Internet Essay Examples and Topics

Microsoft Internet Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage

Introduction Internet technology inspired a business and commerce revolution not witnessed before. Once used for military purposes, internet communication nowadays provides an important platform for business to business, and business to customer interaction. Company websites have become primary tools where potential customers source for information on particular corporate products before making the actual purchase. Besides, […]

Ethics in Computing

In any given setup, an acceptable code of conduct is always emphasized. Many people and entities have become victims of unethical computer use; this thread comes fro people with ill motives. This vice has lately exposed the internet users to unprecedented mischievous tricks of cyber criminals. The act has created various problems, controversies and is […]

Written Communication & Critical Analysis Marion Enterprise

Problem Statement Data is important to manufacturing companies like Marion Enterprise. It is necessary in critical areas of the business such as human resource, production and the organization’s inventory. Data is useless without consistent updates. The research problem is to investigate office ergonomics of the data entry center in this organization. The other issues that […]

A Case Study of the iTrust Security Issue

Introduction Information management is one of the most important parts of any organization. To ensure continuity of an organization, proper record keeping should be encouraged. In addition, proper documentation and record keeping of events, personnel information among other things in an organization ensures that the entity is assured of accountability (Raggad, 2010). Effective record keeping, […]

Google Does No Evil

Introduction There is an overtly politicization of Google and its functions. Google and its search engine have absolutely changed people’s way of thinking. Google’s search engine has enabled efficiency and immediacy of everything. Whether it is a difficult word, a research topic, a difficult subject, a social or emotional issue, Google’s search engine has answers […]

Security Recommendations for Accounts and Passwords

Introduction Security is a very important issue in computer systems and most organizations dedicate significant resources in securing their systems. Easttom (2006) observes that protecting the system’s perimeters from external attacks and installing antivirus software and anti-spyware does not complete the securing efforts. Proper configuration of the machines is necessary for the network to be […]

Emerging IT-Related Technology’s Ethical Issues

The 21st century is marked by the development of information technology (IT) and the emergence of IT-related technologies. The growth of the internet as a platform for development, coupled with advances in technology has resulted in a slew of ethical dilemmas from individual and organizational levels. Subsequently, organizations have been compelled to ensure a balance […]

Facebook: An Indispensable Social Networking Tool

Facebook has come under attack owing to rising cases of privacy issues and its negative influence on people. Critics argue that Facebook’s management is not doing enough to protect people’s privacy and personal information. In addition, it has been criticized for turning people into machine-like beings. Many young people have turned to Facebook for companionship […]

Spamming Is More Acceptable Way of Sales Practice than Cold Calling

Introduction and thesis statement The digitization of information and communication technologies (ICT), the global extension of ICT-supported networks, services and applications, fixed and mobile phones, the World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet have opened the diverse ways for a wide range of ICT related growth and initiatives (Lagraña 5). The internet has altered the […]

Internal and External Security for The Holiday Inn Online Reservation System

Introduction A hotel reservation system is an online method of booking hotel rooms; the people booking the rooms, who in most cases are travelers and tourists, normally do so by means of an online security system to protect their financial information and other private details. Online reservations have a number of benefits: they save travellers […]

Steam Digital Software Distribution System

Introduction Steam is a digital distribution company that engages in the sale and distribution of online gaming content. The company works by buying online digital gaming content from small software game developers and selling the content through larger business franchises (Valve Corporation, 2013). Steam’s digital marketing platform mainly works through a software distribution system. This […]

PC Networking Troubleshooting

Purpose The aim of this project is to give a guideline on network troubleshooting. The project attempts to illustrate how the guide will help the PC support team comprehend the basics and eliminate the work load for the network administrator, save time and money for remote campuses. In essence, the PC support technician will be […]

Privacy Policy: An Organizational Comparison

Introduction Businesses are conventionally required to reassure their clientele how they will use the personal information that clients are expected to disclose to the enterprise at the beginning of their association. This is the essence of privacy policy. With the advent of the information age and the endless advancement of informational technology, it has become […]

