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LinkedIn: Great Social Network Essay

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Updated: Sep 7th, 2022

Social media have shaped the way people communicate and do business as technology has made people much closer, eliminating such major barriers as time and distance. Various platforms have been developed to meet customers’ diverse needs. LinkedIn is one of the domains created to help employers and employees to find each other (McCabe, 2017). This platform is also instrumental in developing multiple social links and become a member of many communities that can be fruitful in different career paths.

Although the social network in question may seem a method to find a job or a candidate to hold a position, its use can be more complex and beneficial for many professionals, as well as organizations (see Table 1). This platform is beneficial for the development of communities where people access information about employees and employers, best practices and methods to avoid (McCabe, 2017). High-profile professionals and early-career employees can build on the social links they develop to grow as professionals and find employment.

Organizations can reach talent and tell potential employees about themselves. On the whole, LinkedIn is an appropriate domain for growth as both organizations and employees can learn about each other’s needs and expectations, as well as novelties in diverse fields and develop accordingly. Practitioners can also push the boundaries of their practice, discussing various projects, ideas, approaches, and intentions, aimed at improving some aspects of their work.

In order to ensure the effective use of this resource, it is necessary to pay specific attention to some areas when creating and utilizing the profile. For instance, the background photo is an important element that grabs people’s attention and makes the profile memorable, which is important (Fleming, 2020). In addition, it sheds light on the user, displaying their interest, goals, or even hobbies and philosophies.

Table 1. Ways to Do Business with LinkedIn.

Scope Professionals Organizations
Access information regarding professionals in a field, their competencies and credentials
  • Can learn more about competitors
  • Can learn about skills and credentials that are valued in their field
  • Improve their profiles by adding some information and gaining new knowledge
  • Can locate professionals with a set of credentials and competencies
  • Recruit talent
  • Trace the changes in the focus on professionals
  • Can write blogs to share knowledge
  • Can create blogs to illustrate their competencies, creativity, and other qualities
  • Can raise relevant questions to facilitate important discussions among professionals
  • Can provide valuable insights regarding departments, operations, projects, and so on
  • Can engage professionals in relevant discussions
  • Can review the needs, concerns, suggestions, and ideas of professionals in certain fields
  • Can promote themselves and their services
  • Can enhance their entrepreneurial links
  • Can promote their products and services
Building communities
  • Can develop valuable social links facilitating the development of their careers
  • Can become visible to potential employers
  • Can be a part of communities, based on specific values and goals
  • Can create a network of companies, organizations, and individuals focusing on some topics, projects
  • Recruit people
  • Set trends (especially when it comes to corporate social responsibility)

Building networks is the central focus and the major goal of using LinkedIn. It is important to ensure that endorsements are given wisely, as they can be seen as an instrument of enhancing the user’s credibility (Fleming, 2020). Adding comments is another fruitful practice that can help the user to be an effective member of professional networks. Of course, ensuring that the profile contains relevant and well-organized content is essential.

On balance, it is necessary to note that Linked In is social media, enabling professionals and organizations to grow, through development and knowledge sharing. This platform is not confined to the recruitment process but makes practitioners more empowered as they can express their ideas and articulate needs. Many people can benefit from becoming a part of the community created with the help of this social network.


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