Power, Potential and Peril of Social Network: Exploring the depth of the Pool of New Opportunities
    Pannunzio, on the other hand, assures that social networks can and should be used as the key means to promote one’s business, and offers an extensive classification of the most popular sites, like YouTube, LinkedIn, […]
  22. How Facebook and Other Social Networks Promote Narcissism Culture and Other Dangers in the U.S
    S, the culture of narcissism is promoted by social networks; thus, the dangers of Facebook and other social networks outweigh the benefits involved.
  23. Social Network in Sports
    A social network refers to a group of individuals who have come together for a common purpose and the achievement of such a purpose depends on the social relationships among the different members of the […]
  24. Negatives Effects of Social Network Sites
    Lack of trust between the spouses is the most dangerous issue in relationships that subsequently leads to breakups and more social problems to the individuals.
  25. Impact of social networks on capital markets
    Forms of social networks adopted in capital markets Various forms of social media have affected the capital markets. Building the reputation of the capital markets is also a factor that has resulted in the adoption […]
  26. Social Networking and Depression
    The findings of the study confirmed that once an individual engages in social networking, his or her feeling of safety goes down and depression mood emerges meaning that a correlation between depression and social networking […]
  27. Social Networking & the Online Market
    In addition, it is also important to observe the reaction of consumers to innovation, in addition to forecasting the outcome of an interaction between the vendor and the customer.
  28. Social Networks and Marketing
    It is also important to asses the popularity of the social network before using it to advertise a given product in order to ensure that it can reach the targeted customers. The social networks are […]
  29. Analysis of the family social network
    The quantitive examination of the research data suggested that the degree of segregation of conjugal roles is related to connectedness in the total network of the family among other things affecting the way conjugal roles […]
  30. How Social Networking Is Affecting the Work Place
    Communicating through the social networks helps in reducing the workload of some employees for instance if customers and the employees communicate through them the overload on emails would be greatly be reduced and the employees […]
  31. Social Network Communication
    They are things that might be happening in the social networks but the way I put the matter in the form of language and tone of the posting is to ensure that I give my […]
  32. Enterprise Social Networks: A Study of Charity Corporation
    In order to build the basis for the need to develop and improve the advertising and marketing in social networks for a charity organization, it is essential to provide an evaluation of social networking in […]
  33. Utilizing online social networking tools
    Connection and recognition from other internet groups will be inevitable within the human service industry especially with the use of social networking tools such as LinkedIn.
  34. Pros and Cons of Social Networking
    The information that individuals present on the social networking sites might also be used to track them and cause them harm especially for potential victims that might have profiles that are similar to those of […]
  35. Online Social Networks and Deontology
    When talking about the social networking and the ethical issues concerning the business element in the given sphere, it is most appropriate to consider the existing controversies from the point of deontology, since the latter, […]
  36. Social Networking Pros and Cons
    To begin with, social networking has decreased the costs of get in touch with people because the social networking sites that people use are mostly free.
  37. Social Networks From Utilitarian Perspective
    The issue of whether social networking services are appropriate in the society has therefore attracted a lot of controversy with both the supporters and opponents of social networking services giving good reasons for their standpoint.
  38. Society & Social Networking Sites
    However, the germane issue is the context-specific norms used to relate to online friends and if these norms could still be used in furtherance of offline interpersonal relationships that are key to the stability of […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Social Networking

  1. Ethical and Social Implications of Human Dependency on Online Social Networking
    In the paper, the author focuses on some of the ethical and social implications of dependency on OSN sites. The author works on the assumption that using the sites has both negative and positive effects […]
  2. The Impact of New Media and Social Networking on Entertainment the Entertainment Industry
    The major objective of the essay is to determine how social networking and new media have impacted the entertainment industry in general and the filmmaking industry in particular.
  3. Potential threats to children on social networking sites
    Statistics show that children are becoming victims of cyber bullying because they are constantly on social networking sites to socialize and on the internet to study. Criminal are targeting children and adolescents on the social […]
  4. Social Networking and Web 2.0
    At the same time the company is eager to announce that the organization generated a great deal of money due to its tie up with private firms eager to utilize the Facebook applications so that […]
  5. The Use of Social Networking by Organizations
    Applying to the social networking, the companies should use the advantages of the issue and pay attention to the challenges which this service creates.
