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Internet Essay Examples and Topics

Entrepreneur Website and Its Information

The color contrast between the text and the background has been enhanced to increase readability and appeal. In addition, it is easy to skim through the website and quickly get an idea of the content.

Cybf Website Analysis

However, although contrast and font size have been used effectively on the home page to increase readability and appeal, the other pages are not as easy to read since the font is small and generally [...]

Acoa-Apeca Website Analysis

This website is easy to navigate due to the provision of the links that are simply identified as clickable. The website's purpose is clear, and since the aim may vary, the main objective is a [...]

Internet as a Basis for “Knowledge Monopoly”

As a result of the internet being incorporated in day to day lives, this study will try to investigate whether "Internet creates favorable conditions for monopolization of knowledge, the role of the Internet, as a [...]

The Internet of Things: Securing Embedded Code

The purpose of this paper is to review some of the concerns presented in an article dedicated to embedded coding security, titled "The Internet of Things Is Wildly Insecure And Often Unpatchable," and provide potential [...]

Online Wikipedia: Threat Analysis

On the other hand, it is limited since a person willing to post information to its website or edit the already available information has to have access to a computer connected to the internet.

Website and Application: New Opportunities

The targeted idea is to design a website and an app that can support the needs of graduates from different parts of the world. The proposed website will be linked with the app to ensure [...]

Li-Fi as the Future of Wireless Technology

It is important to discuss the problem associated with the use of wireless communication technologies, accentuate the goals and significance of this study, present research questions, and review the recent literature on the topic of [...]

Online Media Publishing Options and Applications

The existing media world provides numerous options for the end-users to reach and scrutinize the information of interest. For the most part, CMS is intended to create a collaborative environment and allow the end-users to [...]

Wireless Networks’ Historical Development

The paper concludes by describing the implications of wireless networks for different emergency agencies and the police. The history of wireless networks is "founded on the development of the first wireless telegraph".

Electronic Nature of Information Systems

They can be used to spread malicious files even without the knowledge of the sender. These are the most common types of malicious software that is used to attack information networks.

Mobile Internet and Its Economics

The disruptive power of connections among millions of mobile devices may prove to be the biggest driver of economic growth and job creation in the next decade.

Recommender Systems of Internet

Another introduction to recommender systems, the processes behind them, the basic and the hybrid approaches of the systems is described by Jones; cluster algorithms are also approached.

Recommender Systems on the Web

This part will include a detailed description of the techniques and algorithms of recommender systems on the Web. In this type of approach, items are being described using keywords and a user profile is built [...]

The Dark Web, Its structure and Functionality

The objective of this paper is to provide the description of the Dark Web, its structure and functionality, review the content and services offered through this network, and evaluate the impact of illegal activities performed [...]

Location Privacy in VANET

This survey aims at investigating the peculiar features of VANETs and the reasons for why privacy location is defined as one of the most serious concerns in the field. The primary goal of this survey [...]

Army Knowledge Online: Benefits and Flaws

The efficiency and effectiveness of the rehabilitation and diagnosis of the soldiers that have been wounded in the field have been augmented through the AKO application of Wounded Warrior.

WIFi in Rural Areas: Technology Implementation

After the collection, the assembling of the materials starts to make the Cantenna. To ensure nice fitting of the N-connector, "use a special tool to smoothen out the burrs and enlarge the hole slightly and [...]

Net Neutrality Proposed by Internet Providers

Also, it would restrict open and free access to these contents, a virtue that was the main driver for its introduction in the first place. Moreover, it has enabled open and free access to different [...]

Internet Gambling and Its Impact on the Youth

However, it is necessary to remember that apart from obvious issues with gambling, it is also associated with higher crime rates and it is inevitable that online gambling will fuel an increase of crime rates [...]

Electronic Postage, Its Pros and Cons

According to Bushman, the click and ship services offered by the USPS is an online system that uses the regional system to consider the weight of the package and the distance to the destination.

Telegram Role in Communication

The telegram was the easiest and the fastest means of communication in the nineteenth century. I was very excited and any other scheduled activity came to a standstill as I focused my attention on the [...]

Internet Usage Role in the Social Life

Focus is laid upon the use of the internet in Canadian businesses and current affairs, the cultural background and various internet activities engaged in by both the young and old generation together with the consumption [...]

Net Neutrality and Governmental Control Issues

Despite the fact that the principles of net neutrality are quite reasonable and adequate, they are hardly applicable to the Internet and its users, since these regulations have been designed with the concept of real-life [...]

