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The LinkedIn Network and the Problem of Employment Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Aug 2nd, 2021

A Brief Overview of Technical Communication

The contemporary economy provides the population of the globe with new quests every day. Challenges that should be achieved are encountered every moment; these tasks require creativity and an idea of what to do. The problem of employment can be considered one of the burning issues of the contemporary world community.

So, every person that seeks for a job opportunity should apply the most appropriate methods to place an application, establish useful contacts, and find a good job. In this respect, it is necessary to mention about the technological progress and helpful innovations that are aimed at facilitating the process of searching for necessary information, its synthesis, and assessment.

Some programs are created for professional use only whereas others can be implemented in fields that do not require in-depth knowledge of computers, software, and technology. One of these programs is the LinkedIn that is used by ordinary users to facilitate the access to their personal information, establish contacts to use those in future, and help employers hire them to the most appropriate positions.

Though there are many social networks aimed at helping users from all over the web to search and share information, it is clear that all these applications have some features in common and certain differences as well.

So, the main features that help to differentiate between the LinkedIn and other social networks include the opportunity to share information about job objectives, establish connections of different degrees, and present one’s profile in a professional manner.

All users should find it useful and easily applicable to their resumes because a user can use the existing profile with a resume or create a new file that can be used to fill in the boxes required to complete the profile.

A Practical Approach to Technical Communication

One of the greatest benefits of the Internet is that people from different parts of the world can share information, search for information, and store different facts, files, and sources in the Internet databases.

In this respect, the LinkedIn network facilitates the process of searching for definite people in terms of their education, career, objectives, and other parameters. So, if you have graduated from a university, you are sure to find your peers by means of searching for them by name through a specific search box tool. The same operation can be performed by employers who want to find an applicant for a certain position.

The benefits of this network are obvious, especially for those who spend a lot of time searching for specific information through the Internet. Moreover, recruitment can be accelerated by means of using the LinkedIn network because recruiters do not have to scan databases while searching for applicants hence being able to view more applications at once and choose the most appropriate.

The more people talk about the usefulness of the internet and technological innovations that can be applied to almost all fields of science and technology, the more relevant these innovations seem to be in terms of their application to management and career planning.

Though some people find it daunting to learn simple rules and implement those in practice via completion of a LinkedIn profile, it is really simple in application and useful in terms of results. Thus, every user can increase his/her chances to find a relevant job by means of using the LinkedIn. As every step requires good grammar, you can complete the profile with the help of a Word processor and then transfer the data to the profile.

Completing the Profile

One can find clear instructions on the steps to be taken while completing the profile with the help of the LinkedIn network on the Internet. There are instructions and comments concerning every step and every aspect to bear in mind while filling in the boxes.

One of the most important aspects that you should take into account while completing your profile is that you should not talk about your preferences or hobbies because this network is used for employment: some people search for a job and find good positions while others are looking for appropriate applicants for certain positions. So, your resume information is the basic data to include into your professional networking profile.

The next step concerns the connections to establish and expand. If you are a student or/and are looking for work, you can use a special box to mark the field that interests you most in terms of professional activity to be engaged in. If you already have a job but want to keep in contact with your colleagues, peers from the university, and other people who have a profile on the LinkedIn, you can find those people via a special search engine and expand your connections adding friends of your friends to your network.

Though the information from the profile is used basically for professional networking, it contains a specific section that contains some data about your preferences, hobby, and other things that can be related to your professional activity or be simply useful for an employer to know about.

In this respect, you have to be creative to produce the most positive impression. Note that spelling and grammar errors should be eliminated from the profile; every fact should be checked before saving the information. Moreover, you can add more information by means of asking your instructors (if you are a student and searching for a job) or colleagues/employers (if you already have a job) to provide some references and recommendations.

A picture is an integral part of the portfolio because people should know how you look; the more professional you look in the picture, the more seriously your portfolio will be treated by employers and colleagues. If some websites contain links to your page or provide additional information that can be useful for people interested in your application, you should include links to those websites. Help other Internet search engines identify your profile and link to it.


Every word written about you on the Internet can be helpful in terms of searching for your profile and offering you a certain position. The LinkedIn network is a social network used for professional connections, sharing information on the job opportunities, and finding people that can help you in building other connections.

The more detailed and valid information is included into your profile, the easier can be access to it. Besides, the way of presentation used in the LinkedIn profile enables applicants and employers to find the most appropriate opportunities and options. Every box of the profile increases your chances to succeed while searching for a job.

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