  6. Social Networks Application in Smartphone
    With the emergence and widespread use social networks applications, the challenge of distance should no longer be a hindrance in a relationship, especially in the wake of Smartphones.
  7. Mobile Social Networks and Social Practice: Dodgeball
    The second question concerns the effects of the interactions to the thinking of and experience of the users in the public urban spaces.
  8. Using Social Networking Sites to Support Business
    The comments that the business receives through MySpace and Facebook can be used to give insights to improve services as well as create a positive word of mouth for the business.
  9. The successful implementation of social networks for fashion marketing
    Marketers in the fashion industry are involved in researching about the current trends in the fashion world, the industries and the people concerned and also the reason as to why the trends are so popular.
  10. Social Networking Sites Positive and Negative Contribution
    As it revealed in this paper, social networking sites are also associated with numerous negative implications that would tend to bring significant impacts to the lives of individuals and societies.
  11. Social networking sites for recruiting and screening job candidates
    According to Parry and Wilson, most people in the world today especially the millennial generation have memberships access to at least one of the available social networking sites.
  12. Applications of Social Networks in Nonprofit Organizations
    The first step towards understanding the reasons for the delay in the adoption of a new technology in the nonprofit organizations involves assessing the importance of websites to organizations.
  13. Social Networking: Benefits & Pitfalls to Education From a Cultural Perspective
    The social network, according to Brydolf, has emerged to be the public space that has permitted both students and teachers a sphere for their social interaction and development which is inherently comparable to the kind […]
  14. Effects Of Social Networking
    Networking also enhances a person’s power by ensuring that the confidence of the said person is boosted by the virtue of his working with people of great repute in an industry.
  15. The Role of Social Networks in Public Organizations
    Whereas people have been able to create and maintain relationships via social networking as an enabler, it remains evident that the social networks have challenged the traditional definition of the term “friend”.
  16. Security Issues in Social Networking
    The research paper attempts to examine the security issues in social networking The existence of social privacy and network security lapses largely stems from the huge amounts of information processed by these sites every day.
  17. Impact of Social Network in University Classes
    Extensive discussions and opinions have emerged in the field of e-learning, with special attention tied to the role of social networks to determine the administrative and educational approach of universities.
  18. Toms Company: Social Networking Sites
    As a result TOMS is capable of making profit, sustainably support itself, better the livelihood of the needy and educate the consumers on the role of providing to the needy The decision by Mycoskie to […]
  19. Ethical Issues Surrounding Social Networking Sites
    Social media can also be used to track the activities of users. It is important that measures be taken to control some of the ethical issues associated with social media, especially issues of privacy.
  20. Social Network Sites and Individuals
    In essence, the rate of social isolation is soaring due to relationship between users and SNSs. SNSs have worked to globalize the world.
  21. Mobile Computing and Social Networks
    Fundamentally, the application is designed to give a room for the policy holders to take pictures of the scenes of accidents to be attached to the photos in the claim data.
  22. Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance
    The move to ban the sale of these drinks to people under the age of eighteen is a pragmatic one and it should be embraced by all states and school boards. The best way for […]
  23. Censorship of Social Networking Sites in Developing Countries
    Censorship of social media sites is the control of information that is available to users. The aim of this paper was to discuss censorship of social media sites in third world countries.
  24. Social Networks and Economic Applications
    The article is titled “Social Capital and the Wages of Mexican Migrants: New Hypotheses and Tests” and it is a case study that focuses on the plight of Mexican migrant workers.
  25. Internet Communities and Social Networks
    For a social network to function effectively there is a need for a system that controls the flow of information from one member of the internet community to the other.
  26. Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool
    It is the responsibility of users to handle their privacy issues and not the responsibility of Facebook. It is necessary for people to learn to use Facebook effectively and appropriately.
  27. Value of Twitter and other forms of Social Networking tools
    They also learn new laws that are directly or indirectly related to the company’s business and in this case the company is not justified to cut off this form of communication as it could lead […]
  28. Social Networks in Modern Business
    Another advantage of using social networks for communication in organizations is enhancement of relationships and efficiency. Companies and organizations that were little known have become famous in many areas because of use of social networks.
  29. Are Social Networking Sites Good Recruitment Sources
    Use of SNSs increases the speed of the recruitment process ensuring that the organization is able to hire new employees in a timely manner.