Mobile Internet Consumption and Challenges

The advent of the mobile Internet is directly related to the development of mobile technologies. GPRS functioned on the principle similar to the ordinary Internet: the data was divided into packets and sent to the [...]

Internet Usage and Privacy in the Army

Historically, the army had been banned from the use of the internet for communication or for socialization. From this time onwards, the army has been able to use the internet for communication and well as [...]

Communication via Electronic Mail

Electronic mail is exceptionally straightforward to comprehend and in the vein of postal mail, electronic mail gets to the bottom of two fundamental predicaments of communication.

Remix Culture on the Internet

Thus, it is inevitable for a remix to face legal issues when a part of the original piece is copied, adapted, or reproduced without the agreement and permission of the copyright owner through a Creative [...]

System and Application Software Difference

Both system software and application software are programs for the computers, but system software includes the programs that are provided together with the installation of the operating system for the computer.

The Internet History, Development and Forecast

The keynote lecture "The Internet History, Development and Forecast", held by Professor Leonard Kleinrock at the 2006 computer communications conference Infocom, sheds light on the main historical milestones of the Internet and provides a projection [...]

Cybercrime in Singapore

The significant cybercrime perpetrators in Singapore are the youths who are techno-savvy, and about 80% of the whole population has been the victim of cybercrime.

Fake Reviews’ Problems in the Internet

The Internet is a very powerful remedy for the information transfer, that is why, it is possible to predict that number of such fakes will grow. That is why, fakes can destroy the image of [...]

YouTube Instructions

Blogging: Posting of information on the Internet, in particular on the blogosphere, which supports posts on a wide range of topics.

Fixing the Digital Divide in the US

Following the explosion and mass adoption of the Internet in the US in the past decade, researchers have conducted many studies to identify the Internet access and usage among Americans.

YouTube and Google Video

The failure of Google video is attributable to its initial lack of a way to view actual videos and finally Google's acquisition of YouTube.

Online Research and Web Based Survey Methods

They are well-constructed surveys that take to account most of the requirements that credible research entails. These surveys are conducted over the internet and they involve samples of the exact population of interest.

Emirates Group IT Department

The major objective of the Emirates Group's IT department is to promote customer experience with the aim of increasing revenues of the firm.

Bluetooth Technology in Your Life

Bluetooth Smart Ready mechanisms are the gadgets receiving information sent from the conventional Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart gadgets and passing it to the applications, which make use of those data.

John’s Kids-Heaven Shop Mobile Applications

To support John's Kids-Heaven shop, it is possible to use mobile applications, and it is necessary to discuss the aspects of this technology within the business environments. To develop the template of the application for [...]

High Tech Fraud

In the next section of the article, the authors examine cybercrime and fraud related to the use of mobile phones and social networks.

Oracle HRIS Software

It is a strenuous task to communicate with the system. The implementation duration for Oracle is quite shorter than that of a SAP system.

Cape Breton: Internet Accessibility

For instance, Seaside Communication signed a deal with the government to offer broadband Internet access to rural communities in Cape Breton and other parts of Nova Scotia.

Information Technologies: Virtual Machines

Drawing from the discussion, it is concluded that virtue machines provide immense benefits to firms in the IT industry, though more work needs to be done to ensure the security and reliability of these machines.

Technology and Personal Devices

It is obvious that many programs and applications greatly help collect, organize and store data and statistics, as well as manipulate information, represent it graphically and send it to a distant location, and this has [...]

Privacy Issues in Databases & Data Warehouses

Instead of imposing blanket privacy legislation, the government should allow organizations to design, develop and implement unified and comprehensive codes of conduct and privacy policies with the view to protecting sensitive employee information.

Information Technology Administrator Occupation

The tasks this person is involved with entails, discussing matters about information needs, the flow of information in the organization and definition of the system with the management/administration and the technical personnel.

Ethics in Computing

The administration also had to use large sums of money to restore their computer networks that were affected as a result of the hacking.

The iTrust Security Issue

It is important to note that management of data and proper maintenance of records is a very crucial process to the success of the organization.

Google Does No Evil

Google has played a great role in delivering the right content to users of the search engine. Google has brought the world from darkness to the light, and people should never dream of a world [...]

Emerging IT-Related Technology’s Ethical Issues

The 21st century is marked by the development of information technology and the emergence of IT-related technologies. The ethical dilemma under research is privacy and confidentiality on the application of emerging technology such as online [...]

Web Design for Selling Self-Published Books

The customer will also specify the format of the e-book and the type of file. After this process, the system then sends the e-book to the customer provided e-mail for download or the customer can [...]