E-mail and IM Delivery Solution Analysis from Team Discussion

Introduction Summary Currently, most organizations get into various applications through which they get to deliver or even obtain information from their clients and supply information to stakeholders who have direct or indirect contacts with the organization in question. Internal stakeholders are quite crucial to an organization as quite a significant proportion of them are the […]

Web Presence Creation

Introduction To drive the position about the relevance of a web presence home let us consider purchases of vehicles in the US prior to 1995 (Schneider, 2009). During this era the process of buying a car was often snared by aggressive sales personnel with ‘no haggling’ policies taking the pole position. The result was many […]

Project Color™ by The Home Depot

Application Overview Project Color™ The application helps the user to complete the paint job without any additional efforts. According to the description, it “allows you to see, match, or find the perfect color for your interior or exterior paint or stain project” (“Project Color™” par. 1). Key features of the app and overall impression Project Color™ […]

Concept of Steganography in Society

Introduction Cheddad, Condell, Curran and Kevitt (2010) allege, “Steganography refers to the art of covered or hidden writing” (p. 752). The primary objective of steganography is surreptitious communication to conceal a message from unauthorized parties. Steganography is different from cryptography, which is an art of hidden writing that aims at ensuring that a third party […]

Salesforce Solutions

Abstract This article seeks to outline viable backup solutions provided for It also considers a ‘Practicable Backup Plan’ and employs it to evaluate the backup strategies with intent to confirm if they are credible. Over and above that, the paper lists strategic steps on how to assimilate Salesforce Backup frameworks into micro-organisations for data […]

“Web site credibility: Why do people believe what they believe?” by Marie Iding, Martha Crosby, Brent Auernheimer and Barbara Klemm

The Internet has already entered the life of people. Having a great amount of different information, it supplies people with knowledge in different spheres. It is not necessary nowadays to go to the library or to look for some information in books. The only thing people should do is to type a question and wait […]

Observance, Privacy and Law

It is important for social media users to realize that social networks are not fully concerned with the probability of misuse of their personal information. Social media sites release personal information to the market without the permission of users. They use the personal information of their customers without their consent, which is illegal as stipulated […]

Internet Filtering: Debating the Positives & Negatives

Presently, it is evident that the Internet has achieved momentous growth and now surround children and teenagers in the modern household (Livingstone & Helsper 2008), but concerns about unhealthy use of this invention continue to hit world headlines with heightened vigour. These concerns have elicited debate on the viability of Internet filtering to not only […]

Censorship on the Internet

Abstract The internet was founded on the philosophy of openness and its inventors hoped to provide a means through which information could be shared freely among participants. However, it has grown to become a heavily restricted medium with some form of censorship being implemented everywhere and severe censorship in a few places. This paper highlights […]

Internet Filtering

Many people fear the idea of filtering for the fact that it can be used to withhold vital information necessary for gauging the accountability of governments. However, that is not the case, since filtering the internet helps in harboring criminal activities. This is because security is important to everyone and every government has the responsibility […]

History of Cyber Terrorism

Introduction This research paper will discuss cyber terrorism, how it is created, the threats it poses in the society, and the best ways internet users can avoid it. This paper will also include some of the most famous cyber terrorism attacks. Terrorism refers to the calculated use of violence against civilians in order to attain […]

Can the Internet Provide a Forum for Rational Political Debate?

Introduction The Internet remains one of mankind’s most remarkable inventions in history, particularly in the area of communication. It probably ranks as high as the discovery of television and radio, both of which were invented much earlier. As people continue to marvel at the great capability of the Internet due to its extensive reach that […]

IT Security in Google

The Google’s New Privacy Policy is just an attempt to ensure high-level security of an individual’s data and improvement in the search field. For instance, the data searches on Google are linked to other websites such as You Tube. This only shows that Google is tracking people’s activities over the internet. At present, people share […]

Cyber attacks: the UK and China

Introduction Background information In the 21st century, most countries are focused towards becoming a part of the global economy. Consequently, one of the aspects that governments are concerned about touches on world trade. In a bid to position themselves in the global market, governments are increasingly investing in logistic and supply chain infrastructures such as […]