  30. Instagram: Social Network CRM Plan
    The increase in the number of devices that could support the application has led to an increase in the number of users.
  31. Online Social Networking: Benefits and Drawbacks
    In spite of the fact that social networks are closely connected with the issues of free speech and negative changes in the role of the face-to-face communication, the development of social networking can be discussed […]
  32. Effects of Social Networking on Privacy
    This has been attributed to the fact that on social networking sites, people do not need to meet physically to communicate.
  33. Social Network Services: Privacy Issues
    Drip’s first point is that the owners of the SNS can use targeted advertisements to gather information about users for greedy marketers, and the user is not protected against this.
  34. Social Networking – Twitter
    Of importance is the capacity of SNSs to create an online community with common interests or ideas and have much influence on social capital.
  35. WeChat Social Network Service Strategy
    This feature makes the app more valuable and useful because it can connect users in different social network services and thus increase the number of people it can reach.
  36. How Social Networking Can be Used to Encourage Education in UAE?
    Meanwhile, this research aimed at identifying how Social Networking Tools can be used in education in UAE. The major objective was to research on how social sites can be used to foster education in UAE.
  37. Social Networks in the Modern life
    I understood that the use of smartphones and the Internet was essential for the development of the information spread. Posting and reposting information, commenting other’s posts and sharing the data via the social platforms was […]
  38. Social Networking Evolution: GeoCities Analysis
    The company allowed consumers to create their own web pages by choosing the city that they preferred their web page to be classified in.
  39. Human Resource Management and Social Network Screening
    The use of social media to screen job candidates is a common practice among many companies because of the online presence of many people.

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  1. Union National Bank’s Enterprise Social Networking
    According to the online interview the researcher had with the top management of this firm, it is apparent that the Union National Bank has been negatively affected in the past by system failures.
  2. Social Networking, Statistics and Interview
    This paper aims at two primary concerns with the question: the privacy security, and the usability and convenience, by analyzing the responses from three interviewed persons, and show that they display the concerns which are […]
  3. Social Networks as Social Psychological Determinants
    The researcher was interested in the connection between the expansion of narcissistic behaviour and the growth in the popularity of Internet.
  4. Internet and Social Networks’ Impact on Religion
    The issues surrounding the effects of the Internet on religion have been the center of controversy of the debate on the topic with scholars belonging to either of the sides seeking to substantiate their arguments.
  5. Social Networking Threats for Children
    Inappropriate Content: The Internet offers easy access to all type of content, including pornography, horrific images, inducement to indulge in criminal acts etc, which may not be appropriate to children as they are not endowed […]
  6. Financial Forecasting in Social Networks
    Earlier, the major sources of information for financial forecasting used to come from specialized publications, financial periodicals, and companies’ reports; however, with the development of technology and popularization of the Internet, specialized financial information became […]
  7. Social Networking Games and Value of Entertainment
    In this case, Arkes and Blumer found that “the larger sunk cost of the Michigan trip is influencing many subjects’ choice”.
  8. Modern Advertising and Social Networking Services
    That is why they need to be explored and studied to understand the needs of consumers. Not to take away from the importance and usefulness of what Hunter presented, I found more useful information in […]
  9. Facebook as a Social Network and Its Privacy Policy
    The case study explains that the privacy policy and privacy settings on Facebook are such that they considerably violate the privacy of the social network’s users by selling their data to third parties for a […]
  10. Social Networks Diversity Analysis: Facebook
    In particular, regarding the criterion of a social class, the overwhelming majority is similar. In this context, it is appropriate to use the concept of “the wisdom of crowds” suggesting that larger groups can offer […]
  11. The Benefit From Social Network
    As a freelance web designer, I have been able to market my services and generate traffic to my newly created marketing websites with the help of Twitter.
  12. The Rwandan Conflict and Social Network Approaches
    The structures and/or rules that the parties involved use to assemble and make interpretations of the conflicts provide a way in which people use the messages to achieve their goals concerning the issue of conflicts.
