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Internet Essay Examples and Topics

Remix Culture on the Internet

Thus, it is inevitable for a remix to face legal issues when a part of the original piece is copied, adapted, or reproduced without the agreement and permission of the copyright owner through a Creative [...]

System and Application Software Difference

Both system software and application software are programs for the computers, but system software includes the programs that are provided together with the installation of the operating system for the computer.

The Internet History, Development and Forecast

The keynote lecture "The Internet History, Development and Forecast", held by Professor Leonard Kleinrock at the 2006 computer communications conference Infocom, sheds light on the main historical milestones of the Internet and provides a projection [...]

Cybercrime in Singapore

The significant cybercrime perpetrators in Singapore are the youths who are techno-savvy, and about 80% of the whole population has been the victim of cybercrime.

Fake Reviews’ Problems in the Internet

The Internet is a very powerful remedy for the information transfer, that is why, it is possible to predict that number of such fakes will grow. That is why, fakes can destroy the image of [...]

YouTube Instructions

Blogging: Posting of information on the Internet, in particular on the blogosphere, which supports posts on a wide range of topics.

Fixing the Digital Divide in the US

Following the explosion and mass adoption of the Internet in the US in the past decade, researchers have conducted many studies to identify the Internet access and usage among Americans.

YouTube and Google Video

The failure of Google video is attributable to its initial lack of a way to view actual videos and finally Google's acquisition of YouTube.

Online Research and Web Based Survey Methods

They are well-constructed surveys that take to account most of the requirements that credible research entails. These surveys are conducted over the internet and they involve samples of the exact population of interest.

Emirates Group IT Department

The major objective of the Emirates Group's IT department is to promote customer experience with the aim of increasing revenues of the firm.

Bluetooth Technology in Your Life

Bluetooth Smart Ready mechanisms are the gadgets receiving information sent from the conventional Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart gadgets and passing it to the applications, which make use of those data.

John’s Kids-Heaven Shop Mobile Applications

To support John's Kids-Heaven shop, it is possible to use mobile applications, and it is necessary to discuss the aspects of this technology within the business environments. To develop the template of the application for [...]

High Tech Fraud

In the next section of the article, the authors examine cybercrime and fraud related to the use of mobile phones and social networks.

Oracle HRIS Software

It is a strenuous task to communicate with the system. The implementation duration for Oracle is quite shorter than that of a SAP system.

Cape Breton: Internet Accessibility

For instance, Seaside Communication signed a deal with the government to offer broadband Internet access to rural communities in Cape Breton and other parts of Nova Scotia.

Information Technologies: Virtual Machines

Drawing from the discussion, it is concluded that virtue machines provide immense benefits to firms in the IT industry, though more work needs to be done to ensure the security and reliability of these machines.

Technology and Personal Devices

It is obvious that many programs and applications greatly help collect, organize and store data and statistics, as well as manipulate information, represent it graphically and send it to a distant location, and this has [...]

Privacy Issues in Databases & Data Warehouses

Instead of imposing blanket privacy legislation, the government should allow organizations to design, develop and implement unified and comprehensive codes of conduct and privacy policies with the view to protecting sensitive employee information.

Information Technology Administrator Occupation

The tasks this person is involved with entails, discussing matters about information needs, the flow of information in the organization and definition of the system with the management/administration and the technical personnel.

Ethics in Computing

The administration also had to use large sums of money to restore their computer networks that were affected as a result of the hacking.

Google Does No Evil

Google has played a great role in delivering the right content to users of the search engine. Google has brought the world from darkness to the light, and people should never dream of a world [...]

Emerging IT-Related Technology’s Ethical Issues

The 21st century is marked by the development of information technology and the emergence of IT-related technologies. The ethical dilemma under research is privacy and confidentiality on the application of emerging technology such as online [...]

Web Design for Selling Self-Published Books

The customer will also specify the format of the e-book and the type of file. After this process, the system then sends the e-book to the customer provided e-mail for download or the customer can [...]

Steam Digital Software Distribution System

The relative successes of such companies create a competitive pressure for Steam as they either force the company to re-invent its products, or forces the company to consider reducing the price of its products, thereby [...]