Analysis: Domain Name System (DNS) and DNS tunneling

Abstract This paper provides a detailed discussion of Domain Name System (DNS) and DNS tunneling including the DNS tunneling framework, and DNS encoding mechanisms. Furthermore, works on the evaluation of DNS tunneling tools, and tunneling through Wi-Fi are discussed in detail. Finally,clear presentations of negative and positive aspects on DNS tunneling are detailed in the […]

Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks

Introduction The internet has become part of the daily lives of people throughout the world. Some services such as banking, transportation, and healthcare are heavily dependent on it. According to Patrikakis, Masikos, and Zouraraki (2004), the internet is an intricate system of computers that are linked with the intention of creating an easy communication platform. […]

Inspiring Creative Webdesign

Introduction Introductory Statements This is a report that seeks to make recommendation relating to a website. The report will consider Purdue University. In this light, Purdue University Student Association has designed a website. The website has been designed to meet the demands of student organization. However, the present website is unsatisfactory. Therefore, the student body […]

Legal and Ethical Issues in IT

The modern world depends on technology in a major way. The dominance of technology in day-to-day activities has made it necessary for stakeholders to formulate rules that govern this technology. Advancements in information technology come with various legal and ethical issues that are relevant to the current environment. When these issues are adequately addressed, they […]

The Internet as the Heart of Modern Civilization

Introduction Modern technologies have led to the development of the internet. The internet is currently important because it has resulted in enormous changes in the way human beings exchange ideas, communicate, shop, and even work. The internet has made the world a very small village thereby promoting economic development and information broadcasting. The use of […]

Interconnecting the Network of Networks

Introduction The global telecommunications trend has witnessed a gradual shift from the traditional practice where national telecommunications service providers formed a monopoly both on the international and national markets. This traditional system is referred to as “network of networks”. The modern practice, however, has witnessed change whereby system integrators have been formed to offer services […]

Privacy and Security in Social Media

Introduction Over the past century, the invention of the computer and the subsequent creation of the internet have been among the major accomplishments in terms of communication advancements. These two entities have been used extensively to revolutionize the world in regard to information processing and communication strategies. One of the areas that have recorded significant […]

Social media and ethics

Executive Summary This report presents a synthetic study on ethical issues in social media. Social media is an emerging media that has revolutionized the sharing of information taking it to a different level. It is being deployed in various areas to bring unfathomable profits. One of the major areas where it has being used is […]


Introduction Cryptography signifies that which is concealed or hidden. It is writing or a description in a brief manner that secretly conveys a particular intelligence or words that we may wish to communicate. Cryptography may be used as a form of clandestine communication. The art of cryptography is a legitimate form of communication that is […]

The relationship between form and content

The significance of web publishing platform The relationship between form and content has been affected by the advent of the Internet and the growth of Web publishing platforms. The Internet tool has grown to include almost all educational, informative and entertainment resources. With the spread of extremely high-speed Internet connections and programs, the tool provides […]

Qualitative Data Analysis Exercise

A mobile phone company employee took part in an interview on October 20, 2008 at Geelong in response to the research project: excessive mobile phone bills, young people and the relevant corporate social responsibility of the telecommunications industry in Australia. The paper analyses qualitatively the information provided by the interviewee. Therefore, based on the analysis, […]

Summary of the Article: “Stalking the Wily Hacker” by Clifford Stoll

Communication is a central pillar driving organizational performance at various levels. It holds the capacity to paralyze or propel execution of activities as it facilitates conveyance of basic information that appertains to enhancing productivity. Evidently, information, understanding and awareness of diverse issues form the lifeblood of corporations with strong growth aspirations. Communication contributes to exemplary […]

Data Communication and Networking

At present computers exist in most offices and several homes. Hence there is a call for sharing information and programs amid diverse computers. With the development of data communication services the interaction amid computers has augmented, therefore extending the supremacy of computers outside the computer room. At present a user operating from one place can […]