  13. Online Social Networks and the Right to Fire Employees
    One of the foremost detrimental effects, concerned with the policy of monitoring employees online and using the obtained surveillance-data, as such that justifies the act of firing these employees, is the fact that the policy […]
  14. JLM Enterprises: Social Network Site Feasibility Study
    In doing this, the project will be aiming at accomplishing the following objectives: Strengthening a new way of job hunting to the modern standards. It will be an online site connecting people from all corners […]
  15. Social Networking Letter of Request
    One of the major benefits of using Facebook is for marketing purposes; almost 80 percent of the target market is on this social network and this will enable the marketing of our services over the […]
  16. Informal Social Networks in Organizations
    According to the authors, it is easy to ignore and overlook the role of the central connector but this ‘go-to-person’ makes immense contributions to an organization. The authors of this article paint a vivid picture […]
  17. Social Networking Services and Product Development
    As regards our particular case, where we wish to harness the power of social networking for the benefit of the university community, a number of considerations must be taken into account.
  18. Innovative Social Networking in Online High School
    The preparedness of the school is also critical towards the success of this innovative technology. The school should also examine the benefits and bottlenecks of the new technology.
  19. Online Social Networking in Job Search
    To the employee, the online social networking helps in easy identification of employment opportunities in different organizations in different parts of the world where the job vacancies and the qualifications and experience needed are stipulated […]
  20. Parmalee Music Band’s Marketing in Social Networks
    Though Parmalee is a music band, it will be crucial to integrate a range of well thought out and impressive imagery for the audience to relate to and to associate with the band, since most […]
  21. Social Network Sites’ Influence on Americans of Different Ages
    In this report, the authors provided a detailed overview of what SNS users look like, what SNS channels people use, and the relation between software uses, and the scale and scope of social networks across […]
  22. Social Network Analysis as a Research Method
    The network consists of the nodes and the relationships between ‘actors’ the ties. Like roads that connect cities and provide the flow of resources between them, the social network comprising relationships allows the flow of […]
  23. Online Social Networking and Critical Thinking
    The purpose of this paper is to assess whether this technology has helped to enhance the critical thinking ability and the effective writing skills of a person.”A social networking site is an online place where […]
  24. Cybersocialisation: Interacting and Communicating via Social Networking Websites
    With the upsurge of new technologies like the Internet, the interaction and socialisation of people have changed drastically not only to become technologically sophisticated but also fundamentally different than previous generations in their approaches to, […]
  25. Facebook Social Network: Participant Observation
    However, this viewing is limited to users who are approved friends or are in the same network, and individual users have the option of allowing their friends to view their information.
  26. Social Networking as a Problem in Education Process
    Some of the teachers state in their syllabuses that “use of sell phones, laptops, Ipods, or any other electronic gadgets is simply not allowed in class,” but the students still manage to use them communicating […]
  27. Empirical Project: Social Networks and Lyme Disease
    The research is based on the results of the sociological survey, and the central aim of this report is the description and comparison of various networks to which people refer in quest of valuable guidelines.
  28. The Power of Social Networking
    It is through these social networking sites that researchers have had the ability to explain some of the realism phenomenon in the modern world, and unlocking many more opportunities.
  29. Privacy and Fair Use Issues in Social Networking Sites
    Conceptually, section 2i of the “Terms of Use” grants Classmates.com the sweeping right to use any and all personal information in advertising on third-party sites: “Classmates may create applications or other tools for use on […]
  30. Social Networks: Primary and Secondary Groups
    Considering a supply business activity whereby the business owner produces certain products and supplies to the market, the most appropriate social network to be used is the tweeter as a secondary source that belongs to […]
  31. The Movie ‘The Social Network’: Easier and Faster
    The use of mobile phones and the internet has made communication easier and faster; in addition, further inventions and innovations have led to efficient means of communicating including social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Social […]
  32. Cybersecurity and Social Networks
    Recently, there have been many trends the security of information and communication technologies, in particular, due to the expansion of the reach of social media which increase the size of social network, which has taken […]
  33. “The Social Network” by David Fincher
    The aesthetic elements used in the movie, namely, the interior of the room in which the conversation takes place, emphasize the old-fashioned approach that Summers supports regarding the understanding of communication and the role that […]
  34. Social Network Analysis of COVID-19
    The “framework” of those is, first of all, the idea of the essence of the virus and the dynamics of its spread, as well as the “knowledge” of how to stop or reduce the spread […]
  35. Data Mining in Social Networks: Case Study of Linkedin.com
    One of the ways to achieve the aim is to understand how users view data mining of their data on LinkedIn.

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