PC Networking Troubleshooting

For instance, simple restart of the program, sending the signal to the system in order to reload the initialization file restores the problem.

Privacy Policy: An Organizational Comparison

While they also assure customers of the security of their personal information, Blockbuster and Xbox do not provide a disclaimer to warn customers of the fact that such information is not 100% guaranteed as safe.

Web Presence Creation

To drive the position about the relevance of a web presence home let us consider purchases of vehicles in the US prior to 1995.

Concept of Steganography in Society

The clandestine communication is attached to the carrier to create the steganography medium. The recipient of the message had to trim the messenger's hair to retrieve the communication.

Salesforce Solutions

Over and above that, the paper lists strategic steps on how to assimilate Salesforce Backup frameworks into micro-organisations for data safety in the event of system failures and adverse data loss.

Observance, Privacy and Law

It is important for social media users to realize that social networks are not fully concerned with the probability of misuse of their personal information.

Censorship on the Internet

Censorship in the internet can also occur in the traditional sense of the word where material is removed from the internet to prevent public access.

Internet Filtering

The issue of keeping of information by governments does not hold because as the government leaves the internet open to no filtering, it only protects the rights of a few individuals.

History of Cyber Terrorism

Terrorism on the cyberspace is one of the biggest challenges that came with the invention of the internet. The nature of the environment used in internet communication and socialization makes it hard for people to [...]

IT Security in Google

The Google's New Privacy Policy is just an attempt to ensure high-level security of an individual's data and improvement in the search field.

Cyber attacks: the UK and China

Reflection on the advantages of the strategy adopted by the two governments The above analysis shows that the UK is more effective in dealing with cyber crime as compared to China.

Inspiring Creative Webdesign

It will ensure that the user can understand the concern of the website at a glance. This will show the activities of the students in the organization.

Legal and Ethical Issues in IT

The fact that technology keeps changing adds to the complexity of the ethical and legal issues surrounding information technology. One of the most significant ethical issues in information technology is that of appropriate use.

The History of Internet and Internet Security

According to Vacca, the development of computers at approximately 1950 was the genesis of the history of the internet. In a research done in 1988, Einar explain that the WANK worm attacked the VMS system [...]

Who Should be Allowed to Filter the Internet?

In this study, I shall discuss several issues pertaining filtering and censoring among them being: countries rights or needs to filter the internet, internet, how the Great Firewall of China reflects a particular form of [...]

Privacy and Security in Social Media

The pros and cons of social media shall be discussed and solutions to curb the security and privacy issues proposed. Despite the fact that social media has helped people stay in touch regardless of various [...]

Social media and ethics

In the initial stages of social media, it was easy fro companies to brush aside the idea of social media and have nothing to do with it, hence, risk being victims of the two risks.


The main ethical issue is the dilemma between the privacy of a group and individuals and their safety and security, for example, on what side the government would want to maintain the privacy of its [...]

Qualitative Data Analysis Exercise

These include the causes of high mobile phone bills, different customer and sales policies, morality in handling customers, call rates and the age group that uses mobile phones mostly from the opinions expressed by the [...]

Data Communication and Networking

So as to expound on this topic, this paper shall discuss: the term Internet; the three networks that were involved in the first test of TCP/IP protocol and conduction of the test; the standard used [...]

Ethicality in Information Technology

To avoid these are designed significant frameworks that consider issues of morality as pertaining to privacy of information, environmental aspects; how agents should carry themselves in the info-sphere, information life-cycle; how information is created, distributed [...]

The Internet Radio: A Critical Discussion

Through a critical examination of the concept of Internet Radio, the current paper will seek to extrapolate how users of the medium can create and place content over the internet and how users can use [...]

ITM501 SLP 1

Different browsers give the impression to have diverse degrees of utility reliant on the materials to be gained access to and the use to be made of the material by the recipient.

Debate about Real ID in the New Media

Certainly, the urgency of the debate of anonymity versus real ID is on the current agenda because, on the one hand, introducing real names online makes users more responsible for posting comments and photos.

Push Versus Pull Technology

Therefore, the number of business applications as well as the tools and protocols that guide the operations of the internet will keep on